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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Headcanons and Scenarios

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Nines, "You make me feel safe."

You and Nines sat together on a hill outside of town. The soft glow of the city lights illuminated everything around you. You looked to your left at him, his eyes looked so entrancing in this light and his skin glowed. His sharp teeth were also more apparent.

His head dropped as he let out a chuckle at you and shook his head.

“You stare at me a lot. Not sure if you think I don’t notice, but I do.” You smiled back at him. “You’re not good at being subtle.”

“I don’t care if you notice. You’re a handsome guy, can’t help myself.” It seemed to catch him off guard, as he only chuckled in response. A long silence passed before he sighed and scooted closer to you. He wrapped his muscular arm around your back and rested his hand on your thigh, rubbing his thumb over it.

“Sorry.. still not used to the whole affection thing. I never saw myself being in a relationship after turning. Never thought about it.” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“I understand Nines. It’s okay.” You laid your head down on his shoulder. “I had always heard vampires weren’t able to love after they turned.”

“That’s.. not really true.” He began, “We all can. Most just choose not to. They don’t see the benefit or the point of it if it doesn’t gain them something they want.”

“Hmm.” You let your gaze follow the headlights of vehicles passing by below for a while. “Why are you with me?” He didn’t respond for a moment, making you worry you had offended him. You laughed it off with a joke. “Besides my delicious blood.”

“Besides that, huh?” Chuckling, he tapped his finger on your thigh while he thought. “You make me feel safe.” That threw you for a loop.

“Huh?” You looked up at him. “How do I do that? It’s not like I could defend you in a fight better than you could defend yourself. I mean I can defend myself now thanks to you teaching me. But you’re a total badass.”

“Not.. not in a physical sense.” He scratched his head once more. “You make me feel like I’ll be alright as long as you’re around.” You smiled, internally giggling at his cute yet awkward attempt at telling you his feelings.

“Oooh boy, I can’t wait to tell Jack about this. He’s gonna have a field day. He will pick on you for eternity.” Nines gripped your thigh, hard but playfully.

“Hey, you better not. You hear me?”