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Mychal couldn't suppress the groan escaping her lips as she grabbed her alarm clock right off the night stand, throwing it into some random corner, hoping that the damned thing would finally break. She let out a huff as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, grabbing random clothes from the floor and giving them a quick sniff. Mychal shrugged, getting dressed before going straight for the coffee machine. Everyone knew that Mychal wouldn't be able to function throughout the day without her cup of morning coffee. It would taste like shit, but that wasn't the point. The point was that Mychal needed it to operate like a normal human being, so how the coffee from her cheap ass machine tasted was secondary. Mychal absolutely despised student life.

Mychal took a quick sip from her mug, grabbing the remote as she sat down on her twoseater. The damn thing was so fucking old, she could feel the springs poke through the fabric. Again, student life.

Mychal heard the rustling of keys, thinking it was Will coming home after falling asleep inside the library again while studying late at night, but was surprised when the door opened and a girl with dark brown hair and forest green eyes so innocent looking that they were almost deer like entered her apartment. The excessive amount of luggage she was carrying was basically a recipe for absolute disaster.

"Excuse me for barging in like that.", she spoke with a thick British accent and a shy tone, a small smile creeping onto her lips. "I'm Melody." Melody took a couple of steps forward, her foot getting caught on the carpet lying in the entryway, causing her to fall, some of the luggage catching her slightly. Mychal cursed under her breath, setting down her cup on the coffee table and almost throwing it over and making a mess of the floor as she scrambled up from her seat.

"Jesus Christ, I didn't even drink my damn coffee yet-", Mychal mumbled to herself as she helped Melody into a sitting position, the latter slightly hissing at the pain with a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "You okay?" Melody nodded, her cheeks flaring up a bit. Mychal definitely didn't think that was super cute. Nope. She stretched out her hand for Melody to take. "Come on, I'll help you up." Melody shot her a thankful grin before grabbing it, Mychal hoisting the girl back up on her feet with a quiet grunt.

"So, I suppose you're the new roommate.", Mychal spoke, sounding hesitant. If she was being honest, she had no idea what the fuck was going on and why such a drop-dead-gorgeous girl had just barged into her apartment crusty ass apartment, but Mychal sure as hell wasn't going to complain or ask too many questions. Besides, she couldn't be William's secret girlfriend that he didn't tell Mychal about or whatever, because the guy was as gay as they come, so there was really only option left. Melody gave a quick nod.

"Yes. I transferred from England to study here for one year. I was assigned this apartment to stay at and now we're here.", Melody explained, shrugging her shoulders as she gave another smile that made her nose crinkle in such a cute way that Mychal felt she was going to burst. Mychal told herself that she really needed to get her shit together or otherwise this would end real horrible for her real quick. Also, she simply couldn't understand how someone could be so damn cheerful in the ass crack of morning. The sun wasn't even up in that moment. "Also, I didn't catch your name.", she spoke, dusting off her coat and jeans, but before Mychal could even think about how adorable Melody was being once again as she avoided eye contact, she started to inwardly cringe because of the realization that she hadn't cleaned the apartment floor in a while. Mychal quickly shook her head to chase those thoughts away.

"Mychal. But my friends call me Myckie and I prefer that nickname."

"I think that's a great name." Melody smiled once more. Holy shit. Mychal wanted to dig a deep hole that she would never emerge from ever again and bury herself in it. She was already so far gone, it was absolutely insane in her eyes. "If I may ask, which room will I be staying in?", Melody asked, already changing the topic before Mychal even had the time to compose herself after her little gay outburst. Myckie shook her head once again, trying to get her damn head in the game already.

"Follow me.", Mychal demanded, turning to her right and walking down to the end of the short and narrow corridor where the bedrooms were, pushing open the door to Melody's future room once she reached it. "This room has just been empty for the most time. It's not much, but I guess that's what you gotta get used to as a student." Melody entered the room, a big smile creeping onto her face once more as she sat down on the double bed standing in the middle of it.

