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Phineas and Ferb in Dimmsdale: Tri-DOOMvirate of Terror

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Last time, in 'Phineas and Ferb in Dimmsdale', Jorgen von Strangle, commander of Fairy World, was about to make a decision on whether two children by the names of Trixie Tang and Tootie (last name not given), would be receiving fairy godparents (something especially difficult when there's a fairy shortage), when his lackey-in-crime, Binky, informs him that the Big Wand of Fairy World has been drained completely, and so has the one from Anti-Fairy World. But, before the two could do anything, they were assaulted and bound in chains of Cold Iron!

The assaulters were, unexpectedly enough, none other than the demented teacher Mr Denzel Q. Crocker, and loquaciously-named genius Professor Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper 'Rodney' von Roddenstein (man, is it really a surprise why he has that Rodney nickname?), who revealed themselves to be the ones who stole the magic energy from the Big Wands with an Inizor that weaponizes that magic for their own nefarious needs. More surprisingly was the fact that they were accompanied by the spiteful rich kid, Remy Buxaplenty, who sent Jorgen and Binky to the maximum security fairy prison, Abracatraz, just like the three did with all the other inhabitants of Fairy World.

It also seemed that Rodney and Crocker had taken out two ace time agents before they met up with Remy, but that is another story (no, literally, this was shown in a different story). And it appears they gave Remy some kind of device full of magic energy.

But what you want to know is: how? How did Rodney meet up with Crocker? How did they get into Fairy World? How did they create a device that stores magic, and how did they manage to get Remy into this? And of course, what are they planning to do?

Well, the only way to find out is to go back in time a little… specifically, when Rodney and his son were zapped into another dimension by Norm, a robot by Rodney's rival Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz, using the Away-Inator...

"Ugh..." Rodney groaned, as he opened his eyes. He looked around and found himself in a large, blue room. He saw his son Orville gaining consciousness again, as well.

"Ohhh..." Orville groaned. He then noticed his father. "Oh, there you are, Dad." He looked around.

"...What is this place?" he asked.

"It looks like a baby room of macroscopic size", Rodney deduced. "Maybe the Otherdimensioninizor knows where we are."

Rodney pulled out the remote-sized device and inspected its tiny screen.

"It appears we are teleported to the fifth dimension in the spectrum", Rodney noted.

"Psst, over here", a voice could be heard behind them.

Rodney and Orville turned around to the direction where the voice came from. They saw two humans hiding under a large toy table. The humans had grayish skins and ears on their necks, but looked otherwise normal, if not a tad ugly. One was a tall man with a hunched back and the other was a short, elderly woman. They also had a sack full of devices inside.

"Hurry, before he wakes up", the hunched man hissed, who seems to be the owner of the voice from earlier.

"Now what does that guy mean with 'him'?" Orville questioned while cocking an eyebrow.

"Probably that large, oblong alien infant behind us in the distance", Rodney mused, as he already marched along.

This response confused Orville. As he turned around, he asked: "Wait, what large- WHOA!"

His dad wasn't lying: in the corner, he saw a large, green, one-eyed infant creature, peacefully sleeping with a toy hammer gripped in his hand. Orville turned back and hurried after Rodney.

After making it under the table with his son, Rodney asked the weird man: "So, for confirmation purposes: who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Ah, my name is Denzel Crocker, and this is my Mother", the man responded.

"Dolores-Day Crocker", the woman introduced herself.

"Crocker, hm?" Rodney pondered. "I somehow had a feeling you'd be called that."

"How so?" Denzel asked. "Do you possess... FAIRY GODPARENTS?" He contorted in various unnatural ways.

"Ummm... no", Rodney responded.

"We kinda-sorta invaded your house because we thought it was abandoned", Orville explained. "We needed a base in Dimmsdale for research on the town's... oddities."

"Who are you guys, then?" Crocker asked while squinting his eyes in an askance way.

"My name is Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein", Rodney introduced himself.

"But you can call him Rodney", Orville added. "And I'm his son Orville."

"You haven't told yet how you got here", Rodney pressed.

"Oh, right", Crocker sighed. "Some pharmacist with a pointy chin and messy brown hair teleported us with a device on a helmet."

Rodney pondered. "Sounds like my rival, Heinz Doofenshmirtz", he said. "In fact, it sounds like you got here the exact same way as we did."

"Sounds like we should totally team up to get revenge on this Doofenshmirtz fellow someday", Crocker grunted.

"Certainly", Rodney huffed. "Anyway, we've seen your research notes and read that you refer to these oddities in this town as 'Fairy Magic'. We've contained small particles of strange energy in our Energy Storageinizor and concluded it must be fairy dust. I hope you don't mind we've used the fairy weapons we found to turn our device into a Fairy-Magic-Inizor prototype." He showed Crocker said device, which had a star-tipped rod and can be worn like a backpack.

Crocker inspected the device. "Impressive", he mumbled. "I have made many devices to store fairies in order to tap their magic, but never did I think of a way to draw in the essence of fairy magic in general, let alone fairy dust."

Crocker looked at Rodney. "Can you draw in any kind of fairy magic with this inizor of yours?" he asked.

