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Sacrafice for a Lamb

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Sordid bursts of swirling grey and black swallowed the sky. Inside the Cullen house, everyone was discussing what to do regarding the most recent problem: James wanted to kill Bella. Her scent was intoxicating and there was no stopping a creature such as that. The lust for blood was hard to control, and he had no reason to attempt to control it. I found the entire thing to be absurd. I knew that getting involved with the likes of a human would only lead to the destruction and devastation of the entire family. I wanted to look at Edward and scream at him for being so careless. The fact that he wouldn't meet my eyes was hint enough that he knew the costly decision he had brought onto the entire family.

Bella never should have been at baseball to begin with. It was a family activity and it's not like she can even play. I don't understand why I seemed to be the only one realizing the severity of the situation for what it was. It certainly didn't help that Alice kept mentioning the weird possibilities of Bella becoming one of us. But, if Bella hadn't come to the game, none of this would even be happening. Why didn't Alice see that? I shook my head, trying to control my frustration. Alice wasn't to blame for this. It was Bella.

"I need to take Bella somewhere else," Edward said.

"He would just track you down," Jasper said, his eyes flickering over to Bella.

"Are we sure he's going to go after her?" Emmett asked, trying to sound positive. "Maybe we're overreacting and they're moving on like their leader said they would."

"No," Edward growled. "I saw his mind. He wants her."

"Laurent confirmed it," Carlisle pointed out. "He said it was a game to this man, and not to under estimate him or the woman, Victoria. It doesn't appear that he has much control over his coven."

"Edward?" Bella said, her eyes wide. "What do we do? What about my Dad?"

"The best course of measure is to try and buy some time, see how serious he is about trying to find her," Jasper reasoned. "Some of us could take Bella's clothes and throw him off track. Rosalie, would you do it?"

Immediately, golden eyes fell onto me

I scowled at them and shook my head quickly. "Are you serious? You really want me to go out there for her? Need I remind you all that she is a human? This is exactly why she shouldn't be involved with Edward! No. What is she to me?"

Emmett placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a pleading look. I refused to meet the pleading eyes of my husband. I wasn't going to budge on it. There was no way I was going to go out there and risk my life for a human that won't even be around. Even after this event goes down and she somehow lives, it's not like she would be insane enough to stick around. No, there was no point in it.

Jasper sensed how set I was in my decision and decided to take a cheap blow. I'm not sure if was sheer desperation, or if everyone was just keen on making shit decisions recently, but he turned to Esme. "Will you do it?"

Esme was standing in the corner to try and avoid the conflict. She stepped forward and nodded. "Yes, of course. Bella can borrow some of my clothes, too."

I looked over at Carlisle. His body became rigid and it certainly didn't go unnoticed by his wife. I let out a sigh. I hated how nice and caring Esme could be. She was willing to sacrifice herself for Bella? A human? What exactly was supposed to happen in this situation Jasper was proposing? If James were to follow Esme, then she would be alone with him. And who could say what would happen then? And what about the woman? She would be outnumbered two to one. She wasn't even a fighter to begin with.

Edward was glancing between Carlisle and I, and I didn't have to be a mind reader to know that our thoughts were going down similar dark paths.

I looked over at Esme. Her caramel locks were disheveled from the wind outside, and her eyes were a vibrant topaz. She smiled at me, reassuring me that my decision was okay. Out of everyone in the entire family, she was the only one who understood my side. She knew that I hated what Bella was potentially giving up. A chance. A chance that we both desired. Everyone thought I was being unfair for my feelings toward Bella, but Esme understood why I had this frustration boiling inside me over the entire thing. The same woman who looked with adoration and hope towards their love was the same who held a compassionate heart for me.

"Fine," I growled out, gaining everyone's attention. "I'll go with Esme." I glanced over at Edward, my eyes narrowing into the most menacing look I could muster. This isn't for you. This isn't for Bella. If anything happens to Esme, I swear…

"Yeah, I get it," Edward said darkly.

