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A little present.

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-“Merry Christmas, Sherlock!”- John said happily-“Christmas? You know I don’t like presents and Christmas; I..”-John stop him abruptly and said-“ You have been rude all the month, could you be a little more kinder tonight?”- added the doctor . -“uhh, fine, fine”- The Detective complained while he was faking and smile. 


Sherlock started shaking his present, scanning it-“Sherlock Holmes, stop scanning your presents and just open it!”- Sherlock opened the present, John knew he was excited it was no need to Sherlock to show it-“I knew your lost your phone so I decided to buy you a knew one”- Sherlock was in silence, looking at the phone, it was an iPhone, quite beautiful. 

-“Is an expensive present”- Sherlock said while he was examining the phone -“A bit, but nothing really significant”- John added -“Thank you John”- he gave John a kiss in his cheek and obviously John went red. Both laughed. 

It was a beautiful Christmas, everybody was happy with everything.