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The Sweetest Thing

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It was five minutes until class started, and Iida Tenya was very close to having his first cardiac arrest at the tender age of fifteen.



“Where in the world is Todoroki-kun?!” He asked aloud once more, pacing up and down between the desks as his classmates looked at him, some with concern, some with humor. “Being late to class could be criteria for expulsion when it comes to Aizawa-sensei!”



“Dude, chill” Sero said as Iida walked past him for the twentieth time. “There's still time, and Aizawa-sensei always appears on the dot. Todoroki will get here before that, I'm sure”



“It's unbecoming of a student of UA to not be at least thirty minutes earlier to class!” Iida shouted, arms chopping the air. “A recommended student no less!”



Kaminari snorted. “Thirty minutes before class is when I'm waking up”



Before Iida could start yelling at him, the door slid open and Todoroki sprinted into the room, Aizawa running in behind him exactly when the bell rang.



Aizawa tsked, pushing his hair away from his face as he grinned. “You got lucky this time kid. Next one you're late I won't have mercy”



“I wasn't late” Todoroki answered, straightening his uniform, completely composed after his run in with near-expulsion. “I arrived before you” He walked to his desk, inconspicuously trying to wipe his face clean.



As he walked past, a pair of eyes followed him, and the light movement of his hand brushing at his nose. The most subtle dusting of white stuck above his upper lip as he tried to pass it off as a nonchalant nose scratching.



“COCAINE?!” Mineta yelled, hands slamming on his desk hard enough to bring everyone's attention to him. Todoroki stopped next to him, blinking surprised.



“What?” He asked, tilting his head in confusion. Then his tongue poked out unconsciously to lick at the dust on his lip. “Oh, I see. This is sugar”



Laughter sounded from everyone around as Todoroki resumed walking to his desk, leaving Mineta to sink into his seat in embarrassment at his outburst. Aizawa in the meantime had slipped into his sleeping bag and was standing in front of the class.



“If you're all quite finished, I think we have some classes to get started today”



The little event with Todoroki got put aside easily enough, their minds more worried with the upcoming midterms than with whatever he'd had for breakfast. The training exercises with All Might that followed homeroom were, luckily, more focused on one-on-one battles so the usual number of injuries resulting from his class were in the low—except Mineta who had to be taken away by the nurse robots after his unfortunate one move K.O. by Bakugou.



Yaoyorozu herself was having a bit of trouble with her own sparring with Todoroki. He seemed much more jittery than usual, his moves erratic and unpredictable, ice spreading in random patterns around her instead of the usual direct hits he would do. It was making her job harder, not giving her time to create weapons or shields as his attacks changed by the second, either creeping up along the ground or rising up high to tower above her. It was almost like he couldn't control himself.



A mallet sprouted from her leg, helping her smash the ice around her as she tried to remember the composition of the fuel in a flamethrower. The cold air was closing her pores and it caused her quirk to slow down as whatever she created would take longer to appear. At least she learned something new from this.



A whistle cut through the air and everyone stopped, turning to All Might who was taking his fingers out of his mouth. He congratulated them for their matches and send them off to change so they could be ready for lunch. Yaoyorozu dropped her mallet and walked up to Todoroki.



“Hey, are you okay?” She asked him.



He blinked at her, steam rising from his frozen right side as the ice armor melted away. “I am. Why do you ask?”



“It's just, you seemed a bit different today” She said. “Like you couldn't control yourself all that well”



Todoroki remained silent for a second, then his mouth opened in a silent “o” in understanding. “Must have been what I had for breakfast today. I was trying something new” He rubbed a finger under his nose like he'd done in the morning. “Powdered donut. I've never had something so sugary before. Must be giving me a rush”



It was kind of funny to hear him say that, while his face was just as blank and calm as usual. If it hadn't been for that little show with the ice she would've never noticed anything weird with him.



