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It's a Rich Man's World

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Click clack.

Click click tap.

Click click.


Click click clack.

It was a difficult noise to tune out sitting in the small lobby.

Well, the lobby wasn’t that small, but considering it was a lobby for an office, it was impressive in size.

Tweek stared at the working fingers of the brunette sitting across from him, her long acrylic nails clicking and clacking against the keyboard of her laptop. He was trying so hard to focus on preparing himself for his interview, but those noises. It was making it difficult for Tweek to look over his notes, his resume, his references.

            “Grace Kinney?”

Tweek let out a little sigh as he saw the brunette close her laptop, quickly packing her bag and shuffling into the office. The silence, however, didn’t offer much comfort to his nerves. He wasn’t sure why he was so worried. Maybe it was because of a few things: he’s the only male applying for this job by the looks of it, he was a twenty five year old with no real, professional job experience in his field, and just because he had a connection to this company, that doesn’t mean he was guaranteed this secretary position.


Tweek Tweak, twenty five years old with a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality, is applying for a secretary job at one of the biggest brewing companies in New York City. He isn’t at the brewery itself, but the headquarters of this famous TNT brewing. He had a connection to someone within the business, so, after months and months of searching for work on his own, he turned to said connection.

            “Haven’t had your interview yet?”

Speaking of.

            “Not yet.” Tweek muttered, hugging his little bundle of papers to his chest. Bebe chuckled a bit, reaching down and adjusting the round wired glasses sitting on Tweek’s freckled nose.

            “You’re gonna get the job, cutie.” Bebe whispered, Tweek biting his lip as he glanced around at the assortment of women around him.

            “I feel out of place…”

            “And why is that?”

Tweek paused a moment, letting his eyes dart to each woman sitting in the room. “I’m lacking in the…erm…chest region.”

Bebe snorted, glancing over her shoulder as the door to the office opened behind her. Both blondes watched as the woman, that Tweek now knew as Grace, made her way towards the elevator with a smile on her face. Bebe must’ve noticed Tweek’s shoulders slouch out of the corner of her eyes, a small, supportive smile crossing her made up face.

            “Chin up, buttercup.”

Tweek whined quietly, the sound caught in his throat as he adjusted his dress shirt. “I really want this job, Bebe. I’m tired of driving an hour to come see you on the weekends.”

            “You don’t think I’m tired of it, too? I wish you could move in with me already!”

            “I want that, Bebe! I just-”

Bebe snickered, sitting on the arm of Tweek’s chair. “Don’t have the money, I know.”

Tweek rolled his eyes, slouching in his seat. “Don’t be such a bitch.”

            “Hey, this bitch?” Tweek looked up at her as she pointed towards herself. “Got you this interview, so be nice.”

            “And this bitch?” Tweek pointed to himself. “Has a degree he worked super hard for, so give me some credit, please and thank you.”

Bebe snickered, reaching a hand out.

            “May I?” She asked, motioning towards the resume clutched tightly in his hand. Tweek looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. This paper? God. This paper literally contained all of his accomplishments, all of his life’s work. But…is it enough to get this job? Sure, it’s just a secretary position, but Tweek really wants this job.

Really wants a chance to make a name for himself outside of Tweak Bro’s Coffee.

Yes, he loves his parents and working at that coffee shop, but at twenty five years old?

Something had to give.

And Tweek was the one who was giving in to the real world.  

            “Careful,” Tweek teased, passing over the paper finally to Bebe. He watched her brown eyes dance across the page, a soft hum escaping her lips as her head tilted from side to side. “…well?”

            “I forgot how impressive your resume is.” Bebe said quietly, Tweek’s cheeks tinting pink.

            “You’re just saying that because you’re my friend.”

            “I’m not!” Bebe whispered, sliding off the arm of the chair into the empty seat next to Tweek. “Babe, I remember you working your ass off in college. You have an impressive resume.”

            “I…well, yeah. I don’t have any jobs reflecting me working with my degree, though…”

            “Restaurant work? Barista training? You interned at a hotel your junior year!”

Tweek shrugged, looking down at his feet. “I mean…yeah…”

Bebe smiled, rubbing a hand over his back. “He’s gonna like you. I have a hunch.”