"This is perfect.", she spoke, running her hands over the fabric of the mattress. "I never really had a room of my own. My sister and I shared one room our entire lives. Then I moved in with my best friend a couple years ago and her apartment didn't even have bedrooms, so yeah. This is a nice change." Mychal felt a little uncomfortable watching the constantly happy and joyful expression on Melody's face morph into pain and sad reminiscent. She also felt uncomfortable about the fact that the both of them knew each other for barely five minutes and Melody was already opening herself up in ways that Mychal couldn't really imagine. Myckie could already tell that Mel was the type of person to wear her heart on her sleeve. And while Mychal thought there was nothing wrong with that, she thought it was a little naive to believe that everyone will treat your feelings sensibly and delicately. Mychal heard the front door unlock and open. She really hoped that her best friend would be able to talk a little sense into her about the whole situation.

"Anyway, make yourself at home. This is all yours." Mychal offered Melody a small smile before retreating to the living area. There William stood, hanging up his jacket on the clothing rack, a small grin creeping onto his lips as he spotted the luggage on the floor and Mychal's distraught expression which quickly turned into one of anger.

"I guess Melody arrived?", he asked, trying to fake innocence. The fact that Mychal's best friend knew all along about the gorgeous girl moving into their apartment and betraying her like that made her even more enraged.

"My room. Right now.", Mychal ordered, pointing a finger in the direction of the bedroom. William followed the girl to her room reluctantly, giving Melody a bright smile as she shuffled by to get her luggage scattered around the entryway. The both of them entered, Mychal shutting the door behind them forcefully to show her disappointment.

"So," she started, putting her hands on her hips for even more emphasis. "You wanna explain to me why you didn't tell me that an absolute stranger was moving into our damn apartment?"

"I knew that you would absolutely hate the idea.", William spoke nonchalanty, shrugging his shoulders. Mychal could only scoff.

"You went behind my back!"

"This was for you own good.", William said. "Everyone needs to let something new into their life every once in a while and since you can't manage to do that shit on your damn own, I did it for you."

"I don't need anything new. I'm perfectly happy." A big ass lie. And even though Mychal very well knew that the perfect poker-face she had learned and adapted over the years didn't work with Will, she would never openly admit that she thought her life was an absolute mess. Will took a couple of steps closer to Mychal, a small empathetic smile decorating his features.

"Why are you trying to fight this?", Will asked. "Melody is a sweet girl. Very caring."

"That's the problem." The smile on William's face turned sinister within a span of a couple of seconds. William raised his hands and squished Mychal's cheeks together.

"Oh, honey. I can already see the both of you fall in love." Mychal swatted her best friend's hands away from her face, William only giggling in response.

"You're absolutely delusional.", Myckie spoke, rolling her eyes in exasperation. "You do remember that I gave up on love long ago, right? Like, in high school." Will blew a raspberry as he made a throwing away gesture with his hands.

"That's what everyone fucking says and you know how that always ends." Now it was William's turn to roll his eyes. "Besides, if I was a raging lesbian like you and I saw a face like Melody's walk in through my front door, honestly, my wig and my panties would fly." Mychal almost choked on her own fucking saliva. "And I also think that this could be a genuinely good opportunity for you to open yourself up more to other people." Mychal pinched the bridge of her nose, having had the same type of conversation with Will countless times before.

"How many times do I need to tell you that I am fine with how things are?" William took another couple steps forward. He was standing so close to Mychal that she could feel his hot breath on her face. William looked truly angry in that moment.

"And just because you feel that way that makes it okay?", William hissed out through gritted teeth. "I don't want my best friend to spend the rest of her life miserable, but I guess she doesn't fucking care about it." Will purposely bumped Mychal's shoulder as he left her room, shutting the door behind him with even more force than she had done in the beginning of their conversation. And there Mychal stood alone in her own room, feeling like the biggest fucking idiot in the whole wide universe to ever exist.

Mychal ran a hand through her hand in a frustrated manner, her gaze landing on the black piano standing in the corner of the room. A little bit of dust had settled on top of it from how long Mychal hadn't played, the thought alone making her sad to the core. The old piano was the first thing she bought when she was eighteen and Mychal had fought like a wild animal to have it moved into the apartment from home. Mychal walked towards it, letting her hands roam over the smooth surface. She lifted the top before sitting down. Mychal played the first song that came to her mind, the familiar feeling of her fingertips wandering over the keys with ease causing the storm of emotions raging inside her to settle almost immediately.

