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With A Dash of Lust

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“Ma, seriously?!? I can’t believe you thought this would be the best Christmas present for me! What were you thinking?!” Jane screeched, beyond upset with her mother at the moment.

Angela had been acting smug for weeks, insinuating that she had found the perfect gift for Jane. Jane had attempted to guess during that time and her mother had enjoyed, a little too much, torturing Jane. Then, Christmas day had finally arrived and Jane had torn into the box Angela had held tauntingly in front of her with gusto only to be speechless at what lay inside.

“Cooking lessons?!?!” Jane had shouted, hands flapping around in indignation at the audacity of her mother. Sometimes the woman was just so clueless.

What the hell did Jane need with cooking lessons? She was hardly ever home, as her work kept her so busy, and she was working harder than ever trying to make the change from vice to homicide. The last thing on her mind right now was learning to cook.

“What? Janie, if you are going to find yourself a nice man, you’ll need to be able to cook,” Angela said defiantly, hands on her hips in the typical mom pose that stated I know what’s best for you. Jane just rolled her eyes: this was typical of her mother. She never listened to her about anything, let alone about the odds of her finding a ‘nice man.’

“Ma,” Jane growled through clenched teeth, “I will not now, nor ever, be finding a nice man for anything, let alone to be my guinea pig for meals.” Jane threw her hands up in the air in frustration. She had come out to her mother multiple times over the years and now, at 35, she really thought this discussion would be a thing of the past.

“Well, not if you might kill him with your lack of cooking skills. Seriously Janie, you can barely boil water!” Angela shouted, crossing her arms across her chest defensively. Jane just shook her head and gave up. It was Christmas day and she just didn’t have it in her to fight her mother right now.

“Whatever, I’m going to the precinct. I’m sure there’s something for me to do there today.” Jane didn’t wait to hear her mother’s protests as she grabbed her jacket and scarf and trudged out into the freezing Boston winter, almost losing her footing on the ice that layered every surface.

Jane would endure this a hundred times over if it meant she didn’t have to deal with her mother’s meddling any longer. Merry Christmas to me, Jane thought as she got into her cruiser and headed to her second home.


A few weeks later, Jane was working undercover on a tough case when she received a phone call from an unknown number. Normally she would let it go to voicemail since she was undercover but something caused her to pick up the call.

“Yeah, hello?” Jane grunted over the line.

“Is this Miss Jane Rizzoli?” came a pleasant voice with a slight Italian accent. Jane thought hard about why someone from Italy would be calling her but nothing came to mind.

Jane stammered out, “Y-yeah, who’s asking?” There was a slight laugh on the other end before the person continued.

“This is Chef Antonio from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. We have you enrolled as a student in our Regions of Italy classes that are starting soon. I was just calling to let you know when classes started and that we would be beginning with Tuscany.” Jane felt her confusion disappear, instead it was replaced with dread. She really didn’t want to do this.

“I’m sorry, Antonio, but I was signed up for these classes without my knowledge. Is there any way to cancel and get a refund?” Jane asked hopefully. The silence on the other end of the phone killed that hope in an instant.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jane, but the classes are nonrefundable. Also, I teach the Tuscany class and I feel like you would not regret coming and trying. I promise perfect results.” Jane could hear the hurt in the chef’s voice and started to feel guilty for taking out her frustrations with her mother on this poor man.

“Of course, Antonio, I meant no offense. Please tell me the date and time so that I can make sure I’m on time.” Jane could hear the smile on the man’s face as he relayed the information.

As she hung up, Jane let out a snort of laughter. Twice she had been duped into going along with this farce. The detective only hoped she could at least learn to make some of her favorite dishes. What was the cuisine of Tuscany anyway?

Jane was pondering this as she made her way toward the precinct, having a scheduled check in with her handler in a few minutes. She was dressed in her undercover wear which entailed a hideous short pleather dress, an equally disgusting ‘fur’ coat, and high heeled pleather boots. Jane hated being seen at BPD like this but she had a cover to protect for the case she was working on. As she approached the corner, Jane could see the building that housed Boston’s finest looming.

Before she could take a step in that direction, the detective was roughly pushed from behind, hitting her head on the wall in front of her. Jane was about to retaliate when her arms were pinned behind her back and she was handcuffed in an instant. “What the fuck?!” the accosted woman shouted, struggling against her restraints.

A body pushed up against her and Jane felt hot breath against her ear as a voice whispered, “Can it Rizzoli. I gotta make it look legit.”

