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Saturday night. Bright lights, loud music, and lots of people drinking. This was a proper afterparty.

Park Jimin threw back another shot as he felt Taehyung slapping his back in encouragement. He had lost count on what number that was.

He could feel his body starting to become weightless, his consciousness folding into himself little by little. He was definitely drunk.

“Jimin!” Taehyung yelled close to his ear. “There’s so many hot people here!” He was grinning, bouncing in his seat. Jimin rolled his eyes dramatically, his best friend was always the social one.

“They’re famous Tae, they’re supposed to be hot!” Jimin yelled back, the only way to be heard over the thumping music.

“You’re pretty hot too ya know!” Taehyung smirked, causing Jimin to hit his shoulder shyly.

“I’m hardly that famous, if YouTube counts,” Jimin whined. He had been beauty blogging for 2 years now, and had 1 million subscribers and a fairly good audience he could count on to keep his channel running. That included with all the sponsorship, collabs and free products he gained from companies.

But this party had everyone who’s anyone from the Seoul area. Idols, actors, artists, models, producers, you name it, they were here. Which is why Jimin was starting at the bar with Taehyung, because the amount of money around him was overwhelming and he was naturally shy.

“I need to use the restroom,” Jimin yelled to Taehyung, jumping to his feet.

“I’ll be here,” Tae yelled back, leaning back against the bar as he watched Jimin leave.

It wasn’t crowded thankfully, so Jimin didn’t feel awkward with the thought of having to pee beside high profile celebrities.

When he left, he had a bounce in his step, his mood beginning to elevate immensely when one of his favourite songs began to pump through the building.

Then there were shouts and someone was being shoved near the centre of the room.

Jimin yelped when he was bumped sideways by security, falling straight onto someones lap. His eyes widened as he pushed himself back onto his knees quickly, cursing and then getting to his feet. He bowed, cheeks flushing as he stuttered out sorry over and over.

When he looked up his breath hitched. Jungkook kept an amused smile on his face as he watched the flustered Alpha pull himself from his lap after startling him. He cocked his head sideways in thought.

“I know you,” Jungkook proclaimed loudly, meeting the Alpha’s eyes. Jimin panicked at that. He knew who Jungkook was and felt embarrassment flush over himself.

“Jimin,” he stuttered out his name, pouting at the lameness of the response.

“You’re very pretty Jimin,” Jungkook replied, smirking as he lifted a glass to his lips.

“Thank you,” Jimin blushed this time, bowing shortly. He shook his head, letting out a cool breath to calm himself.

“I have to find my friend, I’m sorry for bothering you,” Jimin told Jungkook, hands sweating.

Jungkook watched him as he bowed again and then quickly made his way towards the bar. He felt a little disappointed inside. Like he wanted Jimin to stay and talk for longer. Preferably whilst he sat in his lap.

Meanwhile Jimin’s eyes were blown wide as he almost sprinted to Tae, who sat flirting with a woman who had to have been a model.

“Oh my god,” Jimin gasped out, throwing himself onto the free stool next to Tae. He gripped the wooden bench, trying not to scream as Taehyung finally turned his attention to him.

“What’s wrong?” He eyed him up and down, supsicious.

“I fell into Jeon Jungkook’s fucking lap!” Jimin screeched into Tae’s face, before grabbing his glass and drinking whatever contents were inside of it.

“What?” Taehyung’s face morphed into a grin, eyes shining with interest.

“And he said he knew me,” Jimin rubbed his temples, not daring to look back af Jungkook who sat at the other side of the room.

“I’m friends with him you know,” Tae said casually, smiling lightly. Jimin froze, now he was in trouble.

“Why did I never know this,” Jimin asked, frowning.

Taehyung kept a smug smile on his face, finding amusement in Jimin’s struggles. “You’re so cute when you have a crush, especially on the big, Alpha Jungkook.” Taehyung teased, poking Jimin’s rib. Jimin groaned, laying his head against the bar.

“He called me pretty,” Jimin pouted, voice small. That widened Tae’s grin into a deadly, tooth rotting smile.

“That’s hot,” Tae commented, thoughtfully, painfully aware of the boner Jimin was sporting in his jeans.

“I’m gonna go dance and forget about everything,” Jimin whined, pulling himself off his stool and slipping onto the dancefloor.

He felt his embarrassment starting to subside as he rocked his body to the beat, drowning out his thoughts. The main cause of his embarrassment was, not that he’d admit it, Jungkook smelled ridiculously good. It had hit him full force when he had fell, and he panicked.

He felt ashamed, an Alpha being effected so easily by another only from one whiff of his scent. He couldn’t stay near him for his own sanity. He was unreal.

Jungkook was watching him as he danced, curiosity swarming his senses. He knew who Jimin was. Anyone associated with beauty or makeup in Seoul would know who he was. He was sure he was friends with Tarhyung as well. He just wanted to get to know Jimin better now.

He appeared angelic under the neon lights, he glowed. His pretty pink lips and puppy eyes were beginning to drive Jungkook insane.

Go to him- his mind screamed.

With that thought, he stood up and pushed his way through the dancing until he was behind Jimin.

A small tap on his shoulder caused Jimin to turn around in surprise. And when he did his body froze as a cloud of excitment filled his brain.

“Do you wanna go somewhere?” Jungkook yelled slightly, leaning down closer to Jimin. Jimin felt a shit eating grin starting to escape. Leaning back to look at the Alpha he raised his eyebrows coyly.

He nodded, his body feeling ecstatic which didn’t go unnoticed from Jungkook. Taking his hand he dragged him out of the crowd and towards the back exit.

He missed the shocked face of Taehyung as they passed, his eyes nearly bulging out of his skull as he was midway into drinking.

They pulled their face masks on, the autumn chill seeping into their bones as they were hit with the cool wind.

“Cab,” Jimin said, quickly walking over to a vacant taxi parked along the road. They climbed in quickly, Jimin told the driver his address and tried to control his nervousness.

What was he doing?

The thought didn’t make him yell for the cab to stop and run away though. He shivered in anticipation.

When they reached his apartment, he opened the door as quickly as possible, rushing them both inside. The lights were off so he fumbled for a moment for the switch.

“Nice place,” Jungkook commented as the light came on. Jimin muttered a thanks. It wasn’t much, but him and Taehyung had been sharing an apartment for a year now in Seoul, he liked living together with him.

Jimin shyly grabbed Jungkook’s hand, pulling him through the apartment until he reached his bedroom.

“You’re so tidy,” Jungkook teased as he pulled Jimin closer, holding him. Jimin fiddled with Jungkook’s collar, smiling lightly.

“I don’t usually invite important men into my bedroom to comment on my habits,” Jimin mumbled, eyes closing as he smiled at Jungkook’s words.

“I feel honoured then,” Jungkook whispered, his hand gently lifting Jimin’s face under the chin.

“I’m happy I fell into your lap,” Jimin giggled, pressing his lips together. Jungkook grinned at his reactions, finding him adorable.

“I wanted you to stay in it,” he said lowly, starting to love the way Jimin’s eyes formed crescents as he smiled.

“You called me pretty,” Jimin smirked at him, his teeth catching on his lip.

“You’re the prettiest little Alpha I’ve ever met.” Jimin smiled. “Tell me,” Jungkook mumbled, his fingers tugging Jimin’s head back to stare down at him, “do you sound as pretty?”

“Do you like pretty little Alpha’s?” Jimin purred against his lips, hands flattening as they pressed over Jungkook’s skin, he had goosebumps. Jungkook smiled, nipping Jimin’s lip.

“I don’t mind them,” he whispered.

“Would you rather me be a little omega bitch, whining as I tried to hump your leg in the middle of the club,” Jimin growled, his nails digging into Jungkook’s skin lightly, possessive.

“They’re too boring,” Jungkook whispered, letting go of Jimin’s hair, instead he gently gripped his jaw. They were silent, just gazing into each others eyes.

Despite the excitment of blood between them, they felt calm, relaxed. Not many thoughts floated around their minds, intoxicated with each others presence.

“Can you kiss me now,” Jimin whispered, running his hands up to Jungkook’s shoulders to hold him close.

Jungkook slowly leant in, gently pressing their lips together just holding himself there. Jimin sighed when arms slid around his back and held him tight, locked against Jungkook.

They kept it slow, fingers moulding into their bodies.

“Shirt off,” Jimin ordered against Jungkook’s lips, bringing his arms down to pull at his own. Jungkook helped untuck it, then slowly unclipped the limited buttons holding it together. Jimin gasped as it was pushed off his body and a warm hand caressed his stomach before it slid up to grip his throat.

His breath fanned Jungkook’s face as he stared up at him. Jungkook reattached their lips shortly, then guided one of his hands to unbutton his too.

Jimin was quick, the shirt barely hitting the floor before Jungkook was picking him up sitting on the bed. Jimin straddled him, fingers knotted in his hair as they moulded their mouths together. It was a desperate kiss, like they were trying to be closer despite their chests colliding, and their fingers clutching onto each other.

“You better fuck me,” Jimin moaned, grinding his ass along Jungkook’s thigh.

“Would you like that baby?” Jungkook asked, hands squeezing Jimin’s ass. He was so hard now.

“Yes,” Jimin groaned, breath catching in his throat.

“How do you want me to fuck you?” Jungkook bit his ear lightly.

“Any way you want,” Jimin could feel himself shaking slightly, hands grabbing all over as he rocked.

“I need these pants off then,” Jungkook murmured, leaning back and rubbing his hands along Jimin’s thighs.

Jimin rushes off him, stepping back to unbuckle his belt. His heartbeat was pounding throughout his head as Jungkook’s sultry gaze held his attention.

He was really about to be fucked by the most enticing Alpha he’s ever met. The pull was undeniable, something he’d never felt after meeting someone for the first time.

He ripped his jeans off his legs, nearly falling face first. Then he knelt between Jungkook’s thighs, slowly running his palms along them until they found the zipper.

Jungkook smirked as Jimin peered up at him and tugged on his pants. He lifted his hips, feeling a chill when Jimin exposed his skin and pulled them off at the ankles.

“A jockstrap huh,” Jungkook huffed now that they were both near bare. He was running his hand through Jimin’s hair as he had crawled back to him, his head being held up in Jungkook’s grip.

“That’s not all,” Jimin replied, closing his eyes as Jungkook’s presence suffocated his senses. He strained his head forward, nipping delicately at Jungkook’s thigh, sucking hard until a hickey formed onto the smooth skin.

“Help me out,” Jungkook held his cheek softly, then let go leaning back onto his hands. Jimin almost moaned when he hooked his fingers around Jungkook’s underwear and freed him.

“You’re perfect,” he mumbled, hands gripping his hips as he ran his tongue along him harshly.

“Jimin,” Jungkook groaned, bucking.

Jimin took him in, clenching his eyes shut as tears formed and nails suddenly gripped his scalp. Jungkook couldn’t control himself as he rocked up and down.

Jimin whined around him, taking it all until Jungkook pulled him back.