"I'm the one I should love in this world,

빛나는 나를 소중한 내 영혼을 (Shining me, precious soul of mine)," Mychal sung, the words falling off her lips as easy as breathing. The song was beautiful, preaching a message about self love and acceptance. Mychal remembered William's excitement when he had finally gotten Mychal to give it a listen, begging her to learn and play it on the piano for him. Mychal had acted as if the task burdened her, but practised any chance she got. The memory of how absolutely thrilled her best friend had looked when she first showed him her interpretation of the piece caused Mychal's features to contort into a smile.

"이제야 깨달아 (now I finally realized) so I love me,

좀 부족해도 너무 아름다운 걸 (though I may lack some things, I'm so beautiful)," Mychal kept singing and truly wished that she would one day be able to resonate with the message the song was trying to convey. She hoped. She hoped that one day she would be able to love herself the same way other people did.


7:12 PM

"You need any help with that?", Mychal heard Melody say behind her, causing her to turn around suddenly with a flinch. It was the evening that Melody had moved in and Mychal thought that chopping up vegetables for dinner angrily would be a good way of releasing all her anger she was feeling towards William for keeping Melody moving in a secret. Melody becoming their roommate wasn't making Mychal that upset, but rather the fact that her best friend had hidden the truth for weeks, maybe even months. Mychal was trying her best not to let her sour mood show towards Mel. Mychal didn't want Melody, who actually seemed like a pretty decent person, to have to feel bad about a situation she had no influence over.

Mychal simply nodded, gladly accepting the help and the distraction, since William had holed himself up in his room and things between them weren't bound to change between them soon anyway, grabbing a cutting board and a knife from the kitchen drawers and setting the tools down on the counter. Melody got straight to work, grabbing one of the freshly washed bell peppers and following Mychal's example of cutting it into cubes. Mychal was glad to find out that Melody, unlike other roommates Mychal had had to share an apartment with in the past, was actually willing to do her part when it came to household things.

The both of them continued slicing the vegetables in silence for a couple of minutes until Melody spoke up again. "I really didn't mean to make things complicated between the two of you." Mychal had completely forgotten that the walls were thin and that Melody had probably been able to overhear every last sentence of Mychal's conversation with William from her new room. Mychal prayed that she didn't.

"It's not your fault.", Mychal said with a huff. She didn't want Melody to place the blame on herself. But Mychal didn't want to put the blame on William either, knowing full well that she could be very hard to approach, when it came to some topics. She had a habit of being very impulsive and some things could easily drive her up the wall, so Mychal felt less angry and progressively more guilty the longer she thought about the fact that the tension between the both of them was probably because of her.

"But you think it's yours?", Melody shot back, putting the cut bell pepper into a bowl and grabbing an onion off the counter, the remark making Mychal's eyes shoot up to her face for the first time since they started preparing dinner together. Her persistent stare made Mychal feel vulnerable to the core. The fact that Melody, who Mychal had known for barely a couple of hours, was able to read and understand her feelings so exceptionally well, made Mychal feel the desperate need to run away from the situation. Mychal ripped her gaze from Melody's, continuing to cut up the veggies, as she tried to answer as nonchalantly as possible.

"No. I just think I'm generally a person that's hard to talk to."

"Maybe.", Melody offered. "But I like a challenge. I like cracking people's shells. That way it feels like I put in a lot of effort into that relationship especially. It makes me feel more worthy of being their friend." Mychal let out a chuckle. She could already tell that Melody was someone that liked to talk a lot. Mychal was the complete opposite, naturally, but she thought each to their own.

"I didn't think that many people were even interested in cracking my shell." And that was true. Most people that Mychal met were probably hesitant because of her cold exterior. Her interior wasn't that much more promising either, if she was being honest.

"Don't degrade yourself.", Melody chastised, dicing those onions like a total pro. It seemed as if she had some proper experience in cooking and Mychal's curious side couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten that good. But Mychal supposed that's what student life does to you. Some things you simply have to learn. "So far I'm not regretting trying." Mychal let out another quiet chuckle.

"Yeah, well good luck."

