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His lips curled into a soft smile as his eyes fell onto the little girl that toddled a few meters in front of him, holding onto a bright red helium balloon. Her curly pigtails wiggled with very step she made and the skirt of her polka dotted dress swayed back and forth, every now and then flashing the matching dotted underpants she was wearing.


Still smiling at the tiny human being, Jongin sighed. He envied her parents, envied them for having such a cute little daughter. He envied all parents, to be honest. Envied them for having children, when he did not have one.


Jongin badly wanted to have a child of his own. Ever since he reached an age where he felt mentally and financially stable enough to have children, he wanted to have one. And he pitied himself for not having one yet.


But what could he do? He was a single as one could be and a potential partner that was worthy enough to spent the rest of his life with, hadn’t crossed his path yet. He often had thought about if he even needed a partner to have child, to raise a child.


In his mind him being a single parent worked perfectly fine. He had a job he could easily put on standby for a couple of months without falling into financial hardship or even unemployment and he owned the living space to give a child a secure home.


Yes, in his mind having a child worked perfectly fine and with each day passing where this in-mind theory did not get knocked down, he came closer to conclusion that he just should try to have one.


But having a child without a counterpart is known to be difficult. Sure the option of getting an artificial insemination was open but Jongin hesitated to get it done this way. He was well informed, new everything from possible difficulties to prices and statistical chances of actually getting pregnant. He knew how fertility clinics looked from the inside, knew that hopeful parents could choose the sperm donor from a huge catalog that allowed to categorize in all directions: Hair color, height, origin, eye color; if people wanted to they could get their dream baby.


And even though Jongin knew all this things, he couldn’t get himself to finally get an artificial fertilization done. Something held him back and he knew what it was. There were two things he feared.


One of the fears was having a baby and one day accidentally running into a child that looked exactly like his own. In his mind he had played with this scenario a hundred of times. He had no problem with telling his child, one day, that it’s other parent was a anonymous donor but explaining his child that its other parent would have multiple other children was something Jongin had his problems with.  


The second fear was the fear of the donor might lying to the clinic in any health related matter. He knew that each and every donor had to complete and pass a medical check-up but only because the donor itself was healthy didn’t mean that all members of his family were too. Donors simply could keep the cancer disease of their grandmother or the hypothyroidism that runs their family a secret and it crept Jongin out. If, for God’s sake, there was one thing he did not want for his child, then it was for it to fall sick at any point of its life.


There were many pros of getting an artificial insemination but these two serious cons were decisive for Jongin to not get it done. At least not yet. His desire for a baby was immense and he was sure if he would not find another way to have a baby he would call the fertility clinic again, sooner or later.  


Deep sunken in thoughts and also a little sulky Jongin, without noticing it, kept following the little girl and her mother, totally missing the place he was actually meant to go. Only when someone grabbed him by the arm, he snapped out of his trance.


“Hey, are you there?”


“Huh?” Blinking his eyes and shaking his head a little Jongin looked at the one that still held him by his arms, eventually recognizing the person as his best friend Chanyeol. “Oh, hey.”


Chanyeol fornwed. “Jongin, are you okay?”


“Yes, why would I not be okay?”


“Oh, I don’t know. You just walked past the coffee shop we were supposed to meet and you also did not react to my callings.”


“Oh,” Jongin voiced out. “Uh, I was a little in thoughts. Sorry.”


“A little in thoughts? About what?”


“N-nothing important.”


Chanyeol let out a sound of knowledge. “Ah I see, the baby topic.”


Flushing a little, Jongin gazed to the ground. It was nothing knew that Chanyeol could read him like an open book and yet it embarrassed him over and over again how transparent he seemed to be to his best friend.


Eventually letting go of his arm, Chanyeol sighed softly. “Do you want to talk about it?”


“No, it’s okay.”


“Come on, I know that something is bugging you because of it. Tell me everything,” the taller said. “But first let’s go and get a coffee.”


Following his friend to the next coffee shop, they ordered themselves some hot drinks and then found a quiet place in the corner of the moderately visited cafe.


“So, now tell me,” Chanyeol spoke up after taking a sip of his pitch black coffee. “Why did the baby thoughts hit you again?”


Jongin hesitated to answer but Chanyeol’s eyes told him that he would not get away without telling him. “Ah, I just saw this little girl and-”


“It brought back your desire for a baby?”




A sigh slipped past the tall man’s lips.


“I know, you don’t understand.”


“True,” Chanyeol nodded. “I really don’t understand. I mean, I understand that you want to have a child but does it have to be now?”






“I’m almost 25.”


“Uh, yeah. I forgot, you're going to die soon.”


Jongin scowled at the sarcastic joke. “My sister had already two kids when she was my age.”


“Yeah, but your sister got married when she was twenty. You don’t even have a partner.”


“I don’t need a partner to have a child.”


Chanyeol tilted his head a little. “So, you’ve already planned it out? Getting pregnant by some random dude and then raising the child alone?”


“I’m not planning on getting pregnant by some random dude,” Jongin huffed in annoyance. “There are other options of getting pregnant.”


“And yet you’d get pregnant by some random dude,” Chanyeol countered. “Jongin, don’t get me wrong. If you really want to have a baby, my opinion is the last you should spend a thought on but do you really want this? Let’s pretend you really get this artificial insemination done and it turns out positive and then you, because fate wants it that way, meet someone. Someone you fall in love with.”


“That’s some wild imagination play you have there.”


“All I want to say is that you maybe should wait a little longer. You’re young, it won’t hurt you to wait another two years. And hey, maybe by then you’ve found the one you actually want to have kids with.”


“And what if not?”


“Oh, Jongin,” Yeol groaned.


“But I want to have a baby now,” Jongin whined, pursing his lips into a pout. “Nothing would speak against it. I’m financially stable and I can give a child all it needs.”


Chanyeol kept quiet for a moment and just looked at his friend. “Okay,” he then sighed, shaking his head a little. “You know that I’m not really a fan of your way of thinking and I won’t change my mind on all this artificial insemination stuff but if you really decide that this is the only option for you, I want you to know that I’m there for you. No matter what.”


“Thanks,” Jongin said, lips curling into a smile. “I’ll let you know when the time has come.”


“Wow, that does not sound as if you planned on going to get it done tomorrow.”


“No, not really.”


“If you want it that bad, what holds you back?” Chanyeol wanted to know.


Pouring out his heart, Jongin told his best friend about the two things that made it hard for him to finally make the last step.


“Well, I see where you’re coming from and I totally agree.” Yeol said. “Isn’t there the option of maybe getting in contact with the possible donor to find that out?”


“But then it would not be anonymous anymore.”


“Ah yeah, I forgot, it’s all anonymous.” Picking up his coffee, Chanyeol hummed into the cup.


“What?” Jongin asked.”


“Nothing,” the older shook his head. “I just thought about all this stuff. I mean it’s good that there is this option for people who cannot have children on their own but don’t you think it’s also weird. It’s like ordering baby. You say what you want to have and they give it to you.”


“God, you make it sound like a bad thing.”


“But isn’t true? I mean if you go there, you flip open a book and choose from nothing but optical characteristics, right? You may know that your baby will be the mix of you and some tall guy with hazel eyes and raven hair, but you’ll never know how this guy actually is. Is he choleric or an egoistic asshole? Is he hot tempered or tends to aggression? You’ll never know and maybe one day find out because your child shows one of those characteristics because it runs in its blood.”

Jongin scowled. “Great, now you just gave me another reason to add to the con list.”


“Sorry,” Yeol apologized. “That wasn’t my attention. But did you ever think of it?”


“No, not really. But I guess I have to live with that and hope that it won’t get any bad characteristics inherited.


“What do you parents say to all this?”


“They don’t know. Nobody knows.”


“Expect me?”


“Yes,” Jongin nodded. “You’re the only one who knows.”


“What would you tell them if you, one day, would come home to them knowing you’re expecting?”


“I don’t know,” Jongin shrugged. “I haven’t thought that far. I haven’t had the chance to test what their reactions to an artificial insemination would be, yet.”


“And if their reaction would be bad?”


“Then I’ll just tell them that I got knocked up by an one-night-stand.”


Chanyeol made a sound. “Oh man, you really want to have a baby, huh?”


“Yes,” Jongin mumbled, pouting. “Badly.”


“Isn’t there a guy in your closer environment that you like or could ask for-” the man paused. “Sperm?”


Jongin gasped. “What? You mean like asking someone I know to become my donor?”


“Yes,” Yeol nodded. “I know it’s weird but at least you’d know what you’re getting yourself into, right? And almost sure that there would be plenty of guys who’d like to become your baby daddy.”


Jongin flushed bright red. “W-what are you saying? A-and anyways, what should I tell them?”


“You could say nothing,” Chanyeol said, shrugging a little. “Or just being honest with them. I’m sure for a little money a lot would say yes if they, in the end, are free from any responsibilities. And some fur sure would also do it for free if it means that they can spend a night with you.”


Again flushing, Jongin let out an embarrassed whine. “Chanyeol!”


“I’m sorry,” the man laughed. “But seriously. Isn’t there someone you would rather have as a donor than some random stranger?”


“I don’t know.”


“Really? Nobody that looks appealing to you and also has a character you’d like your baby to have?”




“What's with this dude from the dancing school? The one who leads the hip-hop class?”


“No,” Jongin shook his head. “He's too weird, I don't know.”


Chanyeol hummed. “I don't believe you, to be honest. I'm sure there's someone you look at and think 'Yep, that's the guy I'd be okay to have a child with’.”




“P-pardon?” Chanyeol's mouth fell open and his eyes widened. “Me?”


Jongin flushed bright red, he could feel his cheeks and ears burning. “W-well, you wanted an honest answer, didn't you?”


“True, but I'd not have guessed that it would be me. Why, though?”


“Please, I'm not going to tell you why,” Jongin wailed.


“But I'd like to know, “ Yeol said. “And who knows, if the reason is to my like I might say yes.”


Jongin gasped. “Don't say such a thing!”


“What, maybe it's true.”


“Don't make fun of me like this.” Anger was rising in Jongin and it brought tears to his eyes. “That's not nice.”


“I'm sorry,” Yeol instantly apologized. He reached over the table to give his friends hand a squeeze. “I didn't mean to. Though, it's true. I'd like toh why it would be me.”


“Oh please, as if you’d not know.”


“I really don’t,” Yeol said. “How am I supposed to know?!”