“Ah, that must be it” She nodded. Todoroki seemed to be from a traditional family; that kind of western confection must have been a novelty to him. Yaoyorozu on the other hand tried not to relay too much on junk food for her quirk, but every once in a while she would indulge in a local pastry shop on her way home. She remembered the first time she'd had a cupcake; she had been awake for hours past her bed time.



The subject resolved, they made their way to their respective changing rooms to get back in their uniforms for lunch—where Todoroki spent the time napping his sugar crash away.



It wasn't the last time this happened, however.



Todoroki didn't arrive on the nick of time again in the following weeks, but he did start getting to class some days with a plain brown paper bag clutched securely in his hand, sometimes with a paper cup in the other. Every time the contents of the bag would vary: a muffin, a croissant, a carefully packaged cupcake, a bag of cookies, another donut. He would eat his treat at his desk, careful to not let anything fall least he incur in Iida's wrath—who was already loud enough about voicing how important a balanced breakfast was—and he would do it slowly, as if savoring each bite was the most important mission in the world.



The smell of coffee that came with it from the cup was actually helping in waking up the rest of his classmates, and seemed to be the main reason why Aizawa was suddenly showing up a couple of minutes earlier to just lie down on the floor until the bell rang. Todoroki seemed to have been building a resistance to the sudden influx of sugar to his body and now no longer suffered the secondary effects of it, his quirk regaining control the more time passed.



Another thing, that everyone noticed this time, was that the days he would show up with his little paper bag Todoroki was much more open to them.



'Friendlier' would've been stretching it too much, but he did appear more relaxed, a hint of a smile edging on the corner of his mouth, He was much more open to suggestions and team exercises with him tended to go better than before. Soon enough the connection was so obvious that Sato had walked up to him and asked him if he'd like him to bake something to bring for him.



Todoroki had politely declined.



Ashido was dying to know what was so special about those little cakes that Todoroki would reject free food like that, but the bag had no logo and the coffee cup was completely white. Not a single clue as to where he got them from or what was so special about the sweets. Kirishima and Sero had to hold her back when she tried to sneak to his desk to steal a cookie from his bag.



“Uuuugh, this is killing me! I need to know!” She whined, slamming her fists on Kaminari's desk as she turned back around to try and see what Todoroki had brought today.



Kirishima held Kaminari's shoulders when the blow from her fists threw him back in surprise against the redhead's desk. “Why do you even care that much? It's just food. If he's just discovering his taste for sugar at this age that's up to him”



“It's not that though!” She said, still peeking towards her target. Chocolate croissant. “You saw how his room looks like, it's too traditional; he doesn't seem like the kind of person to suddenly start getting western pastries. And his family has money, there's no reason he shouldn't be getting some big brand with logos all over their stuff. This is a secret hidden inside an enigma, and Detective Mina wants in on this case!”



“Detective Mina should sit straight in her chair and let homeroom begin”



Ashido jumped and turned around, sitting stiff as a board under the red glare Aizawa-sensei was throwing her way.



Todoroki, bless his peppermint airy head, didn't notice a thing.





The next time Todoroki was late to class, it was after Aizawa-sensei had arrived, and Iida was effectively half passed out on his desk with Uraraka softly patting his back with four fingers in consolation.



In his defense it was a mere two minutes, but this was Aizawa they were talking about; he had surely expelled entire classes for less.



The steaming cup of coffee in Todoroki's hand didn't help his case.



“Seriously? Ten minutes late with Starbucks?” Kaminari whispered as Todoroki slid the door closed behind him. “Why do the serious ones always get to live the memes?”



Aizawa crossed his arms over his chest, eyebrows raised. “Todoroki, I thought I was clear last time. No mercy for you if you're late” The whole class winced at his words. The idea of being expelled over something like that was disgraceful, especially for someone like Todoroki with the weight of his rare quirk and his father's position dragging behind him.



Before Aizawa could continue, however, Todoroki walked up to him and set the cup down on the desk in front of the teacher.



