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Mitsuki and Inko have been dating since high school and Masaru is their ace/aro beard

"hey antuie Inko? why do you and mum share a bedroom but not dad?" ",,,,, he snores"

Bakugo and Izuku slip up so much when they talk abt their moms

  • okay okay I’m all for quirk society being all open minded about same sex relationships but for the sake of this au pls consider them being taboo bc no strong quirks r being produced
  • so like brothers Izuku and Katsuki loving both their moms with all their hearts but not being able 2 tell anyone how amazing it is having two whole moms

they have 2 whole mums and like 1 whole dad

  • n they end up w 2 more dads cause their teachers are invested
  • sleepy Bakugo n Izuku trying to count their parents
    • 1,,, 2,,, too many please brother
    • Bakugo, sleepily but angrily : "tOO ManY"


Masaru being Inko’s cousin or something and the reason katsu and Izu fall out is bc in kindergarten Izuku slipped up and an investigation was conducted so they had to engage, Mitsuki and Masaru

they never got as bad as canon though because I want dumb brothers doing dumbass shit

  • no nothing will ever be as bad as canon
  • even Horikoshi didn’t want it to go this far
  • correct the poor man

when Izu gets OFA he n Bakugo staying behind at school a lot, the parents are worried

it turns out they are doing as much dumb shit as they can

Izu doesn’t tell Bakugo about OFA literally just because Bakugo would be angry if he did

because it'd just be more proof Izu cant keep secrets and he can!! he’s just Very Excited all the time and wants to share

  • Izuku: gets OFA
  • Katsuki: "oh god we can never go home again u cant keep ur mouth shut"

Bakugo cheering when they get put in dorms

"the Dumb Bitch cant blab to anyone w/o the rat hearing! thank god!!"

  • Izuku, trying to hit Bakugo with his whole wardrobe "bitch! You! Told! Kiri! Within! 1! Month!"
  • Bakugo in tears, "iTS DIFFE R E N T "
  • Izuku:"nO TF IT AINT
  • Izuku, who still hasn’t told anyone: "Bitch"
  • Bakugo, who has told Kirishima about his 2 mothers: tearily "Bitch"
  • all of 1A: What The Fuck is Wrong with you two


aizawa asking about it, like a fair bit cause hearing "we cant tell them about our parents" whispered between children is Very Concerning

Izuku doesn’t like lying n he is crying which only concerning Aizawa more

  • "what’s wrong with ur parents?"
  • "hA HA Nothing our very hetero mother and Father are doing fantastic!!"

Bakugo is trying to drag Izuku out of the classroom while looking concerned and they are Confused

Aizawa, quietly to his husband later:

  • did they steal a child??? criminals??? abuse?? is Masaru abusive? does Masaru have 2 wives??????? are they abusing the children?????
  • Aizawa’s husband Mic, long sufferingly: they could just be lesbians Shouta
  • Aizawa:,,,,,, shit

Aizawa rly creepily coming up to the boys and going “your secret is safe with me”

they r stressed and afraid bc what the fuck is wrong with their homeroom teacher

  • Izuku n Bakugo: "god please what does he think is happening"


  • "I thought you were brothers?"
  • "ha,,??? yes???"
  • "then why does Bakugo have the quirk/looks of Mitsuki and Masaru and Izuku look like their "friend" Inko? a have a quirk that looks like none of theirs?????"
  • "Izuku a fucking abomination"


Bakugo n Izuku being lil shits to each other normally but something bad happens and they just kinda stick together like fucking glue

the league ends up kidnapping both of them cause Izuku was holding Bakugo’s hand

  • Shigiraki: ,,, damn it
  • Izuku, looking angrier than anyone has ever seen: you fucked up
  • Bakugo, grinning like a loon: bitch yes you did


they break out over n over again while AFO n Kurogiri keep bringing them back

  • Shigiraki: you could stop that you know??
  • Izuku who still has a lot of rage: you could?? god fucking die you know??


Bakugo n Izuku speaking in sign to each other, n someone being like "o sign! cool I can sign too!" n they just stop, n start speaking in nonsense sign bc they are so extra they made up their own sign when they were little

they would be the dumbass siblings who communicate in their own language to piss other people off

please consider someone asking

  • "your birthdays are like,,, 2 months apart how are you brothers?"
  • Izuku has a practised response of fake crying while Bakugo yells "he’s fucking adopted you jackass"
  • "god you’re so insensitive"

every time they have new classes they wait w unrestrained glee for when they get to do that

its best when a teacher asks

mic was the poor man


  • "SHOUTA IM SO SORRY" "mic what did you do. mic. MIC"
  • Aizawa, the poor suffering man: :'oh god they got to u too"
  • Toshi just nods sadly "they got me the second day"

midnight getting war flashbacks

them refusing to tell the other teachers

Nezu does it just so they can pull the act bc he knows how much fun they have

they get a sub for one of their classes and Izuku is vibrating with glee


so they are both Midoriya’s  

just because someone saying the Midoriya doesn’t seem to suit their family as a name

n then, green sheep just wanders into class like "oh ok suits him I guess"

everyone’s just so used to calling them Midoriya and Baku everyone outside 1a and the teachers forgets they’re related

ok but consider Midori and Baku are actually their childhood nicknames for each other

n everyone just thinks he’s Katsuki Baku

  • "oh,, I thought your last name was baku?"
  • "1, why one earth would my brother call me by my last name. 2, why would we have different last names?? dumbass"

Kirishima asking Katsuki out like

  • "Baku, will you go out with me"
  • "wHIO TF IS BA K U"



Katsuki hiding in Izu's room after this

  • "he’s so fucking dumb??? I cant date him!! he’s too stupid!!!"
  • "he’s perfect for you then Kacchan"


Katsuki storming into Izu’s room at random times and like 80% of the time Shinsou is there. they aren’t talking or anything, but Shinsou is camped in front of Izu’s switch

Shinsou doesn’t even turn to look when the door flies open

  • "get out extra I need 2 talk to my brother"
  • "perish I’m fighting a boss"

Izu n Shinsou missing a villain attack cause they thought it was Katsuki

everyone evaced, panic looking for them

they go down to the kitchen for lunch, beat up the villain n make sandwiches

Izu giving snacks to the tied up villain

Shinsou has like 30 missed calls and he is Afraid

  • Izuku, cheerfully calling Bakugo "Shinsou and i made lunch!
  • Bakugo, about to cry "Izuku what the fuck"

s . a n d w i c h e s

  • Bakugo, sobbing: "Izuku u could’ve died"
  • Shinsou, in the distance "bold of you to assume either of us can die"


Shinsou is just the 1A cryptid

he basically only speaks to Izuku n Aizawa

  • Shinsou standing outside Sero's window, knocking: "w e e d"
  • Sero, crying : "w ,,, h o are yo u"

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Wicked Coffee AU (a villain mic au)


part time barista, part time murderer

  • he’s creepy into eraserhead
  • flirts w him when they fight, also sells coffee to him in the morning

izuku knows aizawa's barista friend is a villain but aizawa looks so happy in the morning with him dumb coffees? so izuku can’t bring himself to say anything

aizawa asked for a coffee as black as his soul one week, mic gave him a white chocolate hot chocolate

  • every day he makes aizawa something new and sweet, like caramel mochas, massive strawberry Frappuccino’s
  • draws a cat next to aizawa's name on the cup

also: izuku, who cannot stay out of anyone's business, collecting all this info on mic and mic doesn’t notice because izuku is adorable and buy's coffees for his whole class and teacher

please consider: izuku knows what everyone likes in their orders and uses his quirk to run to the cafe at lunch

  • he has to walk back normally or the coffee will spill
  • iida comes with him one time and they see who can power walk back to ua quickest
  • iida gets back and like, his arms are shaking because of how heavy the drinks where and he only had half of them
  • he looks at izuku with respect and horror

izuku becomes the official coffee man of 1a i’m calling it right here right now

  • even when they’re all graduated pros he takes the time out of his day to speed walk them their order
  • please, momo makes them "hero proof coffee cups" so izuku can run with them

hi, consider: villain mic kidnapping izuku because he wants to spend time with aizawa

  • expects izuku to be scared
  • this kid comes out swinging, pauses, looks at mic, smiles and says, "oh hi Mr. yamada!"
  • "oh, you wanted to talk to aizawa-sensei? i can call him and say you kidnapped me! it would be faster than a ransom note!"
  • mic is so lost

izuku calls shinso

  • "hi i got kidnapped by mic! WAIT CALM DOWN ITS OK HANG ON- he gave me lunch! he’s a very good cook. drugged? no i don’t think my food was drugged. i think. HEY YAMA-shit- MIC? WAS THIS FOOD DRUGGED? ok apparently not!"

shinso is hyperventilating while aizawa has a breakdown in the car

  • "MIDORIYA, WHERE ARE YOU?" "im not sure sensei! mic? where are we? ... the big blue warehouse in the dock district! maybe don’t bring anyone else. mic likes you! wait not like- ok maybe like that but he won’t hurt you!"


  • shinso is in the passenger seat like "i thought mics quirk was volume not mind control???"

idk what his villain name would be so it’s gonna be present mic

  • absent mic

hi please consider "that time villain mic kidnapped izuku" there is a big police force around, only aizawa can come in or mic says he’ll make izuku deaf

  • aizawa comes in and he’s like, shaken
  • obviously
  • a villain has one of his kids
  • and izuku just fucking, smiles and waves "oh hi sensei!"


  • mic looks almost as shaken as aizawa feels
  • izuku whispers something in mic's ear and pats his shoulder in sympathy and asks if he can make his teacher a cup of tea
  • mic just kind of nods because, what on earth is this kid????


  • midoriya izuku knows No Fear
  • so, mic and aizawa are just sitting there as izuku hums the tune to some anime as he makes tea for all of them
  • they are too lost to even start talking so izuku sighs and asks "... soooo, mic? want to tell eraserhead why you kidnapped me?" and mic is like "OH YEAH"

izuku, recording to show his classmates: “go on”

please izuku is snapchatting this

  • iida is hugging his brother and crying because he thinks izuku is going to die
  • ochako wants to be worried but its just? so fucking funny
  • bakugo is c a c k l i n g
  • shinso is crying because what the fuck is happening anymor e

all of shinsou’s replies to izukus snaps are just

  • ??????
  • WHAT
  • ??!!???!!

izuku took a selfie with mic

posted it on his twitter

  • "things heating up in the hero course! having a mandatory hang out sesh' with mutsutafu's fav villain, present mic! #UAHeroCourse #ItsAKiddnapping "
  • he and mic are both grinning, posing with a peace sign
  • they have a devil and angel filter on the photo
    • mic is the angel

bakugou replying to his tweet with “pls just stay there and never come back”

  • izuku and mic flip him off in the replies and it becomes a shit post for the next two months
  • its a photo that mic clearly took of izuku dressed in one of mics villain costumes
    • it just says "look you’ve hurt his feelings so now hes become edgy"
  • “young hero hopeful bullies his classmate until he embraces villainy”


because izukus been such a good sport about the whole, kidnapping thing he keeps getting presents from mic

  • including present mic merch, "baby's first villain costume" and info on mic's least fav villains
    • mics least fave villains are just, the entire league
  • and now this tiny first year has more information on some of the most dangerous villains ever than most of the pros and the police force

please izuku accidentally wears the villain costume mic had made for him at school because mic stole one of the official costume cases to put the one he had made in

  • it’s like a big bunny hood, a face mask with a glowing smile and reinforced gloves and boots
  • he high key loves it

villain mic design

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Midoriya’s hands shake as he watches his teacher and the barista fight the villain on the shaky cell phone footage an online contact of his had dug up for him. He watches as the barista takes large , gulping breaths. The way he hunkers down when his light build would be better served ducking and weaving. The blonde, blonde hair that whips and curls around his face, tugged free from its tight bun.


The way the windows shake as he speaks.


Worst of all, he sees the affection in Aizawa's eyes as they trade blows with the rampaging villain like a well oiled team.



It may not be

It is. It is and you know it. The windows, the hair, those eyes- 


Izuku sighs, pulling out his 15th quirk notebook.


     Villain Alias: Present Mic

     Quirk: Voice

     True Name: Yamada Hizashi

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everyone’s abuzz about the rising powerhouse that is class 1A. there’s already merch being sold and everything. people are already betting on the ranks these kids are gonna get straight out of high school

so what better way to humanise some powerhouses than a reality show

just this dumb fucking guy following students of 1A and aizawa around with a camera and infringing on their daily lives thank u

- aizawa is constantly 3 seconds away from throwing the camera team and himself off the roof

monoma tries sneaking into 1A on the daily

whole community of people strictly dedicated to shinsou and his cryptid statis

  • like he’s browsing youtube one day and the fucking buzzfeed unsolved guys have done a whole series on “1A’s mystery cryptid”
  • they heard deku saying hito and that’s what they refer to him as
  • 100s of theories asking how the fuck shinsou keeps getting into izukus room w no one seeing


"izukus quirk is a lot like allmights huh,,," todoroki quietly whispering "so i have a theory-"


izuku's insta is really fucking popular

  • he takes loads of selfies w hitoshi n puts cat pics where his head should be

the cameraman pulls todoroki into a dimly lit closet like in those true crime documentaries and he’s just “i swear to fuck u guys he’s all mights son”

  • “do u have any proof?”
  • “,,,does a hunch count as proof?”
    • "he had lunch with all might like twice a week, and i heard he specially requested to talk to inko alone when the dorms were being built" "holy hsit kid"

he whips out a tape recorder

someone on twitter, in tears: “he looks like he’s seen some shit man look into his eyes”

  • todoroki: “oh lol that’s bc of dad”
    • that singular tweet leads to an open investigation into endeavours home life


ok but izuku fanboying over the camera teams quirks

  • like one of them has "snapshot" that slows down time for the user when they hold their breath, another has "sticky fingers" and its literally just what it says on the tin and they have literal hours of footage of the camera people experimenting w their quirks as izu helps
  • izuku gifts them the notebook he kept notes in when the season wraps up and it’s filled with little footnotes and tips abt how they can use their quirk better
  • the camera people are just crying
  • everybody loves izuku

the show becomes Very Popular


1A likes to watch clip comps

  • there is just a "aizawa activating his quirk" comp thats like 1 hour long because it was cut by the editors n has stuff that never made it to air

there’s so many clip comps it’s g r ea t

  • izuku infodumping: a compilation
  • all the times katsuki bakugou has ever smiled (it’s twenty seconds long)
  • their most popular one is “evidence of the 1A cryptid ‘Hito’”
    • yessss izuku is the pinned comment and its just "dont be rude to mothman"


also please the bakugo squad are convinced the dorms are hauted n the camera team is 100% convinced

  • just sero and ashido running down the hall screaming to hide behind the camera people. the camera's are shaking

every once in a while izuku likes to thank the editors for all their hard work

  • just turns to the camera n says "hey!! i dont know you but youve made this show something really cool! thanks for all your hard work!"
  • he brings them coffee

the editors making "pure izuku" comps

  • there are 50 so far
  • they have been filming for 30 days



EXTRA (mostly unrelated):

please consider hitoshi buying izuku bath stuff. no real reason other than hitoshi likes how it smells

  • izuku has a vase filled with bathbombs
  • there is no bath in the dorms so they are waiting until they have enough for the pool
  • nezu already said to go for it
  • daiso sells bathbombs for 100 yen a piece so izuku n shinsou beg aizawa to take them
  • Starts off as just them, ends up as a class lunch trip
  • izu n hitoshi have duffel bags filled with bath bombs, eating lunch casually as 1A just stares in total confusion. aizawa has given up and is now asleep.

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Spirit Sight AU


Izuku’s quirk is the ability to see yokai, no one believes him to he gets bullied for being quirkless anyway.

  • aizawa actually being a yokai pretending to be human because he got attached to them
    • nekomatta purrfect
      • a 2 tailed cat spirit that can turn into a human

izuku almost screams when he sees him because nekomatta are rumoured to eat humans

  • aizawa feels so offended


the first time izuku sees aizawa he goes dead pale, doesnt like to be with aizawa one on one and doesn’t trust him at all

  • and aizawa is so so so confused because no one can see his yokai features

its only during the usj that izuku comes to trust aizawa

  • izu gets the hang of ofa a little faster because he already had a quirk and can use full cowl a little and takes the first nomu hit for aizawa
  • aizawa thinks izuku is dead and whispers "please, you’re only human"
  • izuku giving a scared smile and protecting him anyway bc izuku is a good

aizawa thinks izuku can see hes not human but he cant confirm it and its driving him crazy


eri is a person who turned into a yokai due to massive amounts of trauma and spirits clinging around her

  • izuku saying something only the lines of "i think you'd get along well with her aizawa" and aizawa just looks at him like???? so u can tell im not human????? or do you just get vibes??? im so lost

aizawa is very protective of children


nezu is the only none yokai on campus other than izuku to know aizawa is a yokai


also please mic being sus that aizawa isnt "normal" but has no way of knowing


aizawa's full cat form is really scary to izuku but looks like a normal cat to other people

  • izuku seeing shinso patting this nightmare cat and pulling shinso away while aizawa feels so offended
  • hes like a human sized cat, but he just looks like a large cat to shinso

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All Traitors AU

Who is the traitor in UA? Trick question, its everyone.

  • every member of 1A
  • plus mic and aizawa


everyone thinks they are the only traitor and all for one (afo) is having the time of his  life

  • just poping popcorn like "yess,,,, my children,,, "
  • kirishima: “bakugou,,,,i have something 2 confess,,,i’m the traitor,,,i couldn’t keep it from u any longer”

bakugou: “,,,”



the villains attack under orders not to hurt the traitor so every battle is just play fighting

  • bakugo in a slap fight with kurogiri
  • dabi and todoroki are actually duking it out because they’re the most invalid siblings-
    • kami has popcorn on a stick trying to pop it on the fire
  • nomu and izuku are just having fun


nomu is like abig dog and it only likes izuku

  • it getts realy territorial when other people even look at izuku

shigiraki: izuku what are you doing

izuku, hugging the nomu: hes big and warm and a very nice boy

shigaraki having war flashbacks to the time he found the nomu playin g fetch with father: “no that thing is a demon”


eventually the whole class realises they are all traitors n just have loads of fun with it

  • aizawa and mic are their gay villain dads too thanks


mic, on voice call with every member of 1a and aizawa during a meeting: “there’s,,,,a traitor in ua,,,,”

  • aizawa ugly snorts
  • nezu raises an eyebrow
    • aizawa, sweating: "my kids are too dumb to be traitors,,"
    • mic, quietly: "you got that right"


the villains sneak into ua with the most ridiculous costumes

shigaraki just shows up to say hello to izuku in like a hoodie and a fake moustache

  • izuku, pretending to swoon: "oh no!!! a villain!!! im very scared!!"


  • nedzu: “we had a security breach this morning. shigaraki tomura was sighted on school grounds”
  • aizawa, sweating: “ur a fool and a coward shigaraki doesn’t have facial hair”
  • nezu, who does not care abot the lives of humans: “fair enough”


vlad king: “aizawa ur class is full of villain magnets !!! they’re going to get us all killed!!”

aizawa: *insert ‘then perish’ meme*


kami is a lot smarter than he pretends to be but hes still a massive meme lord


1A begs to kill monoma cause hes so annoying

  • "please aizawa just him im beggging u"


  • they hear that one girl talking shit abt izuku and it’s just
  • “aizawa pls no one will miss them they mean n o t h i n g”


all might has been a villain the whole time

  • One for all (ofa) never rebelled
  • ofa's job is to take out other villain organisations n keep everything running smoothly
  • afo's actual goal is mostly just quirk decriminalisation and the removal of a government run commercial hero industry
  • he wants to stay shadow ruler of japan but its no big deal honestly
  • so each ofa wielder gets to pick their successor to take their place as afo's public face


they have a class pet, it’s a rabbit

  • the rabbit was a gift from afo, its has a strength quirk and an imortallity quirk
  • he gives immortality quirks to the whole ass class because eternal little demons
    • izuku just laying in bed because he said “thanks you too” to the waiter who served him at mcdonald’s and he wants to sleep until everyone who witnessed it is dead
    • bakugo just storming into the room "ive seen you do so much dumb shit and you arent outliving me, so get the fuck up"

immortal gay dads aizawa and mic

  • aizawa just groaning "mic please its going to take 200 years for these kids to become adults, its not too late to kill me"

immmortal eri and koda

  • just these two little kids following izuku around like ducklings also thanks
  • “izuku said it was m y turn to walk the nomu >:((((“


team dads AFO and allmight

  • izuku is afo's favourite
  • bakugou in tears: “gee izuku,,,how come your our dads’ favourite:((“
  • “bc im not a piece of shit kacchan fuck u”


afo and allmight being really good friends thanks

  • nana was "killed" by afo (she died of old age happy w friends)
  • that whole fight afo is trying so hard not to laugh as all might spews ketchup onto him on national tv

the "rescue attempt" was something magne and spinner thought would be funny, afo and allmight dad-ing up, reminding the kids to be careful as they stage an illegal rescue attempt

  • the rescue squad use it as a way to strengthen their quirks


magne being a good big sis thank you

  • bakugou is magne’s favourite
  • compress n tokoyami are best buds, compress calls him his lil bro
  • no one likes moonfish


they arent allowed to murder until they can drink

  • if you cant legally create life, you can’t take it away" "dadmight thats gross" "tough shit"


bkg turns 18 first

  • his birthday is just gonna be a murder party huh

izuku gives him a drugged pro hero for his birthday in a box

  • "happy birthday kacchan! i got you backdraft!"
  • bakugo, crying: "this is the best gift youve ever given me,,,"

also joint bakugo/izuku present to todoroki on his birthday is just endeavour. he not even drugged he’s just hog tied on the floor

  • dabi just asking him to wait so he can grab some snacks


double agent hawks contendet

  • hawks aligning himself with the villains bc he’s been pushed by society to be a hero since day one and this is the only thing he feels he has a choice in

izuku looking at him like "oposite but same"

  • hawks would murder for izuku


nighteye villain!!!

  • they never lost contact, it was all staged
  • nighteye is a good weird uncle that gives the best Christmas presents

Chapter Text

Shame Blanket AU (other wise known as: I wrote a sad fic and my friend and I wanted some joy in our lives again)


that present mic blanket (from the rooftop dreamer fic) is aizawas latest “i gotta comfort my kids item” everytime one of his hell kids come down from the dorms looking like their world imploded he whips out the dumbass blanket

consider he has a whole closet filled w hero blankets

  • some are soft "sad child" blankets n some are uggli as fuck n they are shame blankets
  • like one is just allmight face. just his big ass face
    • naughty children who bully are swaddled in the allmight blanket of shame


shota hears what bakugo did to izuku

  • "im not expelling you because youve improved a lot but i want you to know i know and im not happy about it"
  • so he gets the shame blanket for like 5 days and has to wear it like a cape all day
  • he has to wear it during hero training too
    • izuku: kacchan, why do you have all mights face on your back?

aizawa giving the dad look: ,,,

bakugo: bEcAUSE

  • everytime he sets fire to the blanket his sentence gets extended by a day
  • aizawa just Looks at him and bakugo wants to yell but he cant cause thats another fucking day


anyone aizawa thinks fucking in the dorms gets a shame blanket pinned to the outside of their window

  • just mics dumbass smile when you open the curtains
  • izuku likes to help put them up

one time izuku doesn’t help is when aizawa thinks it’s him and shinsou

  • and he wakes up one morning to go on his run and he pulls back his curtains and it’s just mic
  • izu n shinsou were just playing breath of the wild n drinking hot chocolate but they got the shame blanket n they both cry w laughter


vlad would 100% adapt the shame blanket thing just for monoma

  • no one can take his taunts seriously when he has an all night blanket welded to his shoulders


they leave the curtains open on purpose one night to show aizawa they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t but he pins it up anyway bc shinsou’s out past curfew

  • aizawa is doing the "ive got my eye on you" thing
  • but hes doing it to shinsou, not izuku
  • izuku is crying with laughter n shinsou is honestly just trying not to cry
  • aizawa is perched on the windowsill, and does a dramatic flip off it to the ground and they both lose it


shinsou doesnt own a switch, its actually the aizawa family switch n it's normally eri's n mics but izuku does so shinsou buys his own controllers to use on izu's switch

  • izuku customises the joy cons for shinsou’s birthday to math his colour scheme and he c r i e s
  • shinsou paints izu's lil lightning bolts on his controller in izuku is crying with joy


kirishimas shame blanket being an out of production crimson riot blanket, he wears it like a cape and he’s so happy about it


shinsou n izuku get a blanket made and its just a weirdly high quality photo of them giving shit eating grins

  • they pin it to aizawa's window
  • mic just wanted to cuddle his husband but aizawa couldnt stop fucking laughing n then mic looked out the window and s c r e a m e d
  • eri nabs the blanket to shame aizawa when he refuses to let her do his hair and makeup
  • aizawa: gives bakugou an A- on an assignment

bakugou, crying and hanging up the blanket: “i hate this fuckign family”



consider shinsou n eri adopting izuku as their soft brother thank you

  • eri just points at izuku "thats your new son, dad" aizawa looks izuku up and down "ive seen worse. ive seen better too, but my god have i seen worse"


ok but allmight gets the "logical ruse” face for a shame blanket

  • he wasnt eating enough n izuku just tied it to his face

Chapter Text

Secret Pop Idol AU

secretly a popstar bnha au, everything is roughly the same as canon but izuku just doesnt have one for all, and happens to be a pop idol

  • Shinso has his place in 1A
  • and hes in gen ed trying to move to the hero course
  • long suffering bakugo who is the only one who knows who the mystery idol is
  • bakugao has izuku saved as hanna montana and everyone who goes through his phone is just suspicious

 bakugo "buys" vip tickets to take kiri to izuku's concert to show off for him

  • izuku is just long suffering


shinsou has a massive thing for the idol

  • its his phonecase and its his screensaver
  • bakugou knowing shinsou personally and knowing dekus a lonely gay, he slips him a vip ticket
  • bc “i’m a good friend eyebags fuck u”
  • i shinsou’s like "why did you buy this for me you hate me?" bakugo laughing "lmao you think i paid money for this"

shinsou in tears: “yOU STOLE THIS???”

bakugo, crying laughing "SURE"


shinsou is bright red and stuttering around idol izuku

  • they are both red and stuttering and izukus manager is 30 secs away from crying because they are so sweet
  • shinsou gets free backstage passes to all izus concerts courtesy of bakugou and his izu’s manager


aizawa is a family friend who helps with security and his whole class is obsessed with this idol n he’s crying because its his dumb pseudo-nephew

  • aizawa, knowing full well izuku and katsuki grew up together: “bakugou ur the only one who doesn’t like idol deku,,,why is that :)”

bakugou, sweating: “idk he’s just kinda nerdy haha”


izuku is an androgynous idol that refuses to say if hes male or female because marketing and secret identity so literally all of 1A has a crush on him other than bakugo and bakugo wants to c r y

  • people asking "are you male or female" "im an idol"
  • “no what’s in ur pants” “charisma”
  • "what chromosomes do you have" "all of them, thanks for asking"


popstar izuku handing in his homework late and aizawa has to help him with increasingly ridic. Excuses

  • his homeroom teacher is present mic who doesnt know about the idol thing bc he cant keep a secret to save his life
  • mic would be so on board if he knew but hed probably spill the secret in 20 seconds
  • izuku wants to tell him because mic was the worst “im not angry, just disappointed” look and lying is killing him
  • but for security reasons/marketing and his future hero carrier it needs to stay secret
  • also aizawa would cry if the press had another reason to bother him

Chapter Text

Dabi watched from the shadows as the little hero student pre-heated the almost unused oven the league had bought just to keep Kurogiri happy. When Sensei had told him this little green kid was the 1A student to look out for he’d almost laughed. Short, thin, doe-eyed and freckly? The kid didn’t really fit the villainous stereotype, even compared to his other prepubescent friends.


The kid hummed as he whipped the butter and sugar together, almost dancing around the bare kitchen to find the ingredients he must have placed there himself. A slight click sounded from the door and the kid froze. All emotion drained from his face, eyes scarily blank as he dropped into a fighting stance.


Dabi felt ice fill his veins as the kid’s empty eyes flicked over him as he canvased the room.


“My boy? What are you doing in the kitchen young Midoriya?”


Midoriya’s blank face stutters, then melts into a soft smile. “Yagi-san! I didn’t know you’d be back yet! I’m baking something for Aizawa-Sensei, can you help?”


The slim form of All Might pads in, strangely silent despite his tall frame. The warmth in his eyes drops the second he isn’t looking at Midoriya, but his face doesn’t change. Its like looking at a living picture. Dabi sinks further into the shadows. He doesn’t know what would be worse, drawing attention to himself by moving, or being found. Nothing has happened, but he feels something deep in his mind screaming at him to run.


“Touya-san? Want to help too?”


Dabi freezes. It had been years since he was called that. Not even Shouto had recognized him. Who was this kid? He took a tentative step into the kitchen, trying not to look as lost as he felt. Midoriya’s smile was warm but his eyes looked doll-like, empty. Inhuman. The look from All Might wasn’t any better, shadowed eyes looking straight through him.


“I’ll just- I’ll watch, I think.” Dabi choked out as the pair of them looked at him with soulless eyes. He felt the hand around his heart unclench as they turned towards each other, eyes coming alive as they talked to each other about meaningless things.


He crept out the back door, unaware of the cold eyes trained on his retreating form.

Chapter Text

Before AU the members of class 1A (and shinsou!) work as a vigilante group, they don’t use their quirks in fights so its all technically legal.

  • a squad of kids spread out across the neighbourhoods all chatting to eachother on coms
  • kami, shinsou, jirou and shouji are on recon and com leaders
  • izuku is the analyst, hes also one of the combatants
    • hes the one who maps out patrol routes and contacts actual pros when they need help
  • momo makes their gear
  • tenya teaches them how pro agencies run, whats legal and whats not and makes sure to pass on important info to pros
    • tenya stays out of the actual fighting bc 1, its only just legal and 2, he doesnt trust himself not to turn his quirk on if he gets in over his head
  • ochako, shouto, shouji and satou are mostly the emergency response group, heading to natural disasters or helping pros w clean up
  • what they are doing is less legal but they are too young to be convicted for anything and the pros like the help


they dont know izuku is quirkless because they dont really know eachother out of their masks


they get to ua on their first day, hear the others speak and everyone goes pale

  • just a silent classroom and aizawa is like " what the fuck ive had these kids for 40 seconds"
  • they all do crazy well on partnered exercises


their vigilante outfits are all animal themed hoodies because izuku, shinsou and bakugo were planning how to make them match and they went for soft and approachable

  • they all have facemasks w different things on them
    • shinsou’s is a mute sign, bakugo's is sharp teeth, ochacco's has a galaxy design, izuku's is a smile etc.



Chapter Text


Nicknamed the Umbridge AU because Umbridge was terrible and I’m not even involved in Harry Potter and I still wanted to throw her out a window.

Little Extras:

  • 1A is changed into 1B because the teacher thinks they need to be taught a lesson. Monoma goes to taunt them about it but they look so defeated he cant bring himself to say anything.
  • Nezu’s hands are totally tied because if he interferes UA will lose all government funding which they need to keep up the increased security following the USJ
  • This AU was inspired by “Revolting Children” from the Matilda musical, which is really good and you should listen to it if you like musicals
  • Mineta is somewhat valid in this AU because he and Kaminari decide to start a subtle prank war against the new teacher because they have been so awful.
  • The Teachers quirk is called Scalpel and has the ability to inflict superfine cuts on a person, inspired by the creepy blood-quill from Harry Potter



also please an umbridge au where the teacher chews out midoryia in front of the whole class for something small and he starts to cry

  • aizawa is tearing up w frustration n midoriya looks so sad when aizawa wont meet his gaze
  • when the teacher leaves aizawa punches a wall and storms out
  • thats when the students decide they need to fight back


the teacher calls bakugo a villain n bakugo locks up and midoriya stands up for him n gets hurt by the teachers quirk for back chat

  • kiri/iida goes to help him n baku and get threatened w expulsion


the teacher pressing izuku as to how he got his quirk because he was listed quirkless for years

"did you steal it? did that villain give it to you? or were you just a liar" n bakugo stands up for him because izuku might annoy him but he could never be a villain

  • the teacher is extra bad to izu cause, not a shocker, they are a league mole
  • "Midoryia, did you chase down the hero killer? Out of the three of you involved, youre the only one egotistical enough to think you could beat him. Dont get your friends in danger for your little hero games, ok?"
  • iida actually punches the teacher


in the face

he gets detention but hes never been so happy to break a rule


the government teacher being dreadful to a hard of hearing katsuki

  • the teacher calling him terrible things and hes so angry he almost cries
  • iida is almost shaking with rage, he doesnt even like bakugo but this is a Teacher! a UA Teacher! No one should be saying things like that, let alone someone in a position of authority.


the teacher basically calling for quirk-based eugenics and and izuku and todoroki just

o boi

  • basically

no one is happy!


and aizawa wants to yell and they imply hes only a teacher for selfish reasons and he starts to doubt himself so he runs himself ragged for his kids, snapping because hes so tired cause he guarded their halls all night and 1A thinks theyv’e done something wrong because even aizawas upset with them

  • aizawa feels hopeless that he cant protect his kids because this isnt something he can fight owo


its only 1A getting fucked over because the replacement teacher works for the league and shigiraki is mega petty

but the teacher holding really unsafe pracs, and a building collapses on izuku and breaks his arm

  • and aizawa is pale and clammy because is this going to be the break that destroys his arm?
  • and most of the class has no idea how serious it is but the teacher knows but still makes izuku keep going

they dont call off the prac and aizawa is 3 secs away from throwing down and he basically begs the teacher to end the prac but the teacher just says izuku needs to "toughen up"

bakguo, who is smart, can read a room and angrily keeps track of izuku's general fuck ups is like "oh shit this must be bad aizawa is nervous??? this bitch wasnt nervous when his elbow dissolved!"

bakugou blows something up so fire alarms go off. they have to evacuate by law otherwise the police are gonna get involved and that’s how they sneak izu to recovery girl

  • aizawa gives bakugo the most grateful look and bakugo feels like shit bc he thinks he should have done it sooner
  • izuku cant write with that hand after that and has to switch to his left hand

the teacher, who knows how todoroki's quirk works, forces him to train with one side only for extended periods of time, giving him frostbite and fevers


Chapter Text

Aka the “Aizawa I swear I’m not part of the Yakuza these aren’t gang tattoos-“ AU


basically: mythical creatures are real

izuku is quirkless but he does have magic, which if he uses it carefully it can come across like a quirk

  • the problem is, its super variable + weaker than most quirks

bakugo is in the know, he and izuku are actually friends bc. izuku used to take him out to go talk to faries and fire spirits

  • basically, izuku was still pretty powerful, even without a quirk, because of the mythical creatures
  • he and izuku always planned to register his magic as a quirk if they could think of something, but everything was too limiting so he cant really be seen using it


shinso is part siren (like, 12% siren) and doesnt know it but izuku does and its driving him c r a z y

mic is like 50% siren and definitely knows and thats bugging izuku as well

all for one has like, 800 different curses on him and izuku is shocked the guy is still alive

ofa isnt just a quirk, its part magic which is almost unheard of, and izuku sees and is sh o o k

  • izuku ends up with ofa because the first ep just basically happens, sans bakugo being a dick
  • he gets the hang of ofa pretty quickly because hes been using magic his whole life
  • still cleans the beach because a selkie begged him to
  • stain is actually a vampire, got turned a little while ago but izuku isnt sure if stain is like, aware of it??? which is a little concerning
  • izuku is like, 100% human so no one is really sure why he can use magic, but everyone just rolls with it
  • inko was shocked when she found her infant son surrounded by faries but she put on her game face and read every book about magic ever
  • hounddog is just a straightup werewolf
  • nezu seems to be a magic user but izuku isnt sure, but nezu is super confusing anyway
    • izuku asks nezu what he is but nezu changes the answer every time
  • izuku thinks aizawa was blessed by a medusa that thought his quirk was cool because, looking back to aizawa’s sports festivals, his hair didnt always float

one of the reasons izuku wanted to be a hero is because of the number of magical creatures that found their way into the profession


he and bakugo go on little quests for magical creatures after school a bunch because A, if they owe you a favour its always really helpful and B, they can give you cool enchanted stuff

  • bakugo has a charm that stops him from being burnt that he is always wearing. its his favorite, shaped like a tiny dragon and carved from seaglass 
  • izuku has like, 8 luck charms and shoes that make him silent when he walks, among other random crap. he has so many random magic trinkets on his at 1 time he could probably take down a whole gang.
  • basically izuku is the fae's errand boy and bakugo helps when he has free time because he likes the cool shit he gets


izuku has this lil lizard friend

  • he calls him a salamander because the little guy wont actually tell izuku what he is
  • and he saved him when he was little but he cant really remember how, and the “salamander” has been following him ever since
  • izuku sneaks him in campus cause its his lil lizard buddy! has a pocket in his hero costume and everything
  • izuku knew the guy was magic but doesnt find out how until the usj, which is, not coincidentally when he has to come clean about magic to aizawa
  • because

the lil lizard?

was a bigass kirin the whole time

and it literally rips the nomu in 2

  • and aizawa is like "so,, izuku,," and izuku is like "ooooohhhhh booyy"
  • but they dont get to talk about it much because the nomu knits itself together is a really creepy way


basically izuku uses every luckcharm, magic trick and maxs out one for all as far as he can push it

  • with aizawa and the kirin, they manage to take down the nomu before allmight gets there, but none them are in good shape and izuku is like, 2 secs away from being killed by shigiraki when allmight shows up, but w/o the nomu the league bales without trying to take down all might. shigiraki is p i s s e d
  • during the fight izuku straining the luck charms so badly that whenever he dodges a particularly bad hit, he can feel them shatter

aizawa and izuku have matching hand print scars because shigiraki had a hand on both of them when allmight lept through the door

  • they have a hard time getting izuku into the abulance bc the kirirn, bleeding and weak, is trying to bite anyone that gets close to his little human
  • bakugo holds it back while it cries. he’s crying too.


the kirin is called spark bc it sneezed and almost set bakugo's hair on fire

  • nezu gives izuku the excuse the spark is just a "lizard with a quirk, right?" and just winks and izuku is cONviNced nezu can use magic but he has no proof and its eating him up inside


because izuku is self-sacrificial like that, hes gets bakugo to find some of the healing potions he has collected and uses them on aizawa and spark, not on himself

  • he only uses one on himself bc spark lays on his legs and bakugo pries his mouth open

aizawa waking up the next morning in hospital like "wow why do i feel perfectly fine" and recovery girl walks in like "aa,,, holy crap???? why are you ok???"

  • izuku, 3 rooms away with a listening sigil drawn on the wall, has the most shit eating grin
    • he has to rub it off really quickly when recovery girl walks in. shes a little confused about the pen smear on the wall but izuku just kind of brings weirdness with him so she lets it slide.


so in this au aizawa doesnt have a weaker quirk after the usj

  • he has a scar but its hand shaped, not the lil crescent one
  • its on the same side of his face and just missed his eye. izuku’s in on his neck. they are both really lucky it didn’t hit anything important
    • when allmight burst in, izuku final luck charm shattered into dust.

also izuku has tracking charms on every one of his friends because one time he and bakugo got separated at the mall and izuku cried for 45 minutes straight

  • comes in real handy when iida goes to fight stain
  • izuku shows up even earlier in the fight, throws garlic power he bought at 7/11 in stains eyes
    • stain: h-

izuku, running in tears: sTAY AWAY FROM MY FRIEND

  • picks up native and iida and runs while yelling at iida about how he cares about him while also trying to find a hero because he really didnt think this through


izuku has loads of sigils tattooed and drawn on his skin and aizawa is shook bc this boy is so soft he is not part of the yakuza

  • hes co v e r ed in them, anywhere that isnt his forearms/neck/face. some of them are obviously hand done. he did a few when he was pretty little so they arent great
  • one of them is the kirin across his back and bakugo has to point it out to him because he didnt know it was there and its very glittery and magic looking, not done in normal ink and it must be pretty old too because he has loads of scars over it
  • and aizawa just wants to yell because how the fuck did no one notice this child covered in tattoos

Chapter Text


league of villains kidnaps izu, bakugo n todo and fakes their deaths, leaving 3 bodies charred beyond recognition at UA’s gate. they were taken in the middle of the night from their dorm rooms. not a single alarm was tripped.

  • 2 weeks later, the students are just starting to return to school and one of kurogiri’s portals opens up, dropping three nomu into the front walkway.
  • students are screaming, running inside as 1A puts on there game faces and runs to the sides to provide back up if they need to. they bonded even closer after the “deaths” of their classmates
  • aizawa drops down to the courtyard from the staff room and comes face to with one of the nomu
  • it’s split down the middle n aizawa freezes

it whispers "sensei" with this distorted wheezing voice

and aizawa falls to the ground



nomu izu being so so small cause they wanted to maintain the crazy speed n he just looks so scared and the teachers cant bring themselves to fight back

  • likely due to having originally been quirkless, izuku has his full mental faculties but can’t fight the orders hes given.
  • izu has been given 2 speed quirks n he literally moves faster than the eye can see. he also has a quirk nullification quirk and a voice quirk as an extra fuck you to the teachers
  • they didnt give him resistance quirks because they wanted the teachers to suffer seeing this broken kid fling himself at them
  • izuku has a quirk called "acid tears" and physically cant stop crying
    • “Toga was so disappointed when Midoriya stopped crying, so I decided he should never stop.”
  • his voice quirk is actually pretty weak it was only added to hurt his teachers
    • it causes his eyes to flash red when activated. aizawa wants to cry



todo is tall, split, and hes been given a resistance quirk, a strength quirk and heightened senses quirk

  • the heighted senses make using his quirk extra painful
  • his fire side is molten and dripping, causing his hand to have become fused to his face after they tried to test his vision and he tried to shield his eyes
    • he can no longer see from either of them



katsuki has been given a beast quirk, a hardening quirk and bone strengthening for his wrists + a size changing quirk.

  • nomu katsuki rly shakily and slowly patting izuku’s face and saying crybaby
  • nomu katsuki is 5ft on all fours, 11ft on 2 legs!


todo nomu would beat endeavour in a fight and hed want to fight him too

  • they had to call in endeavour because shouto was putting off such extreme temperatures no one could get close
  • but its too much even for him. hes about to fall when dabi takes a blow for him
    • “Shouto wouldn’t want to be your downfall.”
  • dabi and endeavour work together to try and redirect as much fire away from buildings and students as they can


so the only way defeat them is basically to get izu to call them off but izu cant turn off his voice quirk which makes him sound frightening and the pitch hurts your ears

  • mic n aizawa pleading with izuku as they fight, both inches away from panic attacks due to izukus quirk while izuku cries and tries not to hit too hard

Chapter Text

Aizawa and Hizashi co own a cafe, Izu is the new bumbling yet way too optimistic employee, Shinsou is Aizawa and Hizashi's adopted son who hates working at the cafe but is forced to when they get busy

  • izuku isnt allowed to do table service cause he drops e v e r y t h i n g
  • shinsou isnt allowed to talk to customers until 10am when hes actually woken up because he cusses people out when hes sleepy


Shinsou is put in charge of training Izu

  • its just cheese rom com stuff god bless
  • like they bake for the cafe and get covered in flour and put silly designs on the cookies and like the dumb trip+ accidental kiss


mic trying to set them up while aizawa watches and sighs


Izu just dropping an entire tray of washing and smashing all of it and Shinsou never letting it go but also being really defensive to his dad when Aizawa gets mad at Izu

  • izuku would cry tho n aizawa has 0 idea what to do

"shisou fix it please"


ochako coming in to chat w izuku and shinsou gets grumpy bc he thinks shes into him but he wont admit it

  • Shinsou dying because Izu seems to have way too many friends who seem to be into him
  • When really they all come in c onstantly to check out the cute boy from work Izu always talks about and just tease him

shinsou goes crying to mic

  • "why are all his friends ripped???? is he ripped too???? i cant compete with that!!"


They find out they like the same music because they're in charge of the stores music

  • yes shinsou just complaining about how perfect izuku is to his dads and mic is living, aizawa just wants to go to bed
  • Aizawa can tell Izu likes Shinsou but doesn't want to push either of them, mic doesn't know but is trying so hard

mic: "theyd be so sweet together!"

aizawa, sipping he tea: "sure, jan"


izuku is eri's babysitter but the doesnt realize eri is shinsou's lil sisand he talks about this cute boy all the time and eri is like " mY BrothEr!!!"

  • izuku spoils the crap out of eri tho
  • He gives her a giant cat plushie for her birthday, its like the same size as her
  • She starts calling him cousin Izu

eri is the cafe waving to izuku and shinsou looks so confused

"why do you know him????????"

"Cousin Izu!" Shinsou just looks confused as hell

runs to aizawa "please tell me we arent related to izuku id die"

"nah kid youre safe"


Izu just being so happy that theyre all connected, shinsou is crying "how is he so nice??? how please"


iida and uraraka getting coffee and laughing at they watch izuku and shinsou pine over eachother

  • They just sit in a corner sipping their drinks marking down every time they see one of them stare at the other they just hand it to izuku at the end of the day "please ask him out its painful"

Chapter Text

There has been a problem with villains going after heroes kids, plus some kids have crazy strong quirks they cant control so yuuei opens up a primary school on campus

  • aka: 1A are in junior high and their teachers are seniors + dad might

also, katsuki got in on a recommendation from allmight (izukus dad) and hes mad and grateful at the same time

inko + toshi was been dating basically since izu was born and toshi and izuku have a deal that izuku will get toshi's quirk

  • so they just pretend toshi is izu's biological father and that he "cant use his quirk when hes young because its very destructive" aka: yuuei has a third year that can erase quirks and my son has no concept of pain
  • also izuku + katsuki are on good terms because, A, izukus dad is allmight and has the right to call him out on his bullshit, B, he knows izuku is quirkless but hes going to get a quirk, even if hes not sure how and he admires that amount of stubbornness, C, katsuki once tried to hit him when he was 5 and izuku judo flipped him and katsuki was in awe
  • izuku cried because he was sorry
  • katsuki cried because it was so fucking cool


if one of them starts crying the other starts crying

  • its honestly just reflex/sympathy tears
  • izuku is crying bc someone was mean and katsuki has to shut his eyes to beat them up or he'll cry too


aizawa is just, watching this from a window with popcorn

tensei, softly "shouldn't we, stop them?"

aizawa, handing out more popcorn "no its just getting good"


izuku, in tears; *kacchan u jerk!!!

katsuki, crying; f uv k u deku

aizawa, amused blocking every other third year from intervening; no, let them finish


please consider: izuku making shinsou love himself by handing his ass to him is quirkless spars as he yells ab how great shinsou is

  • just these 11 year olds w a lot of emotion
  • aizawa, mic and midnight are living for it, tensei is so concerned

hi imagine tenya, 11, lots of arm flailing as he tries to shot izuku from doing Latest Stupid Thing


also consider: aizawa was warned ab. allmights son because he was going to help with quirk control lessons so he and his lil cousin shinsou make a game of trying to pick allmights kid before the first lesson

  • they see this angry blonde who acts like he runs the show and are like: "ahh, its him"
  • but then they see izuku, all 11 years of him kick a villain in the face and tell them their mother would be upset with their life choices
  • "ahh, wrong child"

aizawa is ready for izuku to be the worlds most annoying brat but hes actually just a small boy with too much bravery and a lot of emotions


izuku quietly admiting to shinsou that his quirk only came in this year and shinsou is like "??? OUSHsS??? Holy??? SHit???"




hello this alternate yuuei has 3 25 student highschool hero classes and 4 20 student junior high classes

  • junior high kids have a 100% chance of gen ed, but high school 1A is only the junior high kids class, so there are only 25 guarantied spots
  • if you fail the special exam you can take the normal entrance exam w everyone else if you want to
  • its to help get kids at risk of becoming villains/with nonstandard quirks into UA! And its how midnight and aizawa got in in this weird au


ua has a "juniors hero license"

its not a legal license, but if a kid is good enough and sensible enough, it basically says "use your quirk if you need to and UA will handle the legal fees"

tenya, shinsou and uraraka are the only kids that get one. the others are too destructive or izuku

  • uraraka gets one because her quirk is Very Useful in disasters
  • kiri, who is the same, doesnt get one because hes always ready to throw down and that scares the staff


in this au, they fight the hero killer

  • but its less a fight, more tenya finding him and crying while the hero killer feels bad for 20 mins when more children show up and cry
  • tensei wasn’t even that badly hurt
  • izuku shows up and just instantly starts to cry, and like, puts himself in front of tenya and tells stain "if you want to hurt him, you have to go through me first" and stain is like, "oh,, small hero boy,,, a good son"


izuku, when he gets control of his quirk, jumps over the ua fence at lunch to get tenya some orange juice

  • tenya is crying because he needs orange juice because his quirk wont work but izuku is breaking every rule

Chapter Text


Based of the song Disappear from the musical Dear Evan Hansen (im not much of a fan of this musical, but the music in it is really great!)

Bakughost can't interact with anything, outside of cold spots, maybe slamming doors? Nothing consistent.

