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A White Knight and Mischief (Miezcyslaw)

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“Hello?” Sander turned to look at his clock. 3:30. Whoever decided to call him at balls early had better have a good reason.

“He's gotta be stopped Xan.”

“Adrian? Why are you calling me? Stop who?” Sander was even more annoyed now. There was nothing like fielding middle of the night phone calls from drunken relatives. He would almost take long with Spike again if it meant not having to deal with things like this. Though when Spike had stayed with him, it was in his parent’s basement, so it wasn't like dealing with one meant being free from the other.

“Figured I could say this t' you. Y'lived over that Hellmouth, so ‘ll either make sense, or you’ll block ‘t all out.”
Now Sander shot upright in bed. How did he..? Adrian just kept going. “His aura's all dark, n' he thinks I don't see. I gotta stop him, but his name. He won’ give me ‘is name. An' now the sh'riff thinks I helped her kill those people.”

“Who does? What people? You're not making any sense.” Sander was pulling on his jeans now, phone pressed to his ear.

“The sheriff’s kid! Stiles. I see why he's capable of. See it in everyone when m'not drunk. Gotta wonder if not better….“

“Adrian!” Sander barked out. “Get me on the same page here. A witch who reads aura’s, and calling me, drunk, at 4 in the morning to ask for my help stopping a dark witch. You can't bind him cause you don't have his name, and he sent his sheriff’s father after you with some story about you helping to kill someone. How am I doing so far?”

“I didn’t think this would make so much sense to you Xan.”

“It makes enough sense that I'm coming to you. We'll be there sometime tomorrow. Tonight. Fuck.”
Xander hung up without waiting for his reply and hit speed dial 3.

“Wills. I know you just got back, but I need you to come out of town with me.”

“Where are we going?” And that there, was why Willow would always be his favorite. No fuss, just ready to drop what she's doing for an unnamed crisis at 4 in the morning.

“We’re going to visit my cousin in Beacon Hills.”