Jane relaxed a fraction at the sound of her commanding officer’s voice, one Lt. Rafael Martinez. “Jesus, Rafie, you gotta be so rough?” Jane muttered under her breath, aware that they might be being watched at the moment.

“Well, if you weren’t working the corner so close to the precinct, I wouldn’t have to, huh?” Martinez said loudly, pulling Jane away from the wall, walking her to the unmarked cruiser that was at the curb. Jane decided to keep her mouth shut, keeping her cover intact and saving her more choice words for Martinez once they were in a secure room at BPD.

An hour later, after Jane had updated Martinez on the case, she was released. The detective was dying for a coffee and some food, having been denied by Martinez as he claimed it would look like she was getting preferential treatment. Jane had expressed more choice words for him then, including additional explicatives for the bruise she could already feel forming on her forehead from where he slammed her into the wall earlier.

The detective spotted the precinct cafe as the elevator doors opened and got in line, not thinking about anything except a steaming cup of coffee and a nice sugary donut. When it was her turn, she was met with the salty face of Stanley, the cafe owner, who looked at Jane as if she was a cockroach.

“What do you want?” he asked, his face in a snarl. Jane held her temper as she politely asked for a black coffee and a glazed donut. He begrudgingly got the items together and before handing them to her, growling out, “five bucks.” Jane scoffed, aware that that was not the normal price for the two items but clearly Stanley thought he could pull one over on her since she was dressed as a sex worker.

The detective went to reach into her pockets for the money when she realized she didn’t have pockets where they should be since she was still wearing her awful undercover getup. She checked the pockets of her jacket and felt her hand skim over lint and nothing else. Jane dropped her head in frustration. Just great, all she wanted was coffee and a donut and she was going to be denied.

“It seems I have left my money in my other coat,” Jane said, trying to hold her head high. She watched as Stanley looked at her with absolute glee, knowing she had no room to fight back in a cafe full of cops, dressed like she was.

Before he could lay into her, a honey coated voice from behind her said, “I have the money, Stanley. Here, please take it.”

Jane was startled to hear the voice chime in. As she turned to see who this good samaritan was, Jane was struck dumb for an entirely different reason. Before her was an impeccably dressed, gorgeous woman, the height of sophistication. What also caught the detective off guard was the gloved hand that was extending the money in Stanley’s direction. Jane was immediately offended and felt her hackles rise, her pride still very present despite how she was dressed or how beautiful the woman before her was.

“Excuse me, you can wait to get your nonfat latte in a minute,” Jane rasped out, already dismissing the woman to turn her ire back to where it belonged, at Stanley.

She didn’t get far before the money was being shoved into her face now as the woman eagerly said, “Oh no, this is for you. And given your obvious Vitamin D deficiency, from your um, night work, I would recommend a yogurt and some leafy greens instead.”

Jane looked at the woman in front of her as if she had two heads. Who the hell goes around diagnosing people they just met? Not even met, as this woman had completely bogarted her way into her conversation with the now smug Stanley. This just wasn’t her morning.

“Look, not every hooker has a heart of gold, so I suggest you butt out, Miss Rude, and mind your business,” Jane growled as she dismissed the woman once and for all.

Turning back to Stanley and fixing him with a narrowed stare, the detective said, voice full of venom, “Just wait until my shift is over. I will make sure that you can’t drive anywhere in this city without getting pulled over for something. Just try parking without getting a ticket. Mark my words, Stanley.”

With that, Jane collected what was left of her dignity and stormed off leaving both Stanley and the well dressed woman standing, gaping at her retreating form. God, Jane thought, I can’t wait to get out of vice.



Two days later, Jane was finally off the case she had been working. The detective was so relieved that she could wear her normal street clothes again. Unfortunately, the timing meant that she didn’t have an excuse to get out of the cooking classes. Still dreading the experience, Jane made her way to the school dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a blue and black plaid long sleeved shirt, and a pair of black high top Converse, not knowing what one wears to a cooking class. Eventually, she found her way to the classroom that would be her home a few nights a week for the next several months.

Upon entering the classroom, she was met with a mixture of smells, all of which were making her mouth water. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, as long as she got to eat her fill of the good food someone was sure to create, although it probably wasn’t going to be her. As Jane looked around, she saw a man wearing chef whites milling around who must be Antonio, greeting the other students and arranging ingredients on the benches that they would cook on. Just as Jane was trying to sneak to the back, Antonio looked up and saw her, his face lighting up as he began to make his way over to her.

