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Bonds That Bind Us

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Rosalie stared at the guilty expression on her son’s face. “What did you do Andy?”

“I uh… so it was a complete accident.” He hopped from one foot to the other, his best puppy dog eyes aimed at her. “But I just found them and well…”

She sighed as she took in bright red eyes that indicated he’d eaten a human again. “What was it this time?”

“They were wearing white sheets.” His face curled in disgust. “Who actually has a KKK meeting in the middle of nowhere? It’s the twenty first century.” He crossed his arms. “I couldn’t just pretend I hadn’t seen them. So I ate them.”

Reaching up she pinched the bridge of her nose. “You’re meeting the coven tomorrow and you decided to kill some humans? Really?”

“They were monsters. Couldn’t let them go on to terrorize people.” His face took on a mullish set. “I cleaned up after myself. Looks like their two cars crashed into each other and then caught on fire.”

Rosalie groaned. “You couldn’t be a normal newborn? It's not accidents. First it was your field trip into town for the first time and you ate that date rapist who was putting something in a girl’s drink. Which I understand. But you’re not some sort of avenging angel of death Andy.”

“I mostly eat animals. I just eat bad people sometimes.” He grumbled.

She gave him her best disapproving glare. “You shouldn’t be eating anyone! I know you can control yourself. You have remarkable self control for only being a vampire for a few months. But that doesn’t mean you can just kill people because you don’t like them.”

“I’m never going to be the sort of person who stands by while rapists and racial terrorists walk around in front of me.” He tipped his chin up. “I’d have gotten into a fight with them when I was a human. Now that I’m not human I don’t have to tolerate the pieces of shit.”

Rosalie stepped forward and grabbed his ear. “You’re going to learn how to because I’m not going to have a murderer for a son.”

“Ow!” He yelped tilting his head as she dragged him by his ear into the house.

She ignored his yelp of pain, it didn’t actually hurt and he’d just eaten humans. “Ten hours of knitting. And go get a shower you reek of human blood.”

“I didn’t spill that much!” He grumbled as he let himself be hauled in.

Rosalie released his ear and pointed to the room full of yarn and various hats and scarves he’d been working on after the last human he’d eaten. “You should have time to drop off everything at the church in town before everyone arrives.”

“Yes, mom.” He ducked towards her and kissed her cheek before loping off to his punishment.

Her lips twitched in a smile as she watched him disappear into the knitting room. He was infuriating, but she couldn’t help but love him. Rosalie didn’t even twitch as her phone rang. “Hi Alice.”

-”I’m so sorry, I didn’t see what he was going to do till it was too late.”- Alice was audibly pouting.

Rosalie left the house, best to avoid keen vampire ears. “He’s not exactly a long term murder planner.”

-”Carlisle and Edward won’t let him start up at school with him being this unpredictable.”- Alice warned.

She picked up the bottle of wine she’d taken to leaving at the gazebo Emmett had built for her since she’d started raising a newborn. She bit the cork out and took a drink. It was entirely a placebo effect, but drinking made her feel better. And wine wasn’t that awful to drink. Throwing it up later was worth it. “We can homeschool him. He wasn’t looking forward to going to highschool again anyways. I’m more worried he’s going to pull an Edward and go off actively hunting down evil people.”

-”I don’t see him making that choice.”- Alice huffed. -”His future is so vague. I can see him with the family for decades and decades. But there’s so much that I just can’t see.”-

Rosalie smirked. “Don’t pout just because your powers aren’t all knowing for once in your life.”

-”Well he’s going to love the room Emmett has set up for him in the house. And the welcome home gift he got for him.”- Alice chirped as she seemed to move on from the disappointment of not seeing all. -”Once you are up here in Forks I’m going to take him shopping! It will be so nice to have someone new to shop for!”-

She laughed outright. “He’s not a doll. But please yes babysit him for a few days. If anything he deserves a week of shopping with you.”

-”That’s not nice.”- Alice replied in amusement. -”Just think, you’re getting to experience having a teenager.”-

“I miss his sweet tweens.” Rosalie replied dryly. “He just hunted elk and he broke every table in the house arm wrestling with my husband.”

Alice snickered. -”You know he’s starting to like knitting?”-

“I’d realized.” She finished off the bottle of wine. “How long do I have till Emmett has finished the run here?”

Alice’s voice had a smile in it. “He’ll be there in four hours along with Carlisle. You might want Andy to finish his punishment knitting once he gets to Forks with you three.”

“He can knit till they arrive.” Rosalie didn’t feel like giving him the news of the break in his punishment till she had to. “I’ll see you after the run to Forks.” She let her head lull back. “So, is Forks as boring as usual?”

Alice snorted outright. -“Well if you mean besides Edward meeting his Singer. He’s now smitten with her.”-

“He what?!” Rosalie straightened in horror. “He met his singer?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

-”You’re not speaking to him after he was snide about you turning Andy. Not to mention you’re raising a newborn in the middle of Montana. We didn’t want to worry you. Jasper and I are keeping an eye on him.”- Alice sounded cautious.

