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The year “The Island” was established everyone was in shock and awe. The only time you would hear about those fantastical boarding schools for the rich and the famous teens of the rich and the famous was in fiction. But there it was, brick and mortar; an island the size of Maui, in the shape a compass. Brock was seven when it christened as its own country, but doesn’t remember much about that day other than his parents had yet another particularly violent fight. But the mysterious atmosphere around the prestigious academy grew stale within only a few months; no one ever saw it in person. And sure there were rumors around where it was and who actually attended it but nothing truly substantial. The people in Brock’s neighborhood speculated that it housed a cult and that if anyone were to ever get an invitation it would bring a curse upon the family. Networks and Hollywood producer made shows and movies about the long lost school in the middle of the ocean that only housed the dead. Or some other sci-fi thing like that. When Brock was fourteen, he was watching one with a very lovely young lady when his father moved out for good.