“Get yourself ready,” he ordered, voice sending chills. Jimin swallowed, shakily getting to his feet and going to his side drawers.

Jungkook smirked when Jimin threw some lube and a dick vibrator onto the bed.

Then he climbed onto the bed and faced away from Jungkook, sticking his ass straight in the air.

“What the fuck,” Jungkook moaned.

Jimin giggled at his reaction, pressing his face into the bed as his body felt slightly weaker. Jungkook crawled to him, sitting on his knees as he grabbed the plug that was in his ass and slowly pulled it out. Jimin moaned loudly, the feeling shocking his body.

“You had all this thought out didn’t you,” Jungkook snarked, playing around with it for a bit as Jimin bit his lip.

“Maybe,” he mumbled into the sheet, his body feeling hot all over.

“I can’t wait,” Jungkook groaned out, grabbing the lube and prepping himself. Jimin circled his hips in the air, pure excitement wrecking his body. He yanked Jimin’s underwear down, lifting his legs with ease to remove them and throw them away.

“When do I stop?” Jungkook asked, already lining himself up with a hand digging into the dimples on Jimin’s back.

“Black,” Jimin moaned out, trying to relax his body as Jungkook finally met him. He stilled, but whimpered as Jungkook entered slowly.

“Good boy,” Jungkook grit out, holding himself back from drawing blood with his nails.

After a tense silence, Jungkook spoke again, watching Jimin’s chest rise and fall. He climbed over him, placing kisses along his back.

“Are you ready?”

Jimin nodded, grunting out a yes. Jungkook sighed, getting his wish finally and letting the pleasure take over.

There was no rush, Jungkook decided that now. Tonight he would indulge, tonight he would release all his stress, all his burdens.

Jimin was noisy, which Jungkook liked, he couldn’t stop himself from feeling every inch of his skin, digging his fingers into the flesh. The smell of Jimin surrounded him, intoxicating him.

Jungkook watched in amusement as Jimin fumbled with the toy next to him, but he didn’t help. He dug his shoulder into the bed as he tried to put it on, desperately almost. Jungkook started to wonder if he’d ever met an Alpha this submissive before, a bottom even, Jimin was definitely something else.

When the devise was finally on, Jimin tried desperately to push himself into the mattress, his hips shaking from the painfully pleasurable feeling.

“Turn,” Jungkook ordered, pulling out and man handling Jimin onto his back. He pulled him into his lap, entering again as Jimin’s legs wound around his hips. Jimin liked it more, closing his eyes as he relaxed into the bed.

It was slow and fulfilling, sending Jimin’s mind into a place he didn’t think possible.
Jungkook felt a weird sense of content, not something he’d ever felt with someone normally when intimate. He furrowed his brows, bending over to catch Jimin’s lips between his own. He never thought kissing someone whilst fucking could ever be as enjoyable as it was with Jimin.

He couldn’t count how long he had been going, long and slowly into Jimin. He wanted to savour it, but a needy whine sparked his need to go harder.

Jimin was huffing through his nostrils, the vibrations were torturous. He needed more, he needed to be screaming until he passed out. Jungkook deepened the kiss, playing with Jimin’s tongue and stealing his breath.

When he pulled back, he sat back on his heels, gently caressing Jimin’s hips as Jimin gazed up at him, sweat clinging to his hair and face.

“Fuck me till you break me,” Jimin moaned, fingers clutching the bed.

Jungkook felt his carefully built restraint snap at his words, pressing Jimin into the mattress as he pinned his thighs to his chest. He couldn’t stop, feeding off of Jimin’s high moans every time he moved.

He didn’t think Jimin could get any more wrecked until a small sweaty hand grabbed his wrist and lead it to his throat. Jungkook groaned, clenching Jimin’s throat as he pounded him. He felt his dominance spike at the action, but it subsided every time the small Alpha tightened his hold on Jungkook’s wrist, the only sign he was capable of giving.

Jimin had never felt as euphoric as he did at that very moment in all his life. There was something about Jungkook that made his instinct go into overdrive, he wanted to mark him, make him his. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it, scared of being rejected. So instead he pleaded.

“Alpha, mark me please,” he sobbed, hands gripping Jungkook’s shoulders. Jimin had decided, that this was definitely not normal sex.

Jungkook’s breathing hitched considerably, his adrenalin spiking. He let go of Jimin’s throat, instead leaning down to press kisses into it. He felt a hunger deep within. An insatiable loneliness creeping in that at that moment he wanted to feed more than anything in this world. He clenched his eyes shut, going harder than before. They slammed together, incapable of stopping.

“Mark me,” Jimin moaned, “Jungkook mark me please,” he pleaded over and over, louder and louder.

He couldn’t control the yelps every time Jungkook thrusted, the vibrations making his hips convulse uncontrollably.

“Do it,” Jimin cried, nails drawing blood along Jungkook’s arms. And then stopped breathing when an immense pain punctured his neck, his eyes flying wide open.

Jungkook groaned deep within his chest sending vibrations throughout their bodies. He held his mouth to Jimin’s skin, clutching the sheets for dear life as his body was wrecked from within.

It lasted a good intense 10 seconds before he ripped his teeth away and gagged from the indescribable pleasure that was slowly fading. He dug his forehead into the bed beside Jimin’s head and gasped, trying to force air into his lungs. His hips stuttered, coming to a complete halt in exhaustion and pleasure.

Jimin felt tears smothering his cheeks, his limp arms twitching as Jungkook held him caged beneath him.

Jungkook thought he could finally breathe properly, although it came in deep huffs, his body still giving out shock waves.

Jimin stared straight up at the ceiling, his body feeling weightless, his blood tingling within his veins, like he was drunk on an elixir.

What did I do, is all he could think as he felt his eyes closing, the smell of home covering him, sinking into his soul.

Jungkook silently stared down at Jimin as his tear drops fell gently onto his skin. He pulled out, his seed spilling out erotically. Then he rolled onto his back, arms flayed out, and closed his eyes.

He had just mated Jimin, which was probably the stupidest decision of his life. But for some reason, he didn’t have a care in the world at that moment as he watched the gorgeous man sleep peacefully beside him.

And he kept that opinion the entire night as he cleaned up their bodies and then contently fell asleep curled up into Jimin’s side.

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Jungkook’s mind replayed last night over and over. Ever since sunlight barely peered into the room he had laid awake, eyes closed. The birds and the deep breathing beside him accompanied his silence.

Jungkook laid flat on his back, arms above his head as the blanket covered half his chest. Only a mop of soft brown hair could be seen peeking out under it, belonging to Jimin. To say they both felt obliterated with a newfound peace wouldn’t be a strong enough description.

Jimin snuggled deeper into the warmth around him, his arms tucked to his chest as he curled up. He was waking up, but refused to move. He felt secure wrapped in his blanket next to Jungkook.

“My head hurts,” Jimin whined minutes later, popping his head up drowsily into the fresh air.

“Good morning,” Jungkook murmured, his round eyes peering down at Jimin.

“Morning,” Jimin almost squeaked, face half hidden under the blanket. He couldn’t prevent his eyes from widening in panic, staring frozen.

“Don’t panic,” Jungkook spoke, raising an arm to pet Jimin’s hair gently. Jimin flinched, but he wasn’t afraid. He was more shocked than anything at that moment.

Jeon Jungkook was in his bed. He had sex with Jeon Jungkook. He mated Jeon Jungkook.

“Oh my god,” Jimin breathed out, ducking his head completely under the blanket and groaned. He was squeezing his pillow in a death grip, trying to prevent himself from screaming his lungs out.

“Jimin,” Jungkook said sternly, his fingers tangling into Jimin’s locks of hairs trying to calm him a little.

Jimin tried taking deep breaths as he pulled the blanket away, his flushed face meeting Jungkook’s once again.

“I don’t regret it,” Jungkook immediately told him, face serious. That was not the way Jimin thought this conversation would go.

“How?” He replied quietly, pushing himself up on his elbows.

Jungkook sat up as well, crossing his legs under the blanket.

“How could you not regret it? We met yesterday!” Jimin cried, not believing him. Jungkook took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment to collect his thoughts. He had spent a majority of the night and morning only thinking about it. And despite the stupidness of the situation, he really did not find any feeling inside him to resent what he had done.

“Do you regret it?” Jungkook questioned instead.

Jimin was silent, he just stared at Jungkook’s face, taking in every little detail. His wide nose, his dainty lips, beauty marks and baby round eyes. The scar on his cheek, his soft brown hair.

“I don’t know yet,” Jimin whispered, eyes afraid. Jungkook understood what he meant. He pointed his fingers to Jimin, sending a come hither action for him.

Jimin gulped, his skin tingling as he pushed himself up and crawled closer. He dragged the blanket with him, pulling it around his shoulders which made him look tiny.

“You’re so cute,” Jungkook couldn’t help but comment, his teeth showing as he grinned. Jimin pouted, he felt really vulnerable being with Jungkook, but not uncomfortable weirdly. Perhaps it was the mate bond relaxing his mind.

“Come on,” Jungkook jumped off the bed energetically, grabbing Jimin by the hand and pulling him with him. Jimin caught himself before he fell off the bed, stumbling onto his feet as Jungkook pulled him out of the room.

He was looking for the bathroom, Jimin guessed, so he pushed past him and made him follow. Before they went in he grabbed some towels out of the linen closet.

“Relax a little,” Jungkook ordered, testing the shower water as he turned it on. Jimin locked the door as he eyed Jungkook silently. He didn’t know how to act around him.

When it was warm enough Jungkook hoped under the water, closing his eyes in satisfaction.

“Are you coming?” Jungkook sneaked a glance at Jimin, then started inspecting the bottles of liquid sitting beside the bathtub. Jimin bit his lip, shyly poking Jungkook to make him move to give him a space to stand. He shivered under the water despite it being warm and pulled the curtain across.

“You begged me to mark you last night,” Jungkook started quietly, rubbing shampoo into his hair.

“I know.” Jimin shortly answered, doing nothing but standing still and looking up at Jungkook.

“Alpha’s don’t beg,” Jungkook turned around, leaning his head under the water to rinse the shampoo out.

“I know,” Jimin was chewing on his lip, keeping his arms crossed, hugging himself. He felt a need inside him, to reach out and hold Jungkook, but he was fighting against it. And struggling.

“Do you normally beg for Alpha’s to fuck you and then mark you?” Jungkook said, voice slightly higher, suspicious. Jimin flinched, embarrassment creeping in.

“Never,” he growled, turning his back to Jungkook and tried to distract himself with a soap bar. Jungkook smirked to himself, side eyeing him.

“I must have been special huh,” Jungkook whispered, turning to Jimin and wrapping his arms around his stomach. Jimin’s breath hitched as his back pressed against him.

“I wonder why,” Jungkook mumbled, his lips coming to press a soft kiss on the mole between Jimin’s shoulders. “I didn’t even try to stop myself.”

“Maybe you’re an idiot,” Jimin muttered back.

