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Husband and Consort

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Celebrimbor had done his best to defend Eregion once news of Sauron arriving with his army had come. He knew that he was unlikely to win against the Maia, but he did not intend to go down without a fight. As the Elf got some help to get his armor on, his eyes fell on a locked door which only he held the key to.


“I will be right back, just need a few moments alone,” he said to the servants, who hurried away to arm themselves now when their Lord was ready.


Celebrimbor sighed deeply as he opened the door and entered the room. Was it really only just yesterday he had been doing the monthly dusting and airing inside here all by his own? A full day and night since then, which felt more like a century or more.


Caressing a dwarven-styled dress of green silk where it was set up on a doll model, he could almost feel a very faded scent of incense in the fabric. A similar touch on various jewelry in silver and emeralds, laying on soft silk pillows in boxes on tables.


He picked up something from the last box, smaller than the others, which  contained a single long braid of thick, white-blond hair.


“Narvi...please, give me strength to survive this mes which I am about to pay for…” he whispered, kissing the braid with the imagination that it was his Dwarven wife's mustache-covered lips, before he gently braided it into his own hair. If Celebrimbor were to die today, he wanted to do it with something of his wife close to him as a small comfort.




In the halls of the Forefathers, Narvi could not shake off the nagging feeling that something was wrong. Terrible wrong. She could feel in the very stones which build up those Halls for the Dwarven race in the afterlife, something which pulled on her, calling to her. And it did not seem to help by working on this spiritual version of the Doors of Durin she had kept herself busy with lately. Oh, how she longed for the helpful hands of Celebrimbor at times, both at work and for other things only happening between a married couple!  


“Sis, do you want some fresh bread buns as a snack later when I have made them at the bakery?” her younger sister Loki called, as she was getting herself ready for another working day. No one really knew where food and similar items came from, but given how it played a such big part of their daily life while being in the living world, perhaps it was best to not ask.


“Those with chicken and herbs, I will waste energy on this monster alone.”


She only said so, because it took so much longer time to fix the Doors without a partner. Sure she could have asked a fellow Dwarven stonemason, but it would not feel the same. If she wanted help, it was from her Elven husband.


There it was again, the feeling of danger who only grew louder like the sound of when a cave-in was about to happen. This time, Narvi gave up any attempt of working further and set her hand on the Fëanorian star which served as the centerpiece of the flush stone doors.  


Mellon. ”  


The silver Mithril under her hand shone up as a sign of the command to open. She was needed in the living world, and her Elven husband needed her right now.

Not many minutes after that Narvi had left for the living world, her mother Ala arrived there.


“....and I think we need your view on that robe I have made for...Narvi? Narvi, where are you?! Balder! Amad'dli Frigga! Narvi is missing!!




The whole city was burning around him, the remaining Elven soldiers doing their best to fight back yet they would all soon fall and join their comrades in the Halls of Mandos unless they were captured alive. Celebrimbor himself struggled to keep himself still on his feet, the cut against his dominant left arm had almost cost him the whole arm above the elbow. Even if he was used to use his right hand or even both hands thanks to being trained by Maedhros so long ago in the First Age, he knew that he was in serious disadvantage against the orcs of Mordor now.


“No! If they captures me, they will bring me to Sauron!”


He knew that Sauron would do anything to make him reveal where the Rings of Power was hidden, even torture him slowly and not allowing him to die before he told him that information. And a such fate was not how Celebrimbor planned to die.


“Catch the Elf Lord!!” a growling voice screamed behind him, a group of orcs tearing apart the stone wall he had been hiding behind.


Not good, if he stayed here, he was bound to be found before he could escape. He had no time to bind up the bleeding wound.

Narvi tried to hurry as fast as she could against Eregion. While it was far easier to just flow in the air, without the weight of a body of flesh and blood, she kept herself close to the ground out of habit from life. It alarmed her greatly to see the heavy pillars of smoke and the light of a huge fire in the distance.


“Celebrimbor…..please do not be there!” she silently pleaded as she kept running.




But Celebrimbor had not managed to escape. Rather, he had been unlucky to be chased right into a trap, where several large orcs had caught him. Now being forced to kneel on the ground, his arms held painfully behind his back, Celebrimbor could do nothing as Sauron came up. Perhaps to mock the Elf, he wore the disguise of Annatar but his voice was the one Celebrimbor had heard when Sauron had finished crafting the One Ring, which rested on a finger:


“Tried to escape, Celebrimbor? Well, I expected that to happen, so I ordered some extra numbers of soldiers with the task of finding you alive. Now, I believe that there is a few secret I want to hear from your lips….”


In a act of defiance, Celebrimbor spit Sauron in the face.


“I would rather die than reveal where the Rings are!” he snarled, a death glare in his eyes worthy that of his paternal family.


“Ah ah, watch what you are saying. I have some ways to loosen that tongue of yours…..!?”


Suddenly a small, bright green light flashed between them, enough bright to temporary blind the Dark Lord for a short moment as it it went though Celebrimbor. But when Sauron focused on Celebrimbor again, the Elven body had gone limb and there was no breathing from his lips or even a heart beat.


“What?! What kind of…?!”


Yet the green light had not vanished far enough in the distance, so Sauron rearranged himself from a body into a spirit, to pick up the hunt on Celebrimbor's soul before it could enter the Halls of Mandos.  

Celebrimbor had no proper idea what had happened. One moment he had been held by the orcs, then suddenly feeling weightless. And someone was carrying him in a oddly familiar way….


Narvi?! ” he gasped at seeing who it was. Yes, it was no one else than his Dwarrowdam wife, it was impossible to mistake that green-and-blue dress with the long white-blonde thick hair braid she always preferred to wear when working.


“Talk later, I need to focus on running right now!” she responded in that deep voice he had never thought that he might hear again outside his memories.


That was very true, since Sauron was chasing after them with a firm determination not to let them escape to safety.