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Hiding the Truth

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Yosuke looked over at his silver haired friend who was sitting quite comfortably in his room studying as usual. It was late at night and Yosuke had made the decision to stay round Yu’s instead of going back to his late at night but there was one mistake that Yosuke forgot to consider and that was a change of clothes. He couldn’t go all the way back to his house at this time of night and they had school tomorrow but the thought of going in yesterday’s clothes was just not appealing. “Are you okay” Yu asked picking up the worry on Yosuke’s face. Yosuke let out a sigh. “Yeah I just realised that I didn’t bring any spare clothes with me” Yosuke explained and Yu just nodded in understanding. “Well you can just borrow some of mine for tomorrow. We are about the same size anyway.” Yu said like it was the simplest thing in the world. Yosuke stuttered “Are you sure? I mean I could always just well use these again” Yosuke said looking down uncomfortable at his uniform but Yu shock his head. “Don’t worry about it. I have plenty of uniforms” Yosuke thanked him and got settled on the couch where he was sleeping tonight. “I think that’s enough studying for one night” Yu stretched out his arms and started putting his books away. Yosuke sighed as he realised he forgot his pyjamas as well but he couldn’t ask Yu for another favour. Whist Yu was distracted Yosuke stripped off everything and grabbed the blanket covering the rest of his body with it. Yu then began searching his draws pulling out his own night clothes. Yosuke could only watch in stunned silence as Yu slipped of his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, letting them fall to the floor. Yosuke could make out every little detail of Yu’s torso. Yu’s body was like a piece of art that Yosuke loved to admire. He couldn’t deny the fact that he had snuck glances at his partner whenever they had to change for PE or when they went swimming. Any opportunity was good enough. “Night” Yu called and before Yosuke knew it Yu was dressed for bed. “Night Partner” Yosuke quickly answered hiding under the covers hoping Yu didn’t notice his blush.

Yu sighed getting into his futon as he turned off the light.  He couldn’t believe that Yosuke was this close to him yet so far away. It was kind of a miracle that Yosuke agreed to come over as often as he did. Though Yu was definitely not complaining about that fact. He watched as Yosuke tossed and turned on the couch and Yu couldn’t help but grin at the thought that Yosuke was only in his boxers right now. Of course Yosuke hadn’t said anything but it was obvious he had forgotten to bring any item of clothing and that thought was just hot especially since it meant Yosuke was wearing less clothes right now. Yu breathed heavily as he felt his dick respond to his growing thoughts, cursing himself for allowing himself to get this far. There was not much he could do about it now anyway. Even if Yosuke was a heavy sleeper did he really want to risk getting caught doing something so risky. Yu decided to at least get up and get a drink. He felt weak but managed to walk over to the table to retrieve the drink. He then looked over to a sleeping Yosuke. It was amazing how quickly he could get to sleep. Yu suddenly had a crazy idea. He leant down so his face was so close to Yosuke’s that he could feel Yosuke breathe reach his cheek. He then leant down and pressed a gentle kiss upon Yosuke lips. They tasted nice and soft, more amazing than Yu imagined. No he had to stop. If he carried on he didn’t know what else he may do in this horny state he had got himself into and his friendship with Yosuke was too much to risk. He got up and looked down at Yosuke who tossed slightly, with his lips parted “….” Yu turned his head at the sound. “Yosuke?” he asked more like a question.  “Yuuu” Yosuke moaned tossing once more. Yu couldn’t believe his ears. Was Yosuke really calling out his name as he slept? Yu risked it. He tugged at the blanket, lifting it up to see well Yosuke, almost naked and growing hard. Yu had to bite down a moan as he took in the sight. He shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t but an opportunity like this didn’t come up that often. Yu knelt down once more, pressing his hand lightly against Yosuke’s member. This caused another groan from the sleeping boy and Yu felt a little braver. He first started with small movements to build up the tension, glad that Yosuke seemed to be sleeping through it. The room was soon filled with the erotic sounds of Yosuke and that in itself was making Yu harder. He hoped that nobody else could hear this sounds especially Nanako who was too innocent to know this. He groaned as he began moving his hand faster and harder as Yosuke began to thrust into his hand. “Yuuu please” Yosuke muttered in his sleep and that was all the invitation he needed as he began to mouth the thin fabric that was covering his member. He was even more impressed when he felt Yosuke jolt into him harder. Soon enough he felt the liquid spread across Yosuke boxers as he groaned loudly. It was at that moment he realised what he had done and raced back into his bed, heart pounding and dick throbbing. Why had he got carried away?

Yosuke groaned as he woke up. He instantly felt guilty as he woke up remembering the kind of dream he had. He quickly looked over to Yu who seemed to be sleeping peacefully. He let out a sigh. That dream had been too realistic, too good. It had started innocently enough but out of nowhere Yu had appeared and started doing things to him. Things Yosuke has enjoyed very much. That’s when a sudden thought came to him. He pulled back the blanket and shit. He had totally creamed his pants whilst sleeping on his best friends couch. There was no way he could explain this to Yu. Getting up, he quickly darted to the bathroom to try and sort himself out at least.

Yu watched as Yosuke quickly darted out his room. It seemed like Yosuke wasn’t suspicious at least just embarrassed. Yu felt a mix of guilt and relief. At least whilst Yosuke was out of the room he could sort his own problem out but he had to be quick. He grabbed a bunch of tissues from under his bed, pulling his bottoms and boxers off and began quickly pumping his own growing member. It didn’t take long as he imagined Yosuke sleeping peacefully calling out his name. Just his face, His expression, his voice. It was all too much as Yu relieved himself into the tissues then shoving them under the bed before Yosuke could come back. He was glad he did as just after he finished Yosuke entered the room again. This time naked and holding his boxers in his hands. Yu decided he had done enough for tonight and managed to tear his eyes away. Coming out of his post organism, he realised how tired he felt. He would have to deal with guilt tomorrow for now he really needed some sleep.

Yosuke lay awake staring out the window. How was he supposed to face Yu tomorrow? He wouldn’t even be able to explain why he slept naked.  He lay there for what seemed like hours as he listened to the sound of Yu’s soft snoring. At least someone was having a nice sleep. Yosuke was more worried that if he went to sleep that he may have another dream like that and that thought scared him awake. He finally managed to lull himself to sleep not ready to face the consequences of tomorrow.






This was actually meant to be a basic one-shot but has ended up somehow becoming a mini series. I didn't intend it that way but here we are XD I'm still working on my other ongoing story and another one shot so hopefully they shall be out soon but Uni is making it harder to write :'( but i shall do it eventually!