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Loss of Innocence

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He could hear drips of water from the leaking pipes above him.  He groaned as pain filled his entire body. The pain almost unbearable, but he muffled his whimpers, not wanting to give them the satisfaction. He struggled to open his eyes, wanting to see anything but the darkness of his own mind. It was pointless though once he got them opened, wanting to cry as he only saw a pitch black room.


Ok, think, does anything else seem broken? Come on move, he thought to himself.  Thinking he ran a check list on his body, noting that he may have some cracked ribs, his right leg was broken, and his back burned.  He worried about infection setting in from the whip lashes.  If Ducky was here, he would patch me up in no time.  Focus, dammit! Get out of here so Ducky can patch you up in no time! He yelled to himself.  His arms were tied behind his back, and he was on the opposite side of the door leaning against the wall.  He felt around trying to find something to cut the ropes, trying hard not to jostle his leg and back too much. He found nothing, and he tried not to lose hope.  His team would find him; they were probably on their way now.


His hope dashed when the door was thrown open and light blinded him.  Once he could see out of his good eye, he glared at his captor.  The man was massive, and had a poker face not even Gibbs could match.  The man stared at him, not moving or talking, finally he couldn’t take it anymore.  It would always start like this.  The man would come in and stare at him, before finally coming over and started beating on him, making no sound.  The last time he fought back, only to end up getting whipped. Even then, he tried to fight back, attacking the silent man with all the strength he had left. Silent man only stepped back and methodically broke his leg in three different places. 


“Who are you?! What the hell do you want?!” He screamed, frustrated and tired of playing the man’s game. “Great. You’re not going to talk.  What are you going to do, just stand there? A monkey is better at communicating than you.”  He insulted the silent man before he could stop himself.  He waited with baited breath to see if that would land him another beating.


To his surprised, the man started laughing.  “Very good, you do have a spine, don’t you?”  The man asked, coming to stand in front of him, making him look up. 


He didn’t say anything; he didn’t cry out when the man broke his leg, he didn’t cry out when the man whipped him.  His team would be proud of him, for not giving into the pain.


The man laughed again, and crouched down in front him.  “Agent McGee, I would have expected that remark from Agent DiNozzo, but not you.  But you are not what you seem.  You seem like the type where you would break easily, but you have withstood my methods so far.  You have a stubborn streak in you that would make Gibbs proud.”


“Who are you?” McGee asked, not liking how this guy acted like he knew him and the team.  The man smiled at McGee before standing up and walking back towards the door.


“I am not important.  What you must learn is to give up hope. Give up hope that your team will find you; you are ready for the next stage.  My employers have enjoyed you, and hope that your stubbornness will continue.  Remember this, by the time this experiment is done, you will no longer have innocence.  Once you have broken, you will be given peace.  Think about that, and I will return in a minute to start stage two.” With that the man left. 


The agent in questioned stifled the cry of hopeless rage that threatened to rip from his body.  He knew in his core being that his team would never stop looking for him.  They wouldn’t give up on their Probie, and he wouldn’t give up on them.  He took a breath and prepared himself to lose his innocence as the man said, and hang on until his team came and rescued him.  He would just have to channel Gibbs and double the size of his stubborn streak.