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Wish for dreams

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Frinoh, Augejre 32 of year 465
You wouldn’t believe it! I meet someone. A boy by the name of Gillagin, he is super nic- (page ripped out)

Thursenfa, Juniral 13 of year 476
“This is a voice recording. I am Quin, currently 20 years of age and female. My current occupation is that of an inquisitor for the prison. The city is that of Arcenaym in the southern district, house 1925 on Mirage alley. That is all current information.”
*Some rustling sounds*
“I have work” is said in a saddened and different voice.
*Footsteps for about 15 minutes*
*about 4 minutes after footsteps started dripping water started*
*Jingle of keys*
“Now mister you need to tell me what happened” the voice is the same as the sadden voice but much happier.
“I-I-I don’t know! I didn’ do it!” a new male voice said scared
*Screams and a sizzling sound* the screams sounds like they came from the new male voice
“I don’t know! Please!” The desperation in the voice is overwhelming, the one causing the pain must be heartless
“Get Him off, Le-