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Be the one to take my soul and make it undone

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Tyler wakes up from a nightmare panting at a loss for air from thrashing around during his frightening dream and feels his lungs tightened just as he breathes. He suffocates in his bedsheets dampened by his sweat before he gains control on his breathing pattern using a technique Jenna had taught him. In through the nose out through the nose he repeated in his mind over and over before he felt the iron grip around his lungs relent.

He forced himself to sit upright in his bed and reached for his phone that lay on his dresser next to his bed. He turns it on and winces a little as his eyes adjust to the bright green trees that are his screensaver. Tyler looks at the time. 2:18 Monday morning. Letting out an exasperated sigh he swings his legs over his bed to ludge down the hallway and into the bathroom.

Once he was inside he flicked the light on and stripped himself of the damp clothes on his body so he could climb into the tub. He sat inside his cramped bathtub with his head between his knees recollecting the events that happened in his nightmare. After about ten minutes of failed thinking he gave up and turned the hot water on. He watched the water gush out of the faucet slowly filling up the tub. Before the tub even got halfway filled Tyler's thoughts were bombarded with the evil ones of the oh so wonderful voice in his head, Blurryface.

"finish this waste of a life" he sang off tune, mocking the lyrics of one of Tyler's newly written songs. Blurryface always seemed to appear when Tyler showered since he was at an even more vulnerable position than normal, considering he's naked and contemplating life. "come on ty, look how nice and shiny those beautiful razors sitting at the edge of the tub are" Tyler tries to stop himself from looking, but fails miserably, which only makes the menacing smile of blurry face widen from his spot on top of the closed toilet bowl. "they're just waiting and pleading for you to take them and glide them across your wrists, they are put out for you you know?"

"That's not what they're there for" Tyler snarls through gritted teeth wanting so badly to punch Blurry in his face, but knows he can't because he's not real. He's just a figment of his imagination his screwed up mind created.

"you're wrong and you know that" he said in a sing-song tone his blood red eyes glimmering in the bright light of the bathroom. "but since i'm a nice person i'll let you think it through first, it isn't my wrists your slitting anyways" and with those final words he disappeared leaving his deep bitter laugh to echo in the silent bathroom.

Although Tyler hasn't gotten an inch of his skin clean he shuts the water of and leaves it to drain away. He quickly dries of and wraps his towel around his waist then walks slowly back to his room to get dressed. He doesn't rush when in a dark hallway unlike the rest of his family who practically race from the bathroom back to their room. He likes being alone in the dark sometimes and had never really been scared of the dark or anything in it. Tyler had always thought, even as a little kid, that the thoughts in his mind were probably much scarier than anything that could ever be lurking in the dark.

He gets to his door and opens it making sure to make the smallest squeak his door can possibly manage. Even though his family is composed of most likely the heaviest sleepers in the world he's still cautious just in case. He shuts his door and pulls on a pair of alien socks, black jeans, underwear, and a tesla band t shirt on, which he decided was going to be his outfit for the day. Right now he feels in no way ready to write lyrics that would be half decent so sits down on his piano seat and plays it at the quietest level it plays at. He loses track of time and before he knows it it's 6:30 in the morning and his mom comes to knock on the door.

"Wake up Tyler you have to get to school" Kelly says with too much fake enthusiasm. Tyler waits a little to go down finishing one of the songs he's working out the notes to. He finally goes downstairs and pours himself a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with milk over it. Within 8 minutes his bowl is gone and he goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Once he's done he puts all the things he'll need for the day into his red backpack he slings it onto his shoulder and jumps into the car that awaits him. His ride to school was somewhat quite because his mom was upset an accident was going to make Tyler so late to school. And he was a little bit late, and by a little he means about 20 minutes.

The worst part about being late was that he had no Jenna to run to because this was the only class they didn't share together. It just so happened to be his favorite class too, Science. When he walked into the classroom his teacher told him of the plan for their final and the week that leads up to it. Tyler had to complete an essay on the similarities and differences between a human and cow eye which he had to dissect with a partner. Since he was late his usual partner was working with someone else the only other person there was to work with was Josh Dun.

The Josh Dun. The emo of the school that just so happened to make Tyler's head flutter with worries. The only thought Tyler had in his mind as he made his way over to the desk Josh was already seated at was "This is most definitely not going to end well".