“You might be right,” Jungkook laughed, snuggling his cheek against Jimin’s shoulder. “I want to know you more.” He whispered.

“We have forever for that,” Jimin answered, it excited him a little at the thought. “You need to go back to your company,” he regretfully told him, closing his eyes.

“Jimin,” Jungkook turned him around. “I’m sorry, but we’ll make this work out,” Jungkook promised. Jimin nodded his head slowly, bringing his arms to wrap around Jungkook. Being in his arms as he rested his head against his chest was all he craved, so he stayed there unmoving.

“We’ll waste water like this,” Jungkook chuckled, feeling his hand over to turn the shower off.

“Now I’ll be cold,” Jimin pouted, tucking his arms under his chest as he leant into Jungkook.

“Then you better get dried quickly,” Jungkook retorted, not hesitating to pick him up and carry him out of the bath tub. Jimin giggled, trying to grip his wet hands around Jungkook’s neck.

“Can I keep your shirt,” Jimin pouted, Jungkook put him down and wrapped the towels around them both.

“Sure.” He understood that when he left it would be difficult. The bond was new and strong, making them crave to be near each other. But Jimin couldn’t come with Jungkook back to the company. Not when they smelled like each other and eyes were constantly watching the place, inside and outside. It was too risky. Jimin understood that.

“I don’t know how you’ll handle this with your company,” Jimin started, “but whatever you need to do to save your career...don’t worry about me,” he ordered, waddling his way into his bedroom.

“I’ll make sure I tell you everything,” Jungkook replied, following him and picking his clothes from last night off the ground.

“How much trouble will you be in?” Jimin cringed, pulling out some comfy clothes to wear. He snatched Jungkook’s shirt from him and put it on with a grin.

“Considering I bit you, not you bit me, not much,” Jungkook smiled, finding the way his shirt engulfed Jimin’s small figure cute.

“I don’t believe you,” Jimin replied, sorting through his closet to find something big enough for Jungkook to wear.

Jungkook was silent for a while, finishing getting dressed. Jimin was itching to ask him to stay, but he understood the responsibilities Jungkook had with him job, and how he needed to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

“I’ll leave soon,” he then sighed, pulling Jimin into a hug.

“Ok,” Jimin answered.

When Jungkook did leave, it was with much resistance and disagreement within himself. Jimin made sure they had both had a meal together, and arranged for Jungkook to sneak back to Jimin’s later in the night. Not sneaking from the company, sneaking from those watching his every moment.

Jimin sat in his house, migrating from room to room restlessly. He didn’t know what to do about the situation. It couldn’t be undone, which he’d come to accept quite early. But what would happen now because of what they’d done. That scared him.

It had been hours since Jungkook left. Jimin had erased all evidence of the night they’d had in his bed. And now he continued sitting in silence.

The ticking of the clock on his bedside pounded through his head, like he was unnaturally hypersensitive to all of his surroundings. His fingers were twitching into his blanket, teeth picking at his lip.

The front door slammed shut. He flinched, jumping off his bed and sprinting down the hallway. When he got to the living room, he stopped, eyes blown wide as he gripped the wall.

“Jimin?” Taehyung spoke carefully, eyes worried.

“Tae, I did something really, really fucking crazy last night,” Jimin burst into sobs, dragging himself over to the couch to sit. Taehyung hurried to him, pulling him into his arms as he pet his hair.

“What Jimin hunny? What happened?” He checked him all over, for injuries, and he stopped completely. His mind went into overdrive, his mouth gaping wide open.

“Holy shit,” he whispered, eyes bulging at the teeth marks and bruise on his neck.

“Jungkook,” Jimin cried, head in his hands. Tae was silent, staring at the mark unmoving.

“He marked you?” He then shouted, standing up and pulling out his phone.

“No! Don’t please!” Jimin yelled, jumping up to hug him. “Don’t call, it’s alright Tae.”

Taehyung stopped, flabbergasted at Jimin’s behaviour.

“He marked you and you don’t even know each other!” He said bewildered, trying to unlock his phone, but Jimin grabbed his hands.

“I know! It was just,” Jimin clenched his muscles in frustration. “It just felt right ok!”

“It just felt right? Jimin have you heard yourself?” Taehyung ranted, pulling the man off his body so he could calm down a little. He couldn’t believe it. That Jimin would mate with Jungkook. That Jungkook had actually bitten him.

“Let me guess, he’s got some sort of Alpha kink huh? Did he pressure you into letting him mate you?” Taehyung carried on, pacing back and forth.

“No Tae,” Jimin’s voice cracked, he sunk back on the lounge, pulling his knees to his chest.

“Then how the fuck did you agree to let him mate you?” He yelled incredulously.

“I asked him to!” Jimin snapped. “I told him to fuck me and then I begged him to mate me!” He huffed, eyes red as he sniffled. Taehyung stopped, bending down to meet Jimin’s attention with an expression of shock.

“Jimin, what the actual hell,” he closed his eyes and twisted his fingers into his temples.

“It’s true! We both felt something...I can’t explain it to you!” His voice became whiny, his crying not stopping. “It wasn’t just sex ok.”

At those words, Taehyung’s facade broke a little. He softened his angry features, falling onto his rear as he stared at the ground.

“More than just sex huh,” he repeated, laughing shortly.

“I would never normally ask an Alpha to mark me during sex,” Jimin stated sternly, eyes hard.

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Taehyung sighed sarcastically, he looked up at Jimin, seeing the fear in his eyes. “I’m sorry for yelling.” He apologised, placing his hand on Jimin’s knee.

“It’s ok,” Jimin mumbled, still sniffling.

“Come here,” Taehyung said, holding his arms out which Jimin thankfully fell into and curled up in his lap.

“I don’t regret it,” Jimin murmured, closing his eyes.

“That at least should make the consequences more bearable,” Tae answered, threading his fingers through Jimin’s hair comfortingly.

“He said he doesn’t regret it,” Jimin continued, “he wanted it as much as I did.”

“That’s...great,” Taehyung replied, staring into space. Some part of him tried to understand the situation. He had a grip of the Idol life. The loneliness, the stress, the constant surveillance. Perhaps that’s what Jungkook was in his mind. Deprived of a proper bond with someone. Taehyung felt his resolve weaken.

But there was still the other part of him that believed the situation to be completely chaotic and idiotic.

“Is he going to tell his company?” Taehyung asked.

“Something like that...I don’t know,” Jimin sighed dismissively. “I don’t want to think about it.”

“Lets go to sleep,” Taehyung suggested.

“I’m exhausted,” Jimin complained, pulling himself up from the ground.

“Is Jungkook coming back?”

“Yes...please don’t kill him.” Jimin groaned, trudging his way towards his bedroom.

“I can’t make any promises,” Taehyung yelled after him, tiredly following him.

It was normal for them to spend their nights cuddled up, eyes attached to their phone screens whilst some random music filled the silence. Out of everyone in their lives, they were each others rocks. They had a bond that had proved nothing would break.

“Jungkook is not taking my spot,” Taehyung mumbled into his pillow. Jimin giggled, scrolling through his twitter feed.

“You two can fight it out when he arrives,” he replied, enjoying the carefree behaviour despite the situation. Now he only had to wait until Jungkook returned.


It was past midnight when loud knocking flung Jimin out from under his bed covers. He hurried to the door, navigating through the dark house.

Meeting Jungkook’s exhausted face relief flooded through Jimin as he pulled him inside.

“You have no idea how stressful it was to not get followed here,” Jungkook gasped out, closing the door quickly. Jimin smiled sadly, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck.

“For some reason, I really missed you,” he said, one hand caressing Jungkook’s hair.

“The feeling’s mutuals,” Jungkook replied, pecking his lips and reaching down to pick him up. Jimin breathed him in, cuddling into him as his tiredness sunk back in.

Jungkook walked into Jimin’s bedroom, seconds away from plummeting him onto the mattress, when he froze.

“How do you do, Jungkook,” Taehyung greeted suggestively as he laid with his head propped on his palm, wiggling his brows. Jimin sputtered out a laugh, twisting his head so he could see Taehyung. Jungkook remained glued to the spot, eyes flickering from Taehyung to Jimin.

“I think we need to have a chat,” he pushed himself up, slowly stalking until he was in front of them.

“Taehyung,” Jungkook stuttered, slowly placing Jimin down, whom dropped back lazily and laid on the bed.

“I’m so tired,” Jimin yawned, stretching himself out as he wrapped the blanket around himself.

“This,” Taehyung continued, pointing to the right side of the bed, “is my spot.”

Jungkook blinked, head tilting slightly.

“Your spot?” He repeated.

“My spot,” Taehyung crossed his arms, giving Jungkook an unbothered stare. Jungkook was silent for at least a minute, just trying to figure out the situation on his mind.

“Ok, I’ll just...” he kicked his shoes off, and pants, “sleep here.” He awkwardly sat on the other side of Jimin, nudging him slightly over which induced giggles.

“You do that,” Taehyung smiled widely, jumping back on his spot, wrapping his arms and legs around Jimin’s cocooned body dramatically.

Jungkook started at the ceiling for a while, utterly confused before he laid on his back and relaxed when Taehyung flicked the bedside lamp off.

“Goodnight, Jungkook, Taehyung,” Jimin mumbled, turning so he could hug Jungkook’s arm to his chest.

“Night,” Taehyung replied, a humorous smile on his face as he let go of Jimin and instead hugged his pillow.

“We’ll both talk to the company tomorrow,” Jungkook whispered, finally closing his eyes. “Until then, just relax,” his words drifted away, as did his consciousness.

Chapter Text

Song Recommendation: Icarus Interlude, Zayn. 



If Jimin had any irrational fears in his short 22 years of life, walking from the taxi to the front doors of Jungkook’s company, was definitely now one of them. 

He was clutching the door handle unnecessarily hard as he stared through the tinted window out towards the street. It wasn’t crowded, unlike he had imagined. Yet he felt terrified. The taxi man must have felt his discomfort, because his worried glances between the rearview mirror and the outside world continued for some while. 

“Would you like to be dropped off somewhere else?” He politely asked, awkwardly drumming his fingertips along his steering wheel. Jimin gulped, shaking his head slowly. 

“No,” he stuttered, “I’ll get out now, thank you.” No turning back, he convinced himself as he popped open the door and pushed himself out into the chilly air. His neck was wrapped with a patchwork scarf, half for protection from the weather and half for hiding the massive bite mark on his throat. 

He wanted to sprint to the door, but restrained himself barely. Ten seconds he counted in his head for each step before he pushed the hefty glass door open and gasped in relief when he met the warmth inside.

He was to meet with Jungkook’s manager to discuss how they were to tackle this new development in Jungkook’s life. In simple words, Jimin understood that he was the problem, so now they had to find a way to hide said problem from not only the industry, but the public. Except a few designated trusted people, no one at this point was allowed to know. 

Jimin kept his head down within his bucket hat and face mask, making a beeline down the long hallway that had signs directing him to the general business meeting room. He found a locked and password protected door blocking his path. He rang the doorbell, tapping his foot impatiently before it was opened. He quickly entered, closing it behind him. Jungkook smiled down at him as he stood in front of him. 