Jongin bit down his lips and gazed away for a second. “W-well,” he then started. “Apart from the fact that you’re very handsome, you’re the most humble person I’ve ever met. You’re smart and funny and it’s just nice to be around you.”


Chanyeol’s lips curled into a smile. “That’s very nice to hear, thank you.”


Jongin was still slightly blushing and didn’t know what else to do than nodding his head a little.


“So, and you mean it? You’d rather take me than some random donor?”


“W-well, y-yeah. If I c-could choose the-” “Then let’s do it.”


“W-what,” Jongin stuttered. “Y-you mean?”


“Yes,” the older nodded. “If you really want to have a baby, I’d become your donor.”


“But you’re so against it.”


Chanyeol sighed. “I won’t be able to stop you, would I? And I rather help you out than knowing that you go and get it somewhere else.”


“A-and you really mean it?”




“T-then okay. I mean, if you really would do it then-”


“Great,” Chanyeol said, eyes curving when he flashed Jongin a toothy smile.

It was weird at first, thinking of Chanyeol as his donor and Jongin was still in shock over the fact that his friend so easily was okay with becoming his baby daddy but all in all he was happy, too.


This way he knew where his baby would gets it genes from and he also knew that Chanyeol would always be there for him and the baby, no matter what.


And though all of Jongin’s worries and problems seemed to have been solved with Chanyeol becoming his donor, one thing made it all very awkward for them. And this thing was the ‘how’.

“So, uh, did you think of it?”


Jongin looked up from the book he was reading. “What?”


“Did you think of how we’re going to do it?”


“Uhm, no,” the younger answered. “Not yet.”


Chanyeol hummed. “Is there the possibility of getting it done like an artificial insemination?”


“I’m not sure,” Jongin said. “We could get it done this way if one of us would have a health problem. But we’re both healthy, so-”


“Well, then the only option left is the good old fashioned way, huh?”


Nodding, Jongin hummed. His cheeks and ears were on fire and the thought alone of having sex with his best friend had him burning on the insides. Yeah sure, Chanyeol was an attractive man but Jongin had never thought of actually having sex with him. They were best friends after all.


Sucking in a deep breath, the ballet teacher looked at his friend. “Uh, s-shall we set something like a t-time or certain day f-for that?”


“I don’t know, Saturday maybe?” Chanyeol asked. “And do you want to do it here or upstairs?”


With ‘upstairs’ Chanyeol was referring to his own apartment. Though they both had their own flats, they basically lived together and that was due not least to the fact that Chanyeol always walked past Jongin’s kitchen and living room to reach the stairs that lead to his rooms by using the backdoor instead of his own, separate entrance.


When Jongin learned that his late aunt had inherited him a house, he was overwhelmed. The white brick house was huge and Jongin did not know what to do with all the available rooms until a friend of his suggested to transform the upper rooms into an apartment.


He quickly grew fond of the idea of having an extra side income with the rent the apartment would bring but he was not really fond of having some total stranger living with him, even though it would’ve been in separate rooms, on different floors.


It was all to his luck when Chanyeol came to him one day, crying that he got kicked out of his small two rooms apartment. He was fast to offer Chanyeol the newly renovated apartment in his house and though he could’ve easily rent it to someone else, Jongin was happy that Chanyeol eventually agreed on taking over the granny annexe.


“Uh, h-here maybe?”


“Fine with me,” Chanyeol said, giving a smile. “I’m on my way to the grocery store, do you need anything?”


“Oh, could you get me some dish soap, mine’s empty.”


“Sure thing, I’ll be back soon.”


As Chanyeol went to shop, Jongin thought about their friendship. Sometimes he almost forgot that he and Chanyeol were friends for only a couple of years. They happened to meet at a bar when Jongin was harassed by some random, drunk dude and Chanyeol stepped in to rescue him.


He didn’t have to but Chanyeol stayed with Jongin until his friends arrived and Jongin still blushes at the memory of him stuttering out a thank you and telling Chanyeol that he’d be his hero.


The playful character the older was, he winked at Jongin. “Superman got nothing on me. And in case you need help some other time, you should give me your number.”


That’s how it all began and now, five years later, Jongin was glad that he did give Chanyeol his number. The tall stage designer was always there when Jongin needed him, no matter what time of the day and Jongin would not want to miss any day without Chanyeol in his live. The man was the best that had ever happened to him so far and sometimes it saddened Jongin that he could not show Chanyeol how thankful he was for their friendship.


Totally lost in thoughts, reminiscing, Jongin jumped in shock when Chanyeol walked into the room, throwing a big pack of crunchy M&M’s at him. “Uwah!”


Chanyeol himself jumped too at the startled sound his friend made. “Holy shit, sorry,” he breathed out. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”


Huffing, Jongin shook his head. “It’s okay, I was a little spaced out.” Gazing into his lap, he picked up the M&M’s. “What’s this for?”


“They’re on sale and since you love the crunchy ones so much, I thought I bring you some.”


“Thank you,” Jongin beamed, squeezing the pack in joy. “Thank you, thank you!”


“Actually,” Yeol hummed while walking towards the kitchen. “I bought all five remaining packs.”


“Five?” Jongin squeaked, jumping off the couch. “Oh my god, I love you! I love you! I love you! You are the best!”


Chanyeol laughed out. “I love you too.”

Saturdays were lazy days. Since Jongin always had off on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays were the days he barely moved. Being in action all week long, he thought it was his right to be nothing but lazy on those two days.


Normally he spent his weekends with gaming, watching movies or napping. Chanyeol was always a great company, especially in the evenings. The man usually brought home some take-out and joined Jongin on the couch, falling into a lazy state too.


This Saturday was no exception and yet it was so different from all the other Saturdays they had spent together. Chanyeol came home around six, bringing along a large sized pizza. After dropping the big pizza box onto the coffee table, he then went to take a shower. It was just as usual as always but knowing that the night would not end the way it usually would had Jongin’s nerves fluttering and heart thumping.


Tonight was the night, he and Chanyeol would have sex. Sex in order to fulfill Jongin’s dearest wish. Knowing that tonight could be the night he finally could get a step closer to this wish coming true pleased Jongin and yet the feeling of nervousness prevailed.


He tensed when Chanyeol stepped into the living room, back from his shower. “T-that was a quite long shower,” he stated, tough he had actually no idea of how long his friend had been gone.


Chanyeol sighed. “I think I pulled a muscle or something,” he said. “The water was soothing, I couldn’t get myself from getting out. Sorry if I made you wait.”


“Ah no, it’s fine,” Jongin said. “Does it hurt?”


“It’s does but it’s much better now. Don’t worry about it,” the man smiled. Plopping down the couch, he reached for the pizza box. “So, what movie today?”


“I thought of a The Silence Of The Lambs and maybe Hannibal afterwards?”


Chanyeol quirked a brow at the younger. “Are you sure? Last time we watched such a movie we had to watch Winnie Pooh to calm you down afterwards.”


“T-that might be true,” Jongin said, feeling a little embarrassed. “But I’ve never seen it before and it’s a classic, isn’t it?”


“Well okay, I’m up for it. But if you feel uncomfortable say so, we can stop it any time you want.”


This was something Jongin loved Chanyeol for the most. The man was so understanding that Jongin sometimes could not believe it. Other friends always made fun of him for not having the never of watching horror movies or thrillers but Chanyeol was different. He would not laugh when Jongin flinched, shrieked or covered his eyes. He would pause the movie any time and even cuddle him when he would get too scared.


Years ago Jongin would never have thought of sitting at home watching a movie in which a man kills and eats people but with Chanyeol by his side, he was willing to give it a try.


The first half an hour of the movie the pizza was a great distraction for Jongin. Everytime he could not stand on looking at the screen he simply focused on the cheesy slices of food, watching as the cheese stretched, creating strings. But once the pizza was gone it was hard for him to endure the movie.


Chanyeol had his eyes fixed on the TV. Every now and then his brows furrowed or raised in surprise and only when he turned his head to Jongin, the ballet teacher noticed that he was staring at his friend.


“Scared?” He got asked and he was fast to nod.


“Then come here.”


Moving over, snuggling against his friends side, Jongin let out a deep sigh. Feeling safe and secure with Chanyeol’s arm wrapped around him, it was much easier to watch as Hannibal Lecter broke out of his prison cell.


The main movie was torture for Jongin but the sequel was even worse. Soon he was not able to hide that fact that he had reached his limits because he was practically trembling. He blinked his squeezed shut eyes back open when the room suddenly fell into silence. “W-why did you turn it off?”


“Because you’re more than scared,” Chanyeol said. “And I have the feeling that you only chose this movies to keep me busy.”


“W-what? N-no. Why would I?”


“Jongin, if you don’t want to do this, just tell me,” the man said. “I know this is awkward and I’m nervous about it, too. But hell, I won’t do anything you’re not ready for it.”


“N-no, I want to b-but you’re right, I’m really nervous. It’s just, you know, we’re best friends and-”


Chanyeol nodded. “I understand. But I offered to help you, right? It won’t change anything between us. I’ll still buy you M&M’s and I’ll still watch Winnie Pooh with you when you’re scared.”


The comment was able to make Jongin smile. “Thank you,” he said.


“You’re more than welcome. So, shall we try?”


Nodding, Jongin breathed and in closed his eyes when Chanyeol grabbed him by the chin. When their lips eventually met, his heart skipped a beat. It was strange kissing his best friend but not unpleasant.


Fisting his hands into the lose shirt Chanyeol was wearing, Jongin could feel his heart thumping in his chest when the tip of Chanyeol’s tongue nudged his bottom lip, asking for entrance.


His mind was clouded as they kissed and the feeling that bubbled up in Jongin’s stomach made him wanting more but when Chanyeol eventually slipped a hand under his shirt, panic took over.


Breaking the kiss, Jongin moved away a little. “I’m s-sorry,” he breathed out. “I c-”


“It’s okay,” Chanyeol smiled, being as understanding as always. He let his hands travel up to Jongin's upper arms and rubbed them. “Don’t push yourself.”


Nodding his head, Jongin returned the smile. “Thank you.”


“Shall we watch another movie? Something funny perhaps?”


Jongin was glad that it was so easy for Chanyeol to break the slight awkward state they were in and he nodded. “Megamind?”


“Oh, I love this movie,” the older grinned. “Shall we top it with some ice-cream. I’ve got a contianter upstairs.”


“Sounds perfect.”


Even though they had kissed the night before, the morning after their movie night was not awkward at all. Jongin was nervous about it but Chanyeol was his natural joyous self and with his positive attitude all of Jongin’s worries flew out of the window.


