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Take It Back

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Bucky was humming Bohemian Rhapsody while he reached his arm out to grab a carton of milk from the fridge. His hand had barely wrapped fully around the handle when a familiar voice made him yelp, causing him to bang his head on the top shelving.

He thought his wife had gone to the office early in the morning, like she usually did, to catch up on some paper work that was due at the end of the month. Naturally, he figured he had been alone, so it’s no surprise that he had jumped about one feet into the air and his heart was now beating away at one hundred beats per second.

A chuckle echoes through the open kitchen. He groans as he rubs the now sore spot on the back of his head. Shamefully, he spins around to see Ashlyn leaning on the breakfast counter, a small smile playing on her pretty lips. 

“I thought you were gone.” he mumbles.

She eyes him up and down with a smirk on her face, “Yea, about that. Change of plans.” 

Bucky stretches his arm out as he uses his other to roll the sleeve of his extra tight white dress shirt up to his elbows. Walking up to the counter, he does the same exact thing with his other, switching the milk from hand to hand. 

Her smile drops slightly, and Bucky raises a brow noticing her changed worried demeanor. He sets the milk down next to his bowl and crosses his arms onto the cold counter. 

Leaning forward, he moves in until their faces are inches apart and he watches her face. She was looking everywhere - the ceiling, to the left, to the right, to the table - except for him. 

“What’s going on?” He asks concerned.

Ashlyn bites her bottom lip. He looks down at her finger that was making an invisible drawing on the marble counter.

“You know my sister, Y/N?” After she says her name, she finally looks up at Bucky.

The millisecond the name even rolls off her tongue, it’s like a butcher knife was jammed into his lower chest and very slowly dragging its way up his throat. There could be many reasons why Ashlyn was brining her up, but the one he feared the most he quickly opted out because she hadn’t killed him yet. Just the thought, the fucking reminder of that day, of Y/N, made everything different again. Things hadn’t been different in five years and they weren’t suppose to be now. Especially now.

To say he was distraught by his wife’s question was an understatement. He was absolutely moments away from cardiac arrest or at least some kind of mental breakdown. 

He fathomed Y/N. He took secret therapy sessions the first few months of his marriage because of her.

Ashlyn knew you two didn’t get along, except she never knew why. It was weird because the first year and a half she had dated Bucky, Y/N and him had gotten along extremely well. They were even best friends. But then one day, he was avoiding her name in every conversation; settling for ‘her’, she’, or ‘your sister’. When she came up in subject, he would change the topic. He even wanted to have thanksgiving with just his family instead of with hers.

Ashlyn has considered asking Y/N what happened that made Bucky completely detest her, but for some reason she was afraid. She just didn’t know why. She eventually decided to not pry on it any longer and just made sure they weren’t in the same room together.

But this would change everything.

Y/N had called her two days ago crying her eyes out and begging to stay with her for a bit until everything was “okay again”. Ashlyn figured it had to be serious if Y/N was even willing to stay in the same home as the man who couldn’t stand her. So of course she said yes. Plus, it was her little sister.

“Yeah…” His tone was hesitant and uncertain. It was obvious he did not want to know what he was about to.

“Well,” she hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake. She brought her slightly shaking crossed hands to her mouth and took a deep breath. There was something in her husbands eyes as he waited for her to speak, she just couldn’t tell what it was, “some things went wrong back at home and she kind of doesn’t have a place to live right now.

“No.” He doesn’t even stumble on his words as his head snaps away from Ashlyn. It comes out in a snarl.

She knew this wouldn’t be easy, but now the kind of hard part was over.

“Babe, come on. It’ll only be for a bit.”

His mind was running on horse speed now, he just started spewing out excuses and bullshit for anything against this stupid idea. Memories flash in his mind - awful tear jerking memories. Just like that, words spew out, “I don’t trust her, Ashlyn.” His eyes are blurry as he scans their huge living room. His eyes pan over to the floor-to-ceiling twenty-five foot tall windows that was starting to reveal the foggy weather on New York City’s horizon. 

That’s why she wanted to come here. 

His voice raises to an angry tone, “All of a sudden, coincidentally after we just moved into our new penthouse she just “wants” to move in here too?” He puts air quotes around his head for emphasis. “It’s so obvious what her intentions are, baby. I don’t know how you fall for that.”

Ashlyn was the angry one now. She was hurt that he would ever think so lowly of her own biological sister, “I highly doubt that’s why.”

Bucky rolls his eyes dramatically and drops his arms to his sides, “You’re my wife, she’s my sister in law that I refuse to remember exists. Did you forget this?”

She was the angry one now as she stood up, “Look. I’ll never understand why you hate each other the way you do. But you need to get hell over it,  Bucky. She’s my baby sister and she has no where to live right now.” 

Bucky breathes in and out harshly through his nose as he contemplates her words for a moment. Nervously, he runs a hand through his hair. An overwhelming amount of emotions had hit him the moment she even said her name. When she had followed that with the idea of her moving in, he began to panic. Now, with every passing second, the feelings were just building and he could not control it.

He looks over at the living room, the piano, the stairs, the elevator, and the foyer. She was going to be here.

She was supposed to stay in the past. 

There was no way there wasn’t other motives behind her idea. She always had ulterior motives. This made him absolutely furious.

Ashlyn notices how he was now turning a weird shade of red and she began to grow even more worried. She walks around the counter and takes Buck’s face in her hands. She pulls his eyes away from the home decor and then finally he looks down at her. 

Just like that, he lets a heavy breath escape from his lips and he leans his forehead against hers. 

She calms down too and she lowers her voice to just above a whisper, “Bucky, it’ll be okay. It wont even be for long, just until she finds a place to resettle.” She runs a tentative thumb across the top of his cheek bones.

He itches his forehead - a nervous tick he has - and his tongue clicks in annoyance, “Does she at least have a job right now?”

He figured that if Y/N had somewhere to be, that’d mean less chance of seeing her for most of the day and also that she’d make enough to find her own place soon. 

“She’s going to start looking at soon as she gets here.”

Bucky growls lowly as he looks at his milk and bowl, appetite suddenly gone. 

A burning fire burns in his gut. “She better not think I’m going to giver her one.” He needed to know how much time he had to collect his thoughts, to control his emotions. He was afraid he didn’t have just enough, “When does she get here? I’m assuming you told her yes before you even asked me.” 

Ashlyn didn’t even take offense to his tone because he was right. 

“She’ll be here tonight.”

Bucky takes in her words for a couple of seconds and then nods. A small smile forms on Ashlyn’s face. She steps forward and kisses Bucky on his forehead before saying she was going to step out to run some errands and that she would catch up on work tonight. 

When she’s halfway towards the elevator, he’s already leaning his arms over the sink. He closes his eyes and tries to control his breathing. 

He hadn’t seen Y/N since the night before his wedding day: five years ago.

All those emotions he had been harboring down for years suddenly came up his throat in a form of bile. 

He swallowed down thickly.

“Also, I haven’t told her about the baby yet. So try not to mention that for a couple of days.” 

The elevator dings and then she was gone.