“This is for you” Todoroki said simply. “He said it was to apologize for making me be late”



Aizawa's brow furrowed, and he carefully picked up the cup, turning it around until something caught his eye, and his eyebrows shot up again. His free hand came up to rub between his eyes, a tired sigh leaving his mouth as he set the cup back down.



“Just go sit down already” He waved him off. “I'll think about your detention later”



Todoroki nodded, making his way past the unbelieving stares of his peers. By all means, he should not be alive.



Ashido was practically on the verge of melting her chair from excitement. Now she definitely had to know!



Todoroki had gotten a month of classroom duty as punishment starting next week, since today was Friday, and Ashido had overheard him talk to Yaoyorozu about how he wanted to pick up some cake for his sister on the way back home, and it was the sign she had been waiting for to grab her squad and follow Todoroki around after class.



“Why are we doing this again?” Sero asked, his tall form having trouble peeping around the wall they were hiding behind as Todoroki stopped to tie his shoelaces.



“And why the fuck did I let you drag me here?” Bakugou grumbled, leaning against the wall, completely uninterested in whatever Halfie was doing with his life.



“Because my gossip thirst cannot be quenched until I have all the details!” She answered. “And because you never want to do anything with us, Bakugou, we need to hang out more”



“Following that bastard is not exactly my idea of 'hanging out'”



“Shhhh!” Kaminari waved at them to shut up. “He's on the move!”



They followed him around a few more blocks, somehow not being discovered despite the bright coloring conforming their group and the fact Ashido and Kaminari kept humming the Mission Impossible theme song as they went forward. Luckily Todoroki was as dense as he was pretty.



He finally stopped in front of a store so small it almost blended in between the two buildings on each side, going inside with the soft chime of a bell ringing as the door closed behind him.



Ashido jumped to crouch behind the flowery bushes that decorated the outside of the store by the window, where a number of beautifully decorated cakes were sitting on display. The rest followed after her, staring inside as the curiosity finally became stronger than the acknowledgment of how silly all this was.



Inside, Todoroki was smiling as the short boy behind the counter talked to him, his bright green curls bouncing as he gestured in excitement at whatever he was saying as he pulled out some pieces of cake from the displays. He wiped his hands on his red apron before starting to package the order, saying something that caused Todoroki to—Lord All Mighty—laugh in response. An actual, honest to good, open-mouthed, head-thrown-back cackle loud enough to reach them outside from where they were hiding. The green haired boy smiled brightly, a hand coming to his cheek bashfully to try and hide the blush filling his cheeks from whatever he had just said.



Todoroki suddenly pulled out his phone, and whatever he saw in it made him sigh, pulling out a card to pay before picking up the bag and say something to the boy, who nodded in response before waving at him as Todoroki left.



Ashido eep'ed and curled into a little ball, but thankfully Todoroki was too busy texting someone to notice them as he turned in the opposite direction and walked away. They sighed in relief, grunting as they stood up from their spot.



“Man, that was intense” Kirishima groaned, popping his back after stretching.



Sero dusted the dust off his knees. He was too tall to crouch and remain hidden; he'd have to kneel on the floor. “Are you happy now, Mina? It's just a normal bakery, with a boy Todoroki is very much into” He stopped and tapped his chin in thought. “Okay, that is something to kinda freak out over”



“Did you see his face?!” She said excitedly. “Whoever this guy is, Todoroki is totally crushing on him! No wonder he buys so much sweets; he wanted an excuse to come here!”



The bell on the door rang again, and it took a screech coming from the inside to realize Bakugou was gone.



They hurried inside, only to find the boy plastered against the wall with Bakugou leaning so much into the counter he was almost climbing over it to reach him.



“Don't you 'Kacchan' me, what the fuck are you doing here, Deku?!” Bakugou snarled at him, hand slamming against the wood. Luckily the store was empty or else someone might have hailed down a hero by now with how menacing the boy was being.



'Deku', as it seemed the green haired boy was called, raised shaky hands in a placating gesture. “I-I'm just working Kacchan, it's nothing bad!”



