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Bonds Through Time: The Adventures of Inuyasha and Kagome

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 It just seemed like a normal day in the village. Farmers were going about, tending to their fields and livestock. The village women were out doing their laundry. The children frolicked and laughed as they ran about in the streets.

 Yes...everything seemed relatively peaceful on this day...until it happened.

 "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!" cried a man as he ran through the streets. "INUYASHA IS ATTACKING THE VILLAGE!!!"

 Not long after the villager crier appeared, the villagers gasped as they spotted a blur of red, flying through the sky. It appeared to be a young man dressed up in a red kimono, appearing to be no older than 15...and yet, upon getting a closer look at his visage, it was clear that this boy was not human...not completely, anyway. Atop his head was a long mane of silvery-white hair and golden yellow eyes with slit pupils. His fingers were tipped with nails so long that they looked claws, and in his grinning mouth were canines longer than the average man. His most noticeable feature of all, though, were the two pricked up ears on the top of his head.

 He only went by one moniker: Inuyasha, the dog demon.

 "Outta my way!!" he shouted as he leaped through the air, over the crowds of fleeing villagers. Some tried to bind him down with rope nets, but he easily sliced through them with his claws. That's when he crashed through the roof of a large shrine, covering his mouth and nose with the sleeve of his robe to block the smell of incense and sage. Soon, he found it: a pink, marble-sized gemstone, glistening in all its splendor as it hung from a beaded rosary...and it was exactly what he came for.

 "The Sacred Jewel of Four Souls," said Inuyasha as he went up and snatched it from its pedestal. "'s all mine!"

 "Halt, demon!! Drop the jewel!!"

 Inuyasha turned, only to dodge the many arrows that were being fired at him. Candles were knocked over from the onslaught, setting the floor ablaze, and thus, Inuyasha jumped out from the hole in the roof he had made...leaving the temple to explode.

 "Heh!" he grinned. "See ya later." He then looked down at his prize with a look of triumphant greed. "Finally...a way for me to become a full demon, at last!" With that, he ran from the temple grounds, attempting to escape into the forest...but just as he was about to disappear beyond the trees...


 An arrow flew through the air, and just as Inuyasha passed in front of this one tree...the projectile pierced through his chest, causing him to grunt in pain, as well as drop the gemstone. He gasped before he attempted to reach out for it...and yet, his body felt unusually weak.

 The gem hit the ground while Inuyasha remained pinned to the tree, his arm still outstretched. He then looked up and saw the one who shot him: a woman with long, black hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She wore a white haori and a hakama while holding a longbow in her hand.

 Her eyes...her eyes were filled with this intense anger and hatred.

 "...K...Kikyo...?" Inuyasha asked, feeling his strength leaving him...and for some reason, his voice carried the subtle hints of betrayal. "But...but why? I thought that you...that you..." He then sighed as his body soon went limp and his eyes closed.

 Once the villagers seemed at ease, enough, they approached the dog demon boy, but they didn't get too close, for fear of his awakening.

 " he dead?" asked a young man.

 "I don't know," said an older man.

 "...He's...not dead..." Kikyo spoke up as she approached the villagers...leaving a trail of blood behind her...blood that was seeping from her right shoulder.

 "L-Lady Kikyo!!" cried one of the men as he went to her side.

 "The arrow I struck Inuyasha with has only sealed him," said Kikyo. "He has now been put in an eternal slumber. He will remain there until his body rots away." She then grunted as she fell to her knees, to the villagers' shock and worry.


 Kikyo looked back and saw a young girl run up to her, her right eye covered in bandages.

 "Sister! Are you all right?!" she asked as she sat on her knees.

 "Kaede," Kikyo said as she forced herself to smile at the child, gently cupping her face.

 "Sister, we must treat your wounds!" cried Kaede, her good eye beginning to well up with tears.

 "No," Kikyo answered. "It's too late...I've lost too much blood. I'm not long for this world."

 "No...!" Kaede whimpered as she hugged her older sister. "Please, Kikyo! I beg of you, please don't die! Please don't leave me!!"

 "...Kaede," Kikyo said as she gently stroked her younger sister's hair. "I'm...very sorry to ask this of you...but please...carry out this one wish."

 "...Yes, sister...!" Kaede replied.

 "The Shikon Jewel," Kikyo said as she picked it up. "I want you to burn it along with me...I shall take it with me to the netherworld. This will not fall in evil hands." She then looked at Kaede, who sniffled as tears fell from her eyes. " this for me...please, Kaede?"

 "...Yes," Kaede nodded, causing Kikyo to smile as she gently embraced her.

 "Good girl," she praised. "Remember...I love you..."

 "I love you, too, Kikyo...!" Kaede replied...and not long after, Kikyo collapsed on the ground...her body growing cold.

 "No!" cried one of the village men. "Lady Kikyo!!"

 "Lady Kikyo! Open your eyes!!" cried a young man.

 "It's too late," said an elderly man, grimly. "She's gone, now."

 Kaede sobbed quietly as she held her dead sister's sleeve, tears falling upon her skin. Despite seeing it with her own eye, she prayed that this was just some horrible nightmare that she'd wake up from and Kikyo would be at her side...but alas, she was hit with the harsh reality.

 As the villagers mourned the loss of the priestess they cherished so dearly, one man glared up at Inuyasha, whose body remained pinned to the tree with this almost peaceful look on his face.

 "...I hope you're satisfied, you damn, detestable half-breed!" he shouted. "Lady Kikyo lost her life because of you! Once your flesh rots away from that tree, I hope you burn in hell where you belong!!"

 For good measure, he even spit on the boy's face before he turned and followed his fellow villagers away to prepare Kikyo's funeral. They placed her body on a funeral pyre, along with the jewel, which she held in between her hands before her flesh and bones all turned into ash.

 And thus, Kikyo left the mortal coil, taking the Sacred Jewel with her, never to be seen again...

 Or was it?