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The Rap King and His Prince(ss)

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I’ve always had to be the best at everything I do.  I was valedictorian in high school, I am the best and most well-rounded dancer in my company, everything that I set my mind to I excelled at. I am always the best.  So, standing here in front of my friends doing the rap version of karaoke, completely failing, and losing to my friend Hoseok is utterly disappointing.

“You’re such a sore loser, YN.”  Hobi laughs.  “You weren’t going to beat me, I am a rapper.”  

I sneer at him, “I am not being a sore loser.”  I say as I sit down and cross my arms.

“Right.”  He chuckles.

My best friend, who is also my dance partner, wraps an arm around my shoulders, “No need to be a cranky pants.  Have you ever even rapped before?”  As usual, he knew just what to say to make me feel better.

“No, I haven’t.”  I smile at him.  I look back at Hobi, “Just wait.  Next time, I’ll win.”


I sat at the park trying to find the perfect rap for the next time I decide to say yes to rap battle karaoke.  I stumbled upon some guy named Augst D.   I decided the song Augst D by him would be great.  It was difficult to learn and get it right though.  His tongue technology was really great.  

“I wonder what else this guy could do with his tongue.”  You giggle to yourself.

“Make you cum.”  You jump at the raspy voice behind you.

You look behind you to see a scrawny, pale man with mint green hair. He’s dressed in a black oversized hoodie and black skinny jeans.  “What?” I squeak.  I also feel a hint of fear creep up your spine.  There’s no one else in the park, it’s gotten dark, and I’m alone with a strange man talking about making you cum.

He shrugs, “‘Whether a guy or a girl my tongue will make you cum,’ it’s a lyric.”  His face is blank.

“That’s nice.”  You say quietly, “I’m gonna go.”  I stand and cautiously walk around him.

He chuckles, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I glance back at him, he’s now sitting at the picnic table I was at before. He was watching me, but at least he wasn’t following me.


“What does one even wear to an underground rap battle?”   I ask.

Hobi laughs, “Anything you want.”  He looks at my pink flowery dress, “Well, maybe not that.  Try something black… maybe a little sexy.” He wags his eyebrows at me.

I roll my eyes and push him away, “You’re so annoying.  You’re lucky I even agreed to go.”

He puts an arm around my shoulders, “You want to beat me at rapping, right? This way you’ll get to see different styles and learn a thing or two about rap itself.”  He smirks at me, “You might also maybe possibly could find a hot guy to take your V card.”

I roll my eyes again, “Fuck off, Hobi.  I don’t think some rapper is even going to look twice at me let alone want to fuck me, especially after they find out I’m a virgin.”

“You’d be surprised.”  He lilts, “Anyway, Namjoon will be there and I want you to meet my friend Yoongi.”  I raise an eyebrow at him, “Just meet.  I swear.”  He holds his hand up, “If anything else ensues, it is not part of my plan.”

I let out a breath and shake my head.

When we make it to my apartment I start to get ready for the night.  I decided to listen to Hobi and wear all black. Although, when Hobi sees me in a crop top, pleather short shorts, fishnet tights, and converse with winged eyeliner and curly hair, he stops breathing.  Jimin who had come in sometime while I was getting dressed only chuckles.  Jimin has seen me in all sorts of various outfits from dancing with me for so many years, seeing me like this was nothing new to him.

“You own clothes like that?”  Hobi gawks.

I smirk, “Obviously.”

“Well shit, if you wear clothes like that more often, we wouldn’t have to worry about you losing your virginity.”

I roll my eyes and head out the door.

Once at the venue, Hobi leaves Jimin and me to go find out when he’ll be performing.  There’s music playing so I dance with Jimin while we wait.

Everyone’s attention turns to the MC.  “Hello everybody!”  the crowd cheers.  “Thank you all for coming out tonight.”  Cheering. “Tonight, we have three rappers here to perform for you all.  As you all know we determine the winner by how loud the crowd cheers for them at the end of the night.  Let me hear you.”  Cheering. “Perfect.  Tonight, we’ll be doing something a little different.  The three rappers will be battling it out together since we have so few tonight.  As usual, they will go one at a time, but they will all be sharing the stage together.” Cheering.  “Now help me welcome Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Augst D!”  the crowd goes wild as the three acts walk out. 

The tall Namjoon with is stupid giant sunglasses struts onto the stage, trying to act hard.  “What up!” he says into his microphone.

“I’m surprised he didn’t trip.”  I giggle to Jimin who falls into me as he laughs.

Hobi is next to walk out.  He’s bouncing and beaming as he waves at the crowd.  “Hello.  I’m your hope, you’re my hope!  I’m J-Hope!”

I shake my head at him, “Dork.”

“And now,” the MC speaks again, “Our defending champion.”  A gaggle of girls push past you as they run to the stage screaming, “Some of you may know him as Suga, other as Gloss, as his friend I know him as Min Yoongi.”  My ears might explode from how loud it gets, “Give it up for the defending champion, AUGST D!”  the MC yells as a scrawny guy with mint green hair walks out.  

My jaw drops, “That’s Augst D?”  I turn to Jimin, “I know him.”  I inform him with raised eyebrows.  Jimin gives me a confused look, “He’s the creep from the park.”

He simply smirks and shakes his head and goes back to watching.  The lights go out and music begins to play. I grab onto Jimin.  Then they come back on as Namjoon starts to rap.  I can barely pay attention to what he says though. I’m still shocked that the creep from the park is a famous rapper.  When it’s Hobi’s turn, I’m able to pay attention.  Jimin pushes us through so that we’re right by the stage.  I can’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes when he raps, “All the touting girls call me Pippi.” And points at me.

Then it's Augst D/Suga/Gloss/Yoongi’s turn.  Why does he have so many names?  He should just pick one.  I’m absolutely shocked when he walks over to where Jimin and I stand.  I’m even more thrown off when he squats in front of me and looks me in the eyes as he raps: 

“As you know, my voice will turn you on

Whether it’s a guy or girl,

My tongue will make you come”

Then he smirks and stands and continues as if nothing happened.  Jimin shakes me and laughs with excitement. Hobi has a shocked look but happy on his face as he looks at me.  When it’s time to vote, I simply stand there.  Why would he do that?  It must be a joke because of what happened at the park.  Which means he remembered me.  No that’s impossible, I look completely different tonight compared to how I did then.  Maybe he just thought I was hot?  Or maybe it was because Hobi picked me out during his part?

“YN.”  Jimin pulls me out of my thoughts.  “Let’s go find Hobi.”  

I can only nod and follow him.  This is so embarrassing, he said that to me now I have to meet him and talk to him like a normal person.

“YN!”  Hobi hugs me tight.  “Yoongi is dying to meet you,” he says in my ear.

My face heats up, “Get off me.  You’re sweaty.”  I push him away.

He smirks.  “Yoongi!” he waves behind me.

“Hoseok.”  The familiar raspy voice says behind me.

I glare up at my friend who only chuckles, “This is my friend YN.”  he smirks then turns me around to face the mint-haired man, “She’s also the girl that you said your tongue would make cum.”

Yoongi’s face remains blank, “It was a joke.”  He looks me up and down before looking me in the eyes, “I remember you from the park.  I told you that was one of my lyrics.  I thought it was ironic that you were here, so I decided to go for it.”  He shrugs, no emotion ever crosses his face.

“You recognized me like this?”  I raise an eyebrow at him and gesture to my outfit.

The slightest hint of a smirk pulls at his lips, just for a moment “You have a very distinct face.”

“We’re going to a bar if you want to join us Yoongi.”  Hobi offers.

I step on his foot, “I’m going home.”  I smile as Hobi grunts and leans forward to my shoulder.

“I could go for a drink.”  Yoongi says, still with a blank face, “Just a bar, right?  Not a club?”  he gives Hobi a knowing look.

“Yes, I promise this time it will be just a regular bar.  You can even pick it.”  Hobi says.

“Cool.”  He looks at me now, “You really don’t want to come?”  The corner of his mouth twitches when he says the word ‘come.’

Jimin wraps an arm around my shoulders, “She was just kidding before, she’s coming.”  He says with a beaming smile.  I turn to glare at him, but his lips are by my ear, “You don’t have another ride home. You’re going to come out and have drinks with us and flirt with the cute rapper.”  His tone is harsh but when he pulls away, he has a huge smile on his face.

He’s so evil.  “Fine.” I sigh.  I can see a tiny smile on Yoongi’s face.  “Where are we going?”

“There’s a bar just up the street I like,” Yoongi says.  He starts to leave.  We follow. Unlike Hobi, he ignores all the people who try to talk to him.  

The bar wasn’t far, and it wasn’t very crowded.  Something tells me that’s why Yoongi picked it.  After a few sips of wine, I’m feeling a little talkative, “Why do you have so many names?”

Jimin and Hobi stifle laughs.  Yoongi shrugs, “I don’t know.  Just for different stages in my career, I guess.”

“Isn’t that like counterproductive?  No one is gonna know who the fuck you are because you never use the same name.”

He chuckles.  

He’s so cute when he smiles.  I want to make him really smile.  The small smiles aren’t enough.  He never shows much emotion.  “Why are you so sad?”  the words fall out of my mouth as I lean towards him

His eyebrows knit together, “I’m not sad.”

“You never smile.”  I touch his cheek.  “You’re so cute when you smile.”

He tenses.  “I gotta go.” He gets up and leaves without another word.

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As I wake up, I groan.  My head hurts and I would much rather be asleep.  I roll over and cover my head with my blanket.

“She’s awake!”  I hear Jimin’s voice.

I groan, “Go away,” as two heavy bodies jump on top of me and my bed.  

“Do you remember last night?”  Hobi asks as he pulls the blankets off you.

Images of Yoongi fill your head.  “Yes, now let me die in peace.”  I try to pull the blanket back, but his grip is too strong.

“He texted me this morning asking for your number.”  Hobi smiles.

I freeze then squint at him, “Are you sure he asked, and you didn’t just give it to him?”

“No, he asked.”  He shows me his phone.

[Yoongi: 8:02 am] Is that girl you brought last night seeing anybody?

[Hobi: 11:27 am] Nope.  She’s single af.

I glare at Hobi, “You are!”

[Yoongi: 11:28 am] She’s not with Jimin?

[Hobi: 11:30 am] Lol.  Hell no.  They’re dance partners and best friends.

[Yoongi: 11:31 am] Can I get her number?

[Hobi: 11:59 am] 499-335-5555

“Why would you give it to him?”  I yell.  I hold my head in my hands.

“Uh.  Duh. Because he liked you.”  Hobi says in an obvious tone.

“I hate you.”  I groan.

“By the way, he texted you,”  Jimin says offering me my phone.

“Noooo.”  I groan as I pull a pillow over my face.

“Hi Y/n.  This is Yoongi.  I got your number from Hoseok.  I hope that’s okay.  I just wanted to apologize for how I left last night.”  Jimin reads.

“You should go for it, Y/n.  He’s a really nice guy.”  Hobi informs.

“He literally didn’t smile the whole night.”  I give him a disbelieving look.

“That’s not true.  He smiled at you more than once.”  Jimin points out.

“That hardly counts as a smile.”

“He’s shy,”  Hobi says.

“He looked me in the eyes in front of like hundreds of people and said his tongue would make me cum.”

“That’s different.  That’s him on stage.  Offstage, he’s not like that.”  Hobi waves a hand around.

“I’ll text him back for you,”  Jimin says as he pulls out my phone.  “Dear Yoongi,” I try to take it from him, but he pushes me away.  “You rap so good, it makes me wet.”

“Jimin!”  I hit his arms and try to get my phone back.  Hobi grabs me now.

“Can I come fuck you in the studio?  Question mark.  XOXO your princess.”  He giggles. “Send.”

I freeze.  “You did not send that.”  My chest feels tight.

Jimin can’t contain his laugh, “No, of course not.  I just said it was okay and that you were sorry for making him uncomfortable.”

“When did I make him uncomfortable?”  my voice raises a few octaves.

“When he ran out of the bar,”  Hobi explains.

“I didn’t do anything!”  I squeal.

“Clearly,”  Jimin says sarcastically.  Ding.  “Ooh. He says, ‘You didn’t.’”

“See!”  I shout.

Jimin smirks and speaks as he types, “Then why did you run away?”

“You know you could just give me my phone and I can have the conversation myself.” I hold out my hand with an annoyed smile.  Jimin gives me a suspicious look.  “I’ll let you read it.”  I roll my eyes.  He hands me the phone slowly and I snatch it from him just as another text comes in. Jimin and Hobi sit on either side of me to read.

[Yoongi: 1:27 pm] I had to leave.

[Yoongi: 1:27 pm] And I didn’t run.

I couldn’t help but snort.

[Me: 1:28 pm] Suuuuure ;)

“Using winky faces already.”  Hobi wags his eyebrows.

“Shut up.”  I slap his arm.

[Yoongi: 1:30 pm] Flirting with me already I see.

[Yoongi: 1:30 pm] Is it because you’re still interested in my tongue technology?

My face heats up.  Jimin hits you as he falls over laughing.  Hobi says, “Damn Yoongi’s got game!”

“What do I say to that?”

Hobi gives you a weird look, “Yes, duh.”

“Tell him anytime anywhere,”  Jimin says still laughing.

[Yoongi: 1:32 pm] Did I make you uncomfortable?

[Me: 1:32 pm] No I just didn’t know how to respond to that

“Lame,”  Hobi grumbles.

[Yoongi: 1:33 pm] I bet you blushed ;)

“Wow.  He knows you so well already.”  Jimin laughs.

Hobi is no longer paying attention as he does something on his phone.

[Me: 1:35 pm] Lol, you wish.

[Yoongi: 1:40 pm] I wish you would go on a date with me

I stare at the phone.  Jimin bounces next to me.  I slowly turn my head to look at Hobi, “I wish you would go on a date with me?”  I ask towards him.

“No, go on a date with Yoongi.”  He says still looking at his phone.

I snatch it out of his hands and read the screen, “You told him to say that! I knew that was a Hobi line!”

“Hey, I was just helping this along.  The flirting was too much.  I wanted something to actually happen.”  I glare at him.  “Go on a date with him.  Get to know him.  He’s a great guy.”  He smiles softly at me.  “I think you’d be good for each other.”

“Was any of that him?”  you ask seriously.

“Everything up until the date thing was him,”  Hobi smirks.  “I’m pretty proud of him for all that actually.”

I take a deep breath.

[Me: 1:45 pm] What did you have in mind?


I stare at myself in the mirror.  I look completely different than the last time Yoongi saw me.  I’m wearing a light blue dress, nude flats, and very natural makeup.  What if he doesn’t like me like this?

“He told me about you before the rap battle.”  Hobi’s voice makes me jump.  “He told me about a pretty girl at the park listening to his music.  He was surprised someone like you could even find music like his.”  He chuckles. “I didn’t know he was talking about you at the time.”  He looks me up, “I think he was more surprised by how you looked at the battle.”

“Stop reading my mind, it’s weird.”  I shake my head as I give him a hug.

“It’s written all over your face.”  he smiles.  “Try to have fun okay.”  He bites his lip, “He’s going to try too hard, so just go easy on him.”

“What do you mean?”

“He can be confident on stage and through text but in person, alone, with you…” he shakes his head.  “You’ll see.”

Jimin sprints into the room, “He’s here.”  He whispers yells with a goofy grin on his face.

I take a deep breath and walk out.  Yoongi is awkwardly standing by the door.  He’s wearing all black again.  His button-down is unbuttoned just enough that I can see his collarbones.  My eyes must linger too long because Hobi elbows me and Yoongi is trying to hide the smirk on his face.

“Hi.”  I smile at him.  I’m such an idiot.  ‘Hi.’ really?

“You look very pretty.”  Yoongi smiles softly at me.

“Thank you.”  I look down as I blush.

He chuckles, “It really is easy to make you blush.”

I try to glare at him but end up biting my lip to keep from smiling and rolling my eyes, “Feed me.”  I walk past him out the door.

He takes me to a sushi place not far from my apartment.  As we wait for our food we get to know each other a little better.

“So, do Hobi and Jimin live with you?”  he asks.

I laugh, “No, but they might as well.”

He nods and looks a bit annoyed.  I can’t help the smirk that finds my face.  He notices, “What?”

“Are you jealous?”  I take a sip of my drink.

He scoffs, “Why would I be?”

I shrug and give him an innocent look, “You tell me.”  I bite my lip to keep from smiling too much.

He leans towards me, “Hobi tells me that you’re very… innocent.”  He smirks.  My smile fades.  Hobi told him I’m a virgin.  “So, I don’t think I have any reason to be jealous.”

I swallow, “Maybe he was lying.  He lied to me about you.”  I cock an eyebrow at him.  I have half a mind to text Hobi and let him know how dead he is.  

“What did he say?”  He smirks.

“That you were sweet and shy,”  I mumble and look away from him.

He’s quiet for a bit too long.  I glance up at him, “I am.”  He smiles softly.  “But you keep bringing this out of me.”

“What?”  My eyebrows fly up.

He chuckles.  “You really are innocent if you don’t even know what you’re doing to me.”  He leans back in his chair.

The waiter comes by just as I’m about to ask Yoongi what the hell he’s talking about.  I’m starving, and I love sushi, so I immediately start eating.  I ignore the fact that Yoongi looks like he’s struggling not to laugh.  After a while of eating silently, Yoongi reaches over and tries to take one of my sushi rolls.

I slap his chopsticks with my own, “Eat your own food.”

He looks at me in surprise for a moment them burst into laughter.  Real laughter.  He’s not even trying to hide it now.  He looks so sweet like this.  He has an adorable gummy smile.  “Oh my god.  I wasn’t expecting you to get mad.”

I feel the heat rising in my face, “I don’t like people eating my food.”

He’s still laughing.  “Your face was just so-so serious.”  I shove another roll in my mouth as he composes himself.  “I’m sorry.  Can I try one of yours?”  He looks like he’s struggling not to laugh.

“No.”  I pull my plate closer to me.  I wasn’t even hungry anymore, I just didn’t want him to eat my food now.

He smirks, “You’re a little brat, aren’t you?”

I glare at him, “I am not.”  I say through clenched teeth.

He chuckles, “That was convincing.  Be a good girl and share.”  He tilts his head and smirks.

Something about what he said and the way he looked at me made me squeeze my legs together.  “You can have the rest, I’m full.”  I push the plate towards him.

“You’re so cute.”  He smiles sweetly at me.

I look down and bite my lip again, so I don’t smile too big.  My face feels hot and I hide my face behind my hands. “Shut up.”  When I move my hands to look at him, he’s signing the check. “Wait, did you pay for me?”

He doesn’t look up, he seems a bit flustered, “Of course.  This is a date.”  He stands and offers me his hand, as he smiles down at me.  I take it.  Once we’re out of the restaurant he asks me, “How about we watch a movie?”

Lame.  “Really? A movie?”

He raises an eyebrow, “You don’t like movies?”

“I mean I do.”  I shrug. “But I could see a movie with anyone.”

He nods and smirks, “Do you trust me?”

That was a scary question, “I-I don’t know.”

“I wanna show you something.”  He smirks, “And it involves going to my apartment.”

Sex dungeon.  “You realize how that sound right?”

He smirks, “Nothing sexual, I swear.”  He shrugs, “At least that’s not what I want to show you.”

Sweet and shy my ass, Hobi.  For whatever reason, I decide to say, “Okay.”  And a big gummy smile spreads across his face.

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He takes my hand and leads me to his car.  His hand is warm, I could hold it forever.  He even opens the door for me.  I sit with my hands in my lap and look out the window.  I must have been fidgeting because Yoongi reaches over and take my hand in his.  I look over at him, he’s looking at the road blank-faced like he’s not doing anything.

He turns up the volume of the radio.  Colors by Halsey is on and I quietly sing along.  If I was in the car with Hobi and Jimin I would be going all out, but Yoongi makes me nervous and I didn’t want to potentially mess up and embarrass myself. After twenty minutes he pulls up to a fancy looking apartment complex.  He has to show a pass at a gate to get in.  Apparently, he has money.  Is he that famous?

When he parks I step out and he gives me a slightly annoyed look as he takes my hand.  He leads me to his apartment.  It is significantly larger than my own.  “Wow.”  I look around.  The living room and kitchen look very clean.

“Come.”  He pulls me down a hallway.  We pass two doors.  One is closed and the open one is the bathroom.  I can see that he’s taking me to the room at the very end of the hall, which I assume is the master bedroom.

I purse my lips and stop. He gives me a confused look.  “You said nothing sexual and you’re taking me to your bedroom.”  I raise my eyebrows at him.

He chuckles and takes both my hands in his, “Trust me.”  He gives me a gummy smile.

I search his dark eyes for a moment.  He’s so excited to show me whatever is in that room.  There’s something about him that tells me he wasn’t lying and that there’s nothing sexual on the other side of that door.  I take a deep breath and nod.  He smiles wider and leads me to the door.