“Ah, you must be Ms. Jane! Welcome!”’ As he said this, he grabbed Jane by the shoulders and proceeded to give her the standard European greeting of a kiss on each cheek. Jane was so startled that she just stood there, allowing the kisses to happen.

When he finally let go and stepped back to look at her, huge grin across his face, the detective finally snapped out of her shock and, crossing her arms in front of her chest protectively said, “How did you know it was me?”

The huge grin on Antonio’s face somehow grew bigger and he said with hands moving rapidly to correspond with his words, “Your Mama told me to look for a beautiful, tall Italian girl with an attitude!”

He waved one hand around to the rest of the class, causing Jane to follow his movements and take in the other students for the first time. Not one of them was tall, let alone of Italian descent. It looked like her mother had signed her up for the class that was for aging homemakers since the average age was probably around 60.

Jane rolled her eyes at the grinning man and said, “yeah, ok, I see your point.”

Antonio laughed good naturedly and waved his arms to an empty bench at the back. “Ok, Ms. Jane, please take your place. We are going to start soon. I am waiting for one more student but if she does not arrive soon, we will begin, yes?”

Jane couldn’t continue to be grumpy with the humor and joy oozing out of every pore that this man had. Finally letting her arms loosen from around her torso, the detective shrugged and made her way to the place Antonio had indicated.

Jane was just getting the lay of the land, finding a white apron on the bench and getting it situated around herself, when there was a disturbance at the front of the room. The detective peered up as she finished tying the apron behind her back and almost growled audibly at the sight before her. Rushing in the door, blonde ponytail flying around, was the rude lady who had tried to give her money with a gloved hand at the precinct cafe!

“Chef Antonio, I am so sorry I am late. My fencing session ran late and I had to rush over. I apologize for my attire, I promise it won’t happen again,” came the hurried, honey coated words from the woman flying through the room.

She didn’t even look up as she made her way to the station Jane was currently occupying, grabbing the other apron on the bench top and hurriedly putting it on. The apron blended right into the tight white pants that covered a clearly toned body and the white tank top that barely covered the ample bosom of the smaller woman.

Jane found that she couldn’t take her eyes off this Tasmanian devil of a woman who had been so rude to her not that long ago. She knew she should still be upset but her ire was quickly morphing into lust as she watched the devil woman closely, noticing the light freckles that were sprinkled over the creamy skin that looked so soft.

As the woman moved around, storing her purse in a cabinet that Jane hadn’t even noticed, the detective caught a whiff of her scent and closed her eyes involuntarily, inhaling this creature’s essence deeply. She smelled of lavender, jasmine and something else that had to be just what this woman smelled like, seeing as she had come from something that had clearly exerted her. Jane was instantly addicted and knew that she was in trouble.

“No problem, Dr. Isles. We were just about to start. Not late at all, and you know I don’t care what you wear,” Antonio said cheekily from the front of the room.

Jane felt the growl that the chef’s comments elicited actually escape her lips without her permission and was slightly startled when clear hazel eyes with golden flecks suddenly zeroed in on her and held her gaze intensely. The detective felt herself flush at the attention that her action had caused. She knew she had no right to be jealous but the way Antonio had spoken to and looked at this creature, Dr. Isles as he had called her, made Jane feel territorial out of nowhere.

“Excuse me, but is there a problem?” Dr. Isles asked indignantly as she straightened up, posture perfect as she gave Jane a hard look. The taller woman knew that the woman was trying to be intimidating but this current pose only served to stroke Jane’s rising desire to take this woman as her own.

Choking down her arousal, Jane eased the tension that had started to take over her body and softened her look as she replied, “No problem, Dr. Isles.”

At the sound of Jane’s voice, the hazel eyes that had been hard as stone immediately transformed into shocked glass. Jane watched as those beautiful eyes widened comically and they began scrutinizing her form from top to bottom and back again, finally settling on the detective’s smug face. The darkening of said eyes and the slight licking of the doctor’s lips had not escaped Jane’s notice during the perusal and the taller woman felt quite smug indeed.

“Y-y-you’re her,” the doctor managed to stutter out. Jane couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face as the sophisticated woman was reduced to stuttering at her appearance this evening, in her usual street clothes, at a high-priced cooking school.

