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Catching up with Peter Stone

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(From You 8:19) : Hello Peter… how are you doing? I’m coming to New York from Monday to Sunday. Want to catch a drink?… Love, Y/N.


Scared to send that text but of course he wouldn’t refuse to see you. He misses you just like you miss him. Somehow, you know how it’s going to end but who cares? You just want to see him and be with him. You also need some answers. Answers he never gave you.

Waiting in front of your hotel, Peter was anxious. It’s been more than a year since you two saw each other, right before he left Chicago for New York. You broke up four months before that. He wonders if you changed, physically and mentally. If you were still feeling the same way for him. If you were dating someone else.

Here you were. Wearing a long coat and a hat, all he could see was your tattoos on your legs, under your thighs. You were wearing high heels. He loves when you wear these, it makes you taller; his lips right to your forehead. And it showcases your beautiful curves. He remembers your body just like if he saw it an hour ago. He knows it by heart, and he knows exactly what you like when he touches you. Your bodies are made for each other, he always believed in that.

“Hi…” You shyly said, when you got in front of him. After longs seconds, his lips reached for your forehead and he hugged you like he hasn’t done it for years.

“You look wonderful” He said. You thanked him before you two started to walk side to side. You both felt awkward at first.

“Wanna go to a restaurant?” He asked, not knowing what you are actually waiting for.

“I already ate with my boss. Do you know a nice bar around here?”


When you took off your coat, his heart missed a beat. You were wearing a short grey skirt with a nice black crop top that fits you perfectly. You smiled when you saw how he was looking at you.

“You still like what you see?” You said, playfully.

“Always have and always will.” You two sat next to each other with your drinks. Peter broke the silence.

“So tell me, how are you doing? Feeling good? Same work? Dating someone? How is your family?”

“I’m now an executive assistant, but I changed company. And I’m here because my boss wanted me to assist him on his meetings and the conferences, he trusts me so it helps me trusting myself…” He stopped you. “He wants to sleep with you.” You ironically laughed.

“Peter, don’t do this.”

“Oh come on! Don’t tell me he’s not touchy with you.”

“He’s not! He’s married and he loves his wife. I’ve met her a few times.”

“Yeah just like that professor you had when you were in college.”

“You were right for that one, okay! But not now!”

“We’ll talk about that in a few months.”

“If you dare answering my texts.”

“Your texts? I’ve never got any texts from you.”

“You kidding? I wanted to hear from you, how you were doing, especially when Pam died. But you never answered. I thought you met someone and didn’t want to hear from your ex.”

“I swear I don’t remember having texts from you. I thought you were the one that had someone and didn’t care about me anymore.”

“Always have and always will.”


Peter and you talked, laughed, confessed, just like you’ve never broke up. Nothing changed. He is still the same to you. His father’s death and then his sister’s broke him but with you, he felt complete again. For the first time in a year, he felt like himself. Happy.

“Want another mojito?” You approved and he moved to the counter to order. A few minutes later, he came back. Without any drinks. He didn’t look at you, his eyes were lost. He was shaking.

“Peter? Are you okay?” With concern, you got closer to him, passed your hand through his hair. But he didn’t say anything.

“Peter? Do you feel okay?”

“A woman… just… a woman just accused me… of assaulting her.” He had tears in his eyes.

“What? Is this some kind of jokes?”

He finally looked at you and you saw in his eyes he wasn’t joking.


When you got back to your hotel room, Peter was still sleeping on the bed. You put breakfast on the coffee table and sat next to him, starting to caresse his cheeks and hair. “Peter… wake up.”

He had difficulty opening his eyes. Hangover. He looked around the room. “How did we end up here?”

“My secret.” It wasn’t the first time you two drunk together and in the morning, he didn’t remember how you got home. You always find a way and don’t want to tell him. “Am I the only one who got drunk?”

“When I saw you drinking your beer in one swallow, I knew it was time for me to stop.”

“I’m sorry I don’t remember… except…”

“Yeah. That woman.”

“Y/N, I swear I…”

“Peter, I know. Not because you told me at least ten times last night, but I know you would never do that.”

“Did I say something else?”

“You sure you want to know?”


“You asked me to move in with you. When I said no, you asked me to marry you. When I said no, you started to kiss me, saying that you were going to make me pregnant,”

“Oh my god, what a dumbass.”

“It’s a good thing I know you.”

“I’m sorry, that’s not how I wanted this night to go on.”

“At least, one thing happened. You slept in my arms just like the old times.”


You brought breakfast to the bed, and you were almost feeding him just like you used to. It was silent.

“I’m going to ask the SVU Lieutenant to investigate.”

“Sorry? Peter, no. Why would you do this? I don't think it's a good idea.”

“I can’t live with this, I need to know what happened. There’s a reason she accused me of…” He couldn’t finish the sentence. It makes him sick just thinking about it.

“You are innocent, I know it, you know it, but hey, sometimes justice…”

“Don’t start again with that. We always end up in a fight when we start talking about laws and justice.”

You softly smiled. “And I always win!”

“Because you use arguments I can’t fight.”

He got off the bed and realize he was just in his underwear. “Did you undress me?”

“You striped.”

“Did I?!”

“No babe, I took off your clothes.” When you finished your sentence, you realized how you just called him. Babe… like the old times.


You know when Peter has something in mind, there’s no way you can make him change it. You listened his phone call to that Lieutenant, worried about what may happen. While he was still on the phone, you heard someone knocked at the door. Your boss. He got in your room before you could say anything. But he stopped when he saw that tall blond guy in his underwear. “Am I interrupting?” Your boss asked. Peter went in the bathroom to finish his call.

“Peter is an old friend…”

“Peter? Is he the infamous Peter?” He smiled.

“Yeah, that’s him.” You could feel your cheeks becoming red.

“Okay. We have to be at the conference in an hour. Be ready and well dressed.”


When your boss left the room, Peter got off the bathroom. His chest was still bare but he had his jeans on. He got close to you. Really close. “The infamous Peter?” He asked with a little smile.

“I guess everybody knows you’re the love of my life.”

Peter brought his hands to your face and kissed you tenderly. You never forgot the taste of his lips, since there are the only one you ever tasted. With your tongue on yours, you completely forgot everything. Why you broke up, his departure, your work, your depression after he left, how you never been able to forget him. It was just him and you. Your love. You were still feeling the same way for him, but was he?