When he opens it, there is no bed inside.  In fact, it is no longer a bedroom at all.  It’s a studio.  There’s a desk with a computer in one corner, a keyboard on one wall, and various instruments scattered around the room.

“Anyone can take you to a movie.  Not everyone can take show you to a studio.”  He says from behind you.

I turn to look at him, “You bring all the girls here?”  I ask jokingly.

He smirks and walks over to sit in the desk chair.  “I’ve never brought anyone else here actually.”  He turns in the chair nervously.

“Oh…”  Wow, why would he bring me here then?  I can’t help the smile that pulls at my lips. “So, this is Augst D’s inner sanctum?” I ask jokingly.

He chuckles, “I guess.” He gazes up at me, “Would you like to hear some stuff?”  I can tell he’s nervous.

“Sure.”  I smile.

He pats his lap.  I swallow then walk over and sit on his lap. The smirk on his face doesn’t go unnoticed but I ignore it.  He spins us, so we face the computer now.  He has one arm around my waist and the other he’s using to click around on the computer.  I listen to everything he plays for me.  I love seeing the way his eyes light up and how he bobs his head to the beat.  He doesn’t rap along but I can tell it’s taking a lot for him not to.

“You’re really good.” I smile softly at him.

He laughs, “Really good? That’s it?”

I blush, “I mean you’re amazing-”

He laughs and brushes a stray piece of hair out of my face, “I’m just kidding, princess.”  I raise an eyebrow when he calls me princess. He stares into my eyes for a moment, then removes his hand and looks away, “Sorry.”

A sudden surge of confidence overcomes me, and I pull his face back to mine and kiss him.  Just a quick peck.  He looks at me in surprise, but he doesn’t move to kiss me back. 

Shit.  I quickly move off him and run out.  I make it all the way to the gate before I realize, there’s no way I can get home without a car.  I pull out my phone and call Jimin.

“Hey, how’s your da-” He sounds too cheerful, so I cut him off.

“Please come get me. I fucked up.”  I say frantically.

“What happened?”  He sounds concerned now.

“I kissed him, and he didn’t want to kiss me.  Just-” Suddenly my phone is pulled out of my hand.

“Hi, Jimin.”  I turn to see Yoongi with my phone held to his face.  “There’s no need to come get her.  She’s fine. We had a misunderstanding.”  I try to take my phone back, he simply walks back toward his apartment.  “Yes, I will take care of her.  I promise she’s fine.”  He dodges me as I try to get the phone again, “Have a good night.”  He hangs up the phone and continues walking to his apartment.

I stop and stare at him as he continues to walk.  “You can keep the phone.  I’ll just walk.”  I turn on my heels and walk away.

I can hear his exasperated sigh.  Then I feel him grab my wrist, “You’re such a brat.”  He pulls me towards his apartment, but I resist.  He gives me a stern look.  I stand my ground.  He rolls his eyes and decides to throw me over his shoulder.  When I struggle, he spanks me.

“Put me down!”  I yell as he walks into his apartment. 

He gently places me on his couch and looms over me.  “You didn’t fuck up.”  I look away from him.  He catches my chin between his thumb and forefinger and makes me look at him, “You surprised me.” I bite my lip nervously.  He stares at my lips, “You’re just so cute and sweet and innocent.  I didn’t expect you to be so bold.”

“I’m not sweet and innocent.” I sneer.

He smirks and squints at me, “Oh yes you are.”  He chuckles, “You’re a little brat too.”  Before I can argue, his lips crash into mine.  His lips are soft.  He kisses me fiercely, then pulls away to look at me.  “You make me crazy, princess.”  He looks at me with lust-filled eyes.  “I want you so bad.”  He closes his eyes then pulls away from me.  He kneels in front of me, “Hoseok told me you were a virgin.” 

I blush.  “It’ll be the last thing he ever told you.”  I look away from him.

“Have you done anything sexual with anyone?”  He queries.

“Yes.”  I say matter-of-factly as I cross my arms and tilt my head at him.

“Really?”  He asks with intrigue in his voice.

I feel very hot.  As confident as I was a second ago, it’s amazing how quickly I became embarrassed.  “Well…Jimin and I-”

“Jimin?”   He cuts me off.

I glance at him through the corner of my eye, he looks mad.  I smirk internally.  “Yeah. He’s my best friend.  I was feeling insecure about being a twenty-year-old who never fucked anyone.  Jimin offered to help me out.”

“You fucked him?” His eyebrows come together.

“No.  We…”  I take a deep breath, “We did everything except the real thing.  I told him I wanted my first time to be with someone who wasn’t my best friend.  I didn’t want things between us to get weird or complicated.”

“So, he’s eaten you out?” I can hear the irritation in his voice.


“Did he make you cum?”

The question takes me off guard.  I look at him now.  A sudden wave of confidence washes over me, “Many, many times.”  His jaw clenched.  “Why?” I lean forward, “Jealous?”

He slowly leans towards me, I lean back into the couch.  He stops when his nose is a hair away from touching mine.  “No.  But I think you want me to be.”  When his hand touches my cheek, I flinch slightly.  “I think you’re lying.”  He whispers. I open my mouth to speak but he places a finger on my lips, “I don’t think he made you cum many, many times.” He moves his finger and kisses my lips softly, “But I will.”

I shiver.  He stands and offers me his hand, I take it quickly.  He guides me to his bedroom.  It’s very clean like every other room that isn’t his studio.  He pulls me close to him and leans down to kiss me.  My arms snake around his neck.  His hands find the zipper of my dress and pulls it off without breaking the kiss.  He walks me back towards the bed.  He finally breaks the kiss when he pushes me down onto the mattress.

His tongue pokes out of his mouth as he unbuttons his shirt and removes it.  He grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed. “You’re so beautiful.”  His hands glide up to my thighs and he pushes them apart. He groans, “You’re so wet already, princess.”  I cover my face.  He’s staring at my clothed pussy like it’s the most glorious thing he’s ever seen. I try to close my legs just, so he’ll stop staring.  “Tsk. Don’t get all shy on me now.”  I can feel him leaning over my body.  He gently pulls my hands off my face.  The look on his face can only be described as soft. “I’m sorry princess.  I shouldn’t have pushed you.  Do you want to stop?”

I try to cover my face again, but he holds my wrists.  So, I close my eyes, “No.”  I murmur quietly.

“Princess, please look at me.”  He says quietly.  When I don’t, he releases my wrists and holds my face in his hands.  “Baby, please.”  I peak at him as I open one eye.  He breathes laughs.  “You’re so cute.  I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

I close my eyes again, “I want it.”

He chuckles again, it feels good to be the one who makes him smile.  “Well princess, you’re going to have to look at me and tell me what you want.”

I peak at him again, “Iwantyourtongue.”  I mumble quickly.

He laughs, and he plops down on the bed next to me.  “So cute.” He pulls me into his chest. “Maybe another time then, princess.”


Chapter Text

Nothing happened that night between Yoongi and I… unfortunately. He took me home like a gentleman. Thankfully no one had barged into my apartment and waited for me like I had expected.  I had dance practice the next day so Jimin and Hobi were probably counting on a retelling then.  I plopped in my bed and had sexy dreams about the rapper with too many names.


 “Wait, what!” Jimin wails as we stretch.

I roll my eyes, “Stop being so dramatic.”

“You told him that!  Why would you do that?  He could kill me!”  He yells anxiously.

I squint at him, “He asked.  It wasn’t a lie.”

He gives me a disgruntled look, “The point is you should have lied.”

I roll my eyes again and continue stretching.  Hobi didn’t seem interested in anything after you told him nothing happened with Yoongi.  He stretched and played on his phone silently ignoring me and Jimin.

“Alright, YN, Jimin, let’s start with your duet.”  The dance teacher says.

Jimin and I stand.  He takes his shirt off and looks at me expectantly, “Take your shirt off, it’s easier for the lifts.” I let out an exasperated sigh but comply.  He is now only in his joggers and I am in Nike shorts and a sports bra.  The theme of our dance is fighting lovers.  We both get into it and embrace our characters.  In the end, our characters have made up.  I caress his cheeks and we touch foreheads.  We are both breathing heavily and smile at each other as we pull apart.

“This is why we start with you guys.  It’s always perfect and I never have to make you go twice.  Next!”  The teacher praises us.

I high-five Jimin.  He goes to get water as I sprawl out on the floor still breathing heavily.  I hear footsteps coming toward me.  The footsteps of someone with shoes, so I assume it’s Hobi because he always dances in shoes.  When I open my eyes, it is not Hobi I see, but Yoongi.  My eyes could probably fall out if my skull with how wide they go.  I immediately sit up and stare at the rapper before me.  What the fuck is he doing here?  How did he even know where this place was?  Then it hit me.  The surprised look on my face fades into a glare as I turn my head and look at Hobi. Hobi has a shit eating grin on his face and gives me two thumbs up.  “You are dead.”  I mouth to him.  I look back at Yoongi who is still standing.  “What are you doing here?”

His blank face stares down at me, “Hoseok invited me.”

“Feel free to sit,” I say as I lay back down on the floor.  He seems to think for a moment then sits by my head. He lifts me by my shoulders and places my head in his lap.  I can’t help the blush that creeps on my face, “So did you see my dance?”  He looks up now and seems to be glaring.  I look in the same direction and he’s looking at Jimin.  I can’t help but smirk, “Jealous?”

“I’m starting to think you do and say things intentionally to make me jealous.” He looks down at me now.  “Like a little brat.”

“I’m starting to think you like it.”  I bite my lip.

“Hmm.”  He hums and narrows his eyes at me, “You have no idea.”

I look around for a moment.  No one is in earshot of us, “Does it turn you on?”

His jaw clenches, “Watching other men have their hands all over you?  Not at all especially when you’re half naked.” He says sarcastically.

“I was talking about me being a brat, but clearly you are jealous if you’re bringing that up.”  I laugh.

He leans down close to my face, “I should punish you for teasing me.”

“I did no such thing.”  I scoff.

He quirks an eyebrow, “So you’d be okay with me punishing you?”

I swallow.

“Get a room,” Hobi says now beside us.

“You invited him.”  I snap as Yoongi sits back up.

“Well seeing as your date didn’t go so well, it seemed like a good idea.” Hobi waves a hand.

I blink and sit up.  “Our date didn’t go well?”  I ask quietly.  I thought it went fine?  Was it because we didn’t have sex?  Was it that big of a deal to him?  Yoongi is the one who stopped it, so that doesn’t make any sense.  Yoongi’s lack of response tells me that’s how he feels about the date.  I sit up and walk away without a word.  Once out of the studio, I run to the bathroom, so I can cry. 

It doesn’t make any sense.  He stopped it, he can’t go around saying that the date was bad when he is the one who stopped us from going further.  I hear the door to the bathroom being forcefully pushed open and hear the door being locked.  Footsteps slowly walk toward my stall.  I can see his old black converse under the gap of the stall.

“YN, come out.”  His voice comes out gravelly and irritated.

“Why are you hear Yoongi?”  I try to sound like I’m not upset and like I haven’t been crying but I don’t think I’m successful.

“Hoseok is an idiot.  I never said the date was bad.  I assumed he had gotten that idea from you, but considering you ran to the bathroom to cry I doubt that is true.”  He explains.

“I’m not crying.  It was a terrible date.”  I say defiantly.

Yoongi is silent for a moment.  “It’s probably a good thing that you’re behind this door.”  His voice sounds dark and angry.  “If you were in front of me, I’d snatch you by the hair and bend over the sink, so I could spank the shit out of you for being a brat.”

I swallow.  That shouldn’t turn me on as much as it does.  “Well too fucking bad.  You won’t lay a finger on me.  Just go away, Yoongi.  Go find someone else to fuck since you’re so desperate.”

He hits the door and I jump and gasp in surprise.  “Open the door.”  He growls.

“Fuck off.”  My voice waivers a bit.

He breathes an angry laugh, “Oh princess, you should be scared.  The longer it takes for you to open this door, the worse it will be for you.” 

I swallow.  My breathing becomes ragged, my skin is covered in goosebumps.  I’m scared, but my panties are soaked.  Making him mad shouldn’t turn me on, he could hurt me…  He wouldn’t hurt me, right?

He moves to look through the gap in the door.  One dark eye meets mine and now I’m really scared but entranced by him. “Open the door.”  He says slowly in a quiet yet menacing voice.  I take a breath then slowly move to the door. When I undo the latch, he pulls the door open and pulls me into him.  He glares down at me.  “You’re so lucky you’re a virgin.”  A hand snakes into my hair and he yanks my head back, “Because I would fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk, and I wouldn’t let you cum if you weren’t.” He says in a deep, dangerous tone. He leans down close enough I can feel his breath on my face, “Tell me, did Jimin ever fuck your mouth?”  I lick my lips and swallow.  His eyes flicker to my mouth.  He groans.  “Get on your knees.”  I slowly sink to my knees.  He strokes my cheek with his thumb.  He looks like he is holding himself back.  His thumb moves over my lips.  “Open.” I open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue.  He groans and sticks his thumb in my mouth.  I reach up to undo his pants, but he clamps down on my mouth to tell me to stop. “Eager.  I like that.  But you will not do anything without permission right now.” I close my mouth and wrap my tongue around his thumb.  His jaw clenches and he pushes me back from him.  He looks down at me intensely as he undoes his pants.  I clench my thighs together in anticipation.  I look from his eyes to his hands as he pulls his hard length out of his underwear.  “You see what you do to me?”  He asks as he strokes himself.

“Please,” I whisper.

“Please?”  He quirks an eyebrow, “You want this?”

“Please fuck my mouth, Yoongi,” I say in a needy voice.

He takes a deep breath.  “You look so perfect begging for my cock before I even have to tell you to.”  He bites his lip.  “Suck.”  He motions to his hard member.  I eagerly move forward.  I lick him from base to tip causing him to moan.  I look him in the eyes as I swirl my tongue around the head.  His jaw clenches.  “You suck like a pro princess.”

I smirk, “Jimin taught me well.”

His nostril flare as he grips my hair tightly and pulls me forward onto his dick.  “Don’t talk about him when you’re with me.”  He growls and starts to thrust harshly into my mouth.  He’s longer than Jimin so he hits deeper down my throat.  His thrusts cause me to gag on him.  Drool and tears run down my body.  Fuck if it isn’t hot though.  I brace myself on his thighs as he continues at a fast pace. I’m about to tap him to let him know I need to breathe when he pulls out.  “You look fucking gorgeous like this.”  Then he pushes back in.  “Your mouth feels so good, princess.”  I moan around him as I reach around to his ass to pull him deeper into my mouth. “Fuck.” He gasps.  “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum.  Don’t swallow it.”   His thrusts become sloppy.  “Fuck.” He groans as he cums on my tongue.  It’s warm and acidic tasting.  I don’t swallow as he asks.  “Show me.” I open my mouth wide to show him his white semen on my tongue.  “Good girl, swallow.”  I do and show him again.  He traces his thumb over my cheek.  I lean into his touch.  Something new flashes in his eyes that I can’t quite place, but it quickly disappears. “You should get back to practice.” He says as he pulls his pants back up.

I stand and walk to the mirror.  “I’m pretty much done unless Jimin wants another go.”  I fix my makeup as much as I can.  I still look like I got fucked but whatever.

I walk towards the door when Yoongi catches my wrist.  I turn back to him.  “I really enjoyed our date.”  He steps towards me and caresses my cheek.  “So much that I would really like to be the only one who gets to date you.”

A smile twitches onto my face, “What are you asking me?”

He steps closer to me, “I want you to be mine.”

I shake my head slightly, “You’re not very good at asking, are you?”

He looks slightly annoyed but asks, “Will you be mine?”

I lean up and kiss him quickly.  “Yes.” Then I unlock the door and walk out. Not before I see the small smile form on his lips.

Chapter Text

After dance practice, Yoongi takes me back to his apartment.  He wants to discuss some things with me.  Which is really scary sounding and I’m very anxious.  I’m practically buzzing the whole way there, even when he takes my hand as a calming gesture.  As we walk into his apartment, he takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen.  He has me sit at the counter as he starts moving around the kitchen and cooking.  He has rice in the rice cooker, chicken baking in the oven, and vegetables sautéing in a frying pan.  He does all of this silently.  I can only watch as he goes.  Too scared to say anything.

What the hell could he want to talk about?  Why is he cooking?  He can cook? I hope he’s a good cook.  I am pretty hungry.  I wish he had something for me to snack on.  What does cooking have to do with what he wants to talk about?

He makes two bowls of the food he has prepared and places one in front of me. He does not move around the counter to sit beside me, just eats in front of me.  I stare at him expectantly.

He looks up at me with a mouth full of food.  He quickly swallows, “Please, eat.”  He gestures to my untouched food.

“What did you want to talk about?”  I blurt out.

He sighs, “What is your financial situation like?”

I blink at him.  What kind of question is that?  “Broke college student like.  Why?” I must say that I do like how he gets right to the point about things.

“Do your parents pay for your apartment and such?”

These are weird questions that I was not expecting at all. “Um… no.  We don’t speak.  They wanted me to be a doctor and I’m attending an arts school for dance so…”

“How do you pay for your apartment and food?”  He takes a bite of his food.

“My scholarship pays for my apartment.  And I have a part-time job teaching dance lessons for kids at the studio to pay for food.”

He looks at me for a second then nods, “What has Hoseok told you about me?”

My eyebrows furrow.  What the hell?  “That you were shy, which was total bullshit.  That you’re a rapper, which duh I saw that for myself.  Before our date he said you were going to try too hard, which again was a lie.  So basically, Hobi hasn’t told me shit.”

He bites his lip as he eyes me with a serious look.  “I don’t just rap underground.  I do it for a living.  I’m actually quite famous.”

I look at him with a confused raised eyebrow, “Okay?”

“I am not a broke college student.”  He smirks.

What the actual fuck is he getting at?  “Good for you?”

He pulls out his phone and does something on it.  When he turns his phone to me, a large number is on the screen. I’m so confused.  Then he says, “That’s my bank account.”

I feel like I’m deflating as I look at the number now in this context.  “And you took me out for sushi?”  It wasn’t even the super expensive kind of sushi.

He chuckles, “Well Hoseok told me you like sushi.  Also flaunting my money at you is fucking rude.”

“What the hell are you doing now then?”  I ask in a high-pitched voice.  The more we talk, the more confused I get.

“Making an offer.”  My eyes go wide as I look at him.  “I want to take care of you.”  I blink at him.  “You said yes to being mine, and this is a part of being mine.  You won’t have to worry about money.  I’m not asking you to change anything about your lifestyle. You can keep your job if you want, I saw how much you love to dance, so I would never ask you to give up anything pertaining to that.  But if you want something, anything, I’ll get it for you if you can’t afford it, probably even if you can.”  He says coolly.

I laugh because this must be a joke.  “You want to be my Sugar Daddy.”

He scoffs, “No, I don’t like that term.  And if anything, I’d be your Master, not your Daddy.”  He smirks.  He leans towards me over the counter, “I call you princess?  Because that’s how I want to treat you.”  He takes my hands in his, “I don’t want you to ever want something and not have it.”

I stare at him for a moment.  This is not what I expected at all from him.  I really don’t understand why he cares this much.   “Are you going to make me move in with you and only wear lingerie around the house?”  I joke. Mostly to release my own anxiety, but maybe to lighten the serious mood that has enveloped us as well.

He smirks, “No, but I like that idea immensely.”  We both laugh.  “I’m serious though, YN.  I won’t make you change anything about your life.  But I can’t say that if you show any interest in anything, that I won’t buy it for you.  Even if you tell me not to.”

“I just don’t understand Yoongi.  Why are you doing this?”

He takes a breath.  “I like you. I like how you make me feel.  I like how you can make me smile and laugh. I find you so intriguing.  And I just have this need to take care of you.”

“Because you think I’m innocent.”  I scrunch your nose at him and shake your head.

“I’d still want you if you’d fucked half the city, but I must admit your innocence is a perk.”  He moves around the counter to me.  He turns my chair and situates himself between my legs.  His hands glide across my thighs as he leans into my ear, “I love the idea that I’ll be the first one inside that pretty little pussy of yours.” I shiver.  He pulls back and gives me a light peck on the lips, “Whenever you’re ready of course.” His hands move up to my face, “I won’t pressure you.  If you ever feel like I am, tell me and I will stop.”

I nod.  What did I do to make this beautiful man want me like this?  “H-have you done this before?”  I look away from his eyes as I ask.

He moves his hands from my face to take my hands in his, “Yes.” My eyebrows furrow and jealousy bubbles inside of me.  “Not for a while.”  He smirks, “Jealous?”

I glare at him.  “No.”

He tries to hide his smile, but fails, “I’ve never done if for someone I really liked though.  Someone I want to take care of.”  I roll my eyes.  That sounds like bullshit to me.  “The others I just wanted to fuck.  I bought them nice things because I was never around except when I needed some… relief.” He looks between my eyes to gauge my reaction.  I try to keep my face neutral, but I can feel the crease in my forehead and the purse of my lips.  I don’t like this.  “But I don’t want that with you.”

