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Fuck Sexuality Crisis's (Literally)

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Bakugou wasn’t sure what exactly had led up to this moment. One minute he was helping Kaminari Denki with studying, the next the two boys had broken into the liquor cabinet and were now stretched out on the couch. They weren’t drunk, but tipsy enough for Bakugou to say things he typically wouldn’t have sober. Somewhere along the line, the topic of sexuality had come up, mostly from talking about Midoriya’s shoulders, and somehow that led to the situation he was in now. They had gone from talking on the couch to Bakugou’s room, to Kaminari straddling his hips. Everything was moving so fast and as Kaminari’s lips neared his, his heart felt like it would beat out of his chest. It was moving so fast.

Bakugou’s hands came up, shoving Kaminari off him before scrambling up into a sitting position. “Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Not having that.”

The electric boy backed off, straightening his shirt. “Understandable. Now ya know. If you’re straight, you’re straight-”


“But I don’t know if I am!” The blonde shoved his face into his hands. “I like tits and vaginas and all that woman crap but fucking Deku-”

“Wait a fucking minute, you like Midoriya?” The electric boy snorted, his body shaking with uncontrollable laughter.

“Wait. NO-”


“Too late man, you already said it. I should have known, there’s no heterosexual explanation for constantly screaming your childhood friend’s name over and over again.” Kaminari smirked. “Besides, blasty. You can like girls /and/ guys ya dumbass.”

“That’s a thing?”

“Yes, dipshit. Being bisexual is a thing.”

Bakugou looked up, concentration burning in his gaze as he very obviously thought this new information over. “How the fuck would I know for sure that I like dick.”

“Have you ever watched gay porn?”

“What? No-” The blonde hurled a pillow at Kaminari’s head. “I don’t watch /any/ porn that’s fucking weird why would I want to watch other people have sex?”

“Whatever you say.” The electric boy laughed, winking before crossing his legs. “For real though, I’m officially out of ideas for you. I offered to kiss you, 0 strings attached, and you ever so rudely declined last minute. My feelings are hurt beyond repair-”

“Do it.”

“Bakugou, I was joking-”

The blonde grabbed a handful of Kaminari’s shirt collar, pulling him closer as he crashed his lips against the other boy’s. It took the other boy a moment to register what was happening before he kissed back and the two pulled away. “So… How was it?”

Bakugou’s grip tightened on the electric boy. “Fine.”

“Fine? Just fine? You kissed possibly the hottest guy to ever walk the face of the Earth while having a gay crisis and it was just fine?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Bakugou pulled Denki back into another kiss, the startled noise the other boy made going directly to his pants. Yeah, okay maybe he was a little into guys. Kaminari clearly noticed this, as he resumed his position over top the blonde and the two broke away panting, mostly because of the lack of air. “Shit.”

“I don’t know about you, but little Bakugou seems pretty into dudes to me.”

The blonde looked down, following the other boy’s gaze to the boner he was so clearly sporting in his tight jeans. “Fuck-” Bakugou let out a string of curses as he tried to cover his lap to no avail. “If you tell anyone about this I swear to god I’ll skin you and hang your head from my ceiling-”

“Relax,” Kaminari laughed. “Who am I going to tell? Kirishima? Sero? I’ve literally had sex with both of them.”


“What the fuck?”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve fucked literally every gay guy at UA, closeted or not.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow, “Are you fucking serious?”

The electric boy shrugged. “What can I say, I’m a horny teenage boy with needs.”

“How do you just-” Bakugou’s gaze averted, his hands anxiously digging at the sheets. “-have sex with guys?”


“Uh, easy? Dick in butt. Mouth on dick. Hand on dick. Fingers in butt. Endless possibilities man.”

“That’s not what I fucking mean you dumbass!” The blonde groaned. “I mean- how do you even go about having sex with that many guys?”

“You judging me? Well, Kirishima and I were shitfaced drunk-”

“I do /not/ need to think about you and Kirishima.”

Kaminari snorted. “I can’t believe I’m giving you the talk. Who would have guessed that Bakugou Katsuki was this much of a dumbass.” He wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s neck, who stiffened at the touch momentarily before relaxing. “Usually, it starts out with just talking and then somewhere along the line…” The boy smirked, shifting his hips on Bakugou’s lap, which he had been straddling, and suddenly grinding down onto the blonde.

The sudden contact ripped a breathy moan from him, his hips instinctively bucking up to meet Kaminari.

“Damn, and here I was thinking you had no idea what you were doing.”

“What- what are we doing?” The blonde caught himself, his hands gripping at the sheets and face completely flushed with embarrassment.

“Nothing if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t not want to.”

“The fuck does that mean?”

Bakugou’s hands trailed up to kaminari’s thighs. “You said no strings attached… right?”

“Absolutely none.” The electric boy leaned into the blonde’s touch. “I won’t take it personally when you accept yourself as the bicon you are and then go chase that sweet Midoriya ass off into the sunset.”

“I will fucking kill you if you say that to /anyone/” Bakugou hissed, snapping his hips up to meet the other boy’s, tearing a raspy moan from his throat. Taking the hint, Kaminari’s hips picked up a steady pace. In any other scenario, the blonde would have been paying more attention to what he was doing. He was literally grinding on his friend like some desperate horny creep, but in the moment and thanks to the booze, he couldn’t care less. Right now all he wanted was to relieve the pressure on his dick. He wanted more. “Fuck-”
“I’m straight he says.” Kaminari’s teasing was cut off by a breathy moan at the friction, his lips parting ever so slightly. “Shit- I kinda want to ride you, not gonna lie.”

Bakugou’s fingers dug into the other boy’s thighs, his movements coming to an abrupt stop as he stared wide-eyed. “You- did you just- that was blunt.”

