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Taken Down a Peg

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Barba had never been one for dominance. He could, and gladly would, assume the role, but that's all it ever was to him; just an act, nothing more. Not that it wasn't understandable, especially given his line of work-- he was more conscious than most of consent, of boundaries, and painfully aware that there were few worse feelings in the world than that of taking someone's trust and stretching it until it snapped. It had only happened to him once, and years ago at that, but ever since he’d always insisted on an explicit go-ahead from his partners, even if they happened to be the one initiating things.

Liv ran a finger down his happy trail, stopping just shy of his erection, and Barba shivered under her light, teasing touch. He looked beautiful like this, spread out on the bed for her, the light cast from the bedside lamp giving his tanned skin a warm, inviting glow. She couldn't help but bend over his naked body for a taste of him; sucking gently on one nipple, rolling the other beneath the pad of her thumb until Barba was panting, squirming in pleasure. Switching sides, she drew his other nipple into her mouth, teasing the rapidly hardening nub with the flat of her tongue to tear a soft moan from him.

“Have I ever told you that I love how sensitive you are?” Liv leaned back to admire her work, both of Barba's nipples hard, wet, pink; a faint flush spreading across his cheeks at her words. The rise and fall of his chest was heavier now, more noticeable as she dragged her fingertips through coarse hair just beginning to grey, and he shifted restlessly under her with a soft groan.

“You may have mentioned it,” the corner of Barba's mouth twitched; quirked into a faint echo of that familiar courtroom smirk. “Once or twi--”

Liv dug her fingers into his belly just above his hips; not tickling him, but the mere threat of it was enough to stop him from continuing-- she watched him huff out a laugh and struggle for a moment to wipe the smile off his face. It took him a visible amount of effort but he managed, and she rewarded his self restraint with a playful bite to his neck; to that delicate spot just below his ear.

There were surefire ways to coax him into being more aggressive-- quietly moaning against his lips; taking a kneeling position for him without being prompted; teasing him until he was fully hard while he was working. Anything that would warrant a punishment. Addressing him as ‘Sir’ would usually do it as well, although, oddly enough, ‘Counselor’ had quite the opposite effect.

The blindfold fastened over Barba's eyes heightened his arousal; soft, turquoise silk keeping him in a state of heady anticipation, unable to see what was coming next. Over time he'd learned how to read gentle rushes of air over his bare skin, warmth radiating from the body above him, weight shifting around him on the bed, and now he tipped his chin up as he felt Liv's hands sink into the mattress at his sides.

So eager.

He could feel her smile against his skin as she pressed her face to his neck, licking a slow path from collarbone to jaw. The sharp drag of teeth over his jugular came as a welcome surprise, and Barba moaned before he could stop himself, back arching off the bed as he bared his neck further for Liv, offering her more.

“Look at you...” She gave him a gentle bite at the base of his throat, teeth digging in just deep enough to leave a set of tiny pink indentations. “You love this, don't you?”

There were several lines that he wouldn't so much as consider crossing, and several more that took at least one excruciatingly sober discussion for him to feel comfortable with. Choking was one of the latter, along with spanking and edging. As for the former, he wouldn't engage in anything rough enough to leave marks on his partner that lasted through the night; the sole exception being hickeys, which were always carefully left in places that only he would be able to see-- ribs, shoulders, thighs. And he would never use degrading or dehumanizing language, though he took no issue with being on the receiving end of such. Liked it, even, if he happened to be in an especially needy mood.

She pushed his chest back down and dug her fingers into his ribs, lightly dragging nails all the way down his sides. Barba whimpered-- a sound that was almost comical coming from the usually cocky, confident lawyer-- and his handcuffs rattled against the bedpost, the chain tugged taut as he pulled against the restraints, his broad shoulders and biceps flexing, muscles rippling under Liv's hands.

His cock twitched low on his belly, leaking a few drops of precome as she slowly ran a hand up the inside of a wide, muscular thigh, a rush of goosebumps breaking out under her fingertips. She reached his groin and gave his balls a gentle squeeze, drawing a groan from him before slipping two fingers up under his sac and applying gentle pressure, rubbing slow circles against his perineum.

