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peaches and cream.

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yukhei is obviously bigger.

even for his young age, he is visibly bigger, taller – towering over nearly everyone, presence noticeable even more with that deep voice of his. and kun, few years older feels so small, intimidated even powerless next to him.

but kun doesn’t mind, when he has the chance to be cuddled in the long arms of yukhei, sleeping against his strong chest, seeking for human warmth.

he minds it even less when yukhei is thrusting into him oh-so relentlessly, larger hands gripping his hips. and since the younger is naturally a huge package, it is not a surprise that his dick is as huge.

his thrusts get quicker and all kun can do is grip the sheets as he turns his head to whine in the pillow. each drags is intense against his walls. he feels yukhei angling his hips and hit right on the good spot, that kun can’t stop himself from arching into the younger, moans getting louder.

“gē... does it feel good ? do i make you feel good ?” he asks, voice husky, breath fanning over kun’s ear. the response is as obvious as the teasing in his voice. he whines when yukhei suddenly still his movements forcing him to look at him. the younger is towering over him, eyes hooded, skin glistening with sweat, breathing loudly. his look is feral as he takes in kun’s state.

the latter squirms under the eyes, moving his hips up hoping to make him move again. sadly, yukhei doesn’t seem to have any of if. he pins kun hard in the mattress, satisfied with the whimpers he lets out.

“you should respond when i talk to you, right ?”, kun’s mind is way too clouded to think about something that won’t boost up his ego– not that he minds it since, in bed, it has always been this dynamic. yukhei just like being in control, wreak kun over and over.

“p-please... xuxi– ngh,” even though he’s not moving, kun still feels the tip of his cock pressed on his prostate so intensely and just because of that, he is ready to throw all his dignity outside.

“please, p-please... i– aah i need it...” he whines into the pillow. yukhei is not shy as a lover and knows what he want and try out, things that kun mostly have to try out as well which includes begging and edging among more. he continues to beg and feels yukhei throbbing in him, groaning loudly at his pitiful wailing.

yukhei then pushes himself deeper and grinds against the older. kun sobs in his arm, tears teasing his eyes as he breaths shallowly.

it’s only a matter of minute until kun is blinded by his orgasm, so good, so powerful. lucas follows few seconds after, coming into the older.

but kun doesn’t mind, as yukhei envelops him in his arms, peppering kisses on his skin.