“If by her you mean the woman who you seemed to think required gloves to interact with, that would be me,” Jane said sarcastically, leaning back and moving her hands down her body.

The taller woman smirked as she saw the doctor’s eyes follow her hands down. It was very good to know that the attraction was mutual, although Jane would prefer if those gorgeous eyes were looking at her face. Before the doctor could respond, Antonio was getting their attention and the two women were forced to focus on the chef and not the budding sexual tension that was building or their previous interaction.


For this first class, Chef Antonio had selected a nice hearty stew that was a tradition of Tuscany called ribollita. It was made of beans, veggies, and bread. Jane was ok with two of those ingredients but couldn’t wrap her mind around eating so many vegetables.

At her snort of derision when he had listed the ingredients, Jane had been met with a hard glare from Dr. Isles, followed by a whispered, “eating two to three cups of vegetables a day reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases, certain cancers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.”

Jane was too shocked by the glare to register the words at first but then let another snort escape as she shook her head, only causing the doctor to glare at her harder. Once again, the detective knew that she should feel some remorse for causing the look but her libido was too active at the moment to register that look as anything other than sexy as hell.

They returned their attention to the chef as he began moving the large soup pot onto the stove and pouring the premeasured olive oil and chopped garlic into the pot. Jane looked around their cooking bench and realized, with a sigh of relief, that all the chopping and measuring had already been done for them and that they would just have to follow his instructions. This might be easier than she thought initially. Although knowing her track record, Jane knew that she could probably find a way to still mess things up.

But apparently that was not happening on the doctor’s watch because the woman took control of their work space and had already mimicked the actions of the chef, having their garlic already sizzling nicely in the pot, filling the air around them with a wonderful smell.

Jane just stood there, feeling useless, which always made her feel vulnerable which of course then meant she felt defensive. So instead of thanking the doctor for taking care of things as a good partner would, Jane got grumpy and snapped, “you know, we’re both here to learn, doctor.”

Jane immediately regretted her comment and the tone she had used as she saw hurt hazel eyes turn to her, hand stopping mid stir. Jane lowered her head to look at the ground, not being able to take the look any longer. She felt like she had just kicked a puppy.

“Well, woman that has yet to introduce herself and is obviously without manners, if you would actively participate, I would not have to do all the steps myself.”

Jane was surprised at the hard tone that came from the smaller woman who had looked on the verge of tears. Looking back up to face the doctor, Jane saw that the doctor’s eyes were still shiny with tears but she was managing to hold them back and stand her ground against someone who was clearly in the wrong. The detective couldn’t help feel admiration for the doctor, a woman who was stronger than Jane had anticipated.

Jane straightened her spine and held out her hand to the smaller woman who had returned to stirring the contents of the pot, having added all the veggies at some point while Jane had been sulking.

“Good evening, Dr. Isles. My name is Detective Jane Rizzoli. I’m sorry if I have offended you, that wasn’t my intention.” Jane waited with her hand extended, the doctor suddenly very still.

Jane waited several moments waiting for the doctor to take her hand or say something but neither happened. The detective could hear the contents of the pot sizzling loudly and the faint smell of burning food emanating from the pot. When the doctor still hadn’t moved, Jane gently nudged her out of the way, taking the spatula from her frozen hand and began to stir the contents in earnest, hoping that they hadn’t ruined their first assignment so soon. Luckily the veggies were not yet burnt and only slightly brown, but not overly so, as Antonio had just told them they shouldn’t brown them.

Jane continued stirring, vaguely aware of the close proximity of the doctor who had still yet to really move, except her hands to her apron. The detective's arousal spiked again at how close this enigma of a woman was to her person. She couldn’t help leaning in a little closer, allowing a light, feathery touch of their arms, feeling the energy course through both of them.

That movement seemed to be what it took to get the doctor out of her stupor because she suddenly blinked rapidly and moved several steps away from Jane, an obvious blush to her cheeks. “Forgive me, detective, I got lost in thought. Thank you for stepping in to ensure that our dinner was not ruined,” the doctor said shyly.

Jane smiled quickly over her shoulder, still stirring vigorously, and said, “No sweat. Thanks for getting things started. I’m sorry for what I said before.” She gave the doctor a sheepish grin and turned back to the pot as the chef was now instructing them to pour enough water into the pot to slightly cover the veggies. Having clear directions seemed to settle the doctor down and she was spurred into action to help Jane with the water.

“Maura,” she said quietly as she moved beside Jane, shoulder brushing against the taller woman’s slightly, causing Jane to shudder at the contact.