No one has ever looked at me the way Yoongi is right now. Like I’m something spectacular, something special.  It’s the same look that momentarily flashed on his face in the bathroom.  This is a lot.  His face is too sincere for this conversation, “What do you want with me?”

He looks at me for a moment, “I don’t know.  I just want you and I want to take care of you.”

“Can I just say no to the sugar baby part?”  I ask already knowing the answer.

“No. It’s all or nothing.  If you still want to be mine, this is part of the deal.” He states plainly.

My eyes flicker between his, “And if I say no?”

His face is blank, “Then I’ll leave you alone.”  His voice is flat, but there is something in his eyes that are pleading me not to say no.

Just like that?  He would leave me just like that? “This is a lot, Yoongi.”  I hate taking money from people.  This feels like charity… or prostitution.  After I think about it too much it feels like prostitution.  He’s paying me to be his.  If we have sex then it’ll feel like he’s paying me for that. I shake my head and cover my face, “I-I can’t…” This doesn’t make sense if he wants me why can’t he just be normal about it.  I look up at him, “Why can’t we just be normal?”

He squints at me, “Because I don’t know how to do that.”

“What if I don’t have sex with you at all?  How are you going to get your ‘relief?’”  I ask because this makes even less sense without sex being involved.

He tilts his head and looks slightly amused, “I could always just fuck your mouth again.”  He raises an eyebrow and chuckles. 

You stare at him with a serious look.  “I’m serious.  How do I know if I don’t give you what you want… you won’t leave.”  I look down again.

He pulls away and I feel cold.  “Let me take you home.  I’ll give you time to think.”

He grabs his keys.  I stand and don’t look at him.  We don’t speak the entire car ride to my apartment.  When he pulls up to my apartment, I look over to him but find him staring straight ahead.  He won’t look at me.  I guess I didn’t give him what he wanted.  My decision has been made for me.  I scoff as I exit the car.  I slam the door to his stupid car.  Once I am safe in my own room, the dam breaks and I cry.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Jimin and Hobi come in. They jump in the bed excitedly but immediately get serious when they see your puffy red eyes.  “What happened?”  Jimin asks, his voice is deeper than usual, it’s his angry voice. He always jumps to the worst conclusion and is probably one thousand percent ready to kill Yoongi, if necessary.

I ignore him and look at Hobi, “Did you know?”

He shakes his head, “Know what?”  He asks with wide confused eyes.

“He pretty much offered to be my sugar daddy. Did you know?”  I feel tears start to well in my eyes.

He hesitates, “I-I knew that his past relationships were…different.”

Jimin glares at him, “And you were okay with that?”

“I didn’t know it was that kind of different.”  Hobi defends.  He looks at you, “So… what did you say?”

I look down to my lap, “He… I-I didn’t get to answer.  I asked if we could not do that part and he said it was all or nothing… he was going to let me think about it but…”  I sniffle, “He wouldn’t look at me when he dropped me off.”

“I’m going to kill him,”  Jimin growls.

I scoff, “Yeah you were afraid of him killing you yesterday.”

He looks at me seriously, “Yesterday, I didn’t have a reason and he did.”  I roll my eyes, he takes my face in his hands, “Anyone who makes you cry is on my shit list and deserves to die a most painful death.”  He says in a soft voice with a small smile.

I sigh.  For weeks they hang around trying to cheer me up.  They buy me my favorite foods and put on my favorite movies.  It doesn’t matter.  I slump around going from my dance classes and regular classes to my apartment where I stuff my face with chocolate and junk food.

Jimin decides that I need to stop moping and go to a party.  I was hesitant, but I figured drinking it off might be better than stuffing my face.  So, I put on a sexy outfit and follow my best friend to this party.


Yoongi POV

Yoongi was sitting in Namjoon’s studio with him and Hoseok.  They were working on a song for Namjoon’s mixtape.  They were currently taking a break because Namjoon had to pee. 

“Oh shit,”  Hoseok says quietly.  He frantically starts typing on his phone.  Yoongi ignores him and continues scrolling through Instagram.

Namjoon comes back from the bathroom and bursts into the room, “Hobi!  Did you know YN is shitfaced at Jackson’s party?”

Hoseok sighs and covers his face.  Obviously, he was trying to hide this from Yoongi. “Jimin is with her,”  Hoseok informs. 

Hoseok didn’t have to hide it, so what if she’s drunk. It didn’t matter to Yoongi, she can do whatever she wants.  She isn’t his.  He kept his eyes on his phone pretending he didn’t exist.

Namjoon gives Hoseok a questioning look, “Are you sure? Because there is a snap of her stripping on a pool table.”

Yoongi’s head snaps up.  “Fuck.”  Hoseok curses.

Yoongi is out the door before anyone else. Hoseok and Namjoon chase after him. They are barely able to get in Yoongi’s car before he speeds away to Jackson’s house.  Yoongi has a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel and doesn’t hear anything that Namjoon and Hoseok say over the blood rushing in his ears.

This was not okay.  As much as he wanted not to care, stripping in front of people was dangerous.  She could get hurt… or worse.  Yoongi couldn’t have that.  YN might not be his but he’ll be damned if he lets anything bad happen to her when he knows he can prevent it.

Once at the house he comes to a screeching halt and jumps out of the car.  He bursts through the door and pushed through the crowd of drunk people.  He is searching for her.  Fear gripped him when he thought about what could have happened to her in the time it took him to get there. 

Someone grips his shoulder and turns him around. “Hyung,” Hoseok is in his face, “She’s upstairs in Jackson’s room-” Yoongi doesn’t hear the rest.  She’s in his room.  Someone took her to Jackson’s room.  Fuck.  Fuck! FUCK!

He runs to the room and bursts through the door to find a half-naked YN sitting on the bed with Jimin trying to put her clothes back on.  Yoongi can’t help but let out a sigh of relief.  He doesn’t notice that he has fallen on his knees.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”  Jimin roars.  Then Yoongi is pushed up against the wall and Jimin has him by the shirt.

Yoongi looks at the angry face in front of him, “Is she okay?”  The words come out quiet and his voice shakes.

Jimin is taken aback by this.  He loses his nerve momentarily, “What?”

“Namjoon said she was drunk and stripping, Hoseok said she was upstairs, and I panicked… I thought…”  Yoongi stops himself.  He looks past Jimin to YN.  She was passed out on the bed now.

Jimin lets him go and steps back, “She’s fine. Jackson stopped her, and I brought her up here to get her away from everything.”  He looks at his best friend, “I was trying to get her out of her funk.”  He looks at Yoongi again, “She’s really upset about what happened with you.”  His face scrunches up, “Probably shouldn’t have let her do tequila shots thought.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin with sadness in his eyes, “She deserves better than me.”

“You’re probably right,”  Jimin says flatly because as much as he likes Yoongi, he does need to be a little mean because of what he’s done to YN.  “But shouldn’t she get a say in that?”

Yoongi squints at him, “It’s different with her. It wouldn’t be just sex.  I don’t know how to do that.”

Jimin looks back at his best friend.  Maybe he can help them get back together.  He loves YN and all he wants is for her to be happy. Yoongi makes her happy. “Help me take her home?”  He asks when he turns back to Yoongi.

Yoongi is confused but helps.  Why would he let her anywhere near YN?  Jimin must really be a good guy.  The kind of guy YN should be with, not him.  He wonders why YN would even look his way when a guy like Jimin is her best friend.  Jimin is not only kind and strong, but he is also unbelievably attractive.  Yoongi doesn’t understand why they aren’t together.

Together they get her safely back to her apartment. Hoseok takes Namjoon home in Jimin’s car, then waits for Jimin in the parking lot of YN’s place.  Once, YN is safely in her bed, Jimin confronts Yoongi. “So, the sugar daddy thing?”

Yoongi lets out a heavy breath.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“She’s my best friend and she really liked you… she probably would have said yes.”  Jimin informs him with annoyance in his voice and on his face.  Why is Yoongi so stupid?  Why would he give up YN just like that?  She’s so fucking amazing and anyone would be lucky to be with her.  Jimin thinks.

Yoongi shakes his head, “She’s better off without me.”

Jimin scoffs, “That’s cliché as fuck and you never even gave her the chance to choose.”  What is he afraid of?

Yoongi looks at the man in front of him.  He couldn’t fathom why YN would want him anyway when she has people like Jimin in her life.  Yoongi can tell Jimin loves her and would do anything for her.  Jimin would never hurt her.  Yoongi would, unintentionally of course, but he would eventually hurt her.  YN was too good, too kind, too pure for him.  He would only ruin her.  So, he does what he does best, he puts on his blank face and shoved his emotions away, “I just wanted a good fuck.”

“That’s not what you told her or me for that matter, like an hour ago.”  Jimin counters crossing his arms, he doesn’t look convinced.

“Of course not, I tell that to all of them. They all think they’re special and different, but they aren’t.  They’re nothing more to me than a good lay, and YN was no different.  And why would I let you think that I wasn’t a good guy?  That wouldn’t get me what I want anyway, but now you won't fuck off so I’m being honest.”  Yoongi lies.  He sees anger flash across Jimin’s face, but he doesn’t attack Yoongi. 

Jimin wasn’t convinced, because he saw Yoongi lose it when he found YN wasn’t in any danger.  He knows Yoongi is lying, he just can't fathom why.

Yoongi ignores that and turns on his heel to leaves. He never should have come in the first place.  YN will be safe with Jimin.



“Of course not, I tell that to all of them. They all think they’re special and different, but they aren’t.  They’re nothing more to me than a good lay, and YN was no different.  And why would I let you think that I wasn’t a good guy?  That wouldn’t get me what I want anyway, but now you won't fuck off so I’m being honest.”  Yoongi says in a flat voice.

Why did I have to wake up now?  Why did I have to hear that?  I already knew all of that… but hearing it… hurts.  I slide down the wall and curl into a ball and cry silently. 

A door closes and after a moment I footsteps move closer to me, “Oh shit.”  Jimin says quietly.

I look up and him and let out a sob.  He immediately bends to embrace me.  He holds me there on the floor for what seems like hours.  When I calm down, he picks me up and takes me to bed.  Being the amazing best friend he is, he doesn’t leave me.  Just as I’m falling asleep, I hear the door open and Hobi joins us in bed as well.  I might not have Yoongi, but I have Jimin and Hobi and right now, that’s all I need.

Chapter Text

I was walking to the dance studio after grabbing Starbucks for Jimin and I.  I texted him that I was on my way and was mildly distracted… so obviously I ran into someone.  This wasn’t like a little bump or anything.  No. This was a full-on collision.  The coffee in my hand goes flying, the one I have tucked against my chest, so I could text gets crushed and spills all over me, and I fall back.  I would have hit my head if I didn’t catch myself on my hands… and slam my phone into the ground… shattering the screen… practically crushing the damn thing.

“Oh shit.”  The guy I ran into says as he quickly kneels in front of me.  “Are you okay?”

No.  No, I am not fucking okay.  I look up into big brown doe eyes and tears well in my eyes.  “I’m sorry.”  My voice breaks.

His eyes go wide, “Oh shit.  Are you hurt?  Please don’t cry.”  He awkwardly moves his hands around, trying to figure out if he should touch me or not.

This is just what I needed to break me today. “I’m not cr-crying.”  I try to hold back a sob.

“No no no no no.”  His hands hover over my shoulders as he looks me over.  I pull my hands up to cover my face, but they are covered in blood from the concrete and glass from my phone.  I let out a choked sob.  “Oh shit.”  He gently takes my hands in his and inspects them.  “You have fiberglass in your cuts.  You need to go to a doctor.  I can take you to the one on campus.  I’m so sorry.”  I just look up at him with tear filled eyes and a quivering lip.  He takes a breath then scoops me up in his arms, which should be weird and awkward but it’s a shitty week and I’m crying, and I can’t think about that right now.  He grabs my mangled phone and slips it in his pocket, which is pointless because it’s unusable.

He carries me across campus to the clinic. We don’t talk.  By the time we get there I’m calm enough to realize that a stranger is carrying me across campus.  When we reach the door to the clinic, I kick my legs to signal him to put me down and he does.  “I’m sorry. This is weird.  Thank you for bringing me.  I’ve had a bad week and that was just… I broke.  You shouldn’t have- I’m sorry-”

He smiles, it’s cute he has bunny teeth and apple cheeks.  “It’s fine. I’m Jungkook by the way.”  He offers his hand then awkwardly pulls it away with an I’m-an-idiot face.  “Your hands are bleeding.”  He says more to himself.

“I’m sorry.”  I breathe a humorless laugh.

He shakes his head, “Don’t be.  I wasn’t paying attention.”  He scratches the back of his head, “Let’s get you inside.”

I step back, shake my head, and raise my bloody hands up, “Oh, no.  You don’t have to come with me.”

He steps closer to me to loom over me.  Shit he’s tall.  “Please.  I can’t just leave you by yourself.”  He looks at me with concern in his eyes.

I swallow.  He’s cute and sweet and he seems to really feel bad.  So, I agree.  He places his hand on my lower back to guide me into the clinic.

After having gravel and glass slowly (and painfully) removed from my hand, the doctor cleans it and decides I don’t need stitches. My hands are now covered in gauze and I’m not allowed to dance for a week just in case… like that’s going to stop me.

“Thank you again.”  I say to Jungkook as we walk out of clinic.

He shakes his head, “It’s really no problem.” He looks at me for a moment, “Oh!” he digs in his pocket and pulls out my shattered phone.  He smiles awkwardly, “I owe you a new phone.”

I bite my lip as I take it from him, “I have a protection plan.  I can get a new one for free.”  I shrug even though its devastating.  Then I remember, “Oh shit!  jiMIN!” I can’t text him.  He’s probably freaking out.  I look up at Jungkook, “Can I pretty please use your phone?  I was on my way to meet my friend when I ran into you.  He’s probably losing his mind.”

His face twitches slightly but then he smiles, “Oh sure.  Your boyfriend?”  He digs in his pocket, pulls his phone out, unlocks it, and hands it to me.

I take it and shake my head, “My best friend.” I quickly type in Jimin’s number and call him.

“Hello?”  He says hesitantly.

“Jimin, I’m so sorry-”


“I’m sorry.  I… fell…”  I bite my lip and look up at Jungkook who smiles, but it doesn’t meet his eyes.

“Fell?  You fell?  You fell and just decided to blow me off and not let me know?”  He says without even trying to hide his irritation.

“Well you see… I may have shattered my phone… I also may have destroyed my hands…”  I laugh awkwardly, which I do when I’m nervous.

“WHAT!”  I can hear him running, “Where are you?  I’m coming to get you.”

“I’m at the clinic but-”

He interrupts me, “I’ll be there in five minutes, don’t move.”  He hangs up.

I sigh.  This was not unexpected.  I hand Jungkook his phone back, “Thank you.  He’ll be here soon.”  I smile and sit on the bench that’s outside the clinic.

Surprisingly, Jungkook sits beside me with a smile, “If you expected me to leave you alone now, you are mistaken.”  He grins mischievously.

I laugh, “You really don’t have to.”

He leans back on the bench to sit more comfortably, “I know.”  He smiles at me.

I can’t help but smile.  He’s cute.  He looks young.  “How old are you?”

He cocks an eyebrow at me, “Twenty-one. You?”

“Twenty-two.”  I smirk.

“Ah, noona.”  He says quietly.

My eyebrows shoot up, “You’re Korean?”

He looks surprised, “Yeah, you speak Korean?”

I shake my head quickly, “Oh, no! Not at all. My friends are Korean.”  I think about it for a second, “Now that I think about it, all of my friends are.  Hmm. Weird.”

“YN!”  I hear Jimin scream frantically.  I whip my head around to see him and Hobi sprinting towards me.  Jimin practically slides on his knees to kneel in front of me. He takes my hands in his.  “What the actual fuck did you do?”  He would probably sound scary if he wasn’t panting.

Hobi sits between Jungkook and I.  “How did you even fall.”

“Is this your phone?”  Jimin picks up the demolished device. 

“Why are you wet?”  Hobi asks.

“Were you attacked?”

Jungkook clears his throat, “I accidently ran into her.”

My two best friends now notice Jungkook and slowly turn their heads to look at him.  Jimin has on his intimidating face Hobi just looks at him curiously.

Jimin is the first to speak, “You should watch where you’re going.  You could have broken her wrist or something.  By the looks of her phone and the fact that her hands are wrapped its lucky she didn’t get hurt worse.”

Jungkook stares at him for a moment.  Eyeing Jimin up.  “I didn’t mean to hurt noona.  I wasn’t paying attention and I was in a hurry.”

I look at him with wide eyes, “You were in a hurry?  Why did you stay with me?”

He shrugs, “Well, I couldn’t just leave you. You were crying, and you wouldn’t get up.  You needed help.”

“Did you call her noona?”  Hobi furrows his brows.

“Yes, sorry, its-”

Hobi interrupts him, “Korean.  I know.  We’re Korean.”  He points between himself and Jimin with a big smile on his face.

Jungkook smiles too, “Really?  That’s so cool.  I guess that makes you guys my hyungs.”

Jimin just glares at Jungkook.  “We need to get YN home.”

I groan, “I need to go get a new phone first.”

He sighs and stands, “Well let’s go then.”

Everyone else stands, “Thanks again Jungkook.”  I smile and give him a quick hug.

“I can go with you if you want.”  He offers.

I’m about to say sure when Jimin interrupts me, “I think we got it.”  He puts a protective arm around me.

I furrow my brows and look up at him.  This is weird, he’s never like this.  Jungkook only smiles, although it looks a bit strained, “It was nice to meet you hyungs.  Sorry again, noona.”

“Thanks for taking care of our girl.”  Hobi says brightly as he offers a hand to Jungkook.

Jimin decides he’s had enough and steers me away from Jungkook.  Hobi jogs after us.  We walk in silence to Jimin’s car.  I call shotgun, so I can stare at Jimin expectantly.  He ignores me.  “Jimin, what the fuck?  Why were you so rude?”  I finally ask when he puts the car in gear.

He bites the inside of his cheek for a moment before answering, “I get a bad vibe from him.”

“I thought he was cute.”  Hobi says cheerfully, “He called us hyungs.  I haven’t heard that in so long.”  He smacks Jimin on the back of the head, “Because some people are too Americanized to use honorifics.”

“Fuck off.”  Jimin replies.  He continues to be weirdly annoyed. 

I’m able to get a new phone.  Unfortunately, they are unable to retrieve anything form my old phone, so I lose all my contacts, pictures, messages, that weird video of Hobi snorting a chickpea.  I get to keep the same number though, so people will still be able to text me, and I can figure it all out that way.

Once I get home, Jimin and Hobi insist on staying with me.  I explain to them exactly what all happened with Jungkook.  Jimin is still skeptical of the boy.  Hobi seems to think he is the sweetest person in the world for what he did.

Jungkook was cute.  I should have gotten his number or given him mine.  He seemed sweet.  Maybe I’ll run into him again… hopefully not literally again.  Maybe… he can keep my mind occupied…

Chapter Text

As fate may have it, I do run into Jungkook again a week later.  He runs up to me yelling “Noona.”  He asks me for my number and asks about how I am doing.  He’s sweet.  We text a lot.  He’s a singer.  He likes seaweed chips and banana milk, which are hard to find in America so his grandparents send them to him in bulk from Korea.  He’s shy and funny.  He’s like a walking meme.  He makes me laugh.  He makes me forget sometimes how sad I am.  I can almost forget about Yoongi with him… almost.

[Me: 4:21] Let’s go on a date.

I send the text then throw my phone to the other end of the bed.  It was a risk.  I was feeling spontaneous.  Maybe if I date Jungkook I’ll forget about Yoongi.  I mean I fell for Yoongi fast, I can fall for this kid too.  My phone buzzes and I just stare at it for a few minutes.  I grab it and close my eyes as I unlock it.  I peek out of one eye.

[Kookie: 4:22] I would love that.  I was planning on asking you out… I was nervous though. 😅

[Kookie: 4:22] Rizzo’s tomorrow? 6?  I’ll pick you up and we can walk over since it’s not far.

Rizzo’s… I’m not a fan of Rizzo’s.  Too bad he doesn’t have the luxury of knowing one of my friends well enough to have them tell him what I like.

[Me: 4:36] Sounds great! 😊

Maybe I scared Yoongi away because I was… I was too… me.  He didn’t want me for more than sex and my overbearing personality wouldn’t work for that. He wouldn’t want a brat for a sugar baby.  He’d want someone submissive and compliant.  

“What’s wrong?”  The sound of Jimin’s voice makes me jump.

“Fuck, you scared me.”  I say and place my hand on my chest, “You could at least knock or clear your throat or tell me you’re coming over.”

