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gender? who is she? (they???)

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  1. used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified
  2. used to refer to a person of unspecified gender




[SUNDAY; 10.7.18]

[google search: gender
   Suggestions: gender neutral names
                       gender role test
                       gender predictor]

[selected: gender predictor]

[6,270,000 results (0.83 seconds)]

…”Our accurate gender prediction test tells you if you are going to have a boy or girl…”




[google search: “i dont feel like a boy or a girl”]
[701,000,000 results (0.48 seconds)]

"Biologically i am a female, but i don't really feel like a girl." | Kids Help …
“Biologically i am a female, but i don't really feel like a girl. But i don't think i feel like a boy either. I don't know what i feel like, but i know what i don't feel like if that …”

I don't really identify as a girl, but I don't identify as a boy either...what … › Q & A › LGBTQ+
Apr 30, 2018 - “There is gender fluid which means that basically some days you feel like a Girl and other days you feel like a boy. They don't really specify …”




[google search: “whats it called when you're not a boy or girl”]
[976,000,000 results (0.70 seconds) ]

Non-Binary Gender Identity Explained | Teen Vogue
Feb 12, 2016 - “Here's What It Means When You Don't Identify as a Girl or a Boy … Andii Viveros, 22, says, "I do not necessarily define my gender identity with … language is complicated and not everyone agrees on what certain words mean, …“

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First thing's first: consider gender a language that you have to learn to be fluent in…
… non-binary gender is any gender that isn’t exclusively male or female.




[google search: non binary definition]
[122,000,000 results (0.47 seconds)]


  1. not relating to, composed of, or involving just two things.
    "Aristotelian ontology is nonbinary on the second level in that it allows for degrees of being"
  • denoting or relating to a gender or sexual identity that is not defined in terms of traditional binary oppositions such as male and female or homosexual and heterosexual.
    "nonbinary people are vastly underrepresented in the media"


Understanding Non-Binary People: How to Be Respectful and …
Jul 9, 2016 - “Non-Binary Defined. Most people – including most transgender people – are either male or female. But some people don't neatly fit into the…”

Urban Dictionary: non binary
“Top definition … They're nonbinary, so they don't go by he/him pronouns, they go by … Nonbinary refers to any gender that is not exclusively male or female.”

Nonbinary: What Does It Mean? - Healthline
Oct 20, 2017 - “Here's what you should know about nonbinary identities, pronouns, and … Although there are definitions available for each of these terms, …”
Links - Trans and nonbinary identities · Gender identities · Nonbinary vs genderqueer

Genderqueer - Wikipedia
“Genderqueer, also known as non-binary, is a catch-all category for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine—identities which are outside the gender binary and cisnormativity. Genderqueer people may express a combination of masculinity and femininity, or neither, in their gender expression.”

This Is What Gender-Nonbinary People Look Like - them.
Nov 20, 2017 - “Many people might say that nonbinary is like the grey area of gender — undefined space between more defined areas. However, because grey …“

Nonbinary | Definition of Nonbinary by Merriam-Webster
“c : relating to or being a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that is neither entirely male nor entirely female. … an effort to create more equality for nonbinary and transgender students across campus.”

10 Myths About Non-Binary People It's Time to Unlearn - Everyday …
Dec 6, 2014 - “What's the number one misconception about non-binary people? It's that we don't exist. In fact, if you Google “genderqueer is,” here are the top …“




sumaya! (SumayaPotter), luna! (LunaLovegood)


[12:50] sumaya!: luna
[12:50] sumaya!: luna
[12:50] sumaya!: luna
[12:52] sumaya!: no pressure, just respond whenever ur free pls

[13:23] luna!: hello sumaya! i apologize for the tardiness in regards to my response.

[13:23] sumaya!: no worries :)

[13:23] luna!: is everything okay with you?

[13:26] sumaya!: um . yeah i think so

[13:26] luna!: is this in any way related to your and/or my genders?

[13:26] sumaya!: jdancdalkdcieunakcsn
[13:27] sumaya!: that was ugly oh well
[13:27] sumaya!: how did u kno?????

[13:27] luna!: i’d like to think i have a sort of hunch with these types of things. :-)
[13:27] luna!: what can i help you with?

[13:27] sumaya!: okay
[13:27] sumaya!: so ur genderfluid right??

[13:27] luna!: yes!

[13:28] sumaya!: do yk what nonbinary means?

[13:28] luna!: !
[13:28] luna!: yes.
[13:29] luna!: it can have many definitions from what i know, but the most common is the feeling of being neither male nor female, or something in between.
[13:29] luna!: why?

[13:32] sumaya!: i think i might be
[13:32] sumaya!: that.

[13:32] luna!: oh! lovely!
[13:32] luna!: i’m very glad you’ve come to that discovery. :-)

[13:33] sumaya!: thanks :)

[13:33] luna!: what pronouns would you prefer to use?

[13:33] sumaya!: i mean . they right????

[13:34] luna!: they/them pronouns are the most commonly used pronouns amongst people who do not identify with the gender binary, yes.
[13:34] luna!: however!
[13:34] luna!: there are others, including ey and zie, that some people also use.

[13:34] sumaya!: oh
[13:34] sumaya!: huh
[13:35] sumaya!: i think im just gna stick w they???
[13:35] sumaya!: cuz that just seems . complicated

[13:35] luna!: of course! that sounds lovely.
[13:35] luna!: do you have a preferred name yet?
[13:35] luna!: or will you stick with sumaya?

[13:35] sumaya!: oh no i def wanna change that
[13:35] sumaya!: sumaya just feels kinda wrong
[13:35] sumaya!: but idk what i want yet?

[13:36] luna!: okay! that’s perfectly fine.

[luna! (LunaLovegood) changed sumaya! (SumayaPotter)’s name to ???]

[13:36] luna!: is that acceptable?

[13:36] ???: oh!
[13:36] ???: yeah
[13:37] ???: thats cool
[13:37] ???: thx

[13:37] luna!: no problem, love.
[13:37] luna!: <3

[13:40] ???: <3