Ahh--” Barba pulled against the cuffs again, spreading his legs to give her better access to his goods.

He was much better suited to be the submissive partner, and Liv never understood how it had taken her so long to realize. She'd playfully grabbed his tie plenty of times over years of them working together, but had always read his reaction as mild annoyance rather than anything... else. It had taken a small altercation between the two of them-- Liv barging into his office unannounced, Barba getting to his feet, raising his voice just enough to set her off. Her placing a hand in the middle of his chest and shoving him backwards, then immediately stuttering out an apology before he even hit the couch. But not before she saw the way his eyes darkened. He'd fallen back against the pillows willingly, the slight bulge of his cock in his pants more noticeable than usual, the smirk on his face daring her to keep going.

His erection was warm, a satisfying weight in her palm as Liv wrapped a hand around him and started to stroke, still massaging the root of his cock between his thighs. She palmed at his balls, her free thumb finding the delicate seam and lightly toying with it, tracing up and down as Barba let out a soft moan.


“Mmm?” She sat back and slowed her movements, waiting for him to finish.

“Will you... um,” Barba cleared his throat and trailed off, visibly nervous.

“Will I...?”

He let out a slow breath, steeling himself for Liv’s reaction. “Will you finger me?” The blindfold was a mercy; something to hide behind, something to prevent him from having to look at her, something to at least partially obscure the abject humiliation plastered across his face.

“Is that what you want?” She didn't miss a beat, sliding her lower hand down his leg, urging one knee into the air and then the other, his feet now flat against the bed.

Barba nodded and bit his lip, face burning red with shame.

Liv dragged a single fingertip up over his entrance, admiring his body's reaction-- his hole instantly clenched, balls drawing up tight as his cock throbbed in her palm and a generous rush of precome welled to the tip. She hummed appreciatively and swiped the flat of her thumb over his head, careful not to let a single drop go to waste as she gathered the fluid up and gave him a few slow, tight strokes in return.

The sudden slick stimulation at his entrance had Barba gasping, moaning as he realized she was using his own precome as lubricant, and his hips rocked off the bed, thighs flexing hard. He hadn't been touched like this in ages; had nearly forgotten how sensitive he was down there, how good it felt to be worked like this, nearly every pleasure center being taken care of at once.

Barba liked to be used. He got off on watching Liv, letting her use his mouth, his tongue, his cock; taking what she wanted from him without regard for his own pleasure. Being restrained was even better-- unable to do anything but watch, feel, beg as she serviced him in any way she pleased. Seeing her ride him, fuck herself with his cock; feeling her come, her walls spasming around him was nearly always enough to bring him to the edge, and while he would never come without permission, it was often a struggle to hold back.

“C-- can you, uh--” he broke off with a curse as she circled his hole, teasing the delicate muscles.

“Tell me what you need, Counselor,” she urged, pressing the tiniest bit harder and watching his groin tighten again.

“Inside,” he gasped, shoving himself into her touch. “Please.

The pressure at his entrance disappeared for a moment and he let out a low whine, but Liv's hand was back before he knew it, slick with spit. She slid a single fingertip past the tight muscles, feeling him tighten against the intrusion as her finger slipped in to the second knuckle. Barba whimpered and she froze, afraid she was hurting him, giving him too much too fast.

“No, don't--” He clamped his thighs together, keeping her hand where it was. “Please don't stop.” He rolled his hips, pulling her deeper.

He was unbelievably tight, but Liv had to marvel at the way he was taking her so willingly at the same time. She slowly eased her finger the rest of the way in, knuckles pressed tight to his perineum as she carefully stroked his walls.

