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I'll Be Home For Christmas

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Grace Dunbar and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.


I'll Be Home For Christmas
Christmas 2004

Grace Dunbar sat cross-legged in front of her family's Christmas tree with her eight year old brother Liam positioned squarely in her lap. He'd told her every year since he could talk that her lap was the prime position. Grace hugged Liam tightly as they heard their parents waking in their room.

“Merry Christmas Gracie!” Liam grinned putting his arms behind him to hug her tightly.

“Merry Christmas kiddo. Go jump on mom and dad,” Grace grinned letting go of Liam who turned around and looked at her with bright blue eyes. “Go on, Li,” she smiled urging him to get up so that she could answer her phone that had started playing 'Jingle Bells'.

“But it's a Christmas song!” Liam whined reluctantly climbing off of her lap as she grabbed hold of her phone.

“I know Li,” Grace laughed watching as he ran down the hall towards their parents bedroom. “Hey Der,” Grace smiled answering the phone.

'Merry Christmas Grace,' Derek laughed, he was trying to stop Theo and Cora the two ten year old children, from fighting over who got to sit next to him while they opened presents. 'Mom wants to know if you're still on for coming for lunch?'

“Merry Christmas Der, and I'm always on for lunch with you guys,” Grace answered as she heard laughing coming from her parents room. “Liam's just woken up our parents,”

'You sent him didn't you?' Derek questioned as he finally managed to separate Cora and Theo having them sit on either side of him.

“Quite possibly, hey? How else am I meant to get five minutes talking with you?” Grace laughed watching as Liam raced back down the hallway towards her launching himself into her lap. “Ompf, I'll see you at lunch,” she hung up the phone and tossed it on to the beanbag behind her.

Liam wrapped his arms tightly around Grace's neck and laughed before mumbling that he was in trouble. Liam hid behind Grace as Jenna and Mr Dunbar walked down the hall with Jenna telling her husband that Liam hadn't meant it. Grace raised her eyebrow at her mother and took hold of Liam.

“Mom?” Grace questioned as Liam ducked behind her and poked his head over her shoulder. “What did he do?”

“Grace he landed on your father in a rather awkward position,” Jenna replied offering a smile to both her children while her husband walked into the kitchen to prepare coffee. “Liam, sweetheart come here,” Jenna held her arms out for her little boy as he shook his head.

“Li, come here,” Grace put her arms behind her and pulled the small boy into her lap. “Go give mom a hug and then go say sorry to dad okay?” Grace hugged Liam tightly whispering in his ear.

“Do I have to?” Liam mumbled looking at Grace as though he was going to lose the prime position.

“My lap will still be here when you get back silly,” she laughed kissing his forehead before he stood up and went over to his mother wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Sorry mom,” Liam mumbled into Jenna's stomach as she wrapped her arms around him.

“It's alright sweetheart,” Jenna said pulling Liam's arms away from her waist and crouching down to his height to hug give him a proper hug and kiss. “I know you got excited and your sister didn't help,” Jenna laughed, pausing for a brief second before she continued. “She encouraged you, it is Christmas after all,”

Liam kissed his mother before running into the kitchen skidding to halt in front of his father who had turned around with the coffee in his hands. Both Grace and Jenna heard Liam say that he was sorry for landing on him and that he hadn't meant to. Jenna and Mr Dunbar gave Liam his first game console and a few games, while Grace gave Liam a stuffed bear called Barry. Liam gave Grace a necklace with his picture in it that their mother had helped him pick out.

Meanwhile at the Hale House, Cora and Theo had gone back to arguing over who got to sit next Derek until Derek reminded them both that he was sitting in the middle of the lounge. That was when the argument turned from who was sitting next to him to who got sit on what side.

“Laura! Mom! Help!” Derek laughed, grabbing hold of both children and pulling them onto the lounge. “They won't stop fighting over me!”

“But I want to sit on the right side!” Cora pouted, Theo scrunched up his nose and shook his head.

“Nuh uh, I do!” Theo exclaimed trying to wriggle his way out of Derek's hold.

“There's plenty of time during the day for you both to sit on the right side of your brother,” Talia smiled, as Theo triumphantly scooted as close as he possibly could next to Derek. “Plus, you will have to fight over who gets to sit next to him when Grace comes over,”

“Mom, really?” Cora questioned, almost bouncing excitedly as she decided to sit on the left side of Derek. “Derek?”

