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Too Many Adventures to Count

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Anonymous Tumblr Request: Gajeel takes Levy out on a date. Why? Because Blackmail that’s why!

Pairing: Gajevy

Rating: T

Gajeel exhaled as he moved into a downward facing dog pose, enjoying his upper back and shoulders stretching. He transitioned into the Melting Heart Pose, placing his knees on the ground and leaning back on his haunches to get a good stretch. Then, he moved into Child’s Pose. The Iron Dragon Slayer had been doing yoga for the past four months. Levy had a few copies, and he first did it to show Panther Lily that yoga was a joke. It surprised him how inflexible he was and how hard a lot of the moves were. Now, he could do them with ease. He noticed that his muscle tone increased when he added yoga to his daily workout and not only was he more flexible, but he felt more energized. HIs low back pain almost disappeared, too.

Yoga was a secret. The last thing Gajeel needed was people thinking he was a pushover by doing a “woman’s” easy workout. It was easier than his usual spar or weight lifting sessions with Panther Lily, but it made his recovery from the workouts smoother. He could trust Panther Lily to keep his secret though. The Exceed did yoga with him, but he wasn’t afraid of judgment. He did a variety of other stretches, and just as he was finishing up with a Warrior 1 pose, arms stretched overhead, he sniffed the air and realized Levy caught him. Gajeel whirled around and spotted Levy leaning against the wall with a hand covering her mouth. She was trying not to giggle. The Iron Mage’s senses rivaled most, but during yoga, he got lost in his relaxed world. Gajeel scrambled to his feet. 

“What the hell are ya looking at?!” he barked.

That only made Levy burst with laughed. She doubled over, holding her sides as she howled with laughter, a display that made Gajeel feel more embarrassed. “Stop fucking laughing!”

“I can’t!” Levy wheezed through her fit of giggles. “The guy who made fun of me for doing yoga does it himself! I can’t wait to tell Natsu!”

Gajeel blanched. “Wait, no! Keep your trap shut about this!”

Levy gave him a sly grin. “Is it because Natsu would never let you live it down?”

Gajeel swallowed and didn’t respond. Panther Lily also stood up. “I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal.”

Levy shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t either Panther Lily.”

“Because men don’t do this kind of girly shit,” Gajeel snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.

Panther Lily raised an eyebrow. “But you do.”

Gajeel sputtered a response riddled with “fuck you cat!”. Levy walked into the living room and stood in front of Gajeel. He looked anxious. She placed a finger up to her lips and tapped them. Her gaze turned toward the ceiling, dragging out her response to make him sweat.

“Natsu would love to know this,” she pondered. “I wonder what would keep me from spilling the beans Gajeel? What do you think?”

Gajeel shrugged his shoulders and stuck his hands in the pockets of his grey sweatpants. “Probably that jazz festival you won’t shut the hell up about.” He paused then glared at Levy, who continued to grin. “Blackmailing’ me are ya?”

“That’s a possibility,” Levy cooed while turning and leaning against him. “What would you do if I was?”

Gajeel was about to rip into her, but she held a dire secret. If he upset Levy, would she spill it?  He sighed and whispered, “So when the hell do you want to leave?”


Later that evening, Levy hummed to herself while they walked along the concrete path of the huge park, the sounds of jazz music floating around them. She hooked her arm in Gajeel’s and pulled him along.

“Come on, let’s get a pretzel!”

He grunted in annoyance. The music was right up his alley, but Gajeel refused to admit that to Levy. He paused. Maybe he should tell her he was enjoying himself. Can’t be blackmail if it’s consensual.”

“I like this music,” he commented as they waited in line for a pretzel. “Can’t call this blackmail if I’m having a good time!”

Levy gave him a funny look and smiled. “Okay, then this isn’t blackmail. I’ll have you do something else so Natsu doesn’t find out great your Downward Facing Dog is.”

Gajeel took a surprised step back. “You little shit!”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed the underside of his jaw. “It’s a shame I have to blackmail you to make you spend time with me!”

Levy chose a cinnamon pretzel once they reached the cashier. Gajeel moved her small hand out of her pocket when she tried to pay for it. That brought a sweet smile across her face. They took Levy’s spoils over to a large area that had the stage where the jazz band was playing live. It was like a small island floating on the magnificent lake garnishing the center of the park. Different colored lights fanned over the stage as the saxophone lulled their senses. Inspiration for a new song struck Gajeel from listening to the music.

“Hey, guys!”

Levy and Gajeel looked up to see Lucy and Natsu coming down the stairs to greet them. Levy stood to hug Lucy. “We could have come together if I knew you were going, Levy!”

“I was just thinking that!” Lucy exclaimed. “Then I wouldn’t have had to drag Natsu here.”

Levy nodded her head in agreement. “I had to blackmail Gajeel into coming.”

“Uh oh,” Natsu taunted, punching Gajeel in the arm. “Messed up again, Metal Head?!”

On a normal occasion, he would have responded with a scathing remark before they started a battle in the festival’s middle, destroying everything around them. Instead, he gazed at Levy, realizing this was it. She would tell Natsu that he did yoga, and then he’d have to kill Natsu to make him stop laughing. It would not end well.

“I told him I wouldn’t deep condition his hair the way he likes if he didn’t come.”

That also was true, but not embarrassing. He breathed a sigh of relief as Natsu still laughed. 

“You deep condition your hair?!” Natsu sneered. “That’s so girly.”

“That’s why my hair is like silk while yours...” Gajeel reached out and yanked Natsu’s. “Feels like I wiped my ass with it, Salamander!”

“Hey!” Natsu protested, rubbing the sore spot on his head. “That wasn’t necessary, asshole!”

Lucy reached up to run her fingers through Gajeel’s long locks, eyes widening as she did so. “Your hair is soft.”

“Damn right it is,” Gajeel snapped. Grabbing Levy’s hand, he pulled her away. “We see enough of you guys at the guild!”

“Bye Lucy!” Levy called over her shoulder. Hazel eyes looked up Gajeel. “You’re in a hurry.”

He halted and kissed her. “Thanks for not saying anything to Salamander.”

Levy shrugged. “It’s okay.” She linked her fingers through his. “I think it’s attractive that you do yoga, anyway.”



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Another successful mission was underneath their belts and it was time to return home. Natsu watched Lucy as she stepped onto the platform into the contraption that made his stomach turn inside out. He took a hesitant step forward, wishing Wendy was with them so she could use her magic to stop his stomach from lurching every ten seconds. The train looked menacing. Its red and black colors made it seem powerful and with dark-gray smoke billowing from its smokestack, Natsu wanted to sprint in the other direction.

“Come on Natsu!” Lucy called.

He nodded as Happy flew past him into the cabin. Natsu followed, feeling his stomach lurching underneath his feet. Lucy glanced out the window with eagerness in her smile. When Natsu sat down, vomit bag in tow, she beamed at him and pointed outside.

“These beautiful fields remind me of home,” she gushed. “I would love to go on a picnic!”

“We’ll go on a picnic tomorrow then!” Natsu spoke then looked up at Happy. “Yes, you can pack mackerel.”

The blue Exceed danced from his spot in the air. “Aye, sir! I’ll even share my mackerel with you!”

Lucy’s face soured. “I’d rather not eat whole raw fish, but thanks anyway Happy.”

The hour-long trip home was horrific for Natsu. Natsu stumbled off the train and fell to his knees, breathing hard. “Finally, that ride is over!”

Lucy chuckled and leaned down to rub his back in soothing circles. "It’s got to suck to get sick on anything that moves.”

It was a warm Friday evening and Saturday around noon was when Natsu and Lucy would go to have their picnic. Natsu was coming to terms that Lucy meant more to him than just being a comrade. Any time she was in danger, he couldn’t focus on anything else but her safety. His heart pounded in terror of what could happen to her if he wasn’t there to keep her out of harm’s way. They traveled separate ways and while lying in the comfort of his hammock, listening to Happy’s soft snoring, Lucy’s bright smile kept bombarding Natsu’s mind. He wanted to kiss her. The fire mage had dreamt of kissing her many times.  Every time he’d jolt awake with a solid reminder between his legs of what she was doing to him.

The next morning, he woke up and stretched, scratching his bare chest before sitting up and running a hand through his unruly pink locks. He took a quick shower and headed into town with Happy at his side. It would surprise Lucy to find that Natsu shopped for picnic items… even if most of them were his favorites.

“What should I get?!” Natsu questioned as they walked through the bustling food market. 

“Lucy loves fish!” Happy spoke.

Natsu frowned. “No, I don’t think she does, but she likes pie from that bakery up the road! The one Erza always goes to.”

“Oh, yeah!” Happy exclaimed. “Lucy likes pecan pie!”

Lucy sure did. Natsu still remembered a time she’d gotten a piece of pecan pie and put it in her fridge. Natsu swung by that afternoon looking for her. She’d left her apartment unlocked so he let himself in and rummaged through her fridge. It was delicious. The beating he got afterward wasn’t as amazing, but he accepted that beat down after tasting such an amazing pie. So that solved dessert, but what should he get for them to eat for lunch? Natsu could not cook; not to save his life. Lucy’s best friend Levy would know.

He and Happy headed over to Gajeel’s house, knowing Levy was spending more time with that hothead. She often came to the guild smelling like iron… like Gajeel. She didn’t realize it, but the dragon slayers in the guild sure did, even innocent little Wendy. Natsu hoped she didn’t know what that meant. It was a short walk to Gajeel’s house, and before he could even make it up the stone walkway, Gajeel was slamming the door open, cracking his knuckles with a huge grin on his face.

“Come to get yer ass kicked Salamander?!” he shouted while turning his right arm into an iron pole. “Bring it on!”

“I’m not here to see you, Metal Breath!” Natsu shouted back. “Where’s Levy?”

Gajeel paused and stood up straight from his fighting position. His red eyes narrowed. “Why are you looking for Levy? Are ya trying to make a move on her?! Let me tell you-”

“We need to ask Levy what kind of food Lucy likes,” Happy interjected before things got ugly.

“Why don’t you ask Bunny herself?!” Gajeel snapped.

“They must be trying to do something nice for her.” Panther Lily exited the home in his small form and stood on the edge of the porch next to Gajeel. “Don’t be so quick to think everyone is trying to steal Levy from you.”

“What’s going on out here?”

Levy opened the door, hair tied up in a high ponytail. She was wearing those glasses that allowed her to read at a quick rate. Natsu bounded up the rest of the walkway and past Gajeel, who whirled around and glared at him.

“What does Lucy like to eat Levy?” Natsu questioned, crossing his arms over her chest. “We’re going on a picnic soon.”

Levy gave Natsu a knowing smile. Finally, he was coming around. It took Dragon Slayers forever to come to terms, or even recognize their feelings. Levy leaned against the door frame and said, “Well she likes those meat pies from Fernando’s in town, the chicken ones. That’s her favorite.”

“Thanks, Levy!” Natsu exclaimed.

He ran down the steps to head back into town to get the meat pies. The fire mage had some of it before, and he liked them too. He preferred the beef ones, more so when they were a little burnt. The smoky flavor was something someone who ate fire for power would enjoy. With both dessert and meat pies in tow, Natsu headed home to pack the basket. The bakery didn’t keep whole warm pies for order; it was just on display for people to order pieces.

“Happy, go get Lucy would ya?” Natsu suggested after putting the meat pies in the little basket he carried. “The pie will be warmed when you guys show up.”

Happy nodded. “Okay! I’ll be back with Lucy!”

He flew out of the open window over the sink just as Natsu unwrapped the pie. He saw that there were instructions written on the saran wrap. Natsu held it up to the light. “Bake in the oven at 350 for twenty-five minutes. What the hell? That’s too long!”

It wasn’t that long, but Natsu was an impatient person. Instead of following the instructions, Natsu had a brilliant idea to heat the pie himself with his fire magic. He could tell when the pie was ready. He would heat it up for like a minute. The pie would be perfect. Natsu stepped back after placing the picnic basket on the floor. He held up a hand and released a small spray of fire like a flamethrower. His other skills would destroy his house. Turns out he didn’t release a “little flame”. It engulfed the pie, the paper towels behind it, and the dish towel hanging on the oven door. He’d also forgotten to move the cleaner that Lucy insisted he buy. It whistled before bursting into flames. Why did he try to use fire magic on a pie sitting on the counter?! Natsu shielded his eyes from the brightness and when he opened them, that whole wall of the house was in flames, and it was spreading fast.

“Damn it!” Natsu exclaimed, rushing to the sink and pulling the hose out. 

He tried to spray the glowing fire, but such a weak stream of water was doing nothing to put it out. Natsu knew how to start fires, but stopping them was another story. Natsu sprinted to the bathroom, snatched a blue towel from the rack, and streaked back to the kitchen. Within those five seconds, a majority of the kitchen was up in flames. 