She hissed. “He’s approaching a human that is his singer! Are you listening to yourself? She’s going to find out, he’s going to make a mistake and kill her. And if either of those things happen at a bad period of time he’s going to expose us all. How dare he lecture me about turning Andy when he’s risking everything because of his singer.”

-”She’s a lovely girl. Her name’s Bella. He thinks she could be his mate.”- Alice replied.

Rosalie snarled outright at that. “She’s a human!”

-”She’s going to be my best friend.”- Alice cut in. -”You need to give her a chance. We won’t let the family be exposed.”-

She scoffed. “We’ll see.”



Rosalie returned the house, she felt exhausted even though she didn’t need to sleep. She paused in the doorway, looking in at Andy knitting in rocking chair. A warm feeling filled her chest. He was irritating and passionate but she loved her son more than she could say. It fulfilled her need to be a mother. This was what she was made for. “More baby blankets?”

“Well I’ve already made a lot of booties, hats and sweaters for kids.” Andy looked up and winked at her.

She stepped over to him and brushed at his curly black hair. “How can you be so kind and so easily kill?”

Andy’s knitting needles continued to click as he seemed to think. “Because I care. How can I not help when I have the option to?”

“You were a social worker.” Rosalie shook her head.

He lowered his knitting. “I’ve never been the type who could see something wrong and do nothing.” Andy shrugged. “Now I’m a vampire and what that something is that I can do is more permanent.”

She wished she could say she didn’t understand. But then she’d killed her rapists. The revulsion she felt for that act had nothing to do with guilt. How many times had she heard and seen things in her long life and wanted to do something? “You should be careful once we join with the rest of the coven. We have fought for what humanity we have.”

“I can’t promise to stand aside and do nothing.” Andy’s red eyes met hers. “But I won’t go looking for it.”

“You never do.” Rosalie picked up the newest book she’d purchased. “Try just breaking a hand or something next time.”

Andy grinned. “Are you telling me to get into fights?”

“I’m telling you to not kill them.” She rolled her eyes. “It should help you’re going to be homeschooling with Esme during the day instead of going to the high school.”

He perked up. “Does that mean I can take online college classes, volunteer somewhere?”

“Yes. But no volunteering without one of us with you. You’re only a few months old.” She laughed at his pout. “Oh don’t worry, once you hit five you’ll be allowed out without supervision.”

“You let me out without supervision now.” He grumbled.

She stared at him in disbelief. “And how many humans have you eaten?”

“Not on accident.” Andy pointed out, aiming a knitting needle at her.

Rosalie groaned. “That barely helps.”

“But you still love me.” He grinned, his needles starting to click again.

She shook her head. “Unfortunately.”

“Love you too mom.” Andy’s eyes were soft around the sides as he shot her another wink.


Rosalie barely noticed Carlisle, she just slammed into Emmett. She buried her face in his shoulder, as he hugged her as tight as he could, and she hugged him as tight as she could. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He murmured, his voice thick with emotion.

She sighed, a week without her mate and been agony. Shifting she kissed him hotly, pieces of herself slotting back into place, her guard dropping, stress melting away. Leaning her forehead against his she just breathed him in as their mouths separated.

Emmett chuckled. “How have you and the squirt been?”

“You deserve to have to deal with him.” Rosalie pulled back so she could stare into his warm caramel eyes. “Our son is a handful.”

He snorted, shifting so his arm was still wrapped around her, but so that they could interact with the others. Grinning he smiled at Andy. “What have you been putting my Rosie through Squirt?”

“My terrible toddler years.” Andy grinned happily.

Carlisle cleared his throat, a fond look on his face as he stepped forward. He held out his hand to Andy. “It’s a pleasure to me you Andrew, I’m Carlisle.”

“Nice to meet you Grandpops.” Andy took the hand and shook it enthusiastically. “Heard a lot about you, and have to say I’m supes impressed.”

Carlisle quirked a brow up as he smiled. “Supes?” He laughed softly. “I’ve heard a great deal about you as well young man. I’m told you’re very kind and have been taking to our way of life quite well.”

Rosalie smiled fondly at her newborn. “He has remarkable self control, better than I did at his age.”

“Then you must be really quite strong willed.” Carlisle’s face turned sad and compassionate. “I am truly sorry for your slip.” He looked meaningfully at Andy’s red eyes. “It must have been awful for you.”

Andy blinked and then snorted. “Wasn’t a slip. Found some racists terrorists in the woods in sheets and figured I should do some cleaning up of the world if it felt like gift wrapping dinner for me.”

“We’re not a human eating coven.” Carlisle said cautiously, his eyes flicking to her and Emmet.

Andy rubbed at the back of his head. “I don’t mind hunting animals, and I promise not to go looking for humans to eat.”

“Well, our family is looking forward to welcoming you.” Carlisle relaxed. “So, are we prepared to run? Or is there anything you have left to do?”

Rosalie rested her head against Emmet. “We’re ready. Let’s go to Forks.” She paused. “Please say it has more buildings than it did last time?”

“It’s Forks love.” Emmett laughed.