Like almost every Sunday they had late breakfast together. And while Chanyeol worked on perfecting his omelette skills, Jongin set the table.


“Can I ask you something?”


“Sure,” Chanyeol nodded as he sat down at the table.


“D-do you think you’ll be able to go back to where we were yesterday?”


“Yes,” the man said without hesitation. “Let me be honest with you, you’re hell of a good kisser. Damn.”


Jongin flushed bright red. “W-well, t-thank you?”


Chanyeol laughed out. “Just don’t push yourself into things you don’t want to do, okay? I mean it. And if you come to conclusion that you actually don’t want to do this, there’s nothing wrong with telling me. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want and might regret in the end.”


Pursing his lips into a pout, Jongin looked at his best friend. “Why are you so perfect? You’re truly my hero.”


“Told you before, right? Superman got nothing on me.”

Weeks went by and more than just another round of making out had not happened between the friends. Jongin just couldn’t bring himself to finally do it. The fear that things could get awkward between them had stopped him once again from coming his baby dream closer.


And though they shared yet another quite intimate moment, nothing changed. Their relationship was still the same and Jongin was glad for it.


“Do you have any plans for tonight?”


Shaking his head Jongin hummed. “Only the usual, transforming into a sloth.”


Chanyeol chuckled. “Would you mind to move this transformation to tomorrow?”




“I have to tickets for the premiere of the stage play I worked for and I don’t want to go alone. There will be a gathering afterwards with food and drinks.”


“Hm, sounds nice,” Jongin said. “Do I have to dress up for that?”


“You can wear whatever you like, tough most of the people will probably wear something formal.”


“Alright, then I guess I have to get out a dress shirt. When do I have to be ready?”


“Six,” Chanyeol said. “The play starts at seven.”


“Okay, I’ll be done my that time.”




The play was awesome and Chanyeol had done an amazing job on the stage set. He earned himself praise from all sides and it was cute to see his normally so collected friend blushing and bashfully smiling at everyone.


To celebrate the premiere and Chanyeol’s good work, the two friends went to the bar they had met each other. It didn’t surprise them to run into their friends there and soon their table was filled with various kinds of drinks, all from beer to colorful cocktails and shots.


Around three in the morning the group, more drunk than sober, shared a cab home. The driver was generous enough to take all six people with him, even though it meant that the car was overloaded. Jongin took seat in Chanyeol lap, giggling as the older tried to strap them both into the seat with the seatbelt.


Of course it didn’t work and so Chanyeol in the end gave up. Wrapping an arm around his friend, Chanyeol held Jongin in place. “Human seatbelt,” he blurred out, chuckling.


The ride home was not long but it soon turned into a ride of hell for the stage designer. Jongin, all giggly and hyper, moved back and forth in his lap, unthinkingly rubbing his round behind against very sensitive terrain.


Suking in a breath, Chanyeol grabbed the younger by the hips. “Fuck, sit still,” he growled into his ear.


Jongin turned his head to look at Chanyeol. “Why?”


His question answered itself when he moved again and he could feel a bump against the back of his thighs. A bump that was not there moments earlier. Curling his lips into a smirk, Jongin shifted again, making sure that his ass was in full contact with the tent his best friends jeans.


He had his fun but his teasing backfired immediately. Chanyeol not having any of it, moved his hands from his hip to his thighs, slipping between them. Jongin sucked in a breath when the inside of his legs were groped with Chanyeol's fingers digging into the flesh.


“Jongin, are you okay?” One of their friends asked.


“Y-yeah,” he stuttered out. “Perfectly fine.”


“Just don’t puke into my car,” the cab driver grumbled as he set the blinker.


Jongin was more than glad that the car was dark and nobody could see the bulge in his pants. For the remaining time of the drive he tried to cover his front with his hands and he almost let out a cry of joy when the driver pulled over to let them out.


Chanyeol threw a couple for bills at their friends to pay their share and literally slammed the car door shut. When the cab was out of sight, he grabbed Jongin by the neck and pulled him into a heated kiss.


Jongin moaned into the kiss and grabbed the front of Chanyeol’s jacket. “How dare you?” he harshly whispered against the taller’s lips. “They could’ve noticed something.”


“You started it,” Chanyeol grumbled as he pulled Jongin along over to the house. “I told you to sit still.”


Kissing, with tongues fighting for dominance they somehow made it into their home and into Jongin’s living room. The younger huffed when his back hit the couch. Pulling Chanyeol on top of him, he captured his lips once again.


The foot that senaked itself between his legs had Chanyeol growling when it came in contact with his crotch. Bucking his hips a little, he pulled away from Jongin. “You’re such a tease when you’re drunk.”


“I’m not drunk,” Jongin countered. “You are.”


“Not as drunk as you,” the taller bickered back.




“I’m still sober enough to get you naked.”


Jongin didn’t doubt it. He lifted his hips off the couch when Chanyeol unbuttoned his pants and peeled them off his legs. His dress shirt and boxers followed only moments later and the young man moaned out when he was flipped over. On all fours, Jongin hummed when a kiss was pressed to his nape.


Reaching out, pointing at the coffee table he tried to get Chanyeol’s attention. “U-under the table.”


Chanyeol pulled away to grab a bottle of Aloe gel. “That’s all I got,” Jongin breathed out.


“Will work.”


Of course it did. Jongin let out a shaky moan when he got prepared. The natural cooling effect of the gel sent shivers down his spine when Chanyeol pushed a finger into him. Bucking his hip, he grabbed to the armrest of the couch, moaning.


A long throaty mewl slipped past Jongin’s lips when Chanyeol eventually replaced his fingers, slowly pushing himself into him. Mind clouded and body on fire, ready to get as much as pleasure as possible, Jongin pushed back against the taller.


Chanyeol grunted, tightly gripping onto the younger’s hips. Pulling back and thrusting back in he growled at the moan he was able to tickle out of his friend.


Soon nothing but moans, mewls and the sound of skin meeting skin echoed from the room walls. Jongin was panting, bringing a hand between his legs when he felt a knot forming in his stomach.


Obviously having the same feeling, Chanyeol picked up his pace. Snapping his hips forwards he watched his length moving in and out of Jongin, admiring the way the younger’s round bum jiggled whenever he thrust into him.


Jongin’s whole body shook in pleasure when he came and he tightly clenched around the pulsating inches inside him. Chanyeol groaned loudly and stilled for a second. Reaching behind him, Jongin grabbed the man’s thigh, digging his nails into the flesh. “K-keep going,” he rasped. “D-don’t pull ou-ah!”


Chanyeol leaned over and bit down Jongin’s caramel skin when he came, grunting softly as he rode out his orgasm with quick thrusts. Straightening his back again and pulling out, he growled at the sight of cum dripping down the back of Jongin’s thighs.


Jongin was heaving, still trying to catch his breath when he pushed himself up and turned around to face Chanyeol. Their eyes met but Jongin’s gaze soon fell onto the taller’s parted lips. Grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt, he pulled him close.


“More,” he breathed out, nipping at Chanyeol’s lips. “Let's do it again.”

That one drunken night was all they needed to fall into a literal rut. The sex they had, had the perfect amount of sugar and spice and made it impossible for them to keep their hands to themselves.


With their newfound intimacy things started to change. Jongin more and more found himself sneaking upstairs into Chanyeol’s bed at night for cuddles, innocent touches and kisses and the stage designer didn’t seem to mind at all.


Soon random touches and kisses were exchanged whenever they were together and it made them realize that they had gone way past the borders of just being friends. They were so comfortable with each other that they couldn't even use the term of friends with benefits to describe their relationship.


It was yet another night where Jongin found himself walking towards Chanyeol’s bedroom instead of his own and he fell into the man’s arms, sighing softly.


“Are you okay?” Chanyeol asked, pressing his lips against the younger’s temple.


“It was an exhausting day,” Jongin mumbled. He had his eyes closed and breathed in the scent of Chanyeol’s body wash.


“Tomorrow will be better.”


Blinking his eyes back open, Jongin lifted his head to look at the taller. “I got asked out today.”


Chanyeol’s face immediately darkened. His eyes narrowed and he frowned. “And what did you say?”


“I refused,” Jongin said. Moving, he sat up. “Chanyeol, what are we?” He asked, waiting for the older to answer.


“If someone would ask me, I’d say more than friends.”


“But are we more than lovers as well?”


“I hope you want to be,” Chanyeol said, lips curling into a soft smile. “Because I just got hit by jealousy when you told me that you got asked out. By whom by the way? I need to put that dude into place!”


Jongin chuckled softly. “It was a woman. One of the new dance instructors at the academy.”


“Whatever, I’ll put her in place.”


“Do you love me?”


“Since the day you gave me your number.”


Jongin laughed out. “And since when do you love me more than just a friend?”


“Since the night you first sneaked into my bed,” Chanyeol answered.


“Can I call you my boyfriend, now?”


“Oh, I hope you will.”


Moving back into a lying position, Jongin rested his head against Chanyeol’s shoulder. “Why now? Why didn’t we see it earlier?”


Chanyeol hummed. “Maybe we’re just so comfortable with each other that it blinded us. And since none of us had any serious dates in the past years, we didn’t have a reason to get jealous.”


“Well, now we have.”


“Oh yeah, don’t remind me,” Yeol said, grumbling. “Just the thought of you being surrounded by all this athletic dancer boys has me boiling.”


Lifting his head, Jongin brushed his plump lips against the older’s jaw. “Don’t worry. None of them is even nearly as charming as you are.”


Turning his head, Chanyeol met Jongin for a kiss. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”


Jongin never really believed in the stories of best friends falling in love with each other because he always was thought that relationships like this would become very awkward. But now where it had happened to himself, he had to admit that had been wrong all the time.


Having your best friend as your boyfriend was awesome. There were no bumpy dates, no awkward and embarrassing get to know each other talks and possible topics that could turn into quarrels eliminated itselves because they knew what their opposite liked or not and how to approach each other.


Yes, having your best friend as your boyfriend was great and yet Jongin soon stumbled over something that, in his thoughts, could put their newfound love to its first test.


In all the weeks, that slowly turned into months, of floating on cloud nine, Jongin had forgotten about what actually had triggered the sexually intimate relationship they now had. He was hardly reminded after being hospitalized due to losing consciousness at work.


“In your circumstances you really shouldn’t be this physically active,” the doctor said. “Teaching is one thing but with a fetus growing under your heart you should not dance like this.”