“You made it,” he lead Jimin to a seat, pushing a folder in front of him. They had spent breakfast together, but Jungkook had to come earlier to the company leaving Jimin to catch a taxi discreetly for this meeting. 

“What’s this for?” Jimin questioned, flicking over the pages and skimming his eyes through them. Jungkook sighed, running a hand through his hair, he seemed stressed Jimin noted. 

“Conditions and general protocols you will have to follow, coincidentally its not a completely rare occurrence for something like this to happen, so there’s already documents such as this existing.” 

Jimin nodded in understanding, briefly recalling in his memory an idol last year being rumoured to have mated, which earned him a lot of backlash from the fan community. Abruptly the door cracked open making Jimin jump. 

“Thank you for coming,” the man who entered spoke before shortly bowing as Jimin returned one respectfully. He quickly sat himself down and unfolded a briefcase from under his arm. 

“I am Yumbok, Jungkook’s manager, you must be Jimin.” Jimin gulped, nodding. 

“Pleased to meet you,” he nervously managed to say. Yumbok gave him a glance from over his glasses, Jimin felt more intimidated that he should feel. The man was a beta after all. 

“Let’s get to business then,” Jungkook interfered, and so they discussed the plan to handle what comes next. 

Some of the rules Jimin found easy to follow as he briefly skimmed his eyes over his paperwork. The taxi ride back to his house was almost 20 minutes long, giving him plenty of time to carefully read through the first 10 pages of his folder. 

Jungkook had agreed to join him and Tae for dinner, seemingly comfortable with the thought of spending most of his nights in Jimin’s home. For now he had to work, his schedule busy as he was preparing his new album as the new year was closing in.

Jimin was especially melancholy now that he had left Jungkook, the once comfortable peace he found gone. It was a strange concept, but he missed Jungkook’s presence? He was anticipating tonight when they could hang out and discuss the new arrangements with Taehyung.  

As Jimin’s taxi pulled up to the front of his house, he squinted at the car parked up his driveway. Then his panic rose when he noticed two familiar people standing outside his door. 

“Thank you,” Jimin spoke to the driver, handing him his cash before hopping out of the car nervously. He approached the figures, them not having seen him yet. 

“Mom? Dad?” 

“Jiminie!” Jimin froze, eyes fluttering between his two parents. They were smiling wide, arms opened as they came in for a tight hug. 

“When did you get here?” Jimin stuttered, heart racing. 

“This afternoon, we though we’d pop in for a while if you’re not busy,” the cheeky smile on his mothers face made his alarm raise. 

“Of course I’m not busy,” he replied, chuckling as he pulled out his keys to unlock the door. 

“Where’s Tae Tae?” His mother asked with a pout, following first after Jimin into the apartment. 

“He should be home soon, he had a photo shoot today,” Jimin answered, moving to the kitchen to flick the kettle on. He probably should have cleaned up a bit judging from the way his mother loomed around the room, discreetly moving things. 

“Good to see him putting those good looks to use,” Jimin’s dad joined the conversation. Jimin laughed as he pulled three mugs from his cupboard, his hands were trembling inconspicuously. 

What the fuck am I doing?  

“Jimin are you alright? You’re looking a little pale?” His mother called out, leaning across the counter to feel his forehead. 

“Am I? I feel fine,” Jimin lied, smiling awkwardly. 

“And dear god what is that smell? Have you been using new deodorant?” His father added, sniffing the air loudly. 

“That must be it, does it smell bad?” Jimin asked, voice almost wavering as he poured them hot drinks, trying not to drop everything as he performed the task. 

“Have you showered today? Jimin’s mother inquired, giving him a disapproving look as she walked away and sat on his couch. 

“Of course I have,” Jimin defended himself, picking up two cups and walking over to place them on the coffee table. He went back to grab his own, then sighed when he finally sat his butt down on the opposite couch. 

“So what have you been doing today?” His father asked, cursing as his drink burnt his lip. Jimin swallowed harshly, fiddling with the scarf around his neck and pulling it slightly. He felt like he was choking slowly. 

“I went to town, browsed some new lipsticks,” he lied, coughing shortly as he leant forward to put his cup on the small table. 

“Oh that’s nice,” his mother answered. For some reason Jimin wanted to frown at her sudden unusually bland tone. 

“There wasn’t much I liked,” Jimin added, crossing his legs. There was a tense silence that followed. He looked up, his dad was distracted as he carefully sipped on his drink, his other hand holding the TV remote and trying to find the right buttons to press. But his mother was staring at him, silently with her lips pressed. 

“Is everything ok mom?” Jimin questioned, his heart beginning to race. She squinted at him, tilting her head. Before speaking, she took in a deep breath. 

“Jimin, what is that on your neck?” 

And there it was. The one thing he was praying to avoid. He choked on his saliva, eyes widening slightly. 

“It’s...” He tried to speak, but his words failed. 

“A new makeup trend?” His mother smiled, but it wasn’t friendly. Jimin gulped, his skin beginning to sweat. 

“What on earth are you muttering about,” his dad added, giving them both a weird glance as he finally got the TV on. 

“Jimin has a bite mark, that’s what I’m muttering about,” she remarked sternly. Jimin was like a deer caught in the headlights. Leaning forward in his chair and gripping the armrest anxiously. 

“Mother, I-“ 

“You never told us you were seeing someone darling,” she interrupted, disappointed. Jimin’s heartstrings pulled. Of course suddenly appearing one day with a mating bite was probably the worst way to introduce a partner to your parents. 

“ had to be a secret,” Jimin tried to explain, words running on impulse. “My mate, he...his private life is confidential.” It was a half truth at least. 

“What? Is he famous, boy?” His father had turned the TV off now, scolding Jimin with his eyes as both parents interrogated him. 

“Yes,” Jimin reluctantly answered. 

“You couldn’t at least have told us about him before you mated?” His mother choked out, eyes welling up with tears. Jimin’s own eyes watered, his words strained from his throat. The conflicting scents in the room not helping his situation. 

“I’m so sorry, it is just really complicated,” he forced out. If his heart could explode through his chest, it would be on the other side of the room by now. 

“We will meet him one day? Won’t we?” She cried, wiping her eyes and standing up. Jimin quickly followed, reaching towards her to hold her arms delicately. 

“Yes. Yes I promise. Just please give us time,” he begged, rubbing her arms comfortingly. 

“Let me see,” she whispered, hand weakly reaching up and dragging the scarf away from his skin. She sobbed once more as a single finger shakily traced the fresh bite. Jimin hissed in reflex causing her to flinch away. 

“I think...we’ll call you through the week son...we best be going,” his dad commented gently, hand caressing his mates shoulder. Jimin’s stomach plummeted, but he reluctantly nodded his head. 

“Ok...I’m sorry, please...let’s have lunch somewhere this week?” He asked hopeful, watching as they turned their backs and walked towards the front door. 

“Sure thing,” his father turned and smiled quickly at him, before opening the door and letting Jimin’s mom leave first. 

“Goodbye,” Jimin called out, voice seconds away from crumbling as his body began to feel weaker.

When he heard the car engine roar and listened as it disappeared into the distance, he felt his lip tremble and he sunk to the floor. 

“I’m such a fuck up,” he sobbed out loud. His body leant forward, forehead meeting the floor as he cried. 

The only two people in this world he never wanted to disappoint, and he couldn’t even come clean to them. They couldn’t even stand to be in his presence. It hurt him. He felt his heart ache. 

He sat there, sniffling and wallowing in his own misfortune, now leaning back against his couch as he stared at the ceiling. What was the point in his life if all he did was fuck it up with one stupid decision. 


He sighed as a text came through on his phone. 


Jungkook : I hope you got home safe.  


Jungkook. Two hours he sat in that meeting room with him and Yumbok. Fixing their dumb mistake. 

He hated himself for ruining their lives. 


Jimin: I did thanks. 


And he remained sitting on the floor, bored and lonely, wet and dried tears on his face until he got the message from Taehyung hours later that he was 10 minutes away with food. Jimin pulled himself up regretfully, throwing himself into the shower for a minute and then changing into the softest pyjamas he could find. 

After reluctantly pouring his parents now cold drinks down the sink he sunk into his couch. There he waited, cuddled under a blanket, reading his folder from Jungkook until Taehyung arrived. 

Numb, thats how Jimin felt until he saw the face of Jungkook appearing through his door way. Like a spell his mood was suddenly lifted. It confused him. 

“Look who decided to join us,” Taehyung yelled, following Jungkook as they both carried bags of takeaway into the house. 

“Took you long enough,” Jimin croaked out, voice hoarse from screaming into his hands earlier. He almost laughed out loud remembering how distraught he was hours before and now how he was trying to act normal. 

“Let’s eat!” Taehyung skipped to the coffee table and unpacked all the food once it was gathered. “I have drinks too,” he smiled. 

“I have to leave early tomorrow,” Jungkook told Jimin as he sat next to him on the floor. 

“Whatcha gonna do?” Taehyung questioned, sitting on his knees and starting to dig into the food. 

“Make arrangements for the proposal given to Jimin today.” 

“Oh? And what would that be?” Taehyung asked again, mouth currently being stuffed with rice. 

“My company wants to hire him, as my new makeup artist.” 

Taehyung choked on his rice, hacking it up as Jimin swiftly scolded him with several hard wacks on the back. 

“He’s gonna be your makeup artist?” Taehyung yelled before downing half his can of soda. “Jimin you’re gonna be rich!” 

“I wish,” Jimin rolled his eyes. 

“My manager said this would make it easier and less suspicious when we interact,” Jungkook commented, slurping up his cup of noodles. 

“Wow Jiminie, thank god you’re talented in something,” Taehyung sighed, earning himself another slap from Jimin. 

“Can you please pass the rice,” Jungkook addressed Taehyung, catching Jimin’s attention once again. Taehyung put his chopsticks down silently, eyes flicking over to Jungkook. He seemed flustered. 

“Why yes I can,” Tae acknowledged with a smile, lifting the rice carton from his side and passing it to Jungkook. Jimin rolled his eyes, taking another large bite of his noodles. Jungkook coughed out an awkward thank you. 

Jimin sighed as he flicked another page of his folder over. 


No couple pictures to be posted on social media. 


Well obviously, that would be the stupidest thing to do. Jimin rolled his eyes once again. 

“Jimin lets take a selfie!” Taehyung suddenly yelled, making Jimin jump. He didn’t have much time to react before Taehyung was grabbing him around the shoulder and pulling him into the camera frame. He took a couple, sticking his tongue out and poking Jimin’s cheek whilst Jimin stared neutrally into the lens.

“What’s up your butt today? Or isn’t up there yet?” Taehyung retorted, flicking through the pictures amusingly. Jungkook sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose exhaustedly. Taehyung would be the death of him.

“My parents visited today,” Jimin quietly confessed, staring at his fingers. 

