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Voltron Legendary Defender Songfics And Oneshots

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It had been a tough past few weeks, luckily, no big trouble with the Galra but everyone was beyond exhausted. There was finally a little time for a break.

You sighed as you lay on the floor of the main control area.
You wanted a hot bath, your back was killing you and your knee had started making a weird noise when you did that one thing. Yikes.

You were about to get up when Keith sat right next to you.
He just stayed there.
In your bubble.
Your space.

You cleared your throat.

Keith gave you a small frown.

“Keith buddy, you literally have your own seat over there, is there a reason you’re all up in my grill? ”

He eyed you quizzically.

“Yes.” He replied, tone indicating he thought it was obvious.

“And that is??”

Instead of answering he nodded towards where Lance was. Lance was sitting on his own seat. Keith should follow his example.

You turned your attention back to Keith,

“He’s... upset. You need to do something.”

“Keith why don’t you ask Hu-“

“Hunk went to study Balmera stuff to impress Shay. Pidge is with Coran learning the Altean alphabet. Shiro is busy having an existential crisis and Allura is gossiping with the mice.”

You look at him expectantly, before you can say anything else he interrupts quietly,
“I’m not good with words. Please.”

You give him a small pat before you sit up, “Good looking out buddy. I shall see what I can do.”

Lance had gotten up from his place and gone to his room, you followed behind but obviously not like, right behind him. You’re not some creep.

After what you deemed an appropriate amount of time, you knocked.

The doors opened and you saw Lance on the floor with his legs on the bed.

“Lancey Lancelot Lance with the beautiful tan and unblemished skin, if you keep frowning you’ll develop wrinkles. You. At this age. With wrinkles.”

Lance gave you a weak chuckle.
“There’s no need to check up on me, I’m fine. It just the usual ‘I miss home’ stuff.”

You gave him that ‘Really?’ Look as you sat near him, your back resting on the side of his bed.
You said nothing but he seemed to get it.

“It’s nothing, it’s just-“ he huffed, “I find myself missing stuff I thought I never would. Like, the boring drills at school, or detention, or fighting with Rachel over clothes. I even miss waking up to my mom’s music on the weekends.”

“Ah. I know how that is, clean the whole house instead of sleeping in. And when you do it on your own it’s not up to her standards. And then she’s all like ‘Nobody in this house ever helps’’gotta do everything myself’”

Lance chuckled, “Yes! Exactly,” his laugh was replaced with a soft smile, a sad look in his eyes “I miss that.”

You chatted about dumb things you missed until Hunk called out that dinner was ready.
The chat must have made Lance feel better because as soon as he heard Hunk he shoved you and ran out. “Race ya!”


You ran fast, you were like the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle without the hair curlers and cigarettes.

You obviously won but that was probably because you grabbed Lance and caused him to face plant.

After dinner Shiro told everyone that tomorrow was a day for rest, there would be some light training exercises on the training deck but after that they were free to rest.
“After all, I can’t have you guys getting sloppy. Now please, get some rest. Go straight to your room. And I’ll know if you did because I’ll do a perimeter check PIDGE”

Training was over and you were in the kitchen with Hunk making snacks for the team when you got a brilliant idea.

“Hunk do you or Pidge have anything that can amplifies sound?”

“Well what kind of sound?”

Lance looked around the empty ballroom, getting increasingly more nervous. The note just told him to meet there. If this was Coran trying to get him to clean the stairs on his day off he was going to be pretty upset.
As soon as he reached the foot of the stairs a spotlight landed on him.

“What the-“ he started, forearm shielding his eyes from the bright light

“I hope you can Salsa pretty boi” You yelled from your position on the stairs

Lance lowered his arm to look at you, still confused

“Música maestro!” You clapped, the ballroom lights came on and Hunk hit play on the iPod.

The smooth trumpets and drum beat flared from the makeshift speaker as you made your way to Lance. You reached your hand out and he reluctantly took it, seemingly still confused.

Lance looked around, Shiro and Pidge were on the dance floor taking turns spinning each other. It was cute that neither could dance and that Pidge had to be on her tiptoes for Shiro to spin.

Coran and Allura were also dancing, though it seemed to be more like a waltz.

You yanked him close to you by the waist, that seemed to really grab his attention.

“Dance pretty boi, it’s a party.” You smiled, easily dancing to the song.

Lance smiled back, it took him no time to effortlessly keep up with your movements.

guajira Guantanamera
guajira Guantanamera
De mi Cuba soberana,
recuerdo aquel murmurillo
Del rió, junto al coiho
que era una estampa cubana

You sang along with Celia, surprising Lance

“You know this song is Cuban? How do YOU know it?” He asked curiously as he twirled you.

“Lance bby, anyone with culture knows this song... and also it was in White Chicks”

Lance shook his head, giving a genuinely happy smile before dipping you.
“How did you even have time to plan this?”

You shrugged as he picked you back up, “Allura and Coran wanted an excuse to use the Ballroom. Pidge and Hunk built a sound amplifier and wanted to test it out. Shiro and Keith needed to do something other than workout. But mainly everyone needed a break and you needed some cheer. It just so happened to all work out.”

He looked really touched despite you trying to play it off “Thank you. This means a lot to me, honestly.” He hugged you warmly.

You placed your head on his shoulder before gently squeezing him back,
“Keith was very concerned. Speaking of which, dance with him. But Hunk first, look at him”
You both turn to Hunk who was by the stairs, he gives you both such a sweet smile. He’s kinda bouncy, you can tell he want to dance.

“Hunk buddy you wanna dance?” Lance yells out

Hunk instantly lights up, already running towards Lance “I thought you’d never ask!”

You smile at their interactions.
Their friendship is so cute.

You make your way towards Pidge and Shiro in hopes of teaching them a few moves.
On your way you grab Keith startling him,
“Hey- What-“

“Keith, you’re going to be dancing with Lance. I might as well show you losers to how.”