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Dean's Search History

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Google Search: August 10, 2001
Kitsune Mythology
How to get people to stop arguing

Google Search: August 16, 2001
Stanford University

Google Search: August 18, 2001
Bus tickets to Palo Alto

Google Search: August 20, 2001
Post office in Palo Alto
How to send mail to Stanford students
Postcard fees

Email to: August 22, 2001
Sammy, I hope you got there okay. I know you start school this week. Dad refuses to talk about you still but we’re going on a hunt so I’ll see when I can come out. See you soon.

Google Search: September 23, 2001
How to apologize
How to apologize without spending money
How to apologize to the one you love
How to tell your brother you miss him

Email to: September 30, 2001
Sam, this is getting ridiculous. Text me, call me, email me. I know you’re mad but you can’t ignore me forever. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to come up there, I’ve been busy. Family business. You know the deal.
Call me

Google Search: October 31, 2001
Stanford Halloween
Bars near me
What to do if you don’t have a condom
Where are condoms sold at 3am
Do I have an STD

Google Search: November 22, 2001
How to make a turkey
How to make a Thanksgiving dinner
Where to buy premade turkey dinner
What store is open on Thanksgiving day
Stores in Palo Alto

Email to: November 23, 2001
Sammy, I’m in Palo Alto. I came by your dorm but your roommate told me you went with a friend to their house for Thanksgiving. I’ll be here until Sunday so please call me. I’m staying at the Motel 8 down the street from your school. The door’s unlocked.

Google Search: December 24, 2001
What to get brother for Christmas
What to get lover for Christmas
What to get boyfriend for Christmas
What to get college student for Christmas
Apology gifts
Cheap gifts for family
Christmas traditions
Where to get a tree on Christmas

Email to: December 25, 2001
Hey Sam, I’m down here again for Christmas. Um, got you a gift. If you want it, I guess. I’ll hold onto it if you don’t come by. I get you’re having fun with friends and everything. I miss you. Merry Christmas, Sammy

Email to: January 1, 2002
Happy New Year Sammy

Google Search: January 20, 2002
Stanford school shooting
Do people recover from gunshot wounds to the chest
How to save someone that’s been shot
How to save someone about to die
How do tell someone that’s unconscious you love them

Email to: January 21, 2002
Sam, please wake up. I’m sorry. I’ll quit hunting for you. I’ll shoot dad in the foot, if you want me to. I don’t care. Just please, please wake up. I haven’t given you my gift. I love you.

Google Search: January 24, 2002 - Happy birthday!
What to say at a funeral