He tilts his head and gives me a smug smile, “I texted you.”

I squint at him then check my phone.  He did.  “Well… still.”

He walks over to me, “Why were you moping?”

I smile at him, “I’m not moping, I have a date.” I say matter-of-factly.

His face morphs into concern, “YN… I don’t like him.  I’m not going to tell you that you can’t date him or anything but I’m also not going to lie to you and pretend to like him.”

My eyebrows furrow, “Why though?  You’ve met him once.  And yes, that wasn’t the best of situations, but he took care of me.”

“I’m pretty sure this is just a rebound for you.” He states plainly.

“Of course, it’s a rebound, but maybe it could be more… maybe… one day.”  I look away from him.

He chews on his bottom lip.  He doesn’t know if he should tell me what he’s thinking. “I just get a bad vibe from him.”

I squint at him, “Do you know him?”

He shakes his head, “No… I know ofhim.”

“Since when do you listen to rumors?”  I ask with pursed lips.

He sighs, “I don’t… but… apparently he’s very manipulative and possessive and… obsessive.  I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”

I nudge him with my shoulder, “Not like he could do anything worse than Yoongi.”  I laugh awkwardly.

Jimin pulls me into a hug, “I’m sorry kid.”


The date with Jungkook goes well.  He’s so sweet and funny.  He makes me smile and that’s all I need.  We start exclusively dating.  After the fifth date, things escalate.

“You want to watch a movie at my place?”  He offers.

Something tells me we won’t be watching a movie. “Sure.”

He puts on Fifty Shades of Grey… subtly.  This is definitely not about watching a movie.  Probably because I may have forgotten to mention the virgin thing. It never came up so…

“Would you ever do something like that?”  He asks when the part where Christian ties Anna up and uses a riding crop on her.

I swallow, “I haven’t before but I mean…” I blush.  It’s not a lie.

“Honestly this isn’t the best representation of that world.”  He states matter-of-factly.  “It’s so formal.  Contracts and such aren’t always used, some people do but just having a conversation and listening is the best option.”

I look up at him hesitantly, “I-is that what you’re into?”

He looks down at me with dark eyes, “Yes. Is that okay?”

Okay?  Is it OKAY? I DON’T KNOW!!  How the hell can he just ask that so nonchalantly?  Like he asked if tacos were okay for dinner! I don’t know how to deal with this. “Y-yeah.”

He leans closer to me and brushes his lips against mine and he speaks softly, “Would you let me tie you up,” He strokes my cheek gently, “Mark you up with bruises,” His fingers trail to my neck, “And fuck you into oblivion?”

His voice is so soft and sweet which is a sharp contrast to the lewd words he’s speaking.  I shiver.  “Yes.” I should tell him I’m a virgin. This is a little scary.  He could hurt me my first time.  I don’t want it to hurt.

His lips kiss mine properly.  It’s a hungry kiss.  He pulls back after a moment and looks me in the eyes, “I want you.”  He practically growls quietly.

Tell him.  Tell him! TELL HIM! I lean up and kiss him.  My body wants him.  Maybe I can just get this over with.  Then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Fuck it.  He doesn’t need to know.  It’s just sex.  It’s not a big deal.  I move to straddle him.

“Fuck, I guess you want me too, don’t you baby.” He kisses down my neck, “I bet you’re just desperate to be filled with my cock.”  His words send a rush of arousal between my legs and I grind down on him making him groan.

Then my phone rings.  We ignore it… the first three times.  On the fourth time, I check it and it’s Hobi.  They’ve all been Hobi.

“Ignore it.”  He tries to take my phone.

I pull back and move off him, “If he’s called me this much it’s probably important.”  His face twitches with annoyance but he doesn’t say anything else. I answer the phone, “Hobi what’s wrong?”


Panic fills me, “Oh my god.  I’m at Jungkook’s I’ll send you the address.  Come get me.  It’s not far from campus.”  I send him my location after I hang up.

“What’s wrong?”  Jungkook asks.  There’s something strange about his tone but I ignore it.

“Jimin is hurt.  I have to go.  Hobi is coming to get me.”  I grab my bag and walk out of his apartment without another word.  Hobi is there when I get to the street.


Turns out Jimin doesn’t have any major damage. He’s covered in cuts and bruises and has a sprained wrist, but nothing is broken.    He said he didn’t even know the guys who attacked him.  He thinks that since they didn’t do anything too severe that they were just trying to scare him, but he has no idea what he should be scared of.

“It’s just so weird and random.”  Jimin says once we get him home and in his bed.

I plop down next to him, “Maybe it was some sort of weird gang initiation.”  I offer.

He shakes his head, “No it was definitely a scare tactic.  They said weird shit like ‘she doesn’t belong to you’ and ‘stay away from her.’”  He chews on his lip.

“Any idea who they were talking about?”  Hobi asks as he sits at the foot of the bed.

Jimin hesitates and looks at me, “The only girl they could have been talking about is you.”

My eyebrows shoot up, “Me?  I didn’t send them!”

He bites his lip nervously, “No… but maybe someone who sees me as a threat did.”

“Who the fuck would that be?”  This is all too weird.  Jimin is the sweetest person ever, he shouldn’t have been attacked. He’s my best friend and anyone who knows me knows that and would never mess with him if they wanted me.

Jimin looks away, “I don’t know…”  He’s lying.  He has someone in mind, but he doesn’t want to say it.

I squint at him, “Spit it out I know you have someone in mind.”

He shakes his head, “No I don’t.”  He leans back, “I’m tired and my head hurts.  I’m gonna take a nap.”

I sigh.  I guess that’s the end of that.  I text Jungkook and let him know Jimin is okay.  I tell him how upset I am about it and that Jimin seems to think that someone did it for me.  I told him that if I found out who tried to hurt my friend, I would kill them because no one hurts the people I care about and gets away with it.

Chapter Text

After a few weeks, Jungkook and I started dating. A few weeks after that I started to notice some… strange things about him.  He seemed to be everywhere and would pop up out of nowhere and walk me to class, or my apartment, or to work.  It was sweet at first.  Then I realized that his classes should be on the other side of campus and I felt bad for him walking so far just for me. 

He was oddly possessive like Jimin said he was rumored to be.  He would get annoyed when I had late night practices with Jimin.  I invited him to come watch one night.  He sat in silence the whole time.  When it was over, I asked him how he liked it, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I hate seeing his hands on you.  I’m going to have to remind you who you belong to.”

The thought sends a chill down my spine.  He took me back to my apartment.  Once we got through the door, he pushed me on to my knees and shoved his dick down my throat.  It was different with him.  His thrusts were almost painful and violent.  It wasn’t the same as when Yoongi face-fucked me in the bathroom.  Jungkook was… mean.

“You’re such a filthy little whore.  I bet you loved me watching you touch Jimin.  I bet you loved having him touch you.  Do you wish this was his cock in your mouth? Hmm, slut?”  He bucked harder into my mouth.  He didn’t care that I couldn’t breathe.  He didn’t care when I tapped his legs to let him know, “Oh no, dirty skanks like you don’t get air until I cum.”  He didn’t let up until he came.  When he finished, he pulled out and walked out of my apartment without a word, leaving me gasping for air and coughing on the floor.


Today Hobi was at my apartment.  Another thing Jungkook didn’t like was the fact that Hobi and Jimin had access to my place anytime they wanted. 

“There’s a thing tonight at the Underground.” Hobi says to me.  I only hum in response as I scroll through Tumblr.  “I want you to come.  Jimin’s gonna do it.  It’s like karaoke but like not shitty.”  He chuckles.

I look over at him, “Will Yoongi be there?” I ask hesitantly.

He gives me a knowing smile, “No, he only ever goes there to defend his title.”

I look away from him and nod.  I don’t know why but I feel slightly disappointed. “Jungkook is going to want to come.”

Hobi bites his lip, “Yeah I know.”

I sigh, “You don’t like him either now, do you?”

He shrugs, “I don’t like that you don’t actually seem very happy…”

I don’t want to tell him about the degrading things Jungkook says to me.  He’ll only worry.  I plaster on a smile and look at him, “I am happy.  Jungkook is funny and he always walks me to class and he’s adorable.” All true things.

He furrows his eyebrows at me, “You don’t look at him the way you looked at Yoongi.” 

That catches me off guard.  “I knew Yoongi for like five minutes, I didn’t look at him any different than any other stranger.”

He breaths a disbelieving laugh, “Yeah… okay.” He pauses for a moment, “So you coming tonight or what?”  He asks cheerfully.

I look at his bright face.  He is such a great friend and I’m so glad I have him in my life, “Can I sing whatever I want?”

“Oh totally.”

I shrug, “Yeah, I guess I’ll come.”  I text Jungkook and tell him about it.  He wants to come, like I knew he would.  Hobi and I spend the rest of the day mindlessly watching TV and playing on our phones.  Jimin comes over for lunch and hangs out too.  I purposely don’t tell Jungkook.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be with my best friends.


Around six, I text Jungkook to let him know that he can come over when he was ready for the thing tonight.  Jimin and Hobi got their stuff from their cars and got ready with me.  I decided to wear something sexy but cute, something Jungkook would like.  Something very different from the last time I was there. I decided on pink short shorts, a white flowered crop top, white knee-high socks and pink flowered vans.

I heard someone let Jungkook in.  I walked out smiling Jungkook was wearing all black, which was outrageously sexy on him.  He looked at me skeptically then walked over to hug me.  “You look like a slut, why don’t you go change.”  He whispers harshly in my ear so no one else can hear him.

I pull back look at him with confusion.  He just gives me a dark look.  I go back to my room.  I decide to just put on pink high-waist skinny jeans and white vans but leave the top. When I walk back out, all the boys are waiting for me.  I look at Jungkook, who still looks displeased.  I simply smile and ask, “Everyone ready to go?”

Jimin squints at me, “What happened to your shorts?”

I shrug and look away from him, “Wasn’t feeling them.”  Then head for the door.  I know Jimin isn’t convinced but I ignore the way he side-eyes Jungkook.

Once outside, I feel very anxious.  Jungkook is going to expect me to ride with him, but he’s not happy with my outfit.  I sigh and give in and make my way to his car.  We follow Hobi and Jimin in Hobi’s car.  Jungkook remains silent the whole ride but has a very possessive hand on my thigh, ever so slightly too tight for comfort.

Once at the Underground I hop out of the car and rush over to my friends.  Jungkook slowly follows.  I know my actions are only going to make him more mad, but I don’t want to deal with him right now.  When we enter, Jimin and I go to the back where the performers go.  I send good vibes to Hobi because he now has to go be alone with Jungkook for who knows how long. 

“You changed because he told you to, didn’t you?” Jimin asks while we stand in line.

I was really hoping he wouldn’t ask, “Why does it matter?”  I sigh.

He glares at me, “Because you can wear whatever you want YN.”

“He just doesn’t like people ogling me.”

He scoffs, “Neither did-” he stops himself.

I stare at him for a moment, “Say it.”  He sighs and shakes his head, “Neither did Yoongi, right?  That’s what you wanted to say.”

“Yes.”  He confirms, “He hated that too, but he still let you be you.  Jungkook… he- he-” He can’t finish his sentence.  It’s his turn to go on.  He shakes his head and goes out.

“And our next performer is JIMIN!”  The crowd cheers.  “He will be singing She Will be Loved by Maroon 5.”  When the music starts, I tear up.  This is one of my favorite songs.  Jimin used to sing it to me when I closed myself off.  He knows something is wrong and he’s telling me that I can talk to him about it.

“He your boyfriend?”  A deep voice asks from behind me.

I turn to see a tall, outrageously good-looking man, “He’s my best friend.  My boyfriend is in the crowd.”

He nods in understanding, “I’m Taehyung, I go by V on stage though.”  He offers me his hand.

I take it, “YN, I go by that everywhere.”  I giggle.

“You don’t have a stage name?”  Another tall handsome man with broad shoulders snakes out from behind Taehyung.  “All the best performers have stage names.  I’m Seokjin and I go by Jin on stage.”

“I don’t perform often.”  I chuckle.

Taehyung eyes me for a moment, “Persephone.”

Jin gasps, “Oooh I like that.  It’s perfect.  Goddess of Spring, and queen of the Underworld.  Darkness and light all in one.”

I liked it.  “You don’t know me.  How could you know that name suits me?”

They exchange a glance.  “Just a guess.”  Taehyung responds with a smirk.

Jimin comes bounding from the stage.  He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, “Have fun.”

I walk towards the stage and meet the MC, “What’s your name and what are you singing?”  he asks quickly.

“Persephone.”  I glance at Jin and V for a moment.  “And Not Thinking ‘Bout You by Ruel.”

“Dope.”  He goes out to the stage and announces me.

I can feel my heart pounding in my ears.  I can feel the music start and I sing.  I’ve been obsessing over this song for a while so I thought singing it would help get it out of my system.  A part of me knows that there is another reason I’ve attached to the song…

“Suddenly I'm thinking bout-” Just then I see Yoongi appear in the crowd.

“All the times we had

Keep on rushing back

Get out of my head

I don't wanna think about

What I'm feeling now

I wanna push it down

I wanna block it out

No, I don't wanna think about you, you

No, I don't wanna think about you

No, I don't wanna think about

No, I don't wanna think about you

No, I don't wanna think about”

The words of the song become true.  I don’t want to think about him.  Especially when Jungkook is here.  I finish the song and run off stage.  He wasn’t supposed to be here.  Hobi said he never comes.  Why was he here?  I run all the way outside into the alley.  I try to calm my breaths.  Then I feel hands around my neck and I’m slammed into the wall behind me.  I look into Jungkook’s angry eyes.

“I saw you looking at him.”  He growls.  “Why don’t you fucking understand that you are mine!”  He slams me back against the wall, “You knew he was going to be here, didn’t you?  That’s why you wanted to dress like a little slut!”  He yells.  “That’s why you picked that song.”

I grab his arms and try to pull them away, “Jungkook, please.”

“Shut up!”  He shouts as he slaps me.  I can taste blood from my lip.  His face is red and the veins in his neck pop out.  “Do you want to be fucked that bad?  Is that what this is?  You dress like a slut, you must really want to be dicked down.”  An evil grin tugs at his lips, “I’ll fuck you right now in this alley, since you’re so fucking desperate.”

I freeze in terror.  I shake my head, “No, Jung-”

“Why don’t you step away from the girl.”  A deep gravelly voice comes from the door. I know that voice.

“Why don’t you mind your own fucking business!” Jungkook growls at the man at the door then freezes, “Oh fuck no!”  He says when he realizes who the man is, “You sing to him and now here he is trying to take you away from me.  You stupid little slut.”  He yells in my face.

Yoongi sprints over to us and grabs Jungkook by the throat and tries to push him off me.  “Let her go, or I will not hesitate to leave your corpse in this alley.” Yoongi says in a deep, dark, leveled voice.  He does not yell, which makes him even more terrifying.  But Jungkook is taller and probably stronger than Yoongi.  I can’t see Yoongi’s face but from the look that Jungkook is wearing, it’s a scary one.  Jungkook releases me and Yoongi pushes him back then decks him square in the nose.  The sound of crunching bones sends a chill down my spine.  “Stay away from her.  If I see you anywhere near her again, I will end you.”  When he turns to me there is nothing but concern on his face.  “Let me take you home.”

“Jimin and Hobi are-”

He interrupts me, “Text them.”  He takes my hand and leads me to his car.

I do as he says and text my friends.  Home, as it turns out, meant Yoongi’s home and not my own.  I’m too panicked to care.  I don’t know why Yoongi suddenly cared, but I’m too shaken up to care.  Yoongi made me feel safe, even if he didn’t really care about me, he made me feel safe.  How pathetic.

He takes me into his apartment and directs me to the bathroom.  He wordlessly lifts me to sit on the counter by the sink.  He rummages around to find his first aid kit.  He uses a cotton ball to clean the blood off my lip and chin. Then dabs some Neosporin on it. He inspects my cheek and neck.  He is unable to control his face as he looks at the bruises.  He looks me in the eyes and he softens.  Suddenly he leans into me and hugs me around my waist with his forehead on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”  His voice is barely audible.  “This is all my fault.”

“No, it’s not.  I just have horrible taste in men.”  It’s meant to be a joke but when he pulls away to look at me, I can tell he took it seriously.

“I’m sorry.”  He steps back.  He shakes his head and moves. To leave but I catch his wrist.

“Why are you sorry?”  I ask quietly.  Was it just about Jungkook or was it something more?

I hear him take a ragged breath but doesn’t look at me, “I shouldn’t have left you.  I should have just done what you wanted and taken the money out of the equation. I shouldn’t have even offered that to you.  I should have just tried to be normal.”  I’ve never heard him sound so broken.  “No one has ever just wanted me.  Not since I became Augst D.  Hell, before that no one even knew I existed.  It’s always been about money.  I don’t know how someone like you could just want me.  I knew it wasn’t about money because you didn’t know I had it but how could it just be because you like me?  I’m so fucked up.”  I slide off the counter and wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face in his back. “I lied.  It was all a lie.  Everything I said about just wanting you for sex.   I knew you were there.  I wanted to scare you away.  I wanted you to stay away because, clearly, I couldn’t.  I came running the second I thought you might get hurt.  You deserve better than me.”  He tenses, “Better than me does not mean some punk ass kid who hits you and makes you feel like shit.”  Now his voice is strained and angry.  “I don’t care if you want me to or not, but I will always be there to protect you.”

I wait to make sure he’s finished with his speech.  I take a breath and build up all the courage I can, “I don’t want you to protect me from crazy boyfriends.”  He tenses, and I can tell he’s going to protest so I speak again before he can, “I would rather you just be my crazy boyfriend.” 

He remains tense and doesn’t say anything for a while.  He’s going to say no.  He doesn’t want me.  This was stupid.  “I’m not good at that.”  He says quietly.

I bite my lip, “I don’t care.”

He turns in my arms, but I don’t look at him until his hands find my cheeks and makes me.  He looks at me with those dark eyes and I want to melt.  He looks scared and unsure.  “I can’t-”

I lean up and kiss him.  I move my hands to his face then I pull back slightly and press my forehead to his, “I want you.”

His hands move to my waist and he pulls me into a tight hug.  “I’ll try.”

Chapter Text

“Jungkook’s nose is broke and YN ran off with Yoongi all night, what could possibly have fucking gone wrong.”  Jimin’s angry voice comes from the other side of my door. They made it to my apartment before Yoongi and I. I quickly turn on my heel to run away like the coward I am, but Yoongi catches me by the shoulders.

“Uh uh, where do you think you’re going?”  He asks rhetorically as he turns me back around.

“Yoongiiiii.”  I whisper whine.

“Go.”  He pushes me toward my door.

“You know they’re going to freak out, especially Jimin.  I was planning on not letting them see me when I told them, then having them come over. Which is why I lied and said I’d be home two hours later than I was actually going to be.”  I huff.

He sighs and turns me back to look at him. He scans my face and lets his fingers gently brush over the bruise on my cheek, “Everything is going to be fine.” He says comfortingly.

“Jimin might attack you.  He looks sweet and soft, and small, but he knows Taekwondo and kendo and shit.”  I try to scare him into letting me leave.

He chuckles and pushes me towards the door again. I huff and don’t even bother to pull out my keys knowing they left it unlocked.

When we walk in, the room goes silent.  I look at Hobi’s horrified face.  Jimin doesn’t hesitate to stride over to me and inspect my face.  I avert my gaze from his, “I’m gonna kill him.”  He growls.


He interrupts me, “No, don’t try to defend him.” He looks at Yoongi behind me, “You’re the one who broke his nose.” Yoongi must nod in response because Jimin says, “Good.”  He looks at me again and his hands gentle tilt my chin up to see the light red marks on my neck.  He looks angry until he meets my eyes, then he softens and sighs.  “Sweets.”  He coos.

I can’t help but smile even though I try not to. He knows that I can’t not smile when he calls me that.  It’s the nickname he gave me when we were kids because I always had the best candy. “Shut up mochi.”  I shove him softly.

He just smiles sadly and pulls me into a hug, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”  He says quietly.  Then he looks up behind me and fixes Yoongi with a stern look, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

I roll my eyes and look up at him.  “Says the guy who just got jumped,”  I mumble.

He pulls back, “I was caught off guard and jumped by three people!”  His voice comes out high and offended.

“All those years of martial arts and you can’t even defend yourself.  How could I ever expect you to defend me?”  I say sarcastically.

“I would like to point out that I merely had a few scratches and bruises.  Most people would have come out of that much worse.”  He says pointedly.

“And now you have three guys to defend you,” Yoongi interjects from behind me.

“You guys are back together?”  Hobi says cheerfully from the couch.  He now walks over to where we all stand.

“Yes,” Yoongi says plainly.

Hobi grins at him and pulls him into a hug.  I can’t help but giggle at the scowl on Yoongi’s face.  “Come on Yoongs, don’t act like you don’t love hugs.”  Hobi hugs him tighter.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and huffs, “Get off.”  He says exasperatedly but makes no move to push Hobi off.  His face and his words make it seem like he hates this but his body sags into Hobi’s embrace.

