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Naruto: Lord of the Demons

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A dark figure traversed the dim alleyways of Konohagakure. It was wearing many dark robes that had a bellowing effect despite there not being much wind that night. All that could be seen was a pale, almost sickly, face.

As it continued along its path, it caught the sound of agony. It turned its head to the left side of a building's wall to find a young child curled on the ground with cuts and dark bruises littering their body. Getting a closer look, it saw that the human was a little boy. Couldn't be much older than 4-years-old.

The boy had dirty blonde hair that was slightly dyed in red from a cut on his head. He had tanned skin and what seemed to be whisked-like birthmarks on his face. He wore a dirty white shirt with holes in it and blue shorts. When he cracked an eye open, the figure saw that it was a dull blue filled with hurt, loneliness, and strength. The boy regarded the mysterious figure with apprehension, but also, curiosity. The silent silhouette held the boy's gaze before opening its mouth.

"You are the one. The one I am looking for. I see you struggle to live with such a fierce determination for a child. Yet, I do have one question; what do you want?"

The statement and question was vague in and of itself, but it spoke many words that could not be formed. The young child stayed still for a while before parting split lips.

"... T-t-to"

The figure stood quiet before reaching out a hand toward the injured child. As soon as he touched the boy, a dark blue, almost black energy appeared around its clawed hand. In just a few seconds, the boy found himself free of wounds but still fatigued at the previous beating. The being lifted the blonde boy up and wrapped him with one of its robes. The only part shown of the boy was his face.

A dark portal mixed with black, blue and purple swirls appeared in front of them. The figure walked straight towards it...

And they disappeared.

*****10Years Later*****

The genin test had been given, but there was a lack of even graduates. Umino Iruka had just ranted to the Hokage about this fact and it was truly troubling, indeed. They were down one student and they could not break tradition because of this fact. Either two students were going to have to fail or the whole class has to repeat another year. This would not appeal to the Council, neither to the Clans.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, a third Hokage, was at a loss.


The Sandaime allowed entrance to the one outside his door.

When the door opened, an unfamiliar person stepped through. He was about 5'6" with a lean yet muscular build. He had black hair that went blonde at the ends of his hair. His eyes were a startling blue with a tint of red around the pupil. He wore a black cloak-like robe that had red leaves fluttering along the bottom. It was long enough that his hands weren't even seen. He had black shinobi pants that led to black combat boots. From what the old man can see of his face, he had tanned skin and a cloth covering his face from under his eyes to his chin. Maybe even his neck was covered.

The male couldn't be older than 16-years-old.

"Yes? How may I help you?" The elder spoke.

"I'm here to become a genin." The boy replied evenly. Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Could I ask you on your purpose for wanting to become a part of the shinobi system?"

The boy stared at him for a few moments before lifting his now known clawed hand and pulled down his mask.

"Maybe this will convince you." He said.

And boy did it convince the aging man.

There, standing in front of him was a certain Uzumaki Naruto that went missing years ago. Sarutobi spent much time looking for him before he was forced to label the child as deceased. Many people (mainly the Civilian Council) were overjoyed at the news. Even most of the civilians and ninja themselves. It repulsed the graying old man how low his village has become to rejoice the death of an innocent child.

"Naruto-kun! I'm so glad that you're alive! I've been looking everywhere for you!" The Third spewed in joy that the boy he had come to see as his own was still among the living. Said raven-blonde merely lifted an eyebrow.

"I have been in hiding with my trainer. He thought it would be pertinent that I come back here to become a ninja of the Leaf. I assume that there has to be some test before I can actually be placed in a team." Naruto said in boredom. Hiruzen was surprised by the former energetic boy. He had never heard that tone from him in the few years he's known the boy. Something must have happens in the decade he's been gone. That much was obvious with how he looked and held himself.

Then, the old man got thinking. This year's graduating class was in need of another student to fill in the empty spot of team placement. He grinned inwardly at what a shock it would be to the populace that the "Demon" was back in the village, and a ninja, no less. Outwardly, he smiled in confirmation to the teen's statement.

"Yes, there is. I would like for you to make a clone, a substitution with anything in the room, and a henge. I would like to guess that you would not need to do the written portion of the the exam nor taijutsu?" He questioned. Naruto nodded to which Sarutobi gestured for him to start.

Naruto did so and created three seal-less (shadow) clones that seemed to just appear into existence. He dismissed them then substituted with the extra chair before substituting back to where he was (again, seal-less). Lastly, he henged into the Hokage himself. Hiruzen nodded in approval and Naruto changed back.

"Excellent job, Naruto-kun! Here," he reached into some drawer and procured a hitai-ate. Naruto nodded and tied the symbol of Konoha around his bicep, "be sure to be at the Academy at 8:00 in the morning. That is where team placement will be held."

Naruto silently nodded once again and headed towards the door. Before he turned the knob, he looked back at the aged man with a bored, intense stare.

"I no longer go by the name "Uzumaki Naruto". I am now known as "Katsuro"."With that, the teen was gone.