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a room full of my safest sounds

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The eye he didn’t have completely buried into the pillow snapped open, assaulted by the bright morning light squeezing in past the blinds that fell over their bed. He groaned and pressed his face wholly into the pillow when Lance snickered above him. An impossibly warm leg brushed along his, or maybe it was the other way around - their legs were too tangled to tell them apart and it was too early to matter.

“Keith.” A brush of cool fingertips up his shirt, over his side.

Keith squirmed under Lance’s weight, words muffled into his pillow. “It’s barely 7 am, Lance.”

“7:16, actually.” Lance dropped a gentle kiss to the spot behind Keith’s ear, pulling a hum from Keith. Lance buried his nose in Keith’s hairline as his fingers greedily wormed their way under him to press against the flat of Keith’s stomach. His fingertips quickly warmed against the skin, between him and the mattress, pressing determinedly wherever they could reach.

Keith huffed and flipped over, crowding his face into the crook of Lance’s neck. “It’s sleep in day, remember?”

He didn’t get a response apart from Lance crowding closer to him, molding his every dip and curve to Keith. Lance stayed still to Keith keep rested in the space between his neck and shoulder, the warn white t-shirt he wore loose around his neck giving Keith easier access to more skin. Lance brushed his fingers through Keith’s hair, sweeping his bangs away from his face.

Keith felt the pull of sleep curling itself over him, sinking in his veins and putting the world into a muffled buzz at the fringes of his mind. Fell more and more and more, until everything was just warm and perfectly quiet-

Lance rolled his hips fluidly against Keith’s and pressed his knee between Keith’s legs, quick to repeat the motion.

Keith’s breath was punched out of him as his eyes flew open and his body tried to sit up, but was held down by Lance’s weight. “Lance, oh my god.”

He shuddered as he registered Lance trapped between them, hot and heavy through the thin cloth of their underwear. Another cant of those hips and Keith almost swallowed his tongue.

“It’s 7 a.m.!”

Lance snorted, his lips brushing teasingly at Keith’s temple. “REM sleep, babe.”

Hips rolled against his again, slow and deliberate, Lance’s length sliding over his hipbone. This time a hiccuped breath tickled the hair by Keith’s ear and he bit back a groan, rumbling deeper than the one from earlier. He was going to die. Lance was going to kill him and his last memory on Earth would keep him unsettled and restless as he felt his own dick twitch where it was just as trapped between them.

Fuck, wh-” Keith’s words died in his throat, crumbling into an embarrassingly high pitched keen as Lance laced their fingers together.

Lance carefully brushed his teeth over the juncture of Keith’s jaw before smiling against the sensitive skin. “Humor me.”

Keith fought against his hold, only serving to tighten the sheets around him and uncover his toes, leaving them open to the chilly morning air of the apartment. “No, it’s 7 a.m., you animal.” He bit back a smile as Lance’s laugh rumbled against his own chest.

“Climb on board, we’ll go slow…”

“Nope, no. We are not doing that.” Keith arched his neck back to get away from the trail of bites Lance had started to press along his jaw bone. It only got him an open mouthed kiss - hot and wet as Lance continued to sing lowly.

“Hold me hard and mellow.”

Another grind had heat flooding Keith’s face.

“I love to hold you close, tonight and always. I love to wake up next to you….” Lance kissed him deeply, catching Keith off guard when he opened his mouth to protest and twisting his intent into a warm slide of Lance’s tongue against his. Lance yanked away and grinned. “So we’ll piss off the neighbors. In the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears. Yeah, reckless behavior-!”

Keith wanted nothing more than for the bed to swallow him whole because there was no way Lance was going to let him live it down that he got Keith riled up by singing in a falsetto that wasn’t exactly terrible with morning breath. Especially when Keith was supposed to be adamantly putting a stop to this.

He slapped his hand over Lance’s mouth and kicked at his shin. “Stop. We’re going to get a noise complaint about the cat yowling.”