His treatment of Izuku is 100% consistent with canon up until age 12 when he passes away.


bakugo is a ghost, he died because he was upset and basically committed suicide by baiting a villain,

he was only 12 at the time


"I mean no one seems to care

Or stops to notice that we're there

So we get lost in the in-between"


hes super lost, doesnt know how to get home and he latches on to kirishima who happens to be the only person who can consistently see him

  • hes upset because literally no one mentions his death, no one talks about it, his mum and dad move
  • kiri and him go running around in their free time, trying to find his old school, or someone who knows him
  • they get frustrated and rest for a while, the sludge villain attacking for the second time that day
  • izuku rushes in because "im sorry, your eyes reminded me of someone i used to know"
  • after he gets free, kiri asks if izuku knows a "bakugo" he just starts crying, n kiri asks why

"im sorry, i just- no one mentioned him and they wouldnt talk about him? i was scared he'd been a dream"


kiri is crying, bakugo is crying, allmight rounds the corner and starts crying

  • kiri is there as izuku is offered ofa n they pledge to become heroes so kids dont get hurt like bakugo was
  • bakugo cant move on until izuku forgives him, but izuku had never held it against him so bakugo sticks around to cheer kiri on


izuku doesnt know the ghost is there, but the first time he sees him is when hes about to attack the nomu after it hurt aizawa, he feels a hand on his shoulder n a whisper of "dont"

  • next time is when hitoshi mind controls him, hes standing off to the side, near the old ofa users
  • he sees him again in the shouto fight, yelling "you better not lose you quirkless prick!" from the crowd
  • izuku wins the sports festival

(kiri came third)


also bakugo warns kiri about stain, so its actually izu, kiri and shouto fighting stain (w iida lying on the floor lost and confused, feat. ghost bakugo screaming in the background)

aizawa keeps seeing him like, a lot and hes convinced the kid is a student

  • “where’s bakugou’s homework”

“sir. bakugou’s been dead for three years”

izuku starts crying

kiri is cringing quietly

bakugo is fucking cackling and aizawa glares at him


"If you can somehow keep them thinking of me

And make me more than an abandoned memory"


“No one should come and go

And have no one know he was ever even here

No one deserves to disappear”


bakugo is a little bitter because he really wanted to be a hero, n these two will be, so in memory of him, kiri n izuku both have hero names that ref him

  • "spark a riot" // kiri
  • “legacy” // izuku


kiri and izu co founding a foundation for kids facing quirk discrimination in bakugou’s name

  • kinda like a fuck u but also not
  • bakugo is soft n he makes sure the kids are ok when he can see them
  • the thrown rocks miss them, water thrown turns to steam, they cant hear the names they get called


Chapter Text

This AU is exactly what is sounds like. Everyone gets a happy family.

  • tenko was adopted by allmight n makes friends w izuku when they are both still young,
    • allmight n inko end up dating and tenko n izu are brothers
  • when dabi runs away it takes shouto w him, and they move in together n their mother visits on weekends
  • hitoshi was adopted by aizawa and yamada, eri gets adopted after the chisaki mess


dabi and tenko are third year ua herocourse students when izu and the others join

  • tenko is a soft sunshine boy cause izu rubbed off on him a lot
  • dabi wants to be an underground hero so he'll never be like his father


todoroki takes the entrance exam so inasa and hitoshi are recommendation students

  • izuku kills the exam because he starts ua being able to use full cowl 5%, breaking allmights record with a whopping 130 points

because consider dabi, shouto, izu, tenko and hitoshi all singing karaoke together, dabi has a tambourine and tenko is violently shaking maracas


izuku and inko dont know toshi is allmight, but tenko and toshi are terrible liars

  • the first time toshi meets izuku its just tenko presenting him saying "you gotta give it to him dad"
  • izu is only 5 n still broken up about having no quirk, toshi says he might just be a late bloomer while tenko nods
  • toshi sneaks izuku his quirk when he turns 7, izuku wakes up n accidentally punches a hole in the ceiling, he n katsuki make up cause izuku has a bomb ass quirk even if it does break his bones
  • he and inko just think he was a late bloomer cause his quirk was so strong. tenko and toshi highfive
  • seven year old izuku walking back into his house like mom i broke both my arms again :(((


katsuki actually helps him work out the flick thing

  • "it breaks my arms!" "then use less you dumb fuck!" "oh yeah actually thank you"

they’re so used to shouting criticisms while sparring that they still do it after they enter ua

  • when they spar at the sports festival mic can’t get a word of commentary in bc it’s just a constant slew of



  • dabi n tenko the third years can hear them in their own stadium. tenko is cheering softly, dabi has a heart attack when he sees the walls of ice


izu has a massive handshapped scar on his wrist from when tenko saved him by pulling him out of the way of a car

  • he doesnt mind it but it makes tenko sad so he wears a lil cuff over it


tenko snuck in to watch the entrance exam he n toshinori are cheering quietly, the other teachers just sigh

  • izuku broke allmights record for points scored in the entrance exam but hes still scared he failed
  • tenko wants to s c r e a m



  • starts as normal students enter, villains arrive kurogiri has an ear piece and is talking with afo directly, some of the 8 prefects goons are there too
  • hitoshi used his quirk on kurogiri to find out who they are, but is targeted after that and the villains know not to respond
  • the students are scattered, its izu/tsuyu and hitoshi. they do the whirlpool thing w/o the sitcking, hitoshi instructs them to tread water and not to move
  • hitoshi is nearing quirk overuse, tsuyu is shaken, izu is pretty much ok


aizawa is fighting the villains as normal, the nomu arrives

  • hitoshi tries to mind control the nomu, kurogiri attempts to direct one of the nomus punches to hitoshi, aizawa cancels the portal, severing one of the nomus arms. its grows back, aizawa is beaten
  • izuku charges forward, fighting the nomu with a higher percentage of full cowl than he can safely use but they are evenly matched
  • todoroki shows up, cant help because the two are moving so fast he cant aim his quirk and not hit mido
  • he and hitoshi keep kurogiri busy


before allmight arrives, dabi and tenko do, after seeing tenya running towards the school

  • izuku can barely move, over using his quirk to the point that he has countless micro fractures and the nomu has landed a few punches, and he took others to protect aizawa
  • tenko yells at dabi to grab izuku, kurogiri mentions that his master killed tenkos family and hes pissed
  • he cant stand up to the nomu but shouto makes an opening and he and dabi try to damage it as best they can, shouto has to hold izuku down to stop him from joining the fight again

allmight arrives, quickly dispatches the nomu, turns on Kurogiri

  • so tenko, allmight and a shaky izu are all facing down kurogiri while afo is trying to convince him to keep fighting
  • reinforcements arrive and kuro nopes out
  • as soon as the portal closes, izuku collapses and tenko n allmight rush over, shouto is grabbing onto dabi and hitoshi is trying to get aizawa to respond

hitoshi, crying, has to ask dabi to pick up his dad because his arms are shaking to bad hes scared he might drop him

  • tenko has no gloves anymore and he cant touch izuku and hes just lost, shouto wraps an arm around him and hitoshi n they cry as dabi takes aizawa and allmight takes izuku to recovery girl


aizawa n izu in the same hospital, hitoshi tells him what izuku did n aizawa fucking, breaks out of bed like a jackass to call him a problem child then fucking limps back



less depressingly, happy families dabi and tenko do "get help" from Thor Ragnarok

  • shouto and izuku pick it up, izuku yeeting a flaming shouto into chisaki
    • "gET heLP hEs BUrnINg UP"
  • everyone in 1a starts picking up get help from shouto and izuku after they use it in the sports festival
  • durring the stain fight iidas prone body is used as a projectile, his revenge is throwing izuku durring class

aizawa : "kids that movie is like 240 years old"

izuku : "so... you know it then?"

aizawa: "fuck"


nighteye and gran torino are izuku and tenko's terrible uncles

  • nighteye is fine because izu came into his quirk earlier and 8 precepts actually lost some of its forces at the usj!
    • he stars school at 5%, internships is 10%, camp gets him up to 15% so hes around 25% at the eri rescue
  • nighteye does like, lose a kidney and a chunk of liver (which grows back so eh) n toshi n him have healing moment w the whole missing organs / missing friends deal


ochako being a terrible influence on kirishima

  • “uraraka i like katsuki. what do”

“push it down”




also happy families shouto actually interns w nighteye n izu because dabi said he was an ass so no death thanks


one person asks izuku what his quirk is

  • he pauses



  • and iidas like "you must have thrown to one of your parents right?"
    • "my mum has minor levitation and my dad is quirkless"
  • tenko and toshi, 20 miles away both wince


izuku pauses again.


"wait im not toshis biologically"

"waiT Who WAs My FirST Dad?"


shouto thinks inko has an affair w allmight then married his secretary but izuku met toshinori through tenko so he just lays down on the floor and screams

  • shouto’s brain is going to explode one day


consider tenko and izuku looking soft and pure but you turn around and suddenly you dont have a wallet and your food is gone

happy family izuku and kastuki were eachothers first kiss but in a dumb ass way

  • izuku was like "i need to ruin my frist kiss so the next one will be better"

"wow me too, you seem like the worlds worst option!"


  • they both almost gagged afterwards
  • tenko walked in on them violently scrubbing their lips

“wow katsuki who was ur first kiss”

bakugou stares off fondly into the distance

“deku :))”

"it was fucking terrible" wistful sigh

izuku, blushing happily: “id never do it again”

izuku: "yeah i scrubbed my face until it bleed so none of my skin would be tainted"


  • first week of 1a, someone asking izuku if he and katsuki are/were dating so izuku asks ochako to launch him into the sun
  • no matter how many people they date everyone always insists that katsuki and izuku are dating each other
  • izuku is actually dating shouto but no one believes him for some reason

dabi and hitoshi find it so funny


please consider dabi being the frontrunner of these rumours, like these random first years will come up to izuku while he’s eating lunch with shouto and they’ll be in t e a r s


izuku starts crying

shouto, totally deadpan: "i thought our love was real, izu-chan"

izuku wheezes


they have a katsudeku fan club and shouto’s the mascot

  • dabi is in it. hes a full hero at this point but nezu gave him a pass so he could attend

they have weekly meetings

  • it’s dabi, shouto, kirishima and like twenty first year girls from every class

shouto, in a deadpan voice: “good morning girls today i saw katsuki and izuku sharing bread. discuss”

  • izuku and katsuki have the perfect "they hate eachother" ship vibe and are really hot with a terrible habit of burning off their shirts and the first years are swooning
  • there’s a katsudeku forum on the official ua student page where people post their fanfiction and fanart, the only reason it’s still up is bc izuku finds it amusing and no matter how much bakugou shrieks he refuses to take action
  • kirishima prints out art and uses it for assignment cover pages
    • kirishima is one of the most popular fanartists

tenko loves the meme but looking at his brother and bakugo “dating” makes him deeply upset so he breaks in to decay all the art on the walls once a week

  • he crowds shouto in tears one day

“how are you okay with your boyfriend and your classmate being the subjects of such horrid art”

shouto, deadpan: “it’s just a prank bro”


izuku falls asleep in the common room and toshi carries him back to his room and has to call tenko to unlock the door for him. tenko was in his own dorm on the other side of school.

he sprinted


iida the good boy finishes his essays the week before and hands them in a day early

izuku, the hot mess, procrastinates by training until he cant feel his arms and doing any other subject work than the stuff due, stays up till 4am to finish his essay and doesnt go back to sleep cause its time for his morning run

  • they get the same grades
  • no one knows izuku is a hot mess


Dabi is like izuku but he doesnt study hes just depressed

Tenko finishes his the day before but he gets izuku to read it over

shouto does his essays in class

  • aizawa wants to be mad but he remembers him mic n tensei distracting the teachers for as long as they can to violently finish their essays


 “katsuki why didn’t you finish your essay”

“i was making oreos from scratch sensei”

"fair, give me some and you can hand in it wednesday"


  • he bribes every single teacher into giving him extensions and no one can refuse him bc his extra spicy curry is to die for. he maybe sometimes he helps deku get an extension too but if he does that’s no one else’s business but his
  • izuku acts so soft w the others "oh isnt kacchans food so good? "

but he climbs into through katsukis window

"bitch whats the recipe"

izuku banging on katsuki s window at five in the morning: “kacchan give me ur fucking curry recipe you promised it to me three years ago”

bakugos hands shake as he tries to call aizawa

“i see u calling sensei kacchan, put the phone down and no one gets hurt”

he has one of katsukis limited editing all might figurines in his hand

“give me the recipe and all might lives katsuki. it doesn’t have to end this way”

  • shouji, stressed and sleep deprived walks into bakugou’s room just to see izuku menacingly trying to force his way in while bakugou is crying


Chapter Text

Bakugo and izuku were a little closer than in canon

  • when izuku's quirk didnt come in bakugo didnt jump straight to being mean and izuku didnt develop like, most of his issues because his best friend didnt abandon him
  • but everyone turned against the "quirkless weirdo" and when bakugo didnt leave him? they turned on him too
  • bakugo was a "villain in the making" or was crazy, scary, or "the weirdo's rabid dog" and he tries to play it off, like it doesnt bother him, but izuku gets angry, not that people are talking shit about him, but that they are coming after bakugo just for being a good person

not getting into canon, but in this au mitsuki is really abusive. inko is absent/neglectful because shes upset her husband divorced her and works nights as a nurse

  • so, the start of junior high, aged 11 and 12, izuku and katsuki run away because honestly anything is better than what they've been living though
  • as pretty cute kids they get pity food but they look so young no one will employ them
  • then they meet Touya, who for the sake of this AU is 17 at the time


so dabi runs into these 2 kids that look the same age as his little brother, one of which tried to blow him up within 20 secs of meeting him and the other was hiding behind a dumpster

  • and hes just like,,, "shit i cant believe i have 2 little brothers now"
  • that is cemented when he finds out izuku, hiding behind the dumpster? ya boy had a knife and was katsuki's backup

so dabi shows up where he knows these kids hide, he brings them food bc they are getting really thin, brings a new coat for katsuki bc he didnt have anything, teaches izuku how to use his knife better and sharpens it for him

  • he tells them about stain about corrupt heroes, and about his dad and katsuki and izuku latch onto this
  • katsuki's mum wished his quirk was "less violent" and that hed never be a hero because he was too scary and izuku's dad threw him away the second he realized his kid was Quirkless
  • and so izuku and katsuki decide they want to meet stain
  • dabi gives them some change and his email so they can contact him if they ever need to, and they set out for hosu (why is stain in hosu even tho it doesnt follow canon timelines? because i like hosu and i like tensei)


so in this au, stain skipped forward a bit, attacking hosu in some of his first rounds of hero purging

  • izuku and katsuki catch wind of a "cover up" by iidaten but izuku quickly realizes it was faked by another hero agency to try and get iidaten’s funding cut
  • and then they get a terrible feeling because thats the kinda thing that would cause stain to go after a hero so they end up running across hosu every night, taking turns to try and cover tensei as they look for stain

izuku and katsuki find stain over tensei, about to deliver the final blow and katsuki freezes because, stain is really scary and he has a bad vibe around him that almost made endeavour puke

  • but izuku throws himself inbetween tensei and stain
  • and stain is a little annoyed, but mostly impressed this scrawny kid is trying to stand up to him but then izuku tells him the scandal was faked and lays out every detail while hes pouring with tears because "ingenium is a good hero chizome"
  • and stain is like


(the answer? Dot connecting, the UA sports festival, and Steinhal. our boy is a smart cookie!)

  • at this point katsuki snaps out of his fear and tells stain he'll set off the loudest explosion he can manage if he doesnt step away from "one of the real heroes" and stain is honestly? pretty shook

so he does

and he just kinda, vanishes into the night

and izuku and katsuki swear because thats the guy they have been looking for for 2 weeks and they are out of food money and they just wanna get back to mutsutafu already so they start running after him

  • by the end they are freezing, 1AM and izuku is honestly worried about katsuki bc he gets cold easier because his quirk makes him sweaty even when he isnt hot and stain just takes pity on these kids and just kinda asks them is they have anywhere to go
  • izuku starts sobbing again because thats the kinda person he is, and katsuki tries to tell stain to go fuck himself but his teeth are chattering so hard he almost bites his tongue
  • stain just kinda sighs because god these kids remind him of Touya
  • and he laughs as izuku deadlifts a complaining katsuki and asks stain where hes gonna take them


also please: a subplot in this is tensei trying to work out who the kids that saved his life were

  • and he finds hospital records of katsuki and izuku for various brusies and broken bones
  • and sees that they havent been at school for 3 months, but also sees that no missing reports have been filed
  • and hes really upset because these kids are his little brothers age


anyway, after stain saves them from freezing they tell him ab how they cant be heroes but they wanted to be like him

  • and stain tells them they would make great heroes anyway and they cry

(at this point the AU changed from what was going to be a villain duo au into a vigilante au because its Soft AU Hours)

so, when they get back to mustutafu they meet up w dabi who says he has a present for izuku

  • (dabi said he join the leauge if afo gave izuku a quirk, and afo is interested to see how this goes so he said yes)
    • he would have joined the league anyway but he wanted to do his honorary little bro a solid if he could


  • afo was read to give izuku a kinda meh quirk honestly because the kid was going to want to be a hero and thats just bad business sense
  • then he finds out stain is fond of them and he pauses bc, thats pretty odd
  • then izuku walks in, is greeted by kurogiri and he bows to him bc hes a polite kid and afo is starting to like this child
  • izuku then tells shigiraki that he likes his shoes and shigiraki looks pleased with himself
  • so afo turns on the monitor and says hello and izuku pauses for a second and says

"sensei right? are you hurt? Why else would the video be off… oh sorry! I ramble when im nervous"

  • and afo just kinda,, "oh lord this child is sharp" so he chats with izuku a while and hears about how kids hurt him for being qurikless and afo kinda relates because people tried to murder him for having a quirk in the first place (i then ran through like 30 quirk ideas trying to work out the one I wanted to give him oops)

all for one gifts him the quirk guardian: can create hard light barriers. the more ambient light at the time of creation, the stronger the construct

  • he has the quirks perfect counter anyway, blackout: remove all light in a area, so hes not worried.
    • “where’d u get that quirk izuku”
    • “….enstranged uncle”
  • he works with katsuki to create barriers at the moment katsuki lets out explosions to maximise the strength


they start working as vigilanties

  • these lil baby 12 year olds and dabi is a big concered bro so he gets them some platform boots to make them look taller and masks to hide their voices
  • they wear big baggy hoodies bc they take them impacts and hide how thin they are


because they work at night they see aizawa a lot and aizawa is kinda confused because they have some pretty legit looking gear (big bro touya) so hes not sure if they are new heroes or not

  • izuku like, maybe stalked aizawa a little and found out hes a teacher at UA and izuku is so impressed and starstuck over this underground hero
    • katsuki is just grumbling because hes really impressed too but emotions are lame


izuku gets really hurt and katsuki knows this bitch is in trouble but he doesnt know what to do

  • katsuki asks eraserhead for help n aizawa is like "what going on??? are you a villain?" and katsuki rips off his mask, and is visible a super underweight 13 year old and aizawa just kinda feels his heart sink
  • and katsuki is trying not to cry and hes begging aizawa for help and aizawa is like "ahhhh fuuck I have 2 sons now"

vigilantes izuku and katsuki becoming wards of UA bc aizawa found them and has a deep seated hatred of the foster system

  • and the teachers just kinda accidentally adopt them


they take the ua entrance exam and manage to tie for first place, bakugo is all villain points and izuku got 50/50 rescue/villain points

  • and they have their letters playing at the same time as they hide in an alley way and the both start crying
  • because they really can be heroes

Chapter Text

yagi does the allmight on the down-low

  • he had to leave broadway cause all for one ruined his organs
  • everyone in 1 a knows that yagi is all might but hes trying so hard to keep his secret so they just ignore it


izu wants to be a hero but hes scared of people so he joined a choir when he was smol

  • bakugou joined cause he wanted to beat izuku, they bonded a bit n its a more friendly rivalry
  • all of 1a was in the choir before ua, they are all shook that their class is just other choir kids


big three are the current choir leaders n izu was so proud they are the us big three too because he knew them when he was smol, baku n izu are the youngest in the top level

  • todoroki joined to spite his dad hes really good tho
  • mina lives for the dance group
  • iida is a baritone he sing low n hes a good boy, they are very proud of him cause hes one of the youngest in baritone, hes v proud too
  • ochako is an alto and I love her
  • monoma is a tenor n katsuki wants to kick him out of his section
  • tsuuyu is an alto too because i want someone to be a soprano but tsuuyu its too nice to be
  • jirou is a blessed alto
  • yaomomo is a soprano the poor girl
  • izuku is a soft alto boy! He had such a good upper range they thought hes be wasted in tenor
  • shinso is a soft tenor boy and has a singers crush on izuku
    • "oh my god hes just so fucking good he can dance too what the fuck guys. hes the only male alto im fucking shook he has the range of a god"


in their final year todo is the choral leader, bakugo is dance leader and izu is choir leader

  • villains are too scared to attack when they sing


aizawa was in the top level when izu joined

  • he was dance leader while in ua too because it was "only logical" he have a physical hobby (mic loved choir n aizawa loved seeing him that happy)
  • izu thought he was fucking amazing n thats why he wanted to join
  • n then he sees erazerhead n mic on tv when hes 8
  • yells to his mum "mama!!! thats zashi!! n shouta!! he had the dance solo when i joined" n inko doesnt know if izuku is right or not but she nods along and smiles anyway
  • first day of ua izu sees shouta n just gasps


"iTs HIm"

bakugo looks over

"oh my fuck it is isnt it"


  • aizawa is shook and confused
  • bakugo just sighs "its your fault deku is a fucking choir gay i hope you know that. you just had to be fucking competent didnt you"


all 1a student know each other from choir n they all have a big hug fest before the quirk test

  • "oH mY god its a soprano without a stick up her ass what are the chances" "jirou be nice to momo i know you hate sopranos but they have done nothing to you"


mineta exists in this au, as the only one not in choir. hes confused and then expelled the first day

  • aizawa is glad he was terrible because now he has his lil choir class, not that hed ever fucking admit it


1a harmonizes their bus songs and they learn all their choir repertoire on the bus trips around as  aizawa conducts

  • durring the usj izu n tsuuyu hum together to stay calm


izuku n todoroki are actually singing together durring their big fight, everyone in the audience is shook

  • its just because they are trying not to cry
  • because izu n todo have the "its your power" convo before the fight cause they are already friends, so izu is just trying to make him feel better about the argument he had with his dad
  • todoroki feels a lil more comfy so he brings up his flames n izu weeps n gives him a hug before they keep fighting
  • they sing stronger than you jokingly at the end of their fight
    • enji would have a stroke
  • izu wins but only justttt. him n todo hug n laugh as they leave the field. yagi cries a lil for his boys.
    • yamada was singing along the whole time other the speaker. Aizawa muted him but he just used his quirk
  • izu n baku’s fight n it ends in a draw because they blow eachother out of the ring n they are both salty as
  • they have a dance battle refed by aizawa later (baku wins, izuku gives him soul custody of the medal)


tenya had lots of good friends n doesnt hunt down stain, he n 1a go to hatsume about leg braces for tensei

  • tenya teaches tensei his choir choreography so he can get used to his braces
  • the boys do run into stain but they were minding they own business
  • they singing while they fight to stay in time n stay brave
    • todo starts it cause it made him feel better during the sports festival cause izu is crying
  • stain is very confused but hes bopping along

"you guys are true heros im so sorry about this but i really need to kill native"

"thanks i guess? but we gon fucking boop to you drop bitch"

"ToDorOkI nO"

"iida hes trying to kill us we can call him a bitch"

  • stains huming the song they were singing as he carted away to fucking jail
  • "what a goddamn boop, they heros of music"


training camp is the same time as choir camp n 1a is shook n they are conflicted. aizawa gets training camp moved back a week

  • (the villains still attack but they tried to assault an empty camp first n thats funny)
  • the fight through the earth beasts is just 1a singing literally every song they know theyd finish a song, n theres a second wait while everyone races to think of something they all know before they scream out the title n start them all off
    • they sang bohemian rhapsody 5 times

1a arrives at traing camp like

  • "we just had fuck choir camp you dont scare us"
  • 1a wasnt joking they arent phased by the summer camp. 1b is crying
    • shinso made it in after the festival because aizawa thought he was promising n it was another choir boy zawa has to protect them no hes not going soft zashi shut up
  • bakugo gets kidnapped n just hums softly
    • "bitch you villains have nothing on ms king fuck she had me shook"


the bakugo rescuse is the same but its more of 1a n no one was trying to talk them out of it very well

  • "its dangerous, dont get hurt" "we wont" "yeah ok"
    • all of them grab his hand
  • they hold hands while they watch the allmight fight cause they are too scared to let go
  • then they run back onto the field to allmight after the fight n they hug n cry a lot
  • they go with yagi to the hospital n sing dumb songs together while he gets a checkup
  • izuku doesnt have to stop to wipe his nose, n bakugos voice doesnt shake n todoroki is pitch perfect of course (kiri and momo are ugly crying unabashedly. tenya is trying to find tissues)
    • izuku hugs bakugo saying they all need the future dance leader, after all no one else is as good as him
  • bakugo totally doesnt hide his tears n growl that thy need a shitty nerd to lead them so they dont get to good
    • aizawa wants to be mad but hes proud that his kids didnt get hurt and were smart n improved so much
  • he yells at everyone cause he was scared but he can’t make himself be too mean cause they are his smol kids
  • mic smiles n mutters that aizawa has really gone soft on this class n aizawa just hides his face in mics shoulder n pretends he wasnt scared out of his mind for them


in the dorms they draw up a birthday list n anyone whos birthday has already been gets a new birthday

  • they wake them up at 6am you sing happy birthday n they birthday kid gets to pick the music on the bus n in the kitchen
  • bakugo n sato bake


iida, shinso n izuku are harmonizing while trying to eat breakfast but its bean 5 minutes n they havent eaten anything

  • bakugo shoves toast into izus mouth as he walks past to make himself some coffee
  • izuku sings around the toats
  • bakugo groans n sings over him

"i Just wanTed Coffee"

"BitcH we gOttA hArmoNiZe"

  • ochako, mina n tsuuyu are going over their dance infront of the couch, satou n tokoyami are gently sparring around bowls of oats and fruit
  • aizawa is humming as he cuts up some fruit for him and mic
  • sero sticks sheetmusic to the walls with his quirk so they can go over it as they do other stuff
  • shinso plays the goddamn switch piano as a backing track n bakugo is mad that hes impressed


yagi visits n tells them all hes so proud of them n listens to their sing their favourite songs with them n listens to izuku gush about new musicals almost as much as he talks about heroes

  • bakugo saltily adds on little bits of info


shinso n izuku dramatically reinact musicals together as they spar, (obedient servant is their fave beat eachother up song)

  • they get out musical soundtracks n people call dibs on the songs they want to fight to, aizawa mans the speakers and acts as the ref as bakugo n izuku fight to alexander Hamilton
  • ochako n todoroki fight to my shot cause it means a lot to both of them
  • the kids not fighting are singing the song on the sidelines. aizawa sings along too but he wont admit it
  • ( he n izuku sing a lil duet for the room where it happens, mic claps n yagi cries)
  • no one fights for the last song cause everyone is busy singing n crying. - aizawa only cried cause he had dry eye ok nothing more
  • bakusquad always fights over the jefferson n layfette parts, they all wanna sing them solo


  • izuku starts with history has its eyes on you, looks at yagi n then starts to cry
  • yagi starts to cry too
  • he n yagi hug n leave training for a min to get icecream
  • izu grabs yagi n full cowl jumps to get icecream, makes yagi carry the icecream n jumps back
    • yagi is very proud of his boy and very proud he didnt cough blood over his icecream
  • they eat icecream as 1a finishes up the musical sparring n they try not to cry some more
  • todoroki is still 100% conviced yagi is izus dad, hes just also conviced neither of them know it


mic was his section leader when he was still in choir n zawa was the dance leader n they made the best duo

  • they were low on time due to hero training to they learnt their songs as they fought, w mic playing them through his phone as they beat up villains
  • they wouldnt let midnight practise with them because the fights finished too quickly so they didnt get a chance to sing
  • yagi wasnt in that particular choir, or any choir really but he loved to sing, would hum to victims to make them feel better and sung on tv for fans and charity
  • he starts teaching at the choir after the retires from hero work because he misses working and he really thinks the kids are delightful

yagi is a good choir dad n cries at all the concerts, n at the gigs, n when ever they do well really


they get nicknamed the hero course choir because so many ua students go/have gone

  • there are normal highschoolers of course but the ua students wont be outdone and are the best in the class


aizwa tells vlad they sing during sparring for breath support and stamina, and then decides thats actually a good reason n makes that the official reason, ignoring "it makes them smile" and "these kids have had enough intense fights"



Chapter Text

This au was made for international coming out day! But that was ages ago and I think last year? But it was too cute to waste so y’all get it now.


allmight didnt know izuku was trans and allmight never said puplicly he was trans either

  • so izuku tells him one day like "i used to be a girl but im izuku now, sorry if you dont want me as your successor" and allmight is like "!!! same hat!!"
  • all mights pattern on his suit calls back to his top surgery scars because i think thats soft
  • izuku has the same pattern on his deku suit


the only person at ua that knows izuku is trans is bakugo bc they knew eachother for forever and thats the only thing hes not a dick ab. because he called it

  • but allmight makes dumb ass trans jokes, but subtle ones so izuku and katsuki are cackling and everyone is like "???? wat????"


izuku and bakugo come up w dumb excuses so izuku doesnt have to shower with the other guys

  • "oh no, im bleeding?? bc bakugo blew me up. yes. its not safe ill go after all of you blood is a biohazard."
  • please bakugo is just like "yes. i blew him up. very bio hazard. go on without him"


izuku wont take off his binder to exercise/for his hero costume and it makes allmight a Concern


izuku gets lost in a forest because it Be Like That Sometimes, everyone knows hes ok but allmight and bakugo look worried

  • bakugo angrily whispering "hes not going to take his fucking binder off to sleep and im going to kill him"
  • allmight sighing
  • "please dont punch him in the ribs he needs those"


please like izuku gets back the next day to the dorms and its all chill, he goes to class but allmight can see him wincing and hes like "oh, izuku has taken his binder of for like 30 hours, s h i t"


bakugo just fucking breaks izuku's toe

  • "oh noooo, you have to go to recovery girl now"
  • izuku, crying "fuck you??? katsuki???"


hi also consider aizawa having 0 idea bc i love him but hes just tired 24/7 and is trying not to hear ab his students personal lives because he already has heard too much

  • but present mic is like 100% sure but he feels weird asking so he just like, helps with dumb excuses and izuku is so lost

Chapter Text

No quirks au

izuku and katsuki are vet students together, and they are on placements toogether as well. their relationship is like, as good as it in in canon now but izuku is a lil braver bc quirks dont exsist

  • so, this big ass red dog comes in, brought in by the worlds tiredest looking man, around their age (so like, 18-20)
  • he calls the dog a dumbass like 80 different ways, and its got this big ass bite on the shoulder that katsuki starts stiching up while izuku tries to work out how on earth this happened
  • the man (its just shinso ill stop being melodramatic) is being super evasive and izuku doesnt like that but he plays it nice, and he tells katsuki they are keeping this dog overnight. if it was a fighting dog, the man likely wont come back for him
  • shinso gets angry and is trying to get them to let him take his dog but just kinda, sighs, grumbles something about "i hope he learns his fucking lesson", pays and leaves
  • izuku doesnt feel great about the situation, but the dog is friendly and happy so its all chill


katsuki has highkey fallen in love with this dog, hes so smart and looks like he could be a show dog!

  • izuku has to stop katsuki feeding him like, 800 treats. the dog looks sad n izuku gives him carrot bits which he seems pretty happy with
  • fyi: the dog looks like a liver german shepherd
  • the other vets and owner have cleared out, izuku and katsuki are stuck cleaning the place up then they are home free


its like, 1amand they hear a banging noise from the cage room, izuku groans and tells katsuki to deal with it bc he is allllmosttt done disinfecting everything

  • so katsuki grabs a handful of dog kibble to shut up the noisy dog
  • but
  • there is 1 whole ass man stuck in the cage the red dog was in
  • katsuki yElls
  • so izuku has run in with a scalpel and cleaning spray which is pretty comforting bc katsuki has nothing but his scrubs and a keychain
  • izuku sees this man and just splutters
  • "iuhfih Wha T"
  • the guy just kinda blushes and pulls the blanket so its def covering his junk and sheepishly says "hi, my name is kirishima!" and katsuki is s h o o k
  • izuku hands the scalpel to katsuki and goes to find some spare scrubs to put kiri in. he looks like a haunted man.


so kiri stutters while awkwardly explaining hes a werewolf and his buddy was just looking out for him but katsuki is still veryy lost

  • izuku walks back in with some scrubs for kirishima to wear
  • izuku is also now holding a bigg ass metal pipe and katsuki has 0 idea where he found it
  • so they go into the clinic room to let kiri change and katsuki is almost crying from confusion trying to explain to izuku that kiri is a werewolf??? apparently those are real??
  • and izuku pauses and sighs
  • "i cant believe i yelled at a hot guy for a furry"
  • and katsuki busts a gut laughing
  • ok so: izuku sheepishly calls shinsou and says hes sorry he was rude to him before, he can come collect his friend if he'd like to shinsou grumbles that he'll be there in a sec
  • katsuki is wondering why izuku isnt flipping hsi shit with him
  • "katsuki i havent slept in 2 days and ive had nothing but coffee today. i dont have the energy to freak out. ask me tomorrow when im crying about this to yagi"
  • izuku runs around and finishes clean up, locks all the backdoors while kastuki is on werewolf watch and is holding the scalpel very tightly
  • izuku lets in shinso who, looking at him, izuku is pretty sure this guy must be a werewolf too
  • shinso raises an eyebrow at the massive metal pipe izuku is carrying like its nbd, izuku just mumbles that hes too tired for accurate threat assessment which shinso cackles at
  • anyway, shinso collects kiri, waves goodbye to izuku and violently shoves kiri into his car and drives away
  • katsuki stumbles out of the clinic
  • "izuku,,, he gave me his number"
  • izuku looks to the sky
  • "is it weird to fuck a werewolf?"


anyway, the local werewolves are: shinso, aizawa, kirishima, todoroki family, inasa, sero, mina, midnight, + others

  • mic actually runs the vet clinic! because aizawa has been his friend since they were really little and mic wanted to look after him
    • they are still pinning idiots even tho they are in their mid 30s
  • puppy werewolf aizawa with big ol paws and tiny howls
    • mic just,,, cried bc hes so cute

OH ALSO IIDA IS  WERWOLF bc i saw a dog that looked like him,,

  • iida is actually also a vet student and is in izuku's study group
  • shinso actually recognises izuku from iida's selfies and hes like "iida please can you invite me and him to coffee and leave hes so cute"
  • iida just si g h s because he feels like the only werewolf with his shit together and honesntly he is


aizawa is a lecturer at their uni please

  • aizawas not put together he goes to the clinic with like the tiniest paper cut bc he wants to see mic, who’s the biggest enabler btw
  • aizawa walks in
  • izuku looks at aizawa, hes started to notice the werewolves all have big canines and slightly pointed ears
  • and his eyes go wide and he scrambles to find katsuki
  • and aizawa is like "???? um???"
  • “oUR lecturer who looks like he hasn’t slept since he came out the womb is larg dog”


he asks mic about it and mic just kinda "sooo,,,, someone called shinsou brought in his dog kiri,,, and he had to stay over night,,,,,,," and aizawa just lets out an "o o h"

  • izuku is just rambling this to Katsuki because izuku remembers the big shaggy black dog w the scar under its eye that was begging him for his sandwich at 1am outside his dorm window
  • izuku goes on a late night walk and he sees aizawa just chilling eating the exact same sandwich but he was too sleep deprived to give a shit


izuku is an "ive never slept" uni gay

bakugo is an "i get 9 hours sleep every night and have perfect nutrition" uni gay

  • izuku has the better grades

bakugo screaming interally as izuku spirints into the exam hall knowing full well this mess is going to score better than him


also consider: aizawa is the werewolf pack leader of a few of the local werewolves bc he basically adopted a pile of puppy/children

Chapter Text

please consider 1A as runaway kids thanks

  • aizawa is an older teen, so is present mic
  • just a lot of abusive parents, villain attacks and the like
  • this is a dad for one universe, izuku's dad kept giving him stolen quirks
  • bakugos parents died in a villain attack
  • tenya's family were all killed by the hero killer
  • occacho was just really hungry, her parents didnt have enough money for food for her and them so they just didnt give her any
  • dabi ran away with shouto
  • kiri was kidnapped for his quirk, izuku gave him his quirk back and escaped with him
    • (its not actually kiri's quirk, its red riots but izuku thought his new friend derseved it)



aizawa meets izuku bc izuku saves him

  • he takes the quirk of the person attacking aizawa, then aizawa needs to save him bc izu cant fight to save his life
  • aizawa just looks at these kids and thinks "oh no, i have two more now dont i"


hes like,, 17? and the rest of the kids are from 7-14

  • tenya and momo are the 2 oldest
  • izu, kiri, bakugo and occhaco are the youngest


they steal stuff to stay alive and they use momos quirk to make clothes and other stuff

  • whenever momo gets too thin izuku borrows her quirk and takes her place
  • uraraka cant use her quirk too much bc she needs to keep down the food


on a nicer note, all the criminals in the area keep turning up quirkless,,

  • aizawa helping izuku control his quirk and telling him that its ok to use it for good
  • a small gang of child vigilanties bc adults have never helped them



aizawa turns eighteen and the youngest kids start wailing

  • these poor babies have been constantly fucked over by adults so imagine aizawa becoming an adult legally and them just sobbing bc wow we know he isn’t going to fuck with us but he might leave ?? everyone else left and they d o n t want aizawa to go
  • izu and katsuki crying bc they are 8 and all adults do is die
  • kiri is 10 and hes yelling at aizawa for making bakugo cry, while he is also crying
  • aizawa is also crying but hes like "i cant stop getting old!!"


consider these dumbass kids running into a rly fancy restaurant and faking medical emergencies while the rest of their group sneaks into the kitchen to snatch food

  • aizawa and mic having a loud fake break up and fighting over who gets the kids
  • its izuku and shinsou bc they look cute, while tenya and momo are quickly passing food out of the kitchen

aizawa and mic insisting they are their bio kids

  • all of them
  • all of the kids

aizawa, pointing to midoriya: “that’s ours we did that.”

Chapter Text

all might was a volunteer mall santa and that’s the first time bby izuku meets all might

  • he’s going christmas shopping with his mom and he hears this familiar sound of laughter and there’s fucking a l l m i g h t sitting where santa’s supposed to be and he’s this close to passing out but he manages to drag inko itno line and aaaaa
  • that no adult has clocked on to the fact its allmight, but the little kids have
  • because all might would neeevvveerrr be a mall santa thats just silly!


“mom that’s all might!!”

inko, tired: “yes honey that’s all might. just like all might came to fix our plumbing”




izuku pointing to every blonde person ever: “a l l m i g h t”


please 8 year old izuku saying he wants his quirk to come in for christmas bc the other kids are being really mean and allmights like "i cant,, give a kid ofa for christmas i cant "

  • he’s this close tho
  • consider bby bakugou sitting on all might’s lap grumbling abt how this dumb kid in this class doesn’t have a quirk and “maybe give him one so he can start fighting back please?”
  • allmights like "oh? who?" "deku, hes all green an shit, he wants to be a hero but hes a quirkless crybaby! so if you fixed one he could be like a my sidekick or something"
  • and allmights like "i cAnT GiVE oNE FfoR aLL TO IZUKU"


he just gives ofa to baby izuku without telling him a n y t h i n g and bc hes a kid, the quirk takes better

  • there is just this kid w this obscene quirk running around


nighteye just looks all might in the eye

"you,,, have nothing to do with this. right?"

all might, sweating:


“ohhhh so this isn’t the small green child u came crying abt after ur time as a mall santa,,,”


good friends izuku and bakugo when izu got a quirk for Christmas

  • bakugo and izuku are like "wow santa really did it!" and mitsuki and inko are s h o o k


  • inko, trying so hard to believe that this wasn’t bc of a mall santa: “he’s just a late bloomer mitsuki i sWEAR LISTEN”

Chapter Text

shinsou had a tumblr/yt channel and he did art and stuff + talked about hot he wanted to be a hero, had like a mask on sou you couldnt see his face

izuku had a tumblr/yt channel where he did hero analysis + gave quirk tips and talked about training/studying for UA

  • you know those commentators w the lil talksprites? izuku has those and shinsou is the one who draws them


  • he and shinsou become friends
  • shinsou posts a video about how he got into gen ed and izuku freaks out like "I GO TO YOUR SCHOOL", this is news to the both of them bc they have been chatting in English
    • they both thought they were from diff countries
  • so they set up a game of trying to find the other without having any idea what the other looks like, and only izuku knows shinsous quirk bc he asked for tips


the sports festival

shinsou says 1 thing and izuku starts vibrating w glee

  • izuku just points and shinsou, yells "YOU", hugs him and suplexes him into the ground
  • shinsou is just shook
  • shinsou is like "whO aRe YoU"
  • and izuku just grins and throws him out of the ring
  • and like, the second shinsou crosses the line izuku shouts out shinsous screen name and shinsou loses it laughing as he rolls away from the line


"FUCK You!! I CouLD hAve WOn"



  • and midnight is So Lost
  • shinsous not even mad, izuku runs over to help him up and shinsou drags him onto the ground as well and they laugh like idiots
  • because at this point theyve been online friends for like 4 years
  • izuku has self esteem bc he n shinsou are kinda popular creators online
  • shinsou should have won the "find me" dare
  • he knew izuku was in the hero course, of which their are only 2 classes and then he knew he was in 1A because of the USJ and he knew he was a guy, so that like 13 people to pick from
  • and izuku still won
  • bc shinsou had a "purple sleepy vibe"
  • shinizu podcast, it’s just 45-60 minutes of shinsou being salty and izuku wheezing


izuku and shinsou just conspire to get shinsou into the hero course by making shinsou look as good as possible like

  • "oh aizawa sensei, can shinsou and i train outside? he was going to teach me some new moves"
  • Or
  • "wow shinsou's quirk would be so good for this - insert scenario here- "

a villain attacks 1A and izuku just turns to aizawa

  • "dont you just wish shinsou was in our class?"
  • aizawl has all the paperwork ready he just hasn’t turned it in bc it’s amusing to see how far izuku will go to get shinsou into this class. he has told shinsou this and shinsou is telling aizawa to let it keep going because its bringing him joy


in this au izuku's arms dont get as messed up bc he and shinsou have been training to be heroes since they were 12 so instead of just "punch harder" izuku can punch smarter

also cause izuku has a habit of telling people about ofa because he thinks they should know, not -because they need to izu tells shinsou about it

  • shinsous like "ahh,,, shit oops"
  • izuku is just like "honestly it was wild someone being mad w me because i had a quirk lmao"


ok but shinsou going up on his dorms roof to think he looks over n izuku is looking at him w a "wtf" expression on the other dorm roof

  • shinsou: your,,, not gonna jump right??
  • izuku, looking sheepish: no? you?


  • someone yells at them to do a flip
  • izuku looks sad
  • shinsou: yOU dO a fLip BITCH


also: mic has openings to take kids out carolling thanks

-        a few 1a girls, izuku, shinsou, ibara and a few random other first years singing christmas carols in the city as mic conducts thanks

izuku begging shisou to let him study his quirk and they work out that if you join into a song shinsou was singing, that counts as a response

  • shinsou learns all of the most catchy songs he can
    • the i want it that way scene from b99 but it’s just shinsou
  • thats how he catches the traitor, he sings be prepared n the traitor joins in


aizawa is convinced izuku and shinsou are dating

  • they arent but they also have had like 0 close friends before and a very huggy because they have had like no human contact
  • shinsou, peacefully taking a nap w his head on izu's lap
  • aizawa, who just walked in: ,,,,,,,

Chapter Text

au where all might is a villain raising izuku to be a hero!


quirkless izuku, his backstory is mostly the same


all might decided that hero work had too much red tape. if he was going to take down afo, he needed the freedom to do whatever he had to and he wasnt getting that working within the law

  • so hes a,,, viilllaaaiinnn?? like. stain. but less murdery, would also save civilians if they were in danger
  • he has 0 qualms about crippling fake heroes but hes not a fan of murder
    • hero to the people villain to literally everyone else
  • nighteye is still his sidekick, he doesnt use his quirk on allmight bc all might h a t e s it
  • hes kinda on board with "the future is only set in stone because you've seen it now" so he wants the freedom to break fate. but its very useful to get info, so nighteye just uses it on other people


allmights villain costume is reallll similar to his hero costume. just less eye bleeding

  • he has longer grey hair too.
  • all mights bronze age costume is basically his villain costume thanks for listening


david shield is still in this story

  • david agrees w all might and like,,, sneaks him stuff on the downlow
  • all might told him ab. his quirk because who on earth is gonna believe that one america man about japans worst supervillain?
  • also melissa is a Soft Young Woman and she is all mights favourite person on this fucking planet until he meets izuku


all might went to ua, only defected after completing his hero training because he wanted to be trained by the people he was going to screw over


izuku has always kinda been a big fan of all might. not openly because hes legally a villain and very much paints himself as one, but his quirk is one of the most amazing things izuku has ever seen

  • when he looks closer, all might has never let a civilian get hurt once hes been on scene. hes taken hits to protect housing, hes pulled heroes from the line of fire
  • izuku watches his sports festivals and wonders why? why did all might, the man who happily told the world he'd stop at nothing to keep them safe, suddenly flip sides like that for no reason?
  • izuku doesnt buy it

izuku's big yellow backpack is a big red on in this universe, hes had it so long its gone pink but he still loves it


the sludge villain

  • all might saves him and izuku is crying. allmight thinks its because hes scared but izuku just turns to him with this big weepy eye smile and gives him the most genuine thanks he thinks hes ever been given
  • (its honestly the shock of that that makes him deflate into small might, which has izuku scrambling to find tissues and called an ambulance before he thinks better of calling emergency services for All Might)

izuku is like "Im SO SORRY SIR ARE YOU oK"

and all might is like ",,, b  oy"


izuku softly asking

  • "can,, can i still be someone with out a quirk? can i still make a difference?"

all might doesnt get the chance to anser because there is a massive explosion in the distance

  • its bakugo!! hes dying


the sludge villain got away bc izuku and all might were chatting a little

  • izuku hears it and he feels this terrible realization, because its probably not bakugo? but its definitely bakugo because izuku's life is falling to pieces
  • he sprints towards him and katsuki will n e v e r admit it but he feels hope in that moment because some one is trying to help. even if its just izuku, he wasnt totally left for dead
  • all might sees this tiny, nervous, quirkless kid run straight up to a villain that almost killed him seconds before to save someone what looks like they'd rather die

and he thinks

"no one deserves one for all more than him"


and allmight, the most wanted villain in japan, maybe the world, jumps in

  • the heroes look at him and they are scared. if they couldnt take the sludge villain, what is all might going to do to them? but the scariest man in japan, the person parents tell their kids about to stop them from going out at night, blows the sludge villain to tiny pieces and carefully, gently, places the two boys by the heroes
  • before he vanishes before they can call for backup or even ask why


  • izuku gets yelled at by the heroes because the heroes are scared and angry they couldnt stop either of the villains and izuku is so overwhelmed that hes crying and he can hardly breathe


  • bakugo doesnt even yell at him because hes so dazed about everything that happened and he cant make himself yell at this sobbing kid that used to be his friend


  • (bakugo is holding izukus hand like hes going to crush it but its the only thing keeping izuku present)


izuku is walking home and hes still hicuping and crying because he almost died and the heroes hate him and he feels a hand on his shoulder, and a soft :"its ok now my boy"

  • he knows its all might but he cant help but hide his face in his shirt and sob


all might gets down so he can look izuku in the eye

  • "you asked me if you could be someone with out a quirk and i didnt get the chance to answer. my answer? you already are someone. you are someone that inspired me, a villain, to save the day. you are going to be amazing"
  • and looks him dead in the eye "you'll do amazing things, even with out a quirk. but, you of all people deserve one, and no matter what you chose to do with it, it can be yours. hero, villain or someone in between"

izuku looks at this villain

  • this painfully thin villain, who just saved his life and who has unimaginable strength
  • and he throws his arms around his waist and sobs


inko isnt a great mum in this au and she likes to basically pretend izuku doesnt exist

  • izuku trains a lot and has to make his own food bc his mum just ignores him
  • he sneaks out at night to clear trash and sneaks back in before dawn to clean the sand from his hair
  • he smells like saltwater and rust, and he hasnt slept more than 4 hours a night in weeks and katsuki is worried
    • did he do this? if he the reason izuku looks like hes falling apart before his eyes?
  • all might sees him crumbling with a smile stuck on his face and he wants to stop him from self-destructing, but the kid will never learn his lesson until he feels his body give up under what hes doing to it. if all might steps in he'll do it again and again until no one stops him and hes never learnt his limit.
  • so he waits and he watches while he pretends he cant see the bags under his eyes and pretends that everytime izuku sways on his feet he doesnt feel a jolt of deep panic


the kid passes the fuck out and all might tells him off in a soft dad way and izuku cries bc why does this villain care more than his mum does

  • and all might catches the end of that little mumble, and feels terrible so he pretends he didnt hear and takes him for lunch
  • they go to a cafe and all might buys izuku the cutest slice of cake and a big ass bowl of katsudon and some fancy fucking tea and covers the kids eyes every time he tries to look at the prices

izuku looks at all might and asks

"are you buying me katsudon with crime money"

and all might looks sheepish and izuku giggles like an idiot and says "dont tell me ill feel bad!!!"