“Oh my God, Natsu!”

The house was filling with black smoke so Natsu turned to run, grabbing Lucy by the waist, and hauling her out of the house. He placed her down about a hundred feet away and turned to see the billowing smoke coming from his house.

“What did you do?!” Lucy yelled. 

“I tried to heat a pie for you, and it got out of control,” Natsu explained.

Lucy gaped at him. “So, put it out!”

“I don’t know how!”

Lucy closed her eyes and smacked her forehead before cinnamon orbs opened and flashed at him with anger. “You dummy, you can eat fire!”

Oh. Natsu hadn’t even thought about that and rushed inside to save what he could. He sucked all the fire engulfing his home and went back out to Lucy, one hand scratching the back of his head.

“Sorry Luc,” he said. “I was just trying to get everything ready for our picnic.”

“You’re telling me sorry?” she exclaimed while pointing at the still smoking home. “You almost burned down your house!” She sighed and placed her hand by her side, a soft smile crossing her features. “Destroyed house or not, that still was sweet of you Natsu.”

Lucy’s smile was contagious, and it spread to Natsu. “I wanted to do something nice for you.”

Lucy’s cheeks dusted with a soft blush, and she moved closer to embrace him. The fire dragon slayer accepted her touch and enveloped her in his arms, pulling her close to his chest. She molded into his embrace. 

“You’re so warm,” Lucy mumbled into his chest.

He could feel her smiling as she said that. “Perk of being a fire dragon slayer.”

“Or maybe it’s because you came out of a burning house,” Happy chimed in.

Lucy laughed and looked up at Natsu. Her smile vanished as their eyes connected. Everything else faded away. She reached up to run her hands along his angular jaw. Natsu grasped her small wrists, running his hands down her arms to grip her elbows.

“Natsu,” she breathed.

The intensity of his name on her lips blew him away. The fire dragon slayer couldn’t stop himself from lowering his head and capturing her mouth. Her soft and sweet lips felt just like he’d imagined. 

When their lips parted, Lucy said, “I’ll take that gift over a pie any day.”


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 Summary: Juvia decides her and Gray’s love life needed a little help. Handcuffs, whipped cream, strawberries, and a blindfold get involved. Gray didn’t know what hit him…and neither did Juvia when Gray gets tired of being teased and breaks free of the magic sealing handcuffs. She’s in for it now.

Rating: MA for smut

Pairing: Gruvia


Juvia did a little turn in the mirror, her cheeks tinting pink with embarrassment. Her fingers moved to brush against lacy dark blue material that matched her eyes as her gaze dropped from the see-through bra to the thong that riding up too high. Black fishnet stockings traced up her porcelain legs while silver stilettos strapped to her ankles. She’d been practicing how to walk in them for a week now just for tonight. Juvia’s strut mimicked a runaway model. Confidence peeked its way through her shyness, and she placed a hand on her hip, shifting her weight to one leg.

Tonight, was a special night. She and Gray’s love life was feeling a little stale. It was time to spice things up. Dominating a man with a dominant personality sounded perfect. Juvia walked to her bed and smiled at her arsenal: handcuffs, feathers, and pocket pussy. She was too embarrassed to go to a sex shop to get it, so she begged Lucy to buy it for her, and pleaded for her not to say anything. Her friend was nice enough to do both… but now Juvia had to make her dinner every Saturday for the next month. She’d become an amazing chef over the years. It was all for Gray-sama.

He would be home soon. She’d sent him to the store for whipped cream and strawberries. Juvia almost let out a giddy squeal at the night she planned for her boyfriend; it would be one to remember. Just then, the front door open. Juvia sat cross-legged on the bed, and held the handcuffs around her pointer finger, swinging them in a perfect circle as Gray moved closer. 

“Juvia!” he called. “I got what you wanted! Now tell me why the hell you need this stuff!”

“Please bring it in here Gray-sama!” Juvia called, trying her best to hide her nervousness.

Gray followed her voice to their bedroom and pushed the door open. He walked around the corner and froze in his tracks, eyes drinking in the sight before him. “What are you doing?”

“You Gray-sama,” she said with a smile as she sauntered over to him, her walk slow and sensual. She held up her cuffs. “When I decide.”

“What are you saying?” Gray questioned while his eyes drank in her form.

Juvia watched as her lover’s tongue peeked from between his lips. He licked them then walked over to the bed to place his bag on it. His back was to her as he stripped down to his black boxers. Before he could turn around, Juvia was on him in a heartbeat, snapping the cuff shut on his wrists.

Gray grinned at her from over his shoulder. “You know I could freeze these and break them?”

Juvia smiled back. “Juvia knew Gray would try something like that, so I got magic sealing cuffs. It’s the same ones that the Council uses on criminals, but these are for ice magic users.”

She had Gajeel to thank for that. He didn’t know what she wanted them for, and he asked, but her old friend didn’t hesitate to get them for her. There was something about the way Gray’s eyes widened in realization that he was at her mercy. She loved that. 

“I’m in charge, do you understand?”

Gray blinked, unaccustomed to Juvia acting so assertive. “What are you up to?”

Juvia pulled a chair from the corner she’d put in the room. “I want to try something new.” She placed it in front of the bed and pointed to it. “Sit.” 

“I have handcuffs on,” he pointed out.

That was true. Juvia grabbed his forearm and pulled him to the chair. “Straddle it,” she instructed.

“Alright,” he said, amusement lacing his voice. 

It didn’t go unheard by Juvia’s sensitive ears. Fine, she’d tease him until his nonchalant, easy-going attitude changed. Gray wouldn’t be able to stand not being inside her. Juvia smiled, realizing there was one other item she needed to add to her arsenal. Going over to her dresser on her side of the bed, Juvia opened the top drawer and pulled out the black eye mask. Juvia placed a hand on Gray’s shoulder, running the tips of her fingers over its slope, then dropped it. Juvia stood in front of Gray and held up the blindfold. Their gaze met before the water mage placed the eye mask on.

She saw Gray swallow, and his cuff jingled behind him. Juvia first grabbed the feather from the bed. “Let’s see how long you can stand it.”

At first, Juvia didn’t move. She stood a few feet away from him, just watching him. Gray said nothing at first. After a few moments, he adjusted himself and tried to sit forward. “Are you going to do anything?”

Juvia didn’t respond; she waited. He was getting antsy, so Juvia closed the distance between them. Juvia poised her hand by his chest and as he opened his mouth to complain, Juvia brushed the red feather along his collarbone and over his shoulder. He jolted back.

“What was that?”

“What does it feel like?” Juvia asked him, placing it against his chest and running the feather in circles.

She stopped at his left nipple, dragged the feather down his stomach, and back up to his other nipple. Juvia leaned to drop a kiss on Gray’s forehead. She repeated those steps: running her small torture device over a part of his body, then kissing somewhere different. Juvia got on her knees, the feather dancing down Gray’s muscled thighs. Juvia had yet to touch him with her hands. His breath was coming shorter. Time to move to the next step. Juvia helped him out of his boxers and threw them to the side. His cock stood proud and eager. Juvia grabbed two strawberries from the container lying on the bed and straddled Gray’s hips slower than she knew he wanted. This little game was turning Juvia on. She’d found her strength, her inner dominatrix. There was something about having her love underneath her control like this that was intoxicating. 

She placed the first strawberry against his lips. “Eat.”

Gray obeyed, taking a bite out of the tropical fruit and chewing. Juvia took the rest of the small fruit and pressed it against his cheek. “What- “

“Shh,” Juvia instructed.

She licked the juices from his cheek, then kissed it. Juvia finished the strawberry and planted her lips against his. As their tongues danced, the sweet and tangy flavor of the fruit laced their mouths. Juvia stopped to have him eat the second strawberry. This time, the strawberry remained pressed against the side of his throat. She licked there too and sucked on his pulse. His member pressed stubbornly against her abdomen, but Juvia continued to ignore it. Her hands massaged his shoulders, then she got off him and watched his expression. 

“Do you want me, Gray-sama?” Juvia questioned while kicking off her heels.

“Yes,” he answered. “Now take these handcuffs off.”

“Not yet.”

  She’d kept the teasing playful long enough. Juvia was ready to step it up a notch. Sitting on the carpeted floor in front of the Ice User, Juvia parted his thighs further. Her teasing continued with soft kisses starting along his jawline and working her way down his chest and stomach. His muscles trembled underneath her touch. She planted open-mouthed kisses on his hips before she kissed the tip of his manhood. Her hands grasped Gray’s hips, and she licked the tip. A soft gasp escaped his lips as she sucked him. Juvia would envelop him to the hilt, then release him from her mouth.

“Stop teasing me!” Gray exclaimed. “I’ve had enough!”

Juvia smiled. “I don’t think you have. I- “

Gray surprised her when he broke out of his handcuffs, threw off the mask, and stood up. Gray snatched Juvia to her feet and whirled her around, pressing his chest against her back. One arm hooked around her neck while his other hand fingered her underwear. 

“H-How did…”

“Don’t move,” Gray said. He released her neck to unhook her bra, then slid her underwear down her legs. He left her fishnet stockings on. They were sexy. “Your little handcuffs only work on ice magic, not devil slayer magic.”

Juvia’s eyes widened. She hadn’t thought about that. How could she overlook such a huge flaw? Gray grasped her arms and placed handcuffs made of devil slayer ice magic on her. “You better not liquefy.”

Juvia swallowed and nodded. She was in for it now. Gray walked her over to their bed and made her lie down on her back. He had handcuffed her hands in front of her body, so at least she was a little more comfortable. Gray parted her thighs.

“Time for payback,” Gray warned. “When you want me the most, I’ll tease you the way you’ve been teasing me.”

She didn’t get a word out before he dropped his head between her parted thighs and licked her already swollen clit. Her hips bucked under his hot mouth. “Gray-sama!”

He hooked his arms under her thighs, running his tongue over every crevice of her flower. She tasted sweet, almost like the strawberries they’d eaten. Juvia gripped her lover’s hair despite her handcuffs. Her hips rolled against his face, unable to get enough of him sucking on that little bundle of nerves. 

“Don’t stop Gray-sama!” she cried.

Those were the wrong words to say. Gray halted and got off. Juvia’s eyes turned to slits, blue eyebrows furrowing. “Where are you going Gray-sama?”

Gray picked up the whipped cream and sprayed it into a small mound over each of her nipples. “So, you like teasing me?”

“Gray-sama I…”

Gray leaned down after brushing his dark locks out of his face. “You did, and I will enjoy teasing you.”

He licked a small amount of the sweet cream off; such a minute amount that his tongue didn’t reach her skin. Juvia tried to sit up, but Gray pushed her shoulders back against the bed. “Don’t move,” he warned again.

His finger rubbed against her folds as he continued to lick just a taste of the whipped cream off. Juvia whimpered, wanting his mouth on her and his cock inside her. She didn’t want teasing anymore. 

“Please,” she whimpered. “Gray-sama.”

“I like it when you beg,” Gray whispered in her ear. 

Finally, he’d removed enough whipped cream off her left breast to expose her nipple. He latched on, sucking hard while his finger that had been teasing her core dipped inside her. Juvia’s soft moans were growing louder with his administrations, but one finger wasn’t enough.

“More,” she begged, arching her back into his mouth when he switched to her right breast.

“You want more?”

“Yes,” she panted.

“What do you want Juvia?”

“I…” her cheeks were already rosy from arousal, but they darkened further when she realized Gray wanted her to say it. “I… I want you inside me!”

In less than a second, Gray removed his finger and sheathed himself inside her. Juvia cried out in ecstasy as the Ice wizard spread her legs and pushed her knees back against the bed, giving him full access to her center. She was dripping wet; his entrance was smooth from how ready she was for him. Gray gave her a few moments to adjust to him, then pounded into her, hard and fast. Juvia’s moans of passion grew louder, almost to screams as his length filled her. She loved when he slammed into her like a wild animal. Her breasts bounced with each powerful thrust. Juvia’s eyes squeezed shut as Gray fucked her into oblivion.

“Gray-sama!” she screamed.

He didn’t slow his pace down. Instead, he flipped Juvia over onto all fours; her handcuffed wrists lying between her parted thighs. Her toned rear was high for Gray to enjoy. He smacked her on her right cheek and lined himself with her entrance again. Gray slid in, enjoying how her muscles massaged him.  He couldn’t keep his slow pace for longer than one stroke and continued slamming his hips forward. 

Gray released Juvia’s handcuffs and panted, “You’re close, aren’t you?”