At first Jongin thought he misheard what the doctor had said and stunned from the fact that he obviously was expecting, he blurred out that he had no idea of his pregnancy.


“Wait, you don’t know yet?”


Jongin shook his head. “N-no. This is completely new to me.”


“Oh well,” the medic cleared his throat. “That surprises me. Your hCG level is at 9000 U/L after all.”


“A-and what does that mean?”


“It means that you’re seven to eight weeks along. And you didn’t notice anything yet?”




“Is it your first pregnancy?”




“Hm, very unusual. Normally males notice the change in their body quite early. Were there time you felt nauseous or dizzy, exhausted or you simply felt unwell.”


“That are all things I experience in my daily life,” Jongin said. “Sometimes I don’t have the time to eat, so I feel nauseous or dizzy during work. And I’m pretty much exhausted 24/7.”


“These are some very concerning informations.” The doctor frowned and scribbled something down onto the note pad that lay in front of him on the desk. “I think I don’t have to tell you that you have to change your lifestyle drastically, yeah?”


Jongin nodded his head, humming. “But what does that exactly mean? Do I have to stop dancing?”


“For now, yes. The risk of miscarriage is high in the first three to four months. Overexertion of the body can lead to that, same goes for undernourishment. You have to start eating proper meals throughout the day. Having a baby growing inside of you is hard work for your body, hence it needs more energy. You should make sure to have a healthy, well balanced diet so your body gets all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.”


A deep sigh escaped Jongin as he tried to remember all the things the doctor told him while still figuring out if he was actually happy that he was finally expecting the child he so badly wanted to have.


“You don’t sound very delighted,” the medic stated. “Do you perhaps don’t want this child?”


“No,” Jongin instantly said, shaking his head. “I want this child but it’s a little unexpected and all the informations you just gave me is a little much to take in right now.”


“Oh well, you don’t have to worry. I’ll give you some informations material and if you want I can write you down the title of a pregnancy guide for athletes. It’s very good guidebook.”


“Oh yes, I would appreciate that very much.”


Smiling at him the doctor turned away from a second and rummaged in one of his desk drawers, collecting a bunch of papers. Jongin gazed over the desk when the man put all the papers into a clear folder and then added a bright yellow post-it with the name of the guidebook he had spoken of.


Jongin took the folder when it was handed over to him. “O-okay,” he said. “Is that all for today? Can I leave now?”


“Oh, of course you can,” the doctor said, blinking his eyes as he seemed to be obviously surprised by Jongins asked. “But don’t you want to take a look at the baby?”


“O-oh,” the young ballet dancer voiced out. “Of course I want. Sorry, my mind is a little muddle up.”


“No need to apologize,” the doctor said, mentioning Jongin to move over to the treatment table to lay down for the sonography. “But may I ask if everything is okay?”


“What do you mean?” Jongin asked while shifting into a lying position.


“Well, you just said that your mind is a little muddled up right now and you didn’t take the baby news with much joy though you mentioned that the pregnancy is not unwanted, so I assume there’s maybe something going on in your private life that dulls your actual delight.”


Jongin hummed. “Well, that's actually true.” He flinched a little when the doctor squirted some of the cold gel onto his exposed belly.


“It probably sound very inquisitive but may I ask if you will be a single parent? Because if so and you need help, I can give you support on getting help.”


“Oh, that’s very nice but I don’t need any help. I’m in a relationship.”


The doctor smiled. “That’s good to hear.”


“Are there many expecting’s who need help?”


“Unfortunately, yes,” the medic answered whilst leaning over to switch on the monitor of the sonography machine. “I’ve been working in this field for over twenty years and in the past few years I sadly had to discover that more and more, especially young people, come here that need serious help because they’re ending up single halfway through the pregnancy or are already coming here as a single parent.”


“What do think, why is it like that?” Jongin wanted to know.


“I think it’s because times have changed,” the medic said. “Not many young people have proper jobs. Most of the people your age are still studying and therefore they’re not able to actually cover the costs a baby comes with. I think money is the number one thing young couples split up when there’s a baby on the way.”


Jongin nodded to himself. “When I decided to have a baby I also thought about the finances first. But I’m not short on money, fortunately.”


“That’s good to hear. But then why is your mood so gloomy?”


“Ah, it’s hard to explain,” Jongin said, sighing a little. “I don’t even know myself. This baby is not unwanted and yet I’m suddenly afraid that it might affect my relationship.”


“But when this baby is not unwanted, then your partner will be delighted to hear about the news, won’t he?”


“I g-guess. I hope so.”


“I’m sure he will,” the doctor smiled, nodding at the monitor. “Just look at this. I’m sure his heart will burst in joy.”


Jongin wanted to believe it but he had doubts. He looked at the monitor of the ultrasound and watched as the doctor pointed at the screen, explaining what was what. There was nothing much to see yet but the more he looked at the small black blob that was supposed to be his baby, the more he could feel the joy sparking up he, earlier, was missing.


The unexpected visit at the hospital ended with Jongin walking out of the treatment room with the folder full of information material and the very first ultrasound image of his baby. The news of him actually being expecting still baffled him and though he now was a little more joyous, knowing that he finally would have a baby, he still was nervous to tell Chanyeol.


Much had changed in just a couple of months, Chanyeol and he had gotten from being friends to lovers and though he knew that Chanyeol would probably be happy to hear the news, Jongin was really afraid that their relationship would take a drastic turn.


He couldn’t really explain why, but he was afraid.


Planning in mind how he would break the news to Chanyeol, jongin jumped in shock when his boyfriend came run towards him in the hallway of the emergency ward. “What are you doing here?!”


“What do you mean, why I’m here?” Chanyeol asked, blinking his big eyes in confusion. “The dance studio called me and told me that you collapsed and was brought here. What happened? Are you okay?”


“I a-am,” Jongin said, swallowing. “I was a little dizzy and lost consciousness. I simply didn’t eat and drink enough.”


Frowning, Chanyeol hummed. “You’ve always had a problem with that,” he mumbled. “You’re not taking enough breaks.”


“I k-know.”


A deep sigh left Chanyeol. “Babe really, I was so worried. They couldn’t tell what was actually wrong with you and when I arrived here I was not allowed to see you. You can’t continue like that.”


Jongin nodded his head. “Yes, I know. The doctor told me the same and I’ll change it.”


“Alright,” Yeol said. “Then let’s get out of here and head home to get you something to eat.”


Jongin was grabbed him his hand and his heart was thumping in his chest as Chanyeol pulled him along out of the hospital. He knew he had to break the news but he just didn’t know how.


Arrived at home Chanyeol parked him on the couch and went to make something quick to eat. Jongin hid the information material from the doctor under the coffee table and stiffly sat back, waiting for Chanyeol to come back.


He was served a grilled chicken sandwich and a pint of orange juice and he had Chanyeol eyes on him when he picked the sandwich up and bit into it. “Good?”


Jongin nodded. “Yes,” he honestly said. It actually felt really good to have something to fill his neglected his stomach with.


He finished the entire sandwich and leaned back into the cushions of the couch, deeply sighing. “I’m full. More than full.”


“Good,” Chanyeol smiled, also leaning back. “I really hope you’ll start taking better care of yourself. I know you love dancing and you love teaching but you really have to take care of yourself.”


“I know.”  Jongin glaced down to the hand that came to rest on his thigh and hummed when Chanyeol gave it a gentle squeeze. “I promise to take better care.”


Chanyeol stayed silent for a moment and Jongin couldn’t tell what he was thinking as he looked at him. “There’s something bugging you, right?” The stage designer eventually spoke up. “What is it?”


Jongins breath hitched for a second. “It’s nothing,” he then said. “I’m just a little shocked from what has happened.”


“Maybe you should go, take a shower and then lean back to relax a little,” Chanyeol suggested.


“Yeah, I think you’re right.”


Following his boyfriend’s suggestion, Jongin went to take a long shower and then made himself comfortable on the couch, wrapping himself into a fluffy blanket. Binging his favorite drama for the rest of the afternoon, he eventually fell asleep.


Chanyeol woke him up around half past seven in the evening to tell him that he ordered some pizza. “I know it’s nothing special but I had some work to do and had no time to cook.”


“Oh, that’s completely fine,” Jongin said, gifting the older a smile. “Why didn’t you go back to work? You’re working on a new project, right?”


“I do but I didn’t want to leave you alone.”


“But all I did was watching TV and sleeping. You could’ve gone.”


“I know but I didn’t feel like leaving you alone,” Chanyeol said.


A little shy, Jongin gazed into his lap. “Thanks,” he said, looking back. He leaned forwards and hummed when Chanyeol gave him a kiss.


“Let’s eat before the pizza gets cold.”


The day ended with them having a chill evening, eating the pizza and watching a movie. Jongin climbed into bed around midnight. Chanyeol was taking a shower and while Jongin waited for him to join him, he found himself over and over gazing down his body to his still flat stomach.


He finally had made decision to tell Chanyeol, though he still didn’t know what words to use. It was driving him crazy and as he tried to find the right words to break the news, he didn’t realize that he started to cry in all his nervousness.


Chanyeol walked into him sobbing into the sleeves of his shirt and it was far too late to hide his tears as Chanyeol rushed to his side, looking at him with a worried, confused expression. “Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”


Taking a deep breath, Jongin wiped his eyes. “I’ve got to tell you something.”




“U-uh, wait. I’ve got to get something.”


Jongin quickly climbed out of the bed and rushed over to the living room to get the folder the doctor gave him. Chanyeol looked at him in wonder when he came back and patiently waited for him to sit back down in the bed.


“There’s a reason for why I’ve collapsed today. It was something to do with me not eating and working to much but the major reason is-” he paused and fumbled the ultrasound photo out of the folder and gave it to Chanyeol. “This.”


Chanyeol’s face almost instantly lit up the second he laid eyes on the print. “Oh my god,” he breathed out, brightly smiling. “You’re pregnant. That’s awesome.”


“I-it is,” Jongin nodded, softly smiling.


The soft spoken words had Chanyeol frowning. “Are you not happy? This is what you wanted, right? You always wanted to have baby. Aren’t you happy?”


“I am.”


“But why are you crying then? And why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


“I was nervous.”


Chanyeol shook his head a little. “I’m confused. Why would you be nervous?”


“I don’t k-know,” the ballet dancer said. “I can’t explain why but I feel like things are changing now.”


“Why would they? I mean, you’re right, things will change now that there’s a baby on the way but that doesn’t mean things between us change.”