“You don’t sound happy,” Jungkook replied, shoving more food into his mouth. 

“They left upset that I hadn’t told them about you,” Jimin looked up at Jungkook who froze. 

“About Jungkook? They saw the bite?” Taehyung asked stunned. 

“They don’t know it’s Jungkook,” Jimin whispered, leaning back on his hands. 

“Is that a good thing?” Tae questioned, unsure of what to say. 

“I don’t know honestly,” Jimin replied, he was starting to get upset again remembering his crying fest hours before. 

“Hey,” Jungkook got his attention, a concerned look on his face. Jimin pouted as Jungkook grabbed his arm and gently pulled him towards him. He sighed, crawling into his lap, letting Jungkook pull him back against his chest. 

“I promise everything will be fine,” Jungkook mumbled into his ear, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s stomach and holding him sweetly. 

“Maybe I should ask Hoseok to mate with me,” Taehyung grumbled to himself, feeling left out as the pair cuddled. Jimin heard him and laughed loudly. 

“I’m telling him that,” he smirked, kicking Taehyung away as he leapt at him in embarrassment. 

“You two lovebirds talk, I’m going to the toilet,” Taehyung huffed, pulling himself up and leaving the room. Jimin sagged against Jungkook, turning so he was sidewards in his lap. Jungkook leant back against the couch, comfortably holding Jimin. It was silent for a minute, them both just listening to each others breathing, heart beats syncing unconsciously. 

“Do you hate me?” Jungkook whispered, fingers nervously tugging at the bottom of Jimin’s shirt. Jimin looked up, despising the look of fear in Jungkook’s eyes. 

“No.” He mumbled, hand reaching up to trace his pulsing throat gently. He thoughtfully wondered what it would look like if he had marked Jungkook. If he would ever mark Jungkook, make him his. He was spacing out until Jungkook’s voice brought him out of it. 

“Why do you look at me like you do then,” Jungkook breathed. Jimin’s heart spiked painfully at his words. He pulled himself up concernedly, hands holding Jungkook’s face softly. “Like I ruined something” 

“I don’t hate you,” Jimin argued immediately, straddling him. His thumbs rubbed Jungkook’s jaw as his words ghosted over his skin. Jungkook’s heart clenched. He felt like Jimin resented him for mating him. For screwing up his relationship with his parents. For screwing up his career. 

“Why not,” Jungkook spoke extremely quietly, jaw clenching as he tried to control his emotions. Jimin smiled briefly, leaning closer until their noses touched. Jungkook shuddered with anxiety, hands shyly resting on Jimin’s thighs. He took a deep breath as Jimin stared into his eyes, him taking his vision up completely. 

“I hate myself, not you,” Jimin croaked out sadly, feeling a tear float down his cheek. He closed his eyes automatically as Jungkook leant forward and pressed their lips together tenderly. They sighed loudly as air escaped their nostrils, Jimin’s fingers winding into Jungkook’s hair. 

“I hate myself for ruining your life,” Jimin confessed, feeling his lips tremble as he pulled away barely, he could taste his salty tears as they fell. “I hate myself for trapping you in this with me. I hate myself for having to lie to my parents because of my fuck up.” His words surprised Jungkook, making him hold him tighter, engulfing his waist completely. 

“You’ve ruined nothing,” he grumbled, eyes watering. “In the short time I’ve known you, you’ve given me something I have only dreamed of for years,” his words spilled out as Jimin stared down at him fascinated in his words. “Please don’t hate yourself.” 

“But your career,” Jimin disputed. Jungkook shook his head, smiling softly as he kissed Jimin’s nose. 

“My career is merely a job,” Jungkook whispered, making sure Jimin was listening clearly to him. 

“Tomorrow I may no longer want my job,” he sighed out, burying his face into Jimin’s neck. “But I know, tomorrow I will still want you.”

Jimin gasped when his lips pressed nimbly straight across his mark, his face flushed with a faint blush at Jungkook’s words.

“Jungkook,” Jimin stuttered, gripping his shoulders tightly. 

“And we have plenty of time to work this out, to get to know each other more,” Jimin’s misery lifted considerably as he reached forward and hugged Jungkook. They sat there in silence, which made Jimin start to realise how tired he really was. 

“I want to sleep,” he mumbled, mouth buried in Jungkook’s shoulder. 

“Lets go then,” Jungkook replied, poking him so he’d get up. 

“Tae must have gotten lost,” Jimin chuckled. 

“He’s gonna get his spot pinched,” Jungkook yelled, taking off into a sprint towards Jimin’s bedroom. He grinned wildly as he heard Jimin’s loud laugh echo throughout the house. 

Jimin found him shirtless and tucked under the blanket, still smiling as he buried himself into the pillows. 

“I wanna big spoon,” Jimin pouted, climbing onto him and digging the blankets away until he could slip under. Jungkook laughed as Jimin wrapped his cold feet around his legs, pulling him closer and wrapping his arm around his waist. 

“Goodnight,” Jungkook mumbled, sighing. 

“Goodnight,” Jimin squeezed him tighter. 

“Move over you disgusting creatures,” a sudden voice ordered above him, “best friend coming through for comforting cuddles,” Taehyung yelled as he jumped onto the bed and huddled in next to Jimin. 

“Goodnight Tae,” Jungkook growled, resting his head with a permanent pout. 

“Night,” Taehyung singsonged, proud that his best friend had not yet kicked him out of the room. This scene between the three of them was starting to become a habit. A comforting habit that they all would be reluctant to admit. 



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Chapter Text




That’s all for today, have a good week and I’ll see you next time!” 


Jimin pressed the pause button on his computer, a sigh pulling from his chest. His makeup abused face stared back at him in the black screen. After three hours he’d finally finished editing his newest makeup tutorial. 

“You look a lot happier in this video,” Taehyung commented, laying upside down on top of Jimin’s bed.

“Do I?” Jimin echoed, squinting at the screen as he scrolled through the editing timeline. 

“The fans will probably notice.” 

“Or they might not,” Jimin countered. Taehyung chuckled, pulling himself up to sit. 

“Let’s publish it then,” he leant over to the computer. Jimin automatically clicked to export the video, it was just over 10 minutes long, so it took a while to convert and export. 

“Let’s make a video with Jungkook one day,” Taehyung suggested, making Jimin splutter into a laugh. “We don’t have to publish it.” 

“We should do really dark makeup, eyeliner and lipstick,” he giggled, picturing a goth looking Jungkook in his head. Taehyung smiled, loving how Jimin seemed to light up at the mention of Jungkook these days. It had been a month already since the incident between Jimin and Jungkook, and all of their relationships still seemed intact. They hadn’t fought yet or stopped talking to each other, which was an extremely good sign in their journey together. 

“What time do you have to be at the meeting place?” Taehyung asked, looking around at the small bag Jimin had packed. His new job with Jungkook’s company as a makeup artist required Jimin to be away for a couple of days. What exactly he would be doing Jimin wasn’t sure, but he knew that he would be spending a lot of time around Jungkook. He was excited although his excitement was largely outweighed by uneasiness. 

“I have to be at the address by 3:30pm,” Jimin recited, remembering the text message from Jungkook. 

“You’ve got an hour then,” Taehyung checked the time on his phone. “Let’s get you ready now then,” he smiled, spinning Jimin around in his chair and dragging him to the bathroom. 

Half an hour later and Jimin was sitting in the skinniest jeans he never remembered owning, an intimidating belt and an overly expensive grey jumper. 

“What exactly is your goal in dressing me like this?” Jimin interrogated Taehyung, wincing as he prodded his face with makeup. 

“You need to look hot and important,” Taehyung snickered, whining when Jimin slapped him. 

“Why exactly?” Jimin questioned confused. It’s not like he was an idol or anything now. 

“You’re gonna be working with new people Jimin. People who work with Jungkook daily, and most of them won’t know that you two are mated to each other. This is just to assert your dominance.” Taehyung explained, smirking. He dabbed some more foundation and moved onto Jimin’s neck. 

“Remember to keep this hidden,” he warned Jimin, patting his sponge over the bite mark making Jimin grunt in displeasure. 

“I’ll keep it covered, I promise,” Jimin answered, frowning at Taehyung’s concerned face. He knew it would be difficult to hide their relationship, but if he could avoid most of the people Jungkook worked with, he was sure he could handle it. He wasn’t there to make friends, he was there for Jungkook, for his career. 

“Oh and wear these,” Taehyung reached down to grab a large pair of lace up boots. 

“Where did you get those?” Jimin asked curiously, smirking. 

“From my photo shoot, it was a gift,” Taehyung innocently replied, shoving them onto Jimin’s lap. Jimin watched his with an admiring gaze. He could never express how he felt for Taehyung. He had been the only constant person in his life for years, like his other half. He was proud of them both. They had been there for each other through the hardest trials and the happiest times. 

“I wanna see you glowing,” Tae’s chin hooked over Jimin’s shoulder as they stared his reflection down in the floor length mirror. Their gazes meeting calmly, in balance with the silence and steady drum of their hearts. 

“I love you Tae.” 



Nails digging into his thighs, the Alpha hardly breathed in the back of the taxi. Closer and closer the building moved. Stronger and stronger did Jimin’s worry grow. 

He fluttered his gaze around sporadically. Watching every nook and cranny around the street. Examining every face, every motion. And then darkness. 

The taxi pulled up abruptly inside the underground car park, Jimin hastily examined the pavement and then rushed out of the taxi making sure his face was completely covered. 

Number plate. Number plate. 

He chanted the sequence in his mind, scanning every car in the area. His anxiety lessened when he finally spotted it, secluded at the back, front facing a wall so the occupants couldn’t be seen. 

Jungkook was waiting for him. 

He had a jog in his step as he approached the passenger window, knocking shyly as he peered into the darkness within. The car park wasn’t well lit at all. Soon the car lock popped open and he fell into the car with a huff of relief. 

“We are never doing this again-“ 

“I missed you baby,” his nose caught against Jungkook’s just when he turned to scold him. His thought process ceased when he met the dark taunting eyes and smile. 

“You’re despicable,” Jimin whispered, his words non-threatening and lips welcoming Jungkook’s soft kiss. A moment later and Jimin was pulling away with a quiet, “not here.”

Jungkook understood. He knew Jimin was aprehensive of all of this. He was afraid of being caught out, afraid of being exposed for the whole world to see. As if Jungkook wasn’t as well. But he was much more used to his privacy being invaded, life being sold and existence disrespected. Jimin was knew to all of this. 

Jimin was yet to be corrupted. 

“Yumbok is introducing you to the rest of the team,” their conversation was quiet, hesitant. Their heads were swimming with thoughts that continued one after the other. Yumbok, Jungkook’s manager, Jimin managed to remember his name. He rested the back of his head against the window. Somewhere in his consciousness Jimin pondered on shattering his skull against it, just once. 

“What if they don’t like me,” Jimin whispered, hugging his knees close to his chest. Jungkook tore his gaze from the bleak window he was glaring at. Deep in his own mind. 