She couldn’t speak; only wonton cries escaped her lips. Her left hand went to her pearl, rubbing it in circles as Gray took her hard. She could feel that wonderful sensation building fast. She was seconds from feeling the bliss of her orgasm. Gray picked up on it and slowed his strokes, but deepened them, sitting back on his haunches to change his angle and hit her g-spot. She screamed when she came, her legs shaking as the wave of bliss overtook her. Gray couldn’t hold back any longer grit his teeth as he followed her over the edge. They collapsed into a pile of limbs on the bed, panting, sweating, and satisfied.

Juvia turned onto her side and reached up to run her fingers through Gray’s hair. He placed his head against her bare chest, sighing as one arm went around her waist. Her lover turned the tables on her before she used the pocket pussy as her secret weapon.

“That was hot.”

“I agree,” she answered, continued to stroke his hair as a yawn took the rest of her words. “Juvia’s plan backfired a little though.”

Gray chuckled. “You’ll have to plan better next time.”


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Anonymous Tumblr Request: I hope you read the Xmas special, Jellal drops Erza off at her apartment, instantly Erza invites him inside for hot cocoa. And for the rest of the night, Jellal made her feel “lovey-dovey.” She wasn’t even mad by morning which surprised everyone.                     

Pairing: Jerza

Rating: T

Erza stood outside in the dead of winter with nothing on but the skin she was born in and a Christmas hat. It was freezing outside. Snow was up to her bare ankles and the numbness in her feet started the second she stepped outside. Despite her drunken state, she stayed on her feet well. She’d shouldn’t have tried to travel home naked.  Not because public nudity frightened her, but this temperature would cause hypothermia in the strongest wizards. Goosebumps appeared on her bare flesh and the redhead decided she’d better head home before she caught a cold. 

Just as she was about to turn to begin the journey to her small apartment, she froze and had to blink hard just in case the alcohol was playing tricks on her mind. “Jellal?”


She dropped to the ground and wrapped her arms around her body to cover herself. “Don’t look at me!”

Why did Jellal show up?! Erza peeked from underneath crimson bangs when something wrapped around her body. Jellal had taken off his coat and put it on her.

“Have you been drinking?” he questioned while assisting her to her feet.

She stumbled a little as she tried to stand, her wavering stance being a dead giveaway. “Perhaps.”

“Why are you naked?”

Erza bit her lip. There was no point in trying to lie to Jellal. He’d know before she finished spitting out the fake story. “We were playing a game, and it went overboard. I made people do crazy things. I only did them because I guess I was jealous that everyone seems to have someone, but me.”

“That wasn’t a smart idea,” Jellal commented as he led her home. 

“I’m aware,” Erza answered.

“You’ll always have me.” Jellal’s arm wrapped around her shoulders and Erza leaned more into his embrace. “No need for jealousy.”

“Hmm,” Erza mumbled. “I doubt that once you and your fiancé marry.”

There was silence between them on their walk to Erza place and when they climbed the rickety stairs to her apartment, she turned after opening the door. “Would you like some hot chocolate?”

Jellal paused for a moment before nodding. “Sure.”

It was a good thing the Requip user always left her door unlocked because she’d left her keys with her clothes she’d abandoned at Lucy’s. She’d get them tomorrow. The first step was to get dressed. 

“I’ll be right back,” Erza instructed.

She headed upstairs, enjoying her limbs defrosting in the warmth of her home. She reached her bedroom and tossed the Santa hat onto her unmade bed. Socks? Check. Underwear? Check. Comfortable tight-fitting onesie that matched the fiery color of her hair? Check! Erza studied herself in the mirror. It took a lot to make her nervous. Jellal was the only one who brought out her shy inner schoolgirl. She took a deep breath and headed back downstairs.

Jellal had already found her milk and was warming it on the stove. Erza walked to the overhead cabinets and pulled out the hot chocolate after throwing his jacket on the couch. It was just what she needed after that walk through an icy tundra without a strip of clothing on. Erza couldn’t get irritated about her dare. She deserved it after the dares she made everyone do. She had rigged the game. The Guild Master’s Game allowed whoever’s turn it was to choose a stick from a cup. Each stick had a number. If their stick said “Master”, they got to dare whichever numbers they chose. The stick that had a little nick of wood missing towards the top was the Master stick. She’d never admit to that.

The silence between them was heavy. Erza stole a glance Jellal as she took out two packets of hot chocolate. It had been so long since she’d last seen him. It was amazing how close they were, yet how different even with appearances. They were like fire and ice. That thought made her smile.

“So, what have you been up to?” Erza questioned as they sat at the kitchen table until the milk finished heating. 

“Crime Sorciere is busy as always,” he answered, pulling his chair out from the table. “It gets tiring after a while.”

Erza nodded in understanding. “I will be glad when we defeat Zeref and Fairy Tail can be at ease for a little while.”

Jellal gazed at her, small smile forming across his thin lips. “Until the next adversary comes along.”

That was true. Being a Wizard in a guild meant they would always have enemies and foes to destroy. Erza nodded in agreement just as she heard the milk boiling. She stood and turned it off, pouring steaming milk into the two mugs she’d taken down. 

“How is your fiancé,” she questioned without turning around. 

“She’s fine.”

Erza frowned. He never said much about his fiancé. She needed more information about this woman. Was she worthy of Jellal? What did she look like? Erza bet she was a petite little blonde with sweet green eyes and dimples. She bit the inside of her cheek as her thoughts ran rampant. 


She paused. “Yes?

“You’ve been just standing there for a few moments now,” Jellal pointed out. “Something on your mind?”

“So, what’s your fiancé’s name? I should know it for when I meet her.”

Jellal coughed. “You want to meet her?”

Erza looked over her shoulder at him like he asked her to go back outside naked again. “Of course, I will meet her. We’ve been friends for years Jellal. I have to see what kind of woman you’re interested in.”


Erza mixed their hot chocolates and turned to hand Jellal his. “What’s the problem?”

They sat on the couch this time. Erza placed her mug on the glass coffee table and set to work at starting a fire. Tonight was the perfect night for toasty flames. As the flames grew and they could hear the crackling wood, Erza sat down next to Jellal and picked her mug back up. She took a small sip, enjoying the warmth traveling down her throat and into her belly. Hot cocoa was the perfect way to warm up the insides. 

“I’ll be honest,” Jellal said, turning his chocolate orbs towards her. His face looked serious. “I hope you’re not angry with me after I tell you this.”

Erza scooted closer. “What is it?”

Jellal ran his fingers through his aqua colored hair and said, “I don’t have a fiancé.”

The first thing Erza experienced was happiness. When he had told her so long ago that he was engaged, moments before what would have been their first kiss, it had broken her heart, but she played along like it didn’t bother her. Her happiness turned into irritation when she realized he’d outright lied to her about something so serious.

“Why did you make that up?” she questioned, her expression showing just how upset she was. “There was no reason to!”

Jellal sighed. He placed his mug down and rolled up the sleeves of his black sweatshirt. “I don’t know. I guess a serious relationship with you scared me.”

“Why is that a bad thing?” Erza questioned.

Jellal looked at her, searching her eyes as he asked, “Do you want us to become serious?”

“I…” Erza’s cheeks darkened. If she didn’t tell him how she felt, she’d continue to carry that heavy secret. “Yes.”

Jellal sat forward, placing his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together. “With what we do for a living, I’m afraid of losing you. I thought if I never told you how I felt and pushed you away, it wouldn’t hurt as bad if something happened to one of us.”

Erza chuckled. “That wouldn’t help anything, you idiot. My feelings for you are the same whether we are a couple or we’re just friends. You trying to avoid me and your feelings won’t change anything.”

Jellal picked up his mug and took another sip. “I suppose you’re right, but I can’t see you often while we’re fighting Zeref.”

“As long as you come visit me when you can, I understand that,” Erza answered.

Jellal gave her that half grin she’d fallen in love with so many years ago. “I guess you’re mine then Erza Scarlett.”

Erza couldn’t stop the smile that crossed her face. This sensation warmed her. He had single-handedly disarmed her and it was about damn time. Erza watched as Jellal drained the last of his hot chocolate and moved closer to her. His hand reached up to run through her soft cherry colored hair. Jellal’s fingers slid through the long tresses, their eyes remaining locked on one another. His calloused fingers ran along her jaw. Erza’s eyes widened when he grasped her chin and moved forward. His lips hovered inches away from hers for what seemed like an eternity. She leaned toward him until their lips touched. 

All the emotions that had been running rampant within her ceased all at once. Only the soft roar of the fire reached her ear. Time stopped, leaving them alone in that moment. Their kiss was soft as were the timid explorations of each other’s body. Jellal’s hands trailed up her sides, pulling her towards him. Erza lay between his parted thighs, their chests pressed together as their kiss deepened. Her fingers linked through his messy hair as she relished his tongue exploring her mouth. She’d never kissed anymore before, let alone like this. Despite just her recent frozen state, her body was on fire.

Jellal’s arms wrapped around her, one hand on the middle of her back while the other rested on her hip. Their lips parted, their breathing heavier than before. 

“You mean everything to me Erza,” he murmured. “I’m sorry it took so long for me to say it.”

Erza caressed the side of his face. “You’re quite the romantic Jellal Fernandes.” 

She dropped a kiss on his forehead before laying her head against his chest. His heartbeat underneath her sharp ears. That was when she realized there was nowhere else in the world she’d rather be. It was now three in the morning. Sleep tugged at her and within seconds, she was fast asleep with Jellal’s hand on her waist.

The following day, Gray avoided Erza in fear she’d tear him to shreds for daring her to walk home naked. He peeked through the guilds double doors before entering, exhaling when he didn’t see Erza anywhere within the hall. 

“Good morning Gray!”

He jumped at the familiar voice. “Erza! Look, about yesterday I-”

She held up her hand to stop him. “It’s all right. No need to worry.”

She walked past him without another word. Natsu and Happy trailed behind her. Natsu looked over at Gray. “She seems like she’s in a good mood, doesn’t she?”

“I wonder why.”


Chapter Text

 Request from nonochuu on Tumblr: Okay Hazel, here’s my request for GrayLu. I found this prompt and it’s kinda cute: “We both use our barista as a low cost psychologist, and now she’s trying to hook us up so we can rely on each other for that and she can actually do her job.” Thanks :)

Pairing: GrayLu

Rating: T


Lucy sat at the bar alone, feeling just as pathetic as she appeared. A beautiful woman hanging out at a bar numerous times by herself brought attention. The blonde twirled her straw in her Mai Tai, wishing she came with a friend so she could drink her sorrows away. Valentine’s Day was in a few weeks, a holiday she’d grown to despise. An ugly break up last Valentine’s Day still made her face sour. It shouldn’t. He and the girl he left her for had a baby girl to enjoy. Lucy didn’t cross his mind anymore.

“Would you like another?” the sweet barista asked her. 

“Just a glass of water will do,” Lucy mumbled. 

“You’ve been in here quite often,” the woman said while fixing her glass of water. “What’s a pretty woman like you doing by herself?”

“I don’t know,” Lucy answered before taking the final sip of her Mai Tai. “Ever since my breakup, I’ve had trouble with men.”

“What do you mean?” 

“Well first, what’s your name?” Lucy questioned, giving her barista a genuine smile.

She returned it, blue orbs warm and sweet. “Mirajane.”

“I’m Lucy.” Said woman crossed her legs underneath the bar, black skirt riding up as she did so. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too,” Mirajane responded while washing a glass after placing Lucy’s water in front of her.

“So, I had a horrible break up almost a year ago,” Lucy began. “Since then, I can’t seem to trust anyone. Natsu broke my heart into a million pieces and I never saw it coming.” She placed her chin in her hand. “I just want to meet a nice guy who will be faithful and treat me like a princess. you know?”

Mirajane nodded, flipping her lilac colored hair off her shoulder. She made a drink for another patron. “Well Lucy, you have to if you want to find true love. Trust plays a big part.”

“But you gotta earn trust,” Lucy countered. “I can’t just give it away, not after what happened.”

Mirajane gave her a knowing smile. “You can’t go into a new relationship worrying it will be like your last. Your past is your past. It hurts, that’s true, but it was a learning experience for you. You’ve got to dust yourself off and move forward with your life.”

Lucy nodded in agreement. Mirajane was right. She needed to give love another shot. A bar wasn’t the best place to meet someone either. The blonde turned just as a local rock band got on the stage and introduced themselves. Their name was Sabertooth. Lucy had seen them perform a few times now, and they were impressive. The lead singer was a handsome man, hair just as blonde as her own except it was shorter and teased his shoulders. The piercing through his tongue and the little silver ball on his chin accentuated his features. His voice was just a plus. 

“I’d love to have a man like him,” Lucy sighed. 