Lance scrunched his eyebrows together and brought Keith’s hand down from his mouth. “But we don’t have a cat.”

Keith smirked, his eyebrows disappearing up into his bangs. “Exactly.”

His boyfriend squawked and slapped Keith’s side. “You’re literally the worst and ruining the mood.”

Keith rolled his eyes at that. “You woke me up the one day of the week we get to sleep in together because you’re hard and you’re singing sex songs at me instead of letting me go back to sleep. There is no mood because I’m not falling for this.”

“Well, maybe it would work better if you stopped interrupting me. Besides, I’ve only gotten to sing one song in the repertoire.”

“I think you’re missing the point. The problem isn’t that you haven’t sung the right song yet, it’s that this is even a thing to begin with.”

Lance propped his chin in his hand, his gaze cool and calculated down at Keith. “You’ve clearly never been shown the joys of a sex playlist and I accept the responsibility that I’ve failed as your s/o by letting you go this long in life without that very necessary revelation.” Lance ducked down into the sheets and shoved Keith’s shirt up, baring his middle. He bushed his hand over Keith’s hipbone and pressed another open mouthed kiss on Keith.

His body was a fucking traitor for shuddering as Lance’s breath ghosted over his abs, couldn’t stop the muscles from contracting and earning him another breathy giggle from Lance. He felt Lance’s hand move from his hip to trace over the waist band of his underwear until he got to the patch of hair under his navel.

“If you wanna be with me, baby, there’s a price to pay. I’m a genie in a bottle - you gotta rub me the right way.”

Keith snatched Lance’s fingers away from the sensitive area and yanked his body back up Keith’s by the collar of his shirt. “Absolutely not.”

Lance giggled as he unwound Keith’s hand from his shirt and twisted his other hand around in Keith’s grip until they were holding hands. He pushed them up, resting on top of the pillow above Keith’s head. He squeezed their hands together. “Aw, no Xtina?”

“I’ve heard Veronica talk about you guys dancing to that album repeatedly as kids to even want to think about it being even remotely sensual.”

“Okay, so one - that wasn’t supposed to be common knowledge and I’m going to kill her. And two - that’s….actually incredibly sweet. I’ll let that one go.” Lance dropped a kiss to Keith’s nose. “But I won’t be thwarted.”

“Why are you like this???”, Keith groaned.

Lance rose up on his knees, still holding Keith’s hands, and settled on Keith’s lap, a keen caught him off guard at the friction it caused. But he was determined and he had yet to be shoved off of the bed and he was going to take it as far as he could.

And Keith knew that.

Could read it on his face as Lance leaned over him, that insufferable and endearing gleam still in his eye. He trailed his nose down Keith’s hair line until he got to his ear and nipped at Keith’s earlobe. “Yooooou….Your sex is on fire - consumed with what’s to transpire.”

The falsetto was definitely gone and in its place was something more raw, almost hoarse and it had been proven multiple times before that Lance’s deeper morning voice did things to Keith. Keith sucked in a breath and steadied his nerves because he wasn’t about to give in.

“No, no, no, no.” Keith shifted his weight and finally managed to up end enough of Lance’s weight to sit up abruptly, catching Lance by the elbow before he could fall off the bed. “Sex should literally never be on fire.”

Lance settled more comfortably in Keith’s lap and preened. “I’m pretty sure that night in Cali would disagree.”

Keith flopped back on the bed and brought Lance’s pillow on top of his face as he felt the flush go from his hairline right down to his toes. “Shut up.”

And that memory had something singing in his veins. Stealing any solid comeback because Lance had him there - Keith had been wrecked that night. Lance was no better, but a desperation had fueled Keith as Lance had rocked into him agonizingly slow and deep. They had been pressed impossibly close, his skin alight with every point of contact between them. A thought he meant to keep quiet in the moment had slipped out without his permission - something embarrassingly corny about burning, smoldering, falling to ashes under Lance’s touch and how much he loved it and him.