“Come here,” he patted his lap lightly, coaxing Jimin into his arms. Jimin pouted as he dropped his legs over his lap, crossing his arms and staring past him. Closed off.

“Look at me,” Jungkook softly ordered, fingers gently lifting Jimin’s chin. Jimin’s heart thrummed in a lovely familiar way. He stared up at him, lips down turned which did wonders to Jungkook’s heart strings. 

“They will love you, and you will be fine,” Jungkook reassured him, caressing his jaw. Jimin loosened up, slouching his shoulders. But it didn’t relax him at all. 

“I don’t completely believe you,” he mumbled. 

“I will be there if anything goes wrong,” Jungkook interrupted, hand moving up to smooth Jimin’s straying hair back. They shared a moment of soft staring. Silently communicating. 

“I’ll try my best.” Jimin’s eyes fluttered closed when Jungkook leaned in for a short kiss, then peppered his lips. He giggled pushing him away weakly. 

“You’re lucky my lipstick doesn’t smudge,” he threaded his fingers through Jungkook’s messy hairstyle, tugging his head back playfully. 

“I guess I am,” Jungkook purred. 

Jimin soaked up what attention he could get from Jungkook until he told them both they had to go. If his heart could race any faster, Jimin was sure he could pass out on the spot. They merely drove around a whole block, until they drove down into the company car park, which was much more well lit than the previous car park. 

He didn’t trust himself being out in the open with Jungkook. The paranoia that someone was watching them soaked deep into his bones. 

They walked side by side into the building, hands jittery. There were suddenly too many people, Jimin concluded. Way to many people to be in one building at a time. 

“Just follow me,” Jungkook muttered beside him, walking faster towards the elevator. Jimin complied, only looking up to see Jungkook’s broad back leading him.  He tried to make himself seem small and uninteresting. 

The elevator was slightly packed, squishing Jungkook and Jimin into a corner, where Jungkook smirked down at him. Jimin could only scowl back. Into the flames they were marching. 



“This is Park Jimin, he is a makeup artist.” 

It was like a rush of ocean water, the trail whispers that dispersed around them. Many people recognised him, from the excited smiles. Others looked displeased. For what reason, Jimin couldn’t decide. 

“Please treat me well,” Jimin spoke out, hands clutched behind his back, eyes flickering along the faces in front of him. It smelt peculiar. There were lots of scents, but they were all layered with perfumes and god knows what else. Jimin tried to not to cringe. 

“I’ll see you later, Jimin,” Jungkook smiled down at him. 

“Oh...yeah,” Jimin looked lost as he watched Jungkook leave with Yumbok. Now what? He helplessly dragged his attention back to the group around him. 

It was then that he was introduced to the team that handled Jungkook’s makeup and styling. They were pretty average people Jimin concluded. Although he couldn’t really click with them how he would with others. He wished Taehyung was with him to help break the ice. 

Even after hours of being around them, talking about Jungkook’s schedules, procedures and styles, Jimin still felt uncomfortable. He had never realised how much work went into the idols appearance either. And money. 

“I love your videos!” A woman’s voice approached him. Someone he had not yet, nor seen around the building yet. He stared up with wide eyes at a girl, her face gleeful. A breath of fresh air. 

“Oh, thank you,” his friendly smile came back, appreciating having met a fan of his. 

“My name is Sana,” she bowed, Jimin copied. “I’m the team leader, so we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” she winked. 

“It’s good to meet you Sana, I look forward to working with you!”

“Yes! I’m sorry I have to go but let’s talk sometime yeah!” She giggled as she rushed past Jimin, following a couple of people who seemed to be giving her irritated glares. Jimin gave her an understanding look, letting her leave.

“Goodbye!” He chuckled, finding her flustered state amusing. If everyone here was as friendly as her, he would be at peace with himself. 

Unfortunately, you can’t have everything you want. 

It was getting late into the night now. Many of the staff packing up and most already gone. Jimin was collecting his own possessions, waiting for the message from Jungkook that told him they would be leaving. 

“Can you help me with something, Jimin?” A voice called out beside him as he passed the dressing room. He quickly turned his head, seeing the face of one of Jungkook’s stylists poking through the doorframe.

“Sure, whats up?” Jimin casually replied, following him into the room and closing the door behind him. Why did he close it?

Jimin, on reflex, snarled as his back hit the door of the dressing room. He pushed against his attacker, managing to wrestle their arms away from him so he could see their face clearly. He hissed when they tried to grab him around the neck, fingers swiping at his covered mark. 

“What the fuck?” Jimin growled, giving the man a hard shove to the chest making him stumble backwards. 

“You smell like him, slut,” he grit out, pointing a finger accusingly. He couldn’t remember his name. A name tag caught Jimin’s gaze. Hanseul. 

How the hell is Jungkook’s personal life any of his business? 

“I’m working with him now dumbass,” Jimin countered, crossing his arms. 

“I bet you’ve already slept with him, I bet that’s how you got this job,” he seethed. Jimin’s breathe caught for a second, making him nervous. It was noticeable. He quickly caught himself, squaring his shoulders as he glared at the fuming and now flustered man. 

“Listen Hanseul,” he took a step towards him, fists clenched, “none of this is any of your fucking business,” their chests were almost touching as Jimin got up in his face. 

“You don’t deserve to be here,” Hanseul countered, spitting the words out. “You think you can fool everyone else.”

“I really don’t give a fuck,” Jimin replied.

“Don’t put your filthy slut self near Jungkook, or you’ll regret it,” he threaten one more time, barging past Jimin and forcefully opening and slamming the door behind him. Jimin stood and stared at the door for some time, mouth wide open.

“What the hell,” he mumbled, reaching backwards to pull out a chair only to fall back into it. He needed to tell Jungkook about that lunatic. He hung his head in his hands, fingers raking through his sweaty hair. Perhaps he had begun to panic. 

Was it jealousy? Is that why he was upset? Was he insecure knowing that Jimin has obviously had contact with Jungkook. Jimin felt frustration arising inside him. 

He sat for a long time, staring at the ground, zoning out completely. It was light white noise around him. A bitter taste in his mouth. His awareness floated back in when his phone ringtone was near its end. 

“H-Hello.” Damn stutter. He stood up as the phone trembled in his grip. 

“You ok babe? It’s time to leave,” Jungkook’s confused tone at Jimin’s dissonance floated through the speaker. Maybe his words werent going into Jimin’s head clearly. 

“I’ll meet you in the car park,” Jimin agreed, rushing to the door. He didn’t let Jungkook answer, only jogged down the hallway, ignoring everyone who were tiredly trudging around. 

The wind smacked him in the face when he got to the car park. A large grin on his cheek as he spotted Jungkook’s arranged taxi waiting. He quickly bounced inside, hoping not to attract attention. 

“Let’s go,” Jungkook smiled back at him, informing the driver. 

Thankfully, they had a smooth ride home. Jimin was relieved by that. He didn’t want to have to deal with more chaos on his first day. 

Jungkook typed in the code to his apartment door, foot tapping the ground impatiently. Jimin meanwhile huddled into himself, his body finding no warmth in his current clothes. He giggled as he pushed past Jungkook once the door opened, seeking the heat from inside. 

“This is my home,” Jungkook smiled, flicking the lights on as they closed the front door behind them. Despite their interactions in the past month, Jimin had not been to Jungkook’s home. It was a mutual decision, to wait until Jimin had been formally employed by the company. 

“It’s cosy,” Jimin admired, following Jungkook as they slipped their shoes off. Expensive would be a more accurate describing word for the place. It smelt faintly of vanilla. Jimin felt at ease.

“You think so?” Jungkook spun around and pulled Jimin into his chest. He loosely wrapped his arms around his waist, smiling down at him. Jimin giggled, reaching up to pull off Jungkook’s hat and mask, placing it with his own on the small cabinet next to them. 

“Would I lie to you?” Jimin whispered, eyes glistening. 

“I don’t know, would you?” Jungkook kissed his nose gently, then scooped him into his arms. 

“Put me down!” Jimin schreeched as Jungkook leapt through his apartment. He was airborne, then came crashing down onto Jungkook’s couch. Jimin didn’t get a breather before Jungkook came upon him, smothering him wit’s tickles on his sides. His ribs hurt, his words mere screaming noises as he couldn’t supress his unrestrained laughter. 

“Stop! I can’t breathe,” he wheezed out, tears collecting at the corners of his eyes. Jungkook rolled off him, pulling him back so he rested his head against his shoulder. 

“That was mean,” Jimin pouted, exhausted, tilting his head back. Jungkook chuckled, relishing in Jimin’s buzzed out face from laughing.

“You’ve got the cutest laugh,” he nuzzled his neck, sliding his hands up to Jimin’s bare stomach. The chill of his palms left tingles across his skin. 

“Shut up,” Jimin sighed, wiggling around when tiny kisses were layered on his throat. 

“You smell weird,” Jungkook shortly scrunched his nose up, hands halting. Jimin froze in realisation, having forgotten about telling Jungkook about his earlier encounter. He felt panic bubble in his stomach. 

“I forgot to tell you,” Jimin rushed out, chest pulsing as he felt Jungkook move away, silently leaning back on the couch, eyes peering down at him curiously. He felt his nerves raise. He turned around quickly, facing Jungkook. 

“Tell me what?” Jungkook asked, eyebrows raised. 

“Hanseul cornered me and accused me of being your slut,” Jimin coughed out, lifting himself up so he could sit with his legs crossed. Jungkook stared in confusion for a while, biting his lip repeatedly. 

“Hanseul?” He copied. Jimin gulped. 


Jimin didn’t expect Jungkook to be so quiet. He was thinking, distantly staring into his lap, fingers entwined. 

“Did anyone see?” 

“No, we were in the dressing room,” Jimin fiddled uncomfortably. 

“I see,” Jungkook mumbled, stroking his lip thoughtfully. Jimin didn’t find his reaction strong enough to calm his alerted state. 

“He tried shoving me against the door, telling me to stay away from you, I didn’t realise what he’d do.” 

“Did he hurt you?” 

“No,” Jimin watched Jungkook pat his knee comfortingly. 

“I’ll talk to him in the morning,” Jungkook merely said, standing up and leaving Jimin. Jimin followed him with his gaze, eyebrows frowning. 

That’s it? 

“Where are you going?” Jimin called out, twisting his body to the hallway. 

“Out,” Jungkook replied, throwing on a cap and mask.

“Now?” Jimin blinked repeatedly. Disappointed. 

“I’ll be back later,” Jungkook crouched down to slip his shoes on.

“Ok...” Jimin trailed off slowly, watching him disappear when the door slammed shut. Now he was alone in silence. 

He sat not knowing how to react to Jungkook’s behaviour. First he fiddled with the blanket on the couch, trying to wrap it around him and cuddle, his limbs suddenly shaking. Whether it be from the cold or his nerves. Then he sat and stared at the wall for a while. He could just try to relax and wait for Jungkook to come back. 

Life had other plans. 


