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Pari Passu - Beauty and the Beast Version

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“Don’t worry, Jethro. I’m sure that you will find the one to walk pari passu with you soon.”

“How? I’m married to a woman who is clearly not my true love. How will I find my true love?”

“Well perhaps you should divorce her, then.”

“But what about the kingdom?”

“If she is not your true love, the kingdom can’t possibly be prospering with her.”

“It seems like it is.”

“We only see those closest to us. There is a lot of land we have no knowledge of and new messengers haven’t been seen in a while.”

“Can you find out about the rest of the land for me, Ducky?”

“Sure, my lord.”

Ducky turned to leave, but before he exited Gibbs’ rooms, he paused and asked, “Where did the rose come from?”

“Diane told me that a sorceress gave it to her, telling her that if a true love marriage was not on the throne by the time it died that the kingdom would cease to exist.”

“Let’s check on the outer kingdom, right now.” Ducky had originally thought to cast the magic in his room, but changed his mind. Gibbs would like to see for himself what things were like Ducky knew.

Gibbs continued to stare at the rose as Ducky started prepping for the spells needed to show what the outer edges of the kingdom looked like. Neither of them were prepared for the devastation that Ducky’s magic revealed.The lush forests were dark with dead trees.

No wild life could be seen anywhere and those trees used to be full of squirrels and various other animals. Even the houses that had been there were cold and empty.

“Oh god, Ducky. What have I done? Where are the people?”

Ducky moved the area being displayed looking to see if they could find anyone alive. After searching through a significant area of desolation, they finally found an old man clearly on his last legs.

“It wasn’t you, Jethro. It was Diane. She’s ruined the outer edges even faster than the curse would have normally to keep the inner areas near the palace beautiful.”

“This can’t stand, Ducky. We have to help these people.”

“First, we must deal with Diane. Then we can start working on rescuing our people and seeing what we can do for them. We can have a ball to invite all the neighboring kingdoms to expand your chances of finding your true love.”

“Of course. I will divorce her immediately.”

“Are you sure, Jethro? Will you just boot her out of the palace?”

“Why not? Clearly, marrying her did not help the kingdom like I thought it was.”

“Don’t be hasty, Jethro. She is much more than she seems and quite dangerous.”

“No. I can’t find my true love until she is gone. She must go before my true love is lost forever.”

Ducky sighed. It was obvious he wouldn’t be able to talk his friend out of this course of action. It wasn’t that he wanted him to stay married to Diane. Merely that, he worried what she would do in retaliation.

Last time, she’d cursed the kingdom to only prosper when true love existed on the throne. What would she do this time? Ducky hoped it would not be anything too drastic.

Of course, Ducky did not get his wish. When Gibbs told Diane that he was divorcing her and that she must leave immediately, it quickly devolved into a shouting match. Gibbs was adamant, however, and his force of will managed to make Diane leave.

The last words she shouted as she left were, “If I can’t have you, no one will want you or your daughter.”

Ducky cursed and tried to throw some protective magic around Gibbs, but it was too late. Before his very eyes, Gibbs’ hair grew longer and shaggier until it covered basically his entire body. The clothes he was wearing couldn’t contain him any longer as every part of his body grew fur and increased in size.

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Diane may have left as Gibbs’ wife, but she remained in Abby or someone did. Abby’s face grew even uglier than it had been with the skull on it as the new curse affected her as well.

Both Abby and Gibbs’ personalities changed practically overnight as they became grouchier and grumpier due to their transformations and people’s response to them. Abby appeared to retreat into her gothic emo tendencies while Gibbs just retreated to the basement of the palace where he apparently decided to build a boat. Ducky did his best to keep the kingdom running, but it was hard when no one wanted to be near the King and the King had zero desire to interact with the people that were rejecting him.