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Demon Might

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In a world full of Heros with amazing quirks and abilities, being one of the very few who were quirkless.. sucked.

You weren't sure how you came to the idea that maybe if demons were real, you could summon one and beg them to give you a quirk.

The idea came to you as you were putting away the new stock of books your store had ordered. One happened to be about a man who made a deal with the devil for ultimate power. You shook your head as you read the back, but while you went about your day, that seed of a thought started to grow more and more.

You stood at your cash register and just started to reflect on how it was growing up without a quirk. The dark and lonesome memories flowing back into your mind. You closed your eyes as your life flashed back. Back to the time you had been full of excitement, childish joy and wonder. Then the day your world came crumbling down.

Your family was full of heroes with impressive quirks, From super strength to turning invisible, you had hoped to join your family's company and help those around you. But, You got the short straw and struck out.

You remembered being so excited as a child to be like your family, or even the Number one Hero, Endevour. You had posters of all your favorite heroes all over your small room. You stayed up late just to watch the late night news and see your Heroes in action. You were pumped to the max. You felt like nothing could break your spirits! You were going to become a hero!

But one day, you got criticality ill. Being sent to the hospital and put in intensive care. You couldn't really remember much of the days you were hooked up to all those machines. The day you overheard your doctor talk to your parents through, you could never forget.

"Your child will be fine, but I do have a pressing issue to discuss with you" He said as he looked down at your file. "Your child is quirkless." He said. You could hear your mother gasp and your father curse. "How do you know this? They could just be a late bloomer!" You heard your father say in a fit of rage at the doctor. "Your child is how old now? 7? They should have had their quirk 3 years ago, and the Xrays don't lie." He held up a xray taken of one of your legs. He pointed to your foot. Going over how there was a bone too many, and how you would never get a quirk. All because of one, tiny bone in your foot.

You remeber your heart sinking and your eyes welling up with tears. You choked back sobs as you rolled over in the hospital bed. Facing towards the window as you looked out. "Your child is quirkless", replayed over and over in your head, this couldn't be. He must have gotten it all wrong! You tried to keep telling yourself, but when your parents returned to your room, to see the sadness in their eyes, you knew the doctor wasn't wrong.

Even thou you knew, your parents didn't tell you right away. Things around your home had become much different. You knew that your siblings all knew, as everyone was so careful around you, as if you were a porcelain doll who could break at any second.

You were moved to a new school as well. One with people who were just like you. Quirkless.

You recalled those days had been dark and cold. You had thought being around others like yourself would give you some hope, some warmth in your life, but all you felt was the cold painful depression that loomed over your teenage years.

You opened your eyes as you heard the small bell by the door ding. You wiped the smalls tears from your eyes that had started to form. Composing yourself as quickly as you could.

You put your best smile on and greeted your customer. "Hello and Welcome! If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask!" You said in a chipper tone of voice.

Others may have seen, what looked like an outgoing and happy person. But deep down. You felt nothingness. It had all been a mask you wore since fate had decided to turn its back on you.

That book kept popping up in your mind. Could it possibly work? It wasn't like summoning the devil was unheard of.

Now you felt if this summoning worked, You could be like everyone else, maybe even better. Maybe there was still a small glimmer of hope left.

As the day went on you kept hyping yourself for your plans. You were going to do this. As you locked up shop you gathered the pile of books you had set aside throughout the day.

By the time your shift was over, that seed had bloomed into a flower. Now this thought ; this insane idea; Was starting to become something you really were considering.

You felt determined. Something you hadnt felt since you were young.

With a stack of books in your arms, you headed to the flight of stairs that lead up to your small apartment above the shop.

You were going to do this. There was no turning back.


This is where your story begins, the story of how you met the demon who changed your life. For better or for worse, you gave your soul to this demon who gave you all you could have ever want, and maybe, just a bit more.