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Harry Potter One-Shots/Short Fics

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“Neville, trying holding your wand like this.“ I instructed the boy, giving him an example with my own wand, "Hold it tightly, and keep your hand steady. You don’t want to whip your wand around to much.” Neville had agreed to help me with Herbology if I would help him outside of DA meetings with… well general magic. I never really believed that Neville was bad at magic, he just had a lot of anxiety.
The taller boy flicked his wand around, “STUPEFY!” He shouted at the Death Eater dummy, yet he was only granted with small, lifeless sparks from the tip of his wand. He sighed as he sat on the cold floor of the Room of Requirement. “I’m hopeless.” He breathed. I quickly rushed over to his side, sitting down next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.
“Don’t say that Neville! You are an amazing wizard, you’re just really distracted is all.” I comforted, he replied with a small sigh, turning his face towards mine. “You are letting everyone’s words get to you, and you really shouldn’t! Even Harry has said that you have been improving at a great rate!” There was a small silent pause, “You are a great, handsome, talented wizard, anybody who thinks differently has got to be crazy.” I smiled, hugging him closer. Neville’s face grew a bright shade of red, but despite his blushing, he still had a look of doubt on his face. I swallowed the small lump that was growing in my throat and pulled the boy towards me, crashing my lips into his. Neville’s body stiffened and I could feel his face warm up. After I felt him ease up a bit, I pulled away slowly.
“W-Why’d.. What..” Neville mumbled. “Encouragement. Now could you please at least try a couple more times. I know you can do this!” I smiled as I stood up and held out my hand for him. He took hold of it slowly as he pulled himself up. A look of determination flashed in his eyes, as he gave a quick nod, holding his wand out in front of him.