Hobi smirks, “You love me.”  He moves over to hug me as well.  I gladly hugged him back tightly.  “Jealous Yoongi?”  Hobi says mischievously and hugs me tighter.

“I feel quite bad for YN right now actually.” Yoongi deadpans.

“Prepare to feel extra bad then,” Jimin says playfully then hugs me from behind.

Being the middle of the best friend sandwich was just what I needed to feel better.  “I love you guys.”  I manage to keep my voice even, but tears spill out of my eyes.  I catch Yoongi’s eye from over Hobi’s shoulder.  I mouth, “Thank you.” to him.   He nods and backs out of my apartment to leave me in the hands of my best friends.

When the door closes, Jimin pull away, “So what happened?”

I take a breath, move to the couch, and tell them the whole story.  Hobi looks horrified and Jimin looks even more ready to murder Jungkook.

“So… you and Yoongi are back together for real?” Hobi asks again.

I smile softly at him, “Yes… well, we’re trying. He’s trying.”

“Trying to be normal?”  Jimin asks.

I shrug, “I guess.”

Hobi leans towards me, “So he’s not your sugar daddy?”

I roll my eyes, “No, he’s not.”


The next week, my bruises have faded and Yoongi and Namjoon are having a PR party for their record label.  I am anxiously going through my closet trying to decide what to wear but Jimin and Hobi hated everything or thought it wasn’t fancy enough.

“Come on guys,” I whine.  “It’s Yoongi’s party.  He’ll probably show up in ripped skinny jeans and a beanie.  I don’t have to be fancy.”  I try to reason with them.

“Yes, you do.”  Yoongi suddenly bursts through the door, because of course, he walks in at this moment. “And I will be wearing a suit thank you very much.”

I squint at Hobi, “Why do you do this?”

He shrugs and smiles mischievously, “It’s fun.”

I huff.  This is annoying.  His timing is always impeccable.  This is not some stupid fanfiction where he can just walk in at the perfect moment!  This is real life, that is not how it should work. He must have been standing at the door listening for the perfect moment like some creep.  That is the only logical explanation. 

“We’re going shopping,” Yoongi says as he walks over and looks down at me. Hobi and Jimin watch the scene unfold with wide eyes. If they could, they would probably eat popcorn as they watch. “I’m going to buy you a pretty new dress for my party.”  He smirks.

I (try to) smile at him sweetly, “No, you’re not.”  I don’t want him to buy me a dress.  Because I KNOW a dress is not just a dress with him.  It’s a thousand-dollar dress plus shoes and accessories and probably like ten outfits that have nothing to do with the party.

His smirk slowly fades.  He squats in front of me where I sit on the floor surrounded by clothes and leans in close, “My princess will be the prettiest girl at the party and deserves the prettiest dress money can buy.”

My face heats up as I look between his chocolate eyes.  I am not winning this battle.  I sigh, “I don’t want you to spend copious amounts of money on a stupid dress.”  I don’t want you to spend copious amounts of money on a stupid me.

He takes my hands in his, “It’s my party, you’re my girl, it’s money well spent. And it will not be a stupid dress if I have anything to say about it.”  He gives me a sweet smile.  How can he be like this with me in front of other people?

I look to my friends for help.   They only smile, nod, and give me thumbs up.  Of course.  Why would they be helpful?  “We talked about this,” I inform him. No money!  We are normal!

He raises an eyebrow at me, “Well… not technically.  I never said I wouldn’t buy you things.”

My eyes go wide as I think back to our conversation.  He said he SHOULD have taken the money out of the equation.  He said he SHOULD have tried to be normal. He said he would TRY. BUT he did NOT say that he was taking money off the table.  He did NOT say he wouldn’t buy me things.  WE DID NOT TALK ABOUT THIS.  He must see the realization in my eyes because he smirks.  I am so not winning this battle.  “Well… I-I-” I don’t know what to say.

“Oh my god just let him buy you a damn dress it’s not that deep.”  Hobi groans.

I stare at Yoongi.  I can do this.  I can win this somehow or at least like not lose miserably.  I’ll let him buy a dress, but that’s it!  I know if I don’t say that, he will undoubtedly insist on getting shoes and accessories as well.  AND he will have a budget.  He will not get me a thousand-dollar dress.  I will not let him buy me a thousand-dollar dress.  “Just a dress,” I say pointedly.  “Not an outrageously expensive one.”  He just looks at me and neither confirms or denies my statements. “Yoongiiiiiii.”  I whine and pout.

Yoongi sighs, “Fine.  Okay. Just a dress, not outrageously expensive.  Deal.”

I smile brightly.  At least now I know that will work on him.

“Sucker.”  Jimin coughs.

“Like that doesn’t work on you too.”  Hobi snorts.

“I wonder if she realizes that normal people pull that shit when they want people to spend more money on them not less,” Jimin whispers to Hobi.

I roll my eyes, “When have I ever been normal?” I turn my head to look at them.

“Fair point.”  Jimin points and winks at me.  He gives me his stop-being-stubborn-and-have-fun look.  I look at Hobi and he gives me his you’re-such-a-lucky-girl eyebrow wag.  Again, why would they be any help? 

I look back at Yoongi and sigh in defeat.  He offers me his hand and I take it so he can pull me up off the floor. He escorts me out to the car.  “You know, you seem very okay with being not normal…”  Yoongi states when we get in the car.

I shrug, “Normal is boring.”

He hums and thinks for a moment.  He has on his stupid blank face that is unreadable. “But you were really adamant about us being normal.”  How the hell he manages to say that evenly is beyond me.  His voice is devoid of all emotion.  He makes it out to be a simple statement, but I know it is anything but that.

I look over at him.  He keeps his eyes on the road.  His face is still blank.  “I just…” I look out my window, “I don’t want this to be about money.  I know it makes the world go ‘round and all, but I don’t want that to be what our relationship is built on.”

I hear him hum in response.  I can feel his glances, but I keep looking out the window. I know people have used him for his money before.  I know he knows that I know people have used him for his money before.  He probably thinks that I’m saying all this because I know. That’s not true though.  I like Yoongi.  He makes me feel safe and happy and excited.  He riles me up like no one ever has before.  I just want to be around him.  I’ve known him for all of five minutes but… I want to be with him.  He wouldn’t believe me if I told him, which is why I don’t say anything.

He pulls up to an expensive looking boutique and I groan, “Can’t we just go to… I don’t know, like JC Penny’s or something?”

He chuckles and steps out of the car.  I huff and do the same.  When we walk in everything is white and neat.  A pretty blonde attendant dressed in a fitted black dress greets us, “Hello, how can I help you today?”  She asks in a too high voice.

I ignore the way she looks at Yoongi… by ignore I mean I hook my arm through his and smile at her.  Yoongi smiles at this.  “My girlfriend needs a dress for a party tonight.”  That’s right he better fucking call me his girlfriend.  Take that, bitch.

She looks me over with a snooty look on her face. The black leggings and fluffy blue sweater don’t seem to be to her liking.  “Really now.  What kind of party?”

“A fancy one.”  He replies.

She giggles at him.  I try very hard not to strangle her.  “I’m sure we can find…”  She looks me over again, “something for her.  Although, we don’t have too many options in her size.”

My eye twitches.  This twig bitch will not get to me, not today.  “Oh, don’t worry, I was planning on puking before the party,” I say sarcastically.  Yoongi glares down at me.  That might have been too far.

The attendant laughs fakely, “Well, what size are you?”  She looks me over again, “Twelve?”

I bite my lip.  I can feel the stinging in my nose that lets me know tears are rushing to my eyes. No. No!  She will not get to me.  I will not let her break me.  She’s just a jealous bitch with no ass.  I am fucking hot and her opinion means jack shit to me.  I take a breath, “Close, divide it by two.”  I smiled sarcastically at her.  “Oh, sorry.  Twelve divided by two is six.”  I say slowly and patronizingly.

Anger flashes across her face and I know I’ve won. “I know what it is.  Feel free to look around.”  She sneers and walks away.

Yoongi slips his arms around my waist and looks down at me, “You are a force to be reckoned with, princess.”  I smile but look away from him.  “Let’s go to a different store.”

I look up at him now, “No, it’s fine.  I’m okay.  She’s just a jealous skinny bitch.  I have a great ass and a hot man, it’s very threatening to people like her.”

He smiles down at me.  “Go get in the car princess.”  He hands me the keys.

My eyebrows pinch together, “What are you going to do?”

He kisses the top of my head, “Go on.”  He gently pushes me towards the door.

I do as he says after another moment of hesitation.  He stays in the store for another few minutes (three minutes to be exact but who’s counting?), then comes out with a smile on his face.  It is a smile that I have not seen before.  “What did you do?”  I ask when he drives off.

He shrugs and smirks but says nothing more. He drives to another fancy looking boutique.  This one is decorated in black and silver.  The attendant at this one smiles at us and sounds more genuine when she asks if she can help.  This time we actually look around and pick out a few dresses.

I stand in the dressing room and stare at myself in the dress I’m currently in. Its short and black with a plunging neckline and a low cut back.  I blink at myself.  The bralette I’m wearing is not the bra for this dress (no bra is the bra for this dress) but there is no way that I’m walking out of here braless.  I slide the curtain open and fix Yoongi with my best fuck-no face.

His eyebrows disappear into his hair, “Fuck.”

I scoff at him, “Yeah if I wear this all your friends will be asking me for that.” I quickly close the curtain again but Yoongi quickly slips in.  “What are you doing?”  I whisper yell.

He stalks towards me and I back away until I’m against the wall opposite the curtain.  “I really want to buy you this dress.”  He hums. “But I don’t want anyone else to see you in it.”  He looks at me with lust filled eyes.  “It would be so perfect for you to wait for me to come home in, no bra, no panties.”

I swallow, “You agreed just a dress.”  I whisper.

He smirks, “This is a dress.  You never said I couldn’t buy more than one.”

I really fucking hate him because he is right. I really need to work on my negotiation skills when I’m dealing with Yoongi. “Yoongiiiii.”  I whine.

He bites his lip, “I love it when you whine for me.  Soon I’ll be hearing you say that as I make you cum.”  A hand glides between my thighs.

“Yoongi.”  My voice is barely audible.  I can feel myself getting wetter with every word he says.

He gives me a quick peck on my lips then leans down to whisper in my ear, “I can make you cum now if you’d like, princess.” His hand moves to the apex of my thighs and he hums, “So wet.  Do you think you can be a good girl for me and stay quiet?”

Fuck no!  I shake my head.  There is no way I can be quiet.  “I would rather cum when I can scream your name,” I whisper back to him.

That makes him growl.  “I’m buying this dress.  Find one for the party quickly so I can take you home and make you scream my name.” He steps away and goes back to the other side of the curtain.

Chapter Text

I realize that being with Yoongi is going to be much more exciting after we start having sex and I am so looking forward to it. The next dress I try on is long, flowy, and silver halter neck with a low back.  Much more acceptable for a fancy party.  Still sexy but not raunchy.  I have some silver strappy heels that will go with it perfectly.  I show him this one with a smile.  He deems it worthy of his party and quickly rushes us through checkout.  The total is a whopping seven hundred and forty-five dollars for both dresses. Dresses!  That is like a whole month’s rent and he spent it on dresses!

After a mild aneurysm, he takes me back to my apartment.  It’s four twenty-six and the party doesn’t start until seven.  There is definitely time for sex.  I only need an hour and a half to get ready.  Yoongi is all riled up, he’s definitely going to take my virginity right now.  I can feel it.  I’m nervous and excited and losing my fucking mind with need.

“Princess.”  Yoongi’s voice in my ear makes me jump from where I’m standing in the kitchen.  I was so deep in thought that I walked the wrong way. His arms snake around my waist, “You have been driving me crazy in these leggings all day.”  One of his hands slides around to grab my ass.

I smirk and push back into his hand, “I wasn’t aware.”  That isn’t a lie.  I thought he only liked that dress from earlier but fuck yeah if he likes me in leggings.  He’s going to like most of my outfits if that’s all it takes to get him worked up.

He grips my hips and spins me to face him. He has a serious, almost worried look on his face, “Princess…”  he hesitates, he never hesitates.  Is he nervous?  “I have to ask… Jungkook… did he…”

Oh, that’s what he’s worried about.  “Did he have sex with me?”  I ask for him.  He nods, and his expression goes flat.  “What if I said yes?”

He raises an eyebrow, then smirks, “Then I won’t be as gentle.”  His smirk isn’t very convincing.  He wants the answer to be no.

“You would be gentle?”  I ask as I slide my hands up his sides.

He hums.  “The first time.”  Shit, who let him be this sexy?  He steps closer to me and backs me against the counter.  He pecks my lips teasingly.  Fuck, I really want to kiss him for real.  His lips move down my jaw to my neck.  “I’m not gentle very often, but with you, I will be, at least the first time. Whether it is your first time or just our first time.”  He says against my collarbone.  Oh, my fucking God!  He is sweet and sexy at the same fucking time!  He pulls back to look at me, “Tell me what you did with him.”

I swallow, “He fucked my mouth and we fooled around a little a few times.  One time we almost… but we didn’t because Jimin ended up in the hospital.”  I explain. 

Yoongi smiles, “Good.  Did you learn anything you like from him?”  He asks casually.

I look down, “I-I did.  I like… um… dirty talk.”  Why does he make me so nervous?  I was all confident but as soon as I have to talk about sex, I’m a pathetic stuttering mess.  “He-he um… he was mean though…”

Yoongi gently tilts my chin up so I look at him, “Mean?”  he looks angry, but he asks softly.

“He would call me a slut and a whore, and he was jealous of Jimin and…”  I look away from him again.

Yoongi lets me look away, “That’s called degradation. Some people like that.”  He kisses my cheek, “You don’t have to.  Would you like it if I praised you?  Do you want to be my good girl?”  He coos.  I smile and squirm at that.  He hums. “My perfect pretty little princess.” I can’t help but get shy and hide my face with my hands.  He chuckles and leans into my ear, “I bet you would also like to be my sexy little cockslut too wouldn’t you?”  I shiver. It sounds so different when he says that than when Jungkook did.  “My perfect little whore who takes my cock so well.”  I squeeze my thighs together.  He notices.  His hands move to grip my ass firmly.  “See there’s a difference in being slut and being my slut.”

I move my hands to look at him.  His eyes are dark with lust and I want to drop to my knees and do anything he tells me to.  “I want that.”

He smirks, “Want what?”

I should have known he’d make me say it.  I lick my lips, “I want to be your slutty little princess.”

He growls and bites his lip, “I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

“Then do it.”  I tease.

He shakes his head, “There’s not enough time for what I want to do, princess.”  I pout.  Fuck I’m horny and hell and we’re not fucking.  What the actual fuck does he want to do that would take longer than an hour? “Don’t worry.  I’ll take care of you.”  He bends and picks me up making me wrap my legs around him.  Then he finally, FINALLY, kisses me like he means it. I’ve missed his soft lips.  The kiss is a little rough, a little desperate.

“I missed you,” I whispered against his lips.

He pulls back and looks at me.  He looks slightly confused like he can’t believe I would miss him.  He kisses me again, gently this time, like he’s savoring me.  Then he begins to walk with me in his arms to my bedroom.  He sets me on my bed and pulls away from my lips. A strange shuffling sound comes from my closet.  I look at Yoongi with wide eyes and he looks toward the closet with an annoyed look on his face.  He doesn’t look the least bit scared, it’s like he knows exactly who or what is in my closet.

He pushes away from me and strides over to the closet.  He opens the door and reveals Hobi and Jimin sitting on the floor, they each have a hand over the other’s mouth.  They look at Yoongi with wide eyes.  “Hoseok, I thought I told you not to be here when we got back.”

Jimin moves his hand from Hobi’s mouth, “Well-we-I-” he stutters.

“We didn’t know when you’d be back.”  Jimin offers an innocent smile.

“‘We’ll be there in five, make yourselves scarce’ wasn’t clear enough?”  Yoongi asks. I can’t see his face but by the looks on Jimin and Hobi’s faces, it’s not a happy one.

I move off the bed to where everyone is at my closet.  I hook my arm through Yoongi’s, rest my cheek on his arm, and look up at Yoongi.  He does look scary, but I find it kind of funny. I look over to my friends, “You guys wanna watch?”  I ask seductively.  It’s a joke but no one else knows that.  Yoongi’s head whips around to look at me while Jimin and Hobi choke on their own spit. I look up at Yoongi with a playful challenging smirk.  He raises an eyebrow at me.  We have a silent conversation and he catches on.

“Yeah, an audience would be hot,”  Yoongi says without looking away from me.

“Wh-what?”  Hobi stutters.  Jimin has been rendered mute.

Yoongi moves to pull me against him by my hips and kisses me fiercely.  I let out a soft moan for good measure.

“What the fuck?”  Hobi whispers.

I slip my hands under Yoongi’s shirt and pull him closer to me.  When I feel hands on my hips I jump because they’re not Yoongi’s.

“Can we join?”  Jimin whispers in my ear then nips at it.  I shiver and Yoongi pulls back to fix Jimin with a glare, it’s not his scariest though, there’s something… different about it.  Jimin steps away, “Called your bluff.”  He chuckles.  I turn around to see a triumphant smile on his face.

“You’re uninvited to the party.”  Yoongi deadpans.

Jimin only giggles in response.  He turns to Hobi and offers him a hand, “Let’s get out of here.”

Hobi runs away and Jimin slowly follows, but not before turning to me and winking.  I look up at Yoongi who’s looking after Jimin with a strange look, but I can't help but giggle.  Jimin has that effect on everyone.  He places his hands on my hips and nuzzles my neck, “Now, where were we.”

I can’t help but laugh, “Oh, no, the moment is totally ruined now.”

“Oh really?”  His hands slip under my shirt and graze up my sides until they cup my tits. “You don’t want me anymore?”

I fresh rush of arousal flows through me. “No,” I sigh, “I’m not in the mood.” I tease.

“That’s too bad.”  He kisses my shoulder and up my neck, “I was really looking forward to tasting you.”  He nips at my ear causing me to shiver.

He pinches my nipples through my bralette and I squeeze my thighs together.  “I mean I guess if you really want to,”  I say slightly breathless and push my ass against him, he’s hard.

He hums.  Then moves his hands up to take my sweater off.  “I want to cover you in red and purple bruises, but that’ll have to wait.” He says as he kisses my neck.  He pulls away and walks over to the bed.  He sits with his legs spread wide as he leans forward with an elbow on one knee and his hand on the other thigh.  “Strip for me.”

I swallow.  I step out of my shoes.  I look at him as I hook my thumbs into my leggings, I turn around, so he has a good view of my ass as I slip them down my legs.  I pull my socks off with the leggings.  Now that I am only in my underwear, I walk over to him as I unhook my bralette and pull it off.  When I’m close enough for him to reach me, he pulls me into his lap.

“You’re so fucking sexy, princess.”  He latches his mouth onto my neck.  He moves me so I’m straddling him.  He moves his mouth to suck on one of my nipples while he pinches at the other.  I squirm on top of him. 

When the fabric of his jeans grazes my clothed heat causing me to whimper.  “Yoongi, please touch me.”

He chuckles and moves his hands to my ass and his lips up to mine.  He kisses me roughly and uses his hands to make me grind against him.  I moan, and he uses that moment to lick into my mouth. “I am touching you.” 

I grind down on him harder, which makes him growl and me whimper, “Please.”

“Tell me what you want, princess.”  His voice is thick and gravely.

“I want to cum, please.”  Then an interesting thought pops into my mind. Maybe… just maybe… “Sir please make me cum.”

He suddenly flips us over so I’m lying on the bed. He looks down at me with an intense look in his eyes.  “Are you sure you want to play this game, princess?”  He strains.

Do I?  The look in his eyes is predatory and fuck does it turn me on.  Am I ready to dive into this with him?  Yoongi wouldn’t hurt me.  I don’t know why, but I trust him.  So, I dive head first.  “Yes, sir.”

He looks like he’s holding himself back. “We have to have another serious talk but that can wait.”  He kisses me quick and sloppy then moves his lips down my body.  He kisses along the hem of my panties then hooks his fingers under the elastic and pulls them down my legs.  I keep my legs closed until he fixes me with an intense gaze and raises an eyebrow at me.  I slowly spread my legs and hold his gaze.  “Good girl.” He glides his hands up my thighs and leans into to lick between my folds.  I let out a content sigh.

He gently licks my slit.  I’m sure he does this because he knows how long it has been since anyone touched me and he doesn’t want to hurt me.  “Yoongi.”  I breathe out as I tangle my fingers in his soft hair.

He stops his movements and pulls back to fix me with a glare, “Try again.”