Close to tears again, Jongin let out a whine. “I don’t know. It’s probably just because things turned out completely different than I expected. You offered to become my donor and I didn’t expect us to become what we are now and-” he paused, letting out a breath. “I’m just really nervous.”


“Babe-” Chanyeol cooed, reaching out to cup Jongin's face. “You don’t have to be nervous or even worried. I know things turned out way different than actually planned or expected but this really shouldn’t worry you. I’m still here for you. We’re together now but I’m still your best friend and all I’ve said when we agreed on trying for this baby still stand.”


Jongin lower lip started to quiver. “I know,” he said, starting to cry. “I just got really scared.” He was pulled into a sweet kiss and then a bear hug that had him deeply sighing.


“I’ve got you, Jongin,” Chanyeol said, rubbing his back. “There’s no need to be worried, scared or nervous. I’ve got you and we’ll rock this.”


“Yes,” the younger said, resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “I know.”

A month further into the unexpected pregnancy, Jongin wondered why he had ever been afraid of telling Chanyeol about the baby right away. He had been afraid of changes and there was a change but not one he had to actually worry about. The only thing that had changed ever since the pregnancy got known of, was their intimacy. Where they had been closer before, they were even closer now and Jongin was surprised that this was even possible.


Being 12 weeks along Jongin had to make some major changes and completely stopped working as morning sickness controlled his days. His maternity sickness was loud and it was getting him on the nerves.


“Oh my fucking god,” he cursed, slowly getting from the floor in front of the toilet. “Why? Just why?” Flushing the toilet, he went to rinse his mouth.


He didn’t bother to shut the door behind him and so Chanyeol could loudly and clearly hear everything that was going on in the bathroom. “You good?”


“I’m sick of it,” he grumbled. “I know it’s normal to have it but all day long? That sucks. And it doesn’t fit its name at all.”


Chanyeol snickered softly. “Well, that’s true. But hey, for all the trouble you’re put in you get a baby by the end of it.”


“Oh great,” Jongin huffed. “If I at least could already see something of it that would be great,” he said, poking his belly.


Due to his athletic figure, perfect physical state and tight stomach muscles Jongin had nothing more than a tiny bulge he could call a baby bump. It more looked like he had eaten a little too much and was bloated and it bothered him a little.


“Aw, come on,” Chanyeol cooed, trying to lift his boyfriend’s mood. “There soon will be a big bump. You’ve just got to give it a few more weeks.”


“Yeah, I know. I’m just a little upset about it. I wanted to have a belly to rub by now and not just a bulge.”


“You should see it positively,” Yeol said. “The smaller the bump the easier it is for you to walk around when he go shopping.”


The expecting smiled at the words. “Well yeah, that’s true. But as long as I have this unexpected puking going on we can’t go shopping.”


“I’m sure it’ll be over soon.”


“I hope so,” Jongin huffed. “I really want to go back to work. I feel like a prisoner in here. I have nothing to do.”


Chanyeol hummed, nodding his head. He could understand that Jongin was bored. Since the maternity sickness took a full hit on him he really wasn’t able to leave the house. He could only imagine what it was like to sit home the whole day but he could understand that Jongin was upset about it.  


“What about finding something to do in here?”


“Finding something to do in here?” Jongin repeated. “What do you mean by that?”


“Well, maybe renovating?”




Chanyeol nodded. “Which room did you plan to transform into the nursery?”


“Oh,” Jongin voiced out. “I actually thought of moving my bedroom to the smaller room next door and make the big one the nursery.”


“Do you want to rent out the upstairs rooms?”


“I don’t know. I actually haven’t thought about it yet.”


“Well, since we’re mostly sleeping down here I could move all my stuff down here and you could rent out the rooms again or we could move my office down here and make the nursery upstairs.”


“So, like using the whole house as living space?”




Jongin hummed. “But what’s with the kitchen upstairs and what will we do with the other room down here?”


Chanyeol thought for a second and put a hand on his chin while doing so. “Alright, what about using the upper rooms as our bedroom, the nursery and my office? We can easily convert the kitchen and make another bedroom out of it. And down here we could use the bigger room as a guest room and the smaller one could function as a laundry room. We move the washing machine there and replace its spot with a dishwasher. A dishwasher is long overdue.”


“True that,” the younger chuckled. “It all sounds very nice but do you think we can make it until the baby is born? That sounds like a lot of work.”


“Well, it’ll be a lot of work but we can do it.”


“But you’re so busy with work.”


“That won’t be a problem,” Chanyeol smiled. “And hey, we have a benefit.”


“And that’s what?”


“We can plan everything ahead. Renovating and converting is not much different from stage building. We can plan everything on the computer and then work it off room by room.”


“A-alright, and when do you want to start?”


“How about right now? You said you’re bored, right? Then let me get my laptop, measure out the rooms and then we can start planning.”


Clapping his hands together, Jongin let our a sound of joy. “Great! Then le-” he paused mid-sentence, sucking in a breath. “O-okay, no. Give me minute,” he uttered, cupping a hand over his mouth as he walked off, rushing towards the bathroom.


Chanyeol laughed out as he watched Jongin sinking to the floor, leaning over the toilet bowl. “Take your time.”


“Don’t make fun of me,” Jongin whined between choking on nothing. “That’s not nice.”


“I know, I know. I’m sorry.”


Still chuckling Chanyeol turned away from the open bathroom door and went upstairs. While Jongin was busy battling with his pregnancy side effects he went to get his laptop and a folding ruler. “Baby, can you tell me where you keep the blueprint of the house?”


“Bottom right of the dresser. It’s in the blue folder,” Jongin answered, choking again only a second later.


Chanyeol went to fetch and settled down on the couch, taking out the blueprint and unfolding it while his laptop booted up. Jongin plopped down right beside him when he was done vomiting. “Shall I make you some tea?” He offered, smiling at his boyfriend.


“No, thanks. I don’t feel like having tea,” Jongin answered. “What do you need the blueprint for?”


“I can use it to create a virtual 3d plan of the rooms. This way it’s easier for us to plan what to actually do with the rooms.”


“Wow, I didn’t know you’re able to do that. Aren’t those programs used by interior designers?”


“Too, yes. We stage designers use those programs to. It makes our work a whole lot easier.”


Jongin hummed in faszination and watched as Chanyeol created a virtual 3d replica of his house. He giggled when Chanyeol started to fill the empty rooms with furniture. “It’s like playing the sims.”


Chanyeol laughed out. “Yeah, it’s almost like it.”


The couple spent hours with planning the redecorating and converting of the rooms and Jongin’s creativity reached new dimensions. He had a lot of fun thinking of how to move things around the house and set up the furniture.


“Do you think we should get a dryer?” He asked when they constructed the laundry room.


“I don’t know. Would you like to have one?”


“I’m not sure. So far I never needed one but with a baby it might be practical.”


Chanyeol hummed, nodding. “Yeah, you’re right. A baby produces a lot of clothes.”


“Do you think it’s possible to put a dryer in that room?”


“Yes but then we have to move the shelves to the other wall. Since a dryer produces hot air we need space for it to emit this hot air. So I’d suggest to put it right under the window. We can put washer and dryer next to each other and put a panel on them to create a countertop.”


“Oh, that sounds good. The more work surface the better.”


“Alright, then let’s rearrange this room.”


All the virtual decorating and converting of the house was done when the clock struck dinner time and Jongin was close to starving when he helped Chanyeol cooking a light, healthy meal that matched his diet plan. “How much longer?”


“A few more minutes,” Yeol snickered. “The broccoli is not done yet.”


“Do we have to eat it? Can’t we just leave it and just eat the fish?” Jongin shined. “I’m really hungry.”


“Just a few more minutes,” Chanyeol said again. “And no, we won’t just leave the broccoli out. You know what the doctor said. You need a well balanced-” “Diet that covers all the nutrients,” Jongin finished, making a face. “I know. But it’s taking so long.”


“Why don’t you set the table? When you’re done the broccoli is fully cooked.”


“I hope so,” the expecting mumbled while trotting off to get some plates.


Chanyeol smiled to himself and shook his head. Jongin was not fully driven by his hormones yet but he could tell that the notorious mood swings were slowly but steady approaching and it amused him to see the younger in such a state where he had absolutely no control over his own feelings.


“Say, have you thought of finally telling your parents?” Chanyeol asked, watching as Jongin stopped chewing for a second. “You haven’t even spare a single thought on it, have you?”


“No, not really?”


“It’s about time.”


Jongin grimaced. “Your parents also don’t know yet.”


“That might be true but as you might remember is the relationship I have with my parents not that lovingly. They probably don’t even care. Unlike your family.”


“Oh god, I know,” the expecting whined. “But I don’t know how to tell them. Do I just go there and say ‘Hey everyone, I’m having a baby’ or what?”


“Yeah, why not?”


“Don’t be ridiculous.”


Chanyeol sighed softly. “It doesn’t actually matter how you tell them but you have to. At least before your belly starts to fully show.”


“I’m nervous. I mean they don’t even know that you and I are in a relationship.”


“Well, then it’s time. And let’s be honest. I’m sure they rather hear you telling them that you’re expecting my baby than the baby of a one-night-stand.”


Gazing to his plate, Jongin poked a piece of salmon. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll call them after dinner and ask them to meet up.”




“But let me get this straight. When my mother or my sister start to lecture me, we leave. I don’t have the nerve to put up with that.”


“Of course,” Chanyeol smiled. “But when you call them ask them to meet as soon as possible, okay?”


“Yeah, yeah.”


Much to Jongins distress his mother suggested to meet the following day and invited him and Chanyeol over for her family famous Sunday lunch. As soon as the words ‘Sunday’ and ‘lunch’ had slipped past her lips Jongin knew that everyone would be there. Not only his parents but his sisters, their partners and kids as well.


He wasn’t sure what to feel about it but at least he had Chanyeol with him and knowing that the older was there, having his back in case things would turn uncomfortable for him.


His mother was fast to open the door and nearly jumped at him, crushing him with a hug. “I should be mad at you for always ditching our family lunches but I’m just too happy to see you,” she said, planting a way too wet kiss onto his cheek.


“Y-yeah,” Jongin croaked out, trying to get her away from him. “I’m sorry for that but I was busy.”


“Really? Busy every Sunday? Hard to believe.” She quirked a brow at him and the pushed him aside, opening her arms for Chanyeol. “Chanyeol, my boy. Long time no see. You’re as handsome as ever.”