  • all might grins bc this kid is honestly the only reason he hasnt stabbed a pro hero in a few months bc hes so fucking sweet


 he has to carry izuku half the way home bc the kid could barely lift his chopsticks and almost fell asleep in the booth after he finished eating

  • and allmight, skinny and kinda scary is giving his 15 year old a piggy back and someone says "you're such a good dad!" and he almost coughs up his last lung
  • izuku mumbles sleepily and hes has the biggest warm and fuzzy feeling and hes going to yell bc hes All Might the No. 1 Villain and this fucking kid is drolling on his sweater but he would die for him

some random stranger on the street commenting on how it was rly fortunate that izuku inherited his adorable smile from his father

  • all might, abt to burst into tears: whack
  • allmight is easily flustered even when hes killed a man


he comes home and inko isnt there so he has to like, wake up izuku to get him to open the door and he feels bad bc izuku is a Sleepy Man

  • izuku mumbles that he cant ever tell if shes at home or not because nothing changes and all might feels a wave of "wait my son isnt being parented enough"
  • so he makes izuku a cup of tea and tucks him into bed after he has a shower because izuku is His Son Now Inko


hes like

  • sitting in the living room reading the paper and he hears inko's car and hes like ",,, fuck it im walking out the front door im no coward"
  • she doesnt even notice and hes going to scream because does she have a brain

inko, spaced out, tired and terrible: oh is the tall man here for izuku :))) thats great :)))

all might is screaming bc"" do you get let weird men into see your tiny son>???? what the fuck???

hes so small inko??? and you?? let random men in?????

  • all might would yeet her into the sun if he could but his boy needs an actual family member to make going to ua easier


inko is kinda mentally ill. she is depressed and often forgets she has izuku. like shes not always being terrible she just sometimes forget to do basic things

  • one time she locked izuku out of the house for 10 hours and he had to sleep next to the front door
  • one month she didnt buy any food so by the end of it he was starving and out of his own money and there was n o t h i n g in the house, but inko would go out to eat every night and lunch and not take her son
  • allmight is upset bc izuku didnt tell him but izuku is embarrassed. embarrassed that he was forgeten by his own mum, that he couldnt do anything to help her or himself and honestly mad he was so hungry all might noticed bc he didnt want to bug him
  • it was getting to the point that katsuki actually slipped some change into his bag with a candy bar

Chapter Text

aizawa's design


Original text:

Aizawa's eye have no visible change between pupil and iris unless hes using his quirk, when they glow like lava flowing though cracks in rock. His teeth are paper white and perfectly straight. When his quirk is on, his hair flows like its underwater. Its never effected by the breeze, whether his quirk is active or not



Original Text:

Bakugo has really sharp and long canines, kind of like dogteeth. His eyes look like fire opals. His skin is too perfect with no visible pores or birth marks, almost like hes been photo-shopped.



Original Text:

Ochako's pads on her fingers are like cat toes. Her blush circles are perfectly round like someone painted them on. Her eyes are a little too big for her face.

Chapter Text

aizawa and izuku are half brothers, afo is their dad and they are both aware of this


afo never stopped them from doing anything? but he tried to poison them against heroes, it only worked on tomura.

  • Afo begrudgingly let aizawa remain in the hero course


  • when he graduated, his first mission is one he didnt warn anyone about. he went alone, thinking it was a suicide mission. he stole his youngest brother back from afo.
  • he asked if tomura wanted to come but he declined. afo didnt put up a fight.


they grow up knowing quirks arent all they are talked up to be, and that you can lose them with a moments warning

  • they knew about one for all the whole time, the day izuku gets it they both cry because he can be a hero, but also because their father wants that quirk back more than he ever loved them


they though all might killed afo, but then the USJ and they both panic

toumra doesnt recognise izuku or aizawa bc they have masks in this au but the nomu cracks aizawa and tomura freezes

  • He tells kurogiri that the mission has changed, and that they are going to retrieve his big brother and izuku screams
  • izuku runs in to take his brother because he saved izuku and tomura k n o w s izuku is his missing little brother
  • izuku gets aizawa to safety but kurogiri portals izuku back and, as all might walks through the door they take him


aizawa, concussed and bleeding, grabs allmights costume in his fist and tells him "he took my brother"


anyway, all might has to talk to aizawa and aizawa tells him about that he knows the story of all for one and one for all because all for one was his father

  • and he tells all might the all for one was kind to them, but controlling, absent and demanding all in one, he tells all might that their father may have loved them, but he wants that quirk more than he wants anything
  • and all might realizes how little he knows about izuku because he didnt know izuku lived with aizawa, he didnt know they were brothers. above all, he didnt know all for one was his father
  • aizawa, in his hospital bed, threaten to destroy all might if he hurts izuku for this and all might would never dream of it. he hates all for one and has only seen the man 4 times, what would it be like living with him?


also: aizawa, izuku and tomura all "know" all for one is their dad (tomura isnt afo's son but they dont know that)

  • aizawa knows his mother is alive, but nothing more. she could have been a surrogate or a villain for all he knows
  • izuku knows his mother is dead and he knows it was all for one that killed her

afo asks,,, "nicely" if izuku will give him his brothers quirk. izuku says no but boy has trauma hes really scared

  • afo sighs and says "at least its back in the family" and locks izuku in his old room

aizawa trying to sneak out to save izuku enough though hes covered in banages bc he want to save his little brother, and if hes lucky afo might not kill him

afo is kinda,,, worried? bc izuku wont eat or drink anything he gives him. izuku quietly says hed rather die than give ofa to him

  • so after like a week afo gives up because he doesnt want his son and his brothers quirk dying


izuku in this au seems to be quirkless but no one is sure about that

  • he could be hiding one, have an invisible one or just be quirkless like normal
  • afo doesn’t mind hes quirkless. hes a terrible person but he finds family important, to the point that he just had kids to have them, no other motives
  • hes a little deranged but he looks after his family for no reason other than that they are "his"


hes never taken aizawas quirk, his reason is " a gift freely given may not be freely taken"

  • secretly, his quirk doesnt work on direct relatives , he can give quirks to them but he cant take them back


training camp in the brother au

aizawa and izuku: kidnapped, bakugo: also kidnapped, allmight: guilty

  • basically afo intends to make this the last fight between him and all might and he intends to win and he wants his sons to watch


basically izuku deals with muscular, a little easier bc he has black whip. he basically yeets the guy into a mountain, its all chill

  • he finds aizawa and aizawa just cant fucking leave his little brother so they take kouta to the others and then go out to find Katsuki
  • aizawa deals w tokoyami, compress grabs aizawa, compress also grabs Bakugo
  • they basically use bakugo and aizawa to lure izuku to the portal where they grab him too. iida, todoroki and ochako just miss saving him


izuku calls allmight when they get to the bar n hes crying and trying to stop them from getting him before all might picks up

  • allmight basically picks up to hear "dad has aizawa and kacch-" and he hears a scream and the line goes dead
  • dabi torched his phone, and by extension his arm, to get him to hang up. shigiraki makes very clear after that that hes the only person allowed to hurt his little brother
  • bakugo is lost, aizawa is furious


izuku is sobbing but aizawa has a feeling about that but hes not saying anything yet

  • afo turns on the screen and talks to them, izuku calls him "dad". izuku hasnt called him anything other than father since he was 4
  • tomura has his little speech about joining him, izuku is still crying and accepts a hug from him. bakugo is snarling because is deku the traitor??
  • izuku looks bakugo dead in the eye. hard of hearing bakugo and aizawa (dating a guy that sent his parents deaf).
  • and behind shigiraki's back signs "i" and "lie"


afo asks izuku for ofa, izuku tells him no but its shaky, and he wont look anyone in the eye

aizawa is begging izuku not to do it, bakugo is snarling. both of them look more afraid than angry

  • when allmight shows up, he frees bakugo, izuku and aizawa. but izuku and aizawa are taken away by afo, leaving bakugo behind with a shocked all might
  • all might rushes over to afo, bakugo panic calls kiri. kiri picks up and thats when afo appears and kiri, todoroki, ochako and momo are crying behind the wall as bakugo is stuck on the other end of the city, unable to help


afo takes out the heroes, all might appears and his quirk fails. aizawa is trying to rush in, activating his quirk while izuku tries to hold him back

  • all might tries to appeal to afo to leave uninvolved people out of this and he just looks at him.
  • "how are these two uninvolved? plus, i want my sons to see the death of the man who tarnished their uncles legacy"

izuku is still holding aizawa back, allmight holds out his hand for him but izuku doesnt take it. he hides behind afo and afo looks overwhelmingly smug

  • izuku, making sure afo can hear, asks aizawa to stay way because he doesnt want his brother getting hurt
  • aizawa, wanting nothing more than to stay, backs off to the side where he can see his students, pretending to retreat

all might begs izuku to run, he stays behind afo, afo tells him to watch as he goes in to attack all might

  • suddenly afos quirk stops working, izuku pounces, shattering afo's breathing mask and getting him into a headlock
  • afos is clawing at izuku, allmight is lost
  • aizawa is yelling at allmight to hurry up and do something because he cant hold erasure much longer
  • the kids are scared but they are ready to join in the fight.
  • All might deals the final blow. he never transforms, the world doesn’t learn he had a smaller form.

Chapter Text

izuku gets hit w a de-aging quirk back to like,, age 5-8

angst + fluff + dads happens


izuku, iida, bakugo, kiri and all might are getting groceries

  • not a great team for shopping but its like, just post internship pre cultural festival so its no a disaster
  • all might is there to make sure they dont do something stupid or get lost. he was kinda hesitant to go with them because he cant protect them anymore but they are little heroes! so they should be ok, right?
  • w r o n g
  • the villain attacks katsuki just outside the store, the only one of them that doesnt have a licence, izuku takes a hit for him and he and iida quickly take the villain down while kiri protects the bystanders


then izuku collapses and bakugo is ready to yell because if izuku takes one more hit for someone hes going to be the hit


all might runs over because even though its still dangerous he has a hero license (bc it hasnt been cancled yet because no one wanted to be the person to do it) and thats his s o n. iida is calling the people he should be calling

  • all might finds just, this tiny tiny green freckly mess in izuku's oversize clothing and he wants to cuss up a storm because FUCk hes liKe 6
  • bakugo runs over because all might looks like hes going to cry and hes not ready for that today and he sees this horrifically familiar face. he he does swear.
  • izuku looks so lost but he sees bakugo and he lights up!!

"kacchan!! youre so tall wow!!! so coool!!!"

  • and bakugo is going to scream bc f u c k hes so annoying and adorable. bakugo tells izuku that he is normally his age but got hit with a quirk that made him small and hes!! so excited!!
  • hes rambling about how cool the quirk is and wondering how long it lasts and how it works and allmight is just shell shocked still

"young bakugo, should we tell his mother?"

",,, inko is in america chasing down her husband to divorce him. i dont think she needs this shit right now"



kiri comes over bc whats happening? and he shrieks a little and hugs izuku

  • izuku is very lost but hes giggling bc kacchan's cool friend likes him, so maybe kacchan likes him now! bakugo is like "fuck why do i feel emotions thats wack"
  • so iida, having just reported what happened and now on the phone to aizawa walks over to tell aizawa everyones status. he and sees izuku and goes dead silent

"iida?? iida whats wrong?"

",,, hes,,, so s m a l l "

"wAiT WhAt"

"like,,, shrunk?????????"

"no sensei like,,, hes 5"

just a loud "F UUCK" as aizawa hangs up to run over


ok but they are all awkwardly buying the food bc they really need to, tiny izuku or no

and so izuku is with bakugo and allmight while the others do the worlds fastest grocery run

  • and izuku asks all might "mr? is your quirk being really tall? because thats super cool if it is!!" and bakugo is dying because what the fuck does all might say to that

"no my boy, im actually quirkless!"

"oh,, sorry sir"

"why are you sorry?"

"i dont know, but thats what everyone says to me when i tell them so i think its bad?"

  • and he just mumbles

"kacchan said i could play with him again if i got my quirk but i never did. do i get my quirk now? is that why we have cool friends??!"

  • and bakugo is going to cry bc all might looks so sad and he cant deal with that


so iida and kiri have bought all the crap and they are waiting out from with this tiny bubbly kid who they have to hold hands with or he Will run off to go look at stuff

  • aizawa shows up in the school car (,,, driven by mic because he cant fucking drive) and izuku is like OH HI
  • and aizawa is like ",,, hello?"
  • and izuku sees mic too and he thinks for a few seconds

"are,,, you two the new heroes that just started? from that really cool sports festival!!! i heard you from my preschool!!"

  • and bakugo is cackling be he fucking remembers that
  • and aizawa is red and nods and mic is like TINY CHILD WHO ARE YOU because aizawa didnt tell him what was going on
  • izuku is like "hi im midoriya izuku! please call me izuku!!" and mic is crying bc??? baby boy??


so they get an update ab the villain, apparently the quirk lasts for 2 weeks and allmight is caught between happy bc Tiny and sad bc My Boy??? he says how long it lasts and katsuki groans loudly



'AUntIEs iN aMEricA For 3 WeEKs"



in the car all might has to hold him because aizawa didnt think this through and there isnt a child seat, so izuku is playing with all mights fringe because its long enough to be in his face and allmight is cry bc its his boy!!!!

  • they are up front because iida and katsuki need to talk to aizawa about whatever is going down with izuku. kiri is just there for moral support honestly, he is still pretty lost
  • izuku is asking present mic all these questions about his quirk ands all might is legitimately impressed at the control mic has because h looks like hes 30 seconds from bursting into a screech of joy at this tiny boy but his voice is just a little louder than normal


mic is singing a song in english

  • and izuku says "thats a rude song! my mum said so!" in perfectly understandable English and katsuki l a u gh hs


  • and mic, cackling bc hes worked it out had to pull over for a sec
  • all might is red because hes been swearing in english the whole time oops
  • aizawa is like "Um????? whats happening"

katsuki, through tears : this little shit has known english his whole life but he didnt want more english homework so he just pretended he didnt through middle school and forgot to admit he could when we started UA

  • izuku looks lost bc what did he do?? mic is saying sorry to this tiny child for singing a rude song, iida is ab to have a stroke


mic and izuku chat about mics quirk in english happily and they pull up to ua and izuku is like wAIT WHAT. bakugo is cringing bc howwww do they explain this

  • present mic and aizawa, 0 clue what going on "its UA. you go to school here."

"oh, did i get into gen ed? is that why kacchan is my friend again?!!"

"youre in the hero course with me, brat"

  • and izuku looks upset and aizawa is lost because what kid cries when they are told they get to be a hero

"dont be mean, its rude to lie"

"why would i lie?"


when izuku says hes quirkless bakugo and all might look like someone kicked them

  • aizawa is like "wait,, quirkless?" and izuku looks at him confused because evryone knows izuku is quirkless

"yeah,, i have the toe thing-y."

  • and the kids face crumples

"does this mean i cant go into UA now??"

  • mic picks up the kid before he can start to cry and says "of course not! i bet youd be a great hero, quirk or not!!"
  • aizawa and mic are giving all might and Bakugo a Look because they look so sheepish
  • kiri and iida are lost because izuku Very Much has a quirk, it explodes him


all might all but pushes everyone through the gate and aizawa and mic are just staring at him because they Know hes not spilling something


anyway, eri comes to visit!! bc izuku is small!!

  • she calls him deku and izuku looks sad bc kacchan only calls him deku when hes mad at him and izuku just whispers "you can call me izuku please?" and eri is like "YES IZUKU HI IM ERI HELLO"
  • izuku is very happy
  • hes still like, wearing a shirt dress basically so aizawa gets momo, who has a little quiet "HES SO SMALLL" scream in the cupboard, then pops out to make him a onesie. izuku asking if it can be allmight and momo is like “OF COURSE IT CAN YOU LITTLE MUNCHKIN ID DIE FOR YOU”


izuku gets this massive fuzzy onesie and hes like !!!” yourequirkissocoolallmightiloveitsoftthaNKYOU”

  • momo just hugs him because hes so tiny and cute oh my lord

eri and izuku play heroes!! eri is lemillion and izuku is all might and they are defeating the great villain Kirishima

  • kiri wasnt warned he was the villain. he just has these kids yeeting on to him and hes so lost
  • all might and bakugo are trying to make a child sized dinner. they are working together bc if they pretend they are doing something important maybe aizawa wont kill them


aizawa is just,,, glaring at them. he hasnt moved from the corner of the kitchen. bakugo is getting nervous, all might is trying not to spit blood into the food

  • its like, 4pm? and izuku and eri are sleepy but they are Big Kids so they dont need to nap. all might and bakugo are trying to finish the food before they fall asleep bc god damn it they worked for this
  • aizawa is trying not to smile but they are so goddamn cute. izuku is cheering because they made katsudon

"kacchan how did you know this was my favourite!! youre so coooolllL!!!!"

bakugo, suddenly feeling crushing guilt: yeah,, im,,, awesome

  • aizawa is like, walking slowly towards all might and hes scrambling to think of something to spare him from his wrath


izuku, crying: OH MY GOD

yagi, crying also : thankyou bakugo i owe you my life

  • izuku is asking so many questions aizawa has to remind him to breathe


please tiny izuku is very fond of aizawa but no one has any idea why bc the dude is scary


"eraserhead sir, when can i see my mum?"

aizawa, suddenly wishing he had kurogiri's quirk: ",,,,you seee"


ok but like, just for a little pain

"it'll be like a sleep over, ok kid?"

"you really want me to stay? most kids wont let me even play for a little while, so one sleeps over"

"i can stay home without my mum if you want! i dont wanna bug you,,,"

  • aizawa, feeling a rush of fondness for this terrible child "no its ok, stay here. youre a good kid"

baby izuku clumsily braiding aizawas hair bc his mum taught him


consider: baby izuku and shinso

  • baby izuku is on a need to know basis bc there is a traitor somewhere. shinso is just minding his own business and runs into a giggling curly boy

and hes like ",,, who are you???"

"im izuku!!!"

  • shinso just looking at him and groans

"of course its you. its always you"

  • he picks up izuku and takes him to aiawa. izuku is patting his hair happily

"i found the gremlin"

"hi eraserhead!!!"

"thank god

  • izuku makes him help with his hero notes because he doesnt know kanji yet. izuku is just telling him what to do while shinso does as hes told, trying not to smile

Chapter Text

The episode starts totally normally, but then we get the first character introduction

"Aizawa Shouta, Quirk: Lackluster. A total bore of a guy, and has glaring blind spot for his friends."

and it just gets worse from there


The PA system lets out a static scream then shorts out, Aizawa calls mic, because the PA system is his job.

He doesnt get an answer.

The students are getting nervous and so is Aizawa; they lock the door and get on the floor to keep away from windows

They are still hoping its just a mouse that chewed through a wire. Maybe a rouge quirk, or a overzealous support student. Not villains again please


Aizawa asks Izuku to call All Might, but somethings jamming the signal so Kaminari tries. Nothing. Its just like the USJ.

The students are getting worried now, Jiro n Shoji start listening out for anything out of the ordinary. Or anything at all. It's so quiet.

They hear crackling, pounding footsteps and heavy breathing.

Aizawa touches the door handle, and lets out a sharp gasp as it burns him


UA is in flames.


He gets a single text, from an unknown number.

"You have Todoroki, you'll be fine. Wait to leave, or we shoot him and you all burn."


The Traitor decided to burn the school knowing that 1A would be ok but,

there are a lot of casualties


The dorms are untouched, 1A and 1B are combined to stay safe. Blood King and 13 are dead, lost to the flames as they fought to save just one more student. Keep one more kid safe. Snipe is missing

So is Present Mic


The next episode they are trying to get it back together, to train in the buildings still standing. Villains are still out there and they wont stop to let UA morn.

But Mic He is still narrating, and hes laughing up a storm as Bakugo pushes Kirishima out of the way of falling rubble, or as Midoriya burns his hands trying to help Aizawa clear a path to the staff room.


Hes silent when Aizawa shakily admits hes looking for Mic's body, ducking his face away from his student to his the tears leaving clean tracks down an ashy face.

Chapter Text

Fusion is an act of love (familial, romantic or platonic)! The deeper the relationship between 2 people, the easier they can fuse. This relationship doesn’t have to be a healthy one, but the happier the relationship is, the more stable the fusion is (looking at you, Izukatsu fusion).

 Normally (60% of the time) fusions have the 2 separate quirks with no interaction, and this is called having an “unfused” quirk. 39.5% of the time the fusion may develop a third ability. This is indicative of a strong bond between fusion components or of inherent compatibility.

0.5% of the time the quirks “fuse” as well as the fusion. Their quirks combine into a new quirk, related to, but not one of the 2 component quirks. These quirks are ridiculously strong and often make up Hero (and villain) Teams.

There is no link between pre-existing relationship and the fusion of a quirk, it either happens with the first fusion or it never happens at all. There is a strong link between quirk fusion and having a good interpersonal relationship but its such a rare phenomenon that its not really understood.


Fusion Overviews

Aizashi (Aizawa and Yamada (Hizashi))

Quirk: Voice + Erasure (Unfused)

Extra Ability: Paralytic Scream

              Anyone who hears their scream will be frozen for it’s duration. The longer they use this skill, the more damage it does to their vocal chords. Too long and they may be rendered mute, even after unfusing.

Status: Stable + (The most stable a fusion can be. They will only split if they want to)

  • their undereye scar is the waveform of Mics yell
  • laidback and cheerful, cares a lot about their friends but tries to play it cool. Really snarky and super sarcastic but has a big soft side, especially for their students.
  • smarter than anyone remembers to give them credit for, a really good teacher
  • they comfort-fuse to make themselves feel better. They love each other so Aizashi loves themselves and loves existing


Misou (Midoriya + Shinso)

Quirk: Indominable (Fused)

              As long as they can control their emotions and keep focused they are always as strong as they need to be. This applies to durability and to force.

Status: Stable

  • a soft young man that wants to be a hero v badly and is also bitter as fuck
  • really anxious but hides it by being snarky
  • pretty balanced. They balance each-others flaws very well.


Midoroki (Midoriya + Todoroki)

Quirk: Half Hot / Half Cold + One for All (Unfused Quirk)

Extra Ability: Electro-bend

              Weak electricity control. Can’t generate electricity on their own was but bend it to their will. They can use this on the sparks One for All produces, but it takes a lot of concentration.

Status: Stable

  • Nice, but super petty and spiteful, is soft smiles until he punts people in firey rage.
  • Loads of daddy issues like wow
  • Will throw down for his friends, has very little regard for his own safety.




izuku, even before ofa had the weird property of supercharging a fusion, bosting another’s quirk without having his own to add

  • sludge monster izu n katsuki fuse to get away cause izukastu's explosions are wild as fuck, they defuse like 1 sec later, izu crying n bakugo trying to forget th hot mess of emotion izu is
  • One for All likes combining with other quirks, to the point that all fusions with OfA in the mix have a third ability, and around 10% have a fused quirk.


cause a sof toshiizu fusion

  • also allmight n izuku fuse at the usj n they Fuck Shit Up
  • n everyone is shook because fusing is Super Difficult n all might n izuku shouldnt know eachother



durring the stain thing when todo yells at iida, iida takes his hand n they fuse


Izuku and Shinso first fused durring their fight in the sports festival because they just wanted to show each other what they ment. They unfused afterwards and continued the fight but not as angrily as before.

  • A mid tournament fusion has only happened once in recent memory (it was mic and aizawa)

izuku asking nicely iF shinsou can join 1A's fusion practise n aizawa just kinda shrugs "i guess?? "

  • shinsou n izuku fuse super well n they complement eachother v nicely. shinsou makes izuku braver and izuku makes shinsou more self confident so you just have a stupid strong and stable fusion
  • call them a villain? the no. 1 hero thinks they can take his place. bakugo?? shinsou is ready to throw down on this terrible boy
  • hes functionally unbeatable ( none of the unfused pros/ students can take him down) and hes honestly super nice and likable


Bakugo and Izu can fuse much to everyone's surprise including their own

ok so eri n izuku fuse durring the hideout raid n they are w i l d they know they got a third ability but they Dont want to use it because wtf could it be

  • they just kinda, dont touch it, at all
  • Eri fusing with anybody would just be crazy powerful
  • eri likes to fuse w izu n mirio to make her feel better when shes scared


nighteye n allmights quirks fused into basically the quirk puppeteering them because they always know exactly what to do and have the power to do it. nighteye misses knowing exactly what to do, n so does all might

Chapter Text

todays au: all for one is izukus single dad

  • all might still happens as normal, there is just a lot of silent glaring over the table when he comes over for tea
  • all might knows its afo, afo knows its all might
  • izuku has 0 idea, none at all. they sit there and make polite chat and violently threaten each other as soon as izuku leaves line of sight. izuku says he loves his two dads and they are caught between feeling nauseous and heart-warmed.


AFO made izuku,,, with a quirk

  • “izuku is a freak huh, just not a quirkless one”


AFO ever had a wife or kid but,,

he had a single lock of his little brothers hair


Izuku has the OG ofa quirk but its useless w/o anything else. the ability to stockpile quirks over generations isn’t useful when there is only one of you.

  • AFO gave him freckles with a face altering quirk bc his lil brother had always wanted them
  • AFO dyes his hair bc he thought he could emotionally handle seeing his lil brother but he was w r o n g, so he tries to create a degree of separation between the two


also izu is sickly bc ofa was

  • afo has loooaddsss of healing quirks so izu is p healthy!
  • but if he spends too much time away from him,,,


 afo wants to give his brother/son a regen quirk but,,, what if he ends up like the first time. he cant survive another allmight. emotionally, he cant handle another betrayal

  • so he just decides he cant fucking die for the sake of izuku


oh my god the - kanji of izuku's name are perfect for this au

"coming out/being from a certain place" (出?) and "long ago" (久?).


but please: izuku goes to somei bc kacchans a little shit and his dad is loaded because hes like 200 and a criminal

  • so! iida and izuku good bros!!
  • izuku is this kinda sickly-thin kid w these big ol' eyes and soft green hair and tenya is like ",,, hess,,, sh ap ed,, like frie n dd"

izuku, ready to cry if someone even looks at him

tenya: I Would Die for this boy


izuku is Going to be a hero Even If It Kills Him and boy is tenya scares for his tiny fren but they train together! and izuku is a lot fitter than he looks

  • also,,, strangely immune to muscle pain the day after training,, hmmm,, i ,,, wonder why
  • a f o


izuku believes himself quirkless but lies about it to everyone at Somei because he doesn’t want it to end up like Kacchan all over again

  • until he realises iida is Not Kacchan and will not beat the shit out of him for something he can’t control
  • so consider he tells tenya he has an analysis quirk and he knows enough about quirks to lie about it Really Well
  • and his dad is home and tenya is talking about izuku's quirk and hisashi's heart breaks a little,,,
  • the man has trauma ok!!
    • so like when allmight shows up and gives izuku OFA hes not even mad


also bab izuku's hair growing out white and hisashi is a p a n i c

  • izuku doesnt even,,, question why his dad dyes his hair, he just does and has done his whole life
  • izuku’s actually a little self-conscious of his natural hair colour and dyes it without AFO’s influence. AFO feels bad but he cant handle looking at izuku and seeing his little brother so he doesn’t say anything


kamino ward,,, doesnt really happen

  • afo really wanted to beat katsuki the fuck up bc YOU HIRT MY BABY
  • but all might shows up and hes like,,, "fuck i cant kill my sons hero" so they just yeet bakugo at all might and run
  • and all might is grateful bc he didnt wanna kill izuku's dad
    • bakugo is just mad


",,, deku was that your dad?"
"dont be weird kacchan, why would my dad be here?"
 "yeah young bakugo why would young midoriyas not a villain father be her e ? /?"


consider one for all flares whenever its near him. like all might cant stop crackling with sparks in a way he hasnt done since he was and 20 yearold in America with too much energy for his body to contain.


Izuku has memories of a past life that appear in nightmares

  • because him screaming himself awake and afo comes in to check on him and izuku hides from him, because he cant remember his dream but he say the face of his father on the man that killed him



  • Aizawa is very fond of this problem child but hes going grey in his 30’s because the kid Keeps Running Into Villains
    • Its even worse than in canon, because not only do the league show up (mostly just to keep an eye on him but he doesn’t know that) but anyone the has beef with All for One tries to hurt his “quirkless” “kid”. Even after his quirk shows up hes still a much better target than AFO.
  • So by the time we get to the USJ izuku isn’t even panicking. Hes been kidnapped around 20 times, been chased by villains more times than he can count and one time a drunk dude punched him in the face for offering him a bottle of water
  • Izuku doesn’t start to panic until aizawa gets hurt, even then he reins it in, grits his teeth and fights back
  • Aizawa asks him about it later and izuku tells him
    • “my dad always told me to turn your fear into anger. ‘How dare they make you afraid?’ Then turn your anger into courage and determination. ‘They will never make you angry again’”
  • Izuku says it sheepishly, like hes embarrassed he remembered something his father told him, but aizawa is unsettled.
  • Because that sounds like a villains creed.

Chapter Text

This is another Dad for One AU because I have a problem and I’m convinced its canon and will be until I’m proven otherwise.

Basically, AFO gets an illusion quirk and decides to break into UA every once in a while, so he gets to see his son. This has the bonus effect of making the teachers really, really paranoid.

  • He looks like different people everyday, asking where izuku is to the point that Aizawa almost decks Bakugo's mother when she comes to give him something he left at his house.
    • mitsuki makes aizawa some muffins because shes impressed with that right hook, and she happy hes trying to hard to protect the kids. Also he looked like he was ab to pass out and could use some sugar.
  • katsuki and todoroki overhear aizawa and all might talking about it and stand guard at the dorm doors when they can, they also make sure they walk with izuku to and from class.
  • They have come up with a code to use so they know they are talking to each other and not to the imposter


no one tells izuku because if he thought he was putting them in danger, hed rush off to try and handle it himself because he doesn’t want people hurt protecting him

  • he sees todoroki with bags under his eyes from staying up and guarding the door


midoriya: “haha shouto did we have a test today u must have been studying all night “

shouto "yes. we did. hurry up"

calling aizawa: "we nEED A TEST tODAY"

aizawa showing up to vlad’s homeroom: "blease give me a past test this is a matter of national security"


in this "afo is a creepy man who wants to say hi to his son" au aizawa has had exactly 2 sleep cause he only trusts himself and allmight to watch the cameras at night because he feels like they are the only people who will take it seriously

  • they cant tell anyone about AFO because it would put their lives at risk and they cant tell people izuku’s dad might be a villain because it would crush his heroics career before its even started.
  • And there is the problem of the unknown traitor. All might is basically the only person Aizawa has mentally ruled off the list and vice versa


aizawa walking towards to dorms n seeing izuku being led away by someone who looks just like him and his heart drops

  • aizawa sucker punches afo in the face
  • izuku differentiates between fake and real aizawa bc real aizawa is tugging at his hand urgently and saying “problem child let’s fucking gO”


  • izuku grabbing aizawa and leaping onto the roof hes just kinda trying not to cry, automatically goes to call all might .just softly asks aizawa "would that be safe?" n aizawa just cringes because izuku doesnt know whats been happening this whole time n he feels like a dick
  • aizawa just sighes and tells him to call yagi and tell him to get his arse over here


hi consider them still not telling izuku about afo cause shapeshifters are one thing, your father being a 200 year old villain n the reason your quirk exists is another

  • izuku is getting slowly more paranoid, n its stressing everyone out, monoma sneaks up behind him and he breaks his nose


izuku, crying: "am i gonna be expelled?"

aizawa, giggling like a maniac: "kid you are a riot"

Chapter Text

The bitter three

Basically, Midoriya, Shinso and Monoma make friends in middle school and bond over their lack of heroic quirks and their fight to become heroes anyway.

  • they are also all petty bitter little bitches


monoma gets in to the hero course, but only just, and turns it down because hes not leaving izuku and shinsou to rot alone in gen ed. they make it together or not at all.

Izuku and Hitoshi take the entrance exam and feel their hearts sink when they see the robots.

  • Hitoshi gets 5 points. Izuku gets 20, 18 of which are rescue points. Their low scores hurt more than 0s, and getting into UA feels like a slap in the face.
  • Izuku is top 5 on the written exam, Hitoshi in the top 40. Izuku sends in supplementally analysis pages with his application because hes knows hes going to get marked down for being quirkless and he needs something special to help him stand out.


Anyway, they kick absolute a s s in the sports festival

  • and end up in first, second and third. the hero kids are,,, kinda pissed honestly


monoma is more valid in this au! but izuku is a little less valid? idk they are all bitter bitches

  • hero society sucks dick
  • but like,,, bitter monoma helping izuku build self confidence and izuku helping monoma stop being a such a dick


Sludge villain doesn’t quite happen. Allmight finds the villains trying to shove itself into a stray cat, its messy and a little heartbreaking. He deals with the villain, puts it in a bottle then de-powers to try to bury the poor thing because it really didn’t deserve this.

  • That’s when izuku comes by, he cries when the scary skinny guy explains what happened to the cat


"the poor thing got caught between a vilain and a hero."

"that,,, that’s not fair!"

"I know kid. Its not"


Izuku starts digging a little grave for the cat with his hands, placing some flowers over it and saying a quick prayer.

  • Yagi is talking to him (hes already given OFA to mirio, on speaking terms with nighteye again) and finds out izuku wants to be a hero. This soft hearted kid that cried for a stray cat and made his hands bleed to dig it a grave.
  • Yagi tells him he used to be a pro and would love to help him get into UA.
  • So in this au Yagi helps izuku train for the entrance exam! But without the massive focus of muscle building to hold OFA. He gets izuku to clean up the beach to build some muscle, but they run through different fighting styles, practise analysis and yagi supervises sparring between shinso, monoma and izuku.
    • He tells them about the gen ed “loop hole” to get into heroics and warns them about how bias the entrance exam is. There is no harm in taking it to put your face in front of the heroics teachers, but its almost impossible to pass without a destructive quirk.


So, the sports festival:

izuku wins the footrace, monoma is somewhere in the top 10 and hitoshi is in the bottom third

  • only the 3 of them make a team for the cavalry battle, monoma is the rider and izuku and hitoshi are the horses. they dont want to give away hitoshi's quirk if they can help it so they dont use it much. they come 3rd overall.
  • Izuku is really strong from all the heavy lifting at the beach so honestly its mostly just him hauling monoma around and hitoshi sprinting after him.

and then the tournament

  • they see the names come up and izuku starts to cry and the other two panic because why?? But they look at him and see hes grinning through his tears


"someone was looking out for us. we are going to c r u s h this"


hitoshi's first match is vs bakugo.

  • he wins because bakugo has no chance to work out his quirk

monoma is against todoroki.

  • he takes out his ice with a whirlwind of fire and lets him slip out of the ring on a patch of ice

izuku is vs momo.

  • he uses her creations against her and she losing in a hand to hand brawl

hitoshi takes out kirishima next.

  • another round without a punch thrown, he gets him by insulting Bakugo

monoma gets rid of shinozaki with his last few seconds todoroki's quirk

izuku trips iida over the boundary

  • in the semi finals izuku takes out uraraka by flipping her out of bounds. it was close and he only just made it, izuku and uraraka’s match was b r u t a l. the main reason he won is the he noticed the rock shower and pulled Uraraka under it with him. She didn’t have enough time to react and got struck on the head with some pieces of rubble which dazed her pretty badly.
  • monoma and shinsou joke durring their fight that they are fighting for the chance to get their ass kicked by izuku
    • shinsou wins


izuku wins over all, shinso comes second. midoriya has better fighting form to him and knows his quirk inside out

  • for the first time in UA’s history, the top 3 places on the podium are all gen ed students.

 aizawa is god damned proud of these kids hes never met

  • yagi is crying a little because he was treated terribly for being quirkless and he heard what kids did to izuku and hes just so proud this nervy little kid was brave enough and strong enough to kick ass on live TV for all of japan to watch.

“Do us quirkless boys proud, kid.”


A little on their family lives


  • foster kid with a pretty crappy family. Not physically abusive but hes without a doubt the least favourite child. Gets less money for an allowance, has to follow the rules more closely, isn’t allowed friends over etc.
  • They don’t really talk to him because of his quirk. They’ll ask him questions or tell him to do things but tend to point blank ignore him if he asks something.
  • Its not the worst foster family hes been it but its not the best. Hes not going to raise a fuss because its nice and close to UA and hes dealt with worse.



  • mother was a police officer and died when Monoma was young, raised by his single father.
  • His father had some bad ex-girlfriends that were pretty terrible to Monoma but he believed him and they broke up every time.
  • Other kids didn’t like to play with him because he was a “copy cat” so he acted mean and pretended he didn’t want to play with the other kids because they were “below him”
  • Didn’t have friends until Izuku and Hitoshi but he wasn’t exactly bullied, just disliked. Not that he tried very hard to be likable.



  • Same as canon mostly but a touch different too
  • His mother, while still kind, is more absent. Works night shifts and sees a lot of her husband in her son so she don’t really try to spend much time with him.
  • Izuku knows nothing about his father, other than the fact he demanded izuku be tested for a quirk when he was born. He assumes the guy skipped out in his mum when they found out he didn’t have one but he doesn’t know for sure.
  • Bakugo is Bakugo as you well know. Izuku has a history of passive suicidal ideation due to a lack of self worth and the belief the nobody cares about him at all.


How did they meet? It’s a mess really. Bakugo burn one of Izuku’s arms badly enough that he had to limp to a hospital after school, where he met Shinsou who was there for much the same reason. They talked for a bit before Monoma, Shinsou’s school friend, bursts in and starts ranting about how hes going to copy All Mights quirk and punch the girl that hurt Shinsou into next year.

  • They bond.

Chapter Text

izuku gets kidnapped by his father to work in a villain group when hes young, Inko never recovers and passes away, Katsuki is angry that Izuku got himself kidnapped and that Auntie Inko died but he really misses the only person he considered a friend, not a follower. It’s a yakuza-like organization that most employs people with fire or fire-type quirks, like Hisashi’s Firebreath, and the leader’s Immolation. That have rumoured connections to the Todoroki family a while back but they are a pretty underground group so it hasn’t been much of a PR problem for Endeavour.


one of the villains has a quirk a bit like shinsou's called Flaming Contract

  • basically, if you agree to follow an order, disobeying the order will cause pain/burns on what you "used" to disobey
  • ie, izuku wears a face mask bc he has burns around his face from when he tried to tell a hero what was happening to him
  • the quirk is more damaging the more the order has been disobeyed. If the order is fully disobeyed, the contract is voided and must be reapplied. Consent can be coerced


also in this au izuku is quirkless faking an analysis quirk

  • it’s a “mutation-based analysis quirk that has stronger connections between the conscious and subconscious, allowing him to make rapid and accurate deductions off data he has acquired”
  • basically, izuku had to try to come up with a fake quirk eraserhead couldn’t get rid of and blow his cover, enough though he should never run into the guy its good to be prepared.


oh also in the au izuku is determined to make friends w shinsou but he has t r a u m a

  • shinsou is like, "hi this small scared kid is obviously terrified of me why does he keep giving me cookies and sitting w me at lunch"
    • Izuku hates that shinso’s quirk makes him upset but it reminds him of Flaming Contract and hes determined not to let that influence how he sees someone
  • Hes a gen ed student bc hes just ment to be a villain spy, no need to enter heroics and be watched closely
  • A little late for that though the kid is timid and has massive old scars everyone is already very concerned for him.



shinsou is mic's adopted kid

  • Hes the kid of one of mic's relatives and took shinso in after it came out they were treating him poorly because of his quirk.



aizawa and mic are like, pining and have been for almost 15 years

  • shinsou is so done, he keeps trying to set them up on a date but its not working



aizawa is like "o look at these 2 kids w quirks bad for the entrance exam, i want them in my class"

  • aizawa has run into izuku twice and loves the kid already because the first time he was smuggling a kitten into the dining hall, the second time he was teaching shinso how to punch and accidentally vaulted over the punching bag when someone spooked him.
  • Mic is very concerned about his poor nice student
  • The villain group izuku is a part of aids in the attack on the USJ in the fire zone, he isn’t involved but it makes him too afraid to ask the teachers for help (other than the fact he’d be set on fire)

Shigiraki is very interested in Izuku in a creepy way and keeps kidnapping him to chat at the worst times possible.


Aizawa takes Izuku and Shinso on for the work experience week and they end up in Hosu. Aizawa begrudgingly gives izuku permission to find Iida because his “quirk” gives him the best chance of finding him

  • Todoroki, Shinso and Aizawa show up at the end to take down Stain, their involvement isn’t covered up because Izuku had permission. The villain organisation finds out and he’s punished massively.
  • Shinso and Aizawa as very concerned when Izuku comes back to the internship the next day looking much worse than he did the night before, Shinso tries to ask about it but is rebuffed.


Aizawa is honestly so nice to Izuku that Izuku can’t keep spying for his group anymore. He gets back to base, they ask him questions and he doesn’t answer. His arms are torched, and he just runs as fast as he can.

  • He shows up at UA late, in casual clothes with his skin still smouldering. Present Mic is about to cry because this is one of his kids, who would do that to one of his kids?

Chapter Text

izuku is a lil quirkless kid, born to an absent dad and a really great mum

  • like hisashi? he vanished when it came out izuku was quirkless. little did they know, he was actually trying to do right by them by doing that
  • because when izuku turns 6 hisashi's boss finds out about his quirkless son. dr tsubasa has new nomu fodder
  • hisashi tries to stop them but he doesnt want his son to suffer this alone if they kill him, so he gives in, they take izuku on his 7th birthday. bakugo is angry because no one will tell him what happened to izuku, because no one knows. inko moves in with the bakugos


now, they've never made a nomu from a quirkless kid before, but afo has given quirks to quirkless people before, and they didnt have any negative effects, which hes interested in. so they ask izuku if hed like a quirk and izuku says yes please! because he doesnt know hes been kidnapped, because his dad is there

  • afo is honestly just very interested in where this is going, he doesnt ever expect to really use izuku as a nomu, more a lab rat than anything. plus, the kid is cute and plays well with tomura so he might be useful
  • he asks izuku what type of quirk he'd like and izuku rambles about quirks for a little bit happily and tsubasa is Very Interested because if, like he thinks, the extra quirks dont break this kid's brain, hes going to have one very helpful labrat

also yes in this au shigiraki calls him "lab-brat"

  • so izuku eventually comes to the end of his quirk ramble and says "something minor but that can be used creatively"
  • so afo gives him a hardening quirk that can be used on a meter square of skin at a time
  • afo tells him it might hurt a bit but izuku says hes brave! so he takes it without crying and afo tells him hes very strong
  • izuku asks when hes going to see his mum. afo smiles and hisashi has a bad feeling

"your mum didnt want you anymore, she asked your dad to take care of you because he didnt like that you were quirkless. i didn't think that was fair so i told your father he could bring you to stay here."

  • and izuku is upset but his mum was never very supportive of him,,, she was nice? but other than that she just kinda exsisted. afo tells him its ok, sometime people are very mean without meaning to be and izuku is allowed to stay with dr tsubasa and his father so izuku cheers up a little
  • the doctor says hes going to work as his lab assistant as homeschooling and izuku is very excited to study quirks!! hisashi feels kinda bad bc he didnt want his son to be a villain but hes in awe of afo's ability to lie his actual ass off and his son is happy now so it's all good


basically: they know izuku has a hero complex a mile wide, so instead of breaking him, they play into it

  • anyway, extra quirks dont seem to degrade his mental function, afo tells izuku his quirks are from villains, trades and donations,,, which,,, hes not really lying ab that
  • izuku is priceless as a living growing experiment so they are very kind to him, and pretty fond of him, he ends up getting a lot of healing quirks to compliment his role as labbbrat/nurse
    • so he has a much less powerful rewind quirk than eri, its like only 3 times normal speed in reverse, activated by choice
    • he has a pyrokinesis quirk (he got it for his birthday, he wanted to match his dad)
    • a feathered wing quirk (requested by dr tsubasa bc it would he "practical" (aka dude has issues))
    • he no longer has the hardening quirk, it went to an "employee"
    • also has a nightvision quirk, a disinfection quirk, a jump quirk and a mild resistance quirk

most of the quirks he has a helpful ones, but ones that couldnt be used on nomu bc they needed like actual stratigy to use. he had an emitter with mind mutation qualities at one point? so hes kinda a missmatch of a fluffy, glowing, lankys green child

  • v e r y smart, also very pale! because he's been outside very rarely
  • hes been told hes doing contract work for the heroics commission
  • so he does quirk testing (hes given the quirk for a bit and mucks around with it, then gives it back) and analysis


hes always thought something was wrong? because his big brtoher tomura hates heroes and ways always upset, his dad and tsubasa looked sad sometimes and sensei got hurt really badly one day and he had to help fix him

  • (he almost threw up bc afo had n o f a c e and izuku had to touch him, tsubasa couldnt convince izuku afo was alive until he had his eyes back)
  • and bc izuku is a soft boy he just wants to save them! so age 13 he goes to the part of the lab hes not allowed to bc its too "dangerous"


its filled

with what once

were people

he runs

  • afo isnt surpirsed exactly, he was expecting this and had a tracker implanted in the kid. but he thinks this could be interesting, new data to collect. the chip can read his vitals/location etc. so they dont need him by their side to collect data on him
  • so he just tells tsubasa and hisashi to let him go, afo will collect him if he gets too hurt. shigiraki is sad bc his mariokart buddy is gone but the labbrat with be back soon, because heroes are terrible
  • so they move the lab just incase, but dont really expect izuku to sell them out


so izuku is on his own in a city he doesnt know

  • hes not treated very well by strangers because hes very "mutant" looking, and has no money to his name. he doesnt trust police, he doesnt trust most heroes
  • a lot of the heroes he did analysis on turned out to be shady at best and hes nervous they'll throw him back to sensei

then he remembers nezu

nezu was a labrat, just like him.

and he thinks he might have a hope


so izuku knows the heroes that work at UA

  • he knows they are all good people too. heroics teaching pays well, but not as well as patrolling can, so they must value the kids over fame. however, he also knows rocking up infront of them asking to see nezu is a terrible idea
  • but its the only one he has
  • so, before he does all this he gets nezu's email and explains that he needs to talk to him, knowing nezu wont respond but at least he'll know of izuku if this stupid idea works, so he becomes a hero chaser
    • mics fight? shows up, heals mic and tells him he needs to talk to nezu then he runs away bc the police are coming
    • midnight? blocks a knife with his wing and heals her wounds, telling her he really needs to talk to nezu
    • aizawa? finds him bleeding in an alley and sits with him for an hour while he heals his wounds, tells him he really needs to talk to nezu

so at this point, nezu is very intrigued mostly because mic, midnight and aizawa have no idea what this kid's quirk is, and they have described him as looking different each time

  • so when the alarm goes off at UA before school starts hes not particularly alarmed, and he asks everyone to wait before responding
  • hes rewarded when he sees a sheepish izuku knocking on his window
  • anyway, izuku isnt doing too hot. infact, afo was a few days away from picking him up because he was starving, cold and in pain
  • nezu opens the window and the first thing out of izukus mouth is "i was a labrat too" and nezu is Very Very Interested

izuku spills all he can and its clear to nezu that even though izuku thinks hes been treated well? he hasnt been

  • so nezu asks izuku if he has anywhere to go. which he doesnt, because his mum "gave him away" nezu asks if he'd be ok if he stayed with some of the teachers and izuku says "no i dont want to be a bother, ill find somewhere!" and aizawa walks in and says "lol nope come with me"
  • so hes just turned 14 fyi, aizawa is teaching some 3rd years and after they graduate hes getting a new class of first years (which hes going to expell all of them.)
  • so anyway, izuku tells them ab his quirks and nezu has a bad feeling so he calls all might and allmight has the worst feeling bc fuck its afo the bastard isn’t dead

Chapter Text


part 2 teaser:

"you consider yourself above the law?"

"no, but you thought me below it"


Ok so, the Quirk ranking AU

  • When you are born, you are given a chip. This chip can be read by scanners in places like shopping centres, government buildings, hospitals etc.
  • It will have a rank on it, as well as an ID number. ID numbers can only be read by government official scanners in government buildings, prisons, and the rank updaters
  • America, Japan, China and Dubai are the only countries to mandate chipping, most other countries have outright banned it and a violation of human rights. People from these other counties are given a traveller’s chip in a bracelet they need to keep on them at all times.
  • These chips open doors, literally. You can’t ride the train without one, can’t enter schools or hospitals or public areas. Removing your chip is seen as something only the worst villains do, like you’re trying to erase yourself from society.
  • Blanks, and Metallics have the highest rate of villainy out of the other rankings, but metallics and blanks are very rare overall. Still, it doesn’t help their perception and these numbers are touted frequently by chipping supporters.
  • Quirk ranking isn’t objective! Quirk ranking is often influenced by the bias of the doctor, like All might’s quirk being ranked low because he was so nice and heroic, and Shinso’s being ranked too high because the doctor was scared of it.


About the ranks

  • Blanks (5% of Population)
    • Just called blanks, or quirkless. Its what everyone’s chip reads unless/until their quirk comes in some “high risk” areas will deny entry to blank chips because of “risk”. Because everyone thinks of blanks as kids, not the quirkless, these laws are rarely disputed. Allowing entry of blanks into private businesses is a higher insurance cost so some areas cant afford to let the quirkless in, or use it as an excuse to turn them away.
    • It was originally the opposite, people with quirks were kept away from the quirkless because they were apparently an inherent risk. Propaganda from the times was along the lines of “You’d watch a tiger. Just because it hasn’t bitten anyone doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to” and “Chip them like the dogs they are.” This has been heavily covered up in recent years as an ugly part of Japan’s past.
    • Little kids celebrate getting their quirks in as they can now enter 90% of areas rather than 30%. Some places like arcades, gyms, dojo’s will ban blanks from entering full stop, no exceptions.