"Don't get cocky with me.", Melody warned with a warm smile, raising her knife off the cutting board to gesture around with it while talking. Mychal was kind of scared for her well being in that moment. "I've met people like you before. Hard exterior, hard interior. But in reality, you're a real softie."

"Oh, really?", Mychal asked ironically, her shoulders shaking slightly as she tried to swallow down a laugh.

"One hundred percent. I refer to them as cacti."

"Excuse me?", Mychal asked in disbelief, not caring about repressing her laughter in that moment. Melody truly was an odd one, a character trait Mychal generally liked on other people.

"Yeah. You know, prickly on the outside and mushy on the inside."

"I guess that works.", Mychal spoke with a shrug, not really able to argue with what Melody was saying.

"So you're admitting that you're a softie?", Melody asked in a teasing tone, a mischievous grin decorating her features.

"I am not.", Mychal spoke in a threatening tone, a smile quickly creeping onto her lips. In those past couple of minutes Mychal had laughed and smiled more than she probably had throughout the entire week. It definitely felt nice. "And if you don't stop fooling around, I'll make you clean the dishes all by yourself later." Melody gave a quick salute before returning to the greens in front of her. Mychal couldn't help but think about the fact that she was really starting to like Melody, even though this was the first actual conversation the both of them were having. Melody seemed genuinely nice and Mychal wasn't opposed to the idea of having more positive people around that would be able to drown out her dark thoughts.

"What are you studying by the way?", Mychal heard herself ask before actually considering the fact that small talk wasn't exactly her strong suit. But Mychal guessed that some light chatter was generally better than silence. Besides, Melody seemed like the type of person that would never judge or mock someone for their poor social skills and all worries that Mychal might have had flew out the window when Melody flashed that blinding smile of hers.

"Dance.", Melody answered in a shy and hesitant way, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Mychal was definitely surprised by that answer. She kind of expected someone as kind and empathetic as Melody to study something like medicine or pedagogy, something that had a lot to do with other people, but not necessarily arts. But Mychal thought that having someone who was studying arts like herself around her would be a nice change.

"Really? What style of dance?" Melody's eyes immediately lit up at the question and Mychal could see how passionate she was about her major.

"Contemporary." Mychal nodded. That style definitely fit Melody's personality in a way. She was delicate, but Mychal had no doubt that she could be powerful and strong if she wanted to and put her mind to it.

"Interesting.", Mychal confessed truthfully. Mychal had had a deep appreciation for arts her entire life and if she didn't have two left feet, she probably would have taken a couple of dance classes as well. "You know, I'm actually kind of glad. That way I'll be able to get a break from William whining about how exhausting law is."

"What's your major?", Melody threw the question back at her.

"Music.", Mychal answered, beginning to peel carrots and cutting them into bite-sized pieces. "I want to become a song writer and producer one day." Music was Mychal's safe haven. Mychal took an interest in music when she was just a little girl, going against her mother's wishes to never touch her piano and playing random keys whenever she was alone at home. After a lot of begging and convincing, her mother promised to teach her when she was in her pre-teens and Mychal got quite good over the years. Mychal joined the school band and even had quite a few recitals over the years, her mother not missing a single one despite her tight schedule. And even though her mother had taught her how to play the piano and had fueled that fire inside her, she still didn't approve when Mychal decided she wanted music as her major.

"That's a big dream.", Melody spoke a little absentmindedly, sounding as if she was deep in thought. "But I believe you can do it." Not many people in Mychal's life had supported her dream. Melody's faith in her was something so simple, but it still managed to touch Mychal's heart in ways that she was not comfortable with. Mychal cleared her throat, deciding to change the topic quickly.

"You said you're from England?"

"Yes. London, to be exact." Melody seemed to understand that Mychal didn't feel comfortable and shot her a reassuring smile as she answered. "My dad was a busy man and traveled a lot. So, after my mother passed away-"

Mychal flinched at that statement, almost cutting off her damn finger as she drove the knife into the flesh. Mychal dropped the knife at the pain, letting out a hiss as she cradled her finger.

"God fucking-" Melody quickly rushed to her side, observing the severity of the wound.

"Do you have any standard first aid stuff here?"