He felt Lance lay back over him, propping himself up on his elbow on top of the pillow over Keith’s face. “Don’t smother yourself, I can’t afford the rent here on my own.”

Keith moved the pillow enough to peak out from under it. “You’re the worst.”

“So I’m told. I have you around to keep me humble. Lance snatched the pillow away from Keith’s face and tossed it across the room, narrowly missing the glass bowl filled with change that sat on top of the dresser. He leaned down close to Keith’s ear and damn near screeched just like the kid in the vine. “My head spinning around I can’t see clear no more….What are you waiting for?”

“How long is this going to last?”

“I think we’ve definitely proven each other’s stamina by now, babe.” Lance smirked, biting his bottom and winking as he dragged his hand down the front of Keith’s shirt and slowly, pushed it up Keith’s torso. Goosebumps rose on Keith’s skin the wake of the long, dark fingers trailing over his middle.

“The way that Gucci look on you, amazing. But nothing can compare to when you’re naked…”

“Lance,” Keith monotoned.

“Hm, not that one?” Lance shifted against him, catching a groan in his throat as his hips lost themselves into a motion.

He still had that goofy smile slapped across his face and Keith didn’t feel so bad for Lance when he picked up singing again - this time the dramatic car singing Lance fell into every time they went somewhere together.

“Let’s just turn down the lights and close the door. Ooh, I love that dress but you won’t need it anymore. No you won’t need it no more. Let’s just kiss ‘til we’re naked, baby. Versace on the floor.”

Keith freed his hands from Lance’s and held his face in his hands. “We literally do not own anything from either those brands, Lance.”

Lance turned his face to kiss Keith’s palm, humming. “You have zero imagination. And I’m not hearing you saying you dislike the songs. Ooh, I have another one for you! How about this?

“Boy, you got my heartbeat runnin’ away, beating like a drum and it’s coming your way.” Lance grabbed the bend of Keith’s knee and hooked it over his hip. Grinning maniacally as Keith’s eyes widened and he tried to put distance back between them, his laughter making the attempt weak.  

“Can’t you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass? He got that super bass.”

Lance punctuated the beats with sharp rolls of his hips, knocking the wind out of Keith as he grabbed Lance’s hips in an effort to stop him and failing. Even Lance gave into his own laughter, losing the motion and slumping against Keith. He let go of Keith’s knee, but it stayed lazily curled around his hip.

Lance moved a little off of Keith to let him get comfortable again and fixed the blankets back over them.

“Mmm, I bet you’re feeling unbelievably charmed right now.” Lance winked at Keith.

He snorted in response. “I’m feeling a lot of things right now and I can guarantee that’s not one them. You’re such a hassle.”

Lance kissed him on the mouth, tame and gentle. He tucked Keith’s hair behind his ear as his mouth brushed over Keith’s as he spoke. “You’re a terrible liar.”



Keith’s eyes snapped open for the second time that morning, the light through the blinds now fell down over the middle of the bed. He tossed back the covers and got up, opening the bedroom door to hear Lance singing along quietly to the radio and moving around the kitchen.

He yawned, walking up behind Lance to rest his forehead between Lance’s shoulders as he flipped a pancake in the pan on the stove. “I fell asleep.”

Lance chuckled. “You fell asleep.”

A flushed heated Keith’s cheeks. “Sorry, didn’t meant to just…leave you like that?”

Lance turned around, looping his arms around Keith and bringing him closer to rest his head on his chest. “It’s fine. It’s sleep in day and all. I wasn’t seriously going to wake you up for sex.”

Keith lifted his head, digging his chin into Lance’s sternum. “Let the record show I’m not completely against the idea.”

Lance dropped a kiss to the top of Keith’s head. “Noted. I’ll have the stenographer type it up later.”

“Also, I’d like to show my appreciation.” Keith cocked his eyebrow and took Lance’s hands from around him, more than a little proud of himself for falling to his knees so seamlessly and the shocked look on Lance’s face he got in return.