Later that night, Lucy headed to her car. Her heels clicked over the concrete, her breath freezing with each exhale. She pulled her red jacket tighter around her body, frowning as her fingers started tingling. Lucy hated the cold. Spring couldn’t come soon enough because despite what the temperature was, Lucy often wore tight or revealing outfits. Lucy was proud and confident about her body and no one could change her mind about that. She reached her black Lexus and searched through her purse for her keys. She frowned and rummaged again, not feeling the familiar key chains. Lucy bit her lip and pulled out her phone to use the light. She searched, but she would have found them by now. They took up most of her purse for god’s sake.  

“Oh no,” she whispered, feeling panic rise in her throat. “Don’t tell me I did it again!”

Lucy placed her face against the glass and saw her keys glittering in the passenger’s seat. She must have put them there when applying red lipstick when she parked. How the hell did she keep doing this?! It was the third time in the last six months. With a glimmer of hope, she pulled on the door hand and felt her spirits deflate when it didn’t budge. 

“Oh, come on!” Lucy exclaimed. “Can tonight get any worse?!”

Lucy should have kept her mouth shut because snowflakes fell. She checked her weather app and saw a bad storm would roll in soon. That was great since her insurance company often took two hours to get to her. The leggings she was wearing were so thin it felt like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Her teeth clacked while she searched for her insurance company in her contacts. Because it was one in the morning, she wasn’t even sure if they could help her. Ten minutes later, she realized that was true. They wouldn’t be able to send someone to help until tomorrow morning. 

Lucy leaned against her car, ready to cry. Her best friend Levy was out of town with her fiancé right now or she would have called her right away. The bar was thirty minutes from her house by car. If she walked, she’d be doing so for hours. Lucy didn’t have the bus schedule either and it was too dangerous to walk alone in the dark. What if someone snatched her up? Someone would find her mangled body in a ditch. Lucy swallowed as she came to the name “Asshole” in her phone. She shouldn’t call him. He’d made it clear they were through, but Lucy didn’t know who else to ask. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears as she prepared herself to press the little green button.

“What are you doing out here?”

Lucy turned to face a dark-haired male. His hands were in the pockets of his jeans and he looked cool with the black leather jacket he had on. Lucy stood to her feet. “I’ve locked myself out of my car and my insurance can’t send someone out until seven tomorrow.”

She realized this man must be in his mid-twenties and he was taller than her. She only came to about the middle of his neck. His skin looked porcelain in the dim light of the cold morning. Lucy studied him further. His hair was so dark it almost took on a blue hue and despite the frigid temperatures, he didn’t seem cold at all. He was very handsome.

“Can a friend come help you?” he asked.

Lucy shook her head. “They’re not in town right now. I’m not sure what to do.”

“What’s your name?”

“Lucy Heartfilia. You?”

“Gray Fullbuster,” came his smooth answer. “I’ve got a hanger in my car. I bet I can unlock it for you.”

Lucy’s face lit up. “Yes, please! I’d appreciate it!”

She followed him to the south side of the parking lot and stopped in front of silver Camaro. It impressed Lucy and she wondered what he did for a living to have such a nice vehicle. She didn’t want ask because she thought it would make her seem materialistic and shallow. Gray opened his right rear door and pulled out a beat-up looking hanger. He took less than five minutes and her door was opening. That sound made her heart sing with happiness. The snow was falling hard now and Lucy needed to get to the warmth of her apartment before she lost her limbs to frostbite. Lucy turned to her savior to thank him, but he was already in his car. She was about to run to catch him, but her heart sank as he backed out, frowning because he didn’t warm it up first

Lucy visited the bar almost every night, hoping to catch a glimpse of Gray again. She had no idea if he was in the Fairy Tail Lounge that night. Other bars and clubs lined Wizard Avenue so he could have just parked in their parking lot. That following Wednesday, she left at nine because she had a morning modeling shoot. The theme was Valentine’s day with the holiday three weeks away. She winced at the thought of eating chocolate alone while watching sappy romance movies.

Fifteen minutes after she left, Gray entered and sat at the bar. His face seemed solemn. Mirajane walked over to him. “How’s everything Gray?”

“It’s all right,” he answered. “Gin and tonic, Mira.”

“Coming up!”

The barista fixed his drink and slid it over to him. Gray caught it and took a sip. “You know, I’ll never understand women.”

“What do you mean?” Mirajane leaned against the marble countertop and waited for Gray’s answer.

Gray sat back and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why can’t women make up their minds?”

“Is this an ex-girlfriend we’re talking about?” Mira asked.

Gray nodded. “She decided that she didn’t know what she wanted and broke it off. She wouldn’t give me a clear answer. I think she lost interest.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

Gray downed the rest of his drink. “I’m not trying to date, but if I meet a girl, she’s got to have her shit together. I don’t like indecisive people.”

The bartender tried to acknowledge her other customers who waved at her for service. “Well, I hope you meet someone, Gray.”

Mira was about to go assist them when Gray continued. “What’s so hard about being honest? If you’re not interested anymore, say it instead of making something up.”

Mira nodded in agreement and tried to move away again. Gray downed the rest of his drink. “I’m just tired of this cycle.”

“Thank you for trusting me Gray, but I have to serve the other customers,” Mira informed with an apologetic smile. The other bar patrons gave Gray a dirty look which he ignored. 

He finished his drink wondering how that cute little blonde was doing. When he met Lucy, he just had a heated conversation with Juvia. She called him saying she planned to move out of the country for a fresh start. He accused her of leaving with someone else. Her response was she needed to find herself before she could be in a relationship. He was furious. Not because she broke it off to discover herself, but because Juvia showed no signs of unhappiness. She never talked with him about it either. He thought of walking past Lucy because of his anger, but if something happened to her, guilt would eat him alive. This area of town had a lot of gang activity and crimes. Lucy would have been easy pickings for some pervert scouring the streets for defenseless women. In his own personal haze, he didn’t think to ask for her number. Oh well, missed that chance. Gray may never see her again either. 

One week away from Valentine’s Day, Lucy was spending her time at Fairy Tail Lounge again. In her defense, it was a nice bar. The bands that rotated through were awesome to watch. Not all, but some had amazing talent. Lucy was an up-and-coming model herself, so she understood trying to make a name. Standing up from her spot on the comfy couch, Lucy stood and went to greet Mira. She hadn’t told her about that night where she met Gray, but she was itching to tell someone. The only reason she hadn’t told Levy was she was hoping to find Gray again before telling.

The barista turned and smiled at Lucy. Her hair was in a long French braid that Lucy was very envious of. “Hi Lucy, what can I get you tonight?”

“How about an Amaretto Sour?” Lucy asked. “Yours are the only ones I like.”

“That’s sweet of you,” Mira answered, setting to work on making her drink. 

Lucy leaned forward and hooked her silky blonde hair behind her ear. “I wanted to tell you about this sweet guy I met. I’ve been trying to find him, but I haven’t had any luck.”


Mirajane placed Lucy’s drink in front of her and waited for her to continue. A dreamy smile broke over Lucy’s heart-shaped face. “He helped me get into my car after I locked my keys in it. He was very handsome and had this strong aura around him.” 

“Hey Mira!” shouted one of her customers. “Can you get me another Miller Lite?”

“Sure thing!” Mira called, turning her attention back to Lucy. “Well, I hope you’re able to find him.”

The bartender reached underneath the counter into the fridge underneath it to get the beer requested, then turned to walk it over when Lucy continued.

“Is a nice guy too much to ask for?” she sighed. 

“I don’t think so,” Mira answered. “You’ll find someone perfect for you.”

She tried to walk away again, but Lucy wasn’t getting that there were other customers needed service. "I’m not so sure. I mean, do you think anything is wrong with me? How do you attract guys?”

Mira glanced between her and her customer that was looking annoyed. “I’m sorry Lucy, but I need to serve the customers. We can talk later, I promise!”

She jogged away and gave the older man his drink. Lucy and Gray were getting needy. They were both using her like a psychologist and it was keeping her from doing her job. She was used to people venting to her, but Gray and Lucy depended on her too much. The rest of the night stayed steady and as Mira was cleaning, her heart sank when she saw Lucy sitting back down at the bar.

“You know we close in five minutes,” Mira pointed out. “I’m sorry, but the bar is closed now.”

Lucy waved a manicured hand. “I wanted to talk to you a little longer.”

Mira frowned. She had an idea she wanted to try. Lucy and Gray both were hurting after failed relationships and needed the company of someone new. Gray came on Wednesday nights. If she could convince Lucy to come, she could introduce them and maybe get them both out of her hair. 

“Before you start,” Mira began after placing a clean glass in its rightful place. “I know of a handsome guy that just might be your type. He’s tall, respectful, and I think you’d like him. He went through something similar to you.”

Lucy bit her lip. “I don’t know. I’m kind of hoping I’ll see the guy I was telling you about again.”

“It won’t hurt to talk with him,” Mira pressed. “If you don’t like him, that’s okay, but what if he ends up being someone very important to you? Don’t want to miss that chance.”

The blonde put her hands in the pockets of her black jacket. “I guess you’re right. I’ll give him a shot!”

Mira told Lucy what time to be there next Wednesday while trying to hide her giddiness. Gray and Lucy weren’t bad people and Mira didn’t mind talking with them about their problems, but it was putting a strain on her tips because other customers felt like they were being ignored. Mira couldn’t afford a decline in funds.

Lucy put on her most beautiful outfit: a form-fitting red strapless dress. Black sequins lined their way down her right side to the tail kissing her ankle. The left side of the dress ended mid-thigh, giving a classy slanted look. Her make-up was perfect. Instead of a bright color, she chose a nude pink she’d gotten from her last photo shoot. Most days, Lucy kept her hair down, but she opted to swoop her bangs and put her locks in a neat sock bun. First impressions always stuck. She entered Fairy Tail and relished the gazes eying her beautiful form. It had been tedious to traveling inside because of the wintery atmosphere, but the warmth of the bar defrosted her numb fingers. Brown orbs glanced at the bar where she saw Mira talking with someone.  Lucy walked toward them, her heart speeding up when Mira smiled and pointed at her. When he turned around, a smile lit up her face.

“Gray?” she questioned.

“Lucy?” his eyes trailed down her form and back up to meet her gaze. “You look great.”

“Thank you. You look good yourself.”

Mira looked between the two. “Do you guys know each other?”

Lucy beamed at her. “This is the nice guy I told you about who unlocked my car for me.”

Mira cocked her head to the side. “The one you waited for every day for weeks?”

“You could have kept that part to yourself,” Lucy hissed. 

Gray stood and took off his jacket and placed it on the bar seat. “You were looking for me?”

The frigid wind nipping at her cheeks turned Lucy’s face a rose color, but she knew it was beet red now. She hoped the dim lighting made it less noticeable. “I was. I wanted ask for your number that night, but you seemed like you were in a rush.”

“I had a lot on my mind.”

Lucy nodded. “I could tell.”

“Let’s start fresh,” Gray suggested. “I’ll buy you a drink to make up for it.”

“That sounds nice,” Lucy answered as she climbed onto the barstool next to him.

Mira smiled. The two of them were already deep in conversation. Looked like her plan worked out. 

Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: Levy remembers when Gajeel picked a fight with everyone in the Council when he got promoted. She also remembers knocking him out with her book bag after he made his speech about being the best.

Pairing: Gajevy

Rating: T


Levy was going through the closet in her and Gajeel’s bedroom, looking for a cute dress to wear. She and Lucy planned a girl’s day. A trip to the spa to get their nails done and have lunch together. It was long overdue, and she was looking forward to spending time with her best friend. Levy threw dress after dress back on the closet rack until she came across Gajeel’s old Council robe. Levy reached for the all-white sleeves, chuckling at how much happened during their time there. She saw his Enforcement Unit patch, and a smile came to her face at the very interesting way he responded to the promotion. They were having their weekly meeting and Gajeel was looking just as bored as ever. He had his legs crossed, feet on the table in front of him. All of them sat around a round table while the Chairman stood at the head.

 Hyberion looked over at Gajeel. 

“We are appointing our new Head of the Custody Enforcement Unit. Gajeel Redfox, please come forward to accept your emblem.”

Gajeel jumped to his feet. “Hell yeah! It’s about time you prunes realized my abilities! I’m the strongest in this fucking council!”

He turned and high-fived Panther Lily even though the look on the Exceed’s face could speak his embarrassment of his comrade’s behavior. “Do you know what humbleness is?”

“Humble for what?!” Gajeel snapped.

“You’re not the strongest,” Nadal stated. “You’re just the loudest and the one who doesn’t think with his head.”