Chanyeol only laughed out and went in for the hug, bending his knees a little. When they pulled away again, he handed Jongin’s mother a bouquet of flowers. “Here, these are for you.”


“Oh my, thank you,” she smiled. “They’re beautiful. Now, come in, take off your shoes and take seat. Everyone’s already there and lunch is ready.”


Entering the dining room the couple was greeted by smiled. “Look who’s there, our baby brother. Who would’ve thought.”


The mocking of his oldest sister had Jongin scrunching his nose. Not responding to her he sat down, gifting his father a soft smile. “Hey, Dad.”


“Hello, son. It’s nice to see you. It’s been a while.”


“I know,” Jongin lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry.”


“It’s fine,” the man said. “I figured that you’re busy with work. I’ve seen that you’re the choreographer of the ballet performance they showed at the grand opening of the new theater hall.”


“That’s right,” Jongin said. “You’ve seen it?”


“Not the whole piece, only fragments. They’ve showed it on TV and mentioned your name. But what I’ve seen was very impressive. Well done.”


“Thank you, Dad.”


“So, you’ve really been busy all that time?” One of Jongin’s sisters asked.


“Believe it or not, I was.” It was not entirely the truth but Jongin didn’t want to get scold by his mother for ditching the family get-togethers.


His sister hummed in responds. “And what else is going on in your life besides being busy with dancing?”


A lump formed in his throat and Jongin hardly swallowed. He felt Chanyeol’s eyes on him and gazed at the older, biting down his lip. “T-there is,” he eventually brought out.


“Oh, yeah? What is it?” His mother curiously asked.


“Uh, well,” Jongin started. “Chanyeol and I are a couple.”


“Oh my god, finally!”


Jongin gasped. “Finally?” He whipped his head around to look at Chanyeol who had his eyebrows raised in surprise. “W-what?”


“Sweetie, don’t get us wrong,” his mother started. “It’s not that we always wished for you guys to finally get together but-”


“That’s actually exactly what we did,” one of his sister’s finished. “And we’re happy it finally happened.”


“So, for how long have you been together now?”


“A while,” Chanyeol answered. “And there’s something else we’ve got to tell you.”


A gasp left Jongin’s mother. “Oh, don’t tell me you want to get married.”


“Well, no. That’s not it.” Chanyeol nudged Jongin’s side and nodded his head a little.


Taking a deep breath, the young ballet dancer balled his hands into fists. “Chanyeol and I are having a baby.”


Obviously no one had expected those news as complete silence was the first reaction to it. “A baby?” Jongin’s father was the first to speak up. “You’re expecting?”


Jongin faintly nodded his head. “I’m 12 weeks along.”


“12 weeks?! Where the heck is your bump? I already looked like a hippo when I was three months pregnant!”


An offended gasp left Jongin. “Wait, that’s your reaction? You’re complaining?! What the heck?!”


Chanyeol let out a chuckle to which Jongin reacted with yet another offended gasp. “What? Aren’t I right? They should be happy and not complaining!”


“I’m sure they’re happy,” Yeol said, pointing at Jongin’ mother who already had a tissue pressed against her nose.


“Oh mom! Why are you crying?”


“I can’t help it,” she sobbed. “I’m just so happy.”


Jongin got up from his seat when his mother walked around the table to give him a hug. She cupped his cheek and smiled at him. “I’m truly happy,” she said again. “But why are you telling us only now? !2 weeks already, you could’ve told us way earlier.”


“Oh, uh. Well, you see-” Jongin laughed. “I only found out about four weeks ago. It was a little unexpected.”


“So you were careless with contraception?” His father asked, frowning a little.


“No, not really. I just didn’t notice and yeah, it was a surprise.”


“But that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t tell us earlier.”


“To our defense,” Chanyeol took the word. “Jongin has to deal with really bad morning sickness and I’m honestly surprised right now that he hasn’t thrown up since were here.”


Jongin glared at his boyfriend. “Excuse me?!”


“And besides that, we’re busy with converting the house at the moment.”


“Oh yeah?” Mr. Kim asked. “What are you doing exactly?”


“We’re converting the kitchen upstairs to create another bedroom so we have all bedrooms upstairs as well as my office. Downstairs we transform the bigger room into a guest room and the smaller is going to be a laundry room.”


“So, you basically make the house one again?”




“That sounds like a lot of work. Do you even have time for that? I mean, Jongin is already three months along, will you be able to finish everything before the baby arrives?”


“Yes,” Chanyeol confidently nodded. “Everything’s planned and we’ll begin with overting the upstairs kitchen on Tuesday.”


Jongin father nodded. “Well, in case you need help with anything let me know.”


“Oh, thank you very much.”


“Okay, okay, enough about the house. Nobody cares. Let’s talk about the baby. Do you want to know the gender?”


“Yeah, and have you already talked about names?”


“Oh and will you get married before the baby arrives?”


Jongin and Chanyeol looked at each other. “Eh-”


The rest of the lunch Chanyeol and Jongin were pelt with questions and Jongin was more than glad when they finally could leave and head back home.


“Oh god, I’m so exhausted,” he deeply sighed, leaning against Chanyeol as they walked down the street to where Chanyeol had parked his car. “Why do they have to be so curious?”


Chanyeol chuckled a little and turned his head to press a kiss against the younger’s temple. “I don’t know but hey, we’ve made it.”


“Well, they were not pleased at all.”


“Yeah, but that should we’ve told them? We haven’t talked about all this stuff.”


Jongin nodded. “Maybe we should?”


“Right now?”


Humming Jongin nodded. “Yeah, why not. I mean the drive homes takes a bit.”  Fasting his seatbelt, the expecting leaned into the car seat. “Would you like to know the gender?”


Chanyeol let out a hum, leaning to the side to peek into his side mirror. “I don’t have to know. I’d be fine with it if we’d keep it a surprise.”


“Great,” Jongin smiled. “Me too.”


“Well, that was easy,” Chanyeol laughed. “Then what were the other questions?”


“The names.”


“I think we still have time for that.”


“Yeah, you’re right,” Jongin agreed. “Then there was the marriage ask.”


“For that I think we don’t have time at the moment,” the older said, chuckling. “Or do you want to go and sign some papers tomorrow?”


“Would you really marry me?”


“Sure, why not?”


“I d-don’t know. I’m a difficult person.”


“You’re not. At least not to me.”


The words had Jogin flushing. “So, you really would marry me someday?”


“Yes,” Yeol said, nodding his head. “But let’s not talk about this right now. It doesn’t matter if we’re married or if we ever get married. We’re still a couple and this little bean here will be our baby, no matter if legitimate or not.”


Jongin smiled when Chanyeol reached over to give his belly a loving pat.


“If you one day feel like asking me to marry you, just do it. I’ll do the same and if we’re still on term then we will get married eventually. But we don’t have to decide this any time soon.”


“Yes, you’re right. We’ve got time.


“Right,” Yeol nodded. “And all we should focus on is the little bean right now.”


“Y-yeah,” Jongin sharply inhaled when his stomach turned. “A-and maybe we also should focus on me not puking into your car. P-pull over, please. Pull over!”

The calendar marked the middle of the second trimester and Jongin was under full control of his hormones. He had the nastiest mood swings ever and Chanyeol, most of the time, was the one who had to endure them.


“You can eat this shit alone!”


The door was slammed shut and the loud bang had hollered through the house had Chanyeol grimacing. Breathing in and running a hand through his hair, the stage designer turned to the coffee table, sighing at the sight of the take out he had brought home.


It was Saturday night and as usual for that day the couple had planned to spend the evening with eating and watching movies. Jongin was excited to try out a new mexican restaurant and had ordered plenty of food; everything from Quesadillas to Chorizo.


Chanyeol made sure that everything the expecting had ordered was actually there when he picked the food up but he hadn’t checked every item itself. Of course not, but he better should have done it.


Arrived at home, unpacking the unholy amount of food Jongin discovered that one of the tacos had onions in them. It totally threw him off and his mood changed in a matter of seconds from all smiles to ‘I’m gonna kill someone’.


Chanyeol knew that, when the younger placed their order, he told them to leave out onions and they’ve followed the request expect for this one, single taco. Not a big deal for Chanyeol but a reason worth flipping tables for Jongin.


Sitting down on the couch, Chanyeol reached for the taco that caused Jongin to lose it and bit into it. Humming at the taste he leaned back into the couch.


Finishing the taco, Chanyeol was about to open the pack of chorizo when he could hear footsteps coming from the staircase. Smiling to himself he gazed at the door where Jongin only a second later appeared, looking like a sulky child.




Having his lips pursed into a pout, Jongin nodded. He stepped further into the room and sat down the couch. He took the chorizo Chanyeol offered him and bit off an edge.




Jongin nodded his head and gazed over the table, stopping at the cheese quesadillas.


“One of these?” Chanyeol asked, reaching out for the food.


Chanyeol had a hard time not to laugh out at the sight of the younger. Still pouty, Jongin sat on the couch, quietly munching on his food. He looked absolutely adorable but Chanyeol knew better than cooing at him. The expecting was unpredictable at the moment and he didn’t want to provoke it.


Only the day before he ended up sleeping on the couch because he told Jogin that the difference between a white chocolate chip cookie with hazelnut and a white chocolate chip cookie with macadamia was not that drastic. He would not make this mistake once again.


Jongin ate a lot and Chanyeol was truly impressed by the amount of food the younger was able to munch down without feeling sick.


“You know, I thought of going shopping tomorrow? What do you think, shall we go and look for nursery furniture?”


Jongin let out a hum and nodded his head. Chanyeol broke into a smile when the younger let himself fall over to the side and snuggled close to, hugging his arm. “Was I mean again?’


“Not mean,” Yeol said. “Maybe a little overreacting but I know you can’t help it.”


Pouting, Jongin whined a little. “I don’t want this anymore.”


“It’ll be over soon.”




Pressing a kiss to the younger’s forehead, Chanyeol wrapped an arm around him. “So, what time do you want to go furniture shopping tomorrow?”


“Earlier morning, maybe? I don’t want to run around the store with too many people being there.”


“Alright. Then let’s get up around 8, hm? I’m sure the store opens at 9.30am.”


“Then we should not stay up for too long.”


Chanyeol nooded. “Yes.” Stretching to gaze at the digital clock of the DVD player, he hummed. “It’s almost quarter to ten,” he said. “Then let’s go and get ready for bed.”


Sitting up, Jongin stretched his arms over his head. “Let me help you with the trash.”