It took a minute for Jane to recover enough to understand that the doctor had finally responded to her introduction several minutes earlier. Jane grinned widely as she moved over slightly to allow the smaller woman room to reach the pot with the water.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Maura,” Jane rasped out lowly, noticing the small shiver that traveled down the beautifully toned body that was so close to her.

Maura looked up at her through her long lashes with a shy smile and replied, “I hope it is a pleasure for both of us.” Jane felt a flood of wetness pool in her jeans. Now all she could think about was pleasuring this delectable woman.


Now that the awkwardness between the two woman had transformed into sexual tension, they were able to work together much more harmoniously to make the stew. They actually made a pretty good team; Maura being very detail oriented and Jane keeping things light and playful so that they were able to have fun while also turning out a mouthwatering meal. After an hour of their well-managed dance, the women were left with a steaming pot of thick, chunky soup that smelled delicious.

Jane, ever impatient, couldn’t wait to taste it and shoved a spoonful into her mouth and immediately regretted it, as her mouth was now on fire. Maura laughed lightly at the childlike way the detective was whining and putting her mouth to the faucet of the nearest sink in an attempt to cool her burnt mouth.

“Eh na unny Aura,” came the voice from the sink, causing Maura to dissolve into full giggles. Jane tried to frown but realized that she must be quite the sight, mouth hanging open as she let the water rush over her tongue. Ok, fine, maybe it was a bit funny, but Jane didn’t like that the doctor was laughing at her pain. Turning off the water and standing upright again, Jane pouted as she looked at the still giggling doctor. She was adorable but that didn’t stop Jane from sulking, folding her arms across her chest.

Maura sobered a bit and stepped closer to Jane, not touching her but leaning in so that only the detective could hear her. “Now, now, detective, would you like me to kiss it and make it better?”

Jane’s mouth dropped open for a different reason now as Maura stepped back and gave her a flirty wink as she went back to serving up their bowls of stew, the rest of the class already sitting around the table in the corner of the classroom, getting ready to eat but waiting on the two stragglers.

Maura finished plating their food and looked over her shoulder at Jane and asked innocently, “Coming, Jane?” Jane didn’t feel herself start to follow the swaying hips in front of her as if Maura was a snake charmer, but muttered, “Not yet,” under her breath as she got close to the table.

Maura led them to the two open seats at the table and, as Jane was easing herself beside the tantalizing doctor, Maura leaned into her ear and whispered hotly, “we can fix that detective.” Jane felt her core clench at the feel of Maura’s warm breath on the shell of her ear and the words that it carried.

The detective didn’t have time to respond as Antonio was pouring them all a glass of wine which he declared was a Chianti Classico, apparently the best wine that paired with their impending meal. After all the students had a full glass, Antonio raised his own glass and said, “Buno appetito!” They all repeated the salute as they clinked their glasses together and got down to the business of eating their creations.

Jane had just timidly stuck the tip of her tongue out to test the temperature of the stew on her spoon, not wanting a repeat of what happened earlier, when the sound of a low moan coming from right next to her caused the detective to turn too quickly to the source, spilling the contents of her spoon down the front of her shirt. Releasing several explicatives that caused the entire table to go silent, Jane quickly stood up and stripped her plaid shirt off, pulling the hot liquid off her body.

As the burning sensation eased, Jane looked up to see several startled faces, but only one in particular mattered to the detective. Hazel eyes were quickly turning into pools of black as Maura looked at Jane intensely. The taller woman was like a deer in the headlights, standing in just her black sports bra, skin flushed from the hot stew that almost burned her. She watched as Maura licked her lips, taking her bottom lip between her teeth and biting it in a way that instantly had Jane drenched in her most intimate place.

“Um, uh, sorry, but I think I should go, uh, take care of this,” Jane said lamely, holding up her shirt as if to explain what she meant, although all present wouldn’t have been able to miss the spectacle she had just made. Jane turned and stalked toward where she thought the bathrooms were, completely embarrassed. She was too busy berating herself in her head to hear the footsteps that were following her hasty exit.

“Jane! Jane!” Maura shouted breathily, trying to catch up to the fleeing detective. Jane still didn’t hear her and, finally finding the ladies room, kicked the door open and stalked inside, heading toward the sinks. She threw her stained shirt in the nearest sink and put her hands against the counter, arms straight, looking down at the floor as tears came to her eyes.