            “He’s gonna like me? The guy who has a degree in the most versatile industry and can’t find a job?”

Tweek looked up as Bebe tilted his chin upwards, smiling softly at him. The gentleness of it made Tweek’s jitters relax.

            “You’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to come around, tiger.”

Both blondes looked up as a door opened, the dark haired woman that’s been escorting people stepping out.

            “Tweek…Tweak?” She said, eyes falling over towards Tweek as he stood.

            “You got this!” Bebe whispered in a hurry, Tweek biting his lip as he followed the black haired woman into the office. The little secretary desk that sat empty by the door mocked Tweek, but, in an odd way, it fueled his fire.

            “Take a seat,” The woman instructed, gesturing over towards a cushy seat that was by the only desk in the office. Her voice cut Tweek’s racing mind off, but as soon as he sat back down, his mind was running again. Floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Brooklyn bridge and most of lower Manhattan…talk about fucking boujee. “Mr. Tucker had to step into the other room for a moment to take a quick call, but he should be back any moment. Can I get you anything in the meantime?” The woman asked. Tweek found himself blushing as he cleared his throat, shaking his head.

            “No thank you, ma’am.”

            “Oh, jeez, call me Wendy. You’re Bebe’s friend aren’t you?”

Tweek blinked, nodding his head as he sat up a little straighter. “Yes-yes, that’s me!” He winced a bit as he spoke louder than he anticipated. “That’s me.” He breathed out a little quieter this time. Wendy let out a soft chuckle, pouring a glass of wine from the small cart containing an assortment of alcohol by the window.

            “She speaks highly of you.”

            “She…she does?” Tweek asked, surprised anyone would speak highly of him. Sure, Bebe was his best friend, but Tweek didn’t expect her to gas him up this much. He knew he left a lasting impression on people, but he didn’t think it was a positive lasting impression.

            “Yeah, of course! I know you two have been friends for quite some time.” Wendy explained, sipping from her glass.

            “Oh! Yeah, we met when I was a freshman and she was a junior in college. We ended up working at the same restaurant on campus.”

            “She has your picture on her desk.” Wendy noted, leaning against the edge of the desk in the room.

            “I know! I gave her that picture for Christmas last year.” Tweek breathed out, Wendy letting out a soft laugh as she smiled.

            “That was-”

            “Yeah, uh-huh, I got that, but when is the order going to be in?”

Tweek nearly dropped the small folder he brought, eyes widening at the man who demanded attention. He had to have been about a foot taller (maybe more) than Tweek, and Tweek was five foot three. Angled facial features that Tweek craved to run a finger over, seeing if they’d draw blood from how sharp they were.

Bright eyes that were inviting, one blue and one brown, which made his entire appearance even more appealing and attractive.

His hands. Hands that held onto his phone and sat comfortably in his pocket while he walked towards his desk.

White dress shirt that stretched across broad shoulders and a wide chest, Tweek almost afraid the buttons would pop off due to the stretch of the fabric.


            “Mhm…alright…thanks, Token. Hmm?....No! Token, I have to go, my next interview is here,” He muttered into the phone, Tweek swallowing hard at the mere mention of him being the next interview. “Mhm…yeah…okay, bye,” Tweek sat up as straight as he could, smiling nervously. “Sorry about the delay.” The man muttered, Wendy humming quietly.

            “No worries, Mr. Tucker. This is Mr. Tweek Tweak, friends to Bebe.”

            “Pleasure!” Tweek squeaked out, standing up as he quickly realized that this…this man…was his potential boss.

Mr. Tucker looked him up and down, humming quietly as he gently took Tweek’s hand in his. Something in Tweek’s mind said that Mr. Tucker was holding back, that this handshake was not to its full potential.

It made Tweek feel a little weak in the knee.

            “Likewise,” Mr. Tucker muttered, motioning for Tweek to take a seat. “Thank you, Wendy.” He said, nodding his head towards the door. Wendy gave a nod back, shooting an encouraging smile towards Tweek before she left.

The click of the door made Tweek’s stomach flip, the blonde’s eyes widening a bit as he cleared his throat.