Colour Spectrum (90% total)

  • Blue/Purple (22% Population)
    • Non-threatening. Cant be used to harm people directly, includes a lot of animal mutant quirks and those without obvious offensive abilities.
    • Can be teased as kids but don’t tend to face any real discrimination (blues can be exceptions as some schools/jobs will find reasons not to hire them). If they become heroes they are typically children’s heroes.
    • The quirk doesn’t need to be weak to be ranked low, simply needs to have a low risk factor, but many people view them as weak because they lack offensive capability. UA has been trying to change the entrance exam for years to allow these ranks to have a fighting chance but the heroic’s commission wont have it.
  • Green/Yellow/Orange (60% Population)
    • These quirks are very useful and the most well liked, and least mistreated. Strong and simple to understand, medium risk. Easy to contain.
    • Most heroes are in this area of the rankings, but people with these quirks tend to do well whatever carrier they take.
    • Orange quirks are a little bit “scarier”. Either they are more difficult to contain, or have uncomfortable aspects like mental quirks, blood control, etc. Still, they don’t tend to be treated badly.
  • Red (8%
    • The start of the “Scary” quirks. These quirks are very strong, even from a young age and have inherently violent capabilities, but are still ranked low enough that they aren’t too feared, and there are no restrictions placed on their chips.
    • Kids with red quirks are the top dogs of the school. They get away with a lot too, with quirks strong enough to be hard to deal with but not so strong that 2 adults can’t control them.
    • Basically the limit for this is “could 2 heroes take you out if you were a villain?” and if yes, its red.
    • Reds sometimes have damaging backlash, often what keeps them out of bronze (i.e., navel lazer)


Metallics (5% total)

  • Bronze (4%)
    • Now these quirks can do some damage, these are the start of the movement restrictions, but most in bronze view them as badges of pride. Bronze chips cant enter places like hospitals, daycares and nursing homes without taking quirk control classes. Its pretty common for bronze kids to take a week off in kindergarten to get them all out of the way so they can get their permissions updated.
    • There is a mix of fear and respect from bronze quirks, they are either seen as top dogs or villains in the making. Being a hero is a top job choice for people with this ranking.
    • All might’s quirk was ranked bronze when he entered the playing field, but many people theorise it should have been ranked gold. Still, All might helped the popular perception of metallics in the country, making them far more popular.
  • Silver (.8%)
    • These quirks aren’t popular. Heroics is seen as the only respectable career for them, even with quirk usage classes some hospitals wont let them enter. It’s rare they will be attacked due to their strength but people are often afraid of them, many bosses wont hire them because they “pose a risk”
  • Gold (.2%)
    • Same as silver really, very very rare.


Monochrome (So low it can’t be guessed, around 0.0000000001% of all quirks)

  • Black
    • There are no recorded black quirks in Japan so there are no current restrictions.
  • White
    • All for One is the first recorded white quirk in the world, and currently the only person to hold such a rank.
    • Restrictions are extreme. No quirk scanners will let them enter, mostly just because the only person with a white quirk is a 200 year old bogey man of a villain.


Most of the character's quirk's offical ranking:


All for one, One for All (Izuku's time, with the adition of black whip)




(One for All at the end of All Might's time, but he never updated his quirk ranking)


Half Hot Half Cold, Creation, Voice, Portal


Explosion, Dark Shadow (ranked for his poor control as a child), Mind Control (was only ranekd this high because the doctor was predjiduce), Overhaul, Fierce wings, One for All (All Might's Offical ranking)


Navel Lazer, Acid, Electricity, Twice, Mustard Gas, Blade Tooth, Compress Decay, Cremation, Muscular, Hell Fire


Cement, Engine, Zero G, Sugar Rush, Earphone Jack, Chronosatsis, Elasticity


Somnambulist, Blood Control, Harden, Transform, Magnesis, Blood Curdle


Frog, Clone, Dupli-Arms, Pop off, Mimicry, Air Jet


Erasure, Tail, Tape, Foresight


High Specs, AniVoice, Love


(Izuku's original offical ranking, Yagi's original offical ranking)

Chapter Text

So Izuku has been ranked as blank his whole life, then he suddenly gets a quirk. Allmight asks him when hes going to get his chip updated and izuku looks at him with steel in his eyes.

“I’m not going to. I’m going to be the number one with a blank chip and show them how stupid their system is.”

  • Yagi is so proud of his boy and they have a cute lil moment
  • On the day of the entrance exam izuku isn’t sure the doors will let him in, but they do thankfully.
  • When izuku blasts the zero pointer into itty bitty pieces the teachers look at his file and share a “wtf” look with each other because this kid is meant to be quirkless.

After the quirk assessment Aizawa asks Izuku about it and he sheepishly explains his quirk came in super late and that he wants to prove people with blank chips aren’t worthless.

  • Aizawa tries not to smile and tells him to hurry up and get better at controlling his messed-up quirk.
  • And izuku does. He gets fully cowl before the sports festival because Aizawa throws a few tips around and it clicks a little earlier


Present Mic hears about Izuku sticking it to the ranking system and quickly decides this kid is amazing.

  • With his silver ranking, no other school would let him teach. He couldn’t visit Aizawa in the hospital after the USJ until he was moved from the ICU, and people always said he’d become a villain.
  • He knows silver restrictions are mild compared to blank but he empathises and is quietly cheering him on.

The only students in 1A that know he has a blank chip are Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki and Bakugo

  • Iida and Uraraka saw him get barred entry at a store and he had to sheepishly explain. He confessed to Todoroki at the sports festival. Bakugo has known him his whole life.
  • Well, that is until the licensing exams.
  • See, the doors lock on him. They wont let someone with a blank chip enter the exam. Izuku is crying a little because its embarrassing and he doesn’t want the class to know.
  • In a show of solidarity that he’ll never admit to, Bakugo refuses to enter until Izuku is cleared to go in. When the rest of 1A find out about it, they refuse to enter as well. The stand shoulder to shoulder around Izuku daring the proctors to say anything rude to him.
    • After seeing this Inasa doesn’t go after Todoroki as hard in the exam, they manage to talk it out just prior to the last part, they still fail because they are both kind of out of it but they end the exam on good terms.

The heroics commission is on UA’s ass, pressing them into getting Izuku’s quirk graded because hes a “danger” and “a wildcard”

  • This pressure increased after black whip manifested during the camp attack, and after the villains kidnapped him and Bakugo
    • The villains tried to play into the “you’ve both been mistreated because of your ranking” it doesn’t work at all.
  • UA tries to shield Izuku from this as much as possible, only the first quirk assessment in mandatory and doesn’t need to be updated after the age of 6, its optional after that. Izuku keeps seeing his mother throwing away important looking documents but he doesn’t ask why.
  • He overhears Ectoplasm telling Nezu and Aizawa it would just be easier to make him get his chip updated so the heroics commission stops threatening to pull their funding
  • Aizawa and Nezu are mad, and Izuku feels a little better but he still feels super guilty about the whole thing


By the time we get to the Overhaul arc, Izuku has manifested 4 of the previous holders quirks and the heroics commission is crying out for his chip to be updated, calling parallels to AFO but Nezu politely tells them to go fuck themselves.

  • Nighteye never once mentions Izuku’s blank chip and hes very grateful for that.

The 8 precepts are very interested in him, his multiple quirks and late manifestation may be able to help with the eradication of quirks.

  • The first time Izuku sees Eri, a chip reader in a store goes off because she doesn’t have one. He refuses to give her back to Overhaul, they take her back to Nighteye
  • Nighteye is furious until Izuku explains the girl doesn’t have a chip. That either means she has never been entered into the schooling/medical/government systems or its been illegally removed. He tells him he still shouldn’t have done that but it wasn’t a bad call.


That night, on his way back to UA, Izuku is taken by the 8 precepts.

  • They are furious and they know exactly how to ruin his life.
  • Using one of their contacts in the heroics commission, they get his chip updated to what the heroics commission thinks it should be.

Izuku wakes up, hurt and feeling violated and sore. Hes covered in weird markings from Overhauls quirk but has no memory of it being used on him

  • Confused, upset and afraid he uses his quirk to run back to UA. Upon reaching the gate, it slams shut and alarms start blaring.
  • He breaks down sobbing.
  • 1 minute later the staff of UA rush to the gate, expecting AFO to have broken out of prison for revenge. Instead they see Izuku, covered in scares, battered with parts of his hero costume missing, sobbing on the ground.
  • Nezu checks his emails.

“Thank you for allowing us to update Midoriya Izuku’s ranking chip. His new ranking is: White. Have a nice day.

- The Heroics Commission of Japan”

Chapter Text

the reveal

also! please all might fussing up about his quirk to aizawa, thats all!
"so,,, i can pass on my quirk?" "really. you dont sound too sure about that"

"i was quirkless and have passed on my quirk, thats why i lost it. "wait, who- no. no you didnt. its him isnt it?? is this why hes such a mess? all might! comeback here! i have to beat you up!!!"

aizawa kick all mights ass challenge
please aizawa storming into the dorms, grabbing izuku and storming back out
pwease he hits izuku over the head and says "why didnt you tell me????? isnt that something i should know?!"
but yes him doing the lil chest punch thing n telling izuku hes doing well for such a big burden

but yes, aizawa just kinda asking all might "why did you give him your quirk?" and all might just kinda "he was everything i said a hero should be. he has every quality a hero should. he just,,,"
allmight doesnt want to out izu as having been quirkless!
bc he was also quirkless and hes little bit scared to see what aizawa thinks be bias

also! aizawa trying to work out what quirk izuku has before ofa
like just pondering for like 2 weeks
then he hears bakugo call izuku a "quirkless bastard" and hes like

bakugou “i can keep a secret” katsuki
pwease izuku and allmight being ashamed of being quirkless but still trying to cheer eachother up about it
internalised bias!

izuku is the only member of 1A who can fight ok when aizawa takes his quirk because it doesnt destabilize him too much
afterwards izuku has panic attacks because he was reminded how it felt to be powerless
but yes, aizawa erasing izukus quirk and izuku kinda dissociates and becomes a mess for the rest of the day and aizawa feels Bad




ShinDeku Crush

hi consider: shinsou has a crush on izuku but hasnt actually realised yet

He's like oh this feeling, it must be becaus e we're SUCH rIVaLs
please hes talking to someone from 1B and hes like "oh yeah i just really want to show him how much ive improved and that im worthy to stand beside him bc hes so cool, you know?" and the student from 1B is just like ",, so,,, you wanna date him?"

shinsou, blushing: izuku your quirk is so impressive
izuku, also blushing: you too shinsou

Bakugo in the background, "JUST FUCKING KISS ALREADY"




Vegan Iida and other food ideas


consider: vegan food is pretty common in the bnha verse with some peoples quirks making them req. vegans
iida is a vegan because il die on that hill

(he started being vegan when he was like 6 because he had an internal crisis when he was someone w a cow quirk)
iida insits that he'll find food and izu and ocha can go eat in whatevere restaurant they want, but izu n ocha will not rest until there is atleast 2 vegan options excluding "chips"

tensei is vegetarian and gave a lil cheer when iida became vegan
iida eats 500% protein and is a buff vegan boy. he tells the class hes vegan on an outing cause hes hungry and the class is shook because hes such a beefy boy
beefy boy with beef eats none
vegan iida is canon and not even god himself can take this away from me

ok but

"i always assumed you were vegan midoriya?"
"no, why?"
internally : green green green green "oh no reason"

consider: iida and sato baking vegan cakes together gn
broke iida: assuming that izuku is vegan bc it’d be healthier and easier to meet the energy demands of his quirk

also considerL izuku sticks scarily to his diet plan and the only people who can make him stray off are yagi and recovery girl
aizawa was kinda worried about that for a while until izuku sleepily confided in him that his quirk could blow his limbs off if hes too small
aizawa wanted to strangle izuku after that

"whY DiDnT yOU tELL mE"
"I ASSuMEd thE bONE bReaK MaDe iT OBVIoUS"




But my teachers hate me?

hi consider: aizawa is totally soft of 1A, especially izuku. everyone knows it other than izuku

"he hates me!!"
"he,,, he really doesnt"

please aizawa asking to speak to izuku after class, izuku is like 3 second from crying be he thinks hes getting expelled
everyone is just like ",,, calm down please he just wants to ask you something dumb i bet"

aizawa "so,, allmight huh?"


and izuku is a Mess as well, like father like son
please izuku mentioning to his classmates that his teachers used to hate him, and they used to "lose" his assignments so he'd def. place behind bakugou in the exam rankings
and izuku finds this funny and 1A is like: ",,, thats fucked dude"

aizawa hearing this like "wow, i have to kill some people huh"
all of 1a tping izukus old high school
yes this includes bakugou, and shinsou. he doesnt really know whats going on but hes angry for izuku too




Gravitiy's Heroes

Izuku and Katsuki visit a forgotten uncle in a sleepy town for the summer. Things are not what they seem. 

(link to the ask blog (2 answers and the other 2 pages of this in the queue right now!)

a commic page


Chapter Text

tl:dr aizawa and hizashi are teachers at a high school (its just ua honestly) no quirks, but mythological creatures are a thing and interbred with humans


aizawa has been working there for a g e s

  • nezu knows hes immortal and a half angel, his mum had,,, a time,,, with a male angel.
  • anyway, hes ages like,,, 1/12 the speed other people do so hes just living his life protecting his students


ua is a normal school for the most part, but what is the hero course in canon is actually a kinda,,, secret? course?

  • evryone knows it exists but not that there is a special way of being sorted in
  • basically: the a and b classes are made up of kids that aren't 100% human. a little angel, or siren, or spirit or something. not human enough to be normal. not inhuman enough to be with their own people


  • aizawa is minding his own business w his classes, its the start of a new school year
  • nezu has hired a new teacher! great bc the old english teacher returned to the pit of the sea he used to live it and they can't ask him if he wants to teach again this year. aizawa is expecting a human! or, mostly a human


and in walks hizashi

a full demon

and like

aizawa is logical! he knows people arent what their blood is, but he sees this full demon and every part of him is screaming "KILL IT KILL IT CAST IT OUT KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN BURN IT"


he’s so pissed he cant keep the glamour up on his wings (hes like,,, the only person that holds a glamour in the staff room anyway) and they puff up like an angry duck


hizashi walks in, looks at this angel

  • (he thinks aizawa is a full angel lmao)

an angel filled with holy fury

and just,,, walks straight back out


30 seconds later nezu shoves him back into the room and introduces him as the new english teacher

  • full demons tend to be like,, part of hells fucking army so aizawa isnt like,,, out of line here, hizashi is a defector tho!
  • not that nezu tells aizawa because he finds this so goddamn funny
  • so hizashi in his true form, all 8 feet of bird/lion/demon him is scared shitless by the 5'8 half angel thats practically hissing at him in rage the he dare set foot in his school
    • aizawa like just like a very angry kitten


anyway, hizashi low key is smitten w aizawa because,, hes so good with kids and just a babe all around

  • problem is: aizawa will not let him within 5 meters of him, unless aizawa’s kids are around, then aizawa sticks so fuckin close and just fumes


hizashi is pining

like, tragically pining

  • and nemuri is living for this. she is a half-ish demon and actually recommended him to nezu bc the boy has been running from hell hounds for being a defector for like 5 years and hes starting to look ratty


1A and All Might try to set them up.

  • so allmight is like,,, 3/4 angel? not an even 3/4 but close. and aizawa looks up to him bc allmight changed the publics opinions on mythical creatures as a whole and also like, single handedly beat the kill of hell back into the ground
    • which is wild because hes not even a full angel, and whole armies of angels werent able to get this guy away
  • also allmight is like,,, 1200? years old? so hes a fair bit older than aizawa too
  • allmight is like aizawa big bro, aizawa is shookth because allmight is the hero from his fairy tails, and hizashi and allmight are buds. allmight is trying to hard to help hizashi win over aizawa
    • they are struggling


basically the only reason aizawa starts going soft on mic is bc one of his kids gets hurt and mic comforts them and takes them to the nurses office, on his lunch break when he didnt need to

aizawa is filled with unending love for his kids


USJ is,,, interesting

  • the nomu is basically a bunch of creatures and humans with their souls all welded together, desperately trying to separate, it snaps aizawa's wings and tears out most of the feathers
  • aizawa doesnt even care, he'd let the monster tear the wings off his back if it kept his kids safe


  • with his wings crushed, aizawa can't get to his kids in time to save them from the nomu, and izuku and tsuyu get hurt
  • tsuyu's head cracks against the wall, bad concussion and can hardly stand
  • the nomu rips izuku horn from his head, one of izuku's wings is crushed (Izuku is half kirin and like,,,, 1/24 raiju. He just sparks a little)


and aizawa


f u r i o u s

aizawa is filled with the kind of righteous furry only an angel can have

these are his kids

his children

and hell wont touch one more hair on their heads

the nomu burst into holy fire


its burning aizawa too because hes not a full angel, but aizawa doesnt care

  • allmight bursts into the USJ to see his kids hurt and his basic little brother in flames, advancing towards the villains
  • allmight takes care of the remaining villains, aizawa is still burning. holy fire is not something he can control.
  • the rest of the teachers burst into the USJ, to see Allmight holding aizawa flaming hand and trying to help him put out the flames as aizawa tries not to make a noise so he wont scare the kids. by the end of it, aizawa is covered in burns, his wings are crushed and bleeding, and allmight isn't exactly running hot either after the nomu


hizashi gently picks up aizawa even though the remnants of holyfire are horrifically painful for a demon, and carries him to recovery girl with as much care as he can


Chapter Text

Bud like you AU

so, eramsermic au based off bud like you by ajr

tl:dr: aizawa is the security guard of this club and a is crushing on this patron and mic is a famous singer and has gigs at this club sometimes and they massively improved when the hot security guard showed up

  • aizawa has 0 idea who famous people are and midnight fucking loves it its why she hired him
  • blease mic trying to flirt with him like owo yeah it’s me,,,present mic u must have heard abt me and aizawas just


“ sir idk u pls get back in line”


  • mic is like to nemuri


"fuck im in love,,"

"with fucking?? shouta? my bestie i cant fucking convince to shave????"

"hes perfect"

“mic u could have anyone u want”

mic, seeing aizawa sleep deprived and unshaven: “him. he’s perfect”


"i want to love him,,,"

"good luck ive never seen him be even close to nice w a single person other than his daughter"

3 seconds later midnight catches aizawa staring at mic

"oh shit the boy has a chance"


aizawa glaring at mic and saying "meet me out back " and mic is fuckn scared but aizawa wanted to give mic a cup of honey tea for his throat

  • mic is humming these cheesy love songs to himself before sets and nemuri is crying bc mic is so crushing



Ukulele kid AU 

young aizawa stubornly teaching himself ukuele in his closest, playing super quietly bc his foster parents dont want him making noise but he wants to know more about music

like, hes just moved into the hero course and has a crush on yamada big time

  • even though music wasn't his thing before, yamada is making him warm up to it quickly so hes playing on this shitty little bright yellow thing that needs to be tuned every 20 minutes and hes having the time of his life

yamada is like "oh aizawa jesus what happened to your hands"

because aizawa’s left hand has some brusing around the nail bed from playing too much


",,,, cat"

"... a cat brusied your nails"


mic, dumb: yeah aight lmao


nemuri w no idea how to music works: sure you werent doing kinky shit?

tensei, who learnt to play a guitar and knows exactly whats going on: i think nemuri is on to something here


baby aizawa jamming out on a roof, bludgeoning a villain with his ukuele and pulling another 10 dollar ukuele out of his bag and continuing to jam while sitting on the villains back until the police get there

  • hes emotionaly consipated and just playing to try and get it out so its really not a strange sight to see him crying or angrly yelling while playing this ratty, terrible ukulele


extra part to this au where for some reason they had to continue w the camp after the kidnapping bc the fire stopped rescuers from getting to them

  • all the kids are huddled around a fire, all in various states of injury and shock and aizawa plays a tune and sings along to it quietly bc his kids look dead and he cant stand the silence from his loud class
  • midoriya starts humming along


 (THIS WAS the song I was thinking of)


bc i headcanon aizawa as not being a great singer, but hes good enough. he hits the right notes, even if his voice is a little scratchy

  • so its just him singing and playing almost as quietly as he can because anything sounds deafening over the injured and unconious students huddled around the fire
  • izuku huming along softly while hes leaning again iida, trying not to cry as momo wraps his arms





 Eternal Dorms AU

 sduhdsh bnha au where everything is the same, but they've always had dorms

  • the 1A dorm is haunted as fuck, and ochako, midoriya's and iida's rooms are super fucking janky too
  • kaminari chatting w whats def a ghost as he makes coffee. poor ojiro comes down for water at like three am and kaminaris babbling to no one


deku and ochako have the poorest families so they have 0 idea how janky their rooms are compared to everyone else and iida doesnt want to complain bc hes a Good Boy

  • izuku and ochako are like "so there is a hole in my wall, my heater doesnt work and niether does my fan but i get a breeze every 3pm so thats cool"

iida s just -


yeah something knocks on my window

i think it’s kaminari but i live on the second floor


midoriya is in all mights old room and he doesnt know and he finds that everyone whoes stayed in the room has written their hero name under the desk and he cries a little

  • please izuku laying under his desk and carefully adding his name under allmights


allmight: ,,,, did they ever fix that heater my boy?

izuku, blue lips and chattering teeth:... nah


bakugou comes to beat izuku up in his room and his room only bc izukus fire alarm jus straight up doesn’t work

  • none of the alarms work in izuku's room and it makes aizawa Very Nervous bc problem child is the one w the unending stream of villains after him


the traitor: izukus fire alarms are broken

dabi: 👀👀👀👀👀👀


aizawa just kinda checks on izuku sometimes bc he gets nervous

izuku hangs out in shinsous room a lot and shinso is lost


"oh yeah my room is fucking freezing and also ghost?"






Someone thinks im a salesman from Prauge when i live in australia so i made this au AU 

bnha au where the lov try to infiltrate ua with a series of increasingly elaborate phones calls


“uhhh did u order 200 pairs of sunglasses”

“sir this is a high school”


midoriya just keeps getting calls, like its in class and hes crying and aizawa is confused

- izuku picks up his phones while iida is spluttering ab no phones in class



and he just hangs up and faceplants on the desk

dabis on the other end like


who,,,thought of this,,,


dabi, crying quietly


"me too kid, me too"




Dadzawa content


also hi aizawa called himself a shitty tteacher during the last battle and u can rip away the headcanon that bakugou heard and worked harder with his classmattes to get a 4-nil win in his match to make him happy from my cold dead hands


aizawa is an icon n all of 1a thinks so

1a would murder anyone for aizawa without hesitation and thats the tea, and aizawa has No Idea. vlad king says something rude about 1a, aizawa looks a lil upset n mido calls him out for something. bakugo, todoroki  n ashido kinda walk in and crack their knuckles


a villain attacks them when they get groceries, its a mind quirk that messes w aizawas and midos head, mido fighting the quirk just so he can hold aizawas hand and tell him that its gonna be ok


they regularly chase mic out of the dorms so aizawa can get some sleep, iida tracks the amount he sleeps to try to keep it around 8 hours

izuku babysits eri loads so aizawa can chill for like 6 seconds


also consider aizawa having a nightmare about the usj n they just kinda send in izu n asui cause 1, they were there, 2 they are the best at quirkless combat if aizawa lashes out

them all taking a sec to be sad that they know it could happen, but half asleep aizawa huging his kids tight thank you

 the rest on 1a coming in to hug aizawa too, even bakugo tho he pretends he didnt

these headasses sense when two people in their class r hugging without everyone else so they just kinda dogpile





Stress Baker 

Headcanon: midoriya constantly is bringing baked goods to class, no one knows when or how he makes them since they literally live together and no one has ever seen him baking, but he's just constantly stress baking secretly

canon: izuku has mini breakdowns all the time but only infront of shinsou and the class thinks hes some bastion of mental health but hes an actual mess

 shinsou thinks everyone knows its wild


"did izuku seem jumpy today or?" ",,,, izuku is always jumpy dude what"

Ochako's just like "I wanna be like Deku so bad, he's so great and always positive and has everything under control" and Shinsou is just confused like no I mean I love him but he's a mess

shinsou: i mean the guys a bastion of selflessness and heroism but hes also going to pass out durring todays training because he had 1 (one) sleep


that makes the Bakugo and midoriya fight so much better cause Izu sees Bakugo as perfect and strong and then sees him breaking down like o so I'm not the only one

consider it goes both ways too thanks


like izuku is not only a class favourite but one of the teachers favourites too


Bakugos mad because Izu always seems so happy and put together despite all the shit that goes on then in the fight it's like oooooooh well i was wrong then




Baking Vids

shinizu baking videos like dan and phil, but they are all filmed at 1am in the dorm room kitchen. they are whispering, one time they had to hide in the cupboard bc aizawa came down for some water so its shinsou w izuku on his shoulders, holding a camera in one hand and a bowl of cake batter in the other


please consider shinsou gets a text in the middle of filming

he looks over

its a text from mic saying "you give me half and i wont tell shouta"

hes got his face smooshed into the window, grinning

izuku almost screams

Chapter Text

shinsou has a terrible mum and hes complaining about it "ironically"

  • like : "lmao my mum is gonna beat my ass for this shitty mark" and hes shocked when izuku is like 3 seconds away from tears


izuku drags shinso to his house and his mum is home and shinso is Spooked bc,, adult?? friends???

  • hes so scared that inkos gonna yell at him for doing something stupid but as soon as he walks in the door izuku trips over his own feet taking off his shoes and tackle hugs his mum


so izuku and inko are laughing and like, half fallen over bc izuku is a chunky boy and shinso is so lost??? at the door and inko uses her quirk to pull him over by the shirt and join in the hug

  • udhihdsf she!!! picks both of them up and squishes these good heroes in the best mother hug
  • izuku is laughing and shinso is sh o o k bc this is the nicest hug hes ever had???
  • inko puts them both down and flushes a little, says sorry for hugging shinso but she hasn't seen her boy in so long! and he must be a lovely young man if hes friends with izuku
  • she bustles off to go stir dinner on the stove and izuku just grins and looks at shinso

"isnt my mum great?!"



he and shinso go to his room and izuku pulls out his old console

  • admits he used to make his mum play this fighting game over n over when he was little, and that she always used to pick the this female hero with a big white cape because she liked her hair. he giggles and tells shinso that if he wants izuku can maybbbeee let him play allmight
  • he picks endeavour for a sec and asks shinso if je just wants to beat up endeavour for a minute before they really start
  • it turns into them setting like 6 AI to level 9 endevours and them both playing allmight to beat the crap out of them


inko walks in w tea and little cakes she made and gasps happily bc she loved that game! so they restart the round with 2 allmights + 1 nana plus all the endveaour AI

  • izuku and shinso keep proteccting inko's character from all the fire bc she doesnt deserve this
  • izuku shoves a cupcake into shinsou's mouth when he goes to ask izuku something
  • shinsou like, lights up bc hes never had home baked stuff before and its sooooo good so he just kind melodramatic puts his controller down and says "i guess this is kamino ward 2.0" as all might gets crispy fried by the AI and shoves the cupcake into his face
  • izuku c a ck l e s


izuku and inko, melodramatically "we cant let allmight 1 fall!! protect him!!!" and they try to save this idle allmight as shinso watches w icing on his face

  • inko and izuku save idle allmight and shinso cheers softly. inko shoves a cupcake into hers and izuku's faces and hands another to shinso in celebration
  • she then ducks out to go take care of the dinner again. izuku giggles and puts dolop of icing on shinsos nose, who sneezes then looks offended that his nose dared to sneeze


shinso tries to lick the icing off he nose

  • but like
  • its not working
  • and izuku is losing it laughing but shinso is stubborn and wont stop just bc what hes doing is v stupid. they end up w shinso's legs on izukus bed w his back on the floor, izuku leaning against the bed. shinso isnt really sure why he thought this was a good idea
  • and they run through english homework and shinso and izuku are both shockingly good and both refuse to admit its bc they spend too much time on tumblr/youtube


shinsou: gee izuku why are u so good at english

izuku, who has been reading self insert all might x reader fics for like 50% of his life: no reason :)))

fdguhdfghufh shinsou, who has been reading angsty fics of all his faves instead of going to therapy: wow same ,,,


also im sorry but, izuku def reads allmight selfinssert that isnt like "uwu dating you" but its like "what if allmight was ur best friend" or "allmight is your secret dad??? uwu"


u know all those old ass watt pad fics where one direction adopts u, that but all might and all the chapters are just

  • all might tucks u into bed after a hard school day and tells you he’s proud of you
  • all might fucking detroit smashes ur class bully into the concrete
  • u and all might attend the premier of his latest docuseries and u cry bc there’s a whole preface abt how u changed his life for the better and he could not ask for a better child
  • izuku and shinso go through their old tumblr/wattpad/deviantart accounts and cry laugh


its all in terrible english and one of the comments is "are you 10 or can you just not speak english"

6 years later, izuku responds

"both, actually"


izuku writing vent fics but they’re like

“all might punches my class mate bc he stole my fuckign apple juice kacchan i hate u”

"all might tells me i dont need my fuckign dad i havent seen since i was 4 and he becomes my new dad"


“all might tells me i have no bed time and makes my mom dinner bc she’s stressed and she needs a nap”

"all might adopts me and marries my mum and has a kid who becomes my brother and best friend"


he wrote them all between 6-12 he started writing better shit when he was 12 and made a new account (better, not good.)

  • his first round of fics were like all in first person and shinsou’s w h e e z i n g like why’d u think this was a good idea. izuku s cryign bc hE WAS SIX HITOSHI STOP IT. its like really terrible english too
  • izuku is mad but then he realizes he was hitoshi's deviantart open and he g r i n s (its all shitty drawings of cats and his OC Hero ) there are like twenty pictures of his actual cat taken on a shoddy ds camera


also as like, a soft dumb thing izuku is like speed typing on his laptop and shinsou is like??

izuku shushes him n tells him he wants to finish it before dinner

  • what hes done
  • is he wrote one of the shitty self insert fics, intentionally shittily but w allmight as izukus dad and eraserhead and shinsous and they live together for no reason at the "hero apartments" and can be brothers
  • shinso is laughing and crying at the same time and izuku is like


",,,, im gonna send it to present mic"


"do you think ill get extra credit?"



izuku in retaliation sending in some of shinsou’s oldass oc comics and mics just

“i mean

it’s in english,,,”

  • they get extra credit but its not really helpful bc they both had As now they both have A plus' but dont wan them


(mic sends it to all might and eraserhead but like, redacts shinso and izukus names and aizawa is twitching w either rage or laughter, all might is bright red and giggling like an idiot)

pls the teachers gc is just “all might and eraserhead tuck u in and call u a Good Boy” for the next three months


as a running joke, when ever they can, thats what izuku and shinso write for English

  • like in german we had to write plays and act out little skits in german. in english they do that but like, izuku is eraserhead and shinso is a cat stuck in a tree
  • they have to write sentences w different words? and they get "comfort" "rescue" and "light" and its all shit like


"my dad eraserhead rescued me from homework because mic is terrible"

"all might's fatherly love lights up the whole in my heart"

"the fatherly aura of allmight and eraserhead brings me comfort on my darkest days"


izuku gives the ol puppy dog eyes to aizawa who begrudgingly lets them sleep over at inko's house

and there is only one bed! and they cant decide who gets it

  • so
  • neither of them sleep in it and they both stubbornly lay on the floor. it takes like 5 seconds for them to start laughing

Chapter Text

Dumb Cat Pun name list:

Ten-nya : Iida Tenya

Catsuki : Bakugo Katsuki

Meow-doriya: Izuku Midoriya

Uraracat : Occhaco Uraraka

Denkitty: Kaminari Denki

Toko-nya-mi : Tokoyami Fumikage

Meowmo : Yaoyorozu Momo

Mi-nya: Mina Ashido

Aizaw-purr: Aizawa Shouta


TL:DR: everyone in 1A a cat and aizawa has 20 kittens following him

  • bold of u 2 assume aizawa wouldn’t try to carry all of them at once
  • in this au afo runs a kill shelter, hes still a villain but he runs a kill shelter just to piss off almight. hes just that petty


  • literally everything is the same
  • All the cats other than Izuku have quirks


izuku is the smallest and one of the cutest so hes the designated "begger"

  • allmight, from his window, watches aizawa make izuku look all rough and matted and shoves him at all mights door
  • Like licking his fur in the wrong direction, getting him to step in muddy puddles. Izuku still looks ridiculously happy even though he looks like hes been dragged through a hedge backwards
  • allmight gives izuku some food and he runs it back to the group, aizawa cleans him up and nods in approval


all might haas little food bowls that have everyone’s names on them outside in his garden

  • hes given the cats names just based off their quirks so lits just “boom, zap, eraser, melty, tape” and just one bowl labled “green son” hes written these all on by hand with a sharpie, and drawn little patterns on the bowls. It confuses him because each cat seems to know what bowl is theirs


allmight seeing them fighting and hes so lost, he just sees aizawa watching over all of them train

  • all might is worried about how smart these cats might be
  • aizawa makes direct eye contact with him as if to say “what you gonna do about it?”


they show up at ua

  • kamicat shorted the sercurity system so they are running around looking for a villain and allmight just sees aizawacat running his kittens into the cafeteria. Like hes standing there, seemingly counting all 20 of them and then shoves the last one through the door as he lets it close.
  • bakugou blows something up and everyone thinks there’s a bomb threat


cat izuku w 19 very protective siblings and 1 Good Dad

  • someone picks up catzuku and the rest of the cats y e l l, ten-nya nips at the ankles of anyone who manhandles izuku


all might wakes up one night covered in purring cats

  • aizawa throwing himself against the window at 1am, hes just yelling
  • all might thinks its a villain bc his apartment is on the 5th floor

all might in tears: “please,,,,what do u want” aizawa just yells louder. he just wants inside bc he and his kids are cold


the USJ is a feral dog pack that hurts aizawa and the other cats, te-nya drags allmight over to the cats trying to fight off the dogs

  • all might has to take aizawa to the vet and when he wakes up he wont stop yelling until all might sneaks one of his kittens in to see him.
  • Its just izuku hidden in allmight’s sleave
  • Aizawa immediately shuts up and starts purring happily bc its one of his kittens!

Chapter Text

anyway so: quirkless aizawa bc i need that

everyone thinks he has a quirk like emotional manipulation of something but no hes just fucking savage, he gets into the hero course bc he blasted the absolute shit out of mic

  • everything’s on youtube it’s one of the most viewed videos of all time
  • this aizawa's eyes are permanently gold bc i headcanon its his quirk that makes his eyes black, not the colour they flash

"you yell because you have a constant fear no one is really listening to you. you play the class clown and dont try so hard so when you look back you think "i failed because i didnt try" not "i failed because i wasn't good enough""

"bro,,, bro what the fuck did i do to you"

aizawa isn’t even salty he’s quirkless tbh

"youre pushing this on me because it hurts, right? your loud, flashy but damaging quirk means the only thing people think you're useful for is heroics. did you want to do this, or is this the only way society will let you feel comfortable in the role it presses in on you"

"well being quirkless is rough but at least i cn be whatever i want to be"

mics just shell shocked mics not even using his quirk and everyone’s just uwu he’s erasing mics quirk

  • all aizawa does is walk is close and mutter "society thinks im worthless, which is rough. but you have to put your life on the line or youre nothing better than a villain to the people"
  • and just, lightly pushes him out of bounds
  • pls mics just in Love this guy tore him to fucking pieces but Damn

aizawa  helps him up off the floor

"so im probably not wrong but im a little sorry for saying it on live tv"

mic "youre amazing"

aizawa just goes bright red and starts sputtering

  • aizawa: the emotional devistation hero
    weakness: genuine complements


consider 1A teacher aizawa just still made of emotional devastation, nezu made him promise not to use his powers of destruction on his children unless he was expelling them

  • this is a quirkless izuku au too, mirio got ofa, allmight encouraged izuku to be a hero after the fight but had no quirk to give him and he manages to make his own way into the hero course
  • so izuku is a little analyst, gets mostly hero points but uses sharp rebar and poles to smash in the sensors of some robots, getting him a few non-rescue points either. Aizawa is watching like "oh interesting a non-combat quirk" and beside him allmight is vibrating with excitement

"he might actually do it!"

"who might do what"

allmight turns sheepishly to aizawa

"young midoriya on camera 6, he might just be the first quirkless student to pass the enterance exam to heroics straight up"

  • and aizawa can hardly watch anyone else for the rest of the exam, he adopts this kid on the fucking Spot
  • hes on the edge of his fucking seat, when nezu sends out the zero pointer. "this kid only needs 10 more points, just ten more" and izuku turns around to look at the 0 pointer and aizawa is like "fuck kid i hope you know what youre doing"
  • he manages to shove a piece of rebar into the treads, stoping it in its place. it tries to swat him like a bug but he just dives out of the way, picks up occhako and sprints and aizawa is like "holy shit holy shit these bastards better give this kid hero points for that"
  • like they are assigning final hero points and aizawa has to awkwardly put his hand up "i,,, should probably be excluded from giving midoriya hero points because i went from 0 to bias very very quickly"

allmight just nods sagely

"young midoriya be like that sometimes"


pls aizawa tries to act extra tough bc he can’t let anyone know he’s Adopted thjs child

  • for all izuku's brain hes useless w social stuff and thinks aizawa hates him but everyone else k n o w s

also izuku is the only person in 1A who knows ab aizawa's "quirk" and hes like, constantly vibrating w glee around the guy


aizawa walks in the first day, hears bakugo asking how this "quirkless bastard" got in, grabs bakugo w his scarf and yeets him into vlads room

"ok students, looks like we are a class of 19. any other comments before we start?"

  • and like everyone is so lost no one questions it
  • bakugo is screaming bloody murder until vlad "kindly" tells him ua has a strict no discrimination policy and aizawa would have been well within his rights to expel him
  • please nezu is like "uwu take one of 1B to make the classes even" and vlad is like "no ive already bonded tough cookies" vlad just adopts bakugo instantly
  • monoma and bakugou become bros, the baku-squad is 50% a thing, but its mostly 1B students but with pinning kiri. kendo and bakugo both keep monoma in line, monoma and kendo keep bakugo in line


 durring the sports festival shinsou is like "you must have a blessed quirk to get into the hero course"

  • and izuku just has this "really. this si what we're doing now" look on his face. hes just gesturing to shinso in exasperation, trying to make eyecontact w aizawa hidden up in the commentary box
  • all you can hear from the box is aizawa quiet snickering as mic tries not to give the game away. he yeets shinso out of bonds and just hauls him back to his feet

"im quirkless you nonce"


"yeah, oh. what, gonna be embarassed a quirkless kid kicked your ass?"

"nah i just feel bad for being a dick"

"ok you are the only valid person ive ever met, come meet my not-dad"

"wait what"

izuku fireman carries shinso into the announcers booth and just presents him to aizawa

  • you can just vaugely hear "no not kid" "but he'll be perfect" "kid this is live ask me after the festival" "but! hed be perfect! and you could train him to carry on your legacy of soul crushing burns" "... hmmm"
  • "do i get a say in this?" "no" "nope"

there’s a counter
“days since someone last cried:

  • please its like "times cried durring all sports festivals" "average cry events" "number of times cried this festival"


aizawa bening even more of a dad than canon, like hes a mess he sees on sad kid and hes like "wow thats my kid now"

  • he makes them soup when they get sick and leaves it outside their doors, refuses to admit its him doing it
  • soup cryptid

please mic is like 100% in love with him and had been for years but aizawa still has internal bias against the quirkless and thinks hes not good enough for moic so he cant make himself see the flirting for what it really is

 “haha he’s just being friendlyL

“aizawa i literally want to marry u”

“awww ur so nice u mean as friends tho right?”


in this au ive decided that quirkless heroes are a thing, but pretty rare, in japan they are all underground bc villains go after them a l o t. there are some public ones in america but they tend to,,, die,,, pretty quickly

  • and bc there are some quirkless heroes everyone acts like discrimination isnt a thing anymore and quirkless people should shut up while quirkless people are still getting killed and commiting suidice at like 500% the rate of people with quirks
  • also the suicide rate is,,,,, significantly higher in japan but no one ever talks abt it bc japan the “ideal place for people with quirks” so that surely means nothing could ever go wrong


 izuku does the "its your power" speech in like 3 parts, before durring and after the sports festival bc he needs he bones w no quirk

stain asks izuku what his quirk is and izuku does the "wouldnt you like to know, weather boy"

",,, where are your parents"

"one abandoned me straight up and the other is giving it a red hot go right now, try me coward"

  • izuku but everytime he roasts a villain he does it in vine quotes

tl;dr in the au inko is like,, not ok w izuku being a hero and shes trying to do the "leave the school or you cant live here any more" ultimatum and its not working for her

  • bc izuku said "ok bye then" and now lives out of his backpack. no one knows. he just like,, sleeps on the train
  • and iida is like "owo could i come over to your house" and izuku is like

"aaaaa its on fire. yep. made of arsenic and always in flames, why dont we go to the park"

  • everyone in 1a is like betting on what his house is like. they harass katsuki in 1b but he refuses to talk
  • hes like "hell no i got thrown into another class for talking ab that nerd eat my left tit"

they only fucking work it out when aizawa and allmight go to izukus house to talk ab dorms and there is literally no one there

  • aizawa asks izuku ab it like "kid you need to update your forms with your current adress" and hes like "oh worm, she moved? wack."

“u,,,,didn’t know,,,,”

“nah lmao i sleep on the bench in a park near here”

“my boy,,,,,l

"what, ochako lives alone!"

"yeah, in a fucking house, kid"

aizawas just: this is literal child abuse i’m ur guardian now

allmight "hes my kid too dont be greedy"

"fuck off all might you already have mirio"
"and you already have shinsou!"
nighteye, from around the corner "ill take him!"
aizawa and allmight "NO"                                   
mic adopts him
nezu just sitting in the distance
"well, its my school. i get the kid"
one whole school full of adult heroes "NO ITS MY SON,,,"
izukus like crying
"wait,,, you guys arent sick of me? wild" while sobbing
afo out of nowhere: i’ll take the child :)))
everyone collectively: N O

for self indulgence, izuku is the youngest in the class for this au so they all call him their little brother


consider: quirkless aizawa is very similar to normal aizawa but he does practise selfcare, he just tries to make it look like he doesnt because hes like that

  • if i dont take care of myself ill never be able to stand up to the heroes w quirks but also do i deserve normal good human things

tl:dr: he can cook well and is trying to teach izuku that 2 minute noodles and apples arent hero fuel

  • inko is like: "uwu i wont change what i cook for you so you'll just have to make do owo" in like, a pathetic attempt to get him to stop training so izuku runs off protein bars, electrolyte drinks and raw vegetables
  • just like, his bento at school. its only raw mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and 2 full carrots
  • the only time he gets like a kinda valid balanced meal for a hero in training is when he pops by bakugous place and mitsuki forces him to stay for lunch
  • izuku is like "oh hi bakugo i have ur book-" "HI ITS LUNCH GET IN PIPSQUEAK"
  • hes just thrown into a chair, bakugo isnt even confused. izuku is like ",,,, so vlad gave me your book bc your house is near mums." "fair enough. hope you like miso salmon"
  • izuku just looks stary eyed

"f i s h ??? warm food bakugo id kill for you"

"deku wtf"

"i had nothing but 3 scoops of protein powder and 2 tomatoes today"


"i had to eat the protein podwer with plain water kacchan. protein sludge followed by two raw tomatoes. i would commit real actual murder for you"

mitsuki always packs an extra bento after that

so like when it’s dorm time izuku gets rly stressed out bc he doesn’t know how to cook for himself??? bakugous in the 1b dorms and even if he wasn’t he definitely wouldn’t cook for him

  • 1a goes on a fucking shopping trip, chaperoned obviously
  • and they’re lining up and aizawa sees that izukus cart is only filled with like??? instant noodles and like two (2) fruits and he’s losing his mind bc yes okay he’s a child but he’s also a young hero and he’s going to get a heart attack by 20 if he doesn’t fix his diet
  • aizawa is like "izuku, you cant eat that" and izuku just goes "oh ok" puts the noodles back and comes back with a tub of protein powder and like 11 vegetables and a bag of kale

okay this is an improvement kinda, how do u cook it



izuku just has a totally blank face

"i was just gonna like,,, eat it"


"uh, yeah, is that not how u eat vegetables?”

"thats a potato. and some leeks. thats a fucking onion"

"it wont kill me though"

"thats,,, that not how you pick food kid."

“but vegetable??? good????”

"kid do you even fucking like any of this"

"wait, im supposed to like?? my food???"

yagi in the fucking health food isle hearing this is 50% laughing but 50% crying

aizawa: “izuku ur supposed to eat a well balanced and tasty meal”

izuku: *surprized pikachu face*

  • please even todoroki is like ",,, at least fuyumi could c o o k"
  • oh god imagine having a worse diet than shouto todoroki from 1a who eats nothing but cold soba and drinks juice

also please aizawa is like "kid i thought you just happened to be thin but now im seeing thats not the case"

  • bakugo in the distance "like inko ever fed him enough anyway lmao"
  • aizawa "WAIT WHAT"

whys bakugou shopping with 1a? its actually all 40 of the firstyears just decending on this poor little store. it’s this little mom and pop grocery store and a billion hungry hero hopefuls just burst through the door like 𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒏 𝒏𝒖𝒈𝒈𝒆𝒕𝒔

izuku is like "oh its too expensive" and aizawa is just holding a bag of rice, aizawa is like "its cheeper than the protein powder you have"

  • and izuku is like "yeah i mean its empty calories and im not paying that much for empty calories"


"thats what you taught us sensei!"




"i can put some back if you want?"


Chapter Text

this is at a big ass, top tier university

  • all might is like, the david attenbourgh of this universe but he got injured on set and moved to teaching, hes not that relevant i just wanted to include him because hes a good man
  • so, aizawa is under all might in the science faculty hierarchy, but not by much considering how young he is. aizawas the animal physiology teacher and does shit tones of research with zoos and shelters for husbandry studies


now, the two big draws of this campus are like the wet sciences and their law section, but the whole campus is pretty swish: like if gatton and st. lucia were connected with land but still as weird as the other.


Now none of you know anything about my uni, so imagine not quite an Ivy League school, but still one of the fancier collages in your state, with a redneck agricultural campus slapped on. But the rednecks are liberals.


Now imagine they are run by the same people

  • so one of the law lectures retires and the they get a new one! its mic! and now aizawa is already pissed. hes dealt with mic before riding his ass in ethics committees and honestly just making life harder for him than it had to be
  • and the the university tells him to reduce the hostility between the two sides of the campus, they are going to be holding some law classes in the animal side and vice versa and aizawa is piiisssssedddd
  • and then they fucking, start a new animal science/law degree about animal ethics law and aizawa is flipping his fucking lid because all might is already the vetscience-vet tech degree co-ordinator and since aizawa is so new, hes the highest ranking person to not be a degree coordinator
  • so of course, hes the new degree coordinator


but oh no, nezu isnt done

  • hes coordinating with mic, and they are the two primary lecturers for the two first, second and third year compulsory subjects so aizawa is having a mini breakdown rant at allmight in the staff room when mic bursts in to say hello
  • allmight shoves aizawa in the cupboard and nervously chats to mic as aizawa tries not to make a noise from where he was quickly shoved into a cupboard of skeletons. hes internally saying sorry to the skeleton of that one tutor who donated himself to the uni. mic leaves, allmight helps him out and aizawa is just caught between pissed and flustered tbh
  • so the science people band together to allow aizawa to drown his sorrows in the nice food on the other side of the campus
  • and they have fucking, disguised aizawa
    • hes in one of nemuri's wigs, a pair of sunglasses from snipe and one of the nice labtechs named inko gave him a big puffy coat


and so this pack of science nerds is penguin huddle sprinting to the one ramen shop they all love, trying to hide aizawa from nezu, hizashi, and other random law students/lecturers hes pissed off

  • so allmight swears he sees hizashi but its nbd he only waves
  • so they get there, and all give aizawa sympathetic looks and buy him his lunch even though he insits he has money. inko the lab tech is there too bc i love her and she is agressivly mothering aizawa
  • when they are done they run back to the science side because no one has the courage needed to stop a hoard of sprinting scientists. also: nemuri is the chem lecturer and you should know that

its like the middle of the school year when this starts, so aizawa and hizashi have to scrap together this degree real fucking quickly

  • even though the both of them have Opinions about the other, they refuse to let their students suffer bc of how poorly planned this was so they knuckle the fuck down and bust out 1.5 years worth of content before the end of the year. they dont do much in person, mostly just emailing
  • aizawa is softer on mic bc they guy isnt horrific over email. unknown to him mic has developed a full on crush on this guy
  • hes like, crying to joke "hes just,,, he wants to do good for his students you know? he isnt just a lecturer for the research money,,, he c a r e s,,,"


the whole god damn science faculty is mothered by the head lab animal tech, inko and they see her fretting about one day, and its turns out this whole fucking time shes had a son and didn't want to say anything bc she didnt wanna impose

  • (yagi has a big ol crush on her but nbd)
  • and so shes surrounded by all these nerds asking ab izuku and how old he is, and what he likes to do and they've never seen her happier rambling about her son. She tells them she let slip ab the new degree a little early, and izuku wants to be in it so badly and everyone is real soft
  • hes graduating next year, so thats even more motivation for aizawa to buck up and make this degree work bc he knows one of the kids now, and from what inkos told him, the boys a good kid


entire faculty’s already adopted izuku

one thing she hasn't mentioned ab izuku is that hes got chronic fatigue syndrome

  • aka izuku is constantly exhausted, his immune system is a bit shit, and hes in chronic pain that isnt effected by painkillers, other symptoms can just like, pop up, its pretty not understood
  • anyway, thats the reason izuku wants to get into animal law, not vet practise, bc hes not sure he'll always be able to physically pick up the animals and he doesnt wanna do them like that


anyway, its near the end of the year and its time to set the OP threshold. I have 0 idea how you guys get into uni, but an op is basically: your grades are ranked, then your subjects are ranked, then your school is ranked by a fancy test. Your OP is the score from 1-25 you get with all that jazz. 1-5 is like: you can do almost anything. 1 is like doctors, vets, law. 1-15 is pretty respectable, under than you might need to do a little fuckery to get into a course.