“Yes, it was. Are you down or not? I’m totally okay with just grinding but honestly coming in your pants isn’t worth it.”

The blonde’s dick twitched at the thought of actually /fucking/ a guy. The fact that it was Kaminari wasn’t necessarily a turn on, but a guy nonetheless. “I- I guess.”

“Cool.” The electric boy hoisted off his shirt, giving Bakugou a perfect view of his tight muscles. He admittedly had a really nice body. His figure was lean but toned. It was kinda hot. “For the record, you can’t just shove your dick in my ass unless you want me to kill you. With guys it’s different, there’s preparation-”

“I know that you dumb shit I don’t need a lesson on gay sex.”

“Just making sure, you’ve never done this before and you seem to be extremely dumb on all things gay so I’m taking precautions to preserve my asshole.”

“Wow. You’re fucking amazing at killing the mood.”

Kaminari laughed, beginning to unbuckle his pants. “I can do it if you want, it’ll only take a sec-”

“Fuck off.” Grabbing the other boy’s hips and using his own strength, Bakugou managed to flip their positions so that he was settled between Denki’s legs while hovering over him. His hands undid the other boy’s belt before hooking his fingers over the waistband of his pants and pulling them down.

“Damn- full of surprises.”

“Shut up and let me finger you.” The blonde’s hand hesitated before slowly moving for the other boy’s boxers, which he took his time removing. He watched as Kaminari’s dick sprang free, his own twitching at the sight of it. Kaminari was hard and dripping, and he couldn’t help but think about how he had been the cause of it. Bakugou swallowed, hard.

“You were so bold but now you’re just gonna stare at my penis?” Kaminsari propped himself up on his elbows, an amused expression on his face.

“I uh-” Bakugou bit at his lip, using the awkward pause as an excuse to remove his own shirt. “Shut up.” The blonde sat on his legs before hooking the other boy’s thighs under his arms and propping them up on his own. “There’s lube and a condom in the drawer to your left.”

“Oh wow, Bakugou is a prepared man.” Kaminari reached over, tossing a small travel-sized bottle of lube to the blonde.

When he had purchased the bottle, he definitely hadn’t intended on using it on a guy but here he was. Life really was surprising like that. He squeezed some of the liquid onto his fingers, rubbing them together momentarily before lining one up to Kaminari’s entrance and slowly pressing inside. He figured it was like fingering a girl, except the girl is extremely fragile and a total pussy and if he has to take his sweet fucking time or else she’ll scream and cry. However, the tightness of the boy’s body around his finger honestly came as a surprise to him. His gaze looked up to meet Kaminari’s, searching his face for any discomfort before going on to add a second. He watched, with complete and utter arousal, as he scissored the other boy with his fingers, making his mouth fall open.

“Shit-” Kaminari’s breathing pace was beginning to increase as his fingers dug into the sheets. “I’m not going to break, you can go faster.”

“If you say so.” Bakugou picked up his pace, fucking Kaminari open with his fingers before finally deciding on adding a third. The other boy’s moans were ridiculously hot, like probably illegally hot, and each one went to his dick.

“Shit- god fucking damn it-” The electric boy’s back arched, moaning loudly as his hips ground up into the touch. “I wanna ride you, right now.”


“Fuck yeah.” Kaminari sat up, maneuvering his way so that he was once more positioned on top of the aggressive blonde and straddling his hips. He hastily removed his pants before gripping Bakugou’s dick and lining himself up with it. It wasn’t much, but the feeling of the other boy’s callused hand on him after all this time of being pent up in his skinny jeans felt unbelievably good. What came after, however, felt even better. The electric boy slowly sank down, his body swallowing his dick and pulling a low guttural moan from Bakugou. The heat and tightness of it made it an experience quite like any other he had ever experienced with a girl. It felt /good/.

“Fuck- that feels-”

“Good?” Kaminari smirked, letting himself adjust to the stretch momentarily before beginning to slowly raise and lower himself back down again. He placed his hands onto the blonde’s chest for stability as he picked up his pace, bouncing up and down. It was fucking hot.

“Fuck yeah.” Unable to control himself any longer, Bakugou bucked up his hips to meet Kaminari’s, adopting a steady rhythm. His hands found their way to the other boy’s waist and then around to his ass, which he firmly dug his fingernails into. At some point, Bakugou must have done something right because Kaminari’s head snapped back and he collapsed onto the blonde’s chest, his back arching and a loud lewd moan flying from his mouth.

“Ah- fuck!”

Smirking, his arms wrapped tightly around the other boy, holding him in place as he took over and rapidly fucked up into Kaminari. It was almost amusing how quickly the electric boy came undone, strings of moans and curses dominating his vocabulary. Bakugou made a mental note at how vocal the boy was.

“Fuck- Bakugou! Right there- Feels… Good!” Kaminari tried muffling his moans by biting down on Bakugou’s shoulder. It stung, but it only added to his arousal. “I’m gonna cum-”

“Shit-” The pace was becoming brutal, but the animalistic instincts of his body refused to allow him to let up. His hands went from squeezing the other boy’s ass to gripping his shoulders and then back down to his ass as he pounded up into him.

All at once, Kaminari’s thighs tightened around Bakugou’s waist as his hips ground down on his dick furiously, his hands gripping at the sheets as he came with a loud moan. “Fuck! Bakugou!”

The blonde came soon after, his fingers digging into the other boy’s skin as he fucked him through his orgasm before letting his hips collapse with a thud. Kaminari rolled to the side, flopping beside Bakugou with a loud sigh as he came down from his high. The two sat there in quiet, fucked-out silence before eventually one of them spoke.

“So. Are you straight?

“Fuck no.”