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if it makes you happy

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Chuuya almost jumps from his place, startled by the loud, too loud, noise cutting the peaceful silence in the air.


He is on the kitchen, sorting out the groceries he bought just a while ago.





The voice is less loud this time, but he can sense it coming closer, even without bothering to look at the source.





It goes next to his ear this time, much softer, then followed by noodle arms slipping from his back, wrapping around his waist, hands settling on his stomach. Chuuya had to step a little forward, balancing himself with the sudden weight thrown against him. He doesn’t resist the touches, though.



He scowls. “Oy! Stop being too loud in this-”


“I missed you.”


The voice turns the softest this time, with a gentle kiss landing on his shoulder.


Chuuya’s ear turns into the color of his hair in a flash, a sudden warmth swirling around his chest.



“Idiot, it’s not even been 12 hours since you last saw me, why the fuck are you making it a big deal?”


“Oh, Chuuya’s actually counting the hours we’re apart-”




“-I bet he misses me too~”


“No way! My day was much more peaceful without you. Then now, you just got back home in a second and you’re already making me regret I didn’t take overtime work.”


“Awww~ Chuuya wanted to see me soon, I’m so touched I could cry.”




Why the hell is this bastard translating his words differently?



Dazai loosens his hold on him, not letting go but just giving enough space to turn him around so that they are now facing each other.


Chuuya shoots him a glare, as sharp as he can manage while facing Dazai who’s gazing at him with a little smile that’s just too… fond.



“I’m gonna make a prediction.”




“I’m gonna kiss Chuuya now and…! You’re not gonna be able to resist kissing me back.”




Chuuya’s retort goes unsaid as Dazai presses his lips on him.



Dazai’s lips are dry, yet soft and warm. They taste good, just like the thousand times he felt them on his, and Chuuya wonders if the familiarity makes them feel better every time.


One kiss, and Dazai presses for another, gentle like the look on his face with his eyes closed as if he’s reveling in the feeling of Chuuya’s lips on him.


Dazai moves to angle his head on the other side, each kiss getting deeper but not losing the tenderness, as if he’s spelling out the words -I miss you- on Chuuya’s lips.


Chuuya’s stomach and chest feel like they’re swelling and floating at the same time, his eyes fluttering close too, focusing on nothing else but Dazai.


When Dazai starts to pull away, Chuuya moves a bit, his heart not wanting to break the kiss just yet.


He feels Dazai’s smirk against his, and that’s when he realized that oh, he is kissing him back.


They finally pulled away to fully catch their breaths, and Chuuya goes to bury his face against his partner’s chest in an attempt to hide away the fluster on his face.





“Shut up,” he murmurs, his curled up fist jabbing lightly near Dazai’s shoulder.


Dazai chuckles, delight dripping on its tone. He tightens his wrap around him.



“Chuuya, there’s nothing bad about admitting that you missed me too,” he speaks and Chuuya is almost surprised by the lack of teasing on his tone.


“And there’s nothing bad about wanting to kiss me back.”


Chuuya feels like he wants to combust out of embarrassment right now. He doesn’t know what to say, so his fist ends up hitting Dazai again.





“It makes me happy… really.”




It came out as a whisper, that Chuuya almost didn’t hear it with the loud and fast beating of Dazai’s heart near his ear.


Chuuya’s eyes widen and he looks up to catch Dazai’s eyes, but Dazai is looking away, his cheeks slightly turning pink.



It makes me happy… really.



This time Chuuya is the one who lets out a chuckle, as the embarrassment he feels starts to melt away.


He reaches up his hand to cup Dazai’s cheek, making their eyes meet.



“You’re awfully sappy today,” Chuuya furrows his eyebrows, yet a wide smile is drawn on his lips.


“I missed Chuuya,” he pouts as he says it again, as if it’s not yet obvious though it's the only thing he's been expressing since he arrived.


“I know. The moment you opened the door, I already knew.”


“But Chuuya-”


“I missed you, too,” Chuuya, at long last, lets the words out for Dazai to hear.



Joy bursts upon Dazai’s lips and eyes… and Chuuya thinks that there is indeed nothing bad about speaking his feelings out loud and rather, he ought to do it more often.



He stands on his toes to press his lips against his this time, and Dazai kisses back the next second.



Their lips taste nothing but happiness.