  • mic is pushing for like, 10, bc its a new degree
  • but aizawa isn't having that. op 2 or he wont sign off on it and mic doesnt understand why and aizawa just turns towards him
  • "im not having animals suffer lower standards than humans. standard law is an op 1. vet science is an op 1. im already making a concession here."
  • mic swoons a little tbh, they eventually agree on op 5
  • anyway, izuku has an op 2 so its nbd for him, inko is so proud of her boy! aizawa has a little "thank fuck" moment bc he really did want this kid to get in bc he sounded like a good kid. also, mic's nephew shinso is in the first class! aizawa is actively trying not to remember the kids name so he isn’t a dick to him for 0 reason


there is like a grand total of 80 people in this degree which honestly isnt that bad

super high rate of externals tho, so there are only 50 students on campus

20 students in the campus dorms

  • izuku is one of them, he was gonna get in anyway but they put him in and gave him a nice first floor room bc making the poor guy walk up and down stairs for no reason is just mean
  • hes in self catered bc while hes not super picky, hes allergic to some stuff, and some other stuff makes him sick, so no dining hall
  • shinso is his nextdoor neighbour. hes in self catered bc he put his form in late and thats the only spot they had left! he cant cook so save his actual life.
  • so, mirio is the ra and hes a big soft 4th year vet, he works out to give the dogs hugs
  • amajikis his neighbour he has a cat - i mean - very loud fish (aka: no pets other than fish allowed)


when mirio likes people, he just,,, puts a cat in their face, and insists its a fish until they get it

  • that cats name is guppy i don’t make the rules


ok so, izuku and shinso meet and bond a bit in freshers’ week (think hazing, but gentle, with loads of games and forced bonding), but shinso is intimidated bc izuku is smiley and social and has loads of friends

  • and that does a 180 when he gets back to his room after a late night walk, seeing izuku crying in the kitchen as he waits for the kettle to boil because a hot water bottle is the only thing that might stop his arms from aching
  • and shinso like, hides bc he gets not wanting people to know whats wrong but from then one he is SUPER protective of izuku


anyway, end of the week izuku confesses that he has chronic pain so he might be a bit grumpy sometimes and shinsou has to be like "oh its nbd" when one day he almost smacked their other neighbour with a piece of frozen steak bc he was making too much noise in the morning when izuku got to sleep really late

  • on the weekend they play videogames and make popcorn as the other kids go home, and they get vistied by inko and Hizashi
  • inko is mothering izuku and has two very fat rats in her arms that she dumps on him and he lights up

see: izuku isnt allowed pets. but no one said anything about inko

  • so she got the two softest, dumbest, babiest rats shes ever seen and they live on her desk now. and shinso is like "SONs" and they have rats in their jumpers while all 3 of them play mariokart
  • hizashi stops by to help shinso cook bc he admitted hes only been eating frozen shit. izuku is gently telling him off bc he could have helped! but shinso is like "no i needed to maintain my cool vibes" so hizashi gently grabs izuku, sets up the two chairs like fluffy thrones and they order shinso around the kitchen like hes a servant
  • shinso is loosing his actual mind laughing and so is izuku. they force him to make katsu curry and eat it in the kitchen on their thrones while shinso sits on a shitty box fridge. there are more chairs left, hes being extra



so, first day of classes, they have principals of law first, izuku drags his pained ass out of bed and he and shinso make their way to class, both freezing fucking cold holding mugs of hot drink

  • they sit down
  • the lecturer is mic
  • izuku is losing his shit and shinso is like "oh yeah didnt i tell you?" and izuku is trying not to cackle/punch him. he waves sheepishly at mic who waves back with great enthusiasm


mics first class is just


  • it’s not even law related, it’s just random bs animal facts
  • shinsos name is c a t s and hizashi is losing his mind bc izuku set his name as d o g s r b e t t e r
  • the lectures r live-streamed so the external students can join in real time and monomas on the other end like s n a k e
  • hizashi is lossing his actual m i n d, everyone just has variations of their favourite animal


also pwease during this lecture mic is just chatting w the students ab whats going to happen, sees izukus mug of tea and says

"ok and just so everyone knows, please feel free to eat and drink in my lectures, just dont let anyone know i said that

"sir this is being recorded"


  • pls bakugous that one asshole that whips out a full course meal and starts distributing it amongst his squad. bakugo is just a plain law student, but there are some plain law students taking this course as an elective
  • mic honestly looks bakugo in the eyes, and orders pizza for everyone but him. hes standing infont of the mic so its fucking recorded too. izuku is cackling


ok so, they have an hour break and go to the cafe, inko crashes and smuggles them outside, and gives them the rats

  • inko and izuku aren't super well off finacally bc they are saving for a service dog and its EXPENSIVE, even tho inko makes ok money, husband divorced her bc izuku was sick, izuku has issues, was bullied in school, has had cfs for ages
  • so inko has these rats bc she "liberated" them from the end of a cosmetics trial she heped nemuri run and nerumi stood infront of the secruity camera and closed her eyes


anyway, next lecture is aizawa's

  • shinso has vaguely heard ab the guy from hizashi and desperately wants to sit in the back row. izuku has heard ab the guy vaguely from inko and desperately wants to sit in the front row. izuku wins bc they walked in through the lower door and shinso doesnt wanna make the guy walk up all those steps
  • aizawa walks in, nicely says hello to shinso, izuku and the over kid in the front row, tells the people in the back row that if they think he cant see or hear them from there they have another thing coming, and immediately starts talking ab how many people working in animal related fields and in law are depressed

izuku raises his hand, while shinso is aggressively trying to pull it down

"yes, kid?"

"what if you're already depressed, professor?"

  • aizawa pauses, turns off the mic and loses his shit quietly behind his desk, shinso is red and trying to hide, izuku looks proud of himself. aizawa gets himself together, coughs, and turns the mic back on

"seems we had a bit of a technical difficulty, continuing on"

  • and the whole room loses their shit, and aizawa is grinning like an idiot but his voice is the same pissed monotone as usual
  • just have to Be There for aizawas lectures like everyone who doesn’t show up is like :///// idk why y’all like him so much he’s kinda boring and izukus like No you have to Be There
  • in Person


please everyone thinks the guy is a boring old man who keeps breaking his computers. in reality, hes like 28, really tired, and keeps losing his shit so hard he turns off the mic so No One Can Know

  • one time he walked in in hot pink leggings and when he asked "any questions?" ochako (a vet tech student in the class) ask "sir where did you buy those because they look amazing" "the internet, ochako. any other questions."
  • and bc you cant hear the students all the externals are trying to work out what the question was. it becomes a meme
  • last day of lectures they all show up in matching leggings. aizawas soft but he Refuses to show them. they fucking found the site he bought them from, all of them have pink leggings in increasingly vibrant shades
    • shinso's are like, lilac
    • izukus are eyebleeding, highlighter pink


anyway! mic likes to share the tea from behind the scenes

  • and so they learn ab the "really sweet department head with a crush on a lab tech" and izuku loses his shit. puts his hand up, and mic says "yeah?"
  • izuku clambers out of his seat, asks mic to turn the recording off, takes the mic and stares down the class

"that lab tech in my mum and shes smitten for this guy. totally smitten."


  • izuku just grins and nods

"ok class, extra credit. can we go through this uni's stance on dating co workers. anyone who gives me a quick, sighted explanation of whether or not we can hook these two up gets 5% of their final mark, no questions asked"

  • fuckin, izuku is so on board with this, and tells hizashi he'll leave the assignments on inkos table at home if he wants, the whole class gets so fucking into it
  • anyway, after all that jazz izuku spots yagi and inko out for coffee together and reports it as a win, the class cheers


as an aside: hizashi is very open ab the fact hes one of 2 degree coordinators but he hasnt mentioned the second

  • its also very obvious he has a crush on the second, and that hes a little older than them (hizashi is 32, shouta is 26) now, literally no one thinks aizawa is the other
  • bc hes 26, and wears fucking pink leggings to lectures. hes like, hes baby. hes so small, so young, takes his cat to class in a backpack
  • its literally only the externals who think he could be bc they think hes like 50. aizawa has the curse of just having great fucking bone structure, hes really god damn hot. half of their love leters pages is people thirsting over him and hes so mad ab it. he doesnt brush his hair and wears dumb clothes but apparently that makes him relatable or some shit


anyway, hizashi is off topic talking ab the lab tech that mothers the other course coordinator and shinso sees izuku perk up

  • they guy has been looking out of it all morning bc hes having a bad day, but wanted to go to lectures. anyway, after the lecture hes scrambles over to hizashi and asks

"oh my god is the other coordinator professor aizawa”

"damn, what gave it away"

"mum mothers him because he never eats and he apparently looks like hes barely 20, which is false, but thats mum for you"

  • once they get out of lectures izuku is like


"shinso. shinso"

and shinso looks lost

"you know what this means, shinso""

"no. no i dont"



Chapter Text

also consider, shared power ofa,

izuku giving aizawa 5% of one for all durring the usj or izuku giving toshinori 99% of OFA durring the last fight

  • cause consider the world never finding out about small might, all might retires but izuku knows
  • the rescue team all having the max amount of ofa they can use, which is around 2% each, cause a lil sparking team of heroes
  • izuku using kirishima to give bakugo some too n them using it to get away


izuku having two quirks is my favourite goddamn thing bc him being able to share his quirk but not having anything to share is great


he gives bits to allmight, like a constant 1% so he can teach classes and do press stuff

  • some rando wants to do an "all might" where is he now segment and it spans a good few months so izuku is continuously in the background just
  • conspiracy theory starts that izuku is a villain or allmights son
    • a villain and all might's son


izuku has no double toe joint but the doc cant find any evidence of a quirk? so he tells them izuku is either quirkless or has an invisible quirk. something subtle, or specific enough to have not activated by now

  • bakugo kinda,, is chill with izuku. he was waiting for izuku to develop a quirk till he judged him, but he never did so he kinda withheld judgement long enough for them to become decent friends
  • anyway, izuku likes to ramble about different things his quirk could technically be, bakugo likes to join in. they can go at this for h o u r s cackling about stupid hypotheticals
  • they workout together, they both do boxing and try out random moves they see on the internet on eachother. they have a pile of gymmats in the woods like the weirdos they are
  • bakugo is like,, convinced izuku's quirk is actually an intellect up but he just shrugs


izuku has to grab something before he heads home so he takes the underpass and we get basically episode 1 from there. all might says no, villain gets away, attacks Bakugo. izuku runs in, throws dust in the villains eyes and pulls at bakugo's hands. all might jumps in, saves the day yada yada

  • some background for u about all might bc his past is a touch different here. durring the battle with afo, afo was distracted. all might sustained the same injures but won more easily.
  • night eye never looks into his future because "my purpose is done, nighteye. lets live like everyone else, no fate of the world on our shoulders" he never looks into allmights future again at his request
  • they stay together
  • so instead of the big argument they go get ramen and get drunk because they dont have to be superhuman anymore, they can relax now


back to the main timeline-

  • so izuku is already fit, cleans the beach in 8 months, nighteye supervises
  • all might gives izuku the quirk 2 months before the entrance exam, nighteye is there to "oversee" (he wants to see izuku choke on a hair and laugh at this kid hes become pretty fond of)
  • also mirio! is izuku's bro because i love he
  • izuku eat the hair and gets the quirk like, instantly which?? is confusing nighteye and all might. nighteye has like,,, hiden behind a car because hes the only person with self preservation
  • allmight touches izuku and the lightning climbs up his arm and he just pOofs out into swolmight. hes ShooK, so is izuku
  • anyway, he manages to turn it off and izuku is just standing their like "oh my god what the fuck"


"izuku,, what,, happened there"

",,,, one for all??? leaked out??? into allmight????"


"nighteye come over here."

"izukU nO"


  • nighteye is forcibly given a little of ofa and regrets a lot of stuff


anyway, izuku breaks an arm trying to use ofa and hes muttering trying to work out how to use it, nighteye basically says "well, think back to how ofa came about" and izuku is like ",,, what"

  • and nighteye screams because TOSHI YOU DIDNT TELL HIM?????? and allmight ",,, o o p s"
  • so izuku gets to hear the story of all for one while hes being driven to UA for recovery girl hes,,, really quiet for a second


"when did you fight him?"

"six years ago, april?"

",,, this has to be a coincidence"


hisashi went out on a "buisness trip" 6 years ago and they havent seen him since. he calls, but hes never visited and izuku has this terrible feeling

  • because izuku cant calm down and because nighteye thinks this kid might be on to something they call tsukauchi and he agrees to meet them at UA
  • izuku gets treated, naomasa is in v quickly afterwards before he calls his dad he turns to nighteye, allmight and Naomasa

"i've never been able to lie to my dad. i though he was just really good at reading my but,,"

"if hes afo he might have a quirk"

"yeah. so i'll just twist the truth. im good at that, but thats all i'll be able to do"

anyway, he calls up his dad and slaps this big grin on his face. the phone is on speaker

"hey dad!!!!" "izuku! is something wrong?"

"oi, cant i call my dad for no reason?"

"you, willingly calling someone? dont make me laugh"


izuku giggles dispite himself


"anyway, you'll never guess!!"

"did youuuu,,,, hmmmm, meet all might?"


they freeze but izuku just laughs


"yeah,, but thats not the most exciting thing!!! my quirk came in finally"


"yeah! imagine the worlds most basic power enhancer, but i can share the energy! you have any idea where that could have come from?"

"no! i cant think of anyone in our family with a quirk like that! sounds crazy!"


naomasa looks grin, and mouths "liar"

izuku pales but keeps his smile


"do you think you could visit, id love to show you!! oh, maybe we could test it together! you alway had the best ideas for my quirk notes"

"id love to izuku, but im stuck in america for the near future, you know it is. i'll see what i can do tho, ok champ?"


naomasa shakes his head again "lying" izuku looks like hes going to be sick. nighteye is pale, all might looks stunned. izuku grits his teeth but his voice is still light and happy


"i'm gonna make it into UA so you can watch me kick butt from america! you better cheer me on!"

"im looking forward to it. say hi to your mother from me."


naomasa nods. hes telling the truth. that makes nighteye feel the sickest


"love you izuku"

",,, love you too dad"


izuku hangs up the phone and retches into the bin. nighteye is shaking. all might storms out. naomasa punches the wall

  • izuku looks up with tears in his eyes

",,, does my mum know?"

  • nighteye wants to cry

"i dont know kid"


izuku tells katuski that his quirk finally came in! but,,, in the worlds biggest mess of a way

  • basically hes lying in bed, trying to work out why he can't use it without breaking bones but the people he shares it with can, he bolts upright


  • he runs out his door all the way to bakugos house and climbs in through his window, grabbing a sleeping bakugo by the shoulders


"IZuKU whAt tHE fuCK"

"my quirk!!! i was breaking bones because i wasnt modulating it!!!"

",,,,q QUiRK/???/?"

",,,, oh yeah oops"

  • mitsuki runs in with a frying pan ready to murder a villain but its just izuku

"carry on"

  • izuku doesnt tell him its ofa but he explains his quirk has finally showed up, bakugo asks him if hes registered it yet


"wait what? you, breaking the law? mister "i cant kill an ant because all might himself will call me a villain""

  • izuku, w the most shiteating grin, explains that you only legaly have to register your quirk when it shows up, or after you are tested when you are five, whichever happens first so, legally, he doesnt need to register because it would be seen as voluntary updating


cut to the enterance exam

  • aizawa is holding the papers for the kids hes observing right then

"quirkless? that kid doesnt look quirkless"

  • and yagi sighs

"of course he didnt,,,"

"all might? do you know him?"


",,,, r i g h t"

“aizawa listen i have never seen young midoriya in my life ever”


basically, izuku is hiding the "transfer" part of his power from most people bc hes stubborn and thinks it could be useful

  • also,,, in this au shinso makes it in on hero points thanks
  • bakugo is about to rush the 0 pointer but shinso can see its going to fall on him shinsou yells






shinsou and bakugou are the type of friends that flat out have no love for each other but would punch anyone who says anything bad abt the other. like shinsou walks into school and bakugou s just


“dammit i thought u fucking died smh”

“i wish i did then i wouldn’t have to look at ur ugly ass”


in this au shinso and izuku bond when they are standing outside they door bc izuku looks like hes gonna fucking cry hes so scared and shinsou is like "wow big mood"

  • shinso is not shinson in this au! bc izuku is gonna do a soft
  • basically, quirk test? shinsou is s w e a t i n g bakugo looks a little worried for his new firend but no one would notice if they weren’t izuku
  • shinsou turns to him like "my quirk is mental im going to fa I L"
  • izuku grabs his hand and he feels this rush of energy, you can almost see it dancing along his skin. izuku grins


"i think you'll find you do just fine"


 (izuku gave him like,, less than a full 1% but hes like doubled in strength and speed and hes??? shook?? bc whats happening)


aizawa is lost bc shinso has a mental quirk he shouldnt be doing this well, so he tries to cancel it

nothing happens and aizawa is so lost??? bc shinsou is kinda reedy and not super fit but hes placing solidly in the middle

  • and he noticing that shinso’s eyes seem to be glowing and so are they eyes of the kid coming in second and gives a big "hm,mmmm"
  • anyway, ball pitch, he cancels izukus quirk and turns to look at shinso, his eyes are dim. izuku looks sheepish but also like hes ready to throw down and its an interesting look


aizawa just sighs "you know what? just throw the ball."

  • izuku g r i n s and yeets it into next year using more of his quirk than he like,, really should have? to prove a point (his finger is bruised, not broken. he used 25%)
  • anyway aizawa shows the results, shinso is in the middle, izuku second, hagakure is last and sadly shes not getting expelled bc plot reasons – im sorry I have a thing against her she perfectly valid probably
  • he calls izuku out on it but does admit he didnt say you couldnt help eachother, so its kind on him. shinso looks like hes going to pass out with relief



Hagekure is the traitor fyi

  • durring the camp she is at the pick up zone, hiding. izuku pulls bakugo out of the way, they all seem safe
  • but
  • she pushes izuku in through the portal as it closes
  • fyi afo takes her quirk and leaves her braindead in the nomu factory bc shes not useful anymore. also because now he needs to have a really awkward conversation with his son he was hoping to avoid

also usj? is really melodramatic

he gives aizawa 4% which is the max nighteye could hold without it hurting

  • aizawa takes a hit from the nomu and he reaches out his hand
  • izuku cries as he gives him an extra 4% and aizawa gets free but he can see bruises forming with every step his teacher takes



Chapter Text

izuku wants to be a hero, imagine the first ep happens etc. yagi doesnt so much say "you can be a hero" as "ill make you a hero"

  • an aside: inko is neglectful


yagi makes izuku train and train and train, the kids hands bleed and his legs ache but allmight makes him keep going. allmight says hes useless and pathetic and a crybaby and izuku believes him, because hes allmight

  • they spar and yagi just hold back enough to not let izuku get hurt too badly to train. even katsuki is disturbed bc quirkless deku is comething to school with black eyes and swollen wrists
  • when katsuki calls him pathetic izuku just nods


"ill get better though"


  • and katsuki feels so gross he doesnt try to fuck with izuku for weeks


and so izuku is so convinced this is normal because katsuki does it, and mum does it, and now allmight? thats just how you treat kids he thinks. or quirkless ones at least

  • hes still a big fan of allmight because he doesnt see whats wrong. hes just pathetic and useless but then he'll get a quirk and he'll be worth something for the first time in his life
  • he barely sleeps, barely eats, just trains and studies and trains some more he collapses. all might stands there until izuku gets back up and makes him keep running


reasons all mights like this

he is 1, suffering from internalised quirk discrimination

2, nana's dead bc she wasn't "strong enough"

3, he thinks he can shape izuku into the perfect selfless hero, and better person than he ever was.

hes convinced this is for the greater good. hes a dick but hes so sure hes in the right here




by the time of the enterance exam izuku is,,, kinda fucked up

  • he passes with flying colours because he used his quirk for for the first time, broke him arm, and immediately moved on to snaping finger after finger the teachers watched on, horrified as this child mutilated himself to get points
  • all might smiled. because this is what he wanted.
  • he saves ochacco too


he gets in and allmight is pleased with him, even more pleased than the time izuku admitted he hadn't slept for 72 hours and still got a perfect score on his test

  • and izuku thinks this was all worth it to see his hero smile at him



izuku is in 1A

izuku actually listed that he feels less pain due to his quirk, which aizawa believes but hes still not sold on the idea of a hero that destroys themselves. he doesnt know if izuku heals better or faster, but hes sure that may broken bones cant be good

  • aizawa is convinced hes going to expel izuku durring the quirk test. the look he sees on izukus face when he says hes expelling the lowest scorer makes his stomach churn
  • because all of the other kids look worried, nervous
  • izuku looks like hes going to throw up.
  • the kid is trembling and pale and aizawa watches as he turns to ochako, smiles brightly and says "lets do our best" while he holds back full body tremors the other kids dont see

he breaks toes and fingers and he cries but he doesnt flinch at the pain

  • the only time he flinches are when someone looks him in the eyes, if someone speaks too loud, and at the firecracker pops of katsuki's quirk
  • and aizawa feels sick


the ball toss, he just cant watch this kid break anymore, and he stops his quirk

for a second he freezes, because this kids quirk manages pain, he'll be feeling all of those broken bones, he'll obviously notice

  • right?
  • but izuku doesnt notice his missing quirk until he throws the ball. he turns around, looking sick. aizawa feels so lost when he looks at him with pure relief


"oh, youre eraserhead"


  • izuku tears up for the first time in that class.


"please give me back my quirk"


  • aizawa feels so lost he blinks, and his quirk drops with it. there is something totally wrong about the utter relief the kid feels having this horrifically damaging quirk back, and there is something bothering aizawa about it, but he doesnt know what


"dont use your quirk for the rest of this test, kid. not unless you can use it without breaking something"


  • izuku nods but aizawa knows the kid will just try to hide it. he takes him by the shoulder when the others have moved on


"i mean it, midoriya. no quirk, or i'll expell you on the spot"


  • and izuku just looks so lost


"but, i have to? i'm-"

"you didnt flinch when i took your quirk. you can feel every broken bone, can't you?"


  • izuku just nods, like walking with broken toes is normal, like throwing a ball with broken fingers is easy. aizawa knows its not
  • he just sighs.


"no quirk. we'll work on training it after. youre ahead enough not to fail the course, go to recovery girl now. you arent expelled"


  • izuku just looks hurt
  • aizawa shoos him away and almost misses the thin form of all might slink out from behind the wall to follow izuku
  • hes worried, and confused. But he cant just, abandon a field of kids
  • he texts hizashi bc thats just who he texts when hes panicking, and he asks him to look out for smallmight and izuku, somewhere on the way to the infirmary. so present mic turns on the first movie he finds on his computer (an english language copy of rocky) yells "ENGLISH PRACTISE TIME" and runs out the door
  • 1C is so lost

anyway, present mic can be quiet when he tries and when he hears the sound of allmight sternly talking to a student thats crying? he tries real fucking hard

  • he basically catches


"you're supposed to be stronger than this, why did he make you stop?"

"he saw my bones breaking-i couldnt-"

"and so you flinched? didn't we train?"

"i didnt flinch! he made me stop!"


  • allmight backhands him


"dont waste it. either get better at hiding it or learn to use your quirk without breaking bones quickly or ill find another successor. one that isn't useless."


  • present mic hears izuku agree and cry and he feels ill. he sneaks back a little further, then loudly walks down the hall. allmight smiles at him, and he wants to punch the man
  • izuku smiles at him too, tears in his eyes but like hes happy to see another hero. present mic cant understand why izuku is pressed so close to a man that hurt him, like hes more afraid of present mic than allmight
  • he walks with them to recovery girl, chatting like he was ment to be there. hes so greatful allmight is new, because he totally has a class hes meant to be teaching right now and that would be so sus
  • he walks them all the way too the door, and he lingers. there is a touch of steel in his eyes when he tells allmight to take care because what he really means is "take care of yourself because i will not"

and hes halfway down the corridor before he freezes

  • why did izuku seem so comfortable with a man he shouldnt know


anyway present mic is having a quiet breakdown for 20 seconds before he sprints back to his class, pretends he never left, and panic texts aizawa

  • so aizawa, with a little great context, knows that that, particular, conversation wasnt as,,, unsavoury,,, as it could,,, be implied,,,
  • but like,,,,,, hes really lost on why izuku would know small might and hes very worried

bakugo is fuCKinG PisSed

  • izuku left?? and he wasnt expelled???
  • Any,,, unsavoury implications arent something im going to talk ab in this au bc it doesnt need to be worse,,, but its very much intentional
  • so aizawa is having an actual moral crisis rn bc hizashi isnt a liar and he doesnt want to like, not believe when he saw. but really? the symbol of peace is terrible??? and hizashi doesnt want to believe it either. both of them as so sure they are just missing context or something


bakugo stalks up to recovery girls office after class bc wtf deku?? and he walks in to just see izuku blankly picking at new white scars

  • he actually perks up when katsuki enters
  • and there is this man standing over izuku. this man hes seen with izuku before, yelling at him but someone izuku seems happy to be around. its not deku’s dad, he knows that. and they guy is too blonde and tall to have literally any relation to him.
  • a lot of the fire in katsuki goes out when he sees how tired izuku looks, and the question he was going to yell becomes more of a mumble


"so, you have a quirk now? just like that?"


  • he looks up and he sees that man's hand on izuku's shoulder, curled like a claw, so tight it must hurt. but izuku doesnt flinch or shy away, he smiles softly


"i'm really lucky, huh kacchan?"


  • and as much as izuku looks like he believes it, katsuki has the strongest feeling that this is the worst possible thing that could have happened to his once-friend
  • he just leaves
  • and he almost runs straight into his new teacher. they lock eyes and even though katsuki doesnt know whats going on, aizawa doesnt know whats going on, they both just know something is happening
  • and its not good
  • but what can they do
  • hes the symbol of peace


recovery girl in 100% in denial bc she new baby toshi and hes a dork but hes a good boy

  • izuku gets knocked tf out by recovery girls heal and toshi carries him out of the school grounds and shes like "how cute"
  • honestly they get to they gate, he wakes izuku up and reminds him to run home to get in the extra cardio, and izuku does. all the way home.. not only bc yagi wanted him to, but thats a big bit but bc if he was late hed wouldn’t get dinner





so the battle trial

  • so aizawa is like,,, : | ab everything
  • so he attends the battle trial rather than take the nap he really fucking wanted
  • the kids come out in their costumes and something sits poorly about the way izuku positivly preens at allmights compliments. so basically it goes like the show, but allmight doesnt try to stop Bakugo. aizawa doesnt have audio, but he sees what the kids see and rips the mic out of allmights hand to tell bakugo to stop
  • he doesnt have to, though
  • because izuku has already vanished from sight
  • bakugo looks lost, aizawa is worried, but allmight just looks smug because a second later, izuku drops from the ceiling where he swung up, and punches bakugo in the back of the head
  • allmight grins and it looks nasty
  • izuku gives bakugo a once-over to make sure hes ok, wraps his wrists, then puts him in the recovery possision and scampers out of the room to ochako
  • aizawa is lost, because that is c l e a r l y combat training. from the back of the room, todoroki starts watching in earnest


with ochako, he grabs the bomb. they walk out of the exercise and all might congratulates them on winning and izuku looks so happy! but allmight isnt done


"young midoriya, why didnt you use your quirk?"


  • the only people that notice the way he pales are todoroki and aizawa


"sorry sir, i didnt want to disapoint mr aizawa"


  • allmight nods, and he smiles but aizawa doesnt like it


"thats ok my boy, we'll have to see about getting you some out of class quirk training, huh?"


  • izuku smiles. hes happy, but he looks panicked
  • he looks guilty about being afraid


aizawa silently tells his agency he needs the week off to investigate something personal, and they readily give him the time off

  • izuku mumbles happily o himself about the exercise, stilling when all might looks gazes with him. he stops, flushes, and apologises. allmight nods.
  • he begins again, but hes not mumbling anymore, hes speaking clearly and concisely with the other students, even though he doesnt want to talk to them, he just wants to think. but allmight says to talk clearly to everyone or to remain silent and he just wants so badly to talk about the exersize
  • todoroki looks between izuku and allmight and he wonders





USJ time baby

allmight uses up his time, like before

  • the difference is, when the nomu comes for aizawa? izuku doesnt hesitate to jump in. thats what allmight wanted. he wanted someone so selfless that "would i give my life for them" isnt even a question that would cross their mind, they would just move
  • izuku stalls. hes shivering and shaking, walking on broken toes but he stands between aizawa and the nomu and he smiles
  • shigiraki looks at izuku and doesnt see a hero in training. he sees someone like him, like his league. someone who has be steped on and ruined and reborn
  • and he wants him
  • when he sees something he likes, he wants it. like his sensei and his quirks. shigiaki collects people like action figures to use how he likes


anyway, he sees this little 'hero' and fall all his stuborness he knows he wont get izuku today

so he does what his sensei did to him all those years ago

  • he shows kindness. just enough to break him
  • he looks izuku in the eyes and says


"hero society is so rotten they break children into weapons to fight other broken pieces. whats fair about that?"


  • and izuku looks stunned. he drops his smile.


"from one broken piece to another, i wont shatter you today."


kurogiri moves izuku and aizawa just outside of the usj

  • they cant get in, aizawa has no quirk to break through the walls and izuku is shell shocked
  • he takes a second to look at aizawa like his world is falling down and aizawa understands.
  • and then
  • allmight appears
  • and aizawa hates himself for how relieved he feels
  • allmight looks at izuku and izuku smiles so wide. and then he frowns


"they want to kill you"

"they aren't the first, my boy."


  • and izuku pauses


"they seem pretty sure they can, sir."


  • and allmights smile looks meaner


"what, you really think so little of this old man?"


  • and izuku shakes his head violently


"not at all! no, im sorry-"


allmight looks at his student and suddenly there isnt a wall anymore , blasted into tiny shards by allmights punch. izuku scrambles inside after him

  • aizawa tells him to stay outside, to stay safe. but allmight levels a glare at him that almost hurts to meet. aizawa cringes and rushes after them, craddling broken arms


the fight ends much the same, but upon seeing izuku in the way on his hand, shigiraki closes his fist

allmight doesnt miss that

  • and, with that the other teachers arrive. and again, present mic and aizawa wonder why izuku knows allmight small form
  • oh also just as a weird powerplay thing, allmight calls izuku by his firstname in private while izuku calls him sir everywhere

aizawa has the worst of the injuries, but years of sleep deprivation mean he can pretty easily resist the call of sleep after recovery girls quirk. not that anyone knows that. so he hears the the edges of a conversation between hero and student

  • he hears sobs and a slap and apologies from both parties. he hears a louder conversation on training after class to better use izukus quirk and aizawa decides hes going to force himself into this 'training' because he doesnt like the optics on any of this
  • allmights angry that the villains were fond of izuku, bc that means izuku was doing something wrong, right? and hes also angry izuku barely used his quirk, but he does kinda understand needing to be able to walk still


anyway in the training we get the joy of a creepy scene of yagi assessing the the physique of a barely dressed izuku

  • aizawa isnt there yet and boy howdy does he feel ill when yagi walks out of the changing rooms a few minutes before izuku does
  • anyway so it doesnt take long for yagi and aizawa to get izuku using his quirk w/o achey breaky bones and izuku is proud, and so is aizawa
  • but yagi just kinda pipes in with "about time" and izukus face crumples
  • aizawa just says "better late than never" and izuku gives a watery smile




yagi scares enji but he just royally pisses off todoroki

bc todoroki just looks at the guy


"big strong me, what you gonna do, punch me? yeah right bastard and i'll go screaming to the press. I dont give a fuck what you think you dick of an old man!"


please izuku is totally convinced that this is just normal training, that yagi is doing his best and a teacher, is doing right by him. and shouto is just,,, he doesnt know the whole story. just knows that all might scares izuku and that all mights secretary has a connection to him

  • but he knows that yagi was creepy enough to make his old man have bad vibes and thats an achievement


Enji sat, reigning back a snarl as the green boy threw Shouto -his Shouto- from the ring, to land on his back in a graceless cloud of dust. Beside him, All Might’s secretary grinned. It wasn’t a nice grin, like the hero, but a nasty crawling one that made Enji feel cold even with his flames dancing around his face.


Enji had never liked the man, his instincts telling him there was something horrifically off about him. But the number one hero had resources he couldn’t dream of, so he kept his lips shut.


“Well done, my boy.”


There was no familial resemblance between the skeletal man beside him, and the boy who stood both victorious and broken where his son should have been. No resemblance to the hulking oaf of a hero either. But their quirks were markedly similar, as were their smiles, if the boy’s was a little kinder.


The man turned to him, all polite smiles and condolences for his son’s loss.


The smug aura around him so strong that Enji allowed himself, for just a second, to pity the boy in green.





Its just tenya and todoroki who know

  • and quickly bakugo too, bc he was there for shoutos tragic backstory reveal, which included izukus too
  • and like,,, mic and aizawa are in denial bc jesus christ its the number one hero and hes normally so nice


izuku v katsuki babey!

  • basically izuku starts to panic and bakugo stops the fight and grabs his hand


"pull yourself together deku. forget everyone else, this is just a fight between me and you, go it?"


and izuku gives a shakey smile, and nods. bakugo releases his hand


"lets start this again, huh izuku"

"sure thing kacc-. Katsuki"


  • and then fiGHT and its great and its a tie bc they are both so fucking exhausted. izuku and bakguo have to get hauled to their feet by midnight, but both of them are grinning




izuku has trouble w his hero name, like, a l o t bc everything he comes up with yagi says no

  • but yagi wont give him any ideas eventually izuku just ends up with his hero name being "nine" bc yagi liked that one
  • katsuki can just,,, tell izuku doesnt like it (bc it reduces him as a hero down to his quirk)
  • (he wants the name jackrabbit)
  • he has no supports in his costume bc "it makes you look weak" and no support gear either
  • ok so , his bones are less fucked than canon zuku but hes willing to break them fucking constantly


aizawa actually comes up to him before the sports festival and says "you break your bones, you get disqualifed. no excuses"

  • yagi is p i s s e d but just nods politely to aizawa tells izuku hed better do as aizawa says, as stupid as a request it may be


also izuku really,, wants to paint his nails dumb glittery colours like ochako and mina do so they paint his nails for him! and then at lunch yagi scrubs the polish off with a dish scrubber

  • to make it worse, mina is sad izuku took it off, but she just
  • pauses
  • when she sees his fingers are almost bleeding


"midoriya, what happened?"

"oh haha funny thing, one of our teachers said i might get a uniform violation so i got a little enthusastic with scrubbing it off, sorry!"


  • aizawa just winces


one of the finals nails in the coffin is todoroki asking if "the tall thin blonde guy" is izukus dad

  • aizawa says no
  • todoroki says "good"





s t a i n a r c


so izuku finds iida and steps between iida and stain, starts fighting him, todoroki shows up, stain starts rambling about how allmight is the best hero and todoroki gives him a strange look


"i used to agree. but seeing allmight at school, i dont think hes the icon of morality everyone says"


izuku is spluttering, denying it, stain is just watching them. so stain isnt even fighting them, hes interested. bc this selfles kid is the one shigiraki wants

  • iida is lost too and he gets this,,, look in his eyes like hes starting to connect some dots
  • anyway, fight proceeds, they win the nomu tries to carry izuku off, stain stops the nomu and saves izuku and vaguely he realizes the way izuku just, sits in his arms, like he doesnt know how to react to being touched, and he pushes it aside
  • and he holds izuku close because all he knows is that this boy is kind and good and the world has hurt him and he says that this boy he is holding is the only hero hes ever worth met their salt


oh but after the hero killer thing, yagi storms into the office and hauls izuku out by his injured arm

and tenya and shouto just feel sick


"should, should we tell all might? about how his secretary treats midoriya?"


  • shouto just glares at the half open door, quiet appologies drifting down the hall until they turn another corner


"i'm quite sure that man already knows."

Chapter Text

Ok but All Might is basically Steve Irwin in this au, Izuku is a huuuuuge animal fan

Allmight is Izuku’s dad and Inko is his wife and izu hung around animals loads when he was young, 1A are the zoo volunteers

  • is he like, steve irwin with crocodiles? or something like big cats or wolves. Honestly let's just stick with crocodiles
  • aizawa is the sleepy big cat handler
  • mic yells with the birds, mostly his job is actually the PA system but he teaches the birds to talk during his lunch hour, And he runs birds of prey shows
  • Shinsou comes to the zoo a lot cause he likes watching the tigers and their babies. shinsou giving a bottle of milk to a baby tiger because aizawa needed an extra pair of hands and our boy is crying actual tears because its So Cute
  • Todoroki was never allowed pets or to go outside much because he has to be a respectable rich boi tm, but he's always loved watching all mights ridiculous nature shows


w a  it

this means


allmight dies. Damn ok I guess this is getting sad now.


  • Todoroki goes to the zoo for the first time ever and sees a mural to Allmight and just starts crying
  • so aizawa has been working at the zoo since izuku was born and was honestly his babysitter a lot with mic and tensei because tensei, the onsite vet, had a little brother the same age. and when the news came in? aizawa's heart sank because this little 6 year old ball of sunshine didnt have a dad anymore
  • inko is the badass but soft mum but shes not at home, shes actually on a shoot at the time
  • izuku is running around the zoo and aizawa just scoops him up and gets him icecream because the kid doesnt know yet and he wants izuku to have 5 more minutes before his world collapses. aizawa lets out a single sob because izuku picked the allmight themed icecream thanks
  • Aizawa helps Inko around the house as much as possible and drives Izu to school when Inko is having a rough day


All mights animals being depressed cause he's gone and blessed 6 year old Izu sneaking into a fucking lion enclosure because 'dad would want to cheer them up'

  • there was a lion cub litter born really close to izuku and allmight dotted on these cubs because he was all soft because his wife was pregnant, there are photos of toddler izuku with these lions. izuku burrying his face into one of their manes and crying while the lions lay around him
  • Aizawa has been interning at the zoo since he was 15 and is 22 when allmight dies. its his first year really "working" there because he just finished uni and hes on fulltime
  • aizawa thought allmight was going to be kinda snobby but allmight said hi to him every day, remembered his name and attended his uni graduation, told him he was proud and told him he'd never seen anyone as good with the cats as he was
  • aizawa babysat his kid, saw this man almost every day since he was 15


Ok but what if Inko wakes up in the middle of the night hearing All mights voice. She's freaking out, but then finds Izu rewatching old footage of his dad. Crying but also using them to learn how to be as good with the animals as him



animals a d o r e izuku, all of them

  • like, even the crows at the park will sit on his shoulders and give him little shiny things the wolves like to lick him and crowd him when he walks in, the crocodiles like head scratches
  • allmight was so proud of his son, because even he couldnt get animals to like him instinctually


1A are all the little highschool interns

  • Shinsou crushes on the cute zookeeper boy and Izu gets him an internship eventually, he just sees izuku hugging a lion and falls in love instantly
  • aizawa is his uncle and is complaining about this "kid that doesnt listen to safety protocol" and shinso is like ",, h im"
  • Aizawa thought that shinsou hated outdoors and animals, but is confused when suddenly Shinsou starts going to the zoo after school everyday


the way this family works

  • aizawa was a foster kid bc his family wasnt trusted with him but he still had contact, shinso's family was falling apart and aizawa didnt want his cousin to go through the same thing so he takes shinsou in age 10
  • they say uncle bc aizawa is so much older than shinsou


izuku like, doesnt tell shinso hes allmights kid and izuku wears a facemask and dyes his hair all the time so its fair that shinso doesnt guess

  • so izuku is on messenger and tells shinso to open his window izuku is sitting on his balcony. hes got a torch in his mouth and a swipecard in the other. he just kinda, grabs shinso and hauls him over the balcony. shinso is in pyjamas and all he has is a phone
  • izuku grabs his hand and they run down the street and shinso is just??? so lost. aizawa lives su p er close to the zoo and they get to the gate and shinso is like?? why are we here its midnight
  • and izuku o p e n s th e g a t e
  • shinso is crying bc he has every reason to think he'll go to jail
  • (izuku turned off the alarms and warned his mum he was doing this but didnt warn shinso because thats not fun)


so izuku takes shinso to the farmyard, wakes up the horse, which is his horse, a pulls shinso up on it too the horse has little lights on it

  • so its midnight and shinso is hugging izuku on this horse because its cold and hes in pyjama's and hes cold and its dark and he doesnt wanna fall off this massive horse
  • so izuku takes him around the zoo at night on this horse and its honestly great? bc loads of the animals are awake and the zoo is empty. izuku whispers that hes not really supposed to do this but hes going to do it anyway and shinso is like??? please dont im too young for jail
  • but izuku just giggles
  • izuku lets them into the back deer enclosure and its m a s s i v e
  • so its 2am by now, all the deer are awake so izuku ties up the horse and leads shinso over to his fave deer


"ok so, dad used to do this to me when i was litte, but i figure youre still light enough”


  • and izuku just hefts shinso onto this deer. shinso is laughing and clinging to this deer for his life and so izuku gets on another and they run around the paddock
  • shinso is yelling and cheering as izuku laughs, the other deer are running beside them because deer do that and its honestly the coolest thing that shinso has ever done
  • 4am and the deer have all fallen back asleep and shinso and izuku are on the roof of the vet clinic because the vet-clinic is still heated at night so the roof is warm and they kinda,, fall asleep on the roof. izuku wakes up at 6, but doesnt wake shinso up for 20 minutes because hes smiling even in his sleep
  • they have to sprint back to shinso's house
  • izuku helps shinso climb back up his balcony and waves goodbye and shinso just watches him run back to the zoo and hes blushing and messy and cold but hes just so happy
  • aizawa walks into his room a minute later and asks shinso if he slept outside for some ungodly reason because his lips are blue and there are leaves in his hair



izuku doesnt like people knowing hes allmights kid when hes just out and about or working or honestly  doing anything that isnt a show or interview so the only people that know are tenya, bakugo, tensei, mic and aizawa

  • Every year at the anniversary of all mights death they all bring Izu and Inko to his shrine and thousands of people come from all around to pay their respects and Shinsou finds a crying Izu after and takes him back to the zoo after hours so Izu can be with the animals
  • shinso still doesnt know izuku is allmights kid and izuku just sobbing and shinso doesnt know what happened


izuku just talks about his dad vaguely, shinso knows aizawa used to babysit izuku too

  • aizawa makes a tradition of getting icecream for izuku on the date every year, they both get the allmight themed one


bakugo isnt a massive dick in this au but hes still not a soft friend. he will roast you every 24 seconds but the 2 weeks around allmights death? he looks out for izuku, makes extra sure no one works out izuku from school is "allmights son" izuku, makes sure he eats lunch, helps inko make dinner

  • bakugo threatens to rip off shinso's dick and shove it down his throat and shinsou is like???? WHat dID i DO???
  • Izu is being bullied for crying in school around the date, Bakugo fIGHTS
  • bakugo gets suspended for a day and aizawa picks him up bc his parents are busy. bakugo looks angry but also kinda, embarrassed for being caught and for getting that mad. aizawa just parks on the side of the road just out of school and lets out a massive sigh


"you shouldn't have done that-"

"You dont think i fucking know that??"

"shut up and listen kid. you shouldn't have done that. and im not giving you a pat on the head for breaking the rules like that. but you did a good thing. hes got enough on his plate. youre a good friend"


aizawa lets bakugo stay at his place so mitsuki doesnt have to find out bakugo got suspended, izuku takes bakugo to pat the wolves as a "thank you for throwing down for me" present

Chapter Text

Starting with I-Island Expo

mellissa calls them over like canon, shouto basically demands he gets endeavours spot. aizawa and yamada go too, mostly because yamada was going there for his show and they heard whispers of all might, and were worried about a possible izuku attending so aizawa went as a plus one

  • the other kids are there for the same reason, but other than scissors paper rock for the tickets it was a tournament brawl because ochako demanded combat.
  • she won, of course


anyway, they meet up w david and melissa, and izuku and her go explore the expo when melissa tells izuku shes quirkless he just give her the strangest look, and she's a little confused

  • i-island was a very chill attitude towards quirks. if you have one, cool, but they aren't useful to the inventors so its nbd if you don’t. and she says ab how she's a researcher and all the and he jut looks at her like shes speaking gibberish

"they,,, they let you?"

and melissa looks dumbfounded "obviously? i mean, my grades are good enough?"

  • and izuku just start to cry. melissa is panicking bc she's already adopted this little hero as her little cousin because he's basically uncle might's kid. she like, hides him away in a corner and tries to understand what's wrong
  • and all she can get out of this crying kid is

"i used to be quirkless" and "don't tell all might"

  • she gives him a big hug and he talks ab how he was treated in middle school, and about how he hasn't told anyone in ua. she asks why he said don't tell all might and he murmurs that allmight doesn't think is very befitting of a hero to cry
  • deep down that doesn't sound right to her. but she only nods, hands him a tissue and they giggle about it behind a fancy model car


back in the office david and all might are talking

  • all might tells david that he knows his quirk is fading but it's ok, because he's training a successor and izuku is going to be perfect. that sounds ok to david. hes warmed by the total faith all might seems to have in his student, and the close relationship they must have to call him by his first name
  • all might confesses he’s looking forward to retiring and nurturing his student and david calls off the whole heist (well. he tries to. not that they listen.)


so Yamada and Aizawa are walking around the showroom floor and they see a "i was just crying but im trying to hide it and going an ok job" izuku with some random fucking blonde girl and they s w o o p in bc these are some worried dads

  • basically Yamada keeps her busy while aizawa says "oh i have to talk to you ab something" izuku goes over to aizawa and hes freaking the fuck out quietly. aizawa just leans down to look him in the eye

"you ok, kid?"

  • and izuku is confused

"what do you mean?"

"you looked a little unpset back there, do you know that girl? is she,,, doing anything? to you?"

  • and izuku feels all warm and fuzzy inside and smiles at his teacher bc aizawa cares!! ab him!!

"no sensei, shes all mights kind-of-niece, she was just showing me around the expo"

  • and aizawa winces a little at the all might comment but what can he do

"well, don't forget you can talk to me, ok? i know i gave you my number on an emergency basis but i also want you to know your definition of an emergency is terrible. just call whenever you want"

  • melissa, bc she understands social cues unlike izuku, and also bc shes fucking 18 looks at yamada and says "whats wrong?" and yamada feels all the force of an 18-year-old girls glare of "ive adopted this kid and ill kick you for him"

"just worried about the little listener is all, he looked a little down"

  • melissa just sighs and nods


  • yamada expects her to continue but she doesn't. they both just kinda fiddle around with some random buttons until aizawa brings izuku back, who looks significantly cheerier now. melissa declares lunch is on her and that the teachers are coming too
  • aizawa and yamada try to wiggle their way out of it, until izuku also tries to so they all double down on going to lunch and izuku gets dragged along
  • when they get there he's fretting ab what won't ruin his diet plan, and aizawa and yamada feel bad. melissa just tells him to get what he wants

"but i dont want to upset-. i should be sticking to my diet plan though."

  • aizawa loudly declares hes getting a chocolate sundae and pork cutlet sandwiches. melissa, equally loudly, decides on carbonara. yamada fumbles for a bit looking for something unhealthy because hes a mess, finally finds a chicken karrage bowl and points at it like hes very proud of himself
  • melissa loses her shit laughing, izuku just giggles softly and aizawa fuckn snorts at the crestfallen look on yamada
  • izuku quietly asks if getting katsudon would be ok and melissa just looks into his eyes

"izuku i would kill a man for you of course pork katudon is ok"


anyway, the other students turn up, and momo shouts them all food, ochako proudly declares herself winner of a fighting tournament and aizawa just slumps in his chair

"if i didnt hear that, you dont get detention for using your quirks without supervision"

  • and ochako just smiles with a scary amount of teeth

"who said we used quirks, sensei?"

