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Fantasia- An Uzumaki Naruto Story

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     Naruto Uzumaki had shot up straight in his bed, excitement showing in his eyes. As he began to head to the kitchen of his small, empty apartment, his thoughts were flooded with the fact that today was the day that he would complete his playing assessments for his school orchestra. If he did really good then his teacher, Iruka Umino, might finally promote him to first violin. Even though most of them kept up a holier than thou attitude, deflecting many hopeful new musicians, Naruto knew that becoming a first violin brought him one step closer to his achieving his dream of becoming a musician. And there's also the fact that he'd have a chance of competing with the great Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto had been in a rivalry of sorts with Sasuke since they were mere children. The now fifteen-year-old Naruto still held just the tiniest bit of hatred and contempt towards Sasuke, though the reason for that hate was something he didn't really care to talk about, he made sure that the Uchiha knew of his feelings. Unfortunately, Sasuke always ignored the hate, anger, and competition initiated by Naruto, which only fueled his dislike for the teen. Maybe if Naruto made first violin, then just maybe, Naruto could finally get Sasuke to notice and confront him one-on-one, without his friends, who didn't have the best reputations, and certainly weren't the nicest people around.    

     Then, Naruto let his thoughts wander to his two best friends. He had always called them by their nicknames out of habit, so much so that he barely even thought to use their real names. The first girl was called Lips. She had long, straight, bleach blond hair, and she wore a pair of thin black framed glasses. Her face held a natural beauty to it, displaying defined pink lips, which was the origin of the childhood nickname, beautiful bright blue eyes, though not as bright as Naruto’s, and clear skin with a slight pink tint to her cheeks. Sometimes Naruto could see a bit of sadness in her eyes, and remembered spotting the almost completely faded scars formed on her upper arms from reasons unknown. Though, Naruto’s worry he held for her subsided a little when they hung out, as her eyes lit up a little, the memories of sadness and scars long forgotten, filling the air with a comfortable happiness.  

     His other friend was known as Honey, as that was the natural color of her hair before she began dyeing it around ninth grade. Her hair now took on a grayish-lavender color, and it was shoulder-length, the texture seemingly a mix between soft waves and defined curls. Her face was not particularly pretty nor completely ugly, she had icy blue eyes that were a little duller than her friends, and they were a bit sunken in with a few defined wrinkle lines due sleep deprivation. Her lips were usually chapped, and took on a pink tone, both fairly plump, the bridge of her nose was a bit too wide for her face, and her natural pale skin was corrupted by chronic redness on her cheeks, most likely due to acne or the neglect to care for her usually porcelain skin.  She too seemed to hold sadness in her eyes, and Naruto worried that the sleep deprivation would eventually catch up to her. She always seemed genuinely happy when hanging out with Naruto and Lips, but Naruto made sure to keep a close eye on her. All in all, the trio was inseparable, spending most of their free time together just hanging out. Their bodies usually adorned darker outfits with Naruto’s occasional spurts of orange added to his wardrobe.  

     One of their collective goals was to avoid Sasuke and his friends as much as possible. For as much as Naruto wanted to further display hatred for the boy, he and his friends simply did not want to deal with the constant insults and mental torture that come out of their mouths. Although Sasuke stood by silently while insults were thrown, he didn’t say anything against them either. It seems that Sasuke is always impassive of others, no matter the situation, and that really frustrated Naruto. Despite the wariness the group held towards being around Sasuke’s friends, Naruto, Honey, and Lips always talked about the group behind their backs, making smart remarks and often scrutinizing their appearances, much like Sasuke’s friends did to them. For these actions made them feel a tiny bit better after the anxiety the two girls got from being around the other group. Of course, the tiny bits of fear that showed in their eyes when the other group approached was enough to get him angry, he still has not lost his temper on them as he didn’t want to risk getting expelled and having to leave his friends.  

     The noise of a whistling kettle has penetrated Naruto’s ears, pulling him out of his thoughts filled with the raven-haired Uchiha and his two best friends. He must not have gotten a lot of sleep last night because he didn’t even remember himself setting the water to boil with the intention of making a cup of tea. As he looked up at the red neon numbers displayed on the digital clock above his kitchen stove, he realized that he was going to be late to meeting his friends before they went to school. Once this little fact sunk in, the blond-haired boy had rushed to grab his clothes and slipped them on. Since he was in a rush, he paid no attention to the clothes he was slipping onto his lean, slightly toned body. With a brief look in the mirror, he quickly analyzed his appearance, and deemed that he looked well enough to go to school. He ended up wearing a pair of charcoal grey skinny jeans, a soft orange shirt that was baggy enough so that it didn’t reveal his barely-there muscles, and old, almost faded scars adorning his chest. Next, he grabbed his worn-down book bag which consisted of various folders and notebooks filled with papers he would likely never use. Before rushing out the door, he took quickly downed his now lukewarm green tea, and grabbed his jacked and keys off of a rack hanging near the door in that he was about to exit.   

     Get yourself together Uzumaki, he mumbled to himself as he began the journey to reach his rendezvous destination where Lips and Honey would be waiting for him, most likely listening to some music while procrastinating homework, and discussing the latest episode of whatever television show they were watching. After all, today could be the day that I finally become a first violin. I will be a professional musician one day, and that way everyone will stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm somebody, somebody important.