The detective was filled with so many conflicting emotions that she didn’t even know where to start to begin to process them all. Jane was definitely embarrassed, but she was also extremely aroused, as Maura’s lust-filled eyes were haunting her as she had stalked away. She was still so deep in her thoughts that she missed the sound of the door to the restroom opening and the sound of the lock clicking into place once it had been shut again.

Jane had closed her eyes, her head still bowed, taking deep breaths trying to calm her frayed nerves. It wasn’t until warm fingers started to slide down her heated skin, starting at her neck and following the curve of her back, that the detective was brought out of her mental self-flagellation.

“That tickles,” Jane gruffed out, still not opening her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the fingers as they made their way back up toward her neck. On the next pass that they made downward, the pressure was a little bit firmer, less ticklish, but definitely more sensual. Jane couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips without her permission.

“It seems that is more to your liking, detective,” Maura husked, inches away from Jane’s bare shoulder, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin. Her embarrassment was quickly melting away and her arousal was the only thing Jane could focus on.

Before the detective could respond, the fingers were taken away, causing Jane to whimper in complaint at the lost contact. The light chuckle that she felt against her shoulder, quickly followed by soft lips trailing light kisses across her shoulder, along her back, and over to the other shoulder, was enough to make the taller woman forget all about what she was missing, fully enjoying the new sensation.

“Is that better, Jane?” Maura whispered against her skin, the tone and contact prompting a shiver to travel down Jane’s spine. As the fingers that she had mourned returned to wrap themselves around her bare hips, her jeans riding low below her prominent hip bones, Jane’s whole body melted into the touch and a spark of arousal shot straight to her straining clit.

The detective couldn’t take anymore and went to turn around to embrace the temptress that was inducing so much fire within her. However, her intentions were thwarted when Maura’s hands gripped her hips firmly and she leaned her body into Jane’s, essentially pinning her against the counter.

“Uh uh uh, detective. I want you right here, just like this. Open your eyes, Jane. Look at me in the mirror. I want you to watch me as I devour you, inch, by inch, by inch,” Maura said authoritatively, punctuating her plan by planting a firm kiss inches apart on Jane’s shoulder with each word. Any last bit of restraint the detective had flew away at this and Jane resigned herself to being putty in the doctor’s hands.


Jane was on fire but this time not from any hot liquids spilled on her. This time, the fire was coming from within, as Maura was stroking her flame of desire to new heights. She had been true to her word and was slowly making her way across the entire expanse of the detective’s back, delivering slow, wet kisses to almost every inch she encountered. The act was so intimate and sensual that Jane was an absolute mess, spasming and shivering as she tried to obey the doctor’s orders.

However, it was getting harder and harder to restrain herself as her nipples were so hard she was sure she could cut through diamond with them. Her clit wasn’t faring any better and, if she didn’t get some friction on either soon, the detective was sure she would die. She would die happy, yes, but perish all the same.

Just as Jane was going to ask for more or disobey and turn and scoop the woman who was teasing her up into her arms and ravish her, Maura was pressing her body against the taller woman’s again, intertwining their fingers together so that she had effectively restrained Jane in her embrace.

“Someone seems to be getting impatient. Tsk, tsk, that just won’t do,” Maura teased, locking eyes with Jane in the mirror. The detective saw that all color in the doctor’s eyes had been eaten up by her desire and Jane loved the wild look on this beautiful woman.

“I think I have some apologizing to do, detective, seeing as I treated you like a common sex worker upon our first meeting.” She paused, letting Jane know that she had not forgotten their first interaction that had gone so poorly.

“Please, allow me to express my deepest apologies,” Maura said sincerely. Holding Jane’s eyes in the mirror, Maura removed her hands from her own, sliding them along the detective’s long torso, taking time to trace the defined abdominal muscles she encountered, then slipping them down into Jane’s jeans.

The sudden move caused Jane to gasp out loud, feeling the strong, lean fingers of the doctor exploring, slowly making their way underneath her underwear and finally finding their destination at the apex of her thighs.

“Oh god, Maura,” the taller woman groaned out as the doctor finally made contact with her hardened nub that had been yearning for attention since the start of the class.

“Mmmm, so wet, Jane. Is this all for me?” Maura teased, running her fingers through Jane’s soaked folds, teasing around her clit and entrance, but not touching either. The detective moaned loudly, both from desire and frustration.