  • and ochako proudly shows off the bruise on her upper arm where jirou punched her and jirou is whining bc she has a foot shapped imprint in her stomach s t i l l from the last round
  • everyone is talking n shooting the shit. it strikes the kids (and the teachers) a little weird that izuku is in his hero costume (the only other person there in costume is yamada, who is representing his agency. aizawa is in free dress but also his scarf bc he wanted to ask how the fuck it was made) but they just kinda, don't mention it


anyway, the bit w the quirk display

  • they hound aizawa into doing it, and he makes time pretty similar to bakugo and everyone is cheering for him and hes trying very hard to maintain his "im a professional hero not a dad getting cheered on by his stupid kids"
  • yamada wants to do it, but aizawa wont let him bc people need their ears
  • all the hero kids give it a go, including ochako, jirou, momo, etc. izuku (who at this point is like at 10%ish full cowl) makes time tied w Todoroki and izuku is talking ab how amazing todoroki is, and tenya chimes in with "you are quite amazing as well!" and midoriya blushes so hard he looks like a strawberry. he is very very flustered and keeps trying to deny it
  • eventually, everyone piles on the compliments (even katsuki bc this is the most fun hes had in ages) until izuku gets so flustered he hides behind aizawa like "you won't do this to me right?"
  • aizawa fuckn ruffles his hair and says "you're a good kid"
  • izuku just cries but he's smiling so wide everyone knows he's happy



so its the night of the party

  • izuku is dressed to the nines and he's sad ab it bc he wanted to wear something cheery and bright but instead he was dressed in a charcoal black suit, vest and a dark red tie. black shoes too
  • the one bit of cheer he shoved in were some red laces bc all might didn't mind them bc he was so "good" ab the suit fitting and the poking and prodding so he wears the bright red laces and hes very happy ab them
  • all might is in his hero costume, and hes very proud of the fact he and izuku match like a pair with the same shade of red bc that's his successor! his boy! all might tells izuku he can wait outside for the rest of the kids to show up and izuku is so happy! so he thanks allmight a lot more than he needs to and waits outside the door (all might was early to the event bc he needed to schmooze)


aizawa and yamada come later to a surprisingly well dressed izuku waiting patiently off to the side

  • they ask him why hes out there and he happily chirps that hes waiting for the other students that attended, they smile at him and walk in . all might sends them a glare from across the floor that aizawa returns just as spitefully
  • anyway, iida texts that hes stuck out the front bc the door wont open so he scrambles over to let iida and, apparently ochako as well, in (for the purposes of this au, todoroki, iida, ochako, izuku and melissa are the only ones of the kids at the beginning, todoroki's melodramatic entrance is stolen by jirou and momo. no mineta or kami bc they just,,, arent there lmao)
  • so the doors slam shut and melissa is like "wtf wtf" and the announcement sounds. they pile up the stair to look down to the dining room, teachers and other heroes tied up


the kids know a bit of sign from various hero class training bits by aizawa and "fun facts" by mic

  • so they brokenly sign to allmight and aizawa (the only teachers that can see them) that they are going to fix this
  • all might nods
  • aizawa looks panicked. these are kids. his kids. they shouldn't have to fight people with fucking guns
  • izuku says "ill keep them safe" and aizawa wants to cry because he believes him, but who'll keep izuku safe


so iida starts on his whole "we cant use quirks" speech before melissa can even remind them ab i islands quirk laws, izuku just murmurs

"all might gave me permission to fight. it'll be ok."

  • melissa freezes bc,,, she knows adults shouldn't be letting these kids fight, even if that's exactly what she's going to help them do. she mentions the quirk law anyway
  • now todoroki is pissed at all might but bitch was gonna fight anyway. ochako is 100% roaring for a showdown
  • now they are,, a little more cautious. bc they are a smaller group here but izuku is like double the power so its not realllllyy an issue the middle fight happens, they gain the wlw and mlm solidarity pairs (Jirou + Momo, Kirishima + Bakugo)
  • then pretty quickly lose bakugo and momo for a hot minute as they stay to finish up the fight while sending the others on
  • oh izuku totally has the punchy punchy thing from melissa i just forgot to mention it


so, bc melissa's dad didnt actually,, want in on it this time he's fighting back. he's stalling, pleading, backchatting; everything he can do to give someone a chance to fix his fuck up before it kills someone

  • so melissa and izuku make it to the top of the tower
  • izuku has been at shot more times than he's really happy about, just he has nothing more than a few grazes. melissa has a nasty bruise on her face and a cut on her arm from where she redirected a blow that would have stabbed izuku
  • the villain is talking ab how this was davids idea, and he's trying to explain to the kids that he's sorry, this was a mistake. he tried to call it off but they wouldn't stop. at this point he is totally away these people are real criminals and has been since the heist began
  • hes trying to convince them to run because as proud as all might is of izuku, and as proud of melissa he is, they are to young. they dont deserve this
  • izuku takes out the goons but the villain has already escaped with david and the quirk enhancer
  • izuku promises melissa he'll keep her dad safe and shes left in the control room crying alone because who'll protect the kid that's been nothing but kind and gentle yet has the weight of the world on his shoulders

also just an fyi bc you needed to know- melissa is down her heels and she lost her hairpin when she stabbed someone with it, she threw her heels at a villain too bc she was running out of ideas. melissa literally tied her hair in a big knott so she could fucking see

izuku is down a jacket - threw it over someone's head then punched them and his waistcoat is unbuttoned bc he need to ponch. his hair is going fucking hog wild, even in the tighter clip yagi likes it kept in

  • anyway, when the alarms go off, all might fucking rockets to the roof and aizawa is fuming bc those are his fucking kids too
  • he and yamada have to take the goddamn elevator to the roof. its certainly not a slow elevator but aizawa is so fucking tense. yamada isn't much better
  • all might wont let them fight. he hands david and melissa off to the and tells them he and izuku will handle wolfram and aizawa is so pissed bc izuku is on his last fucking legs here
  • aizawas quirk doesnt work w the enhancer so he admits there isnt much he can do, but yamada is perfect here. but all might wont move out of the way long enough for mic to let his quirk go. honestly, hed be tempted to do it anyway if not for izuku also being there


anyway, all might and izuku do their lil double detroit smash and its all very sweet

kind of

  • bc,,, aizawa can see how izuku is shaken up, and close to passing out. visibly in a lot of pain but hes swallowing it all down and acting as if everything is fine and aizawa sees izuku with small might again and wonders why, why do they know each other?
  • yamada and aizawa feel vaguely ill when izuku and all might return to their shared hotel room after all might grabs a few bandages and alcohol wipes from a first aid kit. bc,,, aizawa can see how izuku is shaken up, and close to passing out. visibly in a lot of pain but hes swallowing it all down and acting as if everything is fine
  • aizawa and yamada stay with the kids, trying to cheer them up and bandaging wounds that dont need urgent medical care. melissa is just blankly watching out the door izuku left through

"why didn't they stay?"

  • aizawa just aggressively tightens the bandage around his sliced up arm. todoroki looks pissed. iida just kind of looks down

"im not sure, melissa. im... im not sure"

  • the next morning, as aizawa and yamada stumble downstairs to eat shitty hotel breakfast food, yamada glances out the window and looks like hes about to cry bc izuku, still battered and bruised, is steping out of the gym over the road. its only 7am
  • they basically pounce on the kid and drag him to breakfast, where they find out he has been training since 5 and hasnt eaten yet and hes fucking, sheepish about it

"i got up a little late, so i just to my light routine for the morning, ill have to make up the time a little later"

  • aizawa just shoves pastries at his kid. izuku tries to stammer out that they arent part of his diet but,,, they look really nice and he's really hungry and stressed,,, and he caves pretty quick
  • so aizawa yamada and izuku are sitting around a table, both of his teachers arent totally human until they've had a coffee so izuku is happily babbling about some new hero teach he saw as aizawa grunts in affirmation
  • allmight shows up and izuku blanches. aizawa and yamada are a little too tired to realise until yagi is already over by the table. izuku quietly puts down the pastry and just cringes into himself

"im,,, im really sorry. i - i just"

"i got it for him" aizawa says totally deadpan as he slams back a whole ass cup of coffee

  • deep down inside he did it to flex on mister "i have no stomach so im not allowed caffeine"
  • all might sighs and gently chides izuku for not sticking to his diet plan. izuku nods miserably and excuses himself back to the room to 'get changed out of his sweaty clothes'
  • yagi sits and eats breakfast with aizawa and yamada as they try to understand what,,, what exactly happened there. it hurts both of them because they arent sure what all mights doing
  • mic has seen one instance of something nasty going on, but other than that its just been a collection of terrible vibes


Training Camp Time Baby.

  • after that total clusterfuck of an event training camps still on
  • all might wants to go but nezu no sells him bc "you literally attract villains, all might" and like bitch is smart, he knows something is up. hes not sure what yet, but hes working on it
  • all might gives aizawa a personalised training schedule for izuku that he takes one look at and throws it out the fucking window
  • basically all might goes as "all might's secretary"

"very worried about my boy, and i think aizawa is training him too hard, could you please give me a run down on what happens each day?"

  • monoma, starry-eyed: of course all might
  • and there is this little,,, list of things he doesnt want izuku doing and he phrases them in ways that make it seem like hes being perfectly reasonable. like allergies or bad habits izuku is trying to break or whatever. izuku has to tell all might what happens at the end of every day anyway
  • all might,,, wants hourly updates,,,, but he realises that's not going to happen w aizawa's deep hatred of students on cellphones lmao
  • he hears izuku mentioning to todoroki that "yagi" wants to know what's happening at the camp and that hes excited to talk to his mentor about all the training they do. and aizawa is caught between wanting to find some bullshit reason to take izukus phone, or just pretending he didn't hear that bc who knows how much trouble not answering yagi could get him in
  • he makes an announcement that cellphones are to be on mute for the duration of the camp anyway.
  • yagi wanted to go on the camp, aizawa wouldn't let him, monoma is yagis mole etc we have covered this


in this au the league never latched on to bakugo, it's izuku that shigiraki wants, but to backtrack

  • getting off the bus its funny in a sad way bc izuku was so prepared to get hit by one of the teachers "training" them at any time he dodges the landslide
  • they all just kinda sit there for a second, stunned. izuku sighs quietly and jumps after his classmates
  • anyway so, they get to the camp a lil faster bc izuku is More Powerful, izuku (bc hes faster than iida on uneven ground) runs shinsou to the campground, they mind control pixiebob to stop the earthbeasts then run back to show the rest of 1A the way out
  • they get there in 2 hours
  • aizawa is very proud of his boy for thinking of that! and he ruffles izukus hair and its cute


in this au izuku isn't confident enough to say hi to kouta, but he waves. kouta just glares at him and he hides behind iida

  • they do a little extra training because 1A finished the earth beast thing so fast, half of the training is all of 1A trying to stop Izuku from going overboard. they get a little,,, distrubed when they realise just how long izuku can train without visibly breaking a sweat
  • they go to chill in the baths and iida sees izuku walking out of the changing rooms and freezes
  • because hes c o v e r e d in hand-shaped bruises
  • he tries not to react bc he doesnt want izuku to be uncomfortable and change his mind ab hanging in the bath w all of them
  • kaminari goes to say something and kirishima just fucking pulls him under the water before he can say anything, mineta is socially aware enough to not open his fucking mouth


they chat n izuku can kinda,,, tell,,, something is wrong but most of the bruises are places he can't see/doesnt look, like his shoulders, hips, back, back of his legs

  • and the ones on his wrist he just kinda brushes off bc hes still convinced this is normal the thing w mineta happens, izuku helps kouta, iida comes with him to give him to the wild wild pussycats
  • and pixiebob looks like she wants to say something bc who is hurting this kid? and iida just catches her eyes and he looks so worried. she keeps her mouth shut, but makes sure to mention it to aizawa. she feels terrible when aizawa just curses and pulls his hair in frustration


anyway, 1B shows up and its hilarious bc 1A is going hog fucking wild

  • other than izuku, aizawa is forcing izuku to learn to cook
  • so bakugo is screaming and blowing shit up, todoroki is in a fucking barrel, iida is running like afo is chasing him and aizawa is patiently showing izuku how to scramble eegs
  • monoma is lossing his fucking mind
  • but yeah aizawa and izuku are sitting in front of a little stove w their legs crossed, izuku is trying to cut tomatoes and aizawa is supervising. they are making breakfast for 1A. slowly. all of 1A is being very careful to not disturb them, so there is this little bubble of calm around the egg station

"why,,, why arent i training?"

  • and aizawa fucking pauses

"this is training, keep up problem child."

  • and izuku looks so fucking lost but the eggs smell good and he gets to cook the bacon next. each part of the fucking breakfast is cold by the time 1A gets to eat it bc izuku was cooking it 1 by 1, little portions at a time
  • everyone just tells him its fucking wonderful


he joins in training after breakfast, ragdoll is placed on "izuku watching duty" which izuku has 0 clue about. if he gets hurt/sore/too tired someone gets sent over to get him to do something else

  • when she looks at him the first time she wants to cry bc,,, hes not tired, hes more resting than hes been in ages. but the places that hurt, before hes even been training, are sending blaring alarm bells in her brain
  • anyway, its amusing bc everyone is 'going beyond' and they are just trying to get izuku back so they can know what is 'going beyond' and what is 'going so far beyond how are you still moving'
  • everyone is fucking wiped and izuku is like 'this is the easiest training ive had in months what' and aizawas want to yell bc while hes being soft on izuku, they arent taking his training lightly, and this is easy?
  • he gives the curry to kouta like the show, they all go to sleep
  • izuku has a nightmare and shouto - the only person not asleep - tries not to hear the things hes saying. he cant hear much, but he wishes he hadnt heard anything. anyway at least they all wake up well-rested

 unfortunately in this au the villains actually have a half-decent plan, and fucking, communicators -which isn't great for the kids

  • so muscular sees izuku and is like "oi compress move your arse over here" while he tries to kill kouta. so we get the joy of izuku saving kouta, getting him to aizawa and just as he hands over the kid, compress takes izuku and kouta just starts to cry



"izuku is kidnapped" time is a ride

  • the only thing they give him is a set of quirk suppressors and dont give him a key to get out of the bar. they are about as nice to him as they are to eachother, a little softer on him bc hes young and they pretty much know whats happening to him
  • like, he gets out of compresses marble and hes panicking and crying, dabi just crouches down next to him and rubs his back, asks him if hes gonna be ok
  • shigiraki is trying to convince izuku to join then and his face just kinda falls when he sees izuku looking resistant

"you,,, you don't know whats hes doing to you is wrong."

  • and izuku looks like a deer in the headlights

"what do you mean? no ones- nothings- nothings wrong."

  • dabi just sits on a chair bc he knows where this is going and he doesn't like it. shigiraki looks at izuku

"if its not wrong, then tell me about it"

  • and izuku clams right up


ok but afo wants to talk to izuku. in this au he has literally 0 beef with the kid

  • he has only so much beef with the ofa users in general and hes typically pretty soft on them for being part of his brothers legacy, as soft as he can make killing them if they wont stop getting in his way, but still
  • but he hates allmight so fucking much and hes never been totally sure why
  • anyway, he asks to talk w izuku and this kid is shaking like a leaf and afo tells him

"you are a child. i have no intention of hurting you, i just want to know what all might has done to you."

"hes not done anything bad, i swear!"

"then why don't you tell me about it?"

  • izuku sits there quietly and afo feels just generally disgusted with humanity tbh
  • "how did you two meet?" izuku slowly opens up about the day they first met, and afo feels a stab of empathy for izuku, because being quirkless now is pretty comparable to being quirked before, afo doesnt interject beyond nods and encouraging him to keep going
  • but eventually izuku totally clams up, starts crying and cant say anything else. afo wishes he didnt look as scary as he did because he wants to give the kid a hug. he calls tomura to take him back to the bar and get him something to eat


it gets to the point that all of the villains are super fucking soft for izuku. hes very nice, treats them well, and has seen some horrific shit

  • so when all might shows up to "rescue" him, they close ranks. they dont even pressure him to become a villain, because each of them has felt society push them into boxes they didn't want, and they dont want to do that to izuku
  • anyway, they get to kamino bc the usual fuckery, and izuku is just stranded behind villains crying and looking ill
  • the rescue squad : bakugo, todoroki, ochako, kirishima, iida, and one stubborn shinso that befriended the hero departments resident nervous wreck
  • they look across the field and they feel ill because izuku looks sick. but they feel a little better when twice gives him a bit of a hug.
  • confilcted, but better
  • they see afo talking to him gently but quickly, gesturing both to the villains and to the section of wall the rescue squad is hidden behind. izuku tearfully points to the wall, afo nods, ruffles his hair, and goes to send him off when all might rockets in

basically afo has looked at izuku and thought "wow hes me but a good person" and thinks he's what his little brother would want a hero to be, so, while hes very much going to continue his villainous thing, hes going to go out of his way to avoid hurting izuku bc this kid is what his little brother wanted OFA to be

  • and allmight is exactly what he would have hated
  • so, all might takes a step forward to drab izuku, the villains push him behind them
  • dabi is basically saying something along the lines of

"so does being in the top ten require you to be a total dick, or is it just a running theme?"

"give him back"

"why all might, izuku is his own person."

"izuku, get over here, now."

  • izuku lets out a sob and vaults over the villains, hiding behind allmight and all might looks horrifically smug. izuku whispers something to all might, but all might shakes his head (he was asking if he could run away)
  • the fight begins
  • a few reasons he wont let him leave:
    • its punishment for being 'weak' enough to get kidnapped
    • its backup if afo gets the better of his because hes made sure izuku is more than a force to be reckoned with
    • he wants to know what dabi ment and hes very read to ask izuku ab it
  • izuku is honestly shaking like a leaf, quirk going bonkers and he can't turn it off. the rescue squad does its thing, and their hearts break when they see izuku look at them tearfully and shake his head
  • they all hide in the crowd and cry as they watch the fight go on, izuku shakily pulling people from the rubble in the background. when hes gotten all of the people free he can, izuku kind of runs out of reasons he isnt actively helping allmight. he grits his teeth and dives into the fight with the other villains
  • hes trying to keep them away from all might and they all look heartbroken ab having to fight him dabi is saying something along the lines of "we know he hurt you, but how? why?" and izuku is just crying
  • all might can hear this too


izuku actually misses a few kicks and punches bc his eyes are too filled with tears, but the villains are careful not to hurt him too much. they just want to get him down and out of the fight, but as uninjured as possible

  • but thats a little fucking difficult when compress and kurogiri are down for the count and everyone else has nasty death quirks
  • eventually, it gets to the point that trying not to hurt the other villains is only hindering afo, and all might is pulling exactly 0 punches with izuku present, so afo teleports the villains away, they feel bad ab leaving izuku behind but there is no way this little hero would go with them. they know that now
  • afo goes to deal the final blow to all might, izuku just moves
  • cant stop himself from planting himself between them and trying desperately to catch the punch. hes hurt, badly. but hes not as dead as all might would have been

there is a vicious edge to all might’s smile as izuku is blown across the battlefield, and lays there w/o moving

  • afo feels sick, all might just looks pleased

"ive done pretty well wouldn't you say?"

  • afo just stares at him

"ive created the perfect hero. selfless down to the last breath, filled with overwhelming power and determination."

"he's flawless. isn't he."

  • afo wants to gag

"so, in creating your 'perfect hero', you find it acceptable to sacrifice your own humanity?"


  • (all mights been small might for this conversation i just forgot to mention it l m a o )


they exchange their final blows

  • izuku shakily gets up from where he lays crumpled on the ground and staggers over to all might, where he stands victorious over afo
  • iida, todoroki, shinsou, Bakugo, the people who have seen what yagi has done to izuku and how he has treated him are now slapped with the realisation that the number one hero and the person hurting their best friend are one and the same
  • shinsou punches a wall, bakugo looks like hes about to be sick. iida and todoroki look shell shocked. ochako is just lost and confused
  • all might wraps izuku is a hug, where izuku hides his sobbing face. all might whispers something in izukus ear, not that the cameras can pick it up

"come on now, heroes don't cry."

  • izuku takes a breath, wipes away his tears and steps back. All might rests a hand on his shoulder and looks into his eyes, and loud enough for the cameras to pick up and announces

"you're next."

  • izuku nods solemnly
  • in the back of a conference room, vlad watches as aizawa goes deathly pale in realisation. at ua, nezu watches on with a degree on concern. at the hospital, the clueless members of 1A cheer. those who know more feel nervous, those who know the most feel sick.


the internet goes fucking bonkers. all might transformed, defeated a crazy villain, and literally declared his successor live on television

  • izuku and all might end up in the same hospital room, and all might,,, allmight.. ye.


anyway, the kids from the rescue attempt call aizawa over and over and over. every teacher, student, pro

  • any hero of ua staff they have anyway of contacting, begging to find out where izuku is right now. aizawa would tell them if he wasn't going exactly the same thing himself
  • eventually recovery girl calls him and he hightails his way over. fyi inko isnt there bc shes passed out drunk at home uwu
  • he bursts into the hospital room with as much dignity as he could possibly have and its not really very much. doctors are hovering around, stitching wounds, taking blood, and watching an ecg pretty closely (they felt the room for a minute and izukus started going crazy, so they thought something may have happened to his heart)
  • the amount izuku perks up when he sees aizawa is heartbreaking he rushes over and immediately starts looking him over, apologising and telling him hes brave and that hes sorry he couldnt be there to help and izuku tears up. all might is glaring a hole in his back but aizawa doesnt give a shit right now, his kid basically go taken by the boogeyman and his unstable son, then has a target painted on his back on live tv. aizawa gives 0 shits ab all might right now
  • izuku just looks stunned, and then he lets out a watery giggle

"you shaved, sensei."

  • and aizawa is caught between crying and laughing. gently asks izuku if he can give him a hug, and izuku looks so shocked he was asked aizawa heart breaks again. izuku nods shyly and gets a Good Dad Hug
  • aizawa stays until izuku falls asleep, then he rounds on all might

“I don’t know what you’ve done to him, but he looked more afraid to be stood next to you than a man who has killed countless. Whatever you did, you won’t be doing it again.”

  • All might goes to say something, anything, but aizawa grabs him by the front of his hero costume
  • Aizawa tells him in no uncertain terms that he’ll never be alone in a room with izuku again for as long as he lives.
  • And with that, he storms out, leaving all might to stew.

Chapter Text

aka: izuku fights like spiderman and is a vigilante using black whip

basically: dadmight, dead inko

  • Inko and Izuku get caught up in ‘the’ villain fight w AFO, that cripples All Might. Izuku is just this random little kid that stands infront of All Might when he’s been knocked to the ground because hes a hero through and through. AFO thinks hes cute and simply pushes him aside. His mother is already dead in the rubble. Izuku is begging for his heroes life and that’s what drives All Might to rise again That child shouldn’t witness any more death today.
  • The blow Izuku prevented it the one that took out All Might’s stomach and lung but that’s not to say he’s going particularly well. AFO is down but hes bleeding out, Izuku is trying to find someone to help. He's only nine, but already so heroic. Convinced he’s going to die, All Might gifts his quirk to Izuku.
  • All Might pulls through and finds out the child that saved him has no one. That just won’t do. He takes in Izuku and they learn to be a family together, and Izuku learns how to use his quirk.
  • Too far away from his old school now, he goes to Somei when he can reinvent himself. Given the quirk at a younger age he has better control, even if he can only use around 1%. A smart kid with a good heroic quirk, he’s pretty popular at Somei, but the bullying still affects him and he’s reluctant to make friends. He befriends Iida – a boy most people avoided for his strange mannerisms and brutal honesty. Iida remains his only true friend in his eyes at Somei.
  • Nighteye stayed, All Might plans to retire when his quirk has mostly waned, hoping if he times it right Izuku will have graduated by then. Nighteye might dote on Izuku a little but the kid is delightful.



  • OFA isn’t happy about this. As the years pass the quirk begins to tear into him in his sleep, begging and clamouring for him to do something – anything – to use the quirk as it was meant to be used.
  • The past wielders watch in horror as their quirks tear Izuku parts from the inside out. Finally, they break, begging All Might to do something to save their boy. All Might had never heard the wielders before or since.
  • With little other option, lest he be killed by his quirk, they hatch a plan.
  • It's sickeningly easy. The only have to say “All Might’s son” and Izuku is instantly given a spot in the licencing exam at only 12 years old. He isn’t the only one of the heroic’s commissions dirty little secrets in attendance because that’s the year Hawks takes his exam aged 16. They bond.
  • He passes, just, one of the past wielders giving him a very, very rough crash course on how to use black whip. Aged 12 he gets his full hero licence, the commission skipping provisional on account of his ‘pedigree’


Anyway: this tiny underground hero running into Aizawa again and again, Aizawa doesn't believe he's a hero until he pulls out his license. His costume has a voice distorter to hide how young he sounds but he’s very very tiny.  

  • Izuku having a backpack filled with snacks and zip ties and Aizawa is faintly concerned

definitely not to protect him. He holds Aizawa down with black whip to try and shove real food into the other hero’s mouth because he becomes fond of his very quickly. He’s like a cool older brother to Izuku.


Aizawa, hungry but refusing to give in to the gremlin "NO StOP"


He decides to live up to his “annoying little brother’ reputation and follow Aizawa around

  • like he talks to Nezu ab the whole deal and Nezu is like "ok, sounds fair" and lets izuku on campus to chat with teachers and stuff. but its 100% to fuck with Aizawa
  • so Aizawa is trying to fucking teach and he gets interrupted by a protein bar to the head. his class is shocked.
  • they all look out the window, no one is there but it's slightly open. Aizawa prays it’s not the new underground brat, opens his mouth to keep talking and gets hit with another protein bar
  • 3A watches in shocked silence as Aizawa flings himself out the window to chase down the tiny hero that has just flung himself into the courtyard.


He’s really good buds w hawks, they do dumb shit together all the time

“oh yagi sensei look a flying spider!”

  • it’s just fucking hawks and Izuku barrelling through the sky at full speed. Shrieking
  • izuku and hawks go out for coffee in full costume so izuku just stubbornly holds his coffee the whole time bc he doesn't wanna lift up his mask. he’s just walking around with room temp coffee and a slightly squashed pastry

 “izuku pwease ur getting crumbs everywhere”

“i p a i d f o r t h i s”

  • they have to fight a villain and Izuku refuses to drop his fucking cupcake


After a nasty incident after Izuku got his licence, All Might retires. His quirk isn’t what is used to be, and he’s in fact rapidly losing the ability to use it at all. He's no slouch in the fitness department but that lack of quirk isn’t helping. He ends up actually being the office secretary.

  • and the public is shook. in this year Nighteye stayed w All Might bc All Might passed on his quirk right after afo, and Nighteye is here to train izuku. so All Might’s agency has no All Might
  • izuku, Nighteye, Hawks, Miriko, w guess appearances from iidaten and hands up radio but only Nighteye knows how young izuku is
  • David and Melissa are part of the agency on as support staff
  • Nezu isnt actually aware of the fact izuku is only 12, and All Mights (adopted but still) son and boy is he going to be pissed when he finds out he child was doing hero work under his nose


Oh yeah his hero name is Legacy BTW


  • Aizawa makes jokes that the new hero Legacy is a kid bc he doesnt patrol during school hours and izuku is s w e a t i n g
  • he mostly patrols around dusk, like 4pm till 8pm, and noon till 10 on the weekends so the end of his patrols intersect with the start of Aizawa’s
  • izuku keeps stubbornly swinging after Aizawa demanding a high-five
  • Mic loves Legacy but hes lost bc hes a really new hero with ties to ua but he hasnt ever seen a student like that attending, so he’s honestly wondering where he popped up from.
  • but Mic is like " isnt shouta fuckin amazing what a guy " and Legacy says " yES" and Mic is like "son"
  • Legacy has a lil intro press conference and the whole world is instantly smitten with this sweet young hero that has All Might’s seal of approval. Legacy is everyone’s son and they would all die for him
  • it’s a running theory that Legacy is All Might’s kid bc,,,, his name is Legacy so like,,, they aint wrong but anyway All Might feels t e r r i b l e that his little 12-year-old is out fighting villains but OFA wouldn’t lets izuku sleep, or eat or dream unless he was doing s o m e t h i n g against AFO
  • izukus not alone though, when he fights he can often see ghost images of the predecessors leading him through fights. he fights so differently from time to time its a real theory that Legacy is multiple people

Chapter Text

so basically, izuku is the son of afo and runs away, living with the bakugos who know a bit of what's going on

  • only katsuki knows exactly what afo is: aka a quirk stealing 200-year-old man. his parents just think he was abusive


izuku is going to be a hero and he wants to be in intel

  • he hears rumours of a type of hero called a broker hero, essentially  a deep cover hero that passes info on to heroes, writes info on up and coming villains and works with vigilantes and he decides that's what he wants to do
  • he's quirkless but the timeline of him knowing katsuki basically means they are on good terms, inko died and afo took izuku away age 4, he escaped age 13 knowing how to kick ass. he has no idea if he was born quirkless or not.


anyway, izuku manages to get in touch w nezu and asks ab being an info broker hero. nezu says if he can either a, profile all of the teachers that would teach his year level if he made it in, or b, get into ua and get out without raising too much alarm he'll consider letting him in. if he can do both, hes certain to get a place

Obviously, he does both. Because hes Izuku.

  • But there are trick bits to both of them.
  • for getting into ua? that's really fucking hard and he has 10 months (the 10 months that canon izuku uses to train for ua) so there are only so many times he can try before the teachers get nervous
  • for profiling them? 1: a lot of the teachers dont have accurate descriptions of their quirks w their registry, either bc no one tested it very well or they were smart enough to realise that villains can read that shit too
  • all heroes are listed by hero name but that's tricky bc who tf is eraserhead because he's not online and there's probs footage of him but w no name attached
  • and
  • the last catch
  • izuku has no way of knowing ab all might (nezu totally set it up bc he wanted izuku to meet all might and talk ab afo and maybe get over some trauma together or something)


but being in deep cover is super stressful bc no one can know who he is. nezu gives him a pass w katsuki but other than that he has to fake his kidnapping/death and disguise himself to enter UA

  • well like, its pretty helpful to be honest bc now his dad thinks hes dead and will like,,, stop looking.
  • now tomura and the rest of the leauge and afo did really love izuku. and afo is heartbroken, tomura is angry no heroes saved him. they both believe he was killed bc of his connection to afo by a hero
  • so we get the great bit of tomura yelling at aizawa during the usj "if you heroes are so great why couldn't you save my little brother" and izuku wants to tell him hes safe because thats his big brother
  • but he cant


to backtrack to make this less sad, izuku is faking a quirk to everyone other than nezu bc as part of this izuku has to go ghost as soon as he graduates

  • so hes faking an analysis quirk. oh and obvs katsuki knows but anyway
  • so izuku has to grow out his hair and dye it, and bc the adult bakugos think he's dead he's living on campus (w nezu's permission) at the moment, but none of the teachers are meant to know hes there
  • so he just keeps confusing aizawa bc hes never seen izuku walk in the front gate
  • babyzuku is really extra and has loads of time to kill so his hair is always nicely done, chemically straightened, long and light blue (a quiet nod to the big brother he couldn’t save.)



this is so cripplingly lonely that nezu has to compromise izuku's cover to the class bc he didn't realise just how damaging loneliness is for a human

  • basically he tells aizawa ab whats going on w izuku and tells him to inform the class bc the poor boy is crumbling
  • so 1A gets to galvanise around one more secret

Chapter Text

the yakuza zashi au

hes not morally perfect bc hes a yakuza kid with his parents cheering him on

  • with a hoard of other yakuza they all have handmade signs and a special cheer
  • they are at the sports festival and they are scaring the people around them. they look like they wanna beat up shouta when he beats mic, but then one of them whispers "oh wait! thats the young lords crush!" and these burly men giggle like school girls


  • Hizashi abusing his dads connectionc to help this scruffy lil gen ed boy stay out of trouble and then he gets into the hero course and hes like,,, "fuck, im gonna need a bigger allowance to pay people off"


  • ok so hes actually yakuza on his mum's side, his dad married into the family, his dad took his mum's last name bc i say so
  • anyway his parents look like Criminals and it makes him laugh tbh bc they are really sweet, if totally also criminals. his dad has a scar cutting from his eyebrow to his cheek bone, everyone assumes its from a knife fight. its from a cat. his mum is a high femme boss lady style femme fatale, and she rocks it. however she's secretly a total tomboy who just likes looking fancy


also hizashi was like,,, very gay growing up. the stereotypical gay kid, and his parents thought he was just the sweetest thing tbh

  • his mum did his nails all glittery, his dad took him to gymnastics


anyway: so he and his parents have an,,, interesting sense of morality

  • they don't like killing people bc its lazy, messy and pretty rude, but they will in some scenarios, ie: they tried to kill you for no good reason, they back stabbed you for no good reason, they did something horrific too you etc
  • hizashi doesn't view killing as the worst thing someone can do, but he does see it as a total last resort. in the family, betrayal is worse than murder, same w the whole yakuza family


so hizashi has great parents


is not so lucky

  • his mum doesnt really,,, care much for him. his stepfather is a b a s t a r d. does terrible things we aint getting into, calls shouta a fag, useless, "basically quirkless", etc. his mum just tells him to stop "making his father angry"


after the sports festival when shouta kicks hizashi's actual ass hes totally prepared to be hated

hes expecting it, honestly.

  • but hizashi looks at him with wide eyes and mutters "so,,,, cool,,," and he feels himself blush like a tomato. moving into 1A after the festival hizashi basically forces him to become his friend. shouta has 0 say in the matter
  • the only people brave enough to really befriend him rather than just being chill w him were nemuri and tensei
  • nemuri bc shes gives no fucks ab any yakuza bitch, tensei because he has some faith in the background check system to not let a violent bastard in


now shouta has no clue hizashi is in the yakuza

  • everyone else in 1A knows they try and like,, warn him. subtly. but he doesnt get it at all and actually thinks they mean hizashi is bitter ab the festival
  • so shouta 'lets' himself be befriended all the while expecting that some time hizashi, nemuri and tensei are going to beat the crap out of him when hes not expecting it


hizashi and co. are fucking around at lunch, eating outside and messing around

  • nemuri says one of her normal pretty explicit jokes to shouta and shouta panics
  • he can't handle it, shuts down, has a silent panic attack that freaks them all the fuck out because hes not breathing, hes just shaking and crying silently and nemuri, obviously, feels like shit and shes panicing a lil ab what to do
  • tensei is trying to calm shouta down and failing bc shouta is panicking so hard he can't even fucking hear him
  • hizashi is really regretting his brains because hes just made some really horrific connections
  • the bell rings, hizashi tells nemuri and tensei to go back to class and just sits there and holds shouta's hand until he calms down
  • poor guy is disociating like fuck too


so hizashi considers going back to class

he really does

  • but then he thinks "nope, fuck it" and he sits with shouta outside until the bell rings to go home
  • shouta starts to feel a little,,, better? more aware? idk, but he apologises and tries to say nothing was wrong and he just over reacted
  • hizashi just looks at him

"look, im not gonna make you tell me. but that wasn't nothing. i'm not that stupid."

  • shouta tries defend himself but just gives up bc its not like hizashi is wrong. nemuri and tensei bring their bags down, explain their teachers weren't that mad (nezu totally saw that happening on the cameras and told the teachers that they might not be coming back to class)
  • nezu is a good man also ive decided hes imortal and princpal always


hizashi would totally put a hit out on shouta’s parents but hes stony silent ab his homelife, they don't even know if he has parents and asking seems rude bc they've known the guy like a month

  • now hizashi's parents
  • have no such moral qualms
  • and they get people to scope out shouta's house. wiretaps, bugs, stake outs, the works. bc hiazhi told them that his friend had the mother of all panic attacks when nemuri made a dirty joke about a daddy kink and that is a warning sign if ever there was one
  • it literally takes a day for the stake out team to report back, and they are fucking fuming. they heard aizawa's step dad spew some nasty shit then make his son sleep outside
  • (this au shouta adores cats bc the strays stay with him when hes locked out, which is pretty often. he doesnt mind being locked out because its better than the alternative)

so, hizashi's parents? pissed.

very pissed

bc you dont. hurt. kids. and this is their kids new friend


they have a plan (tm)

  • it involves mainly making shouta more comfortable with them + hizashi, then beating his dad's teeth in


to move away from angst for the moment, even baby zashi has tattoos bc hes part of the family

he just has a big one on his shoulder blades of a koi, and tiny one just under his collar bone of a music note

  • hizashi takes shouta out for bubble tea like every Friday. Hes highkey rich with a massive allowance from his parents and spoils the fuck out of all of his friends
  • he totally had a crush on shouta before the sports festiva foml when they were in the same entrance exam and shouta saved his ass from a robot. He was heartbroken that shouta didn’t make it in to the hero course

Chapter Text

ok so! vaugely inspired by a comment on the au post but i saw the words "chosen by fate" and ran with it


basically, the 3 fates from norse myths are still kicking

  • w all the crazy shit thats gone on since the rise of quirks, fates are constantly getting harder and harder to predict or manipulate so they are kinda out of a job
  • so they say "fuck it, lets throw our hat in the ring" and decide to pick a "champion" of sorts
  • out of everyone there is one child that sticks out a lot. hes plain looking, but every future hes in is incredible. hes not always a good person, but he always brings about change of some sort, for reasons he believes are good ones
  • and they look at this child with his shining fate and think "this one"
  • bc the fates know what its like to be jerked around by the universe, they ask him


"this is a deal we've done before, but we'll give more to you. trade us an eye and our powers will be yours to wield as your quirk, all we ask is that you live up to your fate"


they do the deal, the 4 year old izuku gives up the sight of one of his eyes for the power of the fates

the quirk is registered as "all the odds" aka: he can see the odds of a certain thing happening

  • but thats not his quirk. he can see the strings of fate, follow them to see the different future outcomes, or pull at them, making some options more likely than others
  • the only person he tells the full details of his quirk to is katsuki, bc the fates tell him he literally always tells katsuki in the end, and it'll "save a lot of trouble", not that he knows that
  • katsuki is very excited to know he becomes a top hero, but he makes izuku promise that he wont change his future bc he wants to make it there alone


also, the major downside of izukus quirk? he cant see his own fate

  • and the futures he sees are only as complete as the information he has
  • ie, he could witness kamino ward, but the future wouldnt show afo or minimight beyond a vauge blob


anyway izuku gets teased for his lame quirk for a bit, then stops bc everyone who teases him gets weirdly bad luck

  • its the fates, they love their baby champion and he said no killing people
  • but people who are good to him get good luck
  • so hes got the nickname cat, for black cat and lucky cat!


anyway, episode one kinda happens normalishhh, but he doesnt ask if he can be a hero, because hes going to be a hero, he doesnt care what anyone says, he will be

  • but when he sees all mights strings of fact he gets a really weird look at them, because something unnatural is holding one of them above the others. so he asks "who tried to seal your fate?" bc he has no brain to mouth filter
  • and all might, understandably, is confused by this tiny boy asking him a very very weird question
  • he doesnt even get a chance to go tiny before izuku does dead pale, and whispers "shit" allmight poofs tiny, izuku looks at him, yells "I WONT SAY ANYTHING" and running jumps off the roof. all might coughs up a lung but the kid was 'lucky' and stuck the landing


basically, w the apperance of the sludge villain, the weird fate he saw for katsuki that morning suddenly made a whole lot more sense

  • the fates guide him to katsuki as fast as they can, he arrives there just before allmight
  • anyway izuku is calling out for katsuki and lays eyes on someone in the sludge, he doesnt see who it is, he doesnt see their fate. he sees that flash of a hand reaching out for help and he's already leapt over the barrier
  • he grabs a bit of rubble from the ground and throws it at the villain's eyes, nails him right in the fucking eye, gets katsuki half out. but the villain is baring down again and its all izuku can do to try to keep katsuki's mouth free


allmight saves them

  • anyway, when izuku is walking home all might pops out of fucking nowhere and gives izuku a heart attack



  • does the: you are so stupidly heroic, do you want to be a hero?, izuku says: i sure fucking do


“whats ur quirk”

"oh funny that its,,, its a little weird."


"i can,,,, see and influence the strings of fate"


"wait yoU JUST THoUghT I wAs CRAZY?"

",,,,, people say weird things around me ok"


anyway all might basically says "ur crazy, your quirk is cool, take one for all."

  • and izuku says "OK YEAH"
  • all might asks a little how izuku was going to get into the hero course and he just pauses

"you know i was wondering about that but the fates told me id be fine." they both pause, staring at each other "wait,,, did they,,," "the fates totally knew huh"

  • anyway he eye glow when he use the fates quirk


all might sees izuku and he's like,,,, its baby nighteye

he honestly, for a hot minute, thinks nighteye might be izukus dad

  • bc like; green hair, gold eyes, smart, analytic? thats nighteye baby
  • all might asks lowkey like "oh you dont talk much ab ur dad huh?" and izuku explains he doesn't know the guy. all might mentally tells off nighteye for having a child and ditching the mother


todoroki’s question literally is "are you all might and nighteye's illegitimate love child"

and izuku, who has no filter, blinks and responds with

"who said i was illegitimate"


anyway, back to the training

  • izuku who has been training to be a hero forever is pretty damn fit for a kid, but hes not one for all fit
  • anyway katsuki is like "izuku why are u following an old man around is he a pedo, and izuku wheezes like "NO OH MY GOD KASTUKI NO" and he explains like,,, a little of it


"like so i might have a strength quirk now too"

"izuku what the fuck why are you so op"

"im sorry katsuki im just better than you l m a o"



so a brief overview of his quirk:

  • he gave an eye to use it so one of his eyes is just like,,, white. the whole thing is white. bc,,, its not really a quirk lmao,,,
  • anyway: he can view the future as much as he wants, it just takes some time, if he wants to take a quick look he doesn't need to stop paying attention, but its two slow and branching to be used like nighteye's in a fight (think like doctor strange in infinity war)
  • unlike nighteye he has a third person view of the events in question, and has,, some sounds? not many. mostly like breaking shit or oneliners hes heard before
  • changing the furture, however, is more difficult by a long way
  • viewing the future has no real cost other than the fact hes not paying total attention at the time
  • changing the future, however, causes pain
  • nerve pain proportional to the change. little things, like flipping a coin heads? to make it more likely, its like a prick of the finger. to make it a 100% chance its like badly stubbing your toe. to change something big, like to move where a blow hits, feels like your arms have been plunged into burning oil. to change something massive, like, to stop something that was almost certain to happen, can cause enough pain to not only render him unconscious but can cause nerve damage leaving him with chronic pain/numbness/lack of function
  • the pain is normally in his arms bc its izuku and he break he arm


anyway! bc he was fitter and caught a glimse of himself using ofa full cowl in the future + he cleaned the beach faster, he has like 2% full cowl for the entrance exam and had the quirk 2 months beforehand

  • katsuki avoids izuku for the day literally bc he doesnt want izuku to know if he passed before he did. which,,, is fair. he does explain this too so there isnt any random angst, izuku is just nervous
  • (oh also he can see the fate of someone hes looking at, he can change the fate of an event hes already seen to a different option hes already seen)


so we get the ochako bit, plus a bit of comedy bc katsuki is in a fucking beanie and sunglasses so izuku doesnt recognise him

  • he totally does but he doesnt say anything bc hes trying real hard
  • so izuku is kicking some ass in the exam and the bAMN 0 pointer like a fucking b a s t a r d hes like "whats the chances of this thing just like,,, breaking" and unfortunately they are v e r y low
  • so he is like "well i guess it's punchy time"
  • but before he gets there he sees a piece of rubble about to hit ochako. and he sees there isn't a small chance of it crushing her leg, so he changes the odds of that and gets a lovely few seconds of burning pain for his trouble
  • (hes,,, pretty used to it by now so the boy has a scary pain tolerance)
  • bc he doesnt want to break his poor arms he jumps up the sides of the robot and tears out some wiring in the back and they start to fall
  • and hes like "oh shit the chance of my getting hurt is pretty high huh i should change that too" and ochako saves him with her quirk


  • and then he has a bit of a horrifying realisation while he's trying not to cry from pain
  • because
  • his quirk never changed the actions of other people before. ofa made it stronger
  • but, as he is now understanding, that hurts like a motherfucker, and his not-eye burns too and thats really unpleasant


this is another au where shinsou gets in on rescue points from saving katsukis ass + using him to save someone else

  • katsuki is a little salty but hes like "yeah tbh i really wouldn't have saved them alone, its fine" and then forces him to meet izuku bc hes still a total quirk nerd
  • izuku drags them + ochako out for ramen bc hes celebrating. shinsou is like "its a little early to celebrate getting in" and izuku just turns looking a lil confused "no im celebrating surviving the exam"


ok so, first day its wild

  • izuku's quirk is listed as "lucky punch" aka he can see odds and hes strong and no he doesnt know why stop looking at him like that
  • izuku and katsuki walked to school together bc they are baby and secretly nervous
  • izuku doesnt really look at katsuki's future all that often bc he doesnt like it, no real deal w izukus quirk he just wants to be successful by himself. so izuku, who can't look into his own future, has no idea how this day is going to go
  • they rock up to class, get inside and aizawa shows up, izuku has a brief heart attack, the quirk assessment starts. this time aizawa doesnt even have like a problem w izuku hes just trying to prove a point ab them being little baby heroes and sucking ass and izuku looked nice enough not to be mad about it for the rest of the year
  • so aizawa erases his quirk which, fair and izuku is confused and trying to use it
  • both of them
  • but
  • erasure didn't touch the fate quirk
  • so when he turns to look at aizawa he gets a face full of the USJ incident and he goes dead pale. aizawa is a touch confused but continues his whole thing, gives izuku his quirk back. hes still shaking. he throws the ball, it goes,,, less than it could have but far enough to be impressive
  • izuku stands next to katsuki shaking while they wait for the test to end. shinsou and uraraka are kinda distressed and all 3 of them are angry at aizawa even if they have no idea why. izuku bolts from the field right after and throws up in the bathrooms, followed by a quick panic attack. he was so freaked he was using ofa to get there so now uraraka, katsuki and shinsou are trying to find the boy
  • and aizawa is faintly confused
  • shinsou finds him first, shaking and sick in the bathroom. he grabs shinsou by the arm and says "staffroom, now." shinsou, who really doesn't know whats going on but is 100% shook, takes him there. he basically has to half carry izuku there bc he can't support himself
  • they get there and izuku knocks saying "i need to speak to yagi-san, now." and he sounds so scared and the whole office jumps bc why does a kid know allmights name, and all might jumps bc what happened to his boy
  • so he rushes out, grabs izuku and hurries him into a private office aizawa gives shinsou a look and shinsou just glares at him lmao bc its his fault izuku is like this. even though,, hes not reall sure how


anyway, through sobs, izuku explains what he saw

  • and all might feels sick bc hes boy didn't need to see all of that horrific violence, see his teachers torn to shreds and crushed to bits while the other students watch on helplessly
  • nezu doesn't know the extent of izukus quirk, mostly just because they didn't think ab telling him. they tell him now
  • aizawa is brought in to see smallmight trying to comfort his poor shaking student, who looks up and him and flinches and aizawa is like "ok guys the fuck did i do" nezu explains and then aizawa feels like a right dick to be honest, not that it was really anyone's fault
  • then the horrifying implications of "villains inside UA" sinks in and hes suddenly very on edge. now, izukus quirk isn't 100%. he had such a brief look at the vision he doesnt even know how likely it is. and while he offers to take a better look, its clear he really, really doesnt want to, so they all basically say

"right. so. we should probably be pretty careful tomorrow, huh?"

  • so when the usj attack starts, they have all might with his full 3 hours, mic, aizawa, and 13, w other heroes on standby, they hope, hope, that this wasn't very likely
  • but
  • they were wrong.


Chapter Text

they were basically praying that the villains wouldn't make it into the usj

  • they've already altered the fate izuku saw by bringing allmight from the start, and present mic
  • but its not enough


the villains arrive and shigiraki is angry from the beginning, two unlisted teachers are waiting for them. shigiraki is childish but he's not stupid. he looks at the only child truly rattled, already protecting his friends, and he thinks hes found the cheater

  • they may not know the childrens quirks, but present mic? 13? they know those quirks very well. mic is warped to the ruin zone, too unstable to freely use his quirk. kurogiri sends bakugo, kirishima and jirou after him
  • All Might is warped right to the nomu, kurogiri and shigiraki on standby for support. 13 has been taken out, aizawa is fighting through the villains to get to the nomu, to maybe offer some support to all might. he doesn't go after mic. he has to believe mic can handle himself or he'll break down where he stands.
  • izuku is warped to the shipwreck zone. alone. from a quick look at the future, the fates for anyone warped with him were grizly. he is confident in his choice to stop anyone from warping with him. hes ignoring the steadily climbing number of futures where he alone meets a terrible end

hes missing so much information on the villains every future he sees is hazy at best. all he knows is that if he doesn't get off this boat, aizawa gets hurt and thats not something he can abide

  • he busts the fuel tanks, letting the flammable liquid float across the water. he drops a match. in the chaos, he uses as much of ofa as he dares to jump to the shore. he steadfastly ignores the smell of burning.
  • he is one the opposite shoreline to canon, approaching the fight from the side, rather than the front. aizawa is hurt, batter from various villains, bleeding slugishly from a headwound. he looks dazed
  • 4 of shigiraki's fingers are wrapped around his neck

all might is at a standstill. if he strikes against the nomu, shigiraki will put his thumb down. he stands there and takes blow after blow, smile long gone from his face

  • izuku looks at the strings of aizawas fate. so many end here in so many ways.
  • he pushes his quirk into getting shigiraki away from his teacher. without direction, hes just baring against his quirk, begging it to give him a chance.
  • it does.
  • the bright flash of an explosive blonde draws the eyes of kurogiri and shigiraki. he uses the moment of distraction to launch towards his teacher, yanking him from shigiraki's hand. he loses a large chunk of skin for his trouble


all might defeats the nomu, but hes not looking good

  • bakugo, a limping mic, dazed aizawa, battered all might and bleeding izuku are the last stand, all praying the other students are ok.
  • iida did not escape
  • they have no backup coming.


shigiraki is fuming, but kurogiri can see the heroes are flagging. izuku is putting his all into his quirk, trying to give them all a lucky break

  • for the second time, it comes through
  • the rest of the students run towards them, joining them shoulder to shoulder. all of them are scared, some are hurt, but none of them are going to lay down and let shigiraki win. the villains escape
  • izuku falls



  • aizawa has a concussion + post concussion syndrome. he has chronic migraines for the next year, and trouble with his long term memory for a few months
  • izuku is suffering from massive quirk overuse, his hands dont feel 'right' again for weeks
  • all might has lost only 20 minutes, but it's time he'd rather have
  • mic broke an ankle, but it's quickly fixed. Still, it aches from time to time
  • the other students had mild cuts/bruises and were left shaken
  • aizawa cries that night. a mix of the head injury, his hurt students, the look of fear he saw in their eyes. he holds mic and he sobs


izuku and his mother had a real relationship breakdown when she torn down his dream, even when izuku got a 'quirk' it never recovered. they dont talk. he doesn't tell her what happened. she doesnt find out.