Jimin pulled his phone out, scowling when a number he didn’t have saved popped up. It was a text, its contents hidden from his notifications. He hesitantly clicked on it, confused as to how someone had got hold of his private contact. 


* Jimin!!! I’m such a fan! I love you so much!! What a shame it would be if you were caught dating someone :( I think I would do something myself or others... Bye bye sleep tight! x 


Repetitive blinking and stronger chills cascaded through Jimin’s body. His eyes fluttered along the words, tracing each stroke in alarm. 

“What the fuck?” Jimin locked his phone, throwing it against the couch. He glared at it, heart racing. Then he stood up, legs trembling as he hobbled over to the kitchen. Perhaps this was not the best time for Jungkook to leave him alone. Jimin pulled out a kitchen stool once he had picked out a glass and expensive bottle of wine from Jungkook’s cabinets. 

“Fuck.” Jimin screwed up his fists, leaning his forehead on them. His glass became empty at record speed, his mind clouded with distress. 

Who was it that messaged him? Was it a stalker? Someone he knew perhaps? His mind tumbled to Hanseul. Even the fact they even found his number in the first place was concerning, considering the fact that he never gave his number out unless for emergency contact situations. All his business related dealings were sent to his email, which was publicly shared. 

The contents of the message are what freaked him out even more. The person sounded crazy. Maybe they had an obsession with the beauty blogger. Maybe they were actually a stalker. Maybe...they knew about Jimin and Jungkook? 

With that thought, Jimin flung himself back to his phone. He quickly swiped and unlocked it, hastily clicking Taehyung’s contact. Ten seconds of ringing he waited before Taehyung’s heavy breath came through the speaker. 

“What’s up?” 


“Tae I’m sleeping at ours tonight.” 


“Why? What happened?” Tae’s voice got suddenly more concerned. Jimin could hear shuffling and muffled talking. 


“I just got a dodgy text, Jungkook’s not here so I’m kind of not comfortable being alone right now,” Jimin bit his free thumb nail as he staggered around the room. 


“Text? What’d it say?”


“I’d rather show you in person,” Jimin sat on his butt heavily and attempted to put his shoes on. Taehyung was silent for a tense moment. 


“Ok well, Hoseok and I will order some food or something for us.” At the mention of Hoseok, Jimin’s lip twitched upwards. 


“I’ll be there soon,” Jimin singsonged, ending the call and standing. He took a deep, exaggerated inhale and pulled open the front door. Head peeking out hesitantly into the harsh windy hallway of Jungkook’s apartment building. He almost tiptoed out of the room, making sure his whole face except his eyes were hidden behind his mask and clothing. 

Maybe he sprinted to the elevator, bashing the buttons as paranoia swept into his bones. The elevator stopped with a ding and he breathed out in relief when there was no one at the bottom. Only one security guard hung around the lobby of the building, calming Jimin’s nerves as he bowed and exited. 

There was still a slight skip in his step as he power walked across the street, knowing the 30 minute walk from Jungkook’s to his was nothing too complicated. Perhaps he could figure out his current situation on the way. 

And so Jimin trudged on, hands clutching his coat to protect himself from the cold, praying that he would make it home without having to kick someones ass. 



What a shame that this world is cruel. Where the innocent are hunted. 


What a shame indeed a lone figure thought, watching the young Alpha stride along, unaware of the untouchable amount of photos now being taken of him. 

What a shame that Park Jimin made such a minor mistake. 



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Chapter Text




Twisted shadows surrounded the two men as they stood alone in the cool night air, secluded in the back alley of a residential street.

“So you told him to back off?”

Min Yoongi wrapped his lips around his bitter cigar, taking in a long draw whilst holding it before asking the question. Rain trickled down around them, tuttering over the tin roof they stood under for shelter.

“I said something like that.”

Jungkook contained his shivers, his foot tapping nervously below him.

“C’mon what’d you really say?” Yoongi smirked, delicate eyes peering up at the Alpha. He heard him let out a long sigh, watching his fists as they clenched and unclenched at his sides.

“I dragged him out of his apartment, pinned him to the hallway wall and told him that if he wanted to keep all his teeth intact, as well as his employment, he should shut his fucking mouth and stop poking around in my private life.” Yoongi pressed his lips together, holding in the impulse to laugh out loud. He was always supportive of Jungkook’s feelings, but the view of his best friend being so worked up over an Omega was amusing to him. Whipped Jungkook was his new favourite personality.

“The poor guy probably wet his pants, being all pressed up against a wall and that-“

“Don’t even go there,” Jungkook growled, although he looked more like he was pouting to Yoongi. Still a child at heart. Yoongi let himself chuckle this time.

“He should leave Jimin alone now,” Yoongi pushed himself forward from leaning back on the building they stood against. Jungkook nodded beside him, chewing his lip out of habit. Jungkook was upset at what Hanseul had done to Jimin. After all it was Jungkook’s previous history coming to bite him in the ass. Jimin didn’t deserve any of this. It was Jungkook’s problem to deal with.  

“Is Jiwoo still letting you see her?” Jungkook inquired, changing the subject.

Yoongi sighed tiredly, “only on her terms, only when she asks me to.” Jungkook felt his heart ache for his close friend, unable to comprehend how stressful the entire situation must be.

“Well...tell her and the pup I said hi sometime.”

“I’ll try to remember,” Yoongi sucked on his front teeth, taking a moment to recover from the now bitter taste in his mouth. He really needed to give up smoking. But is was a quick and easy solution to some of the stress in his life. Being young and unmated with a child was not the most sought for lifestyle, but it was his life. And he had to deal with it. He just wished the mother of his child would be more cooperating in said process. Maybe one day ; he just wanted an instant solution.




Jimin struggled to move as a drunk Taehyung and Hoseok latched onto him when he had just made it to the living room of his home. His shoes and coat were all left on the entrance floor. He was relieved to had made it finally .

Taehyung hugged him with a large grin, whispering things that sounded like Jiminie looks like a little baby. Hobi let’s adopt him together. Jimin was not amused.

“I can’t breathe,” he squeaked out, prying their arms away, only to be shushed by Tae forcefully.

“No, let me hug you,” he mumbled urgently, cradling Jimin’s head to his chest, eyes closed contently.

“Tae, how much did you drink?” Jimin groaned and all he got in response was a silly giggle.

“Come here,” Hoseok whined to them both, falling back onto their couch with heavy limbs. Taehyung reached down, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and lugging him over to Hoseok. With a loud hmph they collapsed altogether, limbs immediately wrapping around Jimin like wire. He sighed, the feeling making him feel safer, comforted despite the two males indecently groggy states.

“Jiminie is a human pillow,” Hoseok murmured into Jimin’s shoulder, arms and legs managed to link around his own.

Jimin liked Hoseok. He was a Beta but Jimin was positive he was an Alpha in his previous life. Taehyung had introduced them to each other a few years back, when Hoseok was just starting out as a dance choreographer. Naturally, the three of them had started to spend more time together as a group, Taehyung and Hoseok casually hooking up in the process.

It’s nothing serious, Taehyung would mumble to Jimin some nights, after Hoseok had left them and an awkward tension would fall over the room. Jimin wondered if Hoseok thought the same way.

“This is the message,” Jimin unlocked his phone, shoving it into Taehyung’s palm. He squinted harshly, the black words molding together pathetically. He read it in his mind a couple of times, the sentences not connecting within his train of thought.

Then, he began laughing hysterically. To the point where tears ran down his face and he struggled to take a breath in. Jimin and Hoseok scowled in bewilderment. But Tae laughed not because it was funny. No. It wasn’t funny at all. It was nonsensical . Taehyung’s fuzzy brain couldn’t differentiate the concepts from the other.

“Who wrote this bullshit?” Taehyung choked out, taking deep breaths in and out as he tried to calm down. His attempts though only worked himself up even more, his laughter turning into muffled sobs. He squeezed Jimin even tighter, burying his cheek into his chest as Jimin rearranged his arm to wrap around his shoulders and hold him close. He shushed him gently, a stray hand combing through his light strands of hair. Taehyung was way too wasted to be dealing with emotions right now.

“I honestly have no idea..” Jimin bit his lip, his eyes vacantly staring up at the ceiling.

“Probably stalkers…” Hoseok muttered catching Jimin’s attention.

“Stalkers?” He repeated rather shocked. “Who would want to stalk me.” He felt uneasiness in his stomach settle.

“You know,” Hoseok stated like it was obvious, which it wasn’t for Jimin.

“No I don’t.”

Hoseok sighed, rubbing a hand across his face, “fans or crazy people follow their favourite famous people, get their numbers and shit and do weird gross stuff to get close to them.” Jimin shuddered, making a face of disgust.

“People actually do that? Is that why they have my number? They stalked me to get it?”

“Or bought it off someone who already had it.” Those words made Jimin’s stomach drop. Who?

“That’s an invasion of privacy,” he complained weakly. “This is harassment.”

“In some way, but it’s not illegal to text someone.”

The conversation didn’t make Jimin feel any better about the situation. He felt violated, and paranoid that someone was actually stalking him. What did they even want from him?

“I’m going to take a shower,” Jimin mumbled, peeling the two men's sweaty bodies from him and climbing over Tae so he could stand back up.

He stretched his back out, raising his arms with a yell. He seriously now just wanted to shower and then sleep, he couldn’t even be bothered to eat what Taehyung had ordered. The two plastered men groaned in response, curling over and contently cuddling into each other. Jimin snorted shortly, waddling his way out of the room.

In the shower he sat on the ground for a couple of minutes, letting the hot water fog up around him as it hammered against his back. He closed his eyes, trying to calm his mind down for the night. The last thing he wanted was for anxiety to perk up right when he was trying to get to sleep. He loved his sleep, he needed his sleep. So after a while he felt content enough to stand up and quickly run some soap along his body and then wrapped himself up in fluffy towel.

Jimin rustled his hair hastily, strolling back into the lounge room. He stopped, smirking as he came to the sight of the two drunkards making out nonchalantly. Taehyung laid on top of Hoseok, their lips moving slowly and sparingly as they seemed close to passing out. It was a sight that softly warmed Jimin’s heart. Whatever they couldn’t admit out loud, he always got to witness through the gentleness of their relationship. Jimin wished they would realise it already.

He called it a night, changing into some comfortable clothes because of the chill outside, and slipped under his covers. It didn’t take long, as he laid there staring into the darkness that he felt a light thrumming ache settle in his heart. He knew it was the mate bond. It was subconsciously making him aware that Jungkook was not with him, but he pushed the thoughts away, closing his eyes and taking a couple of calculated breaths. They would sort everything out in the morning he convinced himself. Surprisingly, he was knocked out in no time.




The sun and his alarm woke Jimin up immediately as it blared throughout his room. His finger was jabbing at the stop button moments later, and he sunk back into his covers with a content sigh. His phone was cradled in his weak grip as he turned the screen back on and stared at it.

What the hell?