“Maura, please!” Jane begged, something that she never did but this woman clearly knew what she was doing. She would have promised anything in the world right now just to get Maura to touch her where she needed her. The doctor continued to play with her wetness, not giving Jane what she wanted.

“Please what, detective?” Maura asked innocently, smirking at her reflection in the mirror. Jane let out a groan as the smaller woman traced just over her clit but still did not apply any pressure. Jane was convinced she was dying.

“Please Maura, please, just fuck me already!” Jane shouted, because Maura had entered her with two fingers before she had finished her sentence.

The detective shifted her legs to allow Maura more space to work, her jeans restricting access more than either woman liked. But neither of them wanted to stop what they had started and Maura seemed intent on getting Jane off before any position changes could be discussed.

Greedily finger fucking Jane at a fast pace, Maura nudged the taller woman’s arm with her head until Jane lifted it, allowing Maura to slip through, kissing the front of the detective’s torso. Jane was revelling at the kisses and the way the doctor was fucking her when she let out a loud yelp.

“Oh fuck, Maura, so good!” Jane choked out as the smaller woman had bitten her nipple through her bra. Maura smiled against her body as she tongued the bud, leaving a wet spot on her bra. She began alternating between sucking, licking, and biting at Jane’s nipple as she continued her relentless pace on the detective’s aching core.

Jane was fast approaching her climax and wanted to communicate that to Maura but the doctor was so focused on her tasks that she couldn’t get a word out, gasping for breath at the multiple sensations that were assaulting her overheated body. Maura must have sensed how close she was because the doctor shifted her hand that was not currently fucking the life out of Jane to her aching clit and began rubbing it in firm circles while continuing her already overstimulating actions. That was what Jane needed and she flew over the edge into a hard, intense orgasm like she had never felt before.

“FUCK MAUR, I’M COMING! FUCK YESSSSS!” Jane shouted at the top of her lungs, too swept up in her climax to care who heard her.

Maura didn’t stop her movements and Jane was quickly coming again when the doctor bit her nipple extra hard and tugged. After her second intense orgasm, Jane fell against the counter, unable to hold herself up, trapping the doctor’s hands so that she would finally stop, the detective being entirely too sensitive to take anymore.

“Jesus, Maur,” Jane rasped out hoarsely, parched from all her yelling and all the fluid that Maura had milked out of her, currently pooling in her jeans. The taller woman looked up at the sly laugh that came from over her shoulder, the doctor still looking at her through the mirror, pride etched all across her face.

“Did I say sorry well enough, Jane?” came the cocky reply. Jane just shook her head as she tried to regain her footing, allowing Maura to pull her hands out of her pants.

The detective watched as Maura stretched her wrists and flexed her fingers before taking her glistening digits, wet from Jane’s cum, into her mouth. The smaller woman closed her eyes as she moaned, licking her fingers clean. Jane let out a whimper, her poor ravaged core aching as it clenched at the oh so sexy sight.

“Mmmhmm, Jane, you taste divine. I can’t wait to try it from the source,” Maura said around her fingers, which she was still lapping at.

Jane almost came from the image of Maura licking her from the source. Ok, Jane thought, we need to get out of here so that I can fuck this woman properly, the realization that they were still in the cooking school bathroom just dawning on her.

“Maura, if you keep doing that, I’m going to fuck you in that bathroom stall right now and something tells me a refined lady such as yourself wouldn’t like that very much,” the detective threatened as she finally was able to compose herself. She turned to fully look at the evil woman who had fucked her senseless.

Jane had expected for Maura to clean up and agree that they should move their encounter somewhere else. What Jane hadn’t been expecting was for the doctor to turn and walk into the disabled stall, leaving the door open for her to watch as she began to remove her apron and tight, white athletic pants. All Jane could do was stare, mouth agape, watching as creamy skin was slowly revealed to her by the way of toned legs, followed by a taut stomach, as Maura tossed her tank top to the side.

“Jaaaannneee,” Maura sing-songed, “are you just going to stand there and watch...or are you going to keep your promise?” The last part was said with a slight pout to her lips and that was all it took to spur Jane into action, stalking her prey that was willingly giving herself to the detective.

“God, you’re so fucking sexy,” Jane rasped out before finally claiming Maura’s lips.

Their first kiss was messy, full of teeth and tongue, both too turned on for gentle and soft. Both women were moaning into it as Jane lifted Maura so that her legs could wrap around her waist. Their moans deepened as Jane felt Maura’s wet center rubbing against her abs.