  • izuku wanders the city the next day, unwilling to explain why he had no school today. he runs into mic who takes one look at this shaken student, outside and unprotected, and basically kidnaps the guy
  • izuku is forcibly dragged to the place mic/shinsou/aizawa share
  • when shinsou and aizawa find out izuku's mother basically just sent him off to school, not taking a day off work? they go full protective mode. shinsou wraps him up in the biggest blanket they own, grabs his own and forces izuku to play videogames with him on the couch. aizawa fumes in the kitchen over a cup of hot chocolate, mic fumes with him honestly

so, izukus kinda a mess, never tells his mother anything, etc, aizawa kidnapped him and he and shinsou played video games. izuku didn't go home that night, he just hoped on a train and rode it until it was time to go to UA

  • so when they get back everyone is just glad so see izuku alive tbh


so, sports festival! its a lot like canon

  • izuku doesn't use his fate quirk to change the future, but he does look at the possible futures and he sees that iida never makes it to the podium. he thinks for a second and makes a horrible realisation
  • the hero killer is in hosu
  • iida's brother is in hosu
  • iida’s brother is a hero

just before the event starts he finds aizawa and hes pale already

  • he gets out 'i need to see allmight' and aizawa gets a horrible feeling because last time this kid was worried they all almost died, so they run to find all might. seeing aizawa run around with a concerned look on his face? the stuff of nightmares at UA. everyone practically dives out of their way
  • izuku tells all might who swears a blue streak and pulls some strings to get extra heroes in hosu. izuku doesnt breathe a word to iida, because he just can't. not only does iida not know about the fate quirk, he cant scare him like that
  • bakugo knows something is wrong, but izuku wont breathe a word so he lets it lie
  • anyway, todoroki does his lil speech and izuku is honestly too burnt out to be intimidated, he sees his own death daily durring just casual use of his quirk. boi aint scared of much. bakugo gets pissy bc "FUCK YOU HALF AND HALF THATS MY RIVAL" and basically all of 1A is trying to claim izuku as their rival, either out of admiration or the desire to annoy bakugo

so izuku has to give the speech. which hes not happy ab because p e o p l e

  • and also because well,,, hes got no one at home to watch him
  • his speech basically goes along the lines of "we are here to fight fate. the odds are against us but we will win no matter what. not because it's easy, but because we have to. no matter what course we are in, we are all at this school fighting for a better future, for ourselves, our loved ones and the world. it doesn't matter if the odds arent in your favour - the chance of any of us being here to see this moment is so small it may as well be impossible. its nothing to beat those odds again."
  • and everyone is like "owo how inspirational" but like anyone who knows him sees,,, layers
    • aizawa sees the bitterness about the USJ
    • all might sees izuku reducing his fight to be a hero as a quirk of fate, reducing his own involvement to 'it could have happened to anyone' when thats not true, because he is special
    • katsuki sees the bitterness that even though he had a good quirk, people tried to grind him into dust because he couldn't talk about it.
    • if inko was watching, she'd see how badly she betrayed her son

Chapter Text

villain aizawa: hes incredibly brutal and efficient, kind of an antihero type. he shuts down some things the heroes dont see, patrols the sketchy areas, looks out for children

  • he kinda,,, accidentally adopted some children
  • shinsou and izuku were runaways from a terrible foster home that tracked down the 'villain' alleycat and basically said

"are we worth anything to anyone?" and aizawa sees these kids hurt by heroics and takes them under his wing

  • eri is a kid izuku stumbled upon while out with shinsou before they met aizawa, and izuku basically adopted her straight out, came back to shinsou like "hi we have a little sister now" they are like 12, eri is 4
  • so aizawa accidentally gets 2 teens and a lil kid and he finds out they lowkey wanna be villains like him bc they wanna help and heroes dont help people like them. aizawa's heart breaks bc he doesn't want these kids to have the life he's had, so he promises to train hitoshi and izuku only if they try for the hero course
  • they agree. a villain begins to train heroes to enter the very thing that hurt them, with hopes of changing it from the inside out


ok also: in this au whatever horrible thing happened to shirakumo,,,, didnt. and he's 1A's homeroom teacher. hes bright, bubbly and cheerful, with the same expulsion rate aizawa has

  • so, shirakumo's hero name is cloud nine, hizashi's is feedback, not present mic. they both think aizawa is dead, and separately have to deal with the villain 'alleycat' as his territory intersects w ua's zone
  • aizawa, as alleycat, is a lot gentler to shirakumo and hizashi, more polite when speaking to them, less brutal with his takedowns. hizashi notices, but says nothing


hitoshi and izuku, with their baby sister eri, end up living with aizawa, training to be heroes to improve them fucked up society that taught them they were worthless in the  first place

  • he takes them on parkour routes in the early morning, teaches them how to disarm people with knives, to use an opponents size against them.
  • izuku hones his ability to analyse, hitoshi learns how to push peoples buttons. there is no such thing as a fair fight for them. they break each others noses, chip a tooth or two, get black eyes. there are no hard feelings, they are together through everything
  • the 4 of them live pretty rough, only on what aizawa can get as a villain/working day shifts in a dodgy bar. aizawa pretends to be their dad for anything legal, says they had two different mothers. it works, somehow.

Some minor cosmetic changes:

  • Izuku, Hitoshi and Eri all dye their hair black. It started as them quietly wanting to look like their ‘dad’ for sentimental reasons, but they quickly worked out that it made the lie a lot easier for others to swallow.
  • They all take the surname Aizawa
  • Eri’s hair is cut into a messy bob – she loves getting Izuku to give her pigtails with the little sparkly hair ties Shouta stole for her. Izuku’s hair is shorter at the back and longer at the front, obscuring his eyes a bit. Hitoshi’s hair is shoulder length and growing, he ties it back in a low bun.
  • All three of the kids have scars. Eri’s are like canon but a less extreme because her quirk only just showed up. Izuku and Hitoshi have some from bullies, horrible foster parents and reckless sparing. Izuku has a few more little ones because he developed his not-dad’s love of cats and is unafraid of getting bitten – on top of his lack of self-preservation.


they go to aldera middle school, bakugo is still a little shit. to be honest, izuku hates it the most when bakugo burns his uniform - they cant afford to buy extra. there have been a few weeks hes just had to where shinsou's spare and roll the sleeves up

  • izuku and shinsou have a bit of a spat the afternoon of the sludge villain. it's nothing either of them remembers in a weeks time, but it means shinsou leaves school first, without izuku
  • bakugo corners him, notebook, allmight, etc
  • izuku has to ask
  • all might says no
  • izuku crumbles, such a dramatic shift from the calm but nice boy he'd been before. you can see the moment his heart breaks. all might feels terrible, but izuku has jumped down the fire escape before he can say anything.
  • to be honest, izuku is moments away from a full-fledged breakdown. He shoots shinsou a quick text about the villain, but pauses when he hears explosions. He knows the chances its Katsuki are tiny but he’s never been a lucky guy, so he runs towards them
  • basically the rest of the episode plays out like canon, izuku goes home and meets with his whole ass family panicking because he sent a vague text about a villain then was totally AWOL for 2 hours
  • hitoshi hugs him really tight while aizawa mumbles something about a tracking chip.
  • Izuku tells hitoshi about all might, but just tells aizawa vaguely that hes getting a quirk, no he isn’t in any danger, yes he’ll be safe, no he can’t tell you how.


Izuku and Hitoshi both pass the entrance exam with a mix of hero and villain points.

  • Izuku still doesn’t his whole bone breaky routine but he also manages to take out a few robots by himself before that. He ends up with the highest score.
  • Hitoshi takes out a few more robots but spends a fair bit of time pushing people out of the way of robots, yelling at people to be more careful about the others around them, and controlling people to get them out of the way of debris. He gets into the top 10.
  • Nezu is very very interested in the two ‘brothers’ with very different quirks that both did so well. He resolves to keep and eye on them.


Shirakumo is a riot as a teacher but boy is he stressful to be in a class with. The first insult out of Bakugo’s mouth and hes kicked him out of his class, telling him to try class B or get out of the school. (Blood King takes him. Bakugo is a little less horrible to izuku, at least where others can see)

  • Izukus having a quiet panic attack because Bakugo is going to kill him, and Hitoshi is caught between respecting the balls on their teacher and being pissed at the guy for putting izuku in a terrible position.
  • No quirk test, they do actually go see the opening ceremony. Hizashi and Shirakumo chat in sign while the principal’s speech drags on. Hitoshi and Izuku watch on, trying not to laugh when they start signing that they want to go to sleep.
  • Then they do the quirk test bc shirakumo’s a bastard. They end the day with Bakugo kicked out and Hagekure hanging onto her place by a thread. Izuku and Hitoshi come 4th and 5th respectively, despite not being able to use their quirks in the test. Shirakumo is interested.

Skipping to the interesting bits:

  • The USJ is just as terrible as canon, with the added fact that some of the thugs totally recognise izuku and hitoshi. Izuku works out how to use one for all at 1% during the attack. Hitoshi ends up with a scar on his eyebrow from a person with a claw quirk, Izuku gets a broken arm. Hitoshi sees all might in his skinny form for the first time and is suitably surprized


  • The sports festival goes a lot like canon in the first round, the second round features a team-up of just Hitoshi as the horse and Izuku as the rider bc they are so used to working with each other they felt it’d be more trouble to have extra team members. They arent exactly wrong and that round ends with them still in control of the 1’000’000 points band – along with a fair few teams just sitting on the sidelines with no idea how they got there.
  • Tournament round has izuku fighting Todoroki in the second round like canon, but in this universe, he wins (after helping him because whats izuku without a saviour complex). Hitoshi beats Tokoyami and Sero, but loses to Bakugo. The final round is Izuku vs Bakugo, they tie.


  • The stain arc is a riot. Izuku is interning w Gran, Hitoshi is with Nighteye who happens to be looking for ‘Alley Cat’. Hitoshi is so done with this.
  • Izuku finds Iida about to be attacked by stain and swoops in. Stain recognises him instantly
  • “Oh, you’re one of the cat’s kids, aren’t you? Let me deal with this fake hero and you can show me what your dad's taught you.”
  • Iida is confused – resolves to ask about it later


“You step away from him.”


“I said. Step away from Iida. He’s – We’re going to be heroes. We’re both going to be heroes and I won’t let you hurt him!”

  • Stain pauses, then smiles.
  • “Lets see if the apple falls far from the tree, hm?” And he launches himself at Izuku
  • Izuku can dodge with the best of them, but he can’t get close enough to hit stain while protecting Iida. He manages to escape paralysis, but by the time Todoroki arrives stain has barely taken damage.
  • Todoroki isn’t the only person that responded to that warning. 1 city over, Hitoshi is franticly begging Nighteye to do something, because his brother is in danger. Nighteye is shocked at the fear in the previously apathetic child’s voice. He alerts heroes in the area, and makes his way over with a nervous Hitoshi in tow. On the other end of the city, where he’d been trying to keep an ear out for his kids, Aizawa gets the text and his heart drops. He begins running over.
  • Stain is taken out before any more help arrives. Without ropes, Todoroki freezes him solid in a block of ice. Endeavour arrives, as does Nighteye with a panicked Hitoshi. Aizawa arrives soon after, perched on a nearby rooftop, ready to whisk his kids away to safety should they need it.
  • The nomu swoops down, grabbing Izuku. Stain can’t help – trapped in his block of ice. Aizawa runs after Izuku. The nomu drops Izuku off at Shirgiraki’s feet, who is rather delighted to have the annoying boy from the USJ delivered to him out of the blue. He’s not, however, so happy with the knives he finds flying towards him. Kurogiri redirects them and the portal fades just in time for them to come face to face with the villain ‘Alley Cat”
  • “Well that was a cheap shot Alley Cat, what crawled up you’re ass and died?”
  • Aizawa places himself in front of Izuku, teeth bared. Izuku is clutching the leg of his costume. “Don’t hurt him and you wont lose a hand.” Kurogiri goes to attack, but Shigiraki waves him off, letting Aizawa take back Izuku.



“Don’t you see? There are villains in the hero course. I smell a side quest, don’t you? We might even get some new party members out of it.

Chapter Text



Quirk: Attraction of small objects


  • Many
  • Soooooooo many



Quirk: All for one



Quirk: Push and Pull

  • Allows him to push objects away from him, or pull objects towards him.
  • If the object is heavier than him, the force acts on him instead


  • Crush injures on the hand, never healed correctly
    • Limited range of movement + tremors


  • Feels horrifically ill if he uses his quirk, has flash backs. Cant use it at all until he is trained by allmight
  • Cant remember his mother hurting him outside of flashbacks and nightmares. Only knows it happened bc katsuki can remind him
  • PTSD
    • Symptoms

had trouble remembering important parts of the event

persistently blamed yourself or others for what happened

persistently felt negative, angry, guilty or ashamed

feeling cut off from others


had difficulties sleeping (e.g. had bad dreams, or found it hard to fall or stay asleep)

engaged in reckless or self-destructive behaviour

felt on guard or vigilant

been easily startled?

  • Dislikes: Being called "cute" or being implied to be helpless but he can suck it up if hes not feeling too shitty.





  • First year in All Might's final year.
  • Met Rei when he first reached the top ten, aged 22 and married her a year later, with fuyumi on the way just a quickly
  • Knows ab. All Mights other form




  • Does ballet!




  • No scar
  • Yet, anyway. We can fix that.





  • A little less crispy fried, still scarred by his own quirk. Wears gold contacts undercover as Dabi




  • Studying Medicine




  • Shes a teacher!


Mushy Stuff feat. The Todoroki’s

  • enji is still number 2 hero. hes actually really nice? he just has a major case of resting bitch face. hes from a rich family, he got dragged out to a ballet to celebrate his becoming number 2 and he was whining we hes like, 21 and doesnt wanna see a ballet he just wants to go to work, or get drinks with his sidekicks. hes being a bit of a grump and his parents are living for their grumpy son bc he still has Round cheeks and hes adorable
  • anyway its been like, 20 minutes and the show finally starts and enji is like "god i can go home after this and s l e e p" but like, the lady comes out on stage and hes in love. tall, white hair and incredibly graceful. his mum has to hit him bc hes blushing so hard hes getting uncomfortably warm
  • after the show he like, breaks into her dressing room. hes got his hands clamped over his eye and he like "oh my god im so sorry if you are changing i promise im not looking i just have somewhere to be after this but please what do i have to do to get you to agree to go to dinner with me"
  • and rei is r e d bc the grouchy number 2 hero has burst into her dressing room and hes bright red and his hair is smouldering slightly and she just laughs and pulls his hands away from his eyes and tells him she'd love to. enji just walks out, faintly dazed with rei's number on his phone and hes so ridiculously happy he cant stop his hair from smoking


  • anyway, they date, they get married etc
  • but rei's ballet company is threatening to drop her if she has kids bc she wont be "perfect" anymore and she's torn up about it bc enji started dating her because of ballet and what if he hates her? but enji is like ",,, i kinda,,, love you? plus you and our hypothetical kids with be gods gift to this earth. i will buy you a whole ballet company if i have to"and shes crying and everything is soft
  • she has fuyumi and she is the worlds most perfect baby and enji is the most protective dad on this planet
  • then she has dabi bc she wanted fuyumi to have a sibling and dabi is born w his quirk and sneezes embers and enji is crying because his son is perfect
  • and then they have another kid bc they are sickeningly in love and their children are all wonderful and they have natsuo who likes to eat not food things and rei loves her chunky toddler. enji is crying because "hes gonna be such a big strong man" and also because natsuo keeps trying to eat his flaming beard
  • and then they have shouto bc "fuck it more children” hes born and rei is crying bc "look he looks just like you enji!" and enji is crying because "rei he looks just like you,,," and fuyumi is crying bc she has another little brother, dabi is trying not to cry bc hes a big strong 5 yearold and natsuo is like,,, 3 and hes trying to est his baby brothers hair and hes perfect
  • also!!! dabi is a double agent. he loves his dad v much and is pretending to be a villain to keep him and the rest of his family safe
  • enjis that dad that’s so fucking embarrassing and he does it on purpose?? during the sports festival he’s in his seat and he’s just “sHOUTOOOO” everyone turns and they’re just ???? todoroki s bright red but he’s yelling back


  • endeavour, making a lil heart with his hands: “i love you and i’m very proud of you ♥️”
  • hi please enji sending photos of his kids to allmight all the time. all might fucking adores these little children and sends them so much random merch bc they are so fucking cute. he holds natsuo who’s trying to eat his weird bunny ear hair and he’s just
  • i love,,,these kids,,,
  • natsuo is a Chunky Boy. hes a toddler with the density of lead, hes so fucking heavy and round and allmight adores him. shouto looks at you judgingly even as a baby and allmight feels personally attacked



Pre canon + Training arc

  • in this au, izuku has a stronger version of his mothers quirklike, really good telekinesis and he wants to be a hero! she hits him if he uses his quirk, makes him say hes quirkless and weak, says she just wants to protect him. she withholds food to keep him "perfect" because
  • "your father ruined me, now im all covered in ugly stretch marks and im disgusting, but ill make you perfect"
  • inko makes izuku wear feminine clothes and keep his hair long bc shes kinda trying to make him into like, the perfect version of her? and she always threatens to scrub izukus "fathers" freckles off his face with steel wool


  • shes ,,, conflicted about Katsuki
  • (katsuki knows something is up w inko and izuku so hes not terrible)
  • because she doesnt want her "perfect" sweet son to become brash like Katsuki but she kinda,,, likes her son being the damsel in distress that has to be saved by his stronger friend? and thinks that if izuku has a guard he wont need to be strong himself if they play in her house, inko is the villain, katsuki is the hero and izuku has to be the hostage that needs to be saved.
  • izuku tells katsuki about his quirk one day and he mentions it in front of inko. katsuki is almost thrown out of the house and he can hear izuku screaming from inside, and hes trying to get through the door bc his friend his crying and its not his fault. he stays there with this ear pressed against the door for hours. izuku stops crying after 45 minutes, inko starts saying shes sorry after 3 hours


  • inko crushed her sons hands
  • inko needs her hands for her quirk to work and assumes izuku does too? So she methodically crushes every finger and his wrists to try to ruin his ability to use his quirk. izukus hands heal but he cant write without it hurting and that makes him really upset bc he loves to draw. its the only thing that his mum lets him do that he enjoys. inko says sorry but she still blames him

"im sorry it hurt honey but mummy had to do it, you understand right?"

  • from that day forward katsuki starts training to be a hero bc he doesnt want anyone getting hurt like izuku ever again. he helps izuku train too in secret, they work together to lie because izuku wants to he a hero, and if he can survive his mother? he can do anything.
  • after that time w inko he cant use his quirk. like, physically? he can, but he has panic attacks and freezes up if he tries. basically izuku gets bullied for being quirkless, but not by Katsuki


  • ep 1 happen kind like normal. izuku asks "can i be a hero without a quirk?" allmight says no but he manages to use his quirk to save katsuki and katsuki hugs him as he cries, izuku pulls katsuki from the sludge villain w his quirk, allmight saves the day
  • the heroes are like, 2 secs from scolding izuku for using his quirk but the boy is having a horrific panic attack and they would feel bad ab it. also katsuki looks like hes gonna commit real actual murder if someone so much as touches izuku so they awkwardly walk away


  • allmight confronts izuku ab. the whole "i though you were quirkless" thing and izuku has another panic attack and all might feels terrible izuku is basically apologising for having a quirk??? that that sits really badly w toshi so he asks izuku if he can help him and katsuki train to be heroes and izuku cries and says yes
  • izuku looks at the time and starts crying again and allmight is like??? did i do something wrong???
  • izuku is sobbing that he doesnt wanna go home because "she'll be so angry" and toshi is like,,, holy shit im just gonna steal this child i guess but izuku convinces him hes overacting and izuku runs home, after toshi gives him his phone number and stresses that izuku is allowed to call even for "stupid" reasons


  • mitsuki is confused that katsuki looks so worried hes like,, pacing and he keeps sticking his head outside to look over the balcony to the street and checking his phone bc izuku hasnt told him what happened yet and hes scared that inko finally snapped and hurt him too badly to recover from
  • inko??? wasnt happy
  • shes beating izuku with heavy stuff and asking him if he thinks shes a terrible mother or something. izuku is crying because hes sorry and he didnt mean to use his quirk he was just scared. inko starts crying and is patching him up and says that she only hurts him because she loves him and wants him to be happy and perfect . izuku doesnt get food for 2 days after that, he has to sneak out to train w katsuki and all might. all might actually asks katsuki ab. it

"his mother is fucking crazy. my mum doesnt believe me but shes batty. lost it when her husband left and is trying to keep izuku like a fucking doll, its creepy"

  • izuku tends to wear gloves of long sleeves, or draws over his hands bc they are c o v e r e d in scares. on a particularly bad training day izuku cant hold his water bottle and he cant stop himself tearing up so katsuki holds the bottom for it and izuku is so embarrased and gratful and all might wants to cry because who hurt this kid???
  • like,, three? months into the training izuku comes up to all might and the kid is shaking and pale but he looks so determined and he says in the softest voice "i want to start training my quirk" and all might smiles like the sun



Entrance Exam


  • So allmight has already given his quirk to Mirio, he and nighteye made up. Hes out heroing, saves izuku from the sludge villain, Izuku doesn’t cling on but there is something ab the way Izuku looks at him that worries allmight so he stays to answer his question and runs out of time. Izuku asks if he can be a hero w/o a quirk, allmight hesitates. Izuku just quietly says "its ok, thank you for your time" and leaves. All might feels terrible.
  • He realises the sludge villain is gone, curses and runs towards the explosions. Izuku is wandering around trying to find Katsuki and sees the sludge villain has him. W/o wasting a moment he runs towards him, trying to pull him free. He uses his quirk to pull him out by the shirt and stands infront of katsuki to try to keep him safe. Allmgiht rushes in to help.
  • The heroes try to tell Izuku off but katsuki just yells at them and they hurry away. They run into Yagi and he tries to talk to Izuku but katsuki just yells at him. Allmight explains his form thing and tells izuku he can totally be a hero but oh hey werent you quirkless?
  • Katsuki is ab. To rip Allmights head off, izuku just explains he doesn’t much like his quirk. All might asks if he can help train the two of them to be heroes and they agree 100%. Izuku has to run home and leaves Katsuki w allmight. Katsuki tells him he'll need to look after Izuku and walks off in the same direction. Allmight is l o s t
  • Izuku gets beaten byhis mother for using his quirk, sneaks out to train with yagi and katsuki. Yagi is worried but there isnt much he can do. Mirio and Sir show up sometimes to chat w allmight and help training, All might admits hes going into teaching bc hes going to have to retire soon and Izuku tells him he'll be amazing at it, katsuki just roasts allmight


  • Day of the entrance exam mirio wishes them both good luck .
  • Izuku has told his mother hes taking the gen-ed written exam and has permission to go get food with katsuki afterwards. He has applied for gen-ed and the hero course and honestly doesn’t believe he'll get into heroics but he has to try.
  • Someone pushes him, Occhako catches him, they all say hello and enter the written exam hall. Izuku finds it easy as pie so hes honestly kinda worried that hes missing something (hes not, hes just smart). There is a moral dilema at the end of the test and he answers it in a way that concerns the markers (in a self esteem kinda way)
  • So they enter the auditorium and and izuku finds out he isnt in katsukis arena which makes im panic, but he tells him to suck it up because hes a grown as teenager and can handle himself which cheers izuku up. Iida calls them out for talking.
  • At the arena hes having a quiet breakdown, sees ochako and lights up, goes to talk to her but Iida tells him off for being a trouble maker. Someone in the crowd snidly asks "when did they start letting 12-year-old girls take the exam" and izuku feels like dirt. Mic calls start and his fight/flight is so overreactive he throws himself straight into the exam
  • Pulling rubble and crap w great force through the robots, he gets around 20 points? But after a while he just shuts down. He feels sick and he hates his quirk and his mother and his hnds ache and he just c a n t do it anymore.
  • Aizawa watches this kid in arena 4 crumple to the ground and he spares a moment to be sad for the kid. He looked promising, but its not the first time someone has cracked under the pressure durring the entrance exam. He sees allmgiht looking saddened out of the corner of his eye, locked on the screen, and thinks maybe this kid is why he asked to be excluded from the judging team.
  • Izuku sees the zero pointer and cant even bring himself to run away. But then he hears ochako cry out and instantly sprints towards her.
  • He pulls himself into the air and pulls as many shards of scrap metal and rebar as he can, and pulls them with all his might through the 0 pointer, turning into a giant pincusion. He runs out of energy, and just lets himself fall.
  • Aizawa feels his heart sink bc the kid is smiling.
  • Ochako saves him at the last moment, and hes miraculously uninjured but so out of energy he can barely stand. Recovery girl hands him gummies which he gratefully accepts and drags himself out of the exam. He meets katsuki by the entrance. He sees his tiny mess of a friend, pale and shakey but smiles and he picks him up and hugs him even though he will deny it till the day he dies. izuku is sure he failed but for one moment, using his quirk? he just felt so complete and free that he doesnt mind if he fails, just because he got to enjoy that one moment. bakugo tells izuku that hes gonna drag him into the hero course by his hair and izuku giggles
  • They go get food bc they need some relief.


  • Izuku doesn’t think he's in the heroics department but is hopeful anyway.
  • he and bakugo spend the week waiting for their letters "studying" for ua (aka, designing hero costumes, coming up with names, planning the fuck out of everything bc they are both crazy nervous and will never admit it)
  • inko hands izuku his mail and izuku is so nervous because if she looked? its game over but she just smiles happily and tells him to tell her if he got into gen ed. or not so they can invite the bakugo's over to celebrate
  • izuku walks calmly until his mum is out of sight, then he tears down the hall, stuffs a towel under the door and opens his letter under his blankets so she cant hear it. its allmgiht on the screen and he cries.
  • and he got in and he cries some more
  • and then he has a quick panic attack becuase holy shit this is a lot of lies hes going to have to spin because he came first in the entrance exam. his mum asks him if he got in and hes so grateful that his voice doesnt shake when he cries, as he says back "i got into gen. ed mum!!"


  • He finds out he got in and he starts to panic bc what is he going to tell his mum? Some point later Inko yells at him for just sitting around so he runs out of the house and to a cat café, and hes just sobbing because his face hurts from where she slapped him and he just wants to get out of the rain.
  • Shinso sees this kid, curses his heroic instincts and pays for 2 hours for him and the mystery kid. He just wanted to wallow in self pity for failing the exam he knew he was going to fail, but now hes got a crying kid to deal with
  • So turns out the kid is his age and is called midoriya. As only izuku can do, hes shinso spilling his guts ab the hero course and his quirk in around 20 minutes. Izuku explains a bit about what his mother did to him, and that he got into the hero course but if his mother finds out hes scared shitless of what she'll do.
  • Shinsou’s family before aizawa was shit, he gets it. And he sees this cute green haired sobbing kid gently kiss a fat tabby on the top of its little head and decides he'd die for him.
  • They plot that they'll change shirts at the start of the day so inko doesn’t see the hero course shirt, and shinso will quickly tell him what they were doing in gen ed on the train home. Shinso does urge izuku to get help but izuku declines. His mother is sick and she's trying her best. She still loves him. Izuku is scared of who his dad is.
  • And it's not like anyone ever believed his soft, kind-looking mother could hurt her own son.




First day + Quirk Apprehension Test

  • Inasa is a recommendation student, along with Momo and Todoroki, was placed in Aizawa class bc his quirk is kinda wack.
  • Class does not contain Hagekure, Mineta is expelled


  • like, first day of school shinso is waiting down the road for izuku and bakugo is like,,, ha????? and shinso is like "oK So i have the hero course shirt, change behind a tree like a bunch of weirdos or wait for school" and izuku is like,,, “as much as my anxiety wants to change now so we wont be late i think kacchan might murder us if we change behind a tree" and bakugo is like??? "YeaH and WHO ARE YOU EXACTLY"
  • anyway! they take the bus and shinso explains that the bonded over a chubby tabby and that hes agreed to be izuku alibi and katsuki looks him up and down like ",,, you pass" and izuku giggles and shinso feels happy bc he didnt know the boy could giggle and its such a soft noise
  • anyway, izuku and shinso sprint into school to find a bathroom to change in, izuku tries not to cry on his hero shirt. they then proceed to speed walk to the correct class bc the other students have shown up and they dont wanna get yelled at. katsuki told izuku he could walk himself to class because "youre a big boy now" and izuku laughs again


  • izukus anxiety vs trauma is a continuous war bc anxiety says "hide behind friends" but trauma says "dont be weak and pathetic like inko says you are or shes been right the whole time"


  • izuku gets into class, bakugo is busy trying to scare iida bc iida is Really Getting On His Nerves. iida says hi to izuku and izuku almost cries before iida says that he was sorry for being a dick and then izuku almost cries again but bc hes happy
  • ochako bursts in like "OH MY GOD THE CUTE ONE GOT IN" and izuku is Red and like (a lil trauma but he shoves that way deep down) and says hi. aizawa crawls in and scares the actual shit out of everyone but izuku finds him super calming? bc hes just so fucking blunt and he doesnt have to look for double meanings
  • anyway, izuku gets called up to do the throw bc he came first and hearing aizawa say "use your quirk" made a cold sweat run through him but bakugo gave him a thumbs up so he felt a little better. The boy gets a crazy score. izuku gets a great score on all the stuff he can use his quirk for, but hes got terrible stamina/strength bc hes just so thin. hes placing like, first quarter of the class
  • so they finish, mineta gets kicked out


  • allmight is watching from behind a bush bc look at his boys go!!! his yelly boy and his crying boy!!. aizawa holds izuku back at the end of class, bakugo doesnt wanna leave him but tenya pushes him to the locker room

"so kid. thats a great quirk youve got there"

  • and izuku,,, really doesnt like talking about his quirk. he doesnt like using it. he and bakugo drew vines on his hands this morning to cover up the scars and hes tracing his fingers along them to keep himself from shaking.
  • aizawa looks him dead in the eye

"mind telling me why you are registered as quirkless?"

  • and izuku freezes. he cant breathe.
  • aizawa is waiting and his irritation turns to alarm when he realizes the kid i s n t m o v i n g. all might has seen izuku freak out before so he swoops in and sits izuku down on the ground and tries to get the kid to breath. he does but hes still shaking and all he'll stay is "im sorry" and "not again"


  • aizawa is very much shaken because izuku seemed pretty normal? then he remembered the kid shinso was talking about. allmight calls bakugo who runs back out onto the field, half in uniform and half in costume and hes trying to calm izuku down and he looks like,,, 2 seconds away from ripping aizawa head off and aizawa honestly thinks hes kinda deserves it lmao


  • its nearing the end of school and izuku isnt even down from his panic attack yet but bakugo n e e d s shinso to get over here so they can swap shirts or izuku is going to be in even more trouble than he already is. so bakugo is trying to get izuku to respond to anything, allmight has his hand on his not sons shoulder, aizawa feels like a piece of shit, and bakugo is trying to find shinso's contact number in izuku's phone
  • some of class a goes to look outside and aizawa lays into the and tells them to hurry up to class or he'll expell them all with mineta


  • anyway shinso comes running out bc his teacher is mic and is willing to let him do dumb stuff and shinso is like??? dad its been 1 day what did you do to the cat kiss boy?? shinso allmight and bakugo get izuku responsive enough that bakugo takes him to swap his shirts in the changing rooms and helps izuku clean up so its not obvious he was crying. shinso gets izukus stuff from his classroom. aizawa just turns to all might

ok so what the fuck was that"

all might honestly shrugs "i barely know myself. kid has serious quirk trauma and is scared of his mother, thats all i can tell you" and aizawa is both concerned and annoyed bc ofcourse thsi si in his class

  • izuku and bakugo get home, alls good



Battle Trial

battle trial! its,,a ride

  • basically! izuku has his lil costume and ochako tells him he looks really cute and hes grateful + trauma. bakugo tells him he looks like hes ready to bust some heads which makes him feel better. todoroki is with iida on the villain team
  • they are chatting happily about have hero families and being melodramatic about being evil
  • Izuku is paired with inasa!
    • so izuku cant directly use his quirk on himself, but he can "push" against the ground, which sends him up. its useful for dodging but not sustainable

anyway, they work out that inasa's wind doesnt effect izukus telekinesis


  • izuku makes some dust, they roll in, todoroki is out and looking for them. he torches the dust but gets hit by a pebble to the temple. inasa is like, 100% impressed. they wrap todoroki up and inasa says sorry to his half/half bro. todoroki shrugs. bakugo is like, internally cheering and he has the most murderous smile
  • anyway, iida is melodramatic, inasa looses it laughing bc hes so funny and takes a big ol kick to the face. hes down, probs concussed but iida cant get in to tie him up because he almost gets squished by the currently moving bomb bc its paper mache its light and easy for izuku to pull on
  • iida decides he should probably take down izuku before anything happens, but at the last moment izuku pushes off the ground, dodging over iida and lightly tapping the bomb

hero team wins!!!


  • inasa and todoroki are both concussed which is awkward but its all g. izuku gets MVP but iida was a close second. bakugo like, friendly punches izuku in the arm and hes hiding behind bakugo bc people are looking at him but hes very happy
  • someone says "wow, your quirk is amazing" and hes like,,, "oh there goes my good mood." allmight and bakugo are about to tell this kid to shut the fuck up but get beaten to it by a concussed todoroki of all people

"its not the quirk its how he uses it you overipe melon"

  • izuku giggles until he cant breathe and bakugo is cackling. concussed todoroki looks so pleased with himsel


bakugo and kiri are teams up and they kick actual ass as the villains. like, crazy good, they take out the heroes and dont even have to let it run over time

  • because "if we win? we do it right."

izuku is like doing these little happy bounces and inasa is crying bc his partner is so pure

izuku and shinso meet up, change, go home




  • Happens like 3 weeks in, not 3 days in. They need time to bond ok. Before the trip we get some general hyjinks.
  • the next day, its field trip time baby!!!
  • inasa makes izuku sit with him and todoroki and its a tight fucking fit bc they are sharing 2 seats. inasa has like,,, claimed this boy because he was so soft and izuku has a friend!! and hes very happy. hes like,, a little scared of todoroki but also kinda loves him for the overripe melon comment so
  • Kurogiri yeets the villains into the usj. allmight is out of time, aizawa runs in like normal. inasa, izuku and tsuyu get sent to the shipwreck zone. they do some cool shit honestly. inasa holds the 3 of them in the air, tsuyu hold the villains together as izuku yeets them into the hull of the ship and seals the hold and hopes the villains dont really care enough to break a hole in the ship. Inasa gets them all to shore
  • then they get to witness the nomu and izuku sees the punch thrown? and he moves without thinking, using all of his quirk he can to hold to nomus fist back. after he moves, inasa joins in, pushing the nomu back as much as the can. aizawa punches shigiraki and he gets m a d. shigiraki breaks the capture weapon and sends the nomu after tsuyu. inasa, who was closer, pushes her out of the way and takes the hit. its just like, 1 blow? but hes down to the count. aizawa tells tsuyu to take him and run
  • izuku wants to throw up
  • aizawa tries to get him to run but the nomu charges again and izuku has to pull aizawa out of the way. all they can do is play keep-away and aizawa is frustrated because no matter the training he has, he can't stand up to this thing. all he can do is rely on izuku's quirk, because the quirk can move faster than a human can. shigiraki gets sick of this, kurogiri uses momentum to send aizawa to the other side of the usj with kiri and Bakugo. they begin to run back to the plaza. izuku is scared, slips up, takes a hit. hes down, with broken ribs and his quirk is nearing overuse
  • shigiraki sees this kid's broken hands, laughs and makes the nomu crush them again
  • bakugo blasts in, grabs izuku. todoroki has the nomu trapped in ice, aizawa wraps izukus hands with what he was left of his capture weapon
  • all might bursts in. he has more of his quirk left bc he hasnt passed it on yet, takes out the nomu and has enough strength to still be standing. shigiraki goes to attack, and izuku basically uses the last of his strength to pull allmight towards him, then he collapses
  • the other heroes arrive with endeavour! because he was patrolling nearby and got the alert. is his agency in hosu? Yep! do i care? nope hes here to see his son!
  • aizawa is like, moossttlylyy ok? shigiraki got to his arm and he's got scrapes and sprains from being yeeted around by izuku's quirk but he's pretty ok. inasa has a punctured lung but is stabilized quickly. izukus bones arent fractured? but hes got a pretty bad crush injury to both hands + cracked ribs and low blood sugar. bakugo rides w him back to ua
  • shinso is there and hes a little panicky bc his dad and bro were in a villain attack. nezu comes into recovery girls office and is like "oh its ok! ive contacted everyone’s parents and they should be here soon" and bakugo is like "YOU DID WHAT"
  • nezu sweating ",,, what do you mean this is what im ment to do"
  • and allmight cringes; aizawa, on painkillers, is like, pretty concerned; bakugo is enraged. izuku isnt breathing. hes frozen, crying silently and hes perfectly still and it breaks recovery girls heart
  • hes got a big bruise of the side of his face, fyi
  • bakugo doesnt want to leave but recovery girl orders him out, all might gets made to leave as well. soon the only people left are inasa (unconscious) izuku (catatonic) and aizawa (guilty)
  • inko walks in. shes smiling. she grabs izuku by the hand, "its ok honey, mummy's here now!"and aizawa?? hes trying not to judge but he gets a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. inko pulls izuku from the bed by his crushed hand and izuku is silent. she has a hand wrapped around the back of his neck as she leads him out of the school
  • bakugo is at home and hes begging his mother to let him see izuku bur his mother wont let him because inko has been through something stressful and doesnt need you yelling! and bakugo is angry because shes never believed him about inko. he throws his plate against the wall and looks mitsuki dead in the eyes

"you'll regret that tomorrow. you'll regret that when you see what shes done to him"

  • his door slams
  • the day after the usj zuku isnt in school. shinso is waiting at the end of his street but only bakugo shows up. he looks defeated

"lets just go"

  • shinso spends the whole day in the hero course shirt

 aizawa isnt surprized, loads of kids didnt show up to school the day after the usj, even non-hero kids, but then izuku isnt there the next day. bakugo is pacing, tugging at his hair as he waits for aizawa to show up. inasa looks lost, todoroki looks faintly confused, shinso is in the classroom, didnt leave to go to his own because bakugo doesnt know where midoriya is and hes waiting for aizawa

  • aizawa walks in with the bell. no izuku. his heart sinks. He looks around, and walks straight back out of class, sends mic to cover for him. he tells nezu. nezu has a terrible feeling and asks him and allmight to perform a wellness check. allmight uses his hero form, even though he doesnt have much time to waste, because this isnt a waste
  • they arrive at inkos house, they knock and she opens the door. shes smiling and asks if they would like to sit down, if they want some tea. there is blood under her fingernails
  • aizawa aks to use the bathroom, sneaks into midoriyas room. the kid is locked to the bed in the dark and aizawa wants to throw up bc he can smell blood and infection
  • inko took steel wool and scrubbed "off" every bruise on midoriya's skin to make him "clean" again
  • every mark
  • every cut
  • his hands are, oddly, untouched with their horrible crush marks healed by recovery girl as priority, but the side of his face, his ribs cage, the cuts on his arms and legs and back are raw. no skin, sticky blood dripping onto the sheets. aizawa goes over to izuku and he honestly smells like rotting meat because his room is hot and he has massive open injuries that are super infected. he tries to shake izuku awake and realizes the kid is burning. izuku fliches and is trying to pull away from aizawa, opening cuts and pulling at his wounds. hes so quiet aizawa wants to cry. he gently pats izukus hair and tells him he'll be safe now
  • hes walks out of the room and throws inko from the couch onto the floor, cuffing her. allmight is shocked, inko is screaming. aizawa cuffs inko to a couch and drags all might into izukus room and all might wants to cry
  • because, something aizawa hadn't noticed, every single piece of hero merch izuku owned has been ripped from its hiding place and crushed and torn on the floor. all might oh so gently breaks the cuffs holding into down and gently, gently picks him up. he cant stop the tears
  • izuku lets out the softest "im so sorry sensei" and aizawa has to leave the room. he sucker punches inko, calls nezu and an ambulance. inko is, thank god, unconscious now and the house is so quiet
  • so quiet aizawa can hear all might crying
  • mitsuki runs in bc she thinks her tiny friend is getting hurt and she sees her sons teacher sitting with his head between his legs on the floor like hes trying not to cry. he just points and she sees the number 1 hero holding this red and broken boy and she screams. she has to run back out to throw up into the kitchen sink
  • she calls Katsuki. hes sitting in class, most of the class is pacing or doodling, or chatting. mic doesn't have the heart to try and teach them but he also isn't cleared to tell them whats going on because he doesnt know
  • bakugos phone rings and the kid tears open his bag. all mistuki says it "im so sorry" and bakugo throws his phone into the wall so hard it shatters
  • mic like, yells bc a kid just shattered his phone and bakugo leaps over his desk to get to the door. mic grabs him by the collar

"hey listener? what do you think you're doing?"

  • bakugo is white and clammy

"let go."
"let. go."

  • mic drops him and bakugo tears down the hall, he kicks open shinsou's door and hauls him out of the room. midnight tries to stop him but bakugo is basically already off school grounds. shinso doesn't even need to ask, he can guess
  • they are running as fast as the can, faster than either of them have ever run. they don't even bother with the stairs, bakugo uses his quirk to haul them both up the side. bakugo and shinsou try to run in but aizawa just grabs them and pulls them close, he won't let them pass. aizawa isn't even angry but he won't let go of them, like hes scared someone will hurt another of his students, mitsuki drags Bakugo to her side and just holds him like she used to when he got hurt them he was little. the house is silent other than random crying, sirens in the distance
  • the ambulance comes and they come to take izuku but all might doesn't want to let go of this kid he's failed so badly, so he gently carries him all the way down and lays him on the stretcher. there is blood caked on his suit jacket
  • ok so as an fyi? izukus injuries arent terrible but hes missing a lot of skin. still has cracked ribs, has a serious infection and is critically dehydrated from fluid loss due to lost skin, plus the fact he hasn't been given food or water for 2 days
  • it's not the injuries that are the problem, its the dehydration/fever
  • 1A is shaken. mic is shaken and 20 minutes after bakugo runs out? nezu announces that classes have been cancelled for the day and that students may remain on campus if they have no other way home and mic??? the guy is shaken. his husband is missing, all might left, nemuri says bakugo took shinso too
  • mic has to tell the class school is cancelled, 1 hour into the day but he can't tell them why because he doesn't know. momo, uraraka and kouda just kinda, start to cry bc they can feel something terrible has happened
  • todoroki invites everyone over to his house until school would have normally ended. they get over to shoutos house and hes like "so,,, you all wanna know whats happened right?" and he gets a bunch of silent nods. he just kinda, says a preemptive sorry to the pic of his dad on the wall and breaks open his hero office door. 1A is crowded around the computer as shouto, momo and tenya are scanning for anything in alerts and shouto stops and points
  • "minimal security transport and medical assistance to mustutafu, rapid response requested."
  • they click on it

Heroes Responding: Eraserhead (underground), All Might
Civilian Involvement: 2 Adults (stable, no medical response) 3 Children (2 stable, 1 unknown. medical response requested)
Villain: N/A
Alert Type: Domestic Violence

  • tenya has to walk away. so does inasa and todoroki
  • Endeavour storms in bc "shouto, why did you break into my personal office-" and he sees these kids and they looks broken and his son just clings to him. he feels his heart drop, because he doesnt know whats happened, but its not fucking good
  • w recovery girl + iv fluids and antibiotics, izuku heals up pretty quick but hes got some big scars. shallow but red and angry looking
  • school doesnt start again until next Wednesday, 7 days after the usj and the dorms have been built
  • bakugo and shinso wouldn't leave izuku. like, aizawa threatened to expel Bakugo and he still wouldn't go. when izuku wakes up, his two brothers are holding his hands and he cries because hes alive and they are there
  • so, dorms
  • everyone swarms izuku bc that's the soft man who they love who saved them in the usj and also they thought he was dead for a hot minute and izuku is crying and there are hugs. aizawa is very fond of his dumb children and they train for the sports festival

U.A. Sports Festival


  • Events
  • Event 1 : Battle Royal

so like, battle royal w a shrinking perimeter. 3 hits and you’re out. A hit is contact with another person, thrown object or quirk.

they all wear like these rly uncomfortable body suits that register touches anywhere bc nezu is a nightmare. they all fucking hate these things and nezu is cackling be he had them made but no one would let him use them

during the event, bakugo yells "MAKE IT THROUGH AND SHOW THOSE CHUCKLE FUCKS WHAT 1A IS MADE OF” a resounding yell of “FUCK YEAH” echos through the examinees

no matter what nezu does, not a single member of 1A lands a hit on another. like, bakugo trips and izuku uses his quirk to get him out of the range f kirishima

all of 1A makes it through. all of them. every single one, followed by half of 1B, plus 10ish mixed gen ed and support kids

gen ed, absolutely disgusted: “it’s clear ua favours 1a”

inasa, outraged and very loud: “sAY THAT TO MY FACe”

please, during the fight izuku goes to throw a punch at the person in front of him, they turn around and all he can see its purple hair and eyes and he cant. he uses his quirk to push himself away from shinso

izuku like,,, takes out most of the people bc he yeets people at eachother. he and inasa protect everyon from 1A! todoroki and bakugou team up, double the fire power. ochako is sad bc she cant help bc she cant touch her class mates so she yeets rocks at people. sato / kiri / bakugo make a sit tone of rubble for her, inasa makes a wind vortex above 1A, then she drops it. thats how they take out almost everyone

  • Event 2: Blind Tag

after the event their costumes light up. half red, half white. the anouncment is just "red is it. if you are still it in 10 minutes you dont move on. good luck" the area turns pitch b l a c k. all natural light is gone so all you can see is the glowing suits (the audience can see bc they have heat cams) and cementoss adds some varying terrain.

-        not gonna lie? it wasnt going to be blind tag but nezu didnt want the last fight to be just 1A

izuku is it he tags someone then avoids being tagged again

inasa is not it. he floats in a corner for like, the whole game but gets hit by ibara near the end

bakugo and todoroki are both not it and team up to make a firey circle of hell, they make it through

shinso does too and hes a really cool fight that no one but him and the audience get to see. he ends up choking this guy out, tags him and sprints away


  • Event 3: Tournament

momo/monoma, shinso/shoji, tsuyu/kendo, jiro/kuroiro, todoroki/hatsume, iida/awase, bakugo/kirishima, izuku/ochako

momo/iida, todoroki/shinso, izuku/tsuyu, bakugo/jiro

iida/izuku, shinso/bakugo





Vs. Hero Killer


  • Interns with Nighteye and Mirio as they do special training w gran. Working with Endeavours agency to find herokiller. Nomu attack, Nighteye tells Mirio to get Izuku to safety, Izuku tells Mirio ab. Iida. Another Nomu corners them, after internal deliberation Mirio tells izuku to go after Iida. Finds Iida, sends location.


Final Exams



Two Heroes


  • For one, Mirio and Nighteye are there, along with Izuku.


Forest Training Camp


  • They take Izuku too, because he was holding Bakugo's hand
    • "I mean, I could have just taken the boy's arm. But those nasty scars tell me hes very much seen the worst humanity has to offer. Perhaps he'd like to join as well."
  • Nighteye asks to see Allmight's future and allmight declines. Hes going to do it no matter what the future says, and he refuses to set it in stone by seeing it
  • Mirio is part of the rescue squad, 50% bc he's the one who will take the fall for the whole thing with his license. Besides, he knows about All for One, and it's his duty as a wielder of One for All to at least try to help his mentor.


Chapter Text

Songbird is an au where Izuku has a quirk that gives a powerup/debuff to anyone that hears what he's singing! The effect depends on the song, or rather, what the song means to him.

  • He's been kidnapped a lot.
  • It came in when Izuku was like, 4? The normal time for a quirk to come in. Bakugo thought it was pretty cool, if not as cool as his.
  • Izuku's favourite powerup at the time was the Mario theme, because it gives everyone a jump boost. So we have this little kid enthusiastically shouting the Mario theme as a small pile of kids jump around like maniacs.
  • Very stressful for all parents involved.


Anyway, the way his quirk works:

  • With some serious concentration, he can stop it working on specific people around him, but it always affects himself. Trying to limit it's spread for too long will make him pass out.
  • The shorter the song naturally is, the stronger the effect. His quirk works through speaker and coms but not through pre-recorded audio.
  • The effects can be really specific and strange, for example, 'Stronger Than You' gives a powerup to two people fighting together that care for each other. 'Radioactive', well, it literally irradiates the people around him and himself. 100% not a song he's allowed to sing.
  • Each song only works once per day, for the duration of the song. If accidentally, or intentionally, sings the song in a way that stops it from ending, the effect will slowly fade out.
  • the more a particular song has been used on you / the better you know the song, the better it works on you and the easier it is to control


Anyway, villains quickly get word of this kid running around with a powerful and versatile support quirk. Support quirks aren't super common, and one that works in so many different ways is super valuable. So, they start kidnapping the poor guy.

  • Obviously getting kidnapped is pretty traumatising for Izuku. It's not super great for Bakugo either, who watched his friend get stuffed into the back of a van by a small pile of villains. He gets saved by All Might. The two kids still have nightmares.



Eventually, he gets kidnapped so many random times each individual attempt is nothing to write home about. He and Bakugo become kind of blasé about the whole thing.

"Midoriya, why didn't you do your homework?"

"He got kidnapped, teach."

Izuku, bleeding sluggishly from a headwound. "Yeah, got kidnapped."

