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Henry Cavill x reader

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When Tom Ellis, a good friend of yours and your boyfriend Henry’s, came knocking on your door with a five pound note hanging out of his mouth, you were a bit confused, but after he removed the note and explained the situation, you walked up to Henry, who was in the kitchen, preparing tea. 

“Henry, can I ask you something?” You leaned against the door frame and watched him; he had been so at ease and relaxed since he had finally gotten the chance to kick back, and although you knew he loved his job, more than anything, you also knew that it occasionally took a lot out of him. 

“Sure,” he agreed, turning to you with a grin. 

“I get that the Devil owes you a fiver, but did you have to summon him in my flat?” You asked, referring to Tom, who had come to stand behind you. 

“Oi, oi!” Tom cheekily laughed as he reached around you in order to pass Henry the five pound note. 

“Cheers,” Henry chuckled, tucking the note into his back pocket. 

“What was that fucking bet about anyway?” You inquired the two of them. 

“Well…” Henry shared a look with Tom before clearing his throat and nervously continuing, “I may have had a bet about whether or not you would make me shave.” 

“To be fair you looked like a twat with that moustache.” You and Tom answered in cheeky unison. 

“I quite like it,” Henry mumbled, pretending to be sad until you kissed his cheek. 

“I did, too,” you admitted. “But, you look better without it.” 

“Tom, could you excuse us a moment?” Henry asked politely. 

“In other words,” you smirked at your friend, who was readying himself for the teasing comment you were about to make. “Begone, Satan.” 

“Fine, then!” Tom laughed, quickly hugging both you and Henry before making his way to the door. “See you Sunday!” 

“Love you!” You and Henry called after him. 

“Love you both, too!” Tom called before closing the door behind him. 

“Now that we’re alone,” Henry hummed, holding you close. “Would you mind if I tested out being clean-shaven?” 

“What do you have in mind?” You asked, trying your best not to grin.