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four seasons

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“J-jimin, we can’t-“

“Just shut up for a second, you’re gonna get us caught,” Jimin pushes your underwear into your mouth as you give make an undignified sound. But the blonde ignores you as he makes sure that the toilet stall is locked before turning back to you, rummaging in his pockets for something.

He seems to find what he’s looking for, grasping it with one hand before using the other to push you back onto the closed toilet seat. In any other situation, you would have firmly refused, kicked Park Jimin out on his ass before storming out, but this is a very nice hotel.

Too nice for two backpacking students to be having sex in.

But Jimin doesn’t seem to care as he gets on his knees, making his jeans stretch deliciously over his thickened thighs as he demands you spread your legs. You’re trying not to drool over the lace material in your mouth so that you can somehow put your underwear back on later, but all thoughts of decency flee your mind as Jimin finally opens his palm to reveal his secret stash.

A metallic fuschia bullet vibrator.

An unintelligible sound comes from you, and Jimin only frowns in confusion until he remembers the real reason why you can’t speak. So he graciously pulls your underwear from your lips, tucking it into his back pocket instead.

“Where the fuck did you get that? You spit out immediately.

“Back at the city square, when you weren’t paying attention,” Jimin says carelessly, running his palms up your bare legs and towards the hem of your dress. “Hole in the wall sex shop, lady sold it to me at half off because I was a ‘looker’, apparently.”

Jimin is beaming, and you know nothing makes him happier than hearing affirmations. But you also roll your eyes at him because she probably only said so to make a sale.

“Jimin, this is the fucking Four Seasons, we can’t do this here-“ The luxurious bathroom stall even has a couch inside it, and part of your vehemence comes from him making you rough it out on this toilet seat instead.

“Someone’s being all prissy,” he comments as he shoves your dress up, but at your glare, he relents and scoops you into his arms, dumping you onto the velvet couch instead. “Happy?”

“A little,” you sniff, turning your head away from him in mock anger. But you can’t bring yourself to look away, especially when he kneels down again to start suckling open mouthed kisses up your inner thigh.

He uses the other hand to bring the vibrator into contact with your skin, letting your warmth heat up the metal before he brushes it playfully against your bare lips. You only tremble in response, and Jimin shoots you a smug look before his breath is against your core, tongue darting out to tease you with little kitten licks. He’s an expert when it comes to making out with your pussy lips, as crude as he calls it, but you don’t complain when he sucks it between his plush lips, endearing eyes wide as he maintains his stare.

You’re dripping before you know it, and Jimin gathers your arousal on the blunt tip of the vibrator before running it against your slit. By now your clit is engorged and begging for attention, and he actually chuckles at the low, needy whine in your throat when he pushes the vibrator against you, but doesn’t turn it on.

“What if I told you I didn’t have batteries for this yet?”

“You would be a very sorry man, Park Jimin.” You slide a hand into his hair and grip it a little tighter than needed.

“Lucky I do, then,” he says, and flicks the switch.

The immediate buzzing sensation against your sensitive nerves has your back arching, especially when Jimin takes it upon himself to lavish wet kisses against your slit. The wet, filthy noises that come from him as he uses his tongue to thrust into your slit would make you blush, if not for the low hum of the vibrator. His fingers are careful to hold it in place directly against your clit, and it feels so heavenly that you can only spread your legs wider, watching as Jimin buries his face in your pussy

“Fuck, that was a- good fucking buy alright,” you gasp for breath, feeling him smirk against your core. It’s a sight to see, especially with your juices all over his chin, and how he eats your pussy like a man starved.

“You like it when I eat your pussy like this? Wanted to be treated like a princess, so here I am eating you out on this velvet fucking couch.”

“N-not by choice,” you barely manage to get the words out. “We only sneaked in here for a toilet break, not like we have a room-“

Jimin shuts you up by upping the speed on the vibrator, and you sob in response. His name is torn from your chest in noisy heaves, and you swear tears are actually gathering at the corner of your eyes. Just when you feel the edge approaching in a blissful torrent of sensitized nerves, he pulls away and has the audacity to pop the bullet vibrator into his mouth.

“Sweet as usual,” he comments casually, as if he were buying fruit out on the street.

You can actually feel your orgasm ebbing away, and pulling him closer by his collar, you actually whine his name low in your chest.

Jimin switches the vibrator back on, pushing it against your clit again and watching your face contort in pleasure as you buck against his hold. He’d reach down to palm himself, but you currently have his hands full.

“Fingers, please,” you gasp, legs spread as you push your core into his face, desperate to feel something inside you.