Gajeel was on the frog looking creature in seconds. He jumped on the table and bent down, fist raised. “You wanna fight me and see? Huh, you fucking toad?!”

Nadal stood up and Levy did, too. “Gajeel stop it!”

“Any of you want to fight me?!” Gajeel shouted. A lot of the council rolled their eyes. “Is that a yes?!” he yelled, pointing at a random member who shook his head “no”.

Gajeel went up to the Chairman and took his emblem. “Let me tell you guys why I’m the best choice,” Gajeel began. “I’m stronger than any of ya! I’m a goddamn dragon slayer. I’m-”

Levy had enough with his antics. She grabbed her bag sitting at her feet and started over to Gajeel. He was still busy spouting off why he’s the best. “Gajeel shut it!”

She swung her bag with all her might, clocking the loud mouth hard in the face. The impact caused him to whirl around and collapse like a ton of bricks. “Stop acting like an idiot!”

“You’re supposed to be on my side, Levy!”

“Not when you’re embarrassing me!”

Gajeel rubbed his cheek. “Embarrassing?! I’m the strongest and most-”

“Just stop!” 

Levy swung her bag again and a loud “thunk” echoed when it connected with the side of his head, knocking him out cold. Levy dusted her hands off after shouldering her bag. She turned to Hyberion and bowed. 

“I’m so sorry for his behavior sir,” Levy apologized. “He is grateful that you think he deserves this position. “

“Perhaps she should be Head of the Custody Enforcement Unit,” Nadal commented with a smile crossing his amphibian-like features and linking his webbed fingers together.

Levy chuckled and picked out a bright green halter top dress. Gajeel kept his dramatic outburst to a minimum after that.


Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request:  Lucy is sick and sad. Natsu comes to make her feel better. Just some nalu fluff with lots of cuddles sweet kisses please.

Rating: K+

Pairing: Nalu

Lucy was ecstatic. She and her team had a difficult job in Stella soon. They to needed find the leader of an Evil Guild that was taking the souls of the villagers. Only one who they had their sights set on escaped. They would meet her in secret first. During their time in Stella, Lucy was excited to enjoy the shopping and live music that Stella was famous for. Instruments she’d only seen in pictures like flutes and cellos were well versed, and Lucy couldn’t wait to experience the different culture, food, and fun.

Their report date was two days away, but Lucy packed early. A smile refused to leave her soft features while she threw different articles of clothing into her suitcase, not bothering to fold them before forcing the lid shut. This would be so much fun! Lucy cleared her throat as she placed her suitcase next to the door. There was a tickle in it that started earlier that morning. No matter what she did, her throat stayed dry. Maybe she wasn’t getting enough water. Lucy also noticed beads of sweat were gathering on her forehead. Was the A/C out or something? A scorching summer was a terrible time for it to break. 

Lucy paused when she reached the thermostat, staring at with a confused expression on her face. It was 70 degrees, the temperature she always kept the house at. Lucy shrugged her shoulders. She flipped loose blonde hair over her shoulder and left to find Levy. Lunch was long overdue. Lucy returned to her room, and replace her t-shirt with a cute, royal blue halter top dress.  It hugged her curves in all the right places before flaring out like waves of the ocean. Lucy twirled around once, loving the way the dress whooshed around her. She paused when her breath caught short, and her vision darkened before returning to normal.

“Lightheaded?” she paused. “Well, it is close to lunchtime.”

Lucy cleared her throat again before grabbing her bag and heading out. Something about her body seemed off the whole day. That tickle didn’t disappear no matter how much water she drank. She started coughing because her throat couldn’t stay clear. After a warm bath that night, Lucy climbed into bed. Her cough was getting more persistent, and she was sweating and shivering at the same time. This wasn’t good. Lucy hoped all she needed was a good night’s sleep. She was dead wrong. The next morning, the Celestial mage woke up to her head throbbing like it would split open. Lucy couldn’t breathe out of her nose, and when she coughed, mucous came up. She shuffled to the bathroom to spit it out.

Is there barbed wire in my throat?

The fire on her skin made her throw the blanket off. From looking down at her sweat soaked nightgown, she couldn’t deny it. She was sick judging by the plethora of symptoms she had. She needed to eat and drink warm tea with lemon and honey to help with her sore throat. Some saltwater gargles might help too, but first, she had a stash of potion just for cold symptoms. It had been a while since she’d used it, but it would clear her symptoms. Lucy’s heart sank when she opened her mirror and saw the empty bottle gleaming back at her. Once the potion expired, it evaporated. It was Sunday and the potion store wouldn’t open until tomorrow. 

The blonde whimpered, dragging herself to the kitchen. Eating sounded unappealing and made her stomach turn in disagreement. For now, she’d just sip on some tea. Her head was swimming with lightheadedness. Lucy needed to eat something, but she didn’t have the energy to fix it. Making the tea was challenge enough. Her breath came short as she struggled to the kitchen, having to bend over the counter and catch her breath. 

“I feel awful,” she muttered. “There’s no way I’ll be better by tomorrow.”

That meant she couldn’t. Just as Lucy was pulling a mug out of the cabinet, her front door swung open, startling her almost to the point of dropping her cup. 

“Hey, Luc!” Natsu greeted with excitement. “Happy and I…”

Dark eyes roamed her body. “You’re sick.”

“What have I told you about-”

Lucy didn’t even have the strength to scold him for barging in as a fit of coughs wracked her body until her chest was sore. She sighed and put the cup down. “Yes, I’m sick. Now go away.”

“Who will take care of you if I don’t?” Natsu questioned. “You look horrible.”

Lucy frowned. “Thanks for telling me how beautiful I am, you jerk!”

She trudged back to the couch climbed on, pulling her blanket over her as chills took their toll again. Her eyes closed as Natsu called, “You got a sore throat?”

“Yeah,” she whispered. “Feels like I’m swallowing shards of glass.”

There was fumbling in the kitchen heard, but Lucy’s head was pounding too loud for her to care. She was seconds from shouting at Natsu to keep it down. Lucy sat up, wincing as her migraine sent sharp strikes of lightning across her forehead and the right side of her head. Lucy moaned and looked over to see Natsu holding a steaming cup of tea.

“You made that?” 

“Yeah,” Natsu answered, taking a seat next to her. “I warmed it up with my fire!”

Lucy frowned. “So, is the cup too hot for someone who isn’t a fire mage to hold?”

Natsu’s bright smile faded for a moment. He studied the cup. “It might be.”

Lucy tried to giggle but fell into a fit of coughing. Her chest ached from how rough her cough was. The sick girl flopped back down, pulled her blanket further up to cover her shoulders. Natsu put the cup down and placed his hand against her forehead.

“You’re burning up!” Natsu exclaimed. “That’s not good when you’re not a fire mage!”

He jumped up from his seat and jogged towards Lucy’s room. She didn’t have the strength to yell at him to stay out. She closed her eyes and reveled in her misery. Tears stung at her eyes when she realized that there was no way in hell she was going on that mission tomorrow. Natsu returned, pausing when he saw a crystal tear slide down her face. In his hand was a damp washcloth. He put it against her forehead and handed her the tea he made.

"What’s the matter?" 

Lucy sniffed, hooking stringy blonde hair behind her ear with her free hand before cupping the mug. "I’m just sad that I can’t go to Stella.  I finally had an excuse, but now..."

She took a sip, relishing in the soothing sensation of the warm tea. Lucy placed it on the coffee table and curled back on the couch. Natsu surprised her by lying down behind her. Her eyebrows shot up in confusion. "What are you doing?!"

"You’re sick, so I’m tryin’ to help," Natsu blurted. "Don’t get any crazy ideas!"

Lucy searched those dark eyes and saw nothing in them but honesty. That was something she’d grown to love about Natsu. He never lied and always spoke his mind without fear of who it would upset. His arm hooked around her waist, his knees fitting behind the bend of her own. Content washed over her despite how sick she was. His warm body against hers comforted her. 

Natsu pulled the blanket off her arms. Lucy was about to protest because she was cold, but Natsu spoke before she could fuss at him. "You got a fever so I can’t let you put a blanket as thick as this over your body. You’ll burn up!"

The Celestial Mage knew Natsu was right, but she was still freezing despite sweat beading along her chest. Natsu slipped his other arm underneath her head and held her.

"We can go to Stella when you’re better," he mumbled to her. "No reason to get all upset."

Lucy a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "Thanks, Natsu. You’re the best."

She turned her head to avoid her damp cloth falling off and kissed his neck. Natsu returned the gesture with a planted gentle kiss on her cheek close to her ear. She snuggled into his embrace, dosing off to the comforting sensation of his feather like kisses dropping along her heated skin.


Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Prompt: How strange is it that even you, while drunk, wrote to yourself for when you are sober, to make a move with a girl? Gray did not believe it. Until he found a recording of himself mailed to his address promising him what will happen. Juvia is special.

Rating: K+

Pairing: Gruvia

 “Holy shit” was the first thought that crossed Gray’s fuzzy brain when he woke up on his bedroom floor. His head pounded like it would split open and he decided no more alcohol ever. Gray groaned and sat up, his throbbing migraine getting worse. Water, food, and aspirin were a must if he wanted to thwart such an awful hangover. He rubbed his hand over his face and got up to go use the bathroom. Last night was a cloudy blur. Fairy Tail threw a guild party. Not just any party, but all their allied guilds were welcome. Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale all joined in the festivities of alcohol, good food, and great entertainment. 

Gray wasn’t one to drink. He never cared for alcohol, but when Lyon claimed Gray didn’t drink because he couldn’t handle it, that sparked a drinking contest. Three drinks obliterated them. Neither one could tolerate alcohol. As Lyon slammed down his fourth shot, blood-shot eyes looked over at Juvia, unable to focus on her form.

“God Juvia,” he slurred. “You’re so beautiful. All three of you! One day, I’ll make you mine!”

“No! They’re all mine!” Gray shouted much louder than he needed to while throwing off his shirt. 

Gray blacked out soon after. There was no doubt in his mind he’d hear about the conclusion of that disagreement. Gray threw on some clothes headed down the long hallway towards the large spacious area in the guild. He hoped Mirajane had fixed breakfast. She was always good about making food after raging party. He squinted at the bright rays of the sun filtering through the windows and attempted to burn holes in his retinas. Gray placed a hand to shield his eyes and shuffled over to Mirajane.

He sat down at the bar, placing his head on the coolness of the counter. “Food please.”

“Well, look who’s awake,” Mira teased. “Breakfast was four hours ago.”

“What time is it?” Gray questioned, face not leaving its comfortable spot on the refreshing counter.

“It’s almost one in the afternoon.”

“Lunch then,” Gray said.

Mira giggled and fixed him a glass of water first. “You need to get your fluids up.”

That was true. Gray took a few big sips of his water and placed it down on the counter. Mira made sushi rolls, which the Ice mage indulged in. Once he had a full belly, it was time to go train. His headache was down to a dull roar and with the help of Cana’s special hangover potion, it was dimming with every passing minute. 

“Um, Gray-sama?”

There she was. Gray found it odd that Juvia hadn’t wrapped herself around him yet. Gray turned around and expected a powerful embrace; it threw him off when she didn’t budge. Instead of her usual ecstatic smile to see him, there was an expression he didn’t recognize. She didn’t make eye contact either; they remained cast toward the ground.

“What’s wrong Juvia?” Gray questioned, turning to face her.

He noticed she held something behind her back. She put them in front of her and he realized she was holding a package. Juvia handed it to him. “What’s this?” he asked.

“It was in the mail,” Juvia explained. “It says your name on the front. Whoever made it didn’t close it very well.” She held up a small, white piece of paper. “This fell out.”

Gray took both items. On the front of the brown envelope was his name scrawled in terrible, almost illegible handwriting. The note was in the same predicament. It said, “Remember how important she is to you. Never forget.” Inside the envelope sat a cassette tape. The ice mage didn’t know what these items were for or who sent them. He’d have to go listen.

“Thanks Ju-”

Gray glanced around in confusion. He was now standing by himself in the guild’s middle hall. He scoured the area for familiar dark blue hair. Gray caught a glimpse as she exited out of the front double doors. He scratched his head, not sure what happened. She seemed upset. He’d check on her after he figured out what was on the tape. Returning to his room, Gray tossed off the shirt he was wearing and pulled up a chair to his mahogany desk. His cassette player was sitting by the light closer to the off-white wall on the table. Gray placed his chin in his hand and waited as it started.


The voice shouted so loud that Gray jumped back. He took a second to realize whose voice it was. 

What the hell?! That’s my voice!

“You need s-stop pretending… pretending that. You know. Pretending…. can’t think what I wanna say.”

That was enough to make him realize he recorded this while trashed. It must have been last night. It couldn’t have been sitting in the guild’s mailbox for long. They checked it twice a day. 

