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Teratophilia - Monster Lovers in Action

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You thought it’d never happen. You loved the stretch and burn of his cock, but no matter how desperate you got, every time he’d mount you he’d pull back right before he came. 

You loved the feeling of his warm come flooding over your back and dripping down between your legs. You loved the needy whines and frustrated growls he gave every time he had to make himself pull back.

But after tonight you were never letting him come anywhere but buried inside you. As soon as you heard the start of his rumbling growl you flipped him over and fucked yourself down on his huge knot with everything you had. 

You’d never felt this full, and your body reflexively contracted around the new bulk as it popped past your rim and tied you together. His surprise at the move only registered for a split second before he roared and bit down into your shoulder hard. His thrusts suddenly frantic and his panting turned to feral snarls against your torn shoulder. His hips stuttered and his thick knot tugged at your rim, but held fast. His whole body tensed and you felt waves of his thick, hot come pump into you in time with the waves of your own pleasure.