            “I, um, hope I’m not interrupting your day for too long.” Tweek breathed out, tugging his resume out from the folder in his lap. Mr. Tucker shook his head, hand extending out as he heard the sound of paper.

            “Not at all. You’re doing me a favor by applying for this position, aren’t you?” Mr. Tucker muttered, Tweek blushing as he handed over the entirety of his being on a single sheet of paper.

            “I…suppose so, sir.”

Mr. Tucker quirked an eyebrow, humming quietly as he glanced over Tweek’s resume.

            “So…Mr. Tweak…why should I hire you?”

            “Oh! Um…well, I like to think I have great organizational skills despite my brain being so cluttered.” Oh my god…did I really just say that?!

            “Is that so?” Wait, what?

            “Um…yeah! I, um, take pride in organizing the product display in my parents coffee shop. I always have ever since I was young.”

            “You come from a business family, then?”

            Tweek let out a nervous laugh, adjusting his glasses. “Of the sorts. I never saw myself in business, but I somehow ended up in hospitality, which is watered down business school when you really look at it.”

The blonde’s eyes dropped to the tan fingers gripping at the stark white paper, tongue darting out to lick his dry lips. Fuck, I need to calm down.

            “What made you apply to this job, then?” Mr. Tucker asked. Tweek paused a moment, letting out a sigh as he slouched a bit.

            “Bebe Stevens, sir.”

            “Figured as much. Couldn’t get a job on your own?”

Tweek felt his face heat up out of frustration, cheeks puffing out a bit. What the fuck?

            “I tried for two years to find a job that was outside of my stupid hometown. Bebe told me about this position opening up and I’m about at my wits end. I’d do janitorial work if it meant getting out of my hometown!” Tweek hissed. He blinked, however, realizing his sudden outburst. Rubbing at the back of his neck, Tweek cursed under his breath, looking at his feet. “M-My apologies.”

            Mr. Tucker chuckled, setting Tweek’s resume aside on the desk. “Don’t apologize. I appreciate the honesty.”

            “You…you do?”

Mr. Tucker pushed away from his desk, chuckling as he walked over to the windows. He stared out the window, hands clasped behind his back as he seemed to be deep in thought.

            “What do you know about this business”

Tweek swallowed nervously, adjusting his glasses once more as he crossed his legs and looked down at his fingers in his lap.

            “U-Um…TNT Brewing was founded by Thomas Nicholas Tucker, hence the initials TNT, in nineteen ninety. In nineteen ninety seven, after living in England for seven years, Mr. Tucker moved to New York where he managed to start up his brewing company by selling his whiskey brew to big name brand companies such as Jack Daniels. However, about-about…nngsix years ago?” Tweek glanced over towards Mr. Tucker, who gave a small nod of his head. “Six years ago,” Tweek repeated, a little more confidence in his voice. “Mr. Tucker was able to purchase his own brew back and started this empire that we now know as TNT Brewing.”

A soft laugh came from the man across the room from Tweek, the blonde looking up as he heard the noise.

            “I have to say…I am…thoroughly impressed, Mr. Tweak.” Mr. Tucker practically purred.

A surge of confidence swept through Tweek’s body, face lighting up as he cleared his throat.

            “Thank-thank you, sir.” He breathed out, uncrossing his legs as he noticed Mr. Tucker look back out the window. The silence that filled the room made Tweek nervous. He couldn’t quite tell if it was a good silence or a bad silence, but Tweek was begging that it was a good silence.

            “You’ll get your own cellphone that’s specifically for work-,”


            “If you need to use it as your personal cellphone, that’s fine, just let me know ahead of time-,”

Is he…is HE-?!

            “You’ll normally sit at the desk right outside the door, but sometimes I’ll need you to run some errands for me. When I say follow, you will follow and take notes for me.”

            “I…I’m sorry, um…do I…have the job, or-?”

            “Was I not clear enough?” Mr. Tucker said slowly, looking at Tweek over his shoulder. The blonde bit back a yelp, Mr. Tucker’s blue eye gazing right through him. He was a hard man to read, face cold, yet so inviting, to Tweek.

