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The heir of a hero

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The UA entrance exam

I stood ready for the exam with all the other participants all of whom were egar to prove themselves worthy of UA that was when I heard one of my oldest friends ask "remind me why your here again Toshi" I said "because Hito I don't want to flaunt my dad's status by taking the recommendation test" ah Hitomu Shinso one of my oldest friends like me he knows the burden of being a high ranking hero's child with his dad the marionette hero Pierrot being the number six hero and my dad Deku being the number one as I thought a very familiar girl shouted out "ugh just don't hold me back Tohsi-brat" I said "I could say the same to you Oki-chan" I had a smirk on my face as she had a scowl on hers now while most would think she's a bad person because of it we all know she's a softy I heard the alarm go off as we all raced ahead.

This year's entrance exam was of robotic replicas of past villains many of whom my dad beat as a replica of the hero killer came for me I said "too easy" I grabbed a metal pole and tossed him aside without being near him

Toshiro Midoriya

Quirk: Polaris

With his quirk he can alter magnetic currents however he needs to be holding a metal object to do so

as the robot was trashed I ran ahead making a mess of the other ones that came for me I could hear explosions going on in the distance with me saying "she always has had a nack for making a mess" as soon as I said that a boy said "well she has got her father's stubbornness" as he electrocuted two robots

Chimon Kaminari

Quirk: Taser 

With a set of taser's on the ends of his earlobes he can do well anything a taser can

I said "nice to see you as well Kaminari" he said "it's good meeting you again Midoriya" I however couldn't stick around to chat as the time was catching on for the exam I said "let's pick it up a notch".

A week later

I waited anxiously for the results to come in with my mom saying "I have faith in you Toshi" I said "thanks mom" my mother Ochaco Midoriya the number 10 pro-hero Uravity as well as one of the biggest supporters of my wish to be a hero my Quirk is also a mutation of hers as soon as I thought that the door opened with a very popular figure coming through saying "I'm home sorry I'm late that run away driver really gave me a headache" I ran up saying "dad" he patted me on the head saying "you may have grown taller in the years but you'll always be a child at heart Toshi" I will admit his demanding role as the symbol of hope has always upset me knowing I couldn't spend all the time in the world with him but I was taught to cherish every moment I have with him he said "the postman left this for you" I saw it was a letter with UA'S crest on it I said "is that" he said "it is now let's go check it out".

I opened the letter to see it was a small holographic device when I pushed it a image came on the screen with me saying "uncle Minoru" the hologram of him said "hey Toshiro it's your favourite unlce telling you that YOU PASSED while the damage you made was regrettable you still did warn 55 points so as I said welcome to your hero academia" I couldn't help but cry tears of joy knowing I was now one step closer to achieving my dream as I felt my parents hugging me while congratulating me for passing.

That Monday

As I walked through the gate with my suitcase as we'd be moving into the dorms I heard a voice say "hey Toshi what class you'd get" I said "1-A what about you Hito" he said "looks like we're together for the year" I said "get in" Okimi said "great just when I thought I'd lost you idiot's for fucks sake" I said "Oki-chan admit it we aren't half as bad as what you say we are" she said while detonating small explosions "like hell I do"

Okimi Bakugo

Quirk: Detonation

Her Quirk is essentially a copy of her dad's albeit with the power to make larger explosions  

I chuckled saying "yeah yeah now let's get to class".

As I walked into class with Hitomu and Okimi all I could say was we definitely had a interesting bunch I saw a girl with pink skin, Chimon was standing next to someone who was invisible yet based on his body build it was clear (ha ha) that he was a boy and a girl with long blonde hair the rest were as I said interesting Okimi said "ok Toshi-brat before we start I'm making one thing clear I don't care how close we are, how long our dads knew eachother I don't want you to hold back against me in any field" I said "so what you're saying is we're rival's now" she said "we always have been but think of this as just making it formal" I said "your on girly" she grunted when the pink skinned girl ran up saying "Okkkkki it's been to long" Okimi hugged her back saying "Manna it's been to long how's red doing" Manna said "daddy's doing great thank you for asking and" Manna ran up to me saying "well hello cutie pie what do I call or do with you" Okimi said "Manna leave him he's trash" I said "so much for rival's" a number of other students stopped talking to look at me and Okimi with a more timid person asking "ah I um are you Toshiro Midoriya um sorry" I said "hey it's fine and yes I am who you think I am" he said "I um I'm Hagartaro Kinga it's nice to um meet you" poor kid he looks as if he could piss himself at any moment I said to everyone "guys I want to make this clear don't be intimidated by my dad's status all I ask is you treat me as if I'm some normal student" everyone let out a highly audible "phew" as soon as that happened a boy with dark skin came up saying to Okimi "heya hot stuff what do I call you oh I know mabye my date" Okimi said while making some explosion's "and do I call you target practice" the other guy was now very clearly scared with the teacher walking in saying "now now kiddos it's time for class".

As our teacher walked in I looked and cried out "uncle Yuga" he said to me "ah Toshi what a pleasant surprise I had no idea you were in my class but please call me Aoyama-sensei while in class" I said "as you say" ah Uncle Yuga while he isn't my actual uncle him and my dad have such a brotherly bond I treat him as such even as though his duties as the shining hero can't stop twinkling seriously what is with that name meant he couldn't visit a lot he said "now now I'm sure your all dieing to know what is going to happen well we'll meet me at the entrance to the school and I'll explain everything".

We all met with Yuga in our gym gear with him saying "now for the test I want everyone to run all the way around the campus and back here by lunchtime got that kiddos" I asked "sensei are we allowed to use our quirks" he said "that my boy is the whole point the cameras around school will give me A and insight into everyone's Quirks and B give me an idea of what you are all capable of" I said "when do we" he said "your time starts now and also lunch is in two hours" I heard Hitomu say "pfft that'll be easy" Yuga said "it takes four to navigate everywhere have fun" I said "oh come on man" before I could say anything else the bell sounded letting us all run freely.

The race began with Okimi using a trick I'm all to used to blast rush turbo yeah for a girl who says she's not in the number two hero's shadow she sure as hell has copied a lot of his moves I said "might as well join her" I grabbed a metal keyring from my pocket magnetic propulsion with that technique I had granted myself a form of flight by altering the magnetic currents around my body as I was catching up to Okimi she said "piss off Toshi-brat" I said "hey that's not nice racoon hair" she delivered some blasts to my fave that I easily avoided saying "I swear to fucking God call me that again and" she was interupted as an old friend of ours came by saying "hot stuff coming through" I said "ah screw you Naoto" he looked back as he had a cocky smirk plastering his face 

Naoto Todoroki

Quirk: Half hot Half cold

Similar to Okimi his quirk is a copy of his father's although his usage is more technique based 

as he let his afterburner go out he made an icey slide that let him slid away I heard Okimi say "what'd ya say huh let's nab the cocky prick ourselves" I said "your the boss" she said "damn right I am" we charged ahead to try and catch Naoto.