Cleaning up the mess of foils and food wrappers from the coffee table and storing the leftovers in the fridge, the couple then moved upstairs to the bathroom. Jongin sat down on the toilet for brushing his teeth and Chanyeol couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of the expecting hanging there like a little, sleepy kid.


Finally in bed and ready to sleep Jongin let out a deep sigh when Chanyeol curled around him from behind, putting a hand on his much for present baby bump. “Still no movements, huh?”


“No,” Jongin answered, humming as his belly got rubbed. “The doctor said it’s because my abdominal wall is strong and it kinda absorbs any movements we can’t feel anything yet. The baby has to grow a little more and get a little stronger.”


Chanyeol let out a low hum. “When’s your next appointment?”


“In two weeks.”


“I make sure to be there this time.”


“Ah, it’s fine. I know you’re busy.”




Jongin smiled and cupped Chanyeol’s hand, giving it a squeeze. “It’s really fine. How’s your work going, by the way? You mentioned something of the director coming up with a completely new scene.”


“Oh, yeah.” A grumbled rumbled in Chanyeol's chest. “The play got suddenly so dark, I have to change the entire color scheme of the stage. Which reminds me, I’ve got this really nice crescent moon model left over now. Would you like to have it for the nursery?”


“A crescent moon?”


“Yes. It was supposed to be in the background, giving off a little of light but now I won’t need it anymore.”


“So, it’s basically a lamp?” Jongin wanted to know.


“Kind of, yeah. It’s about 1,40m in height and can either just stand on the floor or be hung up. Up to four light bulbs can be put in and it has a dimmer function.”


“Oh, that really sounds nice. And you’re sure you don’t need it anymore?”


“No. I have to make a whole new model. Different shape, different color and before I throw the crescent moon away, why not putting it into our baby’s nursery?”


Peeling Chanyeol’s hand off his belly, Jogin carefully turned around to face the older. The room was dark but still bright enough for Jongin to see Chanyeol’s face. The man had his eyes wide open and a soft smile formed on his lips.


He brought a hand up and stroke him over the cheek, slowly leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you,” he whispered when they pulled apart again.


“For what?” Chanyeol asked.


“For everything,” Jongin answered, smiling. “For saving me back then at the bar, for cuddling me whenever I was scared of horror movies, for putting up with me right now, for giving me this child and even more important; thank you for loving me.”


The smile on Chanyeol’s lips remained soft but widened. “You’re most welcome,” he whispered, nipping at Jongin’s plump lips again. “And I guess I have to thank you, too.”


“Do you think we’d still where we are right now when I wouldn't have given you my number?”


“For sure.”


“Really? You think?”


“Yes. I’d have hunted you down t get your number.”


A giggle left Jongin. “Does it mean we might would’ve ended up together way earlier?”


“I think so, yeah.”


“So, you had that kind of interest in me the night we met?”


“No,” Chanyeol said. “I mean, sure I looked at you and was stunned by your whole appearance but in that particular moment and even later when we met again, all I wanted was to get to know you. I’ve never met someone like you before and I was willing to give it everything to make you my friend. And hey, I might have been very intrusive but I made it. I made you my best friend.”


“But there was really never such a feeling? A sexual interest?”


“Maybe, I can’t tell you to be honest. I think we pretty fastly crossed that friends to best friends line and we’re just so damn comfortable with each other all the time and like I said before maybe we’ve been in sort of relationship already without realizing. Yes, we didn’t kiss, touch or had sex but I think if we would’ve had a moment like this before we probably would have realized our true feelings much earlier,” Chanyeol paused humming a little. “I’ve always looked at you, thinking you’re beautiful but you were my best friend so I thought it was just honesty speaking and not the actual interest I had in you.”


“We’re weird.”


Jongin's blunt comment had Chanyeol laughing. “We for sure are. But that’s what’s makes us us, right?”


“Our baby will be a weirdo too.”


“And that fact makes it even more loveable.”


Smiling, Jongin scooted a little closer to the older. Running his fingers along Chanyeol’s jaw, he hummed. “I’ve always loved how positive you are. No matter what, you’re always optimistic.”


“Well, in a cruel world like this you have to be.”


Jongin laughed out at the words. “In a cruel world like this? When was this world cruel to you?”


“Oh, it is plenty of times,” Chanyeol answered. “Only yesterday I got a ticket for illegal parking on my own parking space.”


“You did not? What? Really?”


“Yeah, it’s still pissing me off. I pay a great amount of money for this freaking parking space every month and they still wrote me a ticket.”


“But for what? How is it illegal parking when it’s your spot?”


“I don’t know,” Chanyeol sighed. “According to the meter maid the car is parked too close to the sidewalk and could impede pedestrians. I’ve told her that this has been my parking space for over a year now and that I’m paying money for it and yet she gave me a ticket. She’s told me to talk to the grounds owner to fix it.”


Jongin hummed. “That’s bad. How much do you have to pay for the ticket?”


“Round about 100 bucks.”


“Wow, that’s a lot. Why didn’t you tell me? I’m sure it must’ve bugging you a lot.”


“It did but I didn’t want to bother you with it. After all you’ve had the troubles with the cookies going on.”


The expecting let out a loud sound mixed between groan and whine. “Oh god, don’t remind me. This was so stupid. I’m sorry for making you sleep on the couch. This was ridiculous.”


“Don’t be sorry for it, it’s not your fault. I only can imagine how difficult it is to deal with these hormones.”


“It’s awful. I don’t even know what’s going on. Like yesterday with the cookies. It just threw me off so baldy. The same with this one damn taco earlier. It was one freaking taco and it was able to make me so angry. That’s crazy.”


A soft chuckle escaped Chanyeol. “It’ll be over at some point. Don’t be too hard on yourself,” he said, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss onto the corner of Jongin's mouth. “And now, let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow will be exhausting for you.”


“Yeah,” Jongin hummed, giving a nod. “Good night.”


“Night, babies. I love you.”

Everything and anything was absolutely cute and gorgeous, Jongin couldn't contain his feels. He was beaming at everything, squealing and wiggling. He had always imagined baby shopping to be a pleasant adventure but that it was actually that good was far beyond his imagination.


Not many people were there as he and Chanyeol arrived right on opening time of the store and it gave Jongin the opportunity to oversee everything to get a clear view. “Oh there are so many cute things!”


Chanyeol chuckled at the way Jongin hopped up and down in joy, squeezing his hand. He was pulled along by the expecting and soon found himself in department for baby beds. “Do you want to have a cradle?”


“Oh, I’d love to. But isn’t that a little too inconvenient? I mean, baby’s are growing so fast and it won’t last long then, right?”


“Well, that’s true,” Yeol hummed. “But maybe we can find a cradle that we can then transform into normal crib. Or we take just regular crib and a bassinet for the living room.”


A whine escaped Jongin. “I guess it’s much more difficult than I expected.”


“It’s not,” Yeol said, trying to cheer the younger up again. “Just let’s look at everything first and then we can decide, okay?”




“And maybe let’s not start with a bed but maybe with a closet or dresser.”


“That’s a good idea,” Jongin smiled.


Chanyeol returned the smile. “Then let’s go.”


Strolling around to look at closets and dressers, Jongin actually fell in love with a gray dresser set in rustic country style. Tracing his fingers along the wooden furniture he hummed.


“Like it?”


“I love it to be honest.”


“Then shall we build around those two?”


“Do you like them?”


“I do, yeah.”


“But it’s gray.”


“So what?”


“Don’t you think gray is a little too gloomy for a nursery?”


Chanyeol shook his head. “No,” he said. “We can keep the walls light, the flooring and we can focus on light decorations. And don’t forget the moon, it’ll add a light touch too.”


“So, you think we really can go with gray?”


“Sure,” Chanyeol nodded. He turned to a small info desk that offered notepads and pens and reached for a piece of paper and a pencil. “So, shall we take this one?” When Jongin gave him a nod, he scribbled down the serial number of the furniture set. “Great, then let’s go and look for a changing table and a bed.”


Having sorted out on which color scheme and style they were going it was much easier to get the rest furniture of the nursery together. Instead of a cradle they went for a regular cot and also bought a bassinet in the same color for the living room.


Things kept piling up and by the end of their shopping trip, the couple left with a completely furnuterd nursery for their baby. They even found a shaggy rug and some cute bedding.


“That’s a lot of money,” Jongin sighed as his eyes wandered over the bill and the sum they had spent.


“Well, I guess that’s everyone is warning you about when you tell them that you’re having or wanting a child,” Chanyeol said, fastening his seatbelt. “Babies are expensive, even before they’re born.”


“Well yeah, they’re right with that. That’s a little fortune.” Folding the paper, Jongin stuffed it into the pocket of his hoodie. “So, what now?” He then asked, gazing at his boyfriend. “It’s still early.”


“It is,” Chanyeol agreed, nodding. “Shall we also go and look for clothes?”




“What we have, we have.”


“Yeah, you’re right. So, where shall we go?’


“To the mall, maybe? As far as I know they’ve got a couple of stores there for newborns and toddler and we also could have lunch there later on.”


“Perfect idea! Let’s go.”


Since they have decided on keeping the gender of the baby a surprise all of the clothes that found way into their shopping baskets were gender neutral. Which didn’t mean that there weren’t any blue or pink clothes, on the contrary. Chanyeol fell head over heels for a pastel pink sweater with baby blue elbow patches and Jongin found himself swooning over white tracksuit with a cute peach pattern.


Another couple of hundred bucks were spent on onesies, tiny pajamas and other adorable baby clothes, totally filling the new bought dressers up to their capacity. The shopping bags were stuffed and dropping to their feet with faint thuds when Jongin and Chanyeol sat down for lunch.


Huffing a little whilst leaning back into his chair, Jongin brought a hand to his baby bump. “Bean is not that big but I can feel my condition dwindling,” he said. “And my feet hurt, too.”


“Are they swollen?”


“No, they just simply hurt. But that’s probably because I haven’t walked that much in a while.”


“Yeah, that probably could be,” Yeol hummed. “Have you thought of starting to work again?”


“I did,” Jongin nodded. “But I won’t start teaching again. The only thing I’ll work on will be the choreography for the Christmas performance.”


“Oh, I didn’t know there will be a Christmas performance. There wasn’t one last year, was there?”


“No, there wasn’t,” Jongin said. “I suggested it. “With my mood swings I can’t work with kids right now but I also don’t want to just sit at home, so I suggested it.”


