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Fanganronpa : Bad Actors

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As you can probably notice, this is not the prologue you were probably expecting when you clicked on this title.

Unfortunately, I do not have all the planning for Fanganronpa: Bad Actors complete yet! There is still much, much more to be done! Including character designs, and actual art for them! If that drags on for too long though, I might just drop the whole art part.

Another thing is I need to finish planning and developing the cast for this fic! I have bits, pieces, ideas that I need to figure out how to make work! Including who lives, dies, and the trial!

Why did I make this, then? Well you see, I decided to make this now so when I’m ready to post the first part of the prologue it will already be here. I also wanted to share some information about this story.

Firstly, this will be a story with eighteen students opposed to the usual sixteen. This is so I can make more interesting characters for any potential readers to get attached to!

This story can have a maximum of seven chapters, and a minimum of six. I do plan on having a prologue and an epilogue which is not included in that count. After this story is finished, I also plan on making another story, but just of how their highschool lives could have went if they weren’t placed in the killing game.

My final thing I want to clarify is the updating schedule. Chapters may have 4-7 days in between updates, maybe Monday’s and Sunday’s I’ll have an update, but currently I do not know. When I finish the stories planning, I will inform you all. Though, the Deadly Life chapters may take awhile to be released because putting together a crime to solve may come around as difficult.

That is all I’d like to tell you for now! Please be sure to give this story a quick read when it’s ready. I can’t give a date on that, sadly. Just remember to check in every now and then!

Das all, fam. Me is out.