            “I-um-not…I guess not? I-I’m sorry, sir.”

Mr. Tucker turned his attention back out the window, Tweek blushing a bit as he heard his voice.

            “Mmm,” He paused a moment. “You start tomorrow. Wendy will show you out.”

Tweek blinked, biting back a scream of absolute joy as he swallowed the noise down.

            “Oh!...T-Thank you, sir!”

Without saying a word, Mr. Tucker pressed a button on the phone resting on the corner of his desk, Wendy’s voice ringing through.

            “All good, Craig?”

…Craig Tucker

            “Yes, Wendy. Please escort Mr. Tweak out after you tell the other candidates to head home.”

            “You’ve made your decision, huh?”


…Craig Tucker…

            “I’ll see you in just a moment.”

The line clicked dead, Tweek’s legs moving on autopilot as Craig turned to face him.

            “I look forward to working with you, Mr. Tweak.”

            “You-you can just call me Tweek,” Craig raised an eyebrow at him, the blonde’s face turning a dark red. “W-Wait, that-oh god-that was confusing. I know my name and last name are the same. They’re off by a letter. Just-god-call me Tweek without the mister and thank you for the opportunity!” He blurted out, shoving his hand forward towards Craig. The taller man looked at the extended hand for a moment, chuckling quietly as he took hold of it once more.

            “I look forward to working with you.”

When Wendy walked in, Tweek barely remembers hearing her ask him if he’d like to see Bebe. Tweek barely remembers mumbling out a quiet “yes”. He barely remembers seeing a few of the defeated faces of the other prospective candidates (however, he remembers the dirty looks some of them gave him as he walked past). Despite the hiccup with the other candidates, Tweek fully remembers the bright look on Bebe’s face as he walked into her office.


Tweek blinked, a grin breaking out across his face as the ringing faded out from his ears and the reality of the situation sunk in.

            “I…I got the job!”

Bebe let out a yell of celebration, arms wrapping around Tweek’s torso tightly as they embraced.

            “Yes! Oh my GOD we’re co-workers!” She laughed, Tweek unable to wipe the grin off his face. It was a good feeling. It felt good knowing he could finally get out of his hometown, finally be a big boy and have a big boy job that didn’t involve his parents, finally live life fully in New York City.

            “I can’t believe he liked me enough to offer me the job right then and there!” Tweek said, disbelief dripping from his voice.

Bebe snorted, opening her desk drawer to tug out a small flask. “Care for a little celebration drink?”

            “Does everyone drink here?” Tweek asked, plopping down in front of Bebe’s desk. The blonde woman across from him smiled, chuckling as she poured two little glasses of what Tweek could see was wine.

            “It’s a brewery, babe, get used to it. We get to taste samples of new brews all the time.” Bebe explained.

            “Are you just saying that because you’re the Director of Sales and need to be able to sell these brews to people?”

Bebe winked, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she passed the glass over to Tweek. “Now you’re using that degree of yours.”

Tweek grinned as he clinked his glass lightly against Bebe’s, both blondes taking a long sip of their wine. Pausing, Tweek closed his eyes and smiled around the brim of the glass.

Tweek Tweak, at twenty five years old, finally managed to get a job.

He used to be embarrassed to say he went to college and then returned to his hometown to work at his parents coffee shop.

But he doesn’t have to be embarrassed anymore.

Tweek Tweak, at twenty five years old, can now look people proud in the eyes and say:

            “I-I’m a fucking secretary at TNT Brewing!”

Bebe giggled around her glass, setting it down after swallowing her mouthful of wine.

“Yeah, and for the CEO of the entire company.”


Tweek froze, body tensing up as his eyes slowly widened. Bebe smirked, noticing the look on his face. Carefully, Bebe reached across her desk and adjusted his glasses.

“C…CEO?” Tweek breathed out, swallowing hard.

            “Yeah, babe. CEO of the company and one of the hottest bachelors in the New York business world.”

Tweek blinked again, eyes widening even more (if that was possible). “Wha-…do you…mean?” he mumbled, Bebe smirking slightly as she snickered.

            “Congrats, tiger. You’re the secretary for one of the richest and most sought after men in Manhattan.”