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I feel unpretty to

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All head's turn whenever my adoptive sister Rosalie walks into the house. I shouldn't be so jealous of her natural beauty, physical features that she possessed after her vampire transformation. I am just as beautiful on the outside, is it enough to capture my husband's attention?. I look at her and get green with bitterness, hatred towards her general appearance.

Jasper feels Alice's sudden shift of mood, a hint of jealousy in her emotions. He moves to her side, manipulates her own emotions, which she tends to loath. He wants her to be happy, smile a genuine smile on that cute face he loves so much.

“Alice honey, what's wrong?.” he asked her

I despised my husband's ability to manipulate my emotions. I know that he can't always help it. I'm not in the mood to have a talk with him about this. I already know what his answers are going to be. I saw his decision.

Edward picked up his little sister's loud thoughts. He knew that she envies Rose's beauty. Alice is just as beautiful, on the inside she was much nicer and less conceited about appearances. He liked the way she cared about their family, and Bella. She shouldn't worry so much. He could always tell Jasper what was really bothering her, that would cause a fight.

Esme and Carlisle we're cuddled together, watching Nessie as she puts on a piano recital for them. Bella was catching up with Jacob and Seth on mindless gossip. I couldn't stand the wet dog smell, at least we were all getting along with the wolf pack.

Jasper clung onto my emotions, calmed me down so I wouldn't burst with anger. I wanted to tell him what was wrong, I just couldn't find the right words. I pretended to read a book, my eyes couldn't stay away from the pretty blonde.

“Ali, please tell me what's bothering you.” he demanded, I couldn't face his brutal judgements, unpopular options in front of our entire family. I continued to read a few more chapters of this book I'm reading to avoid immediate contact.

Rose felt bad that she was bothering me so much. Emmett was wise enough to keep his own mouth shut for once.

Renesmee felt the sudden shift in everyone's emotions, wandered over to her Auntie Alice, asked her “Did Uncle Jasper hurt you?.”

What was I going to say to a little child, who passed for a seven year old. I didn't want Bella to get mad at me for my answers.
Edward chimed in “No Sweetie, Uncle Jasper didn't hurt her.”

The child was smarter than both her parents. She asked me another question “Why are you so upset, auntie Alice?.”

I mustered up some courage, told Nessie “I'm jealous of your auntie Rose beauty okay sweetie.”

Everyone's heads turned on me, as silence fell upon the entire house.

No one moved.

Jasper rushed by my side, changed everyones moods, so no one would hurt each other.

I could see my adopted sisters jaw drop on the floor.

“Alice why would you be jealous of me?.” Roses voice was directed at me.

Esme snaps at her “Rose!.”

I felt the heap of humiliation fall upon my shoulders.

“You're so much prettier than me.” I gave a brief explanation.

Rose let out a small sigh, tells me “I may be pretty on the outside Alice, On the inside I am a spoiled brat.”

Edward and Emmett hold back there chuckles, leave the room so we could talk.

Jasper stayed with me so I wasn't so glued, tensed. I was grateful to have his support and out most attention in this moment.

Rose looks into my golden eyes, puts her shoulders on me, replied “You're a much better person than i'll ever be.”

I nod my head in agreement.

He whispers to in my ear “You're much prettier than her.”

I smiled.