With an exhausted yell and eyes rolling around lazily, he tried to focus on the screen. His vision immediately widened and he sat up abruptly. He had more than 100 unread messages and missed calls.

The first and prioritised message that he opened had come from Jungkook, starting hours ago, and continuing until a couple of minutes ago. The latest ones read:






Please answer your phone.

Jimin :((((

Jimin started typing quickly



Jimin: Babe what is happening?

Immediately he saw Jungkook replying.



Jungkook : im calling



A few seconds later and Jimin pressed answer on the call.

“Jimin I swear to god I’m going to beat your ass for not answering,” Jungkook’s exasperated voice came through the speaker. He groaned, Jimin could picture him rubbing his temples in annoyance.

“Jungkook what is going on?” Jimin interrogated, panic flooding his system.

“Someone released pictures of you leaving my house last night.”

Jimin’s stomach dropped. As if things weren’t already stressful enough.

“What? How? How did they know it was me?” He cried out the questions one after the other.

“Baby calm down, they can’t prove it, but they spread it on Twitter and the fans have jumped onto it.” Jungkook sounded exhausted, like he hadn’t slept all night. Perhaps he hadn’t. Jimin felt angry, the fact that someone had done such a thing. He felt disgusted.

“What do we do now?”

“My manager has a plan, for you to publicly announce that you are working for me. It should dispel the dating rumours at least. Give them an explanation, that holds truth at least.”

Jimin pondered over it. Was he ready to announce such a thing? Wouldn’t people then have more reason to be wary of him and his interactions with Jungkook? Or would they pass it off as professional work, only requiring Jimin and Jungkook to interact more than others would. His brain started to ache at the questions.

“I’m staying home today,” Jimin announced. Jungkook was silent for a while, making Jimin nervous. What should he even do now?

“I guess...that’s fair enough, people will be blowing this up for at least another day.”

“I’ll talk to the company, I just don’t want to go out when anyone could be taking pictures of me.” Jimin cringed, rubbing his arms to try and comfort himself.

“It’s ok baby, I’ll come over tonight, we can stay up with Tae and cheer you up,” Jimin could hear the smile in his voice.

“I’d like that,” Jimin replied quietly, feeling warm at Jungkook’s concern for how he felt.

“I have to go into work, but I’ll keep in touch.” There was a door closing in the background of the phone speaker.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

“I love you,” Jungkook drawled out into the phone making Jimin giggle.

“I love you too, see ya.” He smiled to himself, pressing the end call button.

From there he collapsed onto his back. Suddenly depleted of energy for the day ahead. Taehyung and Hoseok were gone that morning, Jimin's phone still blowed up with messages and calls from them both. Asking if he was ok, telling him that Tae would try to make it home as early as possible today. Honestly, Jimin just wanted to be alone until Jungkook would arrive. He didn't want to have to deal with being the centre of attention. He just wanted to curl up into Jungkook's lap and hide from the world.

The company kept texting him aswell, trying to arrange some control damage meetings. Jimin was ready to break his phone with the amount of messages coming through, from people he knew, and people he didn't know.

So he pondered the house, until he finally settled in front of his computer. He didn't even bother to do his makeup when filming. He just wanted to get it over with in case he needed to upload it later on.

"I have something exciting to share with you all." he soon began.

"I have a new job."

From there it was just a bullshitted rant about how Jimin had acquired such a job to work with people such as Jungkook. How he never expected to get scouted, etc.

All lies.

Jimin felt a bitter taste in his mouth as he was saying goodbye, giving his hair a playful shake, and flashing a shy smile. After he had pressed the end record button, he fell back onto his bed and stared at the ceiling in silence. This is going to be stressful and hard.

He didn't know if he had the mental capacity to understand what was happening in his life by now. Why someone was after him and his personal life. Why since himself and Jungkook had mated, it felt like his life before was now forgotten. He couldn't recall the days when Jungkook was not around.

Even his relationships with people had changed. He didn't talk to people as much anymore, some he even went out of his way to ignore. His relationship with his parents was strained. He had to yet introduce Jungkook to them and watch their panicked reactions. He just wasn't ready to deal with other people's opinions of his life and choices. And he was terribly afraid that someone would expose him to that vulnerability and shatter his confidence. He just couldn't let that happen to him and Jungkook.

To save himself some hurt, he didn't check social media all day. He didn't want to read what people thought of it all. What their theories were. Because he knew that they would go to the worst extreme to the next.


At 9-something-pm, Taehyung burst through the door, a laughing Jungkook close behind. They kicked their shoes off quickly, rushing into the house. Jimin was sitting watching TV, snuggled up under a blanket. Jungkook smiled weakly, crashing beside him and slipping under the blanket to share.

“I have drinks,” Taehyung smiled excitedly, his arms hugging several cans of cheap beer.

Jimin smiled appreciatively, snuggling his body into Jungkook's side and resting his legs over his lap. Jungkoook caressed his palms over his legs tenderly, managing to help Jimin relax considerably. He felt his anxiety beginning to fade at the comfort of his presence.

"Here," Tae passed over a couple of cans to them both.

"Much appreciated," Jungkook said, cracking the seal open. They all followed suit, Taehyung moving to the opposite of Jungkook to claim the free space.

“Cheers,” Jimin mumbled, clinking his can into their own. He took a large gulp, hissing afterwards at the slight burn.

"This is a good end to the night," Tae mumbled, resting his can on his knee. Jimin was watching a western TV show before they arrived. The subtitles confusing him as he tried to keep up with the story and reading at the same time.

"I think that girl is going to betray her friend," he commented, trying to explain where the plot was at.

"Betray her? Why? What did she do?" Tae questioned, now suddenly invested in the show.

"Must be serious," Jungkook laughed shortly, sighing as he sunk further into the couch.

"Lets play a game," Taehyung buzzed up, crossing his legs as he bounced energetically.

"How about 1 truth 2 lies?" Jungkook suggested. Taehyung raised an eyebrow, watching Jungkook judgmentally.

Please , do you even know Jiminie’s favourite colour?” Taehyung tipped his head back, taking a swig of his beer. Jungkook snorted, rolling his eyes.

“It’s blue,” he retorted, leaning back against the couch, taking a gulp of his own drink.

Taehyung ooohed at Jungkook, his face layered with a grin at Jimin’s shy reaction beside them.

"I'm going to go get changed, then we’ll play. Don't do anything rash," Tae jumped up, taking his beer with him as he sauntered away. When he was out of sight, Jimin immediately perked up, an evil smile forming on his face. He turned to Jungkook, gaining his attention, whom in return gave him a confused stare.  But before he could react, Jimin climbed onto him, wrapping his knees around his waist like a koala.

"I missed you," Jimin mumbled into his chest, wrapping his arms around his shoulders snugly. Jungkook sighed into his hair, bringing his arms around his waist to hold him tight.

"I'm sorry for being away so long," he apologised, placing a kiss onto the top of his head.

"It's fine," Jimin cut in, leaning back to look at him.

He trailed his gaze down, running his eyes along Jungkook's vacant lips. He licked his own with a smug expression.

"Thought about you a lot today," he mumbled, leaning in and letting his lips brush Jungkook's. Jungkook raised an eyebrow up at him, playing with the back of his shirt.

"What did you think about me?" He questioned suggestively. Jimin smiled gleefully back, playing along.

"Your lips," he muttered, pressing a weak peck on the side of them. Jungkook raised his hand to caress his face, holding his chin firmly between his fingers.

"They're here now," he whispered and their mouths found each others. They kissed slow, but deep, hands running through hair and clothes. They kissed for a while, until they were panting and Jimin was clinging to him almost helplessly.

"I hate you guys," Taehyung's voice cut through the air. Both Jimin and Jungkook swung their heads to the side to see Tae with a hand teasingly covering his eyes.

"Oops?" Jimin replied, holding in a laugh.

“Forget the game, you guys are disgusting,”  Taehyung deapanned, shaking his head as he left them alone, walking to his bedroom. Jimin smirked in success at Jungkook, giggling at his fake hurt expression. They sat for a while longer, Jimin tickling Jungkook’s neck softly with his nose, loving his cloudy scent turning his brain to mush.

“I’m sorry for leaving last night,” Jungkook breathed into his ear, sending a chill down to Jimin’s toes.

“Where did you go?” Jimin mumbled back, his lips grazing Jungkook’s sharp jaw.

“To Hanseul’s.” Jimin froze at the name.

“You saw him?” Jimin repeated, voice slightly higher. He sat up, tilting his head as they stared at each other curiously.

‘More like I threatened him,” Jungkook huffed, his hands sliding up Jimin’s thighs and stroking them. Jimin’s eyes widened.

“You threatened him? You really have no limits do you,” he snorted. He shouldn't have been surprised. Perhaps Jungkook didn't want the company involved in his personal affairs even more than it was. Maybe a personal visit to Hanseul would do more than the company could ever do.

“I think I’d do anything to keep you safe,” his warm words caressed Jimin’s lips as he spoke, their faces shortly now only a breath apart. Jimin smiled teasingly, mouth twitching before he could suppress it. He loved it when Jungkook got protective of him.

“Such an Alpha,” he purred, tilting his head slowly. His tongue gently stroked Jungkook’s lip, the small action sending heated thoughts straight through Jungkook’s brain, following to his crotch.

But Jimin immediately retracted when Jungkook rushed his head forward in an attempt to catch his lips. He tutted, holding Jungkook down so that he couldn’t reach his lips. Jungkook groaned quietly, feeling impatient as Jimin grazed his lips along his neck, making a trail up to the corner of his mouth. All the while he held him firmly, not letting him move. Jungkook buzzed with the need to feel his lips against his own once more.

“Stay still,” Jimin ordered in a low voice, delighting in Jungkook’s barely controlled reactions. He reached back and removed Jungkooks hands, leading them to the couch cushions instead. The action riled Jungkook's insides.

Jungkook closed his eyes, letting his breath come out gently. His back arched gradually as Jimin’s lips playfully engulfed his adams apple, sucking securely on the skin. Jimin shifted on him, sliding up until his butt rested against his crotch snugly.

“Let me touch you,” Jungkook breathlessly complained, hands digging into the couch distressingly. Jimin hummed, an amused smile on his lips.

“Be a good puppy,” he hummed, rolling his hips unhurried against him. He felt the benign shiver that went through Jungkook’s body in response. Jungkook was sure that he was going to go insane if he didn’t take this man and pin him to something soon. Jungkook opened his eyes, holding his breath when Jimin’s intense gaze met his straight away. His lips were shining red, his pupils wide and black. He was surreal in the glowing foreground of the TV’s lambency.

“You’re supposed to be the puppy here,” Jungkook muttered, eyes fluttering as a hand sifted through his hair tactfully. Jimin retained a firm grip, lowering down until their noses touched. All Jungkook could see was Jimin’s eyes and his arched back running along below his head. He longed to rake his fingers along its curved surface.

“I’m not your puppy,” their breathing mingled, Jungkook’s lips shuddering under Jimin’s lustful gaze.

“I’m your little bitch,” he grinned savagely.




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