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Too Many Adventures to Count

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Anonymous Tumblr Request: Gajeel takes Levy out on a date. Why? Because Blackmail that’s why!

Pairing: Gajevy

Rating: T

Gajeel exhaled as he moved into a downward facing dog pose, enjoying his upper back and shoulders stretching. He transitioned into the Melting Heart Pose, placing his knees on the ground and leaning back on his haunches to get a good stretch. Then, he moved into Child’s Pose. The Iron Dragon Slayer had been doing yoga for the past four months. Levy had a few copies, and he first did it to show Panther Lily that yoga was a joke. It surprised him how inflexible he was and how hard a lot of the moves were. Now, he could do them with ease. He noticed that his muscle tone increased when he added yoga to his daily workout and not only was he more flexible, but he felt more energized. HIs low back pain almost disappeared, too.

Yoga was a secret. The last thing Gajeel needed was people thinking he was a pushover by doing a “woman’s” easy workout. It was easier than his usual spar or weight lifting sessions with Panther Lily, but it made his recovery from the workouts smoother. He could trust Panther Lily to keep his secret though. The Exceed did yoga with him, but he wasn’t afraid of judgment. He did a variety of other stretches, and just as he was finishing up with a Warrior 1 pose, arms stretched overhead, he sniffed the air and realized Levy caught him. Gajeel whirled around and spotted Levy leaning against the wall with a hand covering her mouth. She was trying not to giggle. The Iron Mage’s senses rivaled most, but during yoga, he got lost in his relaxed world. Gajeel scrambled to his feet. 

“What the hell are ya looking at?!” he barked.

That only made Levy burst with laughed. She doubled over, holding her sides as she howled with laughter, a display that made Gajeel feel more embarrassed. “Stop fucking laughing!”

“I can’t!” Levy wheezed through her fit of giggles. “The guy who made fun of me for doing yoga does it himself! I can’t wait to tell Natsu!”

Gajeel blanched. “Wait, no! Keep your trap shut about this!”

Levy gave him a sly grin. “Is it because Natsu would never let you live it down?”

Gajeel swallowed and didn’t respond. Panther Lily also stood up. “I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal.”

Levy shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t either Panther Lily.”

“Because men don’t do this kind of girly shit,” Gajeel snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.

Panther Lily raised an eyebrow. “But you do.”

Gajeel sputtered a response riddled with “fuck you cat!”. Levy walked into the living room and stood in front of Gajeel. He looked anxious. She placed a finger up to her lips and tapped them. Her gaze turned toward the ceiling, dragging out her response to make him sweat.

“Natsu would love to know this,” she pondered. “I wonder what would keep me from spilling the beans Gajeel? What do you think?”

Gajeel shrugged his shoulders and stuck his hands in the pockets of his grey sweatpants. “Probably that jazz festival you won’t shut the hell up about.” He paused then glared at Levy, who continued to grin. “Blackmailing’ me are ya?”

“That’s a possibility,” Levy cooed while turning and leaning against him. “What would you do if I was?”

Gajeel was about to rip into her, but she held a dire secret. If he upset Levy, would she spill it?  He sighed and whispered, “So when the hell do you want to leave?”


Later that evening, Levy hummed to herself while they walked along the concrete path of the huge park, the sounds of jazz music floating around them. She hooked her arm in Gajeel’s and pulled him along.

“Come on, let’s get a pretzel!”

He grunted in annoyance. The music was right up his alley, but Gajeel refused to admit that to Levy. He paused. Maybe he should tell her he was enjoying himself. Can’t be blackmail if it’s consensual.”

“I like this music,” he commented as they waited in line for a pretzel. “Can’t call this blackmail if I’m having a good time!”

Levy gave him a funny look and smiled. “Okay, then this isn’t blackmail. I’ll have you do something else so Natsu doesn’t find out great your Downward Facing Dog is.”

Gajeel took a surprised step back. “You little shit!”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed the underside of his jaw. “It’s a shame I have to blackmail you to make you spend time with me!”

Levy chose a cinnamon pretzel once they reached the cashier. Gajeel moved her small hand out of her pocket when she tried to pay for it. That brought a sweet smile across her face. They took Levy’s spoils over to a large area that had the stage where the jazz band was playing live. It was like a small island floating on the magnificent lake garnishing the center of the park. Different colored lights fanned over the stage as the saxophone lulled their senses. Inspiration for a new song struck Gajeel from listening to the music.

“Hey, guys!”

Levy and Gajeel looked up to see Lucy and Natsu coming down the stairs to greet them. Levy stood to hug Lucy. “We could have come together if I knew you were going, Levy!”

“I was just thinking that!” Lucy exclaimed. “Then I wouldn’t have had to drag Natsu here.”

Levy nodded her head in agreement. “I had to blackmail Gajeel into coming.”

“Uh oh,” Natsu taunted, punching Gajeel in the arm. “Messed up again, Metal Head?!”

On a normal occasion, he would have responded with a scathing remark before they started a battle in the festival’s middle, destroying everything around them. Instead, he gazed at Levy, realizing this was it. She would tell Natsu that he did yoga, and then he’d have to kill Natsu to make him stop laughing. It would not end well.

“I told him I wouldn’t deep condition his hair the way he likes if he didn’t come.”

That also was true, but not embarrassing. He breathed a sigh of relief as Natsu still laughed. 

“You deep condition your hair?!” Natsu sneered. “That’s so girly.”

“That’s why my hair is like silk while yours...” Gajeel reached out and yanked Natsu’s. “Feels like I wiped my ass with it, Salamander!”

“Hey!” Natsu protested, rubbing the sore spot on his head. “That wasn’t necessary, asshole!”

Lucy reached up to run her fingers through Gajeel’s long locks, eyes widening as she did so. “Your hair is soft.”

“Damn right it is,” Gajeel snapped. Grabbing Levy’s hand, he pulled her away. “We see enough of you guys at the guild!”

“Bye Lucy!” Levy called over her shoulder. Hazel eyes looked up Gajeel. “You’re in a hurry.”

He halted and kissed her. “Thanks for not saying anything to Salamander.”

Levy shrugged. “It’s okay.” She linked her fingers through his. “I think it’s attractive that you do yoga, anyway.”