Jimin relents, shoving two gloriously thick fingers into your cunt, and you delight in thinking about how you’re drenching his rings as well. The thought is filthy, but not worse than the words escaping from his sweet tongue as he coaxes you back towards the edge.

“Should’ve bought you a squirting dildo instead, hmm? There were plenty in that shop, bet you’d have loved to come in with me, my dirty girl.”

“Wh-why didn’t you?” Your heart triples when he calls you his, and you clench extra hard around him to show him your appreciation.

“Who says I won’t?” Just the possibility of it has you moaning his name, especially when he increases the setting again.

You’re so close, and Jimin can feel every single clench of your walls, knows your body so intimately that he manages to pull away, coax himself from the delicious clenching of your walls and the wet squelch of your lips. Ignoring your disappointed sob, he unzips his fly instead, telling you to hold the vibrator to your clit while he pulls his painfully tight jeans down.

“That’s it babygirl, hold that little vibrator to your clit, look, you’re staining the fucking couch,” Jimin whispers in your ear as he positions himself beside you, then lifts you onto his lap so you can feel his length against your ass. He reaches to pull your dress down so he can see your tits, and fuck, he should have done this sooner because this view is fucking fantastic.

Jimin hooks his hands under your knees to spread you further apart. “Slide that pretty bullet into your pussy for me baby.”

You follow his directions, slipping the vibrator downwards as it slides into you. It’s not very long, but the vibrations that travel through your core are sufficient to have you near the edge once more. Without any instructions from him, you begin to thrust it, searching for relief even as your arousal drips from your inner thighs directly onto his jeans.

“Jimin, I-I’m so close, I can’t,” you lean back further into his touch, and he soothes you with his lips on your ear.

“You’re close? Then stop,” he says, and you whine.

“Keep it inside you,” he warns, then lets go of one of your thighs.

Abruptly, the blunt head of his cock is nudging at your entrance, and your fingers still in shock. But he is unpeturbed, and the weeping precum smears against your fingers as he pushes himself into you. You have to keep a strong grip on the vibrator to ensure that you don’t lose it, but the stretch has you keening against his strong chest.

“Shh baby, you can take it, it’s just my cock, and that vibe is what, two of my fingers? You already take cock so well,” he praises you when you actually manage to take him balls deep, though his voice is a little strained himself.

He can feel the cold metal of the vibrator at its lowest setting against his cock, your fingers shaking as you try to accommodate the stretch. He nudges your hand away to replace your fingers with his own, dragging the little metal bullet in and out slowly to tease the both of you. The smooth metal contrasts with the ridged walls of your pussy, and Jimin is halfway to losing his load already.

But the pace is too slow for you, and you can feel your orgasm just within reach. Jimin wedges the bullet more firmly inside you, keeping his fingers still as he moves his hips instead, thrusting his cock till he bottoms out. He plants his feet flat on the ground as he starts increasing his pace, and coupled with the vibrations, his hand on your waist slides to fondle your clit.

“ Fuck, am gonna come, Jimin please,” you beg, clenching so hard around him and the vibrator that Jimin nearly sees stars.

“Don’t you dare baby, hold it, you’re only allowed to cum after me,” Jimin warns, increasing his pace as his cock pounds you deep.

“I-can’t, fuck, it’s too much,” you sob as you clench your fists tightly around his wrists.

“You can do it, just a little more babygirl,” he rocks his hips faster, feeling the telltale squeezes of your pussy against his cock as he hits a spot deep within you that makes you throw your head back onto his shoulder. “Pussy feels so fucking tight, gonna milk me dry hmm?”

You glance down to take in the sight of Jimin’s cock impaling you, together with the bright pink bullet, biting your lip hard to hold your orgasm. But it turns out that you don’t have to hold back much longer, because with a deft flick of his fingers, Jimin has upped the speed on the vibrator, and his thrusts are turning sloppy as he mouths your neck in desperation.

He grips your waist tight with one arm, forcing you down onto his cock in a final thrust as his warm cum paints your walls in long spurts, and he grunts into your neck. The feeling of him throbbing and spurting inside you sends you over the edge too, finally, as you clench hard and milk him dry, even as cum begins to leak out over his balls. Sagging against him, Jimin peppers your neck with kisses as he slips the toy out of you, bringing it to your lips.

You lave your tongue all over it, tasting the mixture of your cum and his until it’s fully clean.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jimin says, partly in awe as he reaches for your kiss, tangling your tongues together until you push him away. He immediately reaches for some paper towels for the mess between your legs, pulls your dress down sweetly before taking care of himself.

“You better pray we don’t get blacklisted from this place,” you warn him as you glance towards the stained couch. “I want my honeymoon in a Four Seasons.”