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Into the Dark

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Klaus Mikaelson was a calculated man, but as of recent his calculated nature had been disrupted by his emotions and sentiments. He reigned in his feelings because now he was in a tight corner. Bonnie Bennett had made sure he had nowhere else to turn to, but the witch had underestimated him which would surely be her epic downfall. The witch may have harnessed the power of the newly deceased Qetsiyah, but he had another trick up his sleeve.

He couldn’t wait for the moment the witch would be killed by his hands. She had been the one to always put a wrench in his plans because of her obsessive loyalty to that horrendous doppelganger that reminded him more of Katherine as time went on. She and the rest of the tag team of misfits would be punished for their deeds. Besides being an adversary to him, they had murdered Finn and Kol. While he did loathe his older sibling, he didn’t want to see him die. His younger brother, Kol, had been at odds with him but he did care for his antagonizing brother. He had sworn he would avenge their deaths by killing everyone involved.

As their numbers had dwindled, Klaus had been able to dagger Rebekah to ensure her safety but was unsuccessful with Elijah. He was sure his brother would help the group if the doppelganger batted her eyes at him. As much as people liked to point to him as the backstabber, Elijah held the medal for that title. One day he is helping Klaus and the next plotting his demise. If Elijah wanted to side with the harlot doppelganger, he can. Klaus wouldn’t feel guilty when he rammed the dagger through his heart and put his dear brother to sleep for a good hundred years.

This would have left Klaus alone to his own devices, but due to the Bennett witch pissing off anyone that threatens the idiotic doppelganger, he had gained an unexpected ally. An ally that despised the witch as much as he. They were both powerful supernatural beings, but because of Qetsiyah’s nasty trick, the witch had gained an extensive amount of magic. Her newly acquired magic had the capabilities to stop him if she learns how to harness it properly. So time was of the essence.

Klaus leaned back in his seat. Winema, a loyal dark witch of his, was sitting across from him. She had rushed to Mystic Falls after Klaus had contacted her about needing some assistance. She was a powerful psychic and had helped him with other plans of his. She was more than thrilled to help and also had some information that more than intrigued him and his ally. “So this Bella Swan has the capabilities to outpower Bonnie?”

“Certainly, given that you and Silas nurture her to her full potential. I see no way Bonnie could harvest the magic Bella Swan has.” The dark witch explained. “Her mother was part of my coven before she became magicless due to her sacrifice.”


“Yes, when Bella Swan was just born there was certainty she would not live long. Any mother would go to any extreme to save her child no matter the consequences.” The witch continued. “Renee knew the power and possibilities Expression had and she took her chance. When the full moon came, and Bella was hours away from death, Renee used the magic to heal her. To give her life. The consequences were the loss of her magic, and unbeknown to her, Bella became the vessel of Expression. A flesh and bone incarnation of it if you will.” A vessel of Expression? Klaus had only an inkling of the power of Expression but knew if one were the incarnation of Expression, the power would surely surpass the witch’s. He briefly gazed over to Silas whose expression was unreadable.

Silas was skeptical of Winema’s claims. He had never heard of such a person being the embodiment of Expression. If this was true, what kind of power would that person possess? Silas knew Expression the most, but even he was unsure of all its capabilities. However, if this girl is the vessel of Expression and able to bring upon its magic unfiltered, the Bennett Witch was already dead. Such magic was apocalyptic.

“How have you learned of this if even her mother is unaware?” Silas asked.

“Her presence. I had visited the babe before Renee took off for Arizona. As soon as I had entered the room, I could feel her magical energy, and she exuded Expression. Even then her magic amazed me and her talents. Bella was gifted with a mental shield which means compulsion nor telepathy works on her. I can work around Bella’s mind, given a little time, and create a sort of mental bond between you two and her but it would only work when a person’s mind is the weakest. Asleep.”

“You act like we have all the time in the world.” Klaus snickered. Winema’s eyes were slowly engulfed in grey, and her eyes darted rapidly.

“The Bennett Witch struggles without interference. Her friends bicker amongst themselves. They may still be fearful and rushing to find a way to kill you two off, but their own struggles will give you plenty of time to both lay the groundwork and execute this plan. I do not foresee anything dire heading your way for a while. Few months, maybe? If you leave for Forks, even more time will be permitted because they would have to track you down as well. Time will be on your side.” She closed her eyes and exhaled. Once her eyes were open again, they were back to their natural brown hue.  “So lay out the groundwork for now. I will find a way to allow a connection between her and you can use the connection as you see fit. I don’t think I have to guide you on how to lead her astray? You are men of corruption after all.” Winema paused for a moment and gazed at Klaus. “Fate has been gracious to you Mr. Mikaelson...You have the perfect specimen to execute your plan with. You get to build her from the ground up as a powerful witch that has no equal. A little soldier to kill off any contenders and threats. All you have to do is have her wrapped around your finger.”

“And when will we meet this perfect specimen?”

“There will come a time where she will become the most vulnerable, and then you can reveal yourselves but not a moment sooner.” She answered. “Bella is currently surrounded by outside influencers that would throw a wrench in your plans if you showed yourselves, but soon she will be left abandoned and utterly alone.


It was nearing midnight when Winema reached the outskirts of town. She had parked her car at the edge of the forest and saw a shadowy figure that had been waiting for her, emerging from the woods. Winema unlocked the door and allowed the person to hop in before hitting the gas.

“Did everything go as planned?”

“Of course,” she said. “I convinced them to go after the Swan girl.”

“Aren’t you concerned about her being a vessel of Expression?” Winema shook her head.

“She will die if she uses a copious amount of Expression. She may be a vessel, but she is still a mere mortal.”

“But still…”

“I have foreseen it. When the Bennett Witch and the Swan girl go head to head, only death will be left in their wake.” She reassured her lover. “Once this is over, everyone that may have wished you harm will be nothing but ashes. I will also have my revenge for Renee’s betrayal.”

I can’t wait. ” The newly human Katherine smirked.