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My Angel is the Centerfold

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"Has anyone seen my satchel?"

Harry got several no’s back and pouted. The familiar rocking of the train eventually put Harry to sleep. He woke up later to Ron's shouts from a particularly exciting game of Exploding Snap with their friends.

"Here it is! Hey, where's Draco?"

"He wandered off 10 minutes ago, something about soot in his hair. Git." Ron's lips twitched.

Harry sat back and opened his bag. Tucked inside was the newest Playwitch! He blushed and shoved it back in, but not before noticing Draco was this month's cover model. A small parchment flew out of the bag and Harry grabbed it.

Loo. 15 minutes. ~DM

Harry stood up too fast, "Loo!" he shouted and bolted.

"Did you like my present?" Draco's voice came from behind Harry and he whirled around.

"What kind of present is that?!"

"You didn't open it did you?"

"In front of everyone? Are you mad?!"

"Mad about you actually." Draco pushed against Harry who had trapped himself against the wall. "I fancy you, Harry. Can we be more than friends?"

Harry relaxed and intertwined their fingers. "I've wanted this for so long."

Draco smirked and sealed it with an electric, cock-throbbing kiss.