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I Need You

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He couldn't think beyond the fury that consumed him.
Oh, he knew all too well what the wolf had done the night before--how could he not when it was the only thing that everyone in the castle had been talking about since dawn?
And now? Now, the target of his anger and the ache in his chest--that he was steadfastly trying to ignore--was daring to stand before him as if the wolf believed that an apology would fix anything.
The vampire knew that the wolf was insane--anyone with half of a functional brain did--but this? This was just...stupid.

Michael stalked over quickly and grabbed the wolf by the throat with one ungloved hand--slamming the taller, lean male back against the plastered masonry hard enough to jostled the heavy mirror hanging next to them. A snarl of rage escaped from the vampire--bloody eyes blazing like the flames of an inferno--as his claws dug into the scarred, tanned flesh of the wolf's throat.

"Do you...have any idea of what you have dared to put me through?" Michael growled out--his voice low and rough. "Do you? No? Of course you do not know, wretched, fleabitten mongrel--too blighted brain damaged to see past yourself."

"Oh? I'm the fuckin' problem 'ere?" 'Rex' snarled--one large, calloused and scarred hand raising to wrap tightly around the tanned wrist of the hand that the vampire had around his throat. "I'm sorry, but if ya weren't such a fuckin' bitch 'bout people knowin' and disapprovin' 'bout the games we play, and ya hadn't kicked me out a fuckin' week ago, none of this shit woulda happened."

'Rex's eyes narrowed sharply before, in a show of his own strength, he grabbed a handful of Michael's white buttondown and vest, jerking the shorter male forward before slamming him back into the wall. Jade eyes, glowing lantern bright, glared down into burning red as the wolf's lips parted--baring his sharpening teeth to match the bared fangs of the vampire. "I was drunk off my ass. I fucked up. I admit it. But don't ya come at me like ya inability to control ya-self didn't start this."

Michael's fist came up and harshly connected with the side of 'Rex's skull--followed up by another sharp strike to the wolf's abdomen to break them both apart. "Do not dare to put your idiocy on me."

The wolf snarled low in his throat--a quick flex of his hands forcing his claws out--and circled the room with the vampire. "Ya fuckin' started this mess. I don't argue with it 'cause I like the way ya make me hurt, but ya not controllin' ya-self's what made that she-wolf knight make a report to the queen--not me."

"Last that I checked--" The vampire growled--teeth bared in a demonic snarl. "--Being thrown out does not imply that one run off with the first whore that crosses their path."

"First whore that crossed my path's standin' right infront of me." The wolf growled--lips pulled into a vicious smirk.

Those words were like a bell signalling the battle.
The two collided in a flurry of punches, swipes, and vicious kicks that took them around the room--slamming into furniture and walls, cracking and gouging the plaster down to the stonework beneath, breaking tables and decorative pottery, tearing down a tapestry from one wall. Blood splattered everywhere, though neither would ever be able to tell whose was whose as they fought--claws tearing through clothing and into flesh, punches and kicks causing bruises to blossom on battle-worn skin and break bones.

Without warning, the wolf grabbed the vampire by the back of his neck and violently slammed him chest-first into the heavy mirror still valiantly hanging on the wall. Before the blond could react, the stone-haired wolf crowded in close--pinning the shorter man's wrists to the glass with one bloodied hand as his other hand gripped hard at the other male's vest, claws tearing through the supple black leather and digging into the cloth and flesh beneath. The wolf pressed his knees against the backs of the vampire's legs, trapping him as he leaned down--brushing sharp teeth against the side of his head.

"Come on, leech." The wolf snarled--voice twisted into a low, harsh growl. "Ya can do better than this."

The vampire stared into the now blood-glazed mirror at the scene that the two of them made--the world around them seemed to have condensed down to only them, bloodied and battered, the wolf at his back, with only the hint at the sides of the destructive force that they were. "Dominating that necromancer give you a taste for trying to be on top, mutt?"

"Yeah. Fuckin' did." The wolf growled--digging his claws deeper into the vampire's side. "Best cure for an angry bitch, right? Fuck the anger right outta 'em."

"Not on your life." Michael near roared as he slammed his head back into 'Rex's face--freeing his hands and taking advantage of the wolf stumbling backwards, to drop and sweep the stone-haired male's feet out from under him. As the wolf landed on his back with a heavy thud, the platinum blond vampire stalked over, glaring down at the other male.

Big mistake.

As soon as the vampire drew close enough, the wolf grabbed his ankle and jerked him down to the ground--moving quickly so that he was straddling the other's thighs. 'Rex' grabbed the assassin's wrists in one hand and pinned them above the vampire's head once more--jade meeting crimson.

Without warning, 'Rex' slammed his lips to Michael's own--sharp teeth cutting eachother's lips and they warred for domination of the kiss with no less strength and fury than they had battled. Both tasted the coppery tang of blood--the scent of drying blood and fresh clinging to both of them and the room, but not deterring them.

Hands were freed and soon grabbing at bodies--claws tearing once more through ragged cloth and into flesh with angry passion, raking hungrily over healing bruises, and palms pressing viciously on slowly healing broken bones.

Bloodied lips broke apart.

"Fuckin' hate ya, leech." No, I don't.

"The feeling is very much mutual, mutt." Neither do I.

Clothes were torn away as lips slammed together once more--rage and pain fueling their need, turning it desperate. The vampire shifted and rolled them over, pinning the tall wolf to the bloodied carpet on the floor--claws raking greedily down the other male's chest and drawing more blood from beneath the scarred flesh as the wolf's larger hands gripped at the vampire's hips, digging his own claws into the bared skin.

" going to make you regret even thinking about going off with another." Do you even realize that you have hurt me?

"Good luck wit' that. So far...ain't exactly impressed." Do ya even get how sorry I am? I know I fucked up.

Michael gripped a hand to the wolf's throat, forcing 'Rex' to arch his neck as he leaned down--slowly dragging his fangs over the wolf's lips. "You will never stray from me again." I need you.

'Rex' growled low in his throat--bringing one hand up to grip too tightly to the back of the vampire's neck, tangling his fingers into loose, blood-painted platinum blond tresses. "Make me." I need you.