I stalked away from them, and held my hand out to Esme, who reached out and grabbed it. I pulled her away from the group, not bothering to see if Bella was going to follow us. Esme turned her head slightly and called to tell her where we were going. I led us to her room and let go of her hand to allow her to pick out something for Bella to wear. She opened her drawer and began rummaging around. It dawned on me that a lot of Esme's clothes were older fashioned. She was traditional in her sense of fashion, partly to keep up her part as appearing older, and partly because we came from a very different time period. Luckily, she pulled out a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

It was in moments like this that I really thought about how Esme was only twenty-six. She the oldest in our group, and the most mature by a long shot, but she was still so young. She was goofy when she let her guard down. Honestly, she could be as silly and absurd as Emmett when it came to messing with others. She was that reckless girl that climbed trees and broke her leg. And then, she had everything taken away from her… Now Bella was just waltzing in, willing to throw away all of her future happiness over some guy she just met. It wasn't fair. It was cruel. It was cruel to me, and to Esme. I didn't see how everyone could be so blind to that.

I had a life planned, just like Esme. I wanted so many things. Most of all, I wanted to be a mother. I would give anything for that chance. But, I'm not able to find the joy in the smaller things in life. Emmett brings me so much happiness, and yet there will always be something missing. I'm angry. I'm angry all the time. Even when I'm happy, there is the smallest sliver of me that is still furious for what became of me. I was condemned to a life where I'm denied the thing I want most. How am I supposed to be okay with Bella throwing that away?

"I really don't dress like teenagers do now," Esme laughed, breaking me from my thoughts as she started laying the clothes on the bed. "I mainly just have dresses and skirts," She smoothed out the small crinkles that had formed from sitting the drawer. Her eyes lingered on the clothes for a moment before she brought them up to look at me. She quirked her brow at me. "You don't have to come, Rose. No one will blame you for your decision."

I almost laughed at how naïve she could be.

Bella chose that moment to walk in, her eyes wide and fearful. I wanted to feel pity for her situation. But she brought this upon herself. Esme gestured to the clothes and Bella gulped. She gave me a wary glance before she started to take off her top.

"I'm not sure if I'll fit," Bella said awkwardly, looking at Esme's long legs.

"We'll make it work, dear," Esme reassured her, quickly undressing as well. I saw the slightest hesitation in Esme's movements, and it made me want to giggle. Wearing a humans clothes was probably unbearable.

I waited for them to change, impatiently shifting my weight back and forth. Once they done, I turned to make my way down the stairs. The others were still making plans on what each member would do. As I entered the room, Carlisle came up to me and handed me a small sliver cell phone.

"Keep us updated on what's going on," he said, and gave me a soft smile. "Thank you for doing this,"

"Yeah," I said, glaring at him. I slid the cell phone into my pocket and walked over to Emmett.

He smiled at me and let his arms snake around me. "Be safe," he whispered, hugging me tightly.

I pressed my lips to his in a passionate kiss, pushing our bodies closer together. Emmett returned my kiss excitedly, his lips crashing against mine with an intensity that reminded me of violent waves breaking in a sea. His hands were in my hair, his fingers running through it with ease. My fists were clenching at his shirt, wadding the grey up so tight that I thought his shirt might rip off and expose some of his creamy skin. I fought back a moan and suddenly my teeth were nibbling at his bottom lip. I wanted to stay here and continue this, but Edward cleared his throat. Emmett stopped, slowly breaking away from me. His face wore a giant grin and he looked down at me with lust filled eyes.

"Don't do anything stupid," I said, letting go of him. I turned to see if Esme was ready. Carlisle placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and whispered something incoherently into her hear. He slid the cellphone into her pocket and then walked over to join the others.

"Ready?" Esme flitted over to me.

"Yeah, let's just get this over with," I muttered.

"Here are Bella's keys," Edward tossed them towards us.

Esme extended her hand and caught them. "I suppose I should drive?"

I shrugged. I turned away from them and tried to focus on something else as I went to Bella's truck. I opened the door and sat, crossing my arms over my chest. Esme climbed into the driver's side and started the engine. It roared into the quite night, and soon we were speeding down the road.

It was so utterly stupid that we were making such a big sacrifice for a dumb lamb.