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25 Days of Christmas

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Bosco was not big on Christmas, so to come visiting Bickslow, the Pradesh brood was hardly prepared for the utter insanity that was going on. There were decorations everywhere and people milling around with Egg Nog – much of it, they mused, was spiked – and generally just in good moods.


The snow was falling and the guildhall just radiated a warmth for the upcoming holiday.


“Lucy-san! Lucy-san!” The voice of a young girl cut through the air and they all absently turned to watch the small girl dart towards the doors as they opened just a bit and then closed behind a small figure that was bundled up.


The hood of the cloak was lowered and blonde hair fell out, “Asuka!” The woman started to take off her gloves and the jacket she wore beneath the cloak, “what’s got you excited?”


“I’m writing a letter to santa!”


The woman’s features warmed and she smiled, “oh! That’s good!”


“I need help!”


One blonde brow arched as the woman looked down at the girl, “Oh?”


“My writing’s messy!”


Lucy laughed softly, “oh, I see, why not ask someone else?”


“your writing is pretty.”


The woman blushed and let the girl tug her along to a table and she settled with the girl in her lap, “alright…I suppose we should get working on this, hmm?”


“Right!” Asuka grinned, “I’ll dicate!”


“Dictate. Alright, let’s start,” Lucy smiled and the group all felt their hearts warm at a woman that was good with children and probably would be a wonderful mother.


“Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! This year I don’t want much…” The girl looked thoughtful as she sat there, “…I want my Aunt Lucy to smile brightly again. She hasn’t since that really bad war where the big cube came down on the city…”


Lucy blinked and then smiled, almost sadly as she wrote, letting out a small sound to let the girl know to continue as she wrote.


“I’d like Auntie Mira and Uncle Freed to stop sneaking around,” Asuka grinned, “and a new brother. That’s all!”


Lucy snorted in humor, “I’m not sure Santa can give you any of these things…” She kissed the girl’s head and smirked as she saw a red faced Mira and Freed. Of Course, a Lot of people were smirking at the two, but there were a few confused faces and had been since the girl’s first ‘christmas wish’.  When Lucy was done writing, she blew on the paper for a moment before folding it and putting it in an envelope, writing on it before nodding, “All done. Now all you have to do is mail it.”