  • He and Bakugo are going to be heroes. They kind of end up the top dogs of the school, Izuku without meaning it, Bakugo 100% intending for that to happen. They train more than is probably healthy, because at this point it's not just good practise, it's in their best interest in an attempt to ward off more kidnappings.
  • Izuku has met All Might a depressing number of times, almost always getting saved from the kidnapping of the week. Bakugo is the only person Izuku lets see how all of these kidnappings are effecting him, everyone else just views it as kind of funny that this kid is so chill with getting taken so often.
  • He's really not, but heroes smile when they're scared, right?


Even if other villains fail, his quirk is just so useful its worth it to give it a go. He can turn a ragtag team of unfit losers into a force to rival pros with the right song choice. Plus, his involvement in all the kidnappings is suppressed for his own safety, so he's never on the news.

  • Oh yeah, the plan B for the USJ was take Izuku and run.


Aizawa knows about the kid that gets constantly kidnapped, but he doesn't know who it is. At the USJ, Shigiraki creepily calls out 'Hey Songbird!' and he has around 8 'oh shit' moments all at once. Izuku just wants to cry out of frustration.

  • The only reasons All for One hasn't stole Izuku's quirk at this point is that All Might constantly rescuing the poor kid is both good entertainment and a good way to get him in one spot. Also he just finds this whole mess kind of funny.
  • His quirk only works when he's singing, but there is nothing stopping him from singing the tune to classical music! His quirk tends to work better with an instrumental or other people singing along. General power-ups are too risky to use with villains near by, so it's mostly for disaster work.
  • None of his songs work on Nomu or people who cant hear (either by blocking their ears or being deaf)


Songbird Izuku kinda gives off a nice but chill air, a lot of people are afraid to talk to him because he's typically pretty popular. Inside hes just as, if not more, anxious than canon Izuku, he's just gotten pretty good at hiding it.


Regarding OFA, All Might considers giving it to him, but doesn't, mostly because he realised Izuku can't say no. Its not fair of him to ask something so big of someone who, because of the position hes been placed in, can't turn you down. He is pretty close with the Midoriya family though, and comes over for dinner a lot.


The UA entrance exam is wild. Izuku kicks butt in the written, goes to thank Uraraka for helping him before but Iida stops him. Izukus externally like "Dude, you don't know me. Please calm down." internally hes like "I'M SORRY PLEASE DONT EVEN LOOK AT ME OR ILL DIE".

  • The announcement rings. He takes a deep breath and starts to sing, taking off after the other students.
  • First song up is 'Victorious'. It's both a confidence booster and a mild strength boost. He really just needs the confidence at this point. (In the distance, a purple haired boy who was worried about the exam gets a pep in his step. He tries a little harder.)
  • Next up is 'Whatever it Takes', a strength and speed up based off the amount of adrenalin currently in your system. Izuku, who is constantly stressed, gets a big boost from this song. He ends up with around 28 villain points by the song, but punching robots with bare skin isn't good for your knuckles.
  • The 0 pointer appears and he's ready to just leave it behind until he sees the person trapped in its path. No matter how scared he is, no matter how badly he wants to go to UA, he can't leave her there.
  • He grits his teeth, and starts 'Get Back Up Again'. His quirk is honestly starting to run low, it's not meant to be used back to back to back like this. Still, 'Get Back Up Again' does it's job, temporarily powering up the quirks of those who can hear it. While he just wants it for Uraraka, so she can lift the rock off her legs, it works on him too.
  • The effects of the songs linger after they complete.
  • He helps Uraraka free herself from the rock and starts 'What's Up Danger'. Normally its not the strongest, but with the power up, the effects are impressive. The song itself grants luck and skill in equal measure. Normally it's hard to notice, but here it allows him to throw himself up the zero pointer until he reaches the fuse box, pulls out all of the important wires without getting zapped to high heaven, and somehow have stopped the robot in its tracks.
  • Unfortunately, songs end. His luck doesn't last long enough to give him a safe landing.
  • But Uraraka was watching him, and she can, stopping him just before he hits the ground. The buzzer goes off a second later and they collapse together, laughing hysterically and trying not to throw up everywhere. Everyone in the area looks a little shell shocked at what they just saw.

All Might looks on from with the other teachers and cheers for the boy he's seen grow from a scared kid to a determined young man. Aizawa is 100% confused and annoyed at this blatant favouritism.



He could write songs, but the catch is his quirk works with the emotions he has towards the song and his automatic reaction to it. There is a big chance that if he wrote them himself, each song would have the same effect as the other.

  • Please consider though, a classmate like Jirou writing him a song. That song would probably give a strong healing effect / widespread warm and fuzzy feelings.



A few fun ones:

Duel commandments from Hamilton should let you shoot air bullets

This is Halloween: i lowkey want it to be that people transform into their costumes, or something simple like it makes people glow like jack o lanterns

The Cha Cha Slide: its something he only does for fun, because it also forces him (and everyone else in the area) to do the cha cha slide

Thunder by imagine dragons electrifies everyone who hears it, so please consider a small swarm of zappy children

Chapter Text


you'd think fae were ancient, as old or older than humans, but they arent. fae only came into being around the dawn of quirks

  • in this AU quirks are magic that has mutated and bound itself to a living organism
  • fae are points where magic has all but swarmed a living thing through some quirk in it's intrinsic magic, making the thing more magic than matter until the magic gains form and thought
  • fae look very inhuman, which made them easy targets at the dawn of quirks, but as time went on it became more and more difficult to spot them from a quirked person, until at this point its practically impossible
  • fae are more urban legends than anything, and the fae work to keep it that way. no one quite knows if they believe in fae, but everyone has that one neighbour whose quirk can do a few too many things, and who always looks a little younger than you think he is


fae and humans can hybridize, but its messy

  • youd assume fae and human hybrids would be powerful humans, or maybe slightly weaker fae without the weakness to iron and the need to create order where there is none
  • but no
  • most often you are just left with fae that cant use it's magic and is impossible to tell from a human
  • if youre a little luckier you get a humanlike fae with magic too powerful for it's body that tears them apart as they use it, leaving them with a lifespan of around 50 years (and they'll still look young when they die, torn apart by the thing that shaped them)
  • if you are very lucky you can get the best of both worlds, a fae with all the human bells and whistles like being able to hold iron + and human durability
  • but mostly you just get quirkless kids.


fae live long lives too. no one really knows how long a fae can live because people kept killing them until they learnt how to hide. the fae havent had anyone die from old age yet, but they figure they can

fae have magic specialities like quirks, but unlike quirks they can wield all types of magic. they are just born skilled in one area.

to cut to the chase:

  • AFO is a fae from the dawn of quirks, as was OFA. OFA passed his magic off to a human which started the chain.
  • Todoroki Rei is fae, Enji is human. He kept her in the house with doorknobs made of iron.
  • Fuyumi and Natsuo are quirkless, Dabi is being torn apart by his magic, Shouto is the only one that "worked". None of the Todorokis but Enji and Rei know about fae. Dabi learns when he joins the villains because it turns out near-immortal creatures that kept getting murdered keep long grudges.
  • Izuku is a strange, delicate quirkless kid with an allergy to iron and a serious case of looking younger than he is, all while sounding like hes been alive for 100s of years.
  • Katsuki is a good friend, who is 100% convinced fae are real and that Izuku is half fae. He doesn't tell Izuku this because Izuku either knows or he doesn't and fuck he can't keep a secret anyway.
  • the reason OFA unlocks all the quirks with Izuku is because its fae magic: its easiest for a fae to use
  • Aizawa is Fae. Mic knows, Nezu knows, the rest of the teachers do not know. Aizawa really is only 32 but he could live for another 200 years if hes lucky


So Aizawa reads his class intake and sees one kid listed with an iron allergy and hes like “oH, fae”. Izuku finds out he’s a fae in the worst possible way.

  • So, AFO is a fae right? He knows the easiest way to cripple a fae with pain, and to damage their magic, is iron. He knows because the stuff has almost killed him a few times. So what does he do? He tips the nomu’s claws with iron caps.
  • Because OFA is fae magic, iron also messes with the quirk. AFO could never take advantage of that because the metal would much sooner kill him than annoy All Might, but that doesn’t mean others can’t use it.
  • Being near the Nomu is making Aizawa and Izuku feel ill, they think it’s just because of how creepy the thing is, until Shigiraki tells the Nomu to grab Izuku.
  • His arm starts sizzling like it’s being burnt with hot coals, Shigiraki is faintly delighted. “Oh, you’re just like Sensei! I guess I’ll leave you alive, but we can’t have you messing with out Nomu.
  • Aizawa jumps in, it does much the same to him. Shigiraki tells the Nomu not to kill them, but anything else is fair game. The students watch in horror as it methodically breaks aizawa’s and Izuku’s legs, all the while it’s hands burn their skin.
  • All Might doesn’t walk into a happy scene.


USJ ends with everyone living, but the iron forced All Might to shift into his weaker form. All of 1A learn about it and are begged to keep it a secret. Izuku learns the hard way fae are real and that he’s partly one of them. Aizawa’s quirk isn’t permanently damaged but it takes a month or two for the effects of the iron to fade enough for his quirk to function normally again.

Chapter Text

basically, izuku is a shapeshifter, but can only change into different mammals. he needs to know their internal organ structure perfectly or he's in trouble too.

  • he manifests his quirk and quickly goes about learning some common but practical animals like a small cat, greyhound, mouse, bat and rabbit
  • he and bakugo are friends


his good times dont last long though, his mother is killed for a connection to a villain she didnt know she had (probably dad for one) and the villain group is after izuku as well

  • they don't know his quirk, he honestly hadn't gotten it registered yet

inko tells izuku to run, hide and be safe, right before shes practically cremated where she stands by a powerful fire quirk. izuku runs, shifts into a small dog and goes the only place he can think: the park he and bakugo play in


now, mitsuki is frantic bc inko's house is on fire and they can't find inko or izuku

  • katsuki doesn't know whats happening though, and she sends him off to the park in case they start pulling bodies out of the building. katsuki is happy to go, asks if he can bring izuku. mitsuki says izukuis busy
  • katsuki goes to the park and hears a soft whining sound, he finds izuku, hidden behind a tree, smelling like ash
  • izuku shifts back to a human and explains that villains hurt his mama and they want to hurt him too
  • katsuki, crying, tells him to change back into a dog. he'll keep him safe from the villains. izuku agrees, only if he can look after katsuki in turn.


they don't tell mitsuki. izuku is worried she'll get hurt, and part of his is also worried she knew about the villains and said nothing.

  • Katsuki and dog!izuku run back to the house, only finding charred bones where his mother had been
  • they both sob
  • mitsuki finds her son, sobbing as he clutches a tiny dog to his chest, seeing a sight so horrific she herself wants to throw up. when he asks if they can keep the puppy later that night, it's not even a question in her mind. of course they can. Anything to keep that broken expression off her son’s face.



katsuki changes after that. his best friend and friends mother apparently dead, he gets angry, but he's scared to go out where there are lots of people. he's scared of the villains that killed izuku's mum, scared they'll hurt them like they hurt inko

  • he goes to therapy. they quickly work out the dog is helping him cope, so izuku is trained as a therapy dog. he does astoundingly well, unsurprisingly.
  • katsuki ends up bullied for his service dog, but the amount they help each other is enough for him to be willing to put up and shut up
  • the only time he ever explodes is when someone hurts his dog, 'deku' and it's not like izuku sits idly by while katsuki gets hurt either


anyway, izuku likes to wander, whenever katsuki doesn't have school or is feeling particularly good, he'll go on an adventure, normally as a different animal

  • every animal he shifts into is green, so katsuki sometimes sees him when he's out and smiles


izuku's heroic spirit is undying, even as an animal, which kinda leads to him sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and helping out kids he thinks need the help.

  • he hears shouting and crying from the foster home down the road, sees a child muzzled
    • he earns shinsou's trust as a too-small kitten, along with aizawa's (just out of school, learning to be an underground hero) , until he can drag aizawa to the house during the shouting. shinsou gets out, aizawa gains a son
  • he goes hero watching as a kitten, sees the small child standing too stoic on the front lines as endeavour fights. he follows him home, whistling songs to the kid when he cries, perching on his shoulder when he sees him
    • shouto's best memories from his childhood are of the little cat that always showed up when he felt his worst, who purred like an engine in his arms and was never afraid of him
  • ochako remembers the fluffy puppy with its massive paws showing up at her door when the power went out during winter, keeping her warm with its curly green-black fur
  • aizawa knows of the kitten that ages too slowly and keeps bringing troubled children to him
  • iida remembers the rabbit that used to race him on the tracks. without his quirk its was honestly a challenge
  • kirishima knows about a dark colour fawn that would always come over to him when he was upset and let him bury his face in its fur and cry
    • he also remembers seeing it the day he dyes his hair. its licks his nose
  • mina remembers the little green bat that nested in her hair and clumsily copied her as she danced, its colour making her feel better about her own
  • Tsuyu would often see a little green and black tanuki when she’d take her siblings out. It always kept them safe and out of danger and never failed to make her smile on a bad day.


  • Even heroes know about the little green dog that watches from the sidelines. They’ve seen it drag civilians from danger, look for people in buried rubble and comfort crying children. It doesn’t often approach them, but it tends to do a little happy dance if they pet it, wagging its tail 1000 miles an hour if a hero so much as looks at it.
    • They call it little green, seeing him basically becomes a good luck charm. Even All Might feels a little better when he sees the little dog catching from the crowd, knowing it’ll keep some too-brave civilians safe from attacks and falling rubble.



When Katsuki applies for UA, his class doesn’t cheer him on. They whisper about the kid so angry, unstable and scared he brings a puppy to class. Izuku leans against Katsuki’s leg in support, unable to do anything for his friend. The teacher pays it no mind.

  • He’s told not to apply. He’s not normal or sane enough to be any help to anyone, they say. Katsuki flips them off and puts UA in all three slots on his form.


He takes Izuku with him on the day of the entrance exam. He tells himself it’s so Izuku can see the school at least once, if he doesn’t get in. Deep down he knows it’s because he’s scared and doesn’t want to be alone. Izuku doesn’t mind either way, he’s just excited to cheer on his best friend and get to look at some heroes.

  • He does leave Izuku with the teachers. He can take care of himself, but the idea of dragging him into a situation where he might accidentally burn his only friend? It makes him feel sick. Izuku understands. He’d do anything for Katsuki, but he was still scared to enter the exam location. He never did get over his fear of fire.
  • Izuku ends up in the monitor room. The teachers are trying not to coo over the too smart, too nice puppy. It’s All Might that recognises him.

“Is that, is that little green? The dog who always shows up at hero fights?”

  • Nemuri is ecstatic

“It totally is! I love that little guy! Hey little cutie, did you know you were famous? All the heroes around here love you!”

  • Aizawa, Nezu and Present Mic all separately notice that the dog honestly… he honestly looks flustered. Excited, yes, but almost sheepish. Aizawa draws some internal connections to the green and overly brave ‘stray’ kitten he’s seen his whole career. Nezu looks at the fur colour and thinks “quirked, like me. But was he always an animal?”. Present Mic sees the humanity in those eyes.
  • All three of them say nothing, filling the information away for later.


Katsuki ends up in the arena with Iida and Uraraka. He recognises both of them from Izuku’s whisper descriptions in the rare moments he let himself slip into human form.

  • Tall, broad, clearly the younger brother of Ingenium; that’s the stiff boy Izuku raced as a rabbit, trying to get him to loosen up and connect with those around him.
  • Round-faced, bright cheeks, fierce eyes and a body a little too thin from too many hungry nights? That’s the girl Izuku looked for when it got too cold, just to make sure he heating was working. She’d moved away from home, apparently. Izuku had found her new house and gave it a once over – if he figured it was safe, Katsuki would believe him. Izuku was the most paranoid person he’d ever met.
  • He almost went to say something. But Iida’s stern glare curdled his nerves. He shot back a snarl and focused on getting ready.


Back in the viewing room, Nemuri and Yagi are not so subtly fighting over Izuku. They are both trying to call him over, offer little bits of food, give him a good pat. It’s a little funny for Aizawa to watch as the poor pup ties himself in knots trying to please the both of them. He notes vaguely that he doesn’t take the food bribes from either of them.

  • Yagi is winning slightly, on virtue of being All Might, but Nemuri is not above begging a dog. It works shockingly well, with Izuku not wanting to upset a hero. She sends smug look’s All Might’s way as she triumphantly pats Izuku.


Mic yells start, the student's flood into the arena. Katsuki makes short work of the robots, racking up a score of 50 in almost record time. The teachers watch as ‘Deku’ clearly tracks his charge across the screen, whining softly when he pushes himself a little too far or gets a little too close to the robots.

  • Then the zero pointer is released and all hell breaks loose.
  • Katsuki sees Uraraka, trapped. He can’t leave her; not one of Izuku’s people. He’d never forgive himself for letting someone important to Izuku get hurt ever again.
  • He doesn’t realise Izuku couldn’t stand seeing him hurt, either.
  • He blasts the rubble apart, shielding Uraraka with his body, preventing her from being hailed with slivers of rubble. Uraraka sees not another student, but a hero, saving her when she thought she might die, selflessly giving up time to save someone he didn’t know. She vows to make it up to him, somehow.

It’s not enough, the robot looms too close. Bracing himself as best he can, Katsuki lets out the largest explosion he can muster, uncaring of the damage it may do to his wrists. If he gets crushed, his wrists hardly matter, do they?

  • The robot shakes, then topples backwards, overbalanced by the blast. Katsuki drops to his knees, both wrists dislocated. He’s hissing swears under his breath.
  • Uraraka sees a lump of rock flying to him as he sits there, prone from the attack that saved her life. She leaps towards it, leaving it weightless before it can hit him. The action leaves her hand red raw from the force of the rock.

Time is called. They both collapse.


Izuku is off of the door the second the explosion sounds. It’s so big it rattles the monitors in their room. Nemuri tries to stop him, reaching for his collar, but his collar doesn’t fit a mouse. He shifts into the smaller form, scampering out the door upon where he shifts into a greyhound.

  • He takes off full tilt towards his friend's exam arena. He's panicked and scared – the flash of fire and the pained look in Katsuki’s eyes have totally fried his nerves.
  • The doors aren’t open yet. He doesn’t care, shifting into a bat until he can clear them, diving down as fast as he can. He shifts again into a greyhound, racing though the robots – broken and sparking.
  • He sees Katsuki, jaw grit tightly as he fights back tears of pain, and Izuku lets out a pathetic whine, running full tilt towards his best friend, before lingering nervously in front of him, unwilling to touch him lest he hurt him.

“Oh get over here, Deku.” There are tears in Katsuki’s eyes still, but he’s smiling softly. Izuku shifts once more, into the softest dog he can, pressing against his friend as his tail wags like mad.

  • Present Mic calls time. If he was a solid 30 seconds late as he tried to process the whirlwind of chaos that little,,, dog? Left, well no one was going to notice. Other than Nezu, obviously, but the maybe-rat seemed just a confused as him.

Uraraka turns to her hero, only to see the little dog that would warm her on cold nights. She turns to him, wide-eyed. Izuku sticks his head over Katsuki’s shoulder, making happy yips at her.

  • Iida stumbles over, confused as to how a dog got in, confuses as to how he clearly saw it change between two distinct dog breeds in its quest to reach the prickly boy he’d seen at the entrance, who had just seriously injured himself to save a stranger.
  • The dog looks at him, then perks up. It gives a quick snuggle into its owners hair before trotting over to him. It wags its tail. Iida looks on, confused.
  • Before his eyes, he watches the dog shift into what is unmistakably the rabbit he remembers from his earlier childhood, the one that would race him around tracks until it’s little legs couldn’t race anymore and would bound over to him as happily was a rabbit could.
  • He stares.

Katsuki watches this and laughs.

“I see you’ve both met Deku.”

Chapter Text

Basically, deku is stain's apprentice

  • Ok less apprentice, more like "kid he cant get rid of"
  • izuku has afo and is sensei's kid and its kinda been his mission to get stain onside, but he just kinda started staning stain
  • so he said "love u dad but can i just like, follow this guy" and his dad said "you know what, its good to broaden your villainous horizons" So he makes a deal w stain: the heroes dont have to die, but izuku will take their quirks from them

in this AU izuku can "borrow" a quirk pretty quickly but needs a solid minute of contact to fully take it

  • izuku goes to ua, hes a gen. ed. student! hes there to get connections/blackmail but he only shows up around 3 days a week because of "family matters" but he’s holding great grades so they haven’t pushed too hard about his attendance. the only quirk izuku is listed as having is minor telekinesis, its all he uses in school but he gets pretty far in the sports festival, all the way to the tournament but has to forteit his match because he needs to do something
  • (it was against bakugo. he honestly could have fought it but bakugo would be way angrier not being allowed to fight him so he left a little early)


so bakugo has always been kinda,,, scared of izuku. he lives w his dad, his mum lives in europe or something, bakugo isnt sure (afo told her it'd be safer for her to leave the country because all might vs him would be dangerous. She agreed but asked that he A, look after izuku and B, she be allowed to give her quirk to him as a gift to keep him safe. its izukus favorite quirk) and izuku has always let off a creepy aura. he had a "weak" quirk but did a lot of unexplained things, was too smart etc and his dad was creepy as all hell

  • bakugo would never admit it, but he was kinda glad he didnt have to fight izuku

Iida doesn’t get the call from his mum until later so he gets his medal and everything.

  • turns out? tensei was stopped by the hero killers, they dont "kill" people but they do kill heroes, tensei fought, lost and lost his quirk
  • so everythng happens as in canon up till hosu (mirio has ofa) so izuku knows iida a little, was on his team with todoroki (replaced kami, his quirk was great for grabbing headbands). He actually picked iida's team because he wanted to know more about him before they took on ingenium

he wasnt 100% onboard with the removal of ingenium because he wasnt all that bad but he wasn't perfectly for stains ideology because he was pretty profit focused, had no other heroes on team but loads of sidekicks who make lower rates than heroes and give his agency a funding boost and was from a Hero Family so it wasnt super likely he wanted to be a hero just to save people

  • but he was a nice guy and put his life on the line for people so izuku thought he was pretty ok but stain was sticking to his guns and izuku didnt want the guy dead,,, so he said sure. so, izuku kinda,,, knows iida is going to come after stain. he saw all the people who put in internship forms, he saw where iida put down and put 2 and 2 together. but, thing is? he really likes iida! every time hes met iida the guy has been super nice to him, if a little uptight. during the cavalry battle he even took a hit for izuku he didn’t need to and izuku liked that so he’s trying to steer stain away from where he knows iida is probably going to end up because fuck endeavour and hes in


  • (plus izuku wants that sweet sweet fire quirk because hes not allowed to take dabi's)


also: relevant but only just, izuku has a really cutesy villain costume and isnt linked to the hero killer (like, think bunny poncho)

so izuku is wandering around, trying to work out how to lure endeavour into a dark alley and not having much luck because the nomu are L o u d and he ends up getting pushed to the ground and trampled in a person stampede

  • which hes a little salty about! but, iida, knight in shining armour, stops his search for the hero killer to help izuku up and ask if hes ok and izuku blushes despite himself because even tho hes trying to steal the number 2 heroes quirk hes a big fan of heroes and iida? pushing all the heroic buttons


so yada yada, stain ends up taking native because endeavour wasnt leaving the crowds and izuku goes over to take the quirk for him and iida shows up

  • He steps between izuku and stain (assuming stain ment to hurt izuku) and says hes going to get revenge for his brother
  • and stain just fucking,,, sighs because he can see izuku's blush from here and the kid is all starry eyed over baby ingenium but like, the kid is vengeance-y and that’s not great for a hero, so he thinks the least he can do is rough him up a bit to teach him what a hero should be doing, because he’s trying to make a point more than anything he doesn’t use his quirk yet and tries to explain his point to iida


izuku is sitting off to the side with native and just watching this go down (he,,, may also be stealing native's quirk,, because fuck that guy but thats not the point)


anyway, iida is losing, and pretty badly too because the kid is angry and alone. izuku has finished taking native's quirk, who still hasn’t realized because hes stupid so he hauls iida over his shoulder from where hes a little concussed on the ground and runs off with him, leaving stain to sigh because what has his life come to

  • izuku talks to iida about stains ideas while patching him up, admitting that he thinks iida's brother was actually a pretty good hero and that stains a little strict. iida cant help but understand stains way of thinking, even though hes mad at himself about it. he tries to ask izuku what he was doing but he just gets shushed
  • izuku kinda dumps iida on todoroki and runs
  • (todoroki swears there was something familiar about the rabbit costumed kid)


so, izuku like comes up to iida durring school, says he heard ab. stain and that it was really impressive that he did all that yadda yadda, and then leaves, 20 minutes later todoroki sees iida trying to flex his arms and grimacing. iida admits his arms are a little sore but its nbd

  • durring hero training iida collapses a little and ochako runs over, hes trying not to scream because his arms hurt so bad.
  • he heads to recovery girl and hes? now also got engines where his brother did? and todoroki and ochako are so lost. todoroki turns to iida and says "i know this is off topic, but didnt your involvement with stain get suppressed from the media?" and iida freezes
  • iida trying to find this gen ed student but he doesnt really? remember izukus name. hes just "green boy w minor telekinesis who knew too much"


i want izuku ducking behind his bestie shinso to hide from the big bad hero student. shinso is ready to throw down for izuku honestly. izuku confided in shinso ab. his villainous quirk and shinso is honestly shaping up to be his righthand man. together they'll show the world what heroes should really be, by tearing the system to shreds


  • iida is trying to find "green boy"
  • short skinny green boy
  • who hides behind his tall angry friend
  • and is only on campus like, half the week
  • needless to say iida is having some trouble
  • so iida, honestly losing faith in heroics (in this au, todoroki told iida about the quirk marriage) goes looking for stain


iida: “where is izuku”

everyone in gen ed: 💪🏽👁👄👁👊🏽

iida, now in tears: “what are you  say i ng”


basically in this au izuku has managed to poison the gen ed. kids against heroics. some of them cant stand their teachers anymore, none of them want to transfer, they fake gag when they see the heroics students and some of them have even dropped out but no one suspects izuku because the kid loves heroes!!!


  • mic is his homeroom teacher
  • so mic is also the traitor
  • but hes like,, stupidly in love with aizawa and izuku kinda lovess eraserhead so izuku makes his dad promise to not hurt 1a/aizawa so in this au? aizawa doesnt get smashed by the nomu. aizawa was trapped by stains quirk so the guy has tr a u m a but hes not in pain. afo is honestly trying to kill allmight but izuku likes all might so they fight about it but like, a soft fight? and its disturbing even shigiraki because you should not be lightly bickering over the life of a man
  • shigaraki s in the corner tears in his eyes because izuku just gave afo permission to “lightly maim him” like goddamn kid what’s wrong with u


stain runs into iida and hes like "god please i dont wanna fight you again the boss' kid will cry" and iida is like ",,, so tell me about izuku" and stain fucking glares at him w such intensity iida is both 1, sure hes correct 2, scared for his life

  • so stain calls kurogiri and throws iida into the bar and izuku jumps like, 6 feet in the air like a cat and is clinging to the roof but he calms the fuck down and iida is so shook that the only thing he can think to say is ",,, we are too young to be in a bar"
  • and izuku busts a gut and hes like, crying laughing "youre right we are way too young, why dont we go to another room?" dabi wolf whistles, then has to dodge izuku's now flying milkshake iida n izuku just chat! n iida is a little creeped? because izuku is charismatic and charming and iida agrees with him 100% but he shouldn’t be? he should be nervous or angry or at least a little confused but hes just so charming and bubbly its a little odd. honestly, all the stuff izuku pointed out? iida starts to see how bakugo can get away with acting like an ass but shinso can’t even look at someone wrong without getting set upon


iida is making massive leaps in his training because his quirk has doubled in strength! but, it feels like hes stolen something from his brother

  • but thats not possible, right? you cant give and take quirks.
  • of course not
  • ...
  • right?
  • iida starts wondering what midoriya's quirk really is, exactly. he never named it. just said "i can use telekinesis on light stuff" but, he hung around villains and seemed to be respected by them, without any visible training, weapons or strength
  • and shinso, when prompted, said he empathised with midoriya, which iida thought was an odd word choice?

anyway, iida doesnt feel great during hero training. all might's villain costume feels almost offensive? and the profiling aizawa has them do feels wrong, like making assumptions based off the quirk, not the person. it just feels gross and wrong and hes starting to feel really conflicted. because stain hurt people. izuku hurt people.


but he agrees with them


Chapter Text


Ok so! Tech Genius!Izuku AUs are a thing right? I love them to bits but my problem is i know nothing about tech so I can't write them, but what I do know is biology!

Biology/Genetics prodigy Izuku giving himself quirks!

  • Stays friends with Katsuki (They have a rough patch but they work through it), not sure if I want Izuku to fiddle with Katsuki's quirk or not - not sure if i'll make the quirk limit 1 or 2, but i've always headcanoned you can give more quirks to someone born quirkless, so Izuku will end up with a few


So, after the dawn of quirks, a lot of, if not all, genetic research stopped. Sure, tech marched onwards, but genetics became an even bigger taboo than it was before. Izuku is a little genius, and this his massive interest in quirks when hes told he’s quirkless? Its more of a “how do I change this” than a “can I change this”

  • Izuku has always been the smartest person Katsuki knows. They have a rough patch at the beginning where Katsuki is trying to claw this one thing hes better at Izuku than over his head, to make himself ‘better’ than izuku
  • People have always called the quirkless worthless. If he’s less than a quirkless kid, what does that make him? Izuku eventually manages to drag it out of him and tells him about all the things people did before the dawn of quirks. Katsuki changes his mind to instead believing that everyone else is stupid for thinking quirks are everything and is now very vocal about that. (He still loves his quirk though, as does Izuku.)
  • His first real trial is a bit of a silly one: he cures Katsuki’s lactose intolerance. They were both salty they couldn’t share their icecream.


Collection of quirks:


  • Explosion
  • Fire Manipulation


  • Telekinesis
  • Heal
  • Forcefield
  • Jump


I want izuku to give himself a quirk aged like, 8, with bakugo there for the ride as a lab hand, and i want them to realise with mounting horror what they've managed to do

  • bakugo turning to izuku and whispering "how many quirks would it take to beat - be as strong as - all might?" and izuku just shrugs because he hadn't thought about that but what he's done could start a new breed of bioweapons
  • he knows enough about the brain to see that more than 2 quirks in a quirked persons body, or more than 4 in someone born quirkless would be seriously damaging, but hes really scared about what could happen if he did go over that limit.
  • he wont, but hes curious, and he feels a little sick because of it


Nezu catches wind of this baby bio genius, one of the red flags is the only recent research done into quirks was actually from the lab nezu was kept in, so when he sees someone digging into that research hes ready to rain hell down upon them

  • then he sees an 8 year old that gave himself a quirk and hes like "oh. son."
  • oh he also totally has a little collection of lab rats that he spoils to bits - he's careful not to give them any quirks that would hurt them / cause an ethical issue. mostly they just have colour changing and glowing quirks, one of them can photosynthesize
  • hes a very good boy and his little rat children love him
  • he knows enough about the brain to see that more than 2 quirks in a quirked persons body, or more than 4 in someone born quirkless would be seriously damaging, but hes really scared about what could happen if he did go over that limit.
  • he wont, but hes curious, and he feels a little sick because of it


So, when one is as hopelessly heroic as Izuku, it tends to be hard to avoid ‘accidentally’ using your quirk in public. When you have a heal quirk? It’s basically impossible.

  • Healing quirks actually have a special provision under the vigilantism act, along with exemptions due to age, but when Izuku gets caught, the police don’t tell him that. They honestly just want to try and scare the kid straight because it was a ‘miracle’ (forcefield) that he didn’t get hit by the falling rubble.
  • So Naomasa is brought in, as usual for the Mustutafu area, and asks the basic questions: name, age, quirk. Izuku, being a genius but still like 8 and scared hes going to jail lies for the first two questions, and he doesn’t lie very well because the poor kid is chronically honest.
  • ‘Um, my name is – tsubasa! Yeah!.” “I’m 10!”
  • But the last question throws Naomasa for a loop. “What’s your quirk?” “I was born quirkless, I’ve got the x-ray to prove it.”
  • That wasn’t a lie. But he visibly used a quirk, they saw it happen. And Naomasa suddenly gets a terrible feeling, because there is only one person he knows that can take someone from quirkless to quirked.
  • “So you don’t have any quirk?” “No sir.” A lie. Fuck. He lets Izuku go because despite the horror of a child caught in AFO’s clutches, he might be the most valuable lead they’ve ever had. So they keep an eye on him.
  • It doesn’t take long to see him using more than one quirk. The kid is creative and isn’t bad at disguising them as the same quirk, but using a forcefield to shield you and your friend from rain is visibly different from telekinetically doing the same, if you know what you’re looking for. And boy do Naomasa and All Might know what they’re looking for.
  • Their second heart attack comes from an absent “So have you been practicing with flame manipulation?” “Of course, dipshit, I’m not lazy. We’ve gotta practise to become heroes, don’t we?” “I know, Kacchan! I’m just excited!”
  • They keep freaking out about it until they bring in Nezu. It takes him a week or so, but he quickly finds out whats going on. “So, I’m not sure if this is what you wanted to hear but: It’s not All for One,” general sighs of relief “But the child has worked out how to synthesize quirks.” PANICKED NOISES

I feel like izuku is def. the first to make a quirk suppressant chemical, which really interests overhaul unfortunately, so i assume he can counter than with something that could just speed up the metabolism to flush another chemical out and because aizawa's quirk binds to the quirk factor, he could just give himself a quirk that has a different biological mechanism - confusing the fuck out of everyone involved

  • Time line of Izuku’s shenanigans
    • Katsuki: lactose intolerance cured, proof of concept – age 6
    • A very nice rat: Attraction of small objects, yes the rat used it and yes it was amazing because other rats counted as small objects – age 7
    • Izuku: Attraction of small objects – age 8 (Inko’s quirk)
    • Katsuki: Flame control, a portion of Hisashi’s quirk from Izuku’s genes – age 8
    • Izuku: Jump, from a detailed study about a quirked rabbit – age 8 (late)
    • Another very nice rat: given the ability to live to 10 years old. His name is Hermes – age 9
    • Izuku: Starts a medical degree – age 10
    • Izuku: Forcefield, partly from a study of a weak forcefield quirk from the beginning of quirks when genetic studies were less taboo, combined with some promoter sequences from Katsuki’s quirk – age 10
    • Izuku: Heal, something he’d been working on since the beginning, created without reference for a similar quirk, his masterpiece – age 13 (This quirk is not tied to the quirk factor and therefore can not be stopped by erasure or the quirk erasing bullets.)
    • Izuku: Finishes the medical degree – age 14


Katsuki tries to get him to write Dr. Midoriya on his application to UA but he refuses, sadly. Not that it matters, Nezu recognises the last name from some of the only quirk research since the lab he was kept in was shut down. He’s very interested about one of the boy’s earliest papers; a case study about a quirkless boy born to 2 4th generation quirked parents, and the conclusion he drew: it wasn’t possible. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the quirkless kid was Izuku himself.


Izuku and Katsuki walk to UA together, Uraraka still saves him from tripping, Katsuki was just laughing at his suffering. Izuku’s a little less awkward in this AU and actually manages to thank her. They all enter the hall together.

  • Izuku never exactly kicked him mumbling habit, Iida still tells him off. Katsuki is trying to fight the urge to fly down there and kick his ass. Not that they can see, but Uraraka is also glaring at Iida for being rude to the nice boy.
  • Iida tries to stop Izuku from saying hi to Uraraka but she blows straight past him, loudly thanking Izuku for stopping to say hi. She’s glaring at Iida, Izuku is blissfully ignorant of that. Iida feels like hes offended the wrong person.
  • The exam starts, Izuku jumps straight into the middle of the exam. His legs hurt but hes totally clear of the other test takers. He starts kicking butt. He yanks wires from ports, tears screws from joints, punches robots with forcefield protected fists, etc. He gets maybe 30 points like this.
  • All around him he can see people in danger, he throws up countless forcefields to protect his fellow test takers. The judges are impressed with the versatility of the quirk, All Might, even though he knows Izuku isn’t connected to AFO, is having a slight breakdown. Nezu is incredibly impressed. Izuku is flagging though, his forcefield quirk takes some serious energy when he doesn’t have much to spare.
  • The zero pointer is released. Uraraka is pinned, and, unlike canon, she isn’t unscathed. Her ankle is snapped under the rubble, her ribs are badly bruised. Izuku sees this happen and he just moves. He doesn’t trust his forcefield to hold enough weight, so he goes the other direction: brute force. Using his jump quirk, he rockets into the air, landing a solid, quirk enhanced kick to the face of the robot. As it teeters, he uses attraction of small objects on as many individual points as he can, flying over the back of the robots head. He lands with an impact that jars his teeth, just as the robot starts to tip backwards. He makes it to safety with seconds to spare.
  • He’s exhausted, so far into quirk exhaustion it isn’t funny, but he’s not done yet. He stumbles to Uraraka helps her lift the bolder off her broken ankle, and heals it. He collapses just as the test finishes, Uraraka catching him and keeping him safe from the last few bits of falling rubble. She’s so thrown by her healed ankle.


  • Recovery girl comes over, checking on Uraraka. She saw the injury on the cameras and felt bad for the poor girl, but when she gets there there’s nothing. Sure, there’s some blood, but under it all there isn’t even a single cut. Uraraka begs her to help the boy in her arms and she thinks she might know why. The boy looks half dead, likely quirk exhaustion. Still, she didn’t know anyone with a healing quirk was applying, normally Nezu told her.

Chapter Text

Hello I’m redefining Izuku’s quirk for the sake of more dramatic powers: Most songs are general power ups (everyone in auditory range), others are personal powerups (only the person singing). Both only effect those who hear them, unless the effect is 100% intrinsic. Izuku uses a lot of general power ups because he’s helpful like that. Each song can only be used once per day.

Examples: A song that creates a forcefield will only be a barrier to those who hear it, but a strength increase is a strength increase no matter which way you slice it.


anyway! day 1 of class is ok bc izuku and bakugo head to school together, and its honestly a miracle he didn't get kidnapped again

  • anyway, he meets iida and is fucking floored when he apologises for yelling at him. uraraka calls him the "boy with the singing quirk" and hes pretty happy. bakugo is grudgingly pleased izuku has friends and sits down, izuku following suit. shinsou is half asleep at his desk and seems to have been there the whole time
  • aizawa does his little spiel, quirk assessment happens yadda-yadda. izuku looks so chill on the outside but the kid is freaking the fuck out internally
  • he's coming second in the test, aizawa still erases his quirk, more of an example to the class because he assumed izuku wouldnt lose his shit. he didn't - at least externally
  • from this we also find out izuku has a kind of internal metronome because he suddenly has no internal 'beat' when his quirk is erased. his hearing gets substantially worse too.
  • which serves to freak him the fuck out because he feels off balance and like hes had cotton stuffed in his ears
  • anyway, yeets the ball, all is good, bakugo glares fucking daggers at aizawa for singling out izuku and izuku tries not to dissociate


battle trial is nothing special, but bakugo just fucking,,, turns his hearing aids off so izukus quirk doesnt work on him

  • its a blessing and a curse because it leaves izuku free to use most personal powerups, but honestly bakugo wants a nice fight more than he wants to win so thats fine with him
  • izuku wins, but only just, izuku gives uraraka a speed up through the comm link, iida who was Not read for that, loses



  • Bakugo and Izuku sing Stronger than You and kick ass for a solid while before the song runs out and the nomu hits them into the lake. Izuku, with a broken leg and the beginnings of a concussion, has to drag a semi-conscious Bakugo to shore and let me tell you they both almost drown like 8 times. Izuku helps All Might by singing Anything (Hedly), which functions honestly like a big Ol’ Plus Ultra to anyone believing in what they are doing. (It starts working on Shigiraki after the Stain arc, but before then he was acting without purpose)


Sports festival!

  • All Might and Izuku are basically dad and son in this universe too, so despite the dissimilar quirks, Todoroki still calls out Izuku to fight. Because Todoroki is the son of Endeavour and privy to a little more heroics insider info than he really should be, he also knows how often Izuku deals with villains. In an attempt to piss off the eternally nice and collected boy enough to give him a fight he can piss off Endeavour with, he calls him a damsel in distress.
  • Izuku is Bakugo basically holds onto his forearm to stop him from clocking Todoroki right in the jaw, but lord is Bakugo also pissed. Todoroki, for a second, realises he may have fucked up.
  • Todoroki wins the first event, Izuku is pretty middling. Like hes top 10? But he didn’t make a major impact. But the guy sees Monoma and gets an Idea

“HI SO – I know you hate class 1A, and really there is something to be said for the way our school is trying to pit 2 classes of children against eachother like a bitter blood feud BUT I have an idea that could be 100% ridiculous and if you want 1B to make an impact, please work with me. I need to shove something in Todoroki’s face.”

“… I’m listening.”

  • The general idea is Izuku’s songs have a different effect when sung in a duet, some are only practical in duet form: IE, stronger than you is a dodge boost alone, but in a duet is a massive power boost to the two singing it. So what if two people with Izuku’s quirk sung a duet? Chaos, probably.
  • Monoma agrees because one of the only things he likes more than 1 upping 1A is quirk based tomfoolery. The team ends up consisting of Izuku, Monoma, Kendo and Uraraka. Kendo and Uraraka, with the use of Uraraka’s quirk, carry both Izuku and Monoma – the better you singer, the better the quirk works.
  • Its lucky Monoma knows most of the songs Izuku brings up as ideas, and adds some suggestions of his own. If the other two know the song its not a bad idea to join in, but its not the end of the world if they don’t.
  • The list of songs they have on standby and their effect when sung by two people with the Songbird Quirk
    • Two Player Game - Be More Chill: It forms both a connection between the people singing it, allowing them to anticipate the others movements and creates a semi-translucent double of each singer that mimics their movements with a half second delay, aka: each punch you throw hits twice.
    • Family – Mother Mother: Creates a kinda forcefield that hovers just above the body. The stronger the bond between the singers, the stronger the shield – good thing Uraraka and Kendo know that one.
    • Hurry Hurry – Airtraffic Controllers: Slows down your perception of time, giving the appearance of superhuman reflexes. With the addition of a partner, it also grants superspeed.
    • We don’t get tired, we get even – Pat the Bunny: The more energy you’ve used up, the more energy you get back when singing this song + a proportional increase in general ability.
    • Doubt Comes In – Hadestown: Anyone who hears it quickly loses the ability to other people, including the singers.
    • The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman: In addition to the normal effect of drawing attention to the point you can’t look away, singers get a ‘moon jump’ ability.
    • Turn the Lights Off – Tally Hall: Makes the area pitch black and gives the singers monstrous forms with plenty of claws and eyes.
  • How they use these is up to your imagination, but they end having taken the 10’000’000 point band from Todoroki. Bakugo, the only person with a decent understanding of Izuku’s quirk, just turned off his hearing aids and told his team to block their ears when weird shit started to happen. They came second, Todoroki third and Shinsou’s team fourth.
  • Uraraka gets to the second round bc Bakugo fights Monoma in the first round and jesus that fight is hilarious because its just Monoma – while using Bakugo’s quirk too – insisting that Izuku has abandoned class 1A for class 1B and Bakugo getting progressively more done with this boy’s shit.
  • Izuku and Bakugo + Todoroki and Iida are the semi finalists. Izuku and Bakugo are mostly just like “Thank fuck I’ve been talking to so many god damn weirdos today please can we just have a normal fight”. Izuku wins, j u u s t. (Izuku and Bakugo have a pretty 50/50 win loss ratio going on in this AU)
  • Todoroki vs Izuku is the final round of the whole thing, Todoroki told him about Endeavour, Izuku is pissed that no one looks at him and sees him, they only see his quirk (other than like, 6 people at this point). So he gets where Todoroki is coming from but holy shit hes doing literally just that. The main song Izuku uses for that round is Escapism – Steven Universe which makes him intangible (other than like his feet so he doesn’t go through the floor like Mirio). He’s trying to get the vibe across to Todoroki that he is free of his blood. He stops singing just to scream that at him, which is really what loses him the round. Hes not intangible anymore, so he has no way to dodge the fire that comes at him. But hes pretty happy anyway.


Stain Arc!

  • Izuku’s hero name is Lyre!
  • Izuku doesn’t intern with All Might, but he does visit the guy with him. All Might hasn’t given his quirk to anyone else because the only suitable person he can see is Izuku, but Izuku basically can’t say no to him so he’s having a crisis. Izuku just thinks he’s there to visit All Mights old mentor and shoot the shit, which is really what they do.
    • Gran basically just ends up telling him “Kid aint a wallflower, he’ll tell you to fuck off if he doesn’t want it. All Might decides to ask Izuku about it after everything is over.
  • Izuku ends up interning with Endeavour, along with Todoroki. He never ended up yelling at endeavour, even though he hates the guy. Shouto encouraged him to take the offer bc, 1, Endeavour literally never gives out internship offers and 2, it’d be more fun because that way he doesn’t need to deal with his dad’s bullshit alone.
  • Endeavour is like “Oh it’s the kidnap kid, your quirk is neat.” And izuku is smiling through gritted teeth like “Th Anks SiRr”


  • So, starts pretty normal, then the winged Nomu steals Izuku right off the ground. Izuku just says “I’ll be fine! Just keep doing what youre doing, I’ll get myself down.” Endeavour just shrugs like “Ok, I give you permission to defend yourself.” While Todoroki is screaming internally because his new friend is literally being flown away
  • So the Nomu that was once a really good friend of Izuku’s (not that izuku is aware of that) literally just dumps him somewhere else and leaves. Izuku is confused, really confused, so he starts walking his way back to where he was before he hears a familiar voice.
  • Guess who it’s Iida, with a serial killer standing right over him. Izuku panics, goes straight into Turn the Lights Off. Without Monoma it only makes it dark, but it’ll have to do.
  • Thing is: he has a key problem. My virtue of the fact he’s singing, Stain can always hear him. Izuku’s only advantage is that he can see Stain but stain can’t see him, and the darkness means Stain moves more cautiously.
  • Anyway, in the artificial darkness he can send a longer text anyway.
  • Midoriya [7:31PM]
    stain – [Location Pin Dropped]
  • So a lot of people, All Might and Aizawa included, f r e a k o u t. Todoroki goes running, Endeavour sends sidekicks with him because he saw his son, normally deadpan, almost chocking on panic as he mutters “Midoriya found Stain.”
  • Endeavour very much wants to also get Stain but the Nomu are Very Pressing Right Now, so there isn’t much he can do other than try and hurry the fuck up. Torino is kicking around because he could mostly, trying to get a glimpse of All Might’s kid in action, ends up having to kick villain ass. Hes not that concerned until he remembers “OH SHIT TOSHI’S BOY”. When he finds Endeavour the man, a little panicked for Endeavour’s standards, yells at him to go to the address bc his son and intern are fighting the fucking hero killer.
  • Gran Doesn’t think he’s moved so fast since he kicked All for One in the face with Nana 25 odd years ago.

So Stain is kinda pissed bc suddenly he can’t see and someone is singing. He goes to stab Iida but,,, he aint there anymore, and the singing is fading away. He figures “oh well, lemme get native” the singing changes to a different song. Very quickly he can see, but the singing boy, still singing is rocketing towards him and rapidly changing form.

  • Monster – dodie: Literally shifts Izuku into a monster. Stain suddenly realises that this is Songbird, talk of the underground, most wanted quirk by villains and quirk trafficers everywhere. This kid, target of villains everywhere, has put himself in their sights just to try and help people.
  • He thinks maybe Songbird might be one of the good ones.
  • Oh, an aside? People calling him Songbird sets off hella panic attacks because the only people who do that are people actively trying to kidnap him. And that’s what stain is calling him.
  • His monster form wavers and he tries to sing through tears and hitching breaths and Stain smiles because hes still curled around Native with his claws out.
  • Todoroki gets there first and helps defend Iida, Izuku is fighting to keep stain away from Native. The pros are on the way, Izuku is fading fast. Endeavour has been training them hard so hes exhausted and freaking the fuck out, while someone waves swords in his face.
  • Stain gets him, he loses the monster form. This doesn’t help Izuku’s panic, because now he can’t move and he’s felt this before along with grabbing hands, and dark vans and ropes around his wrists praying someone knew where he was going so someone might know to come for him when he doesn’t get home.
  • Todoroki sees that and he doesn’t know what to do. Izuku is panicking – the boy who seemed so put together and on top of things s falling apart at the seems. Iida feels horrible. He just wants to go to his friend hes never seen that distraught before.
  • Todoroki does the only thing he can think of. He sings.
  • He was never into music before, be after the sports festival he learnt Escapism -the song Izuku sang to him – and singing it back to him is the only thing he can think of doing.
  • It helps. It really helps, because if there was one thing that never happened when Izuku was taken – it was singing. He calms down just enough to breathe, which is all he needs to do.
  • The quirk wears off and Izuku throws himself at Stain, the words to Thunder by Imagine Dragons already pouring from his lips and electricity pouring from himself. If Stain touches him, hes toast, even if its via a sword. Izuku just has to avoid thrown weapons.
  • Izuku gets a hit, the quirk wears off Iida, who rushes in to stop Izuku from taking a throwing knife to the arm. The three of them knock out Stain just as the heroes skid into the alley. Izuku lets out a sob and crumples to the ground, Iida and Todoroki rushing over to him. They both honestly look like they’d bite anyone who got too close. Gran calls All Might who starts hightailing his way over there – Aizawa is also breaking a few traffic laws to reach his pack of injured kids.


  • They don’t get there in time. Shirigaki, furious that the hero killer went against him, orders Kurogiri to get Izuku. They take Iida and Todoroki for good measure. The heroes watch in horror as the children they were ment to protect vanish under their noses.


  • Headlines the next day: “UA sports festival finalists defeat Hero Killer – only to be taken by Villains seconds later.”