It takes me a moment to realize what he means. He is not Yoongi anymore. Although that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a little fun.  “Daddy?” I ask innocently.  He said he didn’t want to be my Daddy, so I didn’t expect the look of pure lust that crosses his features.

He cocks his head to the side, “Is that what you want me to be?”  His words are dripping with sex.

“I thought you wanted to be my master?”

“I’ll be anything you want if you say it like that.” His voice is rough.

Fuck.  I don’t know! It was a joke, but now I want him to be my Daddy.  Something inside of me that I didn’t know existed took over me.  “I just want to be your princess, Daddy.”  He groaned then buried his face in my pussy.  He licked me like he was fucking dehydrated.  It was better than anything Jimin ever did and Jimin was good.  “Fuck, more please, Daddy.”  He sucks my clit hard causing me to cry out.

He pulls off, “You’re so fucking beautiful, princess.”  He strokes one finger against my entrance. I quiver when he slides it inside.  “So tight.  How long has it been since anything has been inside of you?”

I sigh, “Yesterday.”  He sits up and looks at me expectantly.  “I touched myself, Daddy.”  I look away from him and feel my face heat up.

He shifts so he’s lying beside me, so he can look me in the eyes as he adds a second finger and slides it in and out of me slowly.  “How?” I bury my face in his shoulder. This is embarrassing.  His lips find my neck, “Tell me and I’ll let you cum, princess.”

I keep my face hidden from him, “I used a toy.”

His fingers speed up.  “Tell me more.”

It feels too good.  I want to cum.  “It’s a little vibrator.  One of the ones that can go inside me.”  He uses his thumb to rub figure eights around my clit.  “I-”

He cuts me off, “Look at me princess.”  I shake my head.  “Look at me or I’ll stop,”  I whine but look at him.  “Tell me how you touch yourself.”

His pupils were blown out, his lips are swollen and red.  He looks so hot.  “Sometimes I turn it on and just leave it inside of me.”  He speeds up his ministrations, “W-when I’m close I-I-” I whine loudly.  “Daddy, please.”

“What do you do when you're close?”  He growls.

I begin panting, “I-I fuck myself with it until I-” He presses down slightly harder on my clit and I cum.  He pumps his fingers faster as he rides me through it. I yell loudly and throw my head back and arch into him.  I let out stuttering breaths as I come down.

“You’re so beautiful.”  Yoongi whispers.  He slips his fingers out of me and sucks them clean.  “Look at me, princess.”  I look at him and cover the lower half of my face with my hands.  He has a smug look on his face, “How do you feel?”

My hands slide up to cover my whole face, “I feel really good.”  I giggle. My head feels a bit fuzzy, like it does when I drink.

“Why do you hide from me?”  He gently holds my wrists.  His voice is soft and curious.

I peek at him over my fingers.  He doesn’t look as lustful or domineering as before, “I-I just- it’s just a bit embarrassing.”

He looks at me with confusion, “How?  You’re beautiful and sexy.  I could watch you cum all day.”

I smile softly, “You said we had to have a serious talk?”

Chapter Text

Yoongi POV

He takes a deep breath, “A kink talk.”  He smirks.  YN’s face heats up even more and he chuckles.  He sits up and pulls her into his lap, “I just need to know what you’re comfortable with.”

“Like Fifty Shades of Grey?”  She asks innocently.

He chuckles, “Yes, but no.  I don’t do contracts, but I need to know what you like and what you don’t like, what you want to try and what you don’t want to try.”

His fingers brush against her bare waist, “Can-can we maybe talk about this wh-when I have clothes on?”  Her cheeks turn a beautiful shade of pink.

He smirks, “No.”  She sighs, curls up in his lap, and look at him expectantly.  There is something in her eyes, something different than before. He ignores it for now.  “So, is there anything that you know you like kink wise?”  He asks, and she shrugs.  “Well, you seem to have a Daddy kink.”

She giggles adorably, “So do you.”

He chuckles, “I didn’t until you.”  He boops her nose.  He didn’t like the implication of Daddies.  They were supposed to take care of their subs in a way he was never comfortable with. Yes, he knew aftercare was important, but taking care of them in ways that were more than sexual or financial scared Yoongi.  Until he met YN.  If he’s being honest, that scares him even more.

She giggles again and squirms in his lap, “I didn’t know until you either, Daddy.” 

His jaw clenches and he rolls his neck, “Fuck, I love hearing you say that.” He eyes her.  She is definitely acting differently.  “Do you just have a kink for that or are you a little?”  He asks.

She raises an eyebrow at him then looks down at her body.  “I mean, you’ve probably figured out by now I’m vertically challenged.”  She says sarcastically then giggles.

He bites his lip as he smiles, “No, like age play.”  He smirks at me.  “Do you want to be a little girl?”  He looks deep into her eyes, they look a bit glassy.

Her eyebrows knit together.  “I mean, I’ve never thought about it.  I don’t think so.”

He smirks, “Do you want to be my little girl?”  He couldn’t help but ask.  She’s so fucking adorable and he knew she’d turn red at the question.

“I’ll be anything for you, Daddy.”  She says quietly, not meeting his eyes.

He bites his lip because she was almost too good to resist at that moment.  He needs to control himself right now if she’s falling into a headspace. “Just a sub then.”  He muses quietly to himself.  She would probably know if she was a little.  Subs are tricky, and headspaces are different for everyone.  She could act childish and not be a little right? “I think you might be falling into a headspace.”  He finally says to her.  She gives him a confused look.  Of course, she doesn’t know what most of this means.  He breathes a laugh, “We might need to have this talk another time.”  He caresses her cheek, “We should probably get you back to normal before the party.”

She rolls her eyes, “I am normal.”  She says in a bratty tone.  Yoongi raises an amused eyebrow at her.  She seems to think about what she said and how she’s acting.  “Is it weird?”  She looks a little embarrassed.

Yoongi holds both of her cheeks now as he looks into her eyes, “No.  You are so perfect, princess.  Daddy wouldn’t want you to be anything other than yourself.” She smiles shyly and buries her face in his neck.  She’s definitely in a headspace.  Yoongi needs to figure out how to get her out of it.  He hasn’t seen her like this before, so he isn’t sure what exactly he should do.  He takes a breath and offers the simplest thing he knows of.  “Let’s take a bath.”  He picks her up and takes her to the bathroom.  He sets her down on the toilet and starts to run the water.  He pulls out his phone, “We have an hour and a half before the party, so we need to be quick princess.”

She looks up at him with big eyes, “A shower will be faster.”  She says quietly.

She didn’t call him Daddy so Yoongi thinks maybe she’s coming back.  He wonders how long she was in it because she came back really quick.  Maybe she wasn’t fully in headspace.  He will make sure next time, she will be.  “Okay.” He pulls the shower shifter and the shower turns on.

They get dressed quickly… well, Yoongi did.  YN is back to her usual self in no time and insists on getting dressed alone so she can surprise Yoongi.  It only took Yoongi five minutes to put on his suit and fix his hair.  He grew impatient waiting for YN.  He bounced his leg as he mindlessly scrolled through his phone.

It was all worth it when she came out all dolled up for him.  She was so beautiful, Yoongi actually forgot to breathe. She looked at him mischievously, “Do I look pretty, Daddy?”

“No,” He says as he stands to walk over to her.  She frowns but he kisses her lips before saying, “You look gorgeous.” He smiles softly as she beams at him.


Once they arrive, everyone swarms Yoongi.  He hated stuff like this but it was important for getting his music heard. This time though was different. He had YN by his side.  He’s brought dates to these sorts of things before but none that he actually cared for.  Everything was different with YN around.  She smiled as she spoke to people.  She was kind to everyone from the rich people investing in the rappers to the waiters serving her Champaign.  Yoongi likes that about her.  None of his other dates were like that.

“Hello beautiful,” A deep voice comes from beside Yoongi.

“Tae please don’t hit on my girlfriend.”  Yoongi drawls.

He hears a gasp from his other side and turns to see Jin, “Did Min Yoongi just say the ‘G’ word?  How scandalous.”

YN tilts her head, “I know you guys.”

Taehyung smirks, “Good to see you again, Persephone.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, “That’s not her name.”

“No,but that is the stage name I helped her coin.”  He looks proud of himself.

He looks at YN with a hint of jealousy, “How do you know him?”

Jin scoffs, “We were at the Underground the day you broke that kids nose. Remember? That’s why you were there. To see us.”

“Not like he actually saw our performances because he was off playing the hero.” Tae rolls his eyes.

Yoongi looks down to see YN smiling at the two idiots before them, “You guys are funny.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and looks away from her.  Is that the kind of guy she wants? He thinks.  A big dumb loud idiot?

“Are you okay, though, YN?”  Jin asks in all seriousness.

“Yeah, Hobi told us what happened.  We’re glad Yoongi was able to help before anything too bad could have happened.”

There is a pause and Yoongi looks back at YN.  Her smile is sad now, “I’m okay.”  She looks up at Yoongi and meets his eyes, “I’m not usually one to need a knight in shining armor but I’m glad to have one.”

Yoongi’s heart stutters at her words.

“Well, that was just adorable.”  Tae says in aegyo.  “How about I take you to get a drink at the bar.”  He looks at Yoongi, “I’ll bring her back.”

YN looks up at Yoongi again.  She was asking for permission.  Interesting… she’s not being a brat right now.  Yoongi guesses he can let her go get a drink with Tae.  Tae will take care of her.  He might be a flirt but he’s a good guy.  “Yeah, there are some people I want to talk business with anyway.”  He kisses her temple.  She smiles and follows Tae.  Jin scurries off when he sees Namjoon.

Yoongi finds some of the hotshot benefactors that invest in their studio and speaks with them.  After a while, he takes his leave and finds Jimin sitting at a table, looking outrageously handsome in his suit.

 “Where’s YN?” Jimin asks with a smile as he takes a sip of his drink.

Yoongi looks around, “She went to get another drink.” That must have been a while ago now. Tae said he’d bring her back. It’s not like he would just blatantly kidnap her anyway.

Jimin raises an eyebrow and looks at Yoongi over his glass, “You’re letting her drink?”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at his weird reaction, “Yeah. She’s a grown ass woman.”

Jimin shrugs, “I mean I figured after last time you wouldn’t want her to drink.  Especially in front of all of your fancy friends.”  Yoongi gives Jimin a confused look.  Jimin rolls his eyes, “She started stripping on a pool table last time.” 

Yoongi’s eyes go wide at the memory.  “Wait, that happens every time?”  He asks frantically.

Jimin laughs, “That was after two shots of tequila. She’s a bit of a lightweight.  And she makes bad decisions when she drinks. What has she been drinking?”

Yoongi shrugs, “I don’t know.  She had some champagne and then went with Tae to get something at the bar.”  His voice is slightly panicked.

“Let’s just hope it’s not more tequila.”  Jimin chuckles, “Tequila makes her clothes fall off.” He wags his eyebrows.

Yoongi decides not to remember that Jimin and YN have fooled around and simply fixes him with a confused glare, “This is funny to you?”

Jimin claps him on the back, “Dude, she’ll be fine. There are plenty of people here that will take care of her and prevent her from making bad decisions.”  The quiet music suddenly changed to Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls.  Jimin’s mouth puckers as he lets out a breath, “That’ll be rum.”

They turn to see YN on the stage dancing and lip singing the song.  She locked eyes with Yoongi and danced more seductively.  “Rum, you say?”  Yoongi asks without taking his eyes off his girlfriend.   He doesn’t know if he wants to kill Tae for buying her a drink or thank him.

Jimin chuckled.  “Yeah.”  He furrows his eyebrows, “Are you gonna stop her?”

Yoongi shakes out of his trance.  “Yeah.”  He didn’t want anyone else to see what belongs to him.  He walks over to the stage and YN drops to her knees and crawls towards him.  “Oh, princess, you are not going to be happy about this tomorrow.”

“Why won’t you fuck me, Yoongi?”  She pouts.

Yoongi chuckles and wraps his arms around her to pull her off the stage.  “Well currently, you’re drunk.”

She snorts, “I am not.”

Yoongi lifts her bridal style, “Don’t worry princess, I’ll loosen up your buttons when you’re sober.”

She giggles and kicks her legs, “You’re so good to me, Daddy.”

Yoongi takes a deep breath and hopes no one heard that.  Honestly, he couldn’t give a flying fuck what people thought, but still…

“You taking her home?”  Jimin came up behind Yoongi.

“Yeah, I think she’s done for the night.”  He smiles at the younger man.

“Don’t you have a speech or something?”  Jimin asks with furrowed brows.

Yoongi shrugs, YN is now passed out in his arms, “She’s more important.  Tell Hoseok and Namjoon for me.”  He walks out and heads straight for his car.

Chapter Text

Yoongi POV

Yoongi’s phone was blowing up with calls and texts probably from Namjoon and Hoseok.  YN played with the radio of the car the whole ride to his apartment.  She sang loudly and danced in her seat.  She got mad when Yoongi would change the song because he didn’t like it.  She kept leaning across the console to touch him.  Yoongi wanted her to keep touching him so badly, but he needed her to stop so they could make it back to his apartment alive.  He pushed her away and told her to be a good girl.

Once they arrived at the apartment, he dragged her inside.  He grabbed some water.  As much as he liked drunk YN, he didn’t want to potentially take advantage of her.  He needed her to sober up so he could touch her without feeling guilty about it.

YN talked a lot of nonsense as she sobered up. The best part was when she was changing. She insisted that she needed help and Yoongi is a weak man.  He helped her unzip her dress and she tried to seductively strip for him… but she was drunk so instead, she tripped over the dress and fell into Yoongi.  They both burst into a fit of giggles.  He gives her sweats and a t-shirt to wear so she’s more comfortable and helps her take off her makeup.  She looks so cute in his clothes that are too big for her.

He helps her in bed when he tries to leave to change his own clothes she whines and pulls him back.  “Princess, I have to change too.”  She just whines in response.  He chuckles and starts to unbutton his shirt.  He stands off the bed to take off his pants.  YN doesn’t protest again until he tries to walk away. Yoongi sighs and climbs into bed with only his undershirt and boxer briefs.  He pulls her close and spoons her.  It doesn’t take long for them to both fall asleep.



When I wake up my mouth feels dry and my body feels heavy.  I move slightly and realize that part of the heaviness is because there is an arm around me. Oh shit.  I drank last night.  Fuck. What did I drink?  I know there was champagne but what did Tae give me? I hope I didn’t do anything stupid.

I turn slightly and see that the other body belongs to Yoongi.  I don’t know why I’m surprised but I expected it to be Jimin or Hobi.  I guess I should have expected Yoongi to not let anyone else take care of me.  He looks kinda cute when he’s asleep.  Although, he still looks oddly intimidating though.  Only he could be both adorable and scary at the same time.

Oh fuck, I probably look like a zombie right now. He can't wake up to me looking like some horror movie cosplay girl.  I very carefully slip out of his embrace and dart to the bathroom.  I look at myself in the mirror and notice all my makeup is gone and not just smeared all over my face.  Did Yoongi really go through all that trouble?  I also notice that I am wearing his clothes.  I can't help but smell the shirt I’m wearing.  He smells really nice.

I figure out how to turn on the water and step into his outrageously nice shower.  I wash quickly using his body wash.  Dove for men clean comfort smells so good.  When I get out, I wrap myself in one of the fluffy towels he has under the sink. As I dry off an idea comes to mind. I don’t have any clothes except his. I could use that to my advantage. 

I dry off and pull on just the big t-shirt that he gave me.  He seems like the type to like it when a girl where’s his clothes, which is why I don’t just go out in the towel. The shirt is so big that the hem is just above my knees. This is obviously too big for him too. 

I sneak back into the bedroom to find Yoongi still asleep.  I step up to him.  He almost looks like a corpse the way he’s lying on his back, with his hands resting on his stomach.  I lean down to give him a quick peck o the lips.

Next thing I know, I’m on my back and he’s on top of me.  “Good morning, princess.”  He says with a smirk.

I’m so caught off guard that I just say, “Hi.” What is wrong with me?  I am supposed to be sexy and seducing him.

“When you slipped out of bed, I was afraid you might be sneaking out on me.  But it looks like you just wanted to get pretty for me.”  He hums.  His fingers graze up my leg, causing me to shiver.  “You look so good in my clothes, princess.”

This is not how I foresaw this going but I’m delighted nonetheless, “Thank you, Daddy.”

His eyes darken a little, “I see you decided not to wear the pants I gave you.”  His hand moves higher up to my hip, “I also see that you decided not to wear underwear.  Were you planning on seducing me, princess?”  His voice is deep and still rough from sleep.

I bite my lip and shrug cutely, “Maybe.”

He seems to be struggling to breathe, “We never finished our talk.”

“Why do we have to talk about it now?  I’m already mostly naked, perfectly ready to be taken.”

His grip on my hip tightens, “I see that.  I almost want to punish you for teasing.”

“But you like it, right?”  I put on my best puppy dog eyes, that never fail to get me what I want.

He chuckles darkly, “You think that’s gonna work on me?”

Apparently not.  I try a new tactic and reach down and grab him over his underwear.  He’s fully hard already.  “I see you decided not to wear pants either.”

He looks like he has something caught in his throat momentarily before he says, “Well a whiney little girl wouldn’t let me change last night,”

“She seems like a smart girl,”  I smirk as I stroke him languidly.

“She’s a bit of a brat.”  He strains.

“You like it.”

“I do.”  He pulls away from me, flips me over and lands a hard spank on my bare ass, “Because it gives me a reason to spank you.”  I cry out from the pain, it’s not that bad but it was unexpected.  He massages the cheek he hit, “We’re going to use the color system.  Green means go, yellow means slow down, red means stop.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,”  I responded breathlessly.

He lands another smack on the other cheek, “Yes what?”

“Yes, Daddy,”  I whine.

“What’s your color?”  he asks as he massages my ass.

“Green.  Very green. Neon greed.”  I ramble.  I never thought spanking would make me feel this way.  It hurts, but I want it.

He chuckles, “You like being spanked, princess?”  Smack.

I groan, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been spanked like this?”  Smack.

I nod into the pillow, “Mhm.”

Smack.  “Answer me properly.”  He growls.

“Yes, Daddy.  I-it’s the first time.”  I whine.

He massages my ass again, “Then I think that’s enough for now.”  He says soothingly.  He lays beside me and pulls me into his chest.  “We need to finish our kink talk, princess.”  He pulls away from me.  “Did you like being spanked.”  I smile shyly and nod.  “Look at me.” He tilts my chin up and looks into my eyes like he’s searching for something.  Then he nods.  “Would you try bondage?”

That sounds thrilling and terrifying at the same time.  “Y-yes.”  He raises an inquisitive eyebrow.  “It’s kinda scary knowing I won't be in control of my body, but… I-I like when you’re in control.”

He smirks, “Blindfolding?” This time I hesitate and look wary.  Yoongi notices, “Blindfolding is about trust. Trusting that I won’t do anything to hurt you.  You said you like when I’m in control, this is the same thing.”    He caresses my cheek and makes me look at him again, “Close your eyes.”  I do as he says. He runs his fingers up my thigh ever so gently.  It sends sparks through my body.  “It’s also about heightening your other senses.” He kisses my cheek then moves to whisper in my ear, “You feel so much more when you can’t see.”

“Yes.”  I breathe out and open my eyes to look at him.

He smiles now, “Toys?”

“Yes,” I respond without hesitation.  Again, he raises an eyebrow.  My face heats up now, “I might already have experience with those…”

“What kind?”  He asks with a smirk.

“Um, vibrators and dildos… vibrating dildos…”  I bite my lip to contain my nervous smile.

“Would you be open to anal toys and play?”  He asks like this is just a normal conversation.

I nod hesitantly, “Yes, but… like… slowly…”

He nods.  “Edging?” I pout and shake my head.  He smirks, “Why not?”

“Because it sucks.”  Her pout deepens, and her voice becomes more child-like.

He laughs, “Have you done it before?”

I blush, “With Jimin… it sucked…”

He hums, “But after all the waiting your orgasm is so much more intense.”  He persuades.

I sigh, “Then I guess, we can try.  But-but like not often please.”

He smiles.  “Well, princess, I think that about covers it.”  His hand moves over my body to the back of my thigh.  He pulls my leg over his hips and grinds his still hard cock into me.  “I think it’s about time we start practicing, don’t you?”

Chapter Text

“I think it’s about time we start practicing, don’t you?” He smirks down at me. 

Holy shit.  It’s going to happen.  I nod quickly, “Please.”  The word is somewhere between a sigh and a whine.

He looks at me like he’s searching for something.  Then his hand moves to rub me between my folds, “So wet angel.  I think I want to make you a little wetter.”  He scoots down the bed and settles between my legs.  He looks up at me, “Color?”

“Green.  Daddy, please touch me.”  I mewl.

He smirks then licks a stripe from my entrance to my clit, causing me to shiver and whimper.  He hums and continues to lick with fervor until I’m trembling.  He begins to focus on my clit.  When he licks me a certain way my leg twitches violently, which seems to please him.  Then a finger is probing my entrance.  “Fuck, you’re so tight, angel.”