"In the cabinet above the sink in the bathroom.", Mychal explained, Melody racing towards the bathroom immediately.

"Sit down. I'll bandage this for you.", Melody ordered when she returned from the restroom with the materials that she needed to bandage the wound with. Mychal wanted to protest, but when she noticed the stern look on Melody's face that meant she wasn't going to take no for an answer, she quickly shut her mouth again, shuffling towards the sofa and taking a seat. Melody sat down across from her, taking a paper towel to wipe away the blood. "It doesn't look like you need stitches." The wound wasn't bleeding too much either, so Melody grabbed the antiseptic and sprayed some of it on, the slight burn causing Mychal to hiss once more. Melody didn't even look the least bit remorseful.

"How do you know all this?", Mychal asked as Melody started wrapping her finger with gauze. Mychal couldn't bandage wounds for the life of her. Mychal was a spoiled rich kid that spent most of her time inside practicing playing the piano and never once got an injury worse than a scraped knee or a paper cut.

"My mother was a doctor. I spent hours on end at her clinic after school each day. Everyone around me was one hundred percent convinced that I would follow in my mother's footsteps." Mychal figured that Melody must have had a lot of character traits from her mother.

"Why didn't you?"

"I never really envied the responsibility that came with being a doctor. Besides, dancing was my life. There was nothing I loved doing more.", Melody explained, bandaging the wound carefully and with thought. "When my mother found out that I wanted to study dance, she supported me. But even though I already knew all the basic medical stuff, my mother still forced me to take some first aid classes. I think she felt a little bitter that I didn't want to study medicine and continue her legacy." Melody chuckled at the memory. But it wasn't a happy chuckle. It sounded sad and remimiscent and it made something inside Mychal's chest ache. Melody took a piece of plaster and stuck it onto the bandage to keep it in place.

"I didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry.", Melody apologized, taking a deep breath before she continued to speak. "My mother passed away from cancer when I was a teen. She ignored the symptoms for a while and when she was diagnosed, the cancer was already so far along that the treatment wouldn't work. It soon became terminal. The doctors gave her maybe four months but my mother fought for as long as she could. That's the type of person my mother was." Mychal was fascinated with how strong Melody was being.

"My dad was a business man who would travel all around the world. Since my sister and I had no one to stay with after my mom passed away, my father took us with him on his trips.", Melody explained. "I think I spent more time abroad than in London. I've been to the States many times before and I absolutely loved it. That's why I came here to do my major." Mychal was kind of speechless. This was way too much information for her to be able to comprehend in such a short amount of time. Mychal was mostly just fascinated by the woman sitting in front of her and her strength. Melody had lost someone, she had lost someone she obviously loved, but there she sat in Mychal's living room with her head held up high. And all Mychal wanted to was apologize. She felt sorry, because Melody was a genuinely decent person and she didn't deserve all the pain that she had to go through at such a young age. Melody didn't deserve one bit of it in her opinion. Melody could apparently sense which words were about to leave Mychal's mouth because she quickly began talking again.

"It happened a long time ago, Mychal. I've had plenty of time to grief and mourn my mother's death."

"I still can't imagine what you must have gone through." Mychal suddenly felt bad. No one wanted to be pitied.

"It wasn't easy, of course.", Melody confessed truthfully. "I loved my mother dearly. She was the only person in the world that always one hundred percent understood and supported me and I still miss her to this day. But I keep going, because I know that she wouldn't want me to waste away my life sorrowing after her." Mychal stared at the girl sitting in front of her a little incredulously.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I just don't understand how you're being so vulnerable with me.", Mychal admitted, her voice sounding unbelieving. "We've known each other for a couple of hours, this is the first real conversation we're having and you're already spreading out your life story in front of me." Mychal didn't mind. She just simply couldn't see herself reciprocating and doing the same with Melody to such an extent any time soon.

"Is that a bad thing?", Melody asked. "I am very open with my feelings. I don't like hiding them."

"That kind of attitude is gonna get you hurt someday." Mychal had to find out one day that trusting the wrong people with the wrong things can get you into a lot of trouble, so she spoke from experience.