“Yeah, Grace is coming over for lunch,” Derek replied with a grin, causing Cora to smiled broadly before grinning at Theo.

“Grace brings the best presents,” Cora smiled, looking at Theo who nodded in agreement – the present they'd gotten the previous year was a framed Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

Talia and her younger brother Peter, along with various other family members set about starting lunch before they all went to the living room and started on presents. Derek set Grace's present aside and saw that both Cora and Theo had put presents under that they'd made. A small smile played on his face before he grabbed Cora and started to tickle her while Laura grabbed Theo and did the same thing. Soon the four of them were laughing so much that they didn't hear the door bell ringing.

Talia smiled at her children, laughing before she sent Peter to answer the door. Peter greeted Grace showing her into the house where the two of them stood before Talia walked over to her and gave her a hug. Grace started to laugh, startling Derek, Theo, Laura and Cora who as Derek pulled his hands away from tickling Theo. Derek grinned at Grace as she walked over to them with Cora wrapping her arms around her.

“Hi Grace,” Cora grinned, as Grace hugged her back while receiving a kiss from Derek.

“Hi Cora,” she smiled at her picking her up and spinning her briefly and setting her back on the lounge. “Der, told me you were fighting over him again,” Grace laughed, poking her tongue out at Derek as she spoke and pulled a present from out of her bag. “Can you put this under the tree?” she questioned, Cora nodded taking the present from her and heading towards the tree.

“Hey Grace,” Derek smiled as Theo started hiding slightly behind him. “Theo, you know Grace,”

“Hey Der,” Grace kissed Derek again and pulled him into a hug. “Hey sweetheart, can you put these under the tree for me?” Theo nodded taking both presents from Grace and going over to the tree.

Cora stood at the with Theo both of them inspecting the presents that Grace had handed them as they listened to Grace, Derek and Laura talking. They only half listened as some of the conversation had turned to Derek talking about a girl that he'd met that wasn't Grace. Laura and Grace had dragged Derek outside after that and when he'd walked back inside he'd been rubbing the back of his head. Talia noticed the children, and then watched as Grace sat with Laura and Derek with Theo decided to plant himself on her lap while Cora planted herself on Derek's lap.

“Kids, are you getting a little too big for laps?” Mr Hale questioned, running a hand over his face while Talia walked over to the tree. “Darling, we know who the presents are for,”

“Never to big for a lap,” Cora grinned turning her to face Grace grinning before she kissed Derek.

“Well how about you and Theo give Grace her presents,” Talia smiled at them motioning for both children to move. Cora and Theo sighed reluctantly standing up and heading towards the tree. “And then you can give Derek his, and I think I saw you put one under for Laura too,”

“Mooom!” Cora whined, Theo just went a long with it as Cora handed Theo the present for Grace that they had made her. “You give her ours, and I'll give her Derek's,”

“Okay,” Theo nodded, a smile forming on his face as he took the present from Cora and the two of them walked back to Grace who was now being hugged Derek. “Grace...we made this for you,”

“Aww, thank you Theo, Cora,” Grace smiled taking the present from Theo as she stepped back and Cora handed Derek his one for Grace.

“Derek you give Grace your one,” Cora whispered loudly before she and Theo ran back to the tree and loaded up their arms with presents heading back to Derek and Laura giving them one each. “Mom, there's one for you too,”

“Grace, you really shouldn't have,” Talia said smiling as she took the present from Cora. “Once everyone we all have one we can open them,”

A couple of minutes later and the presents were opened. Cora and Theo had made Grace traditional kids photo frames and stuck themselves inside. Derek had given Grace fob watch on a necklace with their names engraved on the back. From Grace, Theo had received a teddy bear similar to the one that she'd given Liam, this one was called Fred. Cora had received a book all about fairies, while Laura and Talia had received gift vouchers.

“Merry Christmas Derek,” Grace smiled, kissing him before she started off down the porch stairs of Hale House and headed towards her car.

“Merry Christmas Grace,” Derek smiled after, before jumping down the steps and landing at the bottom beside her. “Wherever you go I go,”