"Is there more than just fairy magic and fairy dust?" Rodney asked intrigued.

"Well, there's only two you need to pay attention to, since they're opposites", Crocker explained. "Fairy Magic, and Anti-Fairy Magic. Think of the latter as dark magic. If you possess them both, I believe you have access to basically anything. Oh, and by the way, Fairies and Anti-Fairies have weaknesses too!"

Rodney nodded along, while Crocker continued explaining: "Both can't do anything while under a butterfly net, but as you can guess, a human can easily escape from that. Which why it's convenient that I managed to find an old alchemic formula from my ancestor to make Cold Iron!" Crocker pulled a chain made of Cold Iron from his pocket. "Here, feel how cold it is!"

Crocker gave Rodney the Cold Iron chain. Rodney got chills as he felt how freezingly cold it felt.

"Cold Iron repels Fairy Magic, so one bound in these cannot be freed by Fairies, nor can they make Cold Iron appear", Crocker explained. "But I suppose Anti-Fairies can still do that, since they're, you know, the opposite. I probably should find out if there's a formula for Hot Iron or something..."

"I'm impressed about your knowledge on Fairy Magic", Rodney said, as he gave the chain back. "When did you even start?!"

"It started about 40 years ago, when I read 'Fairies are real' on a device that tracked down fairies", Crocker said. "No idea how I got it, but I had a gut feeling it was real. I never stopped researching ever since."

"Why not?"

"I want to prove that fairies are real", Crocker said. "But I never could show any concrete evidence, so no one ever believes me, except for Mother... I think. Regardless, I got mocked ever since! I knew that since then, I wanted revenge, and I plan to take over the world when I finally got my hands on fairy magic! Say, what do you even plan to do with fairy magic, anyway?"

"Well, I wanted to use the strange energy in your town to my advantage in order to rule over the world", Rodney explained. "However, reading your notes, Orville and I learned of the Big Wand in Fairy World, so we plan to go there and tap Fairy Magic from the source! Though, if Anti-Fairy Magic is a thing as well, we might find out its source and test the theory if my Fairy-Magic-Inizor can store that alongside Fairy Magic."

"Well, good luck finding it", Crocker sighed. "I have tried finding Fairy World for years on my own, but I can never seem to find it. The only times I've been to Fairy World, it's because they teleported me there."

"Oh, we will have good luck", Rodney smirked. "SEE HERE! My Otherdimensioninizor! With this apparatus, I will be able to travel to any dimension I desire. Heck, I can leave this place right now if I want to! I haven't used it yet, though, but I can do a little test."

Rodney aimed the device in a general direction and made a green portal appear.

"Ooh, can I go with you?!" Crocker asked. "Here, I'll also take my sack full of fairy weapon devices with me!" He picked up the sack that was with him earlier.

"Certainly", Rodney said. "Orville, I'll be taking a little trip with Mr Crocker here. You and the old lady stay put."

Both Rodney and Crocker entered the green portal, leaving a disgruntled Orville with an oblivious Dolores.

"I can teach you how to knit while only using your fingers", Mrs Crocker said gleefully.

"Great", Orville huffed.

About a half hour later, Rodney and Crocker are standing in Crocker's house with the former's son and the latter's mom. As it turned out, when Rodney and Crocker first revisited the house, they noticed a man and a woman in rather chic clothing snooping around. They were made unconscious, and Crocker disposed of them in his Crocker Cave, while Rodney picked up Orville and Dolores.

"I can't believe that your Otherdimensioninizor actually works", Crocker smiled with glee. "With this device, I can definitely see how to get to Fairy World! We should work together!"

"Well, as long as you don't betray me in any sort of way, then I don't see why not", Rodney pondered.

"Why would I? You're actually making it possible for the both of us to travel to Fairy World!" Crocker said. "And with my sack of fairy devices, I can improve your Fairy-Magic-Inizor to be more powerful! You know, being able to store Anti-Fairy Magic, if it wasn't possible before, among other things. Two brains are better than one, I say!"

"So I suppose we have a deal?" Rodney smiled, sticking a hand towards the gray-skinned teacher.

"Yes, yes we have", Crocker agreed, taking his hand.

"Yeah yeah, that's great, but what about me?" Orville asked.

"Or me?" Dolores added. "Should I make dinner for you all?"

"You two are no longer needed", Crocker declared. "Heck, I'm not even sure if you were needed in the first place, Mother! You two stay here while we have a certain Fairy World to attend to!"

"While we're gone, I want you to behave yourself, Orville", Rodney said. "You're a guest here, after all. And Mrs. Crocker, I want you to take care of my son."

"Don't worry, Rodney, dear, I'll take care of your son as he's my own!" Dolores said, as she tightly hugged Orville, who was clearly not enjoying her company.

"...May the spirits from above have mercy on his soul", Crocker whispered to Rodney sadly.

Rodney cleared his throat. "Anyway, we'll be going now", he said, as he made another green portal appear. "If we're not back by tonight, then good night I suppose."

He and Crocker stepped inside the portal, which then promptly disappeared.

"Soooooo..." Dolores wondered, "wanna play charades?"

"I hate you already", Orville muttered.