The pet name has me shivering, “I-I want-” I begin but he adds another finger and I cry out.

“Cum for me, angel.”  He purrs.

There’s a tingling inside me before an explosion of pleasure.  I make sounds I’ve never heard come out of my mouth. 

He keeps it up until I’m pushing him away.  He hums in satisfaction as I pant and try to calm down.  “Now you should be ready for me.”  He pulls his shirt over his head, then pulls the one I’m wearing off. He kisses me softly.  “Are you sure you’re ready?”  He asks gently.

I nod quickly, “I’m ready, Yoongi.”

He smiles then kicks off his underwear.  He grabs a condom out of the nightstand and rolls it onto himself.  “I’ll go slow, let me know if it hurts.”

“Okay.”  I whimper. Everyone always says the first time is painful for a girl.  That was a big part of why I waited so long.  There were times I almost said fuck it, just let Jimin do it, because I knew he would take care of me.  Right now, though, seeing Yoongi, the normally grumpy looking guy, looking at me softly like I’m the most fragile, delicate thing in the world, I’m glad it’s him.

He looks me in the eyes as he gently pushes into me.  It’s weird and uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say it’s painful.  It’s still uncomfortable enough for me to furrow my eyebrows.  Yoongi leans down and kisses me gently, “You’re doing so well, princess.”  When he bottoms out, I feel so full.  “You okay?”  He strokes my cheek.

“Yeah,” I say a bit breathlessly, “You feel really big.”  He chuckles.  “I-It’s uncomfortable.”

“Does it hurt?”  He asks then kisses my cheek gently.  He’s being so sweet, it’s so different than how he normally is.

I shake my head, “I-it’s just like a stretch.”

“Okay, just let me know when you want me to move.”  He smiles sweetly.

It doesn’t feel as bad now, “I think I’m okay.”

He stares at me for a moment with inquisitive eyes.  Then he rolls his hips a little, not pulling out just moving.  It feels good, and I let out a little breath and nod. He slides out a little and pushes back in.  This time I moan.  It feels really good.  Yoongi smirks a little and finds a steady rhythm, nothing too fast but not anything too slow.  “Does it feel good, princess?”

“Fuck, yes.”  I moan.

“Can I go faster?”

“Please,”  I whine.

He speeds up a little and holy shit it feels even better.  He does something with his hips, and I slam my head back into the pillows.  They’re weird and hot and uncomfortable so I throw them off the bed.  Yoongi chuckles but doesn’t falter.  He’s hitting something inside me that feels so, so good.  He reaches up and touches my cheek then kisses me softly.  When he pulls back, he looks at me intensely with his dark eyes and goes just a little faster, just a little harder, and sends me over the edge again.  I moan loudly.  He keeps thrusting into me until he comes as well.  He lets out this deep, guttural groan as he cums.

He pants and stares down at me for a moment.  Then he pulls out, pulls off the condom, deposits it somewhere, and pulls me into his arms.  “You did so good baby.  I’m so proud of you.  You were so beautiful.  Did you like it?”  He says sweetly.  So, so sweetly.

I wrap my arms around him and burrow into his chest, “I really, really liked it.”

He kisses the top of my head, “Good.”

We stay cuddle up for a little while longer until my phone rings.  It’s Jimin’s ring tone.  I groan but grab my phone off the nightstand and answer it.  “What?”  I ask with a little snappier than I intended.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.  Did our dance practice interrupt something important?”  He snarks.

“Oh shit.”  I pull back and look at my phone.  I completely forgot about practice.  “Shit. Shit.  I don’t have clothes.”

“Oooh, so that’s why you’re mean.”  I can practically see his smirk and eyebrow wag.

“Shut up.”  I look at Yoongi, “I have dance practice like right now.  Can you take me to get clothes?”  Then I talk to Jimin again, “I’ll be late, just tell him we’ll go last.”

“Did you fuck him though, for real?”  He asks and I hang up on him with an eye roll.

“I need clothes.”  I groan and rub my eyes.

“Well,” Yoongi huffs.  I look at him and he looks guilty, so I squint at him.  “I have clothes for you.”

“I’m not wearing your clothes to dance practice.”  I deadpan.

He rubs behind his ear, “I made Hoseok help me pick out some clothes for you, so you would have some here.”

I blink at him.  What?  He must be joking so I laugh, “Very funny.” He stares at me.  He’s serious.  “When the hell did that happen?”

“One night when we were supposed to be working on music.”  He explains vaguely.

I chew my bottom lip, “You have dance clothes?”

He nods, “Yep.”

I don’t have time to be mad.  I’m already thirty minutes late and just taking these clothes is so much faster.  “I’m mad but I need to get to practice so we’ll talk about it later.  Show them to me.”

He escorts me to the closet.  I officially hate him because his closet could be it a whole room.   Most of it is filled with black.  There is a small section in the corner of bright colored clothes, and they look like stuff I would wear.  He walks over to one of the dressers, “This one is yours.” 

Mine?  I blink at him.  I have a dresser and clothes at his apartment.  I don’t have time to think about how fast this all seems.  I open the drawers and pull out panties and a sports bra.  Then pull on some bright spandex shorts and a tank top.  Yoongi also gets dressed in black skinny jeans and a black V-neck.  He looks effortlessly hot and I hate him.  “Will you take me to practice?”

He nods and drives me there.  “Want me to pick you up later?”  He asks as I rush out of the car.

“Jimin can take me home,”  I say quickly.  I give him a quick kiss, “I’ll text you later.  I just have to… you know to tell them…”

He smirks.  “Tell Hobi I’m a sex god.”

“Oh for sure,”  I say before giving him another kiss and running inside.

Chapter Text

Jimin blinks at me.  Hobi looks like he’s about to combust.  I roll my eyes, “What?”

“I just can't believe you finally did it,”  Jimin says.

“I can't believe you described Yoongi, Min Yoongi, Augst D as soft.” Hobi chimes.

I blush.  Hopefully, Hobi doesn’t say anything to Yoongi about that.  “What did you think he was just gonna fuck me rough and hard the first time?  He’s not that much of an asshole.”

Hobi shrugs, “I mean I just can't picture him as soft.  He acts like he doesn’t give a fuck about anything.  The closest I’ve seen him to soft is when he looks at you and tbh there is some lustfulness behind the soft that makes it less soft, ya know.”

Jimin and I blink at him.  “Okay.” We say simultaneously.

“Oh my god,” Hobi looks disgusted, “Are you going to start doing that with Yoongi too?  Because I hope not.”

“Hey, sweets, can I ask you a question?”  Jimin asks looking serious now.

I give him a fearful look, “I don’t know, you sound serious and I’m scared now.”

He smiles and blows air out of his nose as half laugh, “Do you love him?”

Silence.  I blink at him, he stares back at me with a curious look on his face, Hobi raises an eyebrow too.  “Why would you ask that?  I’ve known him for what? Like three months.  No, I don’t.  We’re not there yet.”

He shrugs, “I mean you must really have feelings for him if you had sex with him.”

“It’s just sex,”  I say nonchalantly.

“If it was ‘just sex,’ you would have done it before now.  Hell, you would have done it with me forever ago.”  He reasoned. 

What he said made sense.  But love? No.  No… I don’t… I can't love him.  “No, I haven’t known him long enough for that.”  He raises his hands in surrender but there is something about his expression, “You little shit, are you planting that on purpose?”

“What?  No! Why would I do that?”  He says but when he turns his head, I can see him smirk.

“Why!”  I hit him with a pillow.

“I didn’t do anything!”  He yells as he braces himself, “Hobi help!”

Hobi pulls me off Jimin but I start kicking him instead, “I like this.”  Hobi says.  “I’m gonna plant it on Yoongi too.  This will be fun.”

I turn in his arms and start beating him up too.  “I hate you!”

After a few minutes, someone clears their throat from the other side of the room. We all look up and see Yoongi leaning against a wall.  Now, if Yoongi didn’t understand the dynamic between my friends and me and if he hadn’t been standing there long which I bet he had, the situation would total have been read wrong.  I’m straddling Jimin who is trying to tickle me, with my hands around his neck.  Hobi is behind me with one hand holding mine behind my back and the other also tickling me. 

Now when I’m being tickled, I do not control my body and I am not responsible for anyone’s injuries.  It took years for them to figure out this is not only the safest way for them to tickle me but also the most indecent looking way.  So, my dominant, possessive boyfriend, who knows of my past relations with my best friend is basically watching while I grind on him while being tickled by him and our other best friend is restraining me.  They’re both shirtless and I’m in a sports bra and spandex because we just got back from dance practice.  Totally not weird. 

We all freeze and stare silently at Yoongi.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, “I don’t know if I want to ask what is going on here.” His voice sounds amused, but his face looks mad.

There is a pause before Hobi asks, “Wanna join?”

I roll my eyes and struggle against Hobi, “Oh, fuck off.  Let me go.”

“No, no.  Don’t let her go.”  Yoongi says calmly.  I stare at him as he strides over.  He squats close to us then brushes a finger down my cheek, “You look so helpless, princess.”  I swallow and start to feel hot.  “You know, if I didn’t know any better, this would look like a very bad situation.” Fuck, his voice is so calm yet so menacing.  “You look like you’re fucking Jimin with your clothes on, while Hoseok restrains you. The only thing missing is Hoseok’s hand around your neck.”  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Th-that’s not what this is, hyung,”  Jimin says.  He must be scared; he never uses honorifics.

Yoongi looks down at him and smiles, he fucking smiles! “I know.”

“You know?”  Hobi asks, “Then why are we staying like this?”

Yoongi hums then look back at me, “It’s a nice view.”  He smirks, “It also gives me ideas.”

“Holy shit.”  Jimin breathes.  The tension in the room has skyrocketed and somehow turned into sexual tension.  I can feel Jimin growing hard under me.  I glance down at him and he has his hands over his face.

“Okay, I’m out,”  Hoseok says, then let’s go of me and heads for the kitchen.

Once I’m free I scramble off Jimin and clear my throat, “Y-you’re not funny, Yoongi.”

He hums and looks at Jimin who is still on the floor, boner very obviously pushing against his pants.  “I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

“I know you know I’m hard.”  Jimin says with his hands still covering his face, “But I would like to point out that, that didn’t happen until you started being all sexy and shit.”

Yoongi hums, “You like that, Jiminie?  You like when I say dirty things to YN?”

“Please let me leave before you start whatever you’re trying to start,”  Hobi says from the front door.  “Be safe.  Use condoms. Call me when this is over.  And please never involve me again.”  He says then exits.

I burst out laughing because this is awkward and I don’t know what is going on or how to react, “Well this was fun.  I think I’m going to go… away now.”  I step towards my room but Yoongi catches my wrist.

“Oh, no, princess.  Jiminie wants to play.”  Yoongi still has that weird playful sexy lilt to his voice.

“N-no he doesn’t.  Right, Chim?” I ask looking down at my best friend who is now rolled over onto his stomach, hiding his face.

Jimin groans on the floor, “I-I don’t know.”

“Oh, come on Jiminie.”  Yoongi pulls me down to the floor again.  Yoongi runs his knuckles along Jimin’s bare back.  “We can have so much fun.”

Jimin peaks up at Yoongi, “How?”

Yoongi smirks, “You’re not completely straight are you, Jiminie?”

“No, I’m bi.”  Jimin clarifies.

Yoongi hums, “Me too.”

“Okay then, well you guys just sort your homosexual tension out.  I won't even be mad.  Have fun.”  I try to stand but Yoongi just pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me.  It’s so stifling in this room.  I don’t even know what is going to happen, but it seems I’m going to be a part of it.

“Come on, angel, don’t you want to play with us?”  Yoongi purrs.


Third Person POV

“Come on, angel, don’t you want to play with us?”  Yoongi purrs.  He sees the change in her eyes almost instantly.  There seems to be an almost physical change as she falls into subspace.  He eyes get wider, her cheeks seem to get puffier as she pouts her lips, and she almost physically shrinks before his eyes.

“I-I wanna play, Daddy.”  She says in that small voice.

Jimin sits up quickly and looks at Yoongi with shock on his face, “Did you just- is she in subspace?”

Yoongi smirks at him, “Yeah.  Did you know about this?”

“Yeah.  It’s only happened like twice.”  Jimin says. “I-I’ve never just been able to bring it out of her.  But she’s so weird-”

“Because she’s almost like a little but not really?”  Yoongi asks curiously.

“Exactly!”  Jimin exclaims, “Sometimes she’s just like that though and I don’t know if she’s reverted or-”

“D-Daddy?”  YN’s small voice makes both men look at her.  Their eyes go wide when they see tears in her eyes, “D-do you w-want Jiminie instead of m-me?”

Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to wipe her tears away, “Oh, angel, I’m sorry.  No, I don’t want Jimin instead of you.  I promise.  I want you.  I just thought we might take care of Jimin today.  We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

She sniffles.  “O-okay.”

Jimin stares at them in awe.  He’s even more convinced YN is in love with Yoongi now.  YN wouldn’t be like this if she didn’t trust Yoongi completely, and after all the shit he’s done, she must love him to be able to trust him.  He also believes Yoongi is probably in love with YN as well.  He can see the soft look she told them about earlier.  The fact that they both seem to be completely oblivious to this fact is insane to him.  He understands they haven’t known each other long but looking at them like this, there’s no denying they’re in love.  Jimin feels a slight ache in his chest.

“Okay?  You want to play with Jiminie?”  Yoongi asks.

“I-I think I’m good.  I-I don’t want to come between you.”  Jimin starts to stand.  He’s going soft now.  Yoongi just caught him off guard.

A hand gently grabs his pants, he looks down at the sad eyes of his best friend, “Y-you don’t want me Jiminie?”

Oh shit, what is he supposed to say to that, “What?  No.  I-I-”

Yoongi isn’t stupid, he sees the way Jimin looks at YN.  He knows if she is upset about him leaving, she has more feelings than she has said.  They probably are both just oblivious to their feeling for each other because they’ve known each other so long.  “Jiminie just doesn’t want us to have a fight after.”

“Y-yeah, what he said.”  Jimin stutters.  This whole situation is very confusing.  He hasn’t thought of YN like this for so long.

“Jimin.”  Yoongi looks up at the younger man.  “Are you comfortable with this?”  Yoongi didn’t want any confusion here.

“I-I-” He takes a breath, “I’m confused.  I don’t really know what’s going on.  I-” I want it though.  He wants to say.

Yoongi doesn’t really know what’s going on either.  It’s like he’s on autopilot when he stands and cups Jimin’s face in his hands, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”  He wants Jimin though.  He should have been mad seeing YN on top of him, but he wasn’t. It turned him on.

Jimin is flabbergasted by Yoongi’s reaction.  Yoongi has pretty eyes.  Jimin likes his eyes.  He also has pretty pouty lips.  Oh shit. What is going on? Jimin wants to kiss his best friend’s boyfriend.  His best friend is right there, in fucking subspace!  Jimin pulls away and shakes his head.  “I-I can't.  Not- she’s in subspace.  What if she doesn’t like this?  She’s not in her right mind.  And you guys just- we can't-”

“Okay, okay,”  Yoongi says calmly and gives Jimin his space.  Yoongi thinks he probably came on too strong.  Putting YN into subspace probably didn’t help.  But fuck, he couldn’t help himself.  They looked so good together he just wanted to make it real.  “Jimin, look at me.”  Jimin does hesitantly.  His eyes are full of confusion.  “It’s okay. You’re okay.  Like I said, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Jimin relaxes at Yoongi’s words.  Which only makes this more confusing.  He looks down at his best friend, her eyes are still glassy and she’s still pouty.  He squats down in front of her.  “YN, will you come back to me?”

YN tilts her head and blinks.  Her eyebrow’s twitch as she tries to come out of subspace.  Jimin and Yoongi can see the change as she becomes herself again. She swallows and looks between them, “What’s going on?”

Chapter Text

Third Person POV

“What’s going on?”  She asks looking between the two men in front of her.  Her head feels a little fuzzy.  Fuck, that was all real.  It’s like she sobered up after being drunk and realizing all the bad decisions she’s made.

“What do you think is going on?”  Yoongi asks as he moves to sit in front of her.

She looks between them.  Jimin’s face is flushed and he keeps glancing at Yoongi.  Yoongi looks completely in control, which isn’t surprising.  “You guys want to fuck.”

Jimin covers his face.  Yoongi sighs, “Such a brat.”  He says under his breath.  He gives her a serious look, “How would you feel if I told you I might want Jiminie too.” No need to beat around the bush. Yoongi likes to get straight to the point.

Jimin’s head snaps to look at Yoongi.  He really wants me?

“How do you mean?”  YN asks hesitantly.  She finds it strange that there is no bubble of jealousy in her stomach.

“Well right now, I mean I really want to suck his dick,”  Yoongi says nonchalantly.  Honesty is the best policy.

Jimin groans and covers his face as he falls onto his ass, “Please don’t say things like that right now?”  This is already so awkward.

“Why?  It’s the truth.”  Yoongi shrugs.

“Jiminie gets flustered easily.”  YN giggles.

Jimin rolls onto the floor and hides his face again, “You don’t start either.” He mumbles.

YN directs her attention back to Yoongi, who is chuckling and smiling down at Jimin.  He looks so soft again, “Would this just be a sexual thing?” YN asks.

Yoongi looks at her with thoughtful eyes, “If that is what everyone wants.” If he was being honest, he doesn’t know what exactly he wants to come out of this.

“I need a drink.”  Jimin hops up and practically runs to the kitchen.

“Jimin-” YN starts.

“Nope, I need it to have this conversation.”  Jimin rummages around to find any kind of alcohol.

“Jimin is a stress drinker,”  YN says to Yoongi.  He doesn’t stress drink very often but it usually doesn’t turn out well when he does.

“I just need something to calm me down.  I feel like I’m suffocating right now.”  Jimin clarifies.  It’s not a bad thing, he just needs something to ease his nerves.  He hasn’t been this anxious in so long.

“I thought you wanted everyone to be in their right mind for this conversation,” Yoongi says right as Jimin pulls out a bottle of vodka. 

Jimin freezes momentarily.  He did say that.  “I just need a little.  I’m not going to get drunk.  I just need to take the edge off.”

Yoongi doesn’t like this.  Jimin sounds like an addict.  There is slight desperation in his voice.  He doesn’t think Jimin is one, but he doesn’t want him to become one either.  “Jimin,” Yoongi meets Jimin’s eyes over the counter, “come here.”

His voice is gentle but commanding and Jimin can't help but listen.  He walks back over to them with the vodka still in hand.  Yoongi reaches for the drink and Jimin hesitates, “I-I want to have this conversation. I-I’m fine.  I-I just need to calm down a little.”  Yoongi doesn’t look mad.  He doesn’t look like he’s going to tell Jimin no.  Jimin still feels compelled to explain.

“Since we haven’t discussed anything yet, I can't and won't tell you no.  But we will have some rules concerning alcohol depending on how this plays out.”  He looks at YN, “You will have rules for alcohol since your tolerance is practically nonexistent.”  YN is a lightweight.  Jimin is a stress drinker.

YN pouts, “Shut up.”

Yoongi looks up at Jimin, who is still standing.  Yoongi still has his hand out for the drink.  Jimin stares at him for a moment.  Yoongi said he can't and won't tell him no… so he quickly opened the bottle and takes a swig.  Then hands it to Yoongi.  “I’m good now.”  He saw something scary flash in Yoongi’s eyes.

Yoongi takes the bottle from Jimin.  He has to clench his jaw to keep himself from saying anything to Jimin.  That little act of defiance makes him want to pull Jimin across his knee.  He quietly stands and takes the bottle back to the kitchen, to get away from Jimin before he does something he shouldn’t.  “Why don’t we sit at the table,” Yoongi suggests. He has the other two move to the small round table.  There were only three chairs, Yoongi assumes because it had always just been YN, Jimin, and Hoseok in them.  “Tell me what you want,”  Yoongi says plainly as he sits down.  All the sexual tension, well most of it, was not gone and no longer clouding anyone’s judgment.

YN and Jimin look at each other.  YN shrugs and points at Jimin for him to talk.  Jimin clears his throat awkwardly, “Well I-I don’t know.  You said sexy shit and turned me on.  I-I was just horny.”  He lies, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes.

“Is that so?”  Yoongi raises an eyebrow.  “I personally would really like to such your dick.”

Jimin swallows and feels his face heat up.  “W-well, you’re dating YN, so I-I don’t know what to tell you.”

Yoongi looks at YN, “What do you want, princess?”

YN swallows, “I-I want everyone to be happy.”  She liked the idea of having two men to fawn over her.  She liked the idea of having Jimin, her partner in crime, to help her rile up Yoongi.  She liked the idea of teaming up with Yoongi to fluster Jimin.  There is so much fun to be had in threes.  “I-I would just like to be a part of whatever happens.” She says quietly.  The only thing she didn’t like was the possibility of both of them leaving her.