“Juvia! Juvia, that woman is important to you. You need to stop treating her like she isn’t before you push her away!”

That was true. Gray didn’t think it was possible for Juvia to stop tailing him, but if she did because he never returned her affections.... that thought didn’t sit well. 

“Here’s what you have to do to win her heart,” Gray’s drunk self explained. There was a crash followed by “shit!”. The Ice mage guessed he fell out of the chair. That would explain why his lower back was sore. “You gotta make her feel important. Then you need to spend more time alone with her. Get to know her better. Then you gotta sweep her off her feet with romance! Yeah, Juvia would like that. After that, she’s all yours, bro!”

In such an intoxicated and blacked out state, Gray recorded this message for himself. Gray sat back and rubbed his hand against his jaw. Juvia meant something to him, but Gray didn’t know what. Ever since their battle, she’d been by his side and believed in him when everyone else doubted his motives. Juvia accepted him with all his faults. That was more than he could ever ask for and she gave it without restraint. Any time she he had gotten hurt, it made his blood boil.

Gray got to his feet, headache gone now and set out to find her. She was acting weird because she thought the envelope was from a “rival lover” or something. What Juvia didn’t understand was that she didn’t have a rival for his love. It was only her that mattered. It was a little frustrating that it took his drunk self to get it through his thick skull. The wizard jogged outside and searched the grounds for her.  

“Juvia!” he called, going around the back of the guild to the lush rolling green pasture. 

He saw her and swallowed. She was underneath a tree, knees pulled up to her chest and her face hidden. A rain cloud drenched her with its torrential downpour.  Gray trotted over to her and asked, “What’s your cloud doing out again?”

Juvia jumped and got to her feet. “Gray-sama! Oh, it’s nothing, Juvia’s just-”

“It isn’t nothing,” Gray interrupted. “I haven’t seen this cloud since before you joined Fairy Tail.”

Juvia bit her lip and linked her fingers together. “It makes Juvia sad that Gray-sama doesn’t love her. I hope whoever else loves Gray-sama too treats him well.”

Gray placed his hands on her shoulders. “There isn’t anyone else Juvia, just you.”

Her dark blue eyes looked up at him in confusion. “There isn’t? Who was that tape from then?”

Gray ran a hand through his unruly dark spikes. “I sent it to myself when I was drunk yesterday. I was giving myself a pep talk.”

“Pep talk?”

“Yeah.” Gray turned away, his cheeks burning. “I told myself I need to make you feel important. I’m sorry I haven’t been doing that.”

Gray didn’t see her face light up with his back to her. “You care for Juvia?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

Her arms wrapped around his waist and he smiled when rain didn’t drench him.  A bright smile crossed her thin lips and at that moment, Gray realized he always wanted to be the reason she smiled. Juvia was beautiful. Eyes that mimicked the ocean’s deep blue waves, porcelain skin, heart-shaped face, and soft lips. Gray placed his arms around her waist as well and kissed her forehead. Juvia laid her head against his bare chest and sighed. 

“This is all I ever wanted.”

The way he was holding her felt so natural. She was important to him, and all it took being blitzed off his ass to realize it. 

Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: Gajeel was angry, no furious, so how does Levy calm him down? She doesn’t, she re-directs his anger into something more productive. How? she drops her towel and shows that she is only wearing her underwear. Best. Night. Ever.

Pairing: Gajevy

Rated MA

Levy stood at her bathroom mirror brushing her hair after her shower. She wrapped a pink towel around her waist as she slid her brush through her damp, blue locks. It was almost time for bed and boy was she tired. She trained hard that day with Jet and Droy. She loved them to death, but to her excitement and dismay, they were now too easy to spar with. Levy was thinking about asking Panther Lily and Gajeel to work with her sometimes. Levy wasn’t very strong at hand to hand combat, and she thought she should work on that just in case her opponent tried to take advantage of her small size, which they often did. 

She jumped when the front door slammed shut and boots clomped inside the house. Levy heard “shit” echo into the bedroom from a man struggling to get his boots off without untying them first. Levy never understood why he did that. 

Turning around to face him as he lunged into the room, Levy asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You’d better control your little minions Levy,” he growled. 


“Ya know damn well who!” he shouted. “That fat fuck and his friend!”

Levy raised an eyebrow. “Jet and Droy? What about them?”

“You wanting to start training with Lily and me pissed the little fuckers off!” Gajeel walked up to her, the muscles in his jaw ticking. “They think I’m trying to steal you away from ‘em. Yer already mine! How fuckin’ late are they?!”

Levy shook her head. Jet and Droy were always trying to play big brothers, and it would get them killed if they tried with Gajeel. Levy figured their affection went deeper than friendship. Either way, she knew they were just trying to protect her… and aiming at getting pummeled by Gajeel. The smaller woman took a step forward, wrapped her arms around the irritated man’s waist, and placed her head against his chest. Despite his annoyance, he still hooked one arm around her waist. 

“Do they not know you’re my woman?!” Gajeel raged. “Are they that dense? I kiss you all the goddamn time. Half of the time, it’s just to piss them off!”

“I’ll talk to them,” Levy assured. “Don’t hurt them. They mean no harm.”

“Well, they’re gonna get hurt if they try that shit again,” Gajeel promised.

Levy realized his anger needed redirecting. The best and most fun way included asserting his dominance to spare her naive friends. Levy walked over to the side of the bed and dropped her towel on the floor, revealing she was only wearing purple satin panties that showed the undersides of her ass. Gajeel’s irate muttering ceased. Levy smiled as his expression changed. Not so much his facial expression, but his body language. He was turning into that animal she couldn’t get enough of. Gajeel hoisted his shirt over his head, eyes trailing like a hungry wolf over her body as he closed the distance between them. He pressed himself against her ass and wrapped his arm around her chest, his hand reaching up to grip her neck. Gajeel planted searing kisses on her collarbone.

“Yer always trying to get in my pants,” Gajeel accused. 

“It’s the same for you,” Levy shot back. 

They kissed, soft moans escaping Levy’s lips as Gajeel’s other hand trailed down her flat stomach to cup her sex. “This is mine,” he declared. 

‘Is it?” the turned-on woman asked while wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Gajeel bit down on her neck, earning a little squeal from his woman. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

That was what Levy desired and her core throbbed in response to his husky voice. She enjoyed rough sex and being dominated by this powerful man. “Prove it.”

“Levy,” Gajeel growled. “You asked for it.”

That she did. The Iron Mage threw her on the bed sooner than she could process it.  Gajeel climbed on top of her and licked his lips as his long, black hair slid across her arms. Her legs parted like the Red Sea for him as his tongue caressed her right nipple. Levy couldn’t stop her back from arching into his mouth as he sucked on the perk bud. Her thick legs locked around his waist, and he ground his hips into her; the feel of his hard cock pressing into her core made hazel eyes roll with enjoyment.

“I wanna be inside you Levy,” Gajeel whispered before switching his assault to her left breast. “I wanna fuck the shit out of you.”

Levy loved it when he talked dirty to her. She was about to challenge him to do it when Gajeel pulled her panties down her legs and hoisted her up so each thigh rested on his shoulders. He placed his hands on her back to sit her upright and stood, putting her womanhood right in his face. Gajeel walked over to the wall and pressed her up against it, strong arms clamped over her thighs as he ran his tongue in fast circles around her clit. Levy’s soft moans grew louder when each sensual lick. There was nowhere for her to run. She couldn’t escape the delicious sensation. Her hips rolled forward as Gajeel ate her out with wanton eagerness. She gripped his hair hard, toes curling and head thrown back as breathy pants escaped her lips. 

“Ooh, Gajeel!”

That fueled him to use his tongue as a piston to enter her dripping slit, alternating between that and sucking on her clit. Levy couldn’t stand it anymore. Her thighs kept closing against Gajeel’s cheeks until he dropped her, yanking her back onto the bed, and putting her on all fours. She smiled as she listened to his belt unbuckling and his pants hitting the ground. One hand grasped her hip, and the other slid his cock against her wet folds. 

“Whose cunt is this?” Gajeel questioned.

Levy leaned back on her haunches and whimpered her response. She needed him inside her now. She jumped at the sharp sting on her ass when Gajeel smacked it. Levy looked over her shoulder in surprise at Gajeel. His expression was serious, but still he gave her a seductive grin. He slid himself halfway inside her and kept a hand on her hip firm so she couldn’t slam back on it the way she wanted to.

“Who’s is it?!” he demanded.

“Yours Gajeel!” she cried.

“I’ll remind those assholes if you don’t!”

Gajeel was still standing at the edge of the bed. He hooked his arms underneath each of her thighs and hoisted her up, sliding inside her. Her lover’s arms faced up underneath her thighs, and he leaned down to reach over her back and link his fingers, locking Levy in the perfect position for amazing access. Levy didn’t have time to ask him where he learned such a complicated position because he slammed into her at a fast pace before she could. All that escaped her mouth was screams of ecstasy, her hands reaching back to grip his hips.

Jet and Droy stopped by Levy’s place to apologize to her, knowing Gajeel already told her about their confrontation. It wasn’t their place to step in. It was just hard with such a sweet and innocent girl like Levy. Jet made it up the stairs first and paused as he was about to knock. Droy threw him a curious glance.

“What is it?”

Jet put a finger to his mouth to shush him and motioned him over. Both put their ears against the door. They heard the sound of slapping flesh, Gajeel’s grunts, and Levy’s loud moans. Both jumped back and tumbled down the stairs, landing in a pile with Droy’s heavy weight smashing Jet into the unforgiving ground. They looked at each other, ears burned red with emotions beyond embarrassment. Their innocent Levy wasn’t a little girl anymore.


Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: Jellal knew that Fairy Tail disbanded, what he didn’t know was that Meredy picked up Erza and sort of recruited her for the time being. Only Meredy would find his torment interesting. Right?

Rating: K

Pairing: Jerza

A twinge etched through Jellal’s chest from not seeing Erza during his travels through Magnolia. Ever since Fairy Tail disbanded six months ago, he hadn’t heard rumors of her. It surprised him he didn’t read about her in the paper. Erza’s unimaginable power stunned those blessed to witness it. Jellal couldn’t help but stand back and watch in awe whenever she lost herself in the heat of battle. He could picture her fiery red hair whipping around her as she destroyed her enemies. She’d grown into a strong and beautiful woman as the years flew by. Getting up from his place on a worn bench close to the outskirts of Magnolia, just down the street from the empty Fairy Tail guild hall, Jellal stretched and turned to meet Meredy so they could move on. They had taken a dark guild called Riders down and now it was time to find their next target.

The sun sunk to rest behind the comfort of the horizon and the evening began to cool. Autumn had overtaken summer to Jellal’s satisfaction. He preferred when the temperature was a little cooler because he didn’t sweat so much. It was irritating to have to shower multiple times a day. Made laundry just as annoying.

He walked through the streets, passing the city goers on their own routes for the evening. Some traveled home from a long shift. A couple with linked arms and arm took an evening stroll, and children played a game of kickball underneath the canopy of trees off to the right. It was so peaceful. Jellal’s eyes widened once he reached the border. Erza stood conversing with Meredy. Jellal walked over to them and they turned to greet him.

“Jellal,” Meredy spoke. “I was thinking Erza would be a good addition to our group. Now that Fairy Tail disbanded, she’s not part of a guild anymore.”

“Hello Jellal,” Erza greeted. “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you,” Jellal responded. “So, you would like to join us?”

“If you’ll have me,” she answered.

Jellal thought about it. It would enhance their group’s power to have Titania. However, heavy tension stood between them. Jellal wasn’t ready to acknowledge it, but Meredy’s suspicious smile unnerved him. 

Jellal nodded. “You may join us.”

They traveled six hours then set up camp as the sun dipped below the horizon. They’d gotten word about another guild about three day’s travel north of them that was taking over the area. These hooligans were attack dogs for a corrupt government who forced the townspeople to pay astronomical taxes. Crime Sorcière would fix both issues. The trip seemed heavy for Jellal and Erza. Meredy didn’t miss it. She understood they needed time together. Everyone detected their love for one another, but them. It was pitiful. They needed to get it together. Erza joining them would leave plenty of opportunities.

With a warm fire roaring and a full belly, they rolled out sleeping bags. Jellal laid down in his, knowing tonight and with Erza near, he would not sleep well. He couldn’t, not with Erza within such a close vicinity. She’d gone to bathe almost forty-five minutes ago and hadn’t returned. Jellal sat up to ask Meredy to go check on her, but gentle snoring reached his ears. She was on her side, pink hair sprawled around her head with her back to him. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up so instead, he shimmied out of his black sleeping bag and left to check on Erza.