“Ah, I see.” A chuckle left Chanyeol. “And yeah, you’re probably right. I think you really don’t have the patients to teach kids at the moment.”


“Yeah, it’s so bad but just imagine me losing it on a child only because they do a flex and stretch wrong.”


“Yes, that would be a shame.”


“I really miss working but with these mood swings I just can't. So, working on the choreography will do for now.”


Humming, Chanyeol nodded. “That’s going to be a lot of work then, right? I mean, it’s almost November.”


“For them, yes. I already have something in mind.”


“Oh, really?”


Jongin nodded, flipping the menu open when a waitress dropped by to leave them two of the lunch menus. “I’d like to have it a frozen theme. You know, costumes and such all in white, icy blue and with glitter to create the typical winter wonderland effect. But the choreo itself will be a little dramatic, causing tension.”


“But there will be a happy ending?”


“Of course. It’s Christmas, things have to end nicely.”


A soft laughter rolled over Chanyeol’s tongue. “That sounds like a good plan already,” he said. “Have you seen, they offer a little fried chicken share basket with garlic fries.”


Gazing down the menu, Jongin found the column with the chicken. “That sounds very tempting but we had take-out yesterday. I really should watch my diet.”


“A salad then?”


Looking up, Jongin shot the older a glare. “Haha, very funny.”


“Sorry,” Yeol apologized with a chuckle.” But for real. Yes, me might have had take-out yesterday but you walked a lot today, right? That little bit of chicken won’t make much of a difference. And we still can eat more healthy food tomorrow.”


“Well yeah, I guess you’re right.”


Ordering the share basket of chicken and some drink, the couple enjoyed their lunch and headed back home after filling their stomachs.


The rest of the afternoon was spent with unpacking everything they had bought for their sprout and while Jongin removed tags from all the tiny clothes and washed them, Chanyeol built up the furniture and rolled out the shaggy rug.


Jongin decided to check up on him and the progress he made when he had thrown in the last load of baby clothes into the washer. “Oh wow,” he voiced out when he found that Chanyeol had managed to build up all the furniture. “I didn’t think you’d make it all today.”


The stage designer shrugged. “I guess building up stage sets has prepared me for this. There’s really no big difference.”


Jongin hummed and looked around the room. Chanyeol’s former bedroom had vanilla colored walls and he quite liked how the light color complimented the gray furniture. And though the fuzzy carpet they bought was white, it didn’t look odd but rounded off the overall picture of the room.


“What are you thinking?” Chanyeol asked when Jongin started to circle around the room.


“I actually really like the wall color with the furniture. What do you think?”


“Well, it does look good,” Yeol agreed. “Do you want to keep it then?”


After a short moment of thinking, Jongin nodded. “Yes. I really like. Let’s keep it this way.”


“Alright. Then let’s arrange everything and we can call this room done.”


According to Jongin’s instructions, Chanyeol moved the dressers, changing table and cot around the room until the expecting was completely satisfied. And so the changing table found its place on the wall next to the two dressers and the cot got placed by the window, leaving enough space for the crescent moon figure Chanyeol then would bring home for their baby from his workplace.


Work all done in the nursery and all cardboard boxes being brought down to dispose, Chanyeol cooked them a quick meal for dinner, which Jongin literally devoured.


The TV was left untouched that evening because instead of a watching a movie to end the day, the couple curled up in bed for some cuddles. “My feet are burning,” Jongin laughed, rubbing his soles along the mattress.


“Maybe you should’ve soaked them a little.”


“That doesn’t help at all.”


“It doesn’t?”


“Believe me, it doesn’t,” Jongin nodded. “When I started dancing my feet hurt every day, so I tried soaking them in both, warm water and ice water. It both doesn’t bring that much. At least for me.”


Chanyeol hummed. “Well then, I guess you have to live with burning feet for tonight.”


“Yeah, I guess,” the expecting said, chuckling a little. He shifted to bring himself up a little and then tilted his head to press a kiss to Chanyeol’s lips. “Thanks for being so patient with me all the time.”


“You’re more than welcome,” Yeol replied, leaning in for another kiss.  


He had planned to make it a sweet peck but instead of pulling away, he deepened the kiss when Jongin curled his fingers into the fabric of his shirt. A sigh left him when Jongin parted his lips, granting his tongue entrance.


Sharing deep kisses and innocent touches for a while, it was Jongin how brought it all up to another level when he sneaked a hand between their bodies, cupping his boyfriend's crotch. He hummed in satisfaction over the reaction he got from the taller and started to tease him by ever so slowly slipping his hand beneath the waistband of his boxers.


They took their time undressing, teasingly touching each other here and there and nipping at skin that got revealed but by the time they were completely nude, Jongin was panting. Skin being already covered in a sheet of sweat he loudly moaned out when Chanyeol let his thumb run over one of his nipples.


“Oh god,” he breathed out, whole body shuddering. “Don’t touch me there.”


Chanyeol’s eyebrows raised in surprise but his expression changed fastly again and a teasing smirk formed on his lips. Grabbing Jongin’s hands and pinning them down above his head, he leaned down and closed his lips around one of the rosy nubs.


Jongin’s back arched in pleasure and a loud moan escaped him. “Y-yeol ah-”


Jongin was a moaner, always was vocal when they were on it but never before he reacted to simple touches the way he did at that moment. Chanyeol knew the younger had a thing for getting his sweet spots touched and kissed but usually it were only soft moans and hums he got in response. Having Jongin moaning like this was new and he loved it. Giving the other nipple just as much attention as he gave the right one, Chanyeol let go of Jongin's wrists.


Jongin grabbed the pillow and clawed at it when Chanyeol sat up and dragged the tips of his fingers down his body. His legs twitched when Chanyeol caressed the inside of his thighs with his nails.


He didn’t know why but all this feather light touching was enough to make his body quiver and it brought him to an unexpected climax.


Chanyeol watched Jongin shuddering when he came and lustfully bit down his bottom lip. The faint whines the younger made were music to his ears. Jongin gazed at him with hooded eyes and that look was enough for him to understand that the expecting wanted more.


Leaning over and reaching into the drawer of the bedside table, Chanyeol fished out two bottles of lube. “Red or blue?”


“Make it purple, I don’t care,” Jongin breathed out. “Just hurry.”


Opening one of the bottles, Chanyeol squirted a rather large amount of lube onto his fingers, causing some of the liquid to drop down. The blob hit Jongin right under the navel and slowly ran down the swell of his bump.


When the first well lubed finger entered him, Jongin sighed. The second had him humming and when Chanyeol curled both of them inside him he moaned loudly, pressing his head back into the pillow.


Preparation was short and sweet as Jongin urged Chanyeol to hurry. Chanyeol was careful, first thrust slow and shallow but Jongin was fst to urge him to go deeper and use more force. “H-harder.”


Bringing his hands from above his head down to Chanyeol’s legs, Jongin grabbed onto the older’s thighs. He dug his nails into the bare flesh, moaning out with every thrust Chanyeol made. “R-right there!”


A growl rumbled in Chanyeol’s chest when he watched Jongin’s face twitching in pleasure when he aimed for his sweet spot, hitting it a couple of times in a row. The younger’s moans were loud, sometimes choked, sometimes high-pitched and Chanyeol loved it.


It didn’t take long for Jongin to reach his second high and Chanyeol came only moments after with Jongin tightly clenching around him. A low moan traveled up his throat as he rode out his orgasm with short, quick thrusts.


Pulling out and sitting back, Chanyeol huffed a little. He let his eyes gazing over Jongin’s body. The expecting was heaving, his hair was all over the place and his beautiful tanned skin was glistening in sweat.


Hovering over the younger by bracing himself on his hands, Chanyeol leaned down to steal a kiss from him.


Jongin sighed softly and smiled, breath slowly regulating.


“Let’s go and take a shower,” Chanyeol said, nipping at Jongin’s lips once again.


“Can we make it a bath?” Jongin asked, cutely pursing his lips into a pout.


Chanyeol laughed out. “Of course we can.”


Running pleasantly warm water into the tub and pouring in some bath additive to make it a nice smelling bubble bath, Chanyeol climbed into the tub and waited for Jongin to join him.


The expecting let out a blissful sigh when he sat down and the warm water hugged his body. Leaning back against Chanyeol’s chest, he rested his head against the man’s shoulder. “My body feels like jelly,” he stated.


Chanyeol hummed a little, remembering the way Jongin reacted to his touches just a couple of minutes ago. “Seems your body has become more sensitive.”


Jongin nodded. “I’ve read about it,” he said. “But I didn’t think having a baby really would affect the body that much. This was crazy.”


“It was hot,” Yeol commented, letting out a growly sound.


Shifting a little, Jongin turned his head to look at his boyfriend. “Does it affect you, too?”


“You mean as in when guys say that they become even more attracted to their partners when they’re pregnant?”




“Then yes,” Yeol said, nodding. “I can confirm it but I truly can’t explain why. You’ve always been sexy but something makes you even more sexier in these circumstances.”


“Pregnancy is truly amazing,” Jongin hummed, bringing his hands to the small round of his baby bump. “Did you know that sometimes expecting don’t experience morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms but their partner does?”


“Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I wonder how that works.” Chanyeol let his hands join Jongin’s smaller ones and gave the belly a rub.


Jongin pulled his hands away to give the older more access and closed his eyes, enjoying the gentle touch. Both of them flinched when the baby under Jongin’s heart moved, kicking out for the very first time.


“Oh my god, could you feel that?!”


“Yes,” Chanyeol said, holding his hands in place in hope the baby would kick out again. “It was the first time, right?”




Just as the word had slipped past Jongin’s lips the unborn kicked out again.


“Gosh, this is amazing.”


Jongin smiled at Chanyeol’s words and nodded. A giggle escaped him when Chanyeol gently dug the tips of his fingers into the underside of his belly. “Stop,” he laughed. “That tickles.”


Not stopping right away, Chanyeol tickled the younger again but eventually brought his hands back up to the top of the small baby bump. Nuzzling against Jongin’s nape, he pressed a kiss to the spot behind the younger’s ear. “You’re doing an amazing job. You’ve got no idea how amazed I am by what you’re doing and going through. It’s just truly amazing.”


A faint flush crept up Jongin’s cheeks. Bashfully smiling he lowered his head a little. Getting a compliment like this from Chanyeol was balm to his soul. “Thank you,” he almost shyly whispered.


A chuckle escaped Chanyeol. He reached to gently grab Jongin by the chin and tilted his head back so he had enough access to give him a kiss. “Thank you, too.”