Jane pinned the smaller woman to the stall wall and proceed to grind her abs against Maura’s core, causing the doctor to break the kiss as she slammed her head back against the wall screaming, “OH YES JANE, FUCK!” Jane took the encouragement and managed to slip her hand in between their bodies, sliding two fingers into Maura’s waiting center.

“OH JANE, FUCK ME!” Maura yelled, clenching around the detective’s fingers.

“That’s the plan, doctor,” Jane husked into the smaller woman’s ear before taking the lobe between her teeth and nibbling. Maura moaned and began pumping her hips to meet Jane’s thrusts. The taller woman worked her way down Maura’s neck until she got to the juncture where her shoulder met her neck. Jane bit down hard.

“OH JANE, YES, AGAIN!” the doctor shouted, moving her hips faster as Jane bit down again just as hard. The detective vaguely catalogued that Maura was into biting before her thoughts were pulled elsewhere as the doctor flew over the edge into her orgasm.

“JAAAANNNE!” Maura yelled as her entire body went rigid, Jane still thrusting inside her, prolonging her climax.

After several moments, the smaller woman went limp in her arms and Jane finally stilled her fingers, feeling Maura’s aftershocks as she spasmed around her digits. Jane kissed the doctor’s neck gently, laughing slightly when the woman moaned at the sensation, her whole body sensitive after such an intense orgasm.

“Well, doctor, I believe I followed through on my promise, don’t you think?” Jane murmured against sticky skin, both women sweaty after their exertions.

The slight pinch she felt to her shoulder was the only indication Jane got that the doctor had heard her. Well, that and the additional pressure she felt to her fingers that were still buried deep inside the smaller woman.

Jane retaliated by spreading her fingers slightly, causing Maura to moan low and nip at Jane’s shoulder, where the doctor’s head had fallen when she melted after her orgasm. “Don’t tease,” came the muffled voice.

Jane gently kissed the neck in front of her before replying, “I think I have proven that I don’t tease.” She felt more than heard Maura’s chuckle before she felt soft lips on her collarbone, followed by a tongue that was gliding along the prominent bone. The detective let out a moan as her arousal was growing once again.

Before they could get started on another round, a loud knock echoed throughout the bathroom. “Ms. Jane? Dr. Isles? Everything ok?” came Antonio’s amused voice through the door. Both women hid their faces in the other’s necks as a blush rose on each of their cheeks.

Clearing her throat after a moment, Jane spoke up, “Yes, all good Tony. Just need a minute.” Maura laughed at the detective’s tone before her mouth dropped at the next words.

“Take your time ladies. From what we’ve just heard, I think you will need much more than a minute,” came the cheeky reply from the chef.

Jane looked at Maura, mirroring the stunned expression on her face with her own before they both dissolved into a fit of giggles, too happy in each other’s presence to be truly embarrassed at the moment.

“Jane, I think you should at least extract your fingers from inside me if you plan to keep addressing the chef,” Maura teased, wiggling her hips to show the detective what she was referring to.

Jane flushed but eased her fingers out of her new lover, both women moaning at the sensation of loss. She lowered Maura back to the floor but didn’t release the woman.

“How about we go somewhere a little more private so that I can be inside you for as long as we both want?” Jane asked with a sly smirk. The doctor shook her head, laughing as she collected her clothes from the stall.

“Mine or yours,” was all she said. Jane whimpered as Maura started to get dressed, covering up her new favorite sight.

“Whichever is closer. I have plans for you Doctor Isles,” Jane said, wagging her eyebrows seductively.

As Maura walked out of the stall fully dressed and headed to the door, reaching to unlock it, she threw over her shoulder, “and what makes you think I’m through with you, Detective Rizzoli.”

Jane felt herself instantly get wet all over again. She was so wrapped up in her own arousal that it took her a minute to realize that Maura had left. Quickly going to the sink to retrieve her shirt, Jane hastily put it back on, not caring now about the large stain down the front.

Just as she was exiting the bathroom, she saw Maura making her way toward the front door. Jane felt her heart sink until she heard that honey coated voice drift down the hallway.

“Come along detective, we haven’t finished eating our dinner yet. I have a feeling it will be a very, long, meal.”

Jane looked up to the ceiling sending a silent prayer of thanks to a god she vaguely believed in and a reluctant thanks to her mother before she rushed out to follow Maura’s retreating form. Maybe learning to cook would get her a nice wife after all.