As he snuck through the forestry, Meredy smiled to herself before drifting off to sleep for real. Jellal walked toward the large river close by and called out for her.


“I’m up here.”

Jellal followed her voice, stepping around bushes until a hill overseeing the lake came into view. Erza dressed in comfortable looking pajamas, bare feet hanging off the edge. The black long-sleeved shirt and comfortable looking grey shorts were something he’d never seen her wear before. It made her look like a regular person and not a powerful wizard. Jellal liked seeing both sides of her. He went to join her on the cliff, sitting down next to her and enjoying the breeze that tickled their faces. 

“What are you still doing up here?” Jellal questioned.

Erza continued to gaze out at the lake. The moonlight shimmered over it, illuminating the tiny waves the water released. “Just thinking. A lot has happened.”

“You mean with Fairy Tail?” he probed.

Erza nodded. “I never would have imagined that Fairy Tail would disband.”

Jellal agreed with a silent nod while brushing blue strands of hair out of his face. “I agree. I suppose you miss Fairy Tail then?”

“I do.” She pulled her legs up to her chest and linked her arms around them. “Still, I can’t fix what has happened right now. I’ll help Crime Sorcière then figure out my plans.” She smiled at her childhood friend. “It’s great to spend time together.”

“It is.”

The two of them sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes more before Erza yawned. “I guess we should go back to camp. We start traveling early tomorrow.”

That was a great idea. Despite how wired he felt earlier, the tug of sleep pulled at him. He supposed that was a good thing. He stood and held a hand out to Erza, who took it and stood to her feet. Their eyes locked, and Jellal couldn’t look away. Erza’s beauty always awed him. Silky, crimson hair that tickled the small of her back, flawless skin, dark brown eyes he could get lost in, and so many other things he couldn’t list if he tried.

“Jellal?” she questioned when he didn’t release her hand.

He didn’t seem to hear her. Jellal grew lost in his own world and she was the center. “I’ve missed you Erza.”

She smiled. “You’re getting soft.” Erza placed her other hand over his. “I’ve missed you too. Now let’s go to bed.”

Jellal pulled her towards him so fast she didn’t have time to respond. He laid a soft kiss on her forehead before turning to head back to camp. “Goodnight Erza.”

Said woman watched his retreat in shock, her forehead still burning where his soft kiss landed. She reached up and touched the spot with a smile on her face. They would travel together for quite some time. She could play unfair, too.


Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: Lucy is afraid of spiders. Her response: “Natsu, set my apartment on fire.”

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Lucy was curled up on the couch enjoying some much-needed drama from the crappy reality TV shows she loved to watch. She enjoyed getting involved in drama that didn’t affect her life hooked her. She jumped up from her spot on the couch, glaring at the TV with accusing eyes.

“Reiyna I can’t believe you slept with Sherry’s boyfriend!” she yelled at the TV. “You guys were best friends! What kind of friend does that?!”

Sherry had just found out because her boyfriend left his Facebook open and she snooped. This wasn’t the first time he’d cheated. Brett was such a jerk, so it didn’t surprise her he did not understand what being faithful meant. 

Lucy sat back down on the edge of the couch, leaning forward as Sherry banged on Reiyna’s apartment door. She felt something tickle her foot but ignored it. It was wintertime and she always wore fluffy knee-high socks. It just rubbed the wrong way.  

“I know you’re in there, you bitch!” Sherry screamed. “Get out here!”

“Uh-oh,” Lucy giggled, clasping her hands together because she didn’t know what to do with them. 

That weird tickle moved from the top of her right foot to her ankle. Lucy glanced down and her heart jumped into her throat. The most disgusting creature from the pits of hell stared at her with its eight beady little eyes. She inhaled, eyes widening in fear. Her hands frozen in their mid-air journey. The longer Lucy stared at it, the more she panicked and at this rate, she would lose her mind. Lucy tried to stay calm, but in reality, that lasted less than a second and she screamed. The blonde kicked her foot hard, sprinted away, and dive bombed behind the leather couch. She landed with a loud crash when her leg swiped the lamp sitting on a nearby table. It shattered on the hardwood floor. Lucy peeked from over the top of the couch, eyes wide and darting back and forth. Even though the abomination had landed over by the TV, it stared at her, able to smell her fear. It took a step toward her with one of its many legs. 

“Natsu!” Lucy shrieked.  

She could hear urgent footsteps coming in her direction and in less than three seconds, the Dragon Slayer was skidding to a halt in the living room. “What’s the matter, Lucy?!”

“Spider!” she wailed in horror, pointing at the arachnid. “Get it, get it, get it!

Natsu gave a tired look. “Oh, come on Luc! It’s a harmless spider.”

“Please get it out!” she begged while standing up, hazel eyes never leaving the creature. 

Natsu sighed and placed a hand down to let the spider crawl onto it, which it did. Lucy shrieked in response. “Don’t touch it!”

“Well, how do you expect me to get it out of here without touchin’ it?!” Natsu exclaimed. He grinned at the spider as it explored his hand. “See, he’s harmless.”

Lucy removed herself from behind the couch with slow, timid steps. Terror gleamed in her eyes. If that spider moved too fast, Lucy would have sprinted out of the apartment. 

“What if it bites you?” she hissed.

“Why are you whispering?” Natsu questioned. “You’re crazy Lucy.”  

She puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. “Am not! What if it’s poisonous?!”

“Don’t you mean venomous?” Happy asked.

Lucy whirled around to face the small blue cat. “When did you get here?!”

Natsu walked past Lucy toward the sliding glass door, but the spider bolted up his arm. The startled male tried to keep it from running all the way up, but the spider was fast. It was crawling across his shoulder then down his chest. This time, he jumped too. Lucy turned to see the spider land and scurry towards her. She screamed so loud; the neighbors might call the police. Lucy took a running leap into Natsu’s arms.

“Burn the apartment down, Natsu!”

“Okay!” Natsu answered, fire raging into his free hand.

Lucy watched in horror. She asked a Fire Dragon Slayer to burn down her apartment. She was only joking… kind of, but if Natsu set the apartment on fire, she’d get kicked out of her home for sure. Lucy would have to pay for damages too. How could she afford that?!

“No, don’t!” Lucy shrieked. “I’ll go to Levy’s. Please catch it! I’ll be back.”

“Aye, sir!”

Lucy realized just what an intimate position they were in. Natsu was holding her bridal style. His steel abs pressed against her stomach and where his hands gripped her thighs felt like he was using his fire magic on her. Her breath caught in her throat when their eyes locked. Natsu smiled at her.  

“Okay Luc, I’ll get rid of it before you get back.”

“Thanks, Natsu,” she breathed, reaching up to run her fingers through his coral hair. “What would I do without you?”

Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Prompt: Gajeel accidentally goes into dragon force mode in the middle of sex with Levy. Levy is actually getting more turned on by this. Gajeel now has a better reason to train with this mode now.

Pairing: Gajevy

Rating: MA for light smut

“Gajeel! Right there!”

“You’re such a fuckin’ minx Levy.”

Levy’s screams echoed throughout their bedroom as Gajeel pounded her into the mattress. His hips slammed forward, causing the little woman underneath him to slide up with each thrust. She anchored one hand on the headboard to prevent him from smashing her into it with his powerful strokes. Gajeel placed his hands behind her back along the curve of her hips and hauled her off the bed so he had better access to her tight pussy. The dragon slayer couldn’t get enough of the way her body sheathed him. His mouth was agape as his strokes slowed, but increased in how hard he thrust into her. Levy’s nails raked down his forearms, lustful gaze begging him not to stop. 

“Look at how much you like being fucked,” Gajeel murmured. “Ya dirty girl.”

A sultry smile crossed her lips, but then it turned shy. Gajeel fucking loved when she gave him that innocent face. He knew what she wanted. “Um, Gajeel can you-”

He didn’t wait for her to finish her request. Gajeel flipped her over onto all fours and impaled her again. She moaned, arching her back and placing her chest against the bed. Gajeel grasped a handful of her blue locks in one hand and the other gripped her hip. He pulled her back onto him, relishing in her wanton cries. A cool sensation brushed along Gajeel’s skin, like a gentle winter’s breeze caressing him. Once the sensation started, he realized it was too late. Levy whipped her head around when she saw a flash of light and Gajeel’s body against her changed from warm to cold. Gajeel had transformed into Iron Shadow Dragon Mode by accident. Inky black shadows weaved their way from his body, bright piercing blue eyes stared back at her. 

“Fuck, I didn’t mean to- “

“Keep going,” Levy instructed.

Gajeel gave one experimental thrust forward and listened to Levy’s deep moan. She was enjoying his iron shadow form. He grinned and continued his assault on her body. Leaning forward, Gajeel rubbed her clit with his thumb without once slowing his hips. 

“Ga-Gajeel,” she panted. “I’m going to… I can’t!”

“Cum, Levy,” Gajeel whispered in her ear, licking the shell of her ear.

She screamed and the Iron Dragon Slayer felt juices run down his cock, but he wasn’t done with her yet. Gajeel didn’t stop thrusting into her until he reached his peak and collapsed on top of the small woman. 

Rogue sat next to the pool, watching with amusement as Frosch got his ice cream more on his onesie than in his mouth. “We’ll have to wash your clothes again.”

“Fro thinks so too!”

Rogue brushed his dark hair out of his face and leaned back on his lounge chair. He closed his eyes, hoping to take just a quick nap. He knew better than to risk it though. Last time, he’d slept for six hours underneath the summer’s rays without sunscreen. The sun had baked Rogue to a crisp. Sting kept “forgetting” he had horrible sunburn and would smack him on the back from time to time. It stung like someone hit him with a whip.

He frowned when it got dark above him, like he put on sunglasses, and when he opened his eyes; Gajeel met his gaze. Rogue jumped to his feet. “What are you doing?!”

“I need to eat more of your shadows to strengthen my Iron Shadow Dragon mode,” Gajeel said, getting straight to the point. He raised a fist. “You can give it to me, or I’ll just beat the shit out of ya to get it!”

It had been months since the Grand Magic Games where Gajeel gained the Iron Dragon Force mode during their fight and he’d never come looking for another battle. What had gotten into him?

“I’m relaxing right now!” Rogue argued. “Can’t you pick a fight some other time?!”

“No!” Gajeel shouted. “Yer gonna fight me right now!”

“Why do you want more shadows now?!” Rogue shouted.

Other members of Sabertooth were gathering around to watch. No one seemed to think Gajeel was coming to start a war between the guilds. They looked on with curiosity. Gajeel paused and scratched the back of his head. Rogue noticed that his “opponent” was blushing.

“None of yer business!” Gajeel yelled back.

He moved in to attack Rogue, hearing Levy’s passionate moans as he did so. That was all the incentive he needed to train harder. 


Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: Gray taking care of their newborn triplets with Lucy on the first night home or probably a few weeks after that.

Rating: K+

Pairing: GrayLu

Gray ran his fingers through his raven spikes in frustration. Dark circles surrounded his eyes, and he yawned. His eyes burned from lack of sleep, but it was far from time to rest. The familiar sound of crying echoed over the baby monitor. Gray looked over at his wife as she slept through the noise. He sighed. If anyone deserves to be sleeping, it was her after giving him the wonderful gift crying over the monitor. 

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Gray got to his feet and trudged towards the baby’s room. Rikai was a fussy one, and he’d only been home for three days. It was about time for feeding and Rikai never missed a meal; greedy little guy. Gray entered the little one’s room and walked over to Rikai, picking up the squalling baby. 

“All right, I’ve got you.”

Rikai’s cries continued, the need for food clear. Gray thought he was escaping, but he was too late. Two more whimpers echoed throughout the room. 

“How the hell do you manage three newborns?!” Gray moaned. 

He scooped up Raiyen, the second oldest of the three boys. He was kicking his feet in anger, his face beet red. Gray bet Raiyen wanted milk too, but his dramatics exceeded his brothers. At that moment, with two screaming newborns in his arms and a third letting the world know he existed, Gray realize there were no bottles ready. He’d have to put them both back down to get their bottles. 

“Damn it,” Gray cursed, not sure if he should put both boys back in their crib or move them all to the living room to prepare their milk in the kitchen. He glanced with helplessness between his new babies. 

“Need help?”

Gray looked up to see Lucy standing in the doorway. A gentle, understanding smile crossed her light features. Her slow gait showed the discomfort she endured from her c-section yet she still smiled. The blonde walked over, picked Ryder out of his crib, and motioned for Gray to follow. It took time, but after full bellies, within the hour, all three boys were sleeping once again. Gray sat on their swede couch with Lucy’s head in his lap. He stroked her silky hair while she closed her tired eyes.

This is hard,” Gray commented. 