Kacchan?” Kaminari whispered. Kirishima shrugged.



“You should be in school, not working” Bakugou said, snarl still in place as he slammed a hand on the counter to emphasize his words. “You think you're too good to study?!”



Deku waved his hands frantically. “N-No! Of course not” He started twisting the end of his apron in his hands, not looking at Bakugou. “I'm taking online classes. The school that accepted me is in Tokyo and I couldn't leave mom alone so they agreed to me taking them because of my grades, and besides we couldn't afford me living in Tokyo and I also wanted to help mom with some money so I found this job and they let me study when it's slow so--”



Bakugou snapped. “Deku!”



Deku jumped. “Kacchan!”



Ashido shoved Bakugou aside. “Mina!”



Deku blinked at her, surprised at the sudden influx of people in the store and only just noticing the rest of the group standing there, waving at him with huge smiles in their friendly faces. He blushed and waved back, a bit embarrassed at having been caught mumbling like that.



Ashido ignored Bakugou's death threats and leaned further into the counter. “Sooo, Deku, is it? How do you know our boy Bakugou here?”



“Ah!” Deku startled. “I'm Izuku, actually. Midoriya Izuku. Deku is how Kacchan calls me” He bowed slightly. “It's nice to meet you”



Mina cooed at him. He was so cute! “My name's Ashido! Those are Kaminari, Kirishima and Sero” She pointed at each one, the boys either giving thumbs up, finger guns, or straight up winking in Kaminari's case. “But enough about them; you and Kacchan?”



“Don't fucking call me that--”



“We're neighbors” Midoriya interrupted. “We've known each other practically our whole lives”



Bakugou frowned a bit more at his words. So no 'childhood friends'?



“So you guys are childhood friends?” Kirishima piped in. Bakugou jumped imperceptibly at the words he'd just been thinking being said aloud. What was with this guy?



Midoriya bit his lip nervously, glancing quickly at Bakugou. “I-I mean, I'd like to think so...?”



Bakugou tsked, looking away from him. “Sure, if that's how you wanna put it, nerd”



The shift in Midoriya's face from fear to awe was so fast it was like someone had ripped a mask from his face, but the wide smile splitting his face was enough to make Ashido wish she'd brought her sunglasses. It was too bright!



Suddenly the bell rang again, and they all turned in unison to the door were a very tired and very surprised Aizawa was making his way in.



The hero's eyes were wider than they'd ever seen, eyebrows shot up and hand holding the same coffee cup Todoroki had left on his desk that same morning. Aizawa looked at each of them in turn, finally setting his eyes on Midoriya and sighing deeply at the sheepish grin the boy sent his way.



“Great. It was bad enough Todoroki found my secret spot; now you lot are here too” He said tiredly, making his way through the teens as they parted like the sea in front of him, and carefully setting the paper cup on the counter in front of Midoriya. It had a little doodle of a cat wearing Eraserhead's signature goggles and capture weapon. “Give me a refill, please Izuku”



“Right on!” Midoriya beamed, grabbing the cup and turning around to the coffee machine set up behind him.



Aizawa was doing a great job of focusing on the slow drip of coffee into his cup, ignoring the curious stares and excited grins of the kids around him.



“Sensei! So you knew what Todoroki was up to all this time? And you didn't tell us?!” Ashido pouted next to him.



“You didn't ask” He said simply, and Ashido was left with her mouth open and finger raised in preparation for an argument, but there was none. They really didn't think about asking him. Damn it.



“Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya's voice made them snap their attention back to him. He was fitting a new lid on the now full cup of coffee as he handed it to Aizawa and put away the bills the hero handed him to pay. “What about him? He comes almost every day”



This was what Ashido had been waiting for. “Oh, nothing much. It's just those pastries he brings with him all the time, they looked so tasty we were just dying to know where he got them from” She said innocently, tracing circles with her finger on the counter. Everyone around her sans Izuku resisted the urge to smack their foreheads in disbelief at the girl's attempt to play it casual.



