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Coitus interuptus

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Day 12.
Carlisle pov
I’m sitting at my desk reading. Edward is lounging on the sofa by the window also reading. Both of us are beyond pissed off. Not with each other, with the last 12 days
Edwards POV
I am sat on the window seat in Carlisle’s study pretending to read. I cant concentrate. I am steaming. In fact I am beyond steaming. The last 12 days have been amazing yet they have also been the most frustrating of my life.

. Flashback.
Day 1 Edwards POV
Carlisle looked at me
"Care for a swim in the river"
"I'd love to" i replied
"Race you" he laughed running full pelt out the back door. I gave chase at top speed.
Carlisle led the way into the Forrest. Even though he was running at top speed I caught up with him within a minute. but instead of racing him I matched his pace so that we were running side by side Carlisle just an inch or so in front leading the way. I reached out and took his hand. Carlisle looked round and smiled at me squeezing my fingers for a moment, being with him was still so new and yet it felt totally familiar, as if we had been a couple for decades.
After a few minutes of running alongside the river a mountain became visible ahead. We followed the river as it curved round the mountainside then we had to slow down and make our way carefully, the narrow strip of land between the mountain and the river was almost impassable. As we followed the river round the side of the sheer mountainside it opened up into a huge lake. Directly ahead A waterfall cascaded over the edge of a cliff a hundred feet above us and thundered down into the lake creating a swirling vortex. The cliff continued all the way around the lake and partway down the river before turning into a steep slope. Thus creating a secluded cove the slope and the the river bank was Forrest so dense it was impenetrable adding further to the privacy of the location. The way we had come was the only access unless you were to repel down the cliff face. Even though I had been to his place many times the power and raw beauty of it all still stunned me every time.

Carlisle stripped down to his underwear and laid his clothes on a nearby tree. Rather than copying I watched him transfixed as piece by piece more of his body was revealed, I had a feeling he knew I was watching because he was undressing slowly and it seemed to me that he was putting just a little to much flair into his movements he gave the distinct impression that he was putting on a show.
. When he was done he turned to me and chuckled. “Enjoying the view”
“Very much so” I replied.
“Are you planning on swimming in your clothes?” He then asked looking me up and down.
. I shook my head trying to regain my focus and stripped down quickly. Together we ran full pelt into the water spraying it everywhere.

We spent some time splashing and playing in the shallows before I led the way into the deeper water. We dived and swam for almost an hour. Carlisle moved in the water with grace and speed his lithe body moving with purpose as he swam under the surface. He noticed me looking and began twisting and turning playfully in the water. Clearly showing off his swimming skills.

We were deep underwater. Deep enough that we could reach out and touch the bottom. We were well below the bottom of the swirling vortex created by the waterfall hitting the lake although we could still hear it. Suddenly my back hit rock. I looked around and realised that I was now against the cliff behind the waterfall, mesmerised as I was by Carlisle I hadn’t even realised I had been drifting that way. I looked back toward Carlisle just in time to see him propel himself towards me crashing into me and pushing me firmly against the rock. he straightened and pinned me between himself and the cliff pressing the length of his body along the length of mine, the contact sent a ripple of sensation that I had not experienced before through me and I shivered. I looked at his face and saw that his eyes had turned black with desire. I felt sure that mine were the same. His hands wrapped themselves in my hair and then he was kissing me. Gently at first but then fiercely as he lost control of his passion. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I moaned softly at the taste of him, even diluted by the water it was incredible. My hand were moving unbidden all over what I could reach of his body trying to feel every inch of him. He rolled his hips against me and I groaned. Carlisle’s hands descended from my hair without breaking our kiss and started to roam across my chest heading lower purposefully. He rolled his hips again and mine bucked in response. I’d never felt anything like the sensations now coursing through my body and highjacking my senses.

Suddenly Carlisle jerked away from me and spun round in the water. I knew why. A pressure wave had washed over us. Someone else was in the water. I looked up and saw a human descending Swimming strongly through the water. His dive had been the cause of the pressure wave. He was clearly a free diver. We both knew that to remain was impossible. Not only could we not risk being recognised, our simple presence would create too much suspicion as Even free divers can’t make out underwater. Carlisle headed for the surface and cursing the human’s timing I followed.