“Oh no, sweets, I wouldn’t let that happen.”  He replies like he can read her mind.  Jimin takes her hands in his and looks her in the eyes sincerely.  “He-he’s yours.”  It doesn’t matter how he feels about either of them, YN comes first.

YN tilts her head, “Do you want him Jimin?”  It’s not meant to be accusatory.  Fuck, look at Yoongi anyone who has eyeballs knows he’s attractive.  His hard demeanor would make anyone want him to bend them over a table.

Jimin swallows, “A-and you.”  He says quietly and looks down at their hands.  He’s never admitted that to her.  He’s never told her how he really feels about her.

Yoongi smiles as they have their moment.  He knew Jimin felt this way about YN but also knew he would never act on it.  It was just a happy coincidence that he also happened to want Yoongi as well. Yoongi’s relationship with YN was already unorthodox, why not make that much weirder.

“Y-you want me?”  YN stutters.

“Y-yeah.  I know we haven’t like been a thing really before but you’re my best friend and I have never been able to see myself with anyone else.”  He admits.  This is so fucked up.  He’s being so selfish.  YN and Yoongi are probably happy without him.  What if he fucks everything up between them?

YN looks at Yoongi.  She doesn’t know what to do or say.  “I’m open to anything as long as all parties are in agreement.”  Yoongi supplies formally.

“I-I’m sorry.”  Jimin’s voice breaks, “I-I should go.  Th-this is-” He stands, “I-I’m not trying to come between you.”  He fakes a smile, “I-I just haven’t gotten laid in a while. Sorry.”  He moves to leave.

“We can fix that.”  Those words make Jimin stop in his tracks.  The fact that the words came from YN was more shocking than the words themselves.


She stands and moves over to her best friend.  Jimin knows that look in her eye.  It’s her sexy, I want to cum look.  “Why don’t you let us take care of you, Jimin?”  She presser her body against Jimin.  She looks over to Yoongi.

Yoongi stands without a word and strides over to them.  He stands face to face with Jimin.  He leans in slowly, to give the younger time to back away, he doesn’t, so Yoongi gives him a soft peck on his plump lips.  “Was that okay?”

Jimin nods, “Y-yeah.”  He inhales a shaky breath, “I-I think we should- we should take this slow.” Yoongi and YN exchange a look then look back at Jimin.  “You guys just had sex.  It was YN’s first time.  We should- we should take some time to figure this out.”

Yoongi smiles and cups the back of Jimin’s neck affectionately, “Okay, baby, we can go as slow as you want.”  He looks down at YN, “That goes for both of you.”

“But Jiminie, you’re still so hard.”  YN points out but resists the urge to palm him over his pants.

Jimin breathes out of his nose, “Nothing a cold shower can't fix.”  He’s probably past the point of that working, he’d have to rub one out either way.  What has he gotten himself into? 

“We could still help, peach.”  Yoongi hums. “No, penetration necessary.”

“P-peach?”  Jimin stutters.

“You’ve got nice ass, Jiminie. And a pretty peachy cheeks when you blush.” Yoongi strokes a thumb across his cheek. Yoongi moves to stand behind Jimin and places his hands on Jimin’s hips.  “Would you like me to help, peach?”

“Please,” The word comes out as a desperate whisper.

Yoongi hums, “Princess, why don’t you help him out of those pants.”  YN gets down on her knees as Yoongi starts to kiss Jimin’s neck.  She looks up at Jimin for permission, he nods, and she pulls his pants down.  “You’re so hot, Jiminie.”  He runs his hands over Jimin’s abs then grasps his hard cock in his hands.  “Is this all for me peach?” 

Jimin lets out a choked moan and leans his head back on Yoongi’s shoulder. “Y-yeah.”

“Daddy.”  Yoongi commands, “Call me daddy.”

Jimin groans, “Fuck, Daddy, yes.”

YN stays on her knees and watches as Yoongi strokes Jimin with practiced hands. “I want you to cum on our little princess’s face.”  Yoongi whispers in Jimin’s ear.

“Fuck.”  Jimin groans. He looks down to see YN sitting with her mouth open.  “Ah, fuck.”

“Cum for me.”  Yoongi purrs.

“Daddy!”  Jimin whines as he cums.  White ropes of cum splatter onto YN’s tongue and face and onto Yoongi’s hand.  Jimin pants and leans his head back on Yoongi’s shoulder.  What has he gotten himself into?

Chapter Text

Third Person POV

A few days later after the initial shock wore off, YN and Jimin had to have dance practice to work on their dance for their semester duets.  They may have been conspiring on how to get Yoongi to join them without asking.

“You are going to a private dance practice?”  Yoongi asks as you get dressed.

You sigh, “Yeah, sorry.  I mean it’s only private as in no one else will be using the practice room.”

Jimin walks in your room as you pull on a crop-top.  “Ready?”  Jimin asks doing a weird dance that involves seductively circling his hips.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, “What kind of dance is this?”

“Hip-hop,”  Jimin responds.  “We have a song, but we got to come up with choreo,”  Jimin smirks because the song just so happens to be one that Yoongi did with Hoseok and Namjoon.

“Hmm, well have fun,”  Yoongi says. He has a feeling they want him to come but aren’t asking him to, he enjoys making them work for it.

YN and Jimin have an eye conversation.  Then YN sighs, “I think you’d like the song we got.”

“What is it?”  He asks with a head tilt, now looking between the mischievous best friends.

Jimin smirks easily, “You’ll see… eventually.”

Yoongi knows they’re trying to play with him, “Well, can't wait.”  He stands to exit.

YN huffs, “Do you want to come watch us practice?”

Yoongi turns slowly, “I thought it was a private practice.”

YN rolls her eyes, “As in we have the room to ourselves, as I said before.”

Yoongi smirks, “Ask nicely.”

YN looks at Jimin who shrugs, then rolls her eyes and says, “Please Daddy, will you come watch us dance?”  with big eye and a pout.

Yoongi smiles triumphantly, “Anything for you, princess.”  He walks out with them.


Yoongi thinks watching YN and Jimin stretch is simultaneously absolutely horrifyingly disgusting and insanely fucking hot.  They’re both so flexible.  How do their bodies do that?  It gives him so many ideas.

“Hyung,” Jimin leans onto his elbows while his legs are out in a straddle and Yoongi thinks he might die.

Yoongi only grunts in response.

Jimin tilts his head cutely, “No is a perfectly acceptable answer, but do I get in on all the Sugar Daddy business like YN or…?”  YN gasps and hits him. “What?  That is a perfectly reasonable question!” He exclaims.

Yoongi chuckles, “Of course, if she’s my princess then that makes you my prince.”  Granted Yoongi would probably say yes to anything Jimin asked with his legs spread like that, but he doesn’t need to know that.

“Just so you know, I won't be a big prude about it like the little princess, over there.”  He goads.

YN squints at him then scoots over in front of Jimin.  She puts her feet on his thighs and grabs his hands.  Jimin’s smirk drops just before she pushes his legs back and pulls his arms forward.  She lays all the way down and Jimin whines.  The sound shoots Yoongi right in the dick.  “Keep being a dick, I dare you.”  YN growls.

“Fine.  FINE! I GIVE!  LET ME GO!”  Jimin cries. Yoongi doesn’t want this to stop.

YN releases him, Yoongi groans internally.  “Good.”  YN bubbles and spreads her legs, “Now do me.”

Jimin shakes his legs out for a moment then puts his feet on YN’s thighs and pulls her forward by her hands.  She doesn’t complain.  “Yeah, it’s not fair that this is basically nothing to you.”  Jimin grumbles.

YN smirks up and Jimin and nods.  Yoongi’s spirit leaves his body when she pulls herself forward and onto her knees.  “You’re just mad I’m more flexible than you.”

“Sorry I have a dick.”  Jimin sneers.

“You guys stretch like that every day?”  Yoongi interrupts their little argument.

“I do.”  YN says with emphasis on ‘I’ and a side eye to Jimin then smiles proudly, “That’s why I’m more flexible.”

“Oh, fuck you.  I stretch every day!”  Jimin retorts childishly.

Is this how it’s always going to be?  Yoongi thinks he kinda likes it.  Two bratty subs just for him.  “We still need to work out some details of this relationship.  So, get on with your practice, so we can do that.”  They play hit each other for a little bit before Jimin plugs in his phone and plays the song.  He smirks at Yoongi when it starts.  “How did you guys even get this song?” 

Jimin shrugs, “Hobi, might have directed us to soundcloud.”

“Wasn’t the song assigned?”

“It was.  Hobi might have also shown it to our instructor.”  YN smiles.

Yoongi rolls his eyes.  They let the song play on repeat.  They listen to it a few times then start to let their bodies move to the beat separately. Yoongi sees why they’re such good partners.  They don’t talk much; they really just dance, and their bodies seem to sync up.  Every so often one of them will do something that the other likes and they’ll exclaim about how good that is and incorporate it, but overall, they don’t talk.

After about thirty minutes they have a rough outline of the choreo.  They’re dripping in sweat.  YN decides to just lay spread eagle on the floor, to which Jimin only chuckles and goes to get water.

“What do you think, hyung?”  Jimin asks.

“I’m wondering why you guys never dated before.”  Yoongi blurts out bluntly.

Jimin’s eyes widen, “Um, I don’t know, we just-”

“Jimin never asked.”  YN pipes up.

Jimin’s head snaps over to her, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, Jimin, I figured you didn’t like me because after I asked you to be my first sexual experience you never asked.  So, I just gave up on it.”  She clarifies.

“I’m sorry, what part of ‘Jimin will you eat me out, I’ll suck your dick.’ Sounds like ‘please date me’?” Jimin sneers.

YN sits up, “Every part of that screams ‘I like you and trust you enough to do this.’  You’re just an idiot.  I had a crush on you for years!”

They glare at each other.  Yoongi sigh, “Settle down, children.”  He waves his hands.  “YN you told me before you didn’t have sex with Jimin because you didn’t want things to get weird between you.”

“Yeah, because he never asked me out after all the other stuff so…”  She looks down.

“Jimin did you ever think that she wanted that because she liked you?” Yoongi asks him.

“No. I had no idea.”  Jimin defends, “I just thought she didn’t want to be completely inexperienced.  I figured that since she didn’t want to have sex with me that she was waiting for someone special and I wasn’t special enough.”  Jimin looks down now.

Yoongi think they’re both adorable little idiot at this moment.  Both pouting because the other didn’t like them enough, but they really just didn’t realize they were mutually pining for each other.  “Communication is key in any relationship.  It is going to be very important for all of us.  Can we all agree to tell each other our feelings and what we’re thinking from now on?”  They both nod.  “Answer me properly.”  Yoongi demands.

“Yes, Daddy.”  They say simultaneously.

Yoongi chuckles, “It’s amazing to me how in sync you two are with each other.” Yoongi eyes them both as they glance at each other.  He shakes his head, “Okay so Jimin gets money too, you’re both blind idiots, communication. I also think that we should all have time to be together as…” He furrows his eyebrows, “couples?”  he shakes his head, “I don’t know, but we don’t always have to be three, you understand?”

Jimin tilts his head, “So we’ll be fucking in pairs separately? And leaving someone out?”

“Unless, that makes you uncomfortable?”  Yoongi assures.

Jimin blushes and looks down.  He thinks it’s a good idea, but he also feels like he might just be left out all the time.

“Communication,” Yoongi states.

Jimin lets out a breath, “I just feel like maybe you guys will just go off on your own all the time and I’ll basically just be around when you want to spice things up.”  Jimin curses himself when he feels tears sting his eyes.

Yoongi crawls over to the younger man, cups his cheeks, and kisses him gently on the lips.  “We can agree no fooling around without all three of us.  And if two of us are feeling frisky, we let the third know and they can decide if they want to join or not?”

Jimin avoids Yoongi’s eyes, “But if you’re in the moment-”

“Then someone will be responsible enough to tell the third and if they’re not the third gets to punish the other two.”  Yoongi suggests.

“We would get to punish you?”  YN chimes in with eager eyes.

Yoongi rests his hands on Jimin’s shoulders now.  “I don’t plan on forgetting, but yes if it should happen. Jimin is concerned with you and I forgetting, but this could be fun.  I believe if anyone forgets it will be when it’s the two of you leaving me out.” Yoongi concludes.

YN tilts her head cutely, “But what if we want to play and know you’re coming home and will catch us… wouldn’t that be fun?”

Yoongi chuckles lightly, “I’ll still punish you because that is part of the rules.”

“Are we going to like write these all down and sign it because I feel like we could forget this or misremember it easily?”  Jimin asks.  His hands now resting on Yoongi’s thighs.

“I don’t usually do official contracts, but I’m thinking that with three it might be a good idea.”  Yoongi muses. He doesn’t miss the way Jimin starts running his hands up and down his thighs lightly.

“It doesn’t have to be official, official.”  Jimin shrugs.

“Maybe just something with all the rules.”  YN adds.

Yoongi nods, “If that is what you want.”  Jimin’s hands move up to Yoongi’s hips.  Yoongi looks down and finds his little prince gazing up at him.  “Yes, little prince?”

Jimin’s grip tightens slightly, “Would I get to dom you?”

Yoongi wasn’t expecting that.  He never considered that Jimin would want that.  Even YN is surprised.  Jimin’s gaze doesn’t waver as Yoongi looks down at him.  “If I say no…?”

Jimin shrugs, “That’s fine, I just would like to fuck you.  Can I at least,” Jimin pulls Yoongi forcefully to him so that they’re bodies are flush together, “do stuff like that?”

Yoongi looks down at him for a moment, then adjusts to straddle the younger’s thighs. “Yes, but I can't say I will always allow it.  I will consider the other request.”

Jimin bites his bottom lip then pulls Yoongi to grind down on his half-hard member.  “You’re just so small, hyung.  It just makes me want to throw you around.”

Yoongi’s eye twitches.  He reaches up to grab a fist full of Jimin’s hair, “Now, you’re just testing your luck.” Yoongi growls and Jimin groans.  He would be lying if he didn’t think that Jimin’s strength wasn’t impressive.  He’s seen Jimin throw YN around when they dance, it’s hot.  “We’re also like the same height.”

Jimin grins, “Bet I’m stronger though.”

Yoongi grips Jimin’s hair tighter and grinds down on him, “I won't argue that. That’s what makes your submission that much sweeter.”  His other hand moves to Jimin’s neck as he push the younger down onto the floor, “Now be a good boy, little prince, or Daddy will have to punish you.”  Jimin’s whole body goes lip under Yoongi, well everything except his dick which is fully hard now.  “Good boy.”  Yoongi rises off him.  “Now let’s go write up these rules.  We’ll go to my apartment so there is no chance of Hoseok barging in.”  He walks over and offers his hand to YN, “Come, princess.”

She takes it and stands.  “Any time you guys just want to fuck and just let me watch, I’m totally down.  That was hot.”

Yoongi chuckles and turns to Jimin, “Come, little prince.”  He holds out his hand to Jimin who takes it but stands slowly.

“I would like to.”  Jimin says in a bratty tone.

Yoongi chuckles.  Both of them are such brats.  “In due time, little prince.”  He pats Jimin on the butt then walks towards the exit.


“Okay, rule number 1, communication.”  Yoongi types on his computer.  YN is sitting in Jimin’s lap in his spare chairs so he can type freely.  “Rule number two, when two partners-”

“are getting frisky,” YN says.

“are having sexy time,” Jimin says.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, “are fooling around, they must inform the third partner. Otherwise, the third person gets the right to punish the other two.”  He types quickly.  “Rule number three, all parties will use the color system.  Green means go, yellow means slow down, red means stop.  If any partner says red everything stops immediately.” The other two nod.  “Rule number 4, aftercare:  whoever doms, will be in charge of aftercare for the sub or subs.” Yoongi looks at Jimin, “Do you know how to do aftercare?”

Jimin nods, “I do.  It’s different for everyone though, I’ll see what you do for YN and do that as well.  Personally, I enjoy a bath after and or cuddles.”  He smiles cutely.

Yoongi looks at YN now, “Hear that?  Remember that.  I’ll put that under here.  What should I put for you, princess?”

“I like baths and cuddles too,”  YN says in a small voice.

Yoongi squints at her for a moment, her eyes look normal.  He types YN’s name next to Jimin’s “Anything else for either of you?”  They shake their heads, “We can edit this if necessary.  I will always praise you both afterward.”

The best friends share a look.  “What about you, hyung?”

Yoongi’s fingers freeze.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never subbed.  We will consider me subbing a hard limit.  Not off the table, but unlikely to happen.  We will cross that bridge when we get to it.  Baths and cuddles should be fine.”  He adds that.  “Do we want to include hard limits for everyone on here?  Anything you both will not do at all or that you are iffy about?”

YN automatically turns red, because yes there is something, “I-I’m a bit iffy on double penetration… um a-at least in one hole.  Um b-both holes might be okay, b-but I-I don’t know about one…”

“Okay, princess.  That’s understandable.  No need to be embarrassed.”  Yoongi assures her softly.

Jimin hugs her and kisses her cheek.  “I’m not into extreme punishments.  Spanking is fine, I don’t like caning or anything that might draw blood. And please don’t step on my dick.” Jimin states.

“Can I use orgasm denial on you?”  Yoongi asks.

Jimin licks his lips, “If you must.”  He looks at Yoongi innocently, “I’m a good boy though.”

Yoongi scoffs and turns to type out the new limits.  “How about a cock cage?”

Jimin physically shrinks and seems to hide behind YN.  When he doesn’t hear an answer, Yoongi turns back to look at them. “I-I-um, I have used one.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, “How about a cock ring?  Something lighter, easier.”  Jimin swallows but nods.  “Should I put the cage as a hard limit?”  Jimin thinks for a moment then nods.  Yoongi types that in.  “Degradation, praise, public stuff, choking, collaring, bondage, blindfolding, and toys are all good for everyone?”

“Yes, Daddy.”  They both say.

Yoongi looks at Jimin, “Penetration?”  He nods, “Overstimulation?”  He nods with slight hesitation, “Feminization?” He smirks and nods, “Pet play,” He pretends to pant like a dog and nods, “I was thinking more of a kitten play.”  He meows. Yoongi types it all up.  Then remembers.  “Ah yes, almost forgot.”  He turns back to them, “The alcohol clause.”  Jimin rolls his eyes and YN smiles derpily.  “Jimin I need to know what the different types of alcohol do to YN.”

“Oh, fun.  Let's see,” he thinks for a moment, “Tequila makes her clothes fall off, there is no line with wine, she seeks fame with champagne-”

“Why does this sound like a shitty rap?”  Yoongi asks.

“Because Hoseok came up with it.”  Jimin laughs.

“Of course he did.”  Yoongi rolls his eyes, then stands, “Here, you type all that out since you know it.”

They switch places.  “This is a nice chair.”  Jimin admires before he types, “there’s also, rum makes her go bum bum, which just means she dances like super sexy.  The wine thing means she has no filter and just says whatever pops into her head.  Remember when you met and she said you looked sad?” Jimin explains.  They have all come very far since then and it hasn’t even been that long.  “She yacks with cognac.  Whiskey makes her frisky,” he wiggles cutely, “she's a fireball with fireball, like she will literally fight anyone and everyone for no reason.  It’s hilarious.”

“You experimented with this?”  Yoongi asks.

“We had to, YN will literally drink anything anyone gives her.”  Jimin explains.

Yoongi glares at her, “That’s not very smart.”

“Yeah, so we came up with this to figure out what she was drinking.”  Jimin adds.  “Gin makes her spin, now that one is weird and we just don’t let her have gin because she will literally spin in circles until she throws up.”

Yoongi squints at her, she shrugs, “I can't exactly help it you know.”

“That’s about it.  Sake and soju aren’t usually served at parties but they have about the same effect, she spaces out really hard with those.  It’s almost creepy because she will look right at you and you feel like she’s looking into your soul but she’s not even there.”

“I’m starting to think that maybe we should just not let her drink at all.” Yoongi considers.

“I mean I don’t really drink often.”  She shrugs. “Jimin is the one we need to worry about.”

That earns her a glower that makes even Yoongi uncomfortable, “Yes, this stress drinking… I don’t like it.”  Yoongi says. “I won't say you can't drink but I don’t want you getting drunk because you’re stressed.  I want you to come to both of us or one of us and we can talk about it and do something else to help.”

Jimin doesn’t like this.  He doesn’t have a problem.  Sometimes he just needs to take the edge off.  He has a stare off at Yoongi, but eventually gives in, “Fine.”

“I also don’t want either of you drinking without my knowledge.  I will also inform you when I’m drinking, although I probably won't be doing that in a situation that at least one of you wouldn’t be around.”  Yoongi adds. Jimin types angrily on the computer. “There will be punishment for breaking any of these rules.”

They all agree.

“Now, let’s play.”  Yoongi smirks.