"Is that worry I am hearing in your voice, darling?", Melody inquired in a teasing tone, the nickname rolling off her tongue so easily. She was obviously trying to lighten the mood a little as best as she could. Talking about deceased loved ones and broken hearts wasn't exactly casual. "I recognize a good person when I see one. My intuition never fails me. And even if I was wrong, I'm not a little girl anymore that can't stand up for herself." Mychal felt her heart swell a little at what Melody was implying. Melody trusted her. Melody stood up from her seat with a sigh, throwing the leftover packaging from the gauze into the nearby trashcan.

"So, you coming? We have a dinner to prepare.", Melody spoke with a light giggle as she returned to her spot behind the counter and continued cutting up the rest of the vegetables. Mychal gave a quiet chuckle, getting up from the couch and doing the same. "Who is all this for, by the way? It looks like the cavalry's coming to eat judging by all the vegetables we have to cut."

"Our friends come over every Saturday for dinner. And whenever there's free food, they just go absolute ham." That was the moment a loud knock could be heard, the front door to the apartment being thrown open only seconds later. The flat was immediately filled with noise and chaos as their friends entered and Mychal let out an annoyed groan. She had told them countless times before that they shouldn't just barge in like that or she was going to behead somebody one day.

"Speaking of the devil.", she murmured more to herself than anyone else, setting the knife down angrily on the counter. "What did I tell you guys? Stop behaving like animals every time you come here." Mychal felt like a damn mother and normally that was Will's or Jo's job.

"Where's my husband?", Jo asked quickly, completely ignoring Mychal as he walked straight past her towards William's bedroom where he was still holed up in, shrill screaming following shortly after. Joel and William were best friends and they referred to each other as husbands as a running gag.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had a date?", Mychal asked Yoona, who gave her a once-over before wrinkling her nose. Mychal tried to ignore it as best as possible. "Please don't tell me you dumped him because he wasn't rich enough."

"When was the last time you showered?", Yoona asked bluntly, pointing an accusing finger at Mychal before a visible shudder racked through her and she scrunched up her face. Mychal was trying to stay calm as best as possible and not gut Yoona on the spot for disrespecting her in her own home. "And I did. The guy looked like he wouldn't even have been able to pay for the meal so I sent him home."

"You're never going to get a boyfriend if you keep ditching your dates."

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend.", Yoona spoke, shooting Mychal a confused look. "I'm just looking for someone that will pay my meals and take me shopping." Mychal couldn't help but snort.

"Look, I'm absolutely loving that you guys are trying to gut each other with your stares alone once again, by the way, Mychal is winning," JC chimed in and Mychal tried not to look too smug. Yoona's face was set into a deep frown. "but would you mind introducing us?" Somehow Melody living with them was already beginning to feel so natural that Mychal had completely forgotten that the others didn't know. But before Mychal could even open her mouth, Melody was already charging forward and introducing herself. Mychal slightly shook her head, only able to wish that one day she would be able to approach people as easily as Melody did.

"I'm Melody. I'm Mychal and William's new roommate."

"New roommate? Interesting.", JC spoke, sounding beyond surprised. "Normally Myckie isn't as accepting when it comes to having a lot of people around her at all times." JC chuckled, but the statement made Mychal uneasy, Melody shooting her a sorry glance over her shoulder. Mychal cleared her throat, quickly turning around and continuing to cut the vegetables as a way of distracting herself.

"Let me help you.", Melody spoke quietly, joining Myckie. Mychal definitely appreciated the sentiment. But she guessed that Melody simply was that type of person. She was kind and thoughtful and that's more than Mychal could ask for in a lot of people. That was the moment William entered the living space for the first time in a couple of hours and Mychal couldn't help but tense up. They found each other's glances from across the room and Mychal's shoulders immediately began to feel a little lighter when a small smile creeped onto her best friend's features. Mychal could see Melody grin out of the corner of her eye.

After dinner was done and everyone's hunger satured, the group decided that they all wanted to watch a movie together, JC, Yoona and Jo building a pillowfort on the ground since there wasn't enough space for all of them on the small sofa.