Lucy reached up and poked his cheek. “You didn’t think this would be easy, did you?”

No way. They were first-term parents to three children. Who would have imagined that? It shocked Gray when he found out Lucy was pregnant, but he almost fainted when the ultrasound technician told him there were three. Still, this new life made his chest swell with interlaced love and pride. 

“We’ll get our technique down,” Lucy commented. “For now, it’s nap time.”

Gray gazed over at the clock on the wall. It was a few minutes past three in the morning. He hadn’t slept a solid eight hours since before Lucy went into labor almost five days ago. His eyes drooped, and he was asleep in seconds only to jolt awake from fussing at 6:30 AM. Parenting was a tough job. 

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Anonymous Tumblr Request: Gray and Levy find out that Juvia holds the record for the fastest beat down Gajeel ever received. 1 minute 49 seconds. And that was to "assert dominance" between them during a mission. Best friends since and Gajeel has the scar on his arm as proof.

Pairing: none

Rating: K+

It was a warm summer day, and the guild was having a BBQ to enjoy good food, beer, and each other’s company. The last six months had been nonstop jobs and battles so it was a nice break. Fairy Tail sat well on funds and didn’t need jobs for at least two weeks. Today they were declining any jobs. Fairy Tail closed for a much-needed morale day. Levy sat at a worn picnic table watching with amusement as Gajeel and Natsu fought over who would grill the ribs and chicken. It would make sense to let Natsu do it, but the possibility he’d char the meats hung over him like a plague. That was Gajeel’s argument. Gajeel had never grilled before yet still thought he had better skills than “Fire Breath”.

She giggled and sipped on her strawberry lemonade. Gray joined her at her table. “Why are they like this?”

Levy shook her head. “I guess it’s a Dragon Slayer thing.”

“Idiots,” Gray muttered under his breath.

Natsu and Gajeel’s bickering was less than ten seconds from turning into a battle of who got to cook. While they were busy arguing, Makarov set the meat onto the grill. The dragon slayer’s verbal fight made them oblivious to any. Somehow it escalated to who was the strongest dragon slayer. How the hell did that happen?

“You’re not stronger than me!” Natsu shouted, holding his fist up. 

“That’s a fucking lie!” Gajeel roared. “How fast did you get your ass kicked the first time we fought?!”

Natsu laughed. “Whatever! If we hadn’t retreated, you would have been a pile of melted iron! I kicked your ass faster than you’ve ever probably had it kicked in your life!”

“That’s not true,” Juvia spoke up. 

She was sitting so close to Gray that there wasn’t any space between their bodies. He jumped and surprise shot across his features. “When did you get here?!”

Juvia smiled.

“Juvia’s always at Gray-sama’s side.”

Levy turned to give the water mage a curious look. “What do you mean Natsu didn’t beat Gajeel up the fastest?”

She glanced at Gajeel, who appeared embarrassed. His hand raked through his hair and he turned away. 

“Something wrong Gajeel?”

“Ain’t nothing wrong!” he snapped over his shoulder.

Oh, something was terribly wrong. Levy scooted closer, face-splitting grin on her face while placing her elbows on the table and leaning forward. “Tell us.”

Juvia smiled before flipping over her hand to glance at her fingernails with poised superiority. 

“Juvia beat up Gajeel-san the fastest.”

Surprised responses from Natsu, Levy, and Gray all at the same time. Juvia’s gentle smile and Gajeel’s failure to spew denial was a dead giveaway. Instead, he continued to keep his back to them and scoffed. 

“It was a lucky cheap shot.”

“That’s not how Juvia remembers it,” she countered.

“Tell us what happened!” Natsu demanded with glee as he skidded to a halt next to the water mage and sat.

Juvia linked her fingers together and leaned forward. 

“Well, Gajeel-san and Juvia were going on a mission together. Gajeel-san was meaner then and always picked on Juvia. Jose-sama ordered us to destroy a new local guild. He wanted them gone before they could get strong enough to become a problem. Juvia can’t remember why Gajeel-san picked a fight. It was probably because of the rain cloud that used to follow Juvia.”

Levy glared at Gajeel, who was looking over his shoulder as Juvia told the story. His expression seemed guilty about being a bully to Juvia. Good. He should feel like a jerk for being a jerk to her.

Juvia placed her hands in her lap. “Gajeel-san said something about Juvia finding no one who would care about her if she was always so sad and a pushover. That got Juvia so mad she attacked Gajeel.”

“See, a cheap shot!” Gajeel roared.

Levy frowned. “You should have expected it after picking on her for so long!”

The iron dragon slayer sucked his teeth, but said nothing, knowing Levy hit the nail on the head. 

Juvia stood up and walked over to Gajeel. He tensed as she got closer. Dark blue eyes looked up at him. “You deserved it Gajeel-san,” she deadpanned.

Natsu roared with laughter while Gajeel’s ears burned red with embarrassment. 

“You shut the hell up, Salamander!”

That pushed his laughter into hysterics. “So how fast did you kick Metal Head’s ass?”

Juvia thought for a moment and smiled. “A minute and forty-nine seconds.”

Gray looked at her in amazement. “I knew you were strong, but I didn’t imagine you had taken down Gajeel before.”

Juvia’s grin grew wider. “Juvia is very strong Gray-sama!” She reached out to Gajeel and unzipped his black vest, pulling it open and exposing a nasty scar on his left side. “Juvia did this to Gajeel with her Water Slicer!”

Natsu couldn’t contain his laughter and Gajeel exploded to his feet. He stalked over to Natsu and once he was a few feet away, changed his right arm into his iron club and clocked Natsu right in the face with it. He went flying through the trees and smashed through a pavilion. The people at a family gathering had just enough time to snatch their children to safety.

“Gajeel stop!” Levy shouted. 

He didn’t seem to hear her so she got up from her spot, stood in front of him, and poked him in the chest. “Hey! Juvia kicking your butt there’s no reason to get angry at Natsu! You could have hurt someone!”

“But he keeps laughing at me!” Gajeel whined while pointing in Natsu direction with a scowl on his face. 

Levy laughed too at how childish he sounded. Juvia wandered to Gray and wrapped her arms around his waist. He attempted to untangle himself from her grasp but wasn’t having any luck breaking the clingy woman’s grasp.

Natsu climbed out of the rubble. “What was that for ya jerk?!”

“Stop making fun of me!” Gajeel commanded in annoyance. “I’ll still kick yer ass!”

They all laughed together.  However, it was about to turn into a brawl again. His confident grin made Levy prepare for them to get kicked out of the park for damages and endangering other patrons. Still, it was interesting to learn Juvia’s power could injure Gajeel. Levy bet he never messed with her again after that. Served him right. 


Chapter Text

Anonymous Prompt: Juvia’s flexibility was something Gray can’t get enough of. And would you look at that, Gray needs Juvia’s “help” for something.

Pairing: Gruvia

Rating: T

Gray realized Juvia’s teasing wasn’t an accident. Doing splits to avoid attacks during fights, stretching one leg above her head, bending over to tie lace less shoes. His throat went dry from his explicit imagination. She was so flexible. The Ice Mage stared at her creamy legs as she performed kicks during battles and training that exposed her underwear, rendering him unable to stop his fantasies. Those positions caused an embarrassing tent in his pants. With them living together, Gray had an erection more often than ever. He started “tricking” Juvia into some of these poses just so he could stare. Today, Gray and Juvia strode alongside a bubbling brook with their lunch in hand. A beautiful scorching summer day surrounded them and his body hated the heat because of his affinity for cold. Gray didn’t care because Juvia enjoyed afternoon strolls.

As they walked, Gray ached to see her gorgeous legs part in a split. A genius idea ran through his mind: he’d trip and drop his lunch in the creek. Rock formations jutted across the water like a bridge from each side, the points stopping four feet from touching. She’d have to stand on the rocks because the creek’s width. Juvia hummed next to him, her arm woven through his. Gray “tripped” and dumped his sandwich into the water. Juvia wrapped them in saran wrap so he hoped his food wouldn’t get soaked. 

“Damn it,” he cursed, halting by the rocks he’d identified for his plan. “Juvia get that for me, would you?”

“Why?” she asked. 

He swallowed. “Well, it’s wrapped so it might be dry.”

Juvia gave him an odd look. “It still isn’t sanitary Gray-sama.” She held out her sandwich to him. “You can have mine and we’ll go back to get another one.”

Gray held his hand up. “Yours has cheese.”

“… Yours did too Gray-sama.”

Gray realized he blew his opportunity and racked his brain for a Plan B. The water mage gave him a sultry smile and realization hit him like a freight train.

“You knew this whole time, didn’t you?”

“That Gray-sama kept asking me to do things to put Juvia in naughty positions?” she questioned while placing her hands behind her back. “Maybe.”

Juvia sauntered to the rocks and straddled the brook, one foot on each rock. “Gray-sama, you realize I can bend over to reach this?”

His cheeks burned with embarrassment. “I-”

Juvia slid into a split over the water regardless and reached for his soaked sandwich. “This is ruined, Gray-sama.”


Gray’s brain turned off witnessing the sexiness of her position. He couldn’t form coherent sentences while she stayed like that. Her form-fitting black dress garnished her toned body, and she’d abandoned her usual matching leggings because of the heat. Her porcelain skin glimmered underneath the sun’s light, making his mouth water. He turned away when his cock hardened, regretting the thin material of his shorts. Juvia dropped the sandwich back into the water and stood. She walked over to Gray and hugged his back.

“Gray-sama likes Juvia in these positions?”

Gray turned to face her. “Yeah, I do.”

Juvia smiled again, dark blue eyes glittering with mischief. She reached down to grab her right ankle, straightened her leg, stood on her tiptoes, and hooked her leg over Gray’s shoulder. “Does Gray-sama like this?”

Holy hell, Gray-sama loved it. He pulled her body flush against him and gripped her rear.

 “We’re going home right now and I’m gonna screw you in this position.”

Juvia’s already flushed cheeks showed she agreed. They could eat lunch afterward.

Chapter Text

Anonymous Tumblr Request: When Lucy barges into her room in the middle of the night. She is baffled as to why Natsu simply says "Please Lucy, be gentle, it's my first time." Lucy completely forgot what she was angry about now.


Rating: K+

Lucy entered her apartment after a wonderful day of pampering with her best friend Levy. They’d gotten pedicures, manicures, and a couple’s massage. Lucy chuckled when the massage therapists referred to them as a beautiful lesbian couple.  Lucy kicked off her shoes, dropped her purse on the dining room table, and headed to the kitchen. Her cheesecake in the fridge interrupted her thoughts all day. Pumpkin cheesecake now topped the charts as a favorite dessert. She’d never be able to repay Erza for introducing her to such a delight. 

Her stomach rumbled and when she opened her refrigerator with a smile that vanished in an instant. The delicious slice of heaven was gone. The distraught woman whirled around she noticed an empty plate with remnants of her cheesecake. A fork gleamed underneath the kitchen light at her. Lucy’s hands fell to her side in shock as she slammed the refrigerator door. 

“Natsu,” she growled. “How many times to have to tell him to stop sneaking into my apartment and eating my food?! I’m going to throttle that stupid dragon slayer!”

Lucy stomped toward her bedroom. Natsu‘s audacity to stay at her house after committing such a crime astounded her. She paused next to her couch when his white pants and vest caught her attention. Was he naked in her house?! 

“Natsu!” Lucy raged. “You get out here right now!”

Silence answered her. Lucy’s anger boiled over and she kicked the ajar door causing it to slam against the wall. 

“Natsu, you jerk!” she yelled. “Stop coming into my apartment when I’m not here!” 

The Celestial Mage zeroed in on his form underneath her covers in the darkened room. What an asshole! Lucy walked up and snatched the covers off him. 

“Natsu, what are you doing in my bed?!”

Natsu had always been a deep sleeper. He rolled over on his back, one hand resting on his bare chest. 

“No Lucy,” he mumbled.

“No what?!” she shouted. “You come into my apartment, eat my cheesecake, leave your clothes all over the place, and sleep in my bed! You can’t say ‘no Lucy’!”

Her face heated up at the sight of him in black boxers. She struggled to hang onto her annoyance, but his handsome sleeping face chipped at her anger. Lucy paused; Natsu was still talking in his sleep.

“Okay Lucy,” he groaned. “Be gentle, it’s my first time.”

She tried to stifle her laughter, wishing she knew what “first time" he referred to. Lucy leaned against the doorframe and sighed; she’d rip him a new one when he woke up. After he told her what his dream entailed of course. Her face morphed to surprise when his hand trailed down his stomach to his boxers. Lucy whirled away before she saw something X-rated. She’d definitely have to figure out what he was dreaming about.