“Oh, that's right! He comes a lot in the mornings on his way to class, since the first day he stumbled in when he didn't have breakfast at home” Midoriya nodded, taking small samples of the different baked goods on display and setting them up on a plate for the boys standing to the side. Aizawa smacked Bakugou's hand when he tried to take the only chocolate chip cookie and took it for himself instead. Midoriya snickered and turned to Aizawa. “I actually wanted to apologize for today; there was a sudden rush of customers this morning and I couldn't get his order sooner. I'm sorry I made him late for class, Eraserhead” He bowed at the hero.



Aizawa waved him off. “It's not your fault. If Todoroki decides sweets are more important that his studies that's on him” He took a sip of his coffee. “Though you did save him from being expelled, so I hope he thanked you for that, at least”



Midoriya gaped at him, taken aback. “I did what?!”



Aizawa hummed. “Also I'm gonna need a dozen of those chocochip cookies”



While Izuku nodded and got to work, Ashido jumped right back to business. “So! We actually happened to see Todoroki walk out of here with a bag, so we decided to check the place and finally see what caught his attention so much!” She grinned. “And the cakes don't look half bad, either”



It took Izuku a minute to catch the meaning of her words, but when it finally hit him he yelped and dropped the tongs he was using to pick the cookies. He cursed and went to throw them in the dishwasher and get a clean one to keep working on the order, a new blush spreading over his freckled cheeks as he avoided eye contact with any of them.



Bakugou stopped hoarding the free samples for a second to whip around and glare at her. “The fuck you mean with that, Raccoon Eyes?”



“I'm just saying, Todoroki seems to have a thing for sweet things” She wiggled her eyebrows. “And what better place than a bakery to find everything he likes”



“I'm just gonna leave you kids with your teenage drama now” Aizawa interrupted, grabbing his bag from Izuku. “I hope you don't follow Todoroki's example and arrive late to class for the same reason. I seriously will expel you all next time” He nodded at the boy behind the counter. “See you, Izuku”



“Thanks for coming, sir!”



They watched him leave, the new cutesy cat doodle in the paper bag not taking the threat away from his words.



An alarm started ringing and Izuku took his phone out of his apron to turn it off, humming at the hour. “Sorry, it's closing time. I have to clean up now”



“Oh, of course! Sorry to keep you busy, man” Kirishima said, picking up his bag from the floor and taking out some yen to drop in the tip jar. Midoriya wanted to protest but Kirishima beat him to it. “For the free samples. They couldn't have been easy to make, they're really good!” He beamed at him, Kaminari and Sero following his example.



Ashido seemed sad that she couldn't keep badgering him about Todoroki, but it was kinda late and she needed to get home as well. “Alright then, we'll go now. But I will be back!” She declared. “Those strawberry parfaits have my name on them!”



“You go ahead, I'll stay here” Bakugou said, surprising everyone; especially Izuku who stopped halfway through cleaning the coffee filter.



“Kacchan, you don't have to--”



“Shut up, Shitty Nerd! I'm walking your useless ass home and that's final!” He shouted, sparkles crackling in his palms.



Midoriya nodded frantically, rushing to finish up so Bakugou didn't get mad at having to stay so late. The rest of the gang said goodbye to him and Midoriya as they left, the last they heard before the door closed was Bakugou asking 'where he was hiding the fucking broom'.





The sports festival was as busy as always, the bustling of heroes and civilians wandering outside the arena as they went from booth to booth as deafening as Present Mic's announcements.



A single booth got a few interested glances before finally being ignored for the most ostentatious ones surrounding it. The simple stand was a soft pink and different cakes and sweets waited in their cute little displays to be bought and consumed. The strong smell of fresh coffee managed to attract some people, but other than the sleepy looking purple haired boy who bought the biggest cup they had, no one had stopped by Izuku's stand.



He sighed, standing straight behind the counter as he tried to catch someone's eye to sell something, nervous about being in such an important place but determined to make good use of the effort his boss had put at managing to snatch a spot at UA to promote their products.