He liked to be dominated, both physically and verbally. The loss of control was incredibly arousing; the feeling of being stripped bare and held in such a vulnerable state at someone's mercy, waiting for them to take whatever it was that they wanted. The physical side of all that was a challenge-- Barba wasn’t a tall man, but he was big; his wide shoulders, his broad, deep chest, his thick, muscular thighs gave him an easy thirty pounds on her, and it was often difficult to shove him around the way he liked. On the other hand, though, Liv loved how eager he was to take orders in the bedroom. She used his willingness for her own pleasure, of course; commanding him to go down on her, to fuck her slow and deep, to lie on his back and let her ride him. But equally enjoyable, if not more so, was subjecting him to mild humiliation. Demanding that he get himself off while she watched and denying him the blindfold, telling him to play with his balls while she sucked his cock, ordering him to tease his own nipples and either come from that stimulation alone or not at all.

Liv’s exploring digit finally found that tight bundle of nerves, and Barba let out a high-pitched moan, his toes curling in pleasure as he squirmed on the bed.

Oh, fuck...

She picked up her pace, working high behind his balls at the same rhythm that she was stroking his cock, her finger gently moving in and out of his ass in search of that sweet spot again.

“Deeper,” Barba seemed to guess at what she was looking for. “It's deepe-- uhhn...”

Liv didn't pull away this time, watching his hands desperately scrabble for purchase on something, anything, finally settling for gripping the chain between his cuffs as his hips bucked off the bed. His head fell back against the pillow as she applied gentle pressure, massaging that small, delicate bump deep inside of him with her fingertip, rubbing small, slow circles into his prostate.

“If you-- nngh--” His stomach visibly tightened and he pulsed in her palm, more than ready to spill himself. “If you want my cock you need to stop,” he groaned, making a weak attempt to pull himself off of her finger.

She ignored him and added a small twist to the end of her long, hard strokes, palm running over the painfully tender head of his cock every time, the way he'd treat himself when she was watching. He tightened around her as she bore down harder on his sweet spot, flattening himself against the mattress and trying to squirm away from the intense stimulation.

“Liv.” He strained against his cuffs, hips jerking as she smeared precome over the head of his cock. “Liv.

“Come,” she instructed, shifting her weight forward and pinning his thighs in place beneath her shins; kneeling over his legs, immobilizing him. “I want you to come for me. Just like this.”

Barba let out a string of curses as he arched and bucked under her, finally letting go of that tight, heavy feeling of pleasure. He squeezed his eyes shut behind the blindfold, knuckles white against steel as he rode out his painfully strong orgasm. He barely registered the feeling of come landing on his chin, his cock contracting hard, pumping spurt after spurt across his heaving chest and belly.

Liv stroked him through it, stopping when he winced in pain and carefully releasing his spent erection from her grip. She withdrew her finger from his ass as slowly and gently as humanly possible, Barba drawing in a sharp breath as she eased the last knuckle out, painfully sensitive from having just come so hard.

Jesus, Liv...”

“I can't believe it took you eight months to ask for that.” She let out a soft laugh and kissed him on the forehead, reaching for her keys on the nightstand. “I don't think I've ever seen you come that hard.”

He shrugged and let her unlock him, but raised a hand to stop her when she moved to untie the blindfold. “I don't trust people... easily.”

“I know,” Liv murmured, stroking his cheek as she admired the flushed mess of a man sprawled next to her. “I understand, and I love you no matter what.” She wiped gently at his sweaty chest, clearing a spot so she could rest her head on him.

Barba grimaced. “Sorry about that.”

“Don't apologize,” she smiled and let herself collapse next to him on the bed, settling her cheek on his chest and nuzzling at his neck. “It's a compliment, if anything.”

“Can I ask you something?” His tone was hesitant again; nervous.

“Of course,” Liv rubbed encouragingly at his thigh. “Anything.”

“Have you ever, um,” Barba paused, scratching at the drying mess on his chest before continuing. “Fucked a man's ass before?”

Liv's breath hitched. She looked up at him; at the light blue fabric against flushed pink skin. “No,” she answered honestly.

“Would you... want to?”

She considered briefly, the mental picture of Barba split open and writhing in pleasure under her enough to spur her to a decision in seconds. “Are you offering?”

He nodded, almost shyly.

“Yes.” She tilted her head up to kiss his neck, running a hand through hair, slightly damp with sweat. “I would.”