"I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm pretty tired after all the traveling.", Melody announced in a voice that sounded less than convincing as she abandoned her seat on the two seater, her cheeks flaring up a bit with the obvious lie. Even though Mychal knew how exhausting being amongst so many new people could be and would have probably manufactured some type of excuse as well if she had been in Melody's situation, she found herself reaching out and grabbing the girl's wrist before the rational part of her brain could stop her from doing so. The fact that Melody obviously wasn't feeling as if she belonged made Mychal's heart ache in a weird way.

"You can watch the movie with us.", Mychal murmured, her voice barely above a whisper. Melody was staring at her with some kind of incredulous gaze. "If you want to." Mychal couldn't help but notice how soft Melody's skin felt in contrast to her calloused hand. Melody's face softened as she nodded shyly and let herself get pulled back onto the couch, their shoulders and thighs touching. Yoona and Jo huddled up together in their pillowfort as they finished building it, JC starting up the movie and climbing in after them. After a couple of minutes, Mychal quickly noticed which movie they were actually watching.

"The Notebook? Seriously?", Mychal asked, letting out a throaty chuckle. They had watched that movie at least five times already during their movie nights.

"Hey, that movie is a masterpiece. My tearducts are ready to spill.", she heard Jo's muffled voice coming from inside the fort. "Besides, Ryan Gosling is a sexy ass man." Mychal shrugged (even though she was a raging lesbian she couldn't find it within herself to disagree), William letting out a sound of approval beside her. Mychal let her gaze wander towards Melody, the girl's forest green eyes trained intently on the screen in front of her.

"Have you ever seen this movie?", Mychal whispered as to not disturb the others, which caused Melody to turn her head to look at her, the light of the TV shining on her face making her look somewhat ethereal in Mychal's eyes. Mychal swallowed thickly.

"No.", Melody spoke in an equally as quiet volume, shaking her head. "But I know that it is supposed to be quite angsty, so I am mentally prepared." Mychal clenched her jaw, seemingly chewing on the words that she wasn't daring to speak. Melody's previously amused gaze immediately became laced with worry. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm sorry. About earlier.", Mychal blurted out before she could stop herself, the way Melody had sounded so concerned making her feel some type of way that she couldn't explain. "I didn't want you to feel excluded." Melody's features softened visibly, a small smile creeping onto her lips as her hands fiddled nervously in her lap.

"You're proving all the things I said about you earlier to be true."

"What?", Mychal asked a little dumbfoundedly, obviously stunned at Melody's statement. Melody shook her head slightly, letting out a chuckle.

"I'm basically a stranger in your home, Mychal. After finding out that you didn't even know I was moving in, I didn't expect any hospitality from you.", Melody confessed, wrenching her hands as if she was trying to resist the urge to reach out, to touch. "I didn't expect you to accept my presence so easily, is all I'm saying." Melody's explanation had Mychal's head reeling, raising even more questions than it answered for some reason. All Mychal knew was that she wholeheartedly agreed, that she herself couldn't understand how she had gotten accustomed so quickly to someone she had known for less than a day. Mychal found herself genuinely enjoying Melody's company and that thought alone scared her absolutely shitless. But what scared her even more, despite knowing that Mychal's social abilities were limited, to say the least, and that she was cold and unapproachable most of the time, Melody still seemed to be able to reciprocate those feelings. Despite knowing that no one even dared to try to crack open Mychal's shell, Melody still attempted to do so.

Melody was scared shitless of the fact that some people actually found themselves caring about her. She felt the sudden urge to apologize, because Mychal was not the type of person that deserved all the attention, that deserved to be cared for so deeply, but any words that she might have wanted to speak out loud died on her tongue the moment she noticed Melody's fond gaze. The girl must have noticed Mychal's inner frenzy, her hand reaching out tentatively, as if she was scared that Mychal was going to recoil in case she moved too quickly. Mychal knew what was going through Melody's mind, that she was feeling the need to comfort. Mychal wanted to run away, she wanted to run away as fast and as far away as possible, the fear of the unknown and the things that she didn't understand making her feel all sorts of overwhelmed. Melody's hand came to a halt right next to the girl's cheek, Mychal letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. Melody sighed quietly, letting her hand fall back into her lap as she turned her attention back to the TV. For the second time that day, Mychal felt as if she had been put through the wringer.