“Rough day?”



Izuku jolted out of his thoughts, both a smile and a light blush spreading across his face at the sight of a familiar hero-in-training.



Todoroki stood in front of the stand, looking around at the sweets in display before settling his eyes on Izuku, smiling softly. “Didn't expect to find you here today”



Izuku shrugged. “My boss managed to get us here for the festival. Honestly I'd rather be watching from the stands than standing here all day doing nothing”



“So business hasn't been going well?”



“We don't really have anything eye-catching here”



“I beg to differ” Todoroki commented cryptically, and Izuku convinced himself he was talking about the decorated cupcakes. “So you need to get people to come over?”



Izuku sighed. “Yeah, don't know how though”



Todoroki looked around; at his presence, a lot of people had stopped walking and even some straggling reporters were making quick notes as their cameras were pointed at him. He didn't have much time until the next event of the festival started, so he better be quick.



“If I told you I had an idea to get you attention, would you let me do it, regardless of what it is?” He asked Izuku, smiling at the way the boy perked up.



“Sure! I have nothing to lose anyway”



“Good” Todoroki said, and then cradled Izuku's face carefully before pressing their lips together.



Izuku's eyes went wide as plates, flush spreading down his neck and to the tip of his ears. The noise around them went from chatter to screams, the snapping of dozens of cameras snapping pics and reporters going wild as they went off on the supposed secret partner of one of UA's top hero course students. If the loud explosions coming from inside the arena and the yelling of Izuku's childhood nickname was anything, the pics had already reached the internet and were being seen by everyone.






Todoroki let go of him slowly, placing a last, saccharine sweet kiss to his round cheek before muttering a soft apology and stepping aside. He slid a bill towards Izuku and picked up a random pastry, biting into it as he walked away, waving at the still blushing boy as he left.



The people who didn't follow Todoroki opted instead to swarm Izuku's booth, split between asking him who he was and what was his relationship with Endeavor's son, and asking about the pastries he had for sale. It took Izuku a moment to snap out of it and finally start answering questions—the ones about the food. He was dutifully ignoring the media trying to get answers out of him.



The scandal was enough to attract more and more people, curious as to what was so special about this stand that had so many people surrounding it, and in a matter of a couple of hours he was completely out of stock.



He sighed as the last customer finally left, dropping on his chair as he took a much needed break. Who knew Todoroki could cause such chaos with one simple action?



Izuku blushed again, covering his cheeks with his hands. Okay, not a very simple action.



“What happened here?”



He looked up to see the familiar face of Eraserhead looking into the booth, eyeing the empty plates and bowls critically. Next to him stood Present Mic, pouting at the sight of all the treats gone.



“Aww, did we get here too late?” The loud hero pouted, slumping in disappointment against Aizawa's shoulder.



Izuku snickered, reaching under the counter to pull out a box of cookies. Both heroes perked up—Yamada more obvious than Aizawa—and Izuku shook his head when they pulled out their wallets to pay.



“It's on me this time, it's been very productive today!”



Aizawa hummed while Mic snickered, trying to hide his grin with stuffing his mouth full of cookies. “I can see that” He said, pulling out his phone and turning it towards Izuku. A very high quality pic of Todoroki's little 'help' from earlier front and center in a local news website.



Izuku groaned, hiding his face in his hands. He could feel his blood pressure rising alongside the blood on his face.



“Bakugou blew a gasket up there when he saw this” Aizawa added, picking up a cookie of his own. “His next match is with Todoroki. I suggest you go talk to him now that you're free, before he decides to kill your boyfriend”



“He's not my boyfriend!” Izuku shrieked, getting up and tearing off his apron even as he said that. He quickly packed all his supplies up and closed the stand, marching off towards the arena, the heroes following behind him to help him reach the explosive boy before the match started.



As they heard the public still freaking out over the pics and videos of the surprise kiss